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How Oil Shale Works

2008-06-24 | 🔗

Oil shale is a term for oil trapped in rock, rather than existing in liquid form. Check out this HowStuffWorks podcast to learn more about the nature of oil shale.

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Are you welcome to stop? You should know how stuff works. Tat brought you by consumer guide, automotive. We may provide easier. I moved into the forecasts are Josh. Clark is therefore to hear how the words that come with me is the lovely in effervescing Charles bright fellows downright or are you just great I'm ever visited? It feels good good unfledged. You feeling so triggers a heavier at peak oil. I have Josh, you know, how can you not workin here you disappear, always run around the office screamin about it. What you know, I feel pretty passionate tell everyone will. Let me tell you again or peak oil is its basically the. In time where we stop fighting oil and start running out and the inevitable decline begins because oil is, after all, a non renewable resource. Fine, contrary to some of the heated opinions of a few of our readers, who believed that it actually is renewable, I'm figure out how but most-
We believe that petroleum is finite so we're eventually going to run out and what happens then is a mass chaos. Exactly we were all in big trouble. Are our global economy runs on oil quite literally, really needed to function? Luckily, all sorts of people who are working on alternative gee worthy biofuels, wind power, solar power, hydrogen Who cares we need? oil even Bush at the it is a man, thinks America's did the oil America's frankly so well we're looking for new forms of energy. In the meantime, they can engine oil reserves which are like gum in other stuff. We pump out of the ground, think jagged claim
shooting at the rabbit missing right, doubling guerrilla sir pulling up oil exactly Milo, I will eat your ice cream right. It's not a scream! Actually till drink, your milkshake I haven't seen as yet unaware operated, ok, sober that conventional oil right yeah. I so there's also unconventional forms the oil righteous. You know pretty much anything, but just commensurately Pont petroleum One of them is oil shale yeah. I'm oil shales actually is kind of a call for thing. It's really the best waited most the simple ways rabbit Oil in it's trapped and rock, and never had a chance right to become liquid petroleum, it's sort of cash before that last step and it was stripped of its potential. There was sadly, and so it lies, underneath the earth just waiting for someone to go down and find a way to extract it, which is actually simple, theirs there's people that are working on that now. What's the problem
extracting oil shale, though, is, is you have to bring up this rock from me, earth and the rock is the byproducts your left with you know what was the statistic, how many tons of rock seven yeah. Seven tons of rock to make one gallon of the tree. Petroleum, then I'm gonna, hurt percent sure that's the actual statistic, but there is a significant amount of Rock Lafayette House exaggerating, but it's a lot Iraq and they dont know what to do with it. That's what I mean the best you can do is use it under overpasses t, discouraged homeless. People from setting up camp there, which is really about is, is cruelly use of rock is there it is, but I think you know about the the shell oil com. Jack, the ripper method around the something is called the institute. Retorting retorting is basically the process of extract the oil from the shale to heat right. They figured out the thing.
Stick these rights down there in heat out these oil filled deposits in the ground right they don't have the rock a byproduct right. The rocks never moved so that the carriage in which is the oil is found inside is extracted empty now and the rock is left, situated right as a no mining. The author mine, the rock, and not at another step in the process that is it is it cuts out like a really really big, expensive step in and so a shell can crack this code, which it looks like they're gonna be able to do this. They have projects under way make America the new Saudi Arabia as far as oil shale wet that's right because of the Green River formation, which you know it's probably heard of her to that sounds like some sort of you know me. See environmental group What actually, as is its seventeen, found thousand square miles out of oil shale. It's under the United States yeah, it's out west. It's it's near the four corners state, just wait.
Be tat yeah and we ve known all about it for a while. But interest really began around nineteen. Seventy three with the oil embargo against the? U S by hold back home, we realise how dependent we are foreign oil, so with this interesting oil shales they did and then it Wayne, because oil prices went back down and now with oil prices up as high as they are interested in getting getting up again plenty more to talk about as far as oil shale goes, you can find out more by reading. Was oil sail on how stuff works, dot, com for more openness and thousands of other topic? Does it has therefore Sakharov? Let us know what you think: I got an email to podcast. It has different stock brought to buy the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready
are you. My name is Sebastian man, Escargot, P, Korea Believe- and this is the peak and Sebastian POD catches a show just you guys a comedian, P Coralie, and I believe this is comedy gold right, pleasant, repeated Sebastian show on Iheart radio at Apple Podcast, wherever you eat your pad
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