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How Orchids Work

2018-01-02 | 🔗

Ever since Victorian orchid hunters ravaged the tropics in search of unique specimens to sell for ludicrous amounts of money, the West has been gripped by orchidelirium. Small wonder since orchids are not only beautiful, they’re among the most interesting plants on Earth.

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I'm talking about. Danny, like this in their zoned out like seeing, I think the blood coming out, elevator were now down at the lobby. Why are you doing that right now, because Jim wasn't around for a while. Ok member, we guessed producer north is great, but he's not jerry. Now I mean Jerry is lovely person inside and out and no looks like somebody that might be following around a parking lot in a trench. Go how does it work coincide and under the transcript I'm just getting? No. So orchids is what we are talking about today, Chuck here how you doing
good, I'm feeling like nice, a mellow, because I just by research orchids all morning, you have some orchids snorted the orchids this in real time, just so that people now is our last recording of the year We ve been has effort brain buster because it's coming out in the new year yak as we like to take it easy in December as annual stuff, you should know, tradition is mellow December. One month chuck, we we were wondering, we closed down almost four like the entire month. You remember it was great and having quickly the recorded unlike December, second and third in, and that was it until like the beginning, and yet we love doing this, and we let our Arab but like any job. It is also very nice to not do it or if you like, it's like those cocktail chinese. You might encounter at a Christmas Party or Holiday Party this year. You know you eat, like open,
and a half of them you do in fine? We have to of em. You like a need to take a break for a couple minutes guides. Just like I just made those for my hands. I library I love Chuck and made them with. Did the Martha Stewart Recipe, Norway slow fancier, then you run of the mill recipe white. So is she due to those two may comfort well. The use like I feel like puff paste rideau instead of yours, lay yeah things. Is this a little different there I'm talking about, but what else well, nothing. You know you roll of the little smokers brush the ins. With a little like honey, mustard row of the little smokers, and then you brush the top with egg. Is it till you get a scrambled eggs as I get that good golden bird?
and then I dusted mine with all Rosemary Sultan Sesame Seed LA and then you beg him up, cut him in two thirds and throw a man about my first chafing dish of my life. You have a chafing dish. No, you got me beat ever a cock part that doubles, isn't chafing dish Thus they can come up or means shaving, which yeah, I guess I was way more excited than a middle aged man should be about his first taping. They should get to say. No, it is pretty impressive. Is its gallop, the edges and all that is it our neighbours that, like modern and clean now it's like the stainless steel overall, it's not square or Lincoln has is not a tube anchorages. You know I threw my shoe. Sausage balls
and my pigs in a blanket both in their together, because it's all pork, actually, I think the little smoking or beef now think about it, but it kept it hot all night long, that's great wars will chafing dish is supposed to do. I know, but in years past just put out the hot stuff say well, either now or in thirty minutes. You can eat it cold when you're getting drunk and if you got any complaints get out so you're famous for saying at your Christmas party, so Chuck would what you ve just described is delicious. I'm talking about you know if you just took those smokers and put him in like a delicious sauce. Oh
that old trick. Yet that I mean Ali Ali, will you make it every day of the week yet penalty? Things are like. That's like manna from Heaven at ten eat. What is is not just barbecues like I don't know some misery gravy scandalous up next June. Martha Stewart probably knows well. I did sort of the dry version, Khazars. Also the sausage balls that you can have floating in that stuff to Ali those to this, May I think it's mostly the source. You could put anything in there not either did the the dry pig in a blanket and then the dry, Canada, Bisque, quick gender Country House of yes, man, Chuck you're, killing it this year, which, by the way, are good for breakfast with eggs. For the yes like three days, I know that's one of the great about throwing a holiday party, really any pay, but a holiday break, as is usually a great spread. Here is the next day just shall down here, but it's weird because literally for dinner, I been eating.
Blue cheese and and sugar, cookies and bourbon man. That's what they call the holidays anyway,. So orchids audience hey. Do you have any orchids? No I am a big big orchid fan, ok, I don't want them cause, I don't want to kill them. That's how much I love orchids. Want them in my home because I'll kill him dead. You're gonna love this episode, then we can, my friend, I was once where you are, and now I am an orchid raising fool, really yeah I've gotta six orchids am, I I'm not kidding. Four of them right now have for five hours. If the health of our stem shooting up, while guess you resign from pups. Now they only they relate cuttings you're about when I buy so here's the thing
I bought them. They were bloom like when everyone bison Orkut, while they should be hit, is in bloom right yeah. That's actually give good rule of thumb as will find out, but everyone buys in Orkut and bloom and then the the it goes out of bloom, the flower dies away and you like. Well, that's it further York. Didn't you throw it into the trash? Oh now, but I mean have you ever heard of anybody getting it to flower again I hadn't and now I'm one of those people who who has done that now I didn't know, I don't know much about them. I just know that I go to every orchid show or exhibit in its city if they have won and I'm there okay, so so listen! This is really really simple. You go out and buy, nor kitten bringing home into wait. What yeah you oughta in bloom and then once it stops blooming it's going to be you're, gonna, be again, you're gonna be tempted,
just stowed away. You say what use are you anyway now, but it still live plants. So at this point, you're going to commit to reporting it and you can probably reuse. The party came in a nice plastic part that has lost the holes in it and you're gonna take you're gonna, pull off that MOSS that it came with his probably came was fagged on Mars. You gonna, pull it off. His is really tough to work with if you're nervous and then you're going to put that they just the roots of the orchid back into the pot with nothing. In it, and then you can fill it in with wood chips, working potting mix, woodchips here and you're gonna put enough in their destabilize. The orchid neo grow more more stable as it gets back used to its part again, but that's where you you want to switch off the most for the ships, you wanna water and once a week, and you wanna fertilizer about once a week to okay, so I'd, say Saturday, you, water and then,
Sunday, you, water, with a little fertilizer. You do that once a week while there in their growth pattern, you either their growing, not dormant, and you will. You will have so happy orchids. I promise you too way easier than you think. Well, I didn't think it was not easy. I just in orchid once it loses its leaves or its flower is just a sad vine twisty tied to a job, you wanna get rid of the traffic in as it is. Is it? pressing reminder of what was its true but you want to hang onto because you're gonna get the thing the flower again, but if you take it like the orchid. Just challenge you to see You could get it the flowery aids. It makes it a funny little game right, like its university yeah. That's what
Then again, you nemesis, like a friend in need one of the two year, but an orchid is should not pick a fight with me because I catch of the life out of that skinny little thing you kids, so fast. I saw this. This whole discussion about orchids The fact that, like you, can go, buy them anywhere. You want from you know one big box story to another big box store. Take your picture. You can find a way every single nursery just about anywhere in the world. They live in nature, on six continents, but all of the fact that there is there so ubiquitous in their so cheap has to do with. Basically England's entrance into in Orkut raise in the victorian era, yeah orchid mania in the MID Nineteenth century England would send Orkut hunters all over the world to plunder these exotic flowers from central and South America. That sounds like Nineteenth century England. Here too
where a lot of these were named after these plunderers or orkut hunters witches can instincts. You know anything about exam shore there he had great names, South America, He hated to say, hey future, to be named flower flower to be named later after English White Man, had great names I bet, but so they went down there and they would brag about. This one guy, Frederick, Sanders Frederick Zander. He was the royal orchid grower of Queen Torres England, and he would you know he would bright home and brag. Like trust me, there's no more orchids left, I got him all about, but he was actually probably not too far off because there's a lot a lot, a lot of different orchid varieties. I think there's like something I saw it. Twenty three
and I saw twenty five thousand I've seen his highest thirty thousand species of orchids around the world. There are two hundred thousand hybrid version since humans came into the picture, but there is not necessarily that many orchids for each speech, so these orkut hunters we're going in finding these things that were basically considered one of a kind of flowers as far as anyone back in England was concerned. There was no flower that anybody they knew had ever seen that look like this right? were enormous status symbols and they fetch tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes in in mid nineteenth century a reddish money not to raise money so they were basically like you to be royalty, their own orchids at first, when they first started bringing back to the UK yeah. How crappy is it
we can go down there, be like please or beautiful and amazingly here. We're gonna take some and learn how to propagate these, and you keep the rest right. Ok, we're taking all these! Thank you, yeah! Let me just set your village on fire for good measure on my way out of town I'd, so that's how the orchid crazed started out in theirs is pretty good article by Michael Poland, the famous divorce. Dilemma author. He wrote this back in my two thousand. Nine called love in lies. Its is basically him just waxing flowery about how great organs are and how deceptive they are in all the different ways. They have a tricking other animals into an appalling eating them, but one of the points he makes it is actually kind of legitimate that not only I have like all these bees in wasps in other animals that are tricked into pollinating oriented smart, various reasons. Yeah not only have
fallen under the orchid spelt, probably the most successful thing orchids every did was to manage to beguile humans because we ve taken them. And propagated em all over the world, and now they come down from tens of thousands of dollars in in you know, or tens of thousands of pounds. I should say in mid nineteenth century pounds to the wide ten twenty bucks, depending on the size of the orchid, you can get it just about anywhere at all because of human get Orkut out of a bubblegum machine these days he can see there's more pressurized one, but you can let's take a break. Your exemplary excited settle down and then we'll come back and talk about why we love these things so much red after this
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come. Slash tax time do that today it get started its better with blood uh huh all right. So why humans love orchids part one besides, if Did they look, I'm just amazing to the eye and are so delicate, but also very hearty their symmetrical. Their bilateral symmetry and science has proven that symmetry is attractive in humans, and if we talk to before about the fact that people whose faces are more symmetrical or a biologically more attractive than than people like me, which have you know my faces, all
the place for one sided nor the other side's. Do they get it in here with bilateral cemeteries. It's like one half as mere image of the other half in there's, not that many flowers in nature that that have bilateral symmetry right. That's a pretty good! initial theory. Yeah, I mean think people even realise that may be what's going on subconsciously when they look at an orchid and revel in its beauty that the things you this you're not here. Be noticing unanimous in sure it's a blue and always subconscious near close enough close enough. So another theories that they look quite virginal an ill in nature. A lot of them do, especially some of the most common ones like Fallon Optus. Have this well, at the very least, you can see Joe Keith, definitely say right, yeah gale, clearly throughout history, the Greeks in and you're, not the first, when you say that, like
They have often been thought of his effort. Easy acts in a part of that reason is from the way they look right, and actually it's just so plainly obvious that during their orchid craze in Victoria in England, is also called or kid delirium more kid delirium. I think it's you didn't exactly roll off the tongue, but they there were people who were roundly opposed to that whole craze, because the overt sexuality that orchid flowers broadcast the most lurid flower yeah yeah? Can you know kids like the town weirdo. Unlike your green, how I lay that's all I need to say right now get out of their rather not Exactly turn a turn close item. Oh, Sir solution, but there's there's some there's another whole Kenneth over.
Quality to the whole thing to and in just the name of orchids is, I think, latin and Greek. I do remember which one Remember see their latin and Greek for its creek for testicle gear Orchid, the word and it refers to the shape of the bold Orkut bulb. So people had been looking Orkut and thinking very impure thoughts about flowers for a very long time. Isis isn't just me disinterest. Josh gettin weird, it's following a long tradition of actually or even do anything myself just recounting on reporting what other people have said before yeah. Does have a large collection of orchids and Georgia. He paintings than set a trench, kids, it's very normal habit for a middle aged man suddenly get into it Actually, really! Relaxing, though it's it's, it's it's cool just to care for him its earlier.
Said, the very delicate, but their incredibly hearty, which is kind of cool things, and they come in. I can't just describing orchid, like this article says, is like trying to ascribe what's normal about any and being there are so many varieties and they Alex so different, and they're, all manner of shapes and sizes and colors. Even though,
supposedly not a true black or true blue. Even though you will see son that you will say well, that's blue or black. It's really not bright, whatever true means, which means that there is some orchid fans out there who are trying to propagate true brought to blacken. True blue orchids. Right now gather really like deep poles, usually variations of purple, which is fine. They look great. She left me not knocking at thanks for coming out, so they d on the fact that, despite the fact that there are so many different shapes sizes colors, they do all sorts of different stuff. They live in different places. People have attempted to kind of broadly classify orchids you're one of the first ways they do. It is from their growth habit and
You can divide orchids in the two types from their manner. Polio, which is, if you like, one of those Big Box home stores, guess not buzz marketing they're, not gonna. Do you you're, probably We define Phelan Opposites because there the easiest once a care for the least fussy they're, the ones that most people are familiar with, but Thirdly, there are the least common out in the wild, but they have like an upright growth pattern where they have a single stem with leaves their side of the stem growing offers at one another and they shoot out a flower stem from the top part of the bottom pair of Lee. Is correct and then, on the other side, you have the more common one, which is the simple, and these Beautiful these the ones are grow horizontally, a maze and out there shoot through the old right zone and the
He leaves and flower escapes at that point form at the top of the new shoots right so one they grocer. From like a horizontal rise under when they cross upright vertically, like you would think of atypical plant. That's that's. Basically, the two ways that in orchids gonna grow as a plant. Another way that they classifying too is where they live, because there are some types of orchids they grow like what you would consider normal plant, our soil, some grab a leaf letter. Does he called terrestrial or career Then there's the kind that you typically think of where grow I'm like trees round plants or where a branch meets like a tree. Yet on the actual trunk, the bark of a tree there's a call at the fights and then-
There is little fights which grow on rocks, but basically the same thing that that the ones that growing trees do, which is their harvesting nutrients from the decomposing litter that accumulate in the group of the tree, Barker, where the elbow of the branch hits the tree trunk, all the stuff that accumulates there, the roots of the Orkut or just second, that stuff up yeah besides, not like stealing nutrients from the thing that it grows on yeah they're, not parasitic, and I thought it was great that this article went went to the trouble of making that pressure at point. But so they don't have a parasitic relationship with trees. They do have a symbiotic relationship with fungus, actually so much so that they can. They can't survive the first few stages of their lifecycle without a specific type of fungus. Basically, acting as a nurse
made for the seed and the young plant as its growing yeah. Like I mean, if you have a lot of time and a lot of patience and a lot of orchid wherewithal, you can try to grow these from seed, but it can take a decade to get a flower. Seed. It. If you really like that's the thing lives. Orchid seeds are so tiny, they're called does seeds, man. Propagate is there. There need to be millions of these dispersed in order to get orchids to grow at all right, and so, if it's like an ep, a fight that grows, it's a variety that grows on tree bark, this sea has to get carried away from the mother plant, and yet all the way over to some other tree land in just the right place on that tree, bark
and then there has to be a certain type of fungus that it has the symbiotic relationship with that it can grow into the seed and feed it nutrients. While the seed is developing in Germany, there has to happen. It doesn't happen very often, which is why orchids are known for sending, like you said Millions and millions of seeds is out there in the ether in in hoping that something sticks is like. The work is way of throwing spaghetti. At the war janius amazing that they did not go by and they ve been around for eighty million years I know, and in one of the one of the things that Michael Poland, article so great about this. Is that, like it saying like this They have their so mal, adapted in some ways that they have had to get really creative in other ways and in to ensure their survival like, for example, and orchid. They have Paul
right they their pollinating, flowering plants. Yet by by when you normally think appalling. You think of you know the yellow stuff that powdery sport- I just you know, hit the wind amazes cover everything like everything's covered in yellow plant sperm. Basically, this is what it is right grass, so, but it's true so with a within orchid. They have something Polynesia and Polynesia are the sacks of pollen but they're, not like powdery kind there like about the size of a little green of wheat and inner in an orchid flower. You have. The reproductive comment: has the female reproductive parts in the mail reproductive parts all in the same place right writes a party is somewhat yourself, in their there's that Polynesia and one way or another which will get into that Polynesia has to get out of their orchid through no mechanism of its own. Go way way way far away to another orchid and pollinate within Orkut,
this in no way related to that orchid, so that you can have em it's just more fitness, basically for the offspring, get right and then that that Polynesia has to go pollinate, that reproductive column of the other one and then the seed start to grow, and then you have to broadcast the seas and so to do this because they dont have Paul in there that is easily tree They ve figured out how to trick bugs. Usually into pollinating for them for spreading their Poland for yeah, so like, for example, the subtleties are amazing offers at the fairer Gabby, take down the prostitute, orchid or the.
York at this one is all these are amazing, like held his adapted to ensure their survival is really something out. So this one copies the set and the the looks of female be reproductive parts from from behind yeah. Like that's the cleanest way we can say in order to attract the males like it looks in smells like a lady. Be vagina? Yes like theirs. Female be in the flower already in the mail bees. Like our k, hey has economy, go see how you are exactly tries to well, I guess, assault is the best way put it the female, be who he thinks it
already in the flower, but it turns out, actually is the flower guess and while he's like getting increasingly frustrated by trying to do is thing he, the Paulinia, detached from the flowers reproductive column onto the b, the bee flies off. He's like forget it, I'm out of here a dozen finds another flower eventually and his duped and does the same thing and when he d, Does that Polynesia is then transferred to that flowers, reproductive column and pollination takes place, an amazing. It is amazing, kiss not only does it look exactly like that be, but it also puts out the same pheromones as that, the female of that be that's, that's pretty pretty that's natural selection at its finest
here's one, the danger Opium Sidney's, not the garrison- is here at the dreaming, maybe garrison nieces. A great great great great uncle was in Orkut Honneur, maybe in China there. Maybe he got his boss work as this is a chinese Orkut, and this one is pollinated by hornets very specifically and hornets like bees. Bees do not like hornets, so this flower imitates the pheromones, be fear. And so the hornets like hey, I think, there's a bee over there. That scared of me. Let me go, let me go, kill it and let me go do whatever hornets due to peace, what do they do? They kill em. I think they sting on these things for the Hornets bite now Hornets thing they sting anything
and so it lures that over their existing they're scared be, and in fact there is nothing there, but the orchid going. Ah, well worn it leave your junk here right and he D and hurried picks up. The polynesian does the same thing you another flour and a train so and then one of the things that appalling pointed out Michael Pollen pointed out was you said Poland, early nice in Poland, which one is it well, I ll think subliminally you thinking people and so here, but which one is it. You know how to produce his name correctly, that Poland will you say they just to keep it from getting.
Fusing? So what Michael Poland pointed out was that if you look at the types of orchids like the M orfis EP affair, if you look at like the same orchids from the same variety, does, though, their slightly different. So it clearly, it looks like the bee from behind and the fair modes of their putting out are the same as well, but their slightly different in their just different enough, so that bees don't learn to just a void those flowers because their being tricked every time so they, it's it's just just different enough, so that the debates can't learn at its think. That's fascinating! Well here did you read that Darwin article I say here I did someone. I didn't get it omitted to listen. Sorry, you didn't send it s. Okay, this is coming
It's called Martens orchids and Darwin the predict a power of evolution and, basically back in the day. Eighteen sixty two, a british orchid grower, sent Darwin some orchids for Madagascar and said: look at these things. Aren't they amazing there David Nectar II just like a foot long and darwins, like rewrites backwards with friend it Q Q, gardens Kwh, is a wonderful, wonderful, public garden in London, which I want you with Emily and dumb and that they had a quite orkut collection there, of course, can about it. Did the world for years, and he said he wrote in said in Madagascar. There must be moths with proboscis capable of extension to a link between ten and eleven inches, guys like that's the only explanation here. While yet he was defending his new theory of natural selection. Wine, co evolution specifically, so he positive. These things are co
moving in a way that he'd literally predicted this new species that he did. No one had ever seen before. As it turns out, there is a moth in nineteen o, seven, twenty years after Darwin died sub species of the gigantic Congo, moth for Madagascar, are was identified that had this long proboscis, like twelve inches long and they were like hey. This is gonna, be the thing like I think darn was right, but it was ninety ninety two about a hundred years later that they finally lit he observed on camera, this moth feeding the flower and Darwin was I, from his grave told you so yeah. He's a boo year about that. Like a hundred thirty years after he per suggested. This was all proved out. It is pretty cool Dawson that Darwin, he was a heck of a guy. He's got a smart. You know they are useless.
I've got one more, and this is your server with others. Twenty five thousand species year. When are you gonna Thelma? Now I want to go there over one more though called Bobo, Phylum Bikari, and it it's pollination is aided. By fly, and carrying beetles, and what attracts carrion bills and flies well rotting flesh because it's where flies feed and that's where they lay their eggs, that turning the maggots right. So the flower put out the smell of rotting meat that is to attract a specific type of of pollinator so that it can, it can be pollinating, sands distancing are you are taking a break? There are real secular breakin, come back and talk a little bit about the fact that vanilla isn't orchid and other amazing facts.
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It looks dangerously good if you haven't seen the trail is yet there hilarious and available online. Now the gentlemen is in theatres, everywhere January. Twenty fourth be sure to check it out as I said, No, it isn't orchid moving. I It was an amazing facts. It is an amazing Are you knew I mean? We already know that I didn't know the flame is this: is this? Is the sea the ads in ITALY, vanilla being? Obviously it's not like? They grind up those sweet petals of the flower we have, but it's not even the outside of the bean. It's the little tiny sees inside. That's where the vanilla flavour comes from. Yet theirs is fascinating. Anecdote I can't remember the gist of it, but it's in there that book. The reader effect that I talked about
Forget where they they he was talking about the young, the origin of vanilla, imitation, vanilla and how they just change the world. Basically, apparently there the narrow market was crashing in somebody came in at just the right time and prompted I have prompted up with the imitation finance the goat again get check that book out. It's amazing our retirement here, everyone out both. So let's talk by some. I forgot how to care for an organ, just in case any basis. You know what I'm gonna go to my local big box retailer even better. I'm gonna go to my local locally owned mom and pop nursery and buying orchid to day my local or kitty. Yet this is what you want to look for: ok
well. First of all, when you, when you look at the orchid itself, it might give you a few clues as to what it needs care wise right off the bat like an end. These are broad, Amelia and expert. Obviously you know a lot about it, but these are just some kind of broad things look for. If that doesn't have many leaves or if the leaves leathery probably needs more light. Then maybe another variety yes at the leaves us limp and soft, probably maybe, as will light sensitive, and maybe you don't throw it on your son, deck yeah and- she probably ask the person you're buying the Orchid hum Oda. Do all that either was really arson expect to walk away with complete knowledge yeah so again, you probably going to find. If you look in the party medium, there are terrestrial orchids, but I've never seen the real life. I've only read about
on the internet in I've ever seen in orchid in soil and dirt. Just address read about it in engine rattler. Drawing more here seem here. I've always seen him in sphagnum mafia, like that. You can also find it like cocoanut husk fibre, azure, disorderly set, apparently styrofoam beads work just fine, because the point is the Orkut isn't getting any of its nutrients are getting very, very little of its nutrients from the growing yeah yeah, it's that, which is why you need the fertilizer like basically weekly, because that's where it's gonna get it some its nutrients from. So the growing medium matters in that what you are doing is providing a lotta irritation for the roots of the the orchid, yes, which don't since they don't go underground their exposed to air and lie in all that stuff, which is totally fine, but it means you don't
cover much too much with the growing medium you wanna, let him run free and inside the purpose of the growing medium itself. Here you don't grown Orkut and a rubber bladder full of red clay at TED edited dead. Orchid does washee routes that you see that they have these white cells that are covered a development in their disparages that absorb all the nutrients and all the water and its also coating that helps protect, moisture loss from heat. Even though they generally like light and Like warm environments, you aegis it's. You know they are sorted delicate, you don't wanna! You do want a baker em in the hot Georgia son all day,
a very there are very few orchids and you probably going to be like in orchid enthusiast by the time you really come across in orchid that likes or lots of intent. Son most are for the most part they likes son, but it can best be indirect, like maybe in a window that gets a little bit asunder and then the high humidity. I think it is across the board, because there's orchids that live like in mountainous areas, where you know that's kind of rocky in desert in arid, but the most of this orchids. You fine, like you, gonna, find at the store in the United States or in the UK there. Probably tropical, so they want high humidity on the order of like sixty to eighty percent year. Anyway, temperatures daytime temperatures of at least eighty degrees Fahrenheit. God knows what that isn't: Celsius early widely twelve to fourteen hours of daylight in twenty percent, chance of rain
like a mention they do they. They need to be water, but, like you said they really like the way to kill and Orkut, is to over water it or to not. Have your drainage right a water logs Orkut is no good. No, apparently they can tolerate drought better than overworked and much better. So again you want a water weekly. You want to wait until the growing medium dries out again and then water. It and since you're fertilizing at you, you it's damaging to put fertilizer on to dry, orchid roots right right so, which is why you only one he's liquid fertilizer with orchids, but you also pre water. They want, though, the orchids too to be already wet when you use the fertilizer the next day right and one one dilute that liquid for leisure to right, yeah as a rule of thumb that I was told ways you wanted fertilize weekly weekly, so
w e r? Why I gotcha yeah? Ok, they very definitive. So I use a twenty twenty. Twenty orchid fertilizer would smell so bad. It smells like it smells like concentrated, like rodent p, in a kind of looks like a to actually like dried out, concentrated road and p heavy that I'm a goodly, but apparently that work is like this keep in mind going, but you it says to use like a teaspoon for a gallon of water, that I used three slash, four of a teaspoon for a gallon of water and it seems to work pretty well, the news that gallon for all your orchids reed, is keep that stored. No. I will so of water M until like they're nice, the growing mediums day somewhere and then I'll come the next day. Another kind of like give it you know couple the couple: it turns couple of gloves:
these orchid guarantees to get it around there, I don't so come with it. So it's a pen, You know how heavy handed I am from week to week and they don't seem to mind one way or another. Sometimes I use the whole gallon by most of the time. It's like half to two thirds of the gallant I'll use to two fertilizer Lee talk to them. I don't so not kind, I'm not conscious of it. If I do with my If who knows, I'm pretty pretty insane Why Don t? We now realise that you know me now agar, I'm I'm talking to them in their talking back, but it's entirely. Boy I'd, I'd say things to them and I'm not aware, ok with you, you don't like you, have a name them and make an effort to speaking no kind of a crackpot come on Roma
you. Wanna hear something weirder than that, though some ridiculously high percentage of dog owners don't talk to their dogs. What do you mean like something like? I want to say? Sixty percent, I will have to look it up, but some more than half of dog owners don't talk to their dogs like they dont give them orders don't say no judge we base so that they might. Them orders like sit or come on. Let's go where some right, but there are there not also like our we're. Almost there you either decide like it now, not in whatever is in between those two things do not doing that you're not talking to their dog. I just find it bizarre near. I mean I'm yelling and my dogs at the time and the other half um. You know document stupid voice. Euro yell at your dog see kidding me you, yell your dogs,
I didn't know that yeah, of course, what'd. He say yeah. Like I love you so much, I know I'll make I'll get off me. Good god! Stop it. Ok, as you know, means IQ like what you do and a dog is face like chewing your hair and scraping scratch your chest and be threatened with the baby gun ass. The puppy bounder now never hit my dogs, but may I owe him outside their own, like Nikko, is just so needy gonna set yourself tee, no, no, no, straight you never needs to get yelled at Doktor, Nicholls his needy and MIKE Mike, on people- and you know, there's no way can jump on someone in your like. Would you please get off that person? I was sure yeah yeah, yeah yeah you go get down there. I gotta I seriously that gonna stop not yet
Like I hate you, because I'm upset my own money right right. There deserves after, like a hey, my job. It's all your fault. Hey did I tell you that we did a dna test them well Mamma when she's, like ten percent Shelty, really give you're like while at explains her hurting us toward the door like if the anniversary getting ready to go out, she'll go and get the other ones is kind of like push it pushes toward the door. Is she so are you aware of where everyone is at all times like checks on everything yeah I like it. If I go to bed first, you me Mamma, go to bed with me and then like. If, if, if Mama decides that you mean data long enough she'll come out The doorway gonna, look like I am you go to bed and come and get you may. Yes, it does sit in the window and market. Everything is fine if she had a window to bark out of yeah. Ok
we live in a window us back right, so that's Charlie's main job. Is she just sits on the sun room sofa looking at the window, as indeed it is her post yeah, And in a large market, yes, this is Charlie, Birket birds now just people and other dogs, I mean, and literally like it's her job, you can sell she's. Not a jerk she's decide upon duty is what we call it in a right understood. Yet now thought o clock out lock out Charlie. She listened, can come to bed, have each ideology and now she's she's. She doesn't need yelling. Like Isn t. I sank pluck out I tobacco orchids, putting in reporting orchids generally, unless you have to report in orchid dont report an orchid just as you like me. I can assure you that, but let me put it in a new one right because they say oh yeah, I'm not
happy with that? I'm not going to I'm not gonna, send up another flower for at least a year yet like getting reported. But if you have to report, I mean, what's your advice? Here I have actually I've not have that much trouble repealing yeah. I guess I guess they They don't immediately add that actually to tell you the truth now that you asked me that that explains why some of em haven't flowered for so long every part of them here there, but I was over watering them and it was kind of vital that I did report on because their roots word decaying gotcha, so it However, in order that you realize you over watered- and this is when I learned not to use Spagna MOSS any longer because a really holds in water- and that's the great thing about that- the time bark is that it is like the water, through angle and some of it. But the point is to your water and Orkut is free.
Please it needs it rather than watering it and letting the soil hold the water and for your right. So this vagueness masters holding that water in the routes were riding, so I had to report it. I d trim off some of the old routes and then I learned this trick somewhere on the internet, but I dusted the roots. There were rotted with cinnamon and I cinnamon might be an anti microbial or something like that, their brother, Orkut love me for that. Really, thank you so much asserted almost immediately, even though I just reported it and cut off a significant number of its roots, yeah, so its vital to report it sometimes but yeah, like you said you don't want to be like. I think I switched to this part for this month, because I like yellow in the spring, yet exactly what else you anything else now I think he said the girl.
From seed is next to impossible, so go by one gathering this year, our dream, fiend yeah, former, I'm sure, there's some horticultural. You have done that. I'd like to hear about that experience, I'd like to hear all the things that go wrong, you're, just doing what your dog, we were also. I think we kind of touched on it at the very beginning. By gotta. Give a shudder to the article, the Orkut. If, in the movie, there was based on a year adaptation, the out of think we can like in earth- and I asked if it article- or using pop culture, the movie wild Orchid with Mickey Rourke and carry out. What are you kidding me there? Was it like that but the entire movie written about orchid hunting ended the super rare ghost Orkut that John Laroche hunts in the wild swamps of Florida.
By the great writer Susan orally and in it was not even mentioned. You don't get a story about that. My friend Stacy works the costume and the film industry, and she worked on adaptation. And about a year before she started work I was just enjoy reading any and all scripts. I could read at the time, and she said I got a new script scholar Orkut thief by some DNA Trolley Kaufman I and I read it and a night I can put it down and I called up and exiles like I've, never read anything like this. In my life, they hadn't been anything like that. This is unlike any movie I've ever heard of, and I have no idea what I just read. I know, and then they had changing from orchid teeth adaptation to one of my favorites of its great Charlie Kaufman needs to get back to work. Working with you do now. Did you see and I'm Elisa yeah, that was three years ago- the sun,
get to work, Kaufman, shrieks of organization, I hope so yeah Alot adaptation Chris Cooper, that performance is one of my favorite you're acting roles of all time gather couldn't have couldn't have cast it better than that. He was great yeah. Well that, Sir, that adaptation, as was in a cage, Donna change him no end. Of course, middle street I mean, did We need to be said here, but in a cage can he gets a lot of crap, but while he Jewel role was really variable, roll out sure yeah. They hear the wicker man remake. That was not the least of our. If you go on and ethics he's on, like every third third movie, Netflix he's making big brother, I love you, you, maybe his stiffly keeping his head above water, while he spending so
How is that? What it is the apparently he's he's a quarter reputation from buying ridiculous things, the cost a lot to do. Well, you got anything else in Africa. Another out, I will welcome slash I'm sorry to all the new people who ve never heard this package before, but her into orchids and thought they give it a try And if you want to know more about orchids, you take that word in the search bar has the first. I can't since I said that is safer listener. Male speaking of all the things you to sit and watch your mail, did you see that one from the guy who said that we were just dilatory and can it late into it? Yeah you judges, dilatory They do just talk about forty minutes about an overview about things that I know of exile. You gotta buddy Exactly? What we are his complaint was a each episode is about a different topic yeah.
It's in the villages, William, the broadest of overviews over forty five minutes like that is our show to a t. We should write our biology, keep look embody. I wish them well. That was nice of you. That's that's world class check out. I'm gonna call this flight attendant response. Surprisingly, that choking blew up. We alot of responses from airline workers in flight attendants and passive motion. Most of them were angry. We must agree to get him out of Europe wide it in here. Thank you for the autumn, podcast was really on. Point was oppressed the amount of research and how much you got it right, you both asked for someone away on whether repaid for delays the cabin door closed. There is yes, we can even be paid a percentage for delays or the cabin door open, but it has to be over a certain amount of time with customers on board and we have to file the request ourselves. I most people don't because it's not much money in that worth it. Secondly, those in this is with this first
airline right down on her that's true across the board. Is it a major line? Secondly, there was some debate over whether we needed to score an eighty or ninety and training actually you're, both right. We have to score at least an eighty on the first date. If we fail, we have to score a ninety on the retake. Thank you for doing an episode on our profession, so things could be better. We love our jobs and have a great time, but we see you on a flight sometime soon and Chuck. The whiskey will be on me Laurie Josh, no peanuts menace from Daniel Flight Attendant major airline. Everything's always come enough chuck future with due Debbie great. Well, thanks a lot Daniel I'll, be sure to go check the email out and figure out what email or what airline you work for and then start flying it and hope we cross paths. So I can get some free whiskey to
why, too offers free whisky? We are all ears you can tweet to us. I met Josh Clark on Twitter and there is also an official asked why escape podcast page elzevir website? By the way, are you serious Clark, dot com? You can find chuck on Facebook at Charles Debbie, Chuck, bright and official stuff. You should know Facebook page. You can send all of us, including Jerry and email, to stuff Pike, s House, the forks that camp and has always drawn their home on the web stuff. You should know that com for more openness and thousands of other topic is the House of Lords
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