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2012-10-11 | 🔗

Sure it's everywhere and there's a more-than-90-percent chance you eat it once a month. But we'll bet you don't know the full history of that pizza (or tomato pie) you're about to chow down on. Join Chuck and Josh as they explain it to you, bite by bite.

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Hey everybody. Office depot has supplies and services for businesses of any size and they're ready. Your business, no matter how big or small knowledgeable associates in over thirteen hundred stores or on mine at office depot dot com office deeper they have exact. This applies for your office needs from ink and paper to cleaning and break room supplies. You're gonna love Office depot We need twenty welcome to stop. You should now run housetop works that hey you walk into the park, cast Iron, Josh Clock, there's gotta, be surprised, I'm a little under the weather, run down, but I feel better than I sound. Over the weather. Yeah imaging creates good shape,
put your hand to the public that actually on certain days, but not today, that you do not get it may sound. Credit is always reminiscent of the six month. The two years ago now and healthy. I don't smoke. I exercise I e early juice remarkable, how you don't get sick is often when you get the right here with your body crash. Luckily Chuck and excellence headway because, in my opinion, one of the best ways to treat your body is. This stuff is full of really good pizza. Have you had Peter before Yeah Data, Peter
only that much of it oh really now mean I don't know how much I mean we have stats on the average American suffocate mess that sure every day Americans eat about a hundred acres of Peter, I guess of the sicilian cousin acres would be squared already If it be square now you get around acre yeah. I guess you could just forget what I said: I've never seen around acre before I'm gonna. Imagine island round, oh yeah, would be round acre There is not really any real round. Island suits or such thing as a perfect circle, sure Gillikins island was so round now just a circle. Now, Yeah, I'm a pizza, and I know how much I eat of it, though, compared to most people like the two. We order a pizza like maybe once a month water
there- are many Peter you haven't over him every month year will get like it will order a pizza delivery or, and then probably within one visit to an anti go which You got me beat their need to get out there more often the end once every six weeks to too much frantic. Yet here in Atlanta Chuck, and I have a pizza place. I guess everybody in Atlanta has it, but were very fortunate to have a place called antique. A pizza understand the name after researching this article yeah, it's kind of close to the original pizzeria. I think that's the point Is it I would imagine, I don't think they follow the traditional rules, though very toiling our man. Well, for me, part. You mean I'm crazy about Peter. We eat it like all the time everything were frozen, Peter the dominoes to peace. I'll buy the slice. Yeah stood a lot more people lived up in the New York area. Is I ll get it after classed as the single slice, which is a huge, slightly Annie
But in half- and it's just great, did you want pizza lawyer researching this? Now I did didn't. I tell you, I said the other by the Anti GO, though, is really really good bits of the best meets in Atlanta people agree on yet and judging by the line at the door every single day, then I would say we're right I have even into an argument with him on the phone, which I don't you very often about whether or not you can order Itchy Peter without cheese and are still go back. After hanging upon them in anger, mile yeah they do their way. They definitely do that. They also have the big that the dressing station, which is like the basal plants they even have like dried Basler, even leaves like the plant epoch, the leads off there and they get the big chunks of garlic and discuss so good. I can hear figure now. I want pizza. Ok, that's what I was doing for chuck. You got me. It worked so
Everybody assures tonight with Peter. I don't think, there's gonna be too many. He'd surprises there, but there is a lot about people that I would imagine you dont know we're going to tell you that kind of stuff like, for example, at its core Peter really is bread, cheese and sauce. That's it tomato sauce right unless you're gettin funky before you take it He's still call it pizza customarily it's one of those things were like it has to be made somewhere else. It's not really Peter like a tomato pie after another our colleague, a pest and Peter Peter but you're a born American. Yet sure what do you think I was speaking is like a native this system? no, but I'm saying like maybe as a citizen of the world or in the midst of globalization check must do. I also The history that yeah I used to hear from uninformed people like you know me
really american, it didn't even come from ITALY right there. Chop Suey does not shrink. Ad hoc pizza did come from ITALY, the way we need to back up than even further probably to Greece, where some people- like the original flat breads that they would decorate with things is like the first pizza style thing, but you're talking like third century BC, yeah, like I'm right, but they getting caught pizza until what eighty thousand in Naples, yeah of course, will now this is like the cradle of pizza. Didn't realize. I didn't notice that it went back that far that's pretty interests, while were named pizza, meaning pie. Okay, so I also saw a discrepancy here. I saw pizza. Also. Can mean to pinch airily or slice? That's that's. What I got Peter meant not necessarily pie.
Well said this person says: okay, so we're at eighty one thousand right. Yes, this is such a cool called date. If this and though the reason people sorry to take office because the peasantry didn't have much money and the stuff was kind of easy to come by major bread. You had some cheese, maybe some causing Mars with the maggots, and maybe some seasonings the olive that's about it. It was Until you know the one biggest mean gradients doesnt. Until the colombian exchange started to take place, that tomatoes went steadily because those are a new world food yeah. Did a little tomato research, because that's fascinating on its own. I think tomatoes come from Peru they believe originally, and because it is the fruit of the night
the deadly nightshade looks like the tomato. A lot of people follows poisonous over the years the many years ago and actual stems and leaves of a tomato plant do contain a toxic Toma gene, but like what is it. I was a lot of it. But what will happen me? Well, I think, there's been one reported. Death from eating tomato stems and leaves crazy, supposedly an industry that they get out well, the stems of leader can a gross anyway. I guess it the tomato. So thank you, Spain, and also interesting. We even though it came from Like South America, you would think it made its way up through the states. The Central America, but it didn't it like, took the circuit circuitous route via the european emigrants, probably through the Philippines
if your interested net did. You should really re fourteen ninety three all about and all about that stuff is that gonna just keep running boxes. The fourteen on paper there or there is a benevolent god. Yes, ok, yeah Tina so anyway, tomatoes, our people discovered, hey, they're, not poisonous, there really delicious. Yet, let's start, among the spread exactly that now we have Peter so we're talking like the seventeenth century, I think, is when the term, no, it wasn't so any so that kind of yeah. That goes against that research too. I think I saw somewhere that that the term was coined in that the eighteen century, like seventeen thirty eight, they started making Peters as we know them. You know, I think, there's some discrepancies, distant pizza, lore yeah, because that long ago I think they're. So keeping track of other stuff like we did ok, so
possibly in eighty one thousand or in seventeen. Thirty, eight about seven hundred. Fifty years later, the word Peter was used to describe this flat. Bread right I, consisting of now tomato sauce, cheese, bread right and but what the one thing that is not this agreed upon was that both these took place in Naples, The trade in Naples was the center of em. Like we said, the peasantry was really hit the pizza because it was cheap, abundant, stupid, yeah, so, if you wanted to go, find pizza, you basically had to go into the peasant districts of Naples. And there was in abundance being sold from ST carts. Now that within the first people realize yes, I've got another, the peasant land, yeah, oh, and Victoria Cordoba yeah.
So Antigua one of its the same as Anti go. Who know the differences some enterprise to explain to us? Hopefully in Italian? Yes, sir, an authority on that too, that eighteen The first is real right and also I didn't see it in here, but I came across a pig's. I only was a pizza maker that was the name of Peter maker I yet so that the present treaty peoples and probably soon spread a little bit beyond that by Peasantry Naples has been eating pieces for well over a century almost two centuries. The time a queen, margarita king, Umberto clean held Margarita Yeah does I mean three million and regards the pizza yeah, especially when you see it spelled out right now, like oh wait, a minute, that's where it came from exec reportedly so Queen Margarita was apparently like a pretty hip clean. She was down with the common person. And she and Umberto went toward the country,
nineteen. Eighty nine one of the places they went was Naples and one thing they did was a pizza and she was like. I love this. I want more of this new bring me Raphael, Esposito, her personal chef yeah, but offers a personal, There was a personal Pisa chef in it and he said the queen. I'm gonna make you some good, a pizza looting, one looks alacrity, italian flag. The legend at least of how we got margarita pizza because he had the red tomato the way Israel and the green basil and there's your time like yeah. It's a great story. Of later so supposedly he made her that when the margarita pizza, which she'd like the most in is named after her another with port fat cheese, hazel awesome. And then another of garlic, oil, olive oil and tomatoes, young Alexandra, yet budget. The Marguerite, and that's the one that was named after her. But the upshot of all this is that the queen was
the eating peasant food, the queen's the most popular per an olive ITALY all of a sudden and now of sudden and places other parts of ITALY where a pizza wasn't heard over eaten or whatever people are starting to make it. And that's like a eighteen, eighty, nine, eighty nineties, yes, which is a great time for pizza becoming into its own, because the little country called America coming into its own and with the Euro of italian emigrants, immigrants in the nineteenth century, in places like New York in Chicago and fairly New York light. They would eat pizza and it was again sort of like street food at the time. At least right said about the time guess when Margarita was extolling the virtues of Peter, I Sir this wave. Migration. I had such a thing: cable connection to the old world that
almost immediately. They were making pieterzen in these cities like he sat yet apparently New York, was the first sitting. The actual pizzeria Lamar this Gennaro Lombardy apparently opened his shop in nineteen o five, fifty third in a Spring Street New York. I wonder what there now I was still there. I believe her love ya, still functioning wildness, pretty great yeah. Indeed we say there and take a pizza in Naples is still in the same spot, still selling Peterson's eighteen thirty, but we do not. But that is true, and in is very clear. That makes me want to go to Naples quite badly. Yeah mean you could get at regional pizza from the original pizzeria yeah, that's pretty cool. We'll get to this in a little bit. But you may be kind of surprise when you eat a p, a pizza neapolitan Peter at the place where it all started, he appeared if you're used to like pop jobs. I hadda repeat in ITALY once you know I was there. I forget why not, I guess I'll I'll, do it
the Italians do exactly ok, so that's pretty much the oh! No! We didn't. We didn't finish the history the United States is coming into its own dynamic. Come in bringing in pizza, then afterwards or to, of course, with a lot of things the ice came back with these flavors for different countries, foods and drinks- and they said man, this pizza, stuff is really great. So, let's start building Jane integrating the product We did so with the shaky is nineteen. Fifty four was the first pizza chain and the United States yeah California, Jane peace. The hut was founded in Kansas of all places. There are four hundred and fifty eight critical and the reason, apparently as legend, has it that their name pizza house, because the place that building and looked like a hot, and there is always room for nine spaces and sign the pizza. Hurt them, except shaky, ever been shake his. No as murder fact no
without ever seen, shaky was in the movie licence to drive with the two Cory's yet, Oliver away- and you know, sort of pizza hurry didn't feel like a family joint pictures of beer, not so great pizza, but apparently Sherwood Shaky Johnson get that name because some like affliction, he had met him. No goodness, but he embraced it. Oh yeah the names of very popular chain after it is in this spirit that I am surprised that hasn't spread by now. Nineteen fifty for this as everyone here I mean I think, outside of California, although not positive, I didn't get the looked at up get but another. I haven't over here down south over here in the South Eastern Bible Belt, aright dough. Yes, let's Pisa history, yeah now reach apology to the basics, yes and there's any more basic than though
there's an art to this there's three ingredients that are demanded: flower, water in east. Everything else is just icing on the cake, but you probably are gonna, throw little salt in. Will sugar will shortening to make it do the things you wanted to do perform like you want to reform. Yeah, and you can get a mellow mushroom, pitting gluten free Peter. I myself not had one, because I don't have Syriac right and I'm not about this now, but if you, if you into if you are gluten free, you are so well in a lot of ways, because the flower used in pitted crust, Peter Dough is high gluten hag little flower, that's likely, to take a look. I've had it, so I can say here. Well, that's just my opinion. I've had a credit to snuff is not the same. Sorry everybody they need gluten in the flower, because gluten makes across tough
It won't crack crack apart mixes. To the water, gives it ropey yacu at nice in Nairobi. And I guess we need to talk about water at some point. Any time because waters- you know saying about New York. Peaches is because the wire- oh yeah, that's like the old. Say what they tell us today: water now they have like war, you can drink cried out. Tat did the changes Oh yeah man, they overhauled their system is so bottled water. You can buy now, that's just New York City, tap water stuff is solely clean and pure. Well, it's because it comes from ninety per cent of it, comes from two awkward aqueducts enough: the cat skills ship it into Manhattan. We should do without gas on how men had gets water. It's pretty amazing, ok Now. Can we wait until we research is pretty amazing now, but I read this wired article- that kind of broke down that the pizza water, New York thing
and they got in touch with, a battalion, very famous danger. Yeah and asked him, and he said well, one of the reasons before we get the water is that the often he said captures the stalled or, if you turn on the start of a beautiful, Peter, basically overtime early did say that I won't sense, overtime, you're, gonna, get particles like volatile particles taking on the wall and the roof of your oven, and then Convection process will dislike were said into one of your cooking over the years so because you ve been making the first along in New York. Some of these old ovens like have this distort the in patched anywhere else. He says I am cargoes well, Then with the water he says, yeah the biggest problem with California, pizzas, the water, so that the same Newport other hasn't He doesn't use me me
water at his restaurant Dacosta. He actually clowns water from ITALY. Now he doesn't he no, yes, clones, it fully its he's created his own mineral water, composite working from a chemical analysis of la la italiana. Instead, it basically to clone of this italian water sums can pretentious Michigan some like real estate or something, but that's why that I think the food detective show did a task to blind. On New York, water and pizza crust, and everyone pick the New York Pizza and a blind test. So there may be something to it. The mineral composition I'm sure yeah I mean if you have even the slightest belief and molecular gastronomy sure it makes sense which would explain why near Bengals are the best suit, spangles or boiled everyone else or the right. If you make it the right way to go.
Where do you got shock us? My waterside account was well. I've always heard that you on your peaches, because the waters, because the water from the council- yes, I had heard no said the caterpillar had anything to do with just alter anything just out of time. Hello stuff. You should know listeners. Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes results, to help protect your identity and personal info with lifelong identity, theft, protection, lifelong alert, you to potential threats to your identity, and they see more, though, what you can see by just monitoring your own credit, like your for on the dark web and that's a big deal yeah and if you have a problem life: U S based restoration specialists. No. The steps to take two resolve your case after all, only one in five identity theft, victims who had accounts open in their names discovered their theft through a bank or credit card company. Of course, no one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at businesses, but lifelike.
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it's the shutters were found in the flower and then you may also add your own sugar to increase the fermentation, but it causes the doubt arise because it expells gas as a by product and that gas gets trapped in the dough and causes to rise it up more malleable and makes it tastier near the texture of it a softer. It's just basically uses its the happy fungi that you had, the men ingredient year, if you had an assault, it's gonna add some flavour. Obviously it's gonna slow, the fermentation Shortening is gonna, make it more pliable providing lube ensuring would be like olive oil eunuch unease Crisco unless you're some thirty heathen. Now you can you can oil but olive oils, what I would tell a sure sure, Christa crystals greater for something's, oh yeah, for like
sugar cookies, especially the kind of like this that the shortening the there These are all idea. Broadening this step is crazy. That's what I thought! that's the only way I thought you could cut growing up because of like my grandmother's yeah. I thought well, when you got you get out that began big extremes: and yet it down with that wanted a piece of like a wax paper in there that use the stupid Althea ass completely covered and Chris go now. Either that or the grandmothers also used. You know they saved other Greece, so they'll be cooking with Greece that they ve been you supply capacity here yeah, it's really good! That's nice, Sugar changes, the fermentation rate can accelerate, it met an increase, the amount of gas released and it also causes the crust of brown. Oh yeah yeah, that's a sugar. Yet so what? If you don't put sugar? You get a glowing, yellow, crust, airily, This promise much does impress you want about up you.
Hands you. I think I think you stay here like your teaching people how to make legitimate real Peter do here. Yes, unease. Gold in rough strokes occur like I, don't think anyone could like we're, not providing measurement announced. No. No, but I'm saying what you want, you created the stone now you're about to tell them what to do with how to make you wanna borrowed up If your hands, you don't I'll, cracked, you want it tight, and you want to put it on an oil cheat ban and improve it, which means you cover it with wax paper. Let it sit let these do it's thing until it like doubles: incise yeah, because they use the system there eating sugars and peeping out. Gas gas than you need to retard it. You need to put in the fridge for about twelve hours and then this close the east down, but it still doughnuts thing like this should happen it's cold. And then, if you do this, you ve got picked it up. The union
like three five days yeah? I would imagine most people who are really really the pizza be like you can't stay there for three to five days. You think I would think so fresh event was almost hourly onto the road like yeah the same day. No Save epilepsy, like a pizza purist like can't use five day old, though for a decent pizza. True but by the dough, sometimes trader, Josiana the farmers market with the pre made, doubles and those who are not necessarily that day. The oven. While you left out the sauce most of the time tomato sauce. But if you still worried that tomatoes are poisonous and of the aristocracy trying to kill you by giving on to you, you can eat garlic, butter sauce, which will give you a white pizza the only quite Peter White Pizza, and if you go, any name, every single piece of place and if you go to
we need in order a white piece, a slice. You know they use the pre made slice, build a white piece, and how does he get a little a tomato sauce with your white piece? It's really get, but it's not my peter No, no you're, the one who calls like everything around a lot of people like those people over there. I don't want to hear from you I'm not a fan of Whitepits Alex intimates or something with your by liquid pity, to look in the cheese mozzarella traditionally right and the way you build. It is actually kind of important to yet spinning away. It's not just the ingredients its though the amount in the end, the distribution, yes, where they are in relation to one another vertically well go ahead and New York is sauce than cheese,
from the doorway, yet doubts ass, jeez right and then not their many toppings. If your purist again cheese achieves slices which are going for, I have not begun this chief. What are you pepper, owning? I know nothing more than to serve as a kid can like pepperoni so Blair, I like a good homemade italian sausage. Oh yeah, let's get the other truly good, like sliced tomatoes on it, not syndrome fresh yeah fazl like all of their base. Allow am not an olives. I like sausage, I don't like the Green Oscillate bike. Olives, do you like the Hawaiian Peters, I'm only in the last couple months, gotten into pineapple and I'm still feeling my way around it pineapples progress, a decisive shrubberies when I was a kid and have rediscovered and recently
Yet when we were in the sweet at the merrier we're doing interview the comecon I like fifteen pounds, strawberry through so good, the chocolate covered a regular another regular here, I don't even each other covered anymore. Second free strawberries, delicious yeah, hawaiian I'll, tell you the other two I'll. Try Emily like that: she's bigger mushroom, green pepper and pineapple together. Yes, she then didn't meets hell just as a food as well we're talking about wives and Peter preferences yeah. You may have this, placing these issues to go to and she get like a huge slice of Peter in this place also sold any food chicken saga and put the saga Peter. She said it was really awesome while yeah, We have to do the half in half and I get like sausage on haven't she does veggie and then it's like you, sausage gotta go my local you're, mushroom gotta. My have you like a cheeseburger Peter AIR. Let's see, I'm not too big on beef
Peter I'll, give you one more Tipp, ok, get yourselves incomplete, seasoning summer, a camera, what it isn't spanish, but dumb complete seasoning. It's like a mexican blank. And put it on you Peter. It doesn't matter what kind of peace it is ever some popcorn to brand you Peter it it'll make you smile what my friend Eddie, you know it said, get the ball of rent dressing in Eurostat, oh yeah, that's didn't All right, so man, why that was a cyber, so you're, saying New York, you build from the Della Thou sauce cheese and then maybe a couple tapping the Chicago. It's the opposite. Yes, This is apparently tomato pie. The way it's built, yeah, salubrity, dish right baking, PAN and then you ve got the cheese on the bread itself on the dough right and then the toppings, and then they put this like ungodly, thick, delicious sauce on top the I've not have it really, and I love you
That's PAN Peter! Well that I mean you should have. We have like a truce Stop it. I mean it's it's great, either with a fork and knife New York Pizza guy through and through I'd like to, but in every once in a while, it's like when in Chicago what this is. Well in ITALY exactly this is one of them, things. Were I dont think you have two sides now. I was Let all kinds of peat all the time you have a pebble, get really passionate about there being no but deserve you know like man, it's Peter enjoy all Peter Epic. If there's one thing, we cannot just settle down about its pizza, even Mexican Peter yes, now oh yeah, some pizza you crazy. You can't just run about saying that what you eat is not pizza. Unless it's exactly weapon, the Neapolitan are making its not Peter. It's not neapolitan pizza notes, a pizza so now the ovens- I guess that's what this is
an odd little thing that they put in there. What about that different kinds of events here. It seemed intuitive me well while use appeal. Not many people know that the big spanking paddlers called appeal. I didn't I, ok see slighted and there they can be electric, they can be cooked right on a conveyor belt like if you had a big pizza, Jane, which sort the Erika they are of eleven at home. That's true, but the king, daddy of all, is that the brick oven pizza, cooked with would like your crush, have little bits of black char on it. If you ask me for the best for the best case, which is actually sir, it's been carbon, the less boiler. There were an upcoming sharp yet and then here in Atlanta, the antique. I think they brought the three ovens over from Naples. If I'm not mistaken Jack, so lucky, gone on their neither is heard the stout neapolitan Peter
Yes, so near Peter is extremely thin. Crust. That's bubbly crust you put at source and then maybe Basler mozzarella. You dont cover the sauce. It looks like pretty much equal parts, this visibly looking down over the Peter. It appears like the equal splotches of basic mozzarella and so you're going to spare. They don't overdo it and to be a true neapolitan pizza. As of December, two thousand and nine the European Union issued a protection that regional protection that election, pain and woes earthly. We talked about recently, was it a cheese I had to bed, probably yeah I'd. Also, I think I knew she tell. You should tell. Has regional protection as well?
but basically like it has to be produced in the area under these certain guidelines to be considered. That Neapolitan Peter enjoys the economic protection now as well and to be the policy has to be round. It can't be ostentatious no more than thirteen and a half inches in diameter. It can only be a tenth of an inch tall which is thin at its centre. The crust has to be no more than three quarters of an inch thick, so this really think Cross Peter Smith yeah, but not ultra. Then I got taken to task on Facebook today earlier because I said it was altered than the rug nuts novel then I'll two thirds tortilla legacy mexican pizza. Yet the need the dough by hand right. Yeah I got a couple of more than one in the article. Supposedly, it has to be in a wood fire, oven above nine hundred five degrees Fahrenheit
only ten Marzano, plum tomatoes, which means to me that the only tomato polygamy cooking a dying so there, I think so they can't yeah Ok, I know you tell me, I'm sure you'll get him fresh, obviously, but yet the cancer Marzano, like what I use my spaghetti sauce, have even to the italian market by five seasons. On the west side I have not. It is like right, like half a block down, and it is often make really yea to check it out of here and that I am into that will check it out and I think that's all the two by law and, of course, no one's? They pointed out nordic Lyra that no one's going out and, like you know, anybody, it's just a set of standards that they, like the hold dear the nightmare three in jail for consumption, any about them, although they should certainly appalled him. We talked about New York in Chicago California,
There is super thing crust, they're usually made with what what vegetables are in season. I, like California, pits kitchen, it's ok, it's pretty get like you like party, such a pizza, another ever to start a pizza to really get to America. Spanish arises as such is New York in Chicago there's, a lot there's a whole world of peat. I've been, because it's fine, they the Barbarians, there's delicious there. There guacamole spaghetti in greek That's also in a pan might Chicago. She said nothing sudden and spend it sometimes olives, Alexander and then the Sicilian and there's american scientists, tallying Sicilian, and if you're, an American, you make an sicilian pieces, rectangular square Fit crust, not offend the reason its thick is in Sicily. They break the ingredients into the crust.
Yeah I'd like to try that actually it's like gum, they heard about Stuff Cross pizza, certain mimicking it I'm hit Peter, had dragged me nuts, abolish things like the rope of cheese in the then they had the one cross, those pizza e backwards, the aid they come up with all these things. It are completely Sincere here is that the people they eat you yet the fit the heat speaking. Soviet Russia? This pretty crazy topics around the world will be there in Russia. They eat something called the mark by which is a blend of tuna mackerel, sardines, onions and salmon, which I say: how can I get you out was get. Was the Japanese yeah, the Mayo Jago jogger yeah? They meant bacon and potato mixture. They exert their hot dogs in the two year. Check that out there in India, but little pickle ginger
Tofu, maybe, and little midst. Mutton grass good to me like one at a pet goat This is why I am, I know, really the finance they cannot. I don't think that's a good think they can be. They can't reproduce, Brazil. You might get some green peas on your Peter yeah, Costa Rica. You might get little cocoanut equally worth yeah. I think so. I'm not begun cooking In any event, showbiz are generally regarded as the least favorite pizza topping. What's the number one pizza tapping in America is pepperoni of core wrong really toppled this last this year, while ticket as far as protein goes chicken really here and is at how they calculate that is like in restaurants, sir there is actually surprising amount of pizza, industry, marketing and lobby groups. Trade groups industry
and this hundred association yeah. I ran across the board person. I don't remember. I followed it to this press release from some Pizza Association and Dorrimer which, when it was, but they said that chicken top pepperoni as far as pepperoni toppings goes so that means that Americans consume more than two hundred and fifty million pounds of chicken on their pizza yeah, which makes sense because chickens heavier than pepperoni. That's true a lot of pepperoni. Maybe they go by weight that year we get some awesome stands here: no go environment, So the number of pizza sold in the Eu S each year, three billion, I'm responsible for at least a million and a half
Three hundred fifty slices sold every second yeah, not bad, and every year the average American, its forty six slices that child's play. Ninety three percent of Americans Peter at least once a month- yeah, that's a lot. That is what I mean that that means like almost every American eats Peter at least once a month s pretty staggering. I can't imagine that there is any other who'd like that? Except maybe a cheeseburger abbot pizza tops that even I would think so. It's just such an easy, legendary in skinny pizza, cheese, pizza, yeah, and, if you, if you gotta like but Mcdonald's or something like that and you have a family afore. You're going to spend more than you would unapplauded entity that family for you and you don't get the cold breakfast leftovers either exec with Mcdonald's you do. But what
Is there anything else added those a guy, my elementary school actually either member the little rectangle elementary school pizzas. They are there was one dude Brett Standish that did not eat pizza and he was like the kid I ever knew that they need pizza. Every time we had pizza was like those of about a royal to find out who would get rich tendencies, teats yeah, and he would like others in his asking price. Each week when I was like a viable camonica smart get there, but what he was the most here regard for now. I have no idea programme to principles and like a little time behind the school. You know what my imagination is racing. Oh yeah, there's a little Via this article, it said that more than thirty pizza areas in New York or operating under the name raise one less. That's housing alot. Until you realise there are nine thousand pizzerias in New York alone, the Yorkshire
but this is pretty interesting to talk about race sure If you ve ever been to New York or Atlantis got four raise. Pizzas is a rifle original raised Atlanta has raised New York Pizza, in our citizens. Whatever year since Ninety right in Atlanta, that's the trouble but rather by the, got there are forty nine pits. Is in New York that you some form of the name Ray and cares the story behind it. We re Ralph, Cuomo right, open the first rays on principle, in fifty nine, his grandfather, the rivers and father of Mario, we're gonna, say enough. His nickname claim to be re because he said it was Ralphie than racy than Ray, I'm not quite so sure about that. The gap, a second one in the nineteen sixty and then someone name, Rosalie no money, Mangano Mangano, but the second rays,
change the name to famous original raise. Even though that wasn't true thing circular messy, The man John out, goes by re, which is also a bogus open. Several more famous original raise all over the city. That two new owner who begin in other variations of the re, so Canada spread, but, ironically, three quorum quote: raise got together to trade mark the name. None of them are name ray
and yet they have all coming together to try and trademark than Amory ended, shut down, at least in name places like Atlantis, near pizza, raising European Atlantic Yahoo. You just polygon trouble. Now things have been about them, see you don't know that the topic of cartel, I think it is speaking of cartels, chuck the Big three pizza hut, dominoes public jobs here of those three, the one that has the most urban legislation. With it is dominoes. I had heard. I think one of these with the thirty minutes or less went away because they killed some kid in a car delivery person deserting ready made. I suppose They. There
were lawsuits from people being hit. At least one person was hit, but they didn't say had anything to do with thirty minutes or less one person was killed, yeah yeah, that's right. One prison killed at least so that at least one person hit. We. Can a right, but they do away with that. There was also a river that the owner of dominoes contributed a lot to abortion groups which may or may not have been true, but he didn't know dominoes, possibly at the time, because the guy who founded the company Tom hell yeah, he sold it. Nineteen eighty four billion is put tidy, but he is a staunch Catholic and obviously a supporter of pro life right. And is building his own Little Catholic down here as I am. I am one of those efforts these before we basically like
I'm gonna build. My little my own little town like filled with people that are like me, because I'm incredibly well Ok, so I don't know what the status is on that now, but I'm supposedly more than thirty thousand residents will occupy this town and eventually they'll go to war with celebration, and then there's all these goofy Peters. I don't get into other stuff like that. Three thousand Euro pizza with yeah marinated lobster inedible gold in a case of their whole sugar entering sub caviar for the most expensive, with gold, there's actually two categories in Guinness as far as most expensive, Peter with edible gold and without apparently do you wanna like Joseph.
We'll go on your pc. You know Tipp the scales gray wise, but if you want the most expensive Peter in the world, without gold, that record was recently broken Stevenson Pizza Company in Vancouver, which currently is affiliated with the guy from health kitchen. Oh yeah, jotted down yeah yeah boardrooms. Yes, they have a four hundred and fifty dollar pizza called the sea. Six Peter has Lobster Thermidor black alaskan cod and caviar on it. It looks kind of good INA. They do stuff like that. To get press and learn I get it! What about the largest pizza ever built and eaten? I like that. The they have that caviar yeah agreed Havana. Florida
eighteen, eighty, seven, I'm surprised known as try to break it since then. Forty four thousand four hundred and fifty seven pounds of pizza money over ninety four thousand slices, yet devoured by thirty thousand, at least thirty thousand people hanging out how they make the thing. I wonder I don't know that's, that's a great question: that's the one! I won't! Let me alone now you favorite topic. No one cares about that. How did they bake them think I got em, maybe sunbaked, the border, or maybe those thriller clause should be like get in, and I await yeah. Says, eaten or there's another record tied to it for the largest pizza oven I wouldn't want, and then the longest pizza delivery. Two thousand for
a dominoes franchise owner name. Lucy cloth delivered a pizza. Ten thousand five hundred thirty two miles. Sixteen thousand eight hundred fifty kilometres from London to Melbourne. There was a vegetarian peace as part of the make a wish foundation. I was about disparage it am. I know, that's why I got all that one breath before he could break yeah. Ok savings from you make a wish, and I support it will go to New year's resolutions are very, very difficult to keep get more exercise save more money. What how about this? We have a resolution that you can really work with stop wasting time going to the post office. You stamps dot com instead because they bring all the services of the. U S, postal service, right to your computer. With your business, sinning invoices or packages or an online seller, shipping out products, stem cells,
I can handle it all with ease yank it. This was simply com. You get five cents off every first class stamp in up to forty percent of priority mail. This right U S, postage twenty four, seven for any letter, any package, any class anywhere. You want to send it, there's no risk using our promo code? As Y S, gay you're gonna get this offer afore weak trial, plus free stage and a digital scale, and there are no long term commitments or contracts just go to stamp that come click on them. One of the top of the page and type in s. Why, as K that stance, I come from a goat s. Why, as Kay stamps that come never go to the post office. Again, that's pizza yeah We are talking about Peter. They guarantee the dark, So all this that we didn't even hit, oh sure that we're going to hear about that we want to hear about this. Will be one of those which I love, I love pizza,
read more about it. Eta has the force that can take. The word p I see in the search box, and I believe it has two reports that com website, which is now to words they figure What website yeah was tat when I was hired here, its capital that he be several lower case, as I think right now, it's the case. All one word: oh, it's all one word now using stewards. God knows what is good and if I did say two words, I was signed up anywhere because hits as far as their thoughts tamper with I chuck. Yes, we should tell everybody about something. Very special in dear to our hearts New York City. That's right! We are going I'm gone and we will be doing alive podcast on Friday October. Twelve, yes,
COMECON, their job etc. The flicker new think we did San Diego, never do New York, the dried up allocate. So if you going to COMECON. You should combine see that, but after COMECON we have one of our famous famous us all start trivia night. Where is it going to be the cutting them? It is at the grand Opening of the cutting room in the fire district will yet is. What's he address. It is forty four EAST thirty second street in New York and out it's in the firing said doors open at seven. Thirty trivia goes down at eight thirty and what its first come first served. Bree Free free, first come first served. We will have a bar there that you can buy drinks yeah do you can buy a string it's right regularly hold hastily be having a really gets out of you. If you're not familiar with our treaty nights like just come out and check it out, it'll be worth your while absolutely and ass day to for info on Facebook and twitter about the make up of the.
Thirteen? We are feeling that out as we speak, but we will have some special. Yes, it you'll want to me and at the very least income, take on me and shocking. As this one, so what is that it's Friday October, twelve right? Yet panel that went is at, I believe, six, forty, five, ok and then we're gonna be becoming room. Thirty, eight trivia starts at eight thirty doors. Seven thirty be there be swear. He repeated. Thank you are the tireless in her mouth. We call this accidents thanks to us, because an accident Goodwood now like No, I got from any in any was going to college, which you, Sir said Its away to her family decided a road trip with her too college, Isabel many vacation that is very sweet depending on how I feel about you about. It may sound fine, but it's not easy to agree on music when you're James Blunt, loving, mom Miley Virus, loving younger sister, she is to set up
Yeah and weird euro metal, loving, older brother all crammed into accordingly a few hours of me wondering if I could get a refund on my soundproof headphones, they agreed to. Let me pick the music and I picked stuff. You should know Turns out everyone loves, Flash, doesn't hate stuff, you should we we're all interested. More importantly, not yelling or throwing cds up window was. It was fun, but you are my favorites Jack, the ripper. Listen to my model dream, however, what we heavily added that there was still is wayward, yeah I remember going to, thereby it was factual. No was However, during a time when it was my goofy brothers turned to drive parentheses, I really it stress how weird he is at the end of the day about genius. You are reading some other with some listener mail from a lady truck driver and told her to hunt for horn. My brother did really loud like a
it wouldn't have been a problem that we are one of those Herbie, two lane highways. Behind a senior citizens and basically this is a lady thought that they were her. Oh no, she slammed on her brain, oh no cause the person writing behind her too, but into her rearing. Oh, no, no one was hurt, but I was laughing because over the speech, attires actually heard Chuck say I hope we didn't cause an accident. Everyone is fine. There was no damage either car, but my mom made my brother give them both info. Is my mother thought he was lying back here She just drove through the jail. Did she says I want to offer the explained to the old lady. What a pike s words PS. I hope my door made likes you guys from Annie thanks a lot of nice where everyone safe methods, is it sensible made earlier
for it before sure man well either way the buried. The wedding proposal still have echo my face of that reality. If you have a great story about how your family's been brought together by studies. We also want to know how the citizens of Havana Florida bake their ninety four thousand, Pizza. We really really want to know that three Well, you can tweak to us all this information. To ask why asking podcast seriously our twitters till it is. Yes, that's great! There's it's one of the best twitter feed. The internet while I've got it all of it. It has wacky news important news, criticism of twitter when they suspect people's accounts.
It has. We talk to people back and forth the other times we pester Hodgman for no good reason here, there's all sorts of great stuff twitter or what see a tweet from like the gym handsome company that they like them up upon here, yeah so critical software does. Is it very cool, so followers on twitter at so it's the at civil and then s why, as Cape P, o d c as deep as my escape, like it rather killer on Facebook, Twitter, Facebook page is awesome. Put that cop. Slash that we should know it decided to devote like an old person would too as way to stop pancakes here
discovery for more on this and thousands of other topics. How topic Howstuffworks dot com Have you ever wondered how was powerful people in America got to where they are today, my name's tomorrow and on it is you'll, hear stories about people like sent majority leader which Mcconnell speaker of the House, Nancy Policy and vice president might pants, and the Democrats most likely to challenge from and twenty twenty enter, who is every Tuesday on the Iheart radio up apple pie, casts or have you get your bike guests.
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