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How Poison Ivy Works

2015-01-27 | 🔗

Poison ivy, oak and sumac are all variations of the same plant and they all can make you itch... if you're susceptible that is. In this episode, you'll learn just about all there is to know about this itch-causing plant, including how to best avoid it.

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Commute, you have been, I mean it's still, excite ACE, they're, pretty cool. I mean there's gonna, be an easy, tired downstairs here. You know, I think it's the same people that developed Chelsea Market Young York sitting near so they're doing something here too and were moving into its called part city market, and it is the old seers building from the early nineteen hundred year, which aim to get. It was a kid when it was seers in the nineteen hundred very funny and what was the night in hundreds nineteen eighties. Our way out of this not bad suck, your thinking in twenty, sir, I know you're going somewhere trying to have a bigger presence in Atlanta and be a little more visible. In the world and the world, and so we're gonna have a cool new office space, and it's just items that, thanks to our boss, Jason and Jerry for working so hard on this and Michael Is he in every once in a great job or moving? Unlike word leads the last like six shows
we're recording here, yeah issue until we move into our new new place there. So I just want to say that, where super excited those nice chuck here, hats off to you to kill a few minutes so that is that they do poison ivy at all. No, and this may affect I'll bet, there's not much poison ivy around Ponsonby market. I hope night seems like the can place where they would be the poison ivy under control- and I imagine this also by the way- will be a show where there will be many people scratching themselves. And while I was researching manifesto just scratch my ear, while you said that you have done nothing to poison ivy, I have a poison ivy story for you, with your soul, Actually, when I lived in the highlands, let's see not too far from part city market yeah, you may- and I had this house were running around the house and it had a pretty substantial poison, ivy vine.
Going up. This big oak tree, where yard out front yard yeah you Polly, when the scene now care on the back right, am I for some reason had a suspicion that I was immune to poison ivy did I remember them I don't know why. I thought that idea still. I took you know some precautions I warlike gloves and alongside certain genes and boots and everything I suppose you and I went out and decided did like take this thing out yet
listen you in your homestead in days right. So first things. First, you have to shop divine right, kids like grocer, alongside the treelike latches onto it, to grow up here. I can so I'm waiting when it gets to meet hooks under the tree here. I think this technical term for like it's kind of talk to pull away, so you wanna chopped offers, and then you pull it away from the tree, and this thing was growing weigh up this oak tree here is a substantial. An ivy vital. So when I pull the down, not only did a lot of the poison ivy detritus here for down on me the whole lying like twenty four that I fell down on top of me and I'm I'm looking up as is still falling down. It's going into my it's getting under my shirt. The aid
going into my mouth my eyes everywhere, right, I'm thinkin I'm really glad I'm immune to poison ivy. Still. I don't remember why I thought this. I'm pickeringyou standing there with your mouth like a pretty much like, while the lot of poison, ivy dates is carried out and I'm standing there, I'm starting to clean it up and as No rash is coming around here, I'm like awesome. I am immune to poison, yeah. I was right here because it's been like two minutes and no responded well, first for like an hour or two later is at all I've. It was pretty quick and I was like. Oh no, I thought it's yours like I'm a meal and choose like you, need to get others clothes and take a shower, but it was too late. Yeah, and I guess you remember I do it was. It was really bad for like a couple of weeks yeah, I have always done thought I'm a moon and I may be because I've seen-
never gotten poison ivy at all. That is really surprising. Yeah and I've been in contact with plenty. As an outdoors enthusiast, yeah came for an hiker here, but I remember Helstone Jerry and between my father used to get it like crazy. I gotta memories out of a job it was the child is my dad seems like he constantly had poison ivy yeah and that pink the compromise motion. Yes just constantly slathered on his body, poor guy and a lot of myths being bandied about like I would it from him right or dont scratch, because your spread it yeah. Neither one of those things are true: no jackpot housewife lied and big daddy did she say that began year seems like the little kid was scratching and she's, like don't let em scratch here, put this
frozen broccoli on at the spread of the rash. If he's scratted natural the, why so knock would I still have not got and poison ivy, and that was one of our best interests ever given and I'm it she now yeah. So let's talk about poison, Ivy Chuck. I was like a good story where one of us is about head, then I can't believe I and I think it was just from like having been outside you're, not like getting a rational poison ivy, but I guess I just haven't come into contact with a well know or will learn that you could have Imagine for a while and developed after repeated exposure. Yeah that can happen to but usually goes the opposite way out the more exposure, the less it happened, the area, which is why a lot of adults like basically age out of an allergy to poison ivy if they come in Cairo,
that enough TAT S, my dad actually have some ASEAN so apparently, back in the day, poison ivy was uses and ornamental shrub or vine, because it comes in both varieties and then the they were like something that causes this much of a reaction in humans has to have some sort of middle no benefits right, and actually there was at least one guy who really researched poison, ivy and as a medicine and supposedly he cured skin ailments. Really he made like some sort of tonic that he drank Well answered it cured like a stomach ailment, although it made him sweating urinate more than usual, and this guy, real urinate or too so that's something he was a boy. He apparently was one
the only people who really looked into it. Another scientist for like british leave and I think I think that the Americans did the right. I did not see that ok. I think I saw that Gmos for Medicine Year, which shouldn't be surprising inasmuch as they had a lot of homespun scientists, Haven't figured out short, but it was a year. It wasn't until I think like be while the early twentieth century, that a japanese researchers by the name of my Jima isolated what it was employs, an ivy that makes us allergic and which is why it has a japanese name, correct. Yes, that's exactly right, which is a crucial. You are you as H, I oh yeah after the japanese aruji, which means blacker and basically it is. It is the chemical that is in the sap. That is what causes the rash and apparently the rash is actually call poisoning
as well a really what's it says here is poison ivy, as the red Itchy Rash caused by the plant. The bears his name- oh yeah, so I was just call it while people say that poison ivy jealous, I never thought of it like that, added where there again exactly right. So what a breakthrough at this amazing and the way you get poison ivy, is by coming into direct contact with this Russia. It's in the plant in the leaves in the roots in the stands here, and you can get it not only what you had come in contact with that, but it does mean from the planet, can be on a garden re candle yeah, where football that you thrown the words for your animals fer a threat, but it still has to be that actual chemical compounds and it's got staying power to supposedly rash. Your can stay potent
for years yeah. I saw that like a rake from last summer, if you pick it up the next year, you can still get it yeah, that's insane so checkers if you are immune to poison ivy, as you claim, law. The lucky fifteen percent of people yeah estimated Hugh our immune to poison ivy, but for the rest of us, the eighty five percent are allergic to Russia. Yandah doesn't take much there, it is, here. One billionth of a gram is all it takes sometimes, and this is not just poison ivy. We should point out. There is also poison sumac in point, Hope noon, western or eastern and western poison oak right, but which are all part of the same family. That I'm not gonna, try and pronounce. Let me give it a try, hooker and a card this scene
man I studied like our while I was studying in it didn't take in a courtesy and courteous, say in a courteous, see: ok, that's about right, We believe that any vowels it's very difficult year, the a c e, a key at an really kind of message. Yet, but I see you yes, I M Cardio CIA. Yet having that right, I did one day we're gonna practicing twelve times before. We were on the air explore riveting podcasting. So, like I said it in the stems, the leaves the routes, the whole chemin. If you want to avoid the rash you have to avoid the plant and just because the old saying leaves free leaves three leave. It be shown a lotta cases, but not always homer sentences leaves a for EAST Timor,
I remember that this money- and you said that is found in the routes. The stems the leaves the whole chabannes YAP welcoming, but even after the plant dies ratio can stick around the out. That's all this stuff is sure like you, I'm? U kill that via in your front yard, and what you do. Did you leave it there eventually get around to live, I cut it in full. The right down. There was a potent as the days long when I cut it. Now Would you do after it was lying there on the ground I to clean it up? I was immune, remember, OECD, that you finished it up but unlike a garden, bagger yeah, ok, I was all was arise well just rolled in net it. You probably thought, though you were like yeah. I showed you yeah. I think I'd probably
cursing as I've pulling negatives. Hang it under the trees. So much I am in stuff is like submit economics, but the point being, even after you had killed it and chopped up in the tiny pieces. It still has that active ingredient and, like you said it, doesn't take a much like a billionth of Graham that's right, that's not very much of the stuff, that's like a drop that that is less than a year. So we said the leaves three is a good rule to go by. The sinner leave is usually larger, but not always hear some other ways to identify them. Its generally and low than a cluster like a low we'd like or a vine. Like, you said, the can climb rights, These, along the groundwork, climbing hills, is helping, differ no earlier than by river banks in the words moist areas, if you go, hiking, alot or camping, you're gonna see everywhere
and the leaves are smooth and have a little teeth. Sometimes separated yeah like us rated a jacket way to put their color, also changes, which makes if clouded know that I have only remember that either they had no idea how just term brown after they were from Green Brown when it went dormant without full plank of storm. Apparently it's a seasonal thing. Like reddish than green, yeah yeah, which is another reason why they were sold or in a mental vines for awhile them, people like this, this is just fooling and white. Berries, apparently, and always take a message reckon they will talk a little bit about the Sumacs, oh boy, right after this, everybody we want to talk about
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A thirty day. Audible trial today in your first audio book, is on us to get started. Just visit, audible, dot, com, Slash S, why s gay or text S, wife, s, gay too far, hundred five hundred. I opened Sumacs my friend there, but we'll different in appearance Ah, yes, so Poison Oak is called that because it grows into a shrub round about that right. The work on you like. I can ask you. Ok, you can be so big one day when you put your feet, every word. Every area you got boys in our community finance dummy should ever get close to an oak simply because it kid you in your whole family. If I wanted to that right and they can be from a foot the six feet tall and in the West
In the south, although I don't think we said that you're gonna find poison ivy everywhere, but it's a south West, but I look at a map in it looked like kind of just California Oh yeah, I mean it can sort it out a little bit there in the Arizona summer like in the desert, but then other parts of Arizona, obviously you're gonna, find it, but most of the country mean get your poison. Ivy said the last year, Hawaii says a great place. I'm surprised Alaska. I'm supposed to. I didn't, have a terrifying grows in Hawaii yeah, but it another way. Does it strike me as like would see it seems more like? Oh there's lots of woods there lush in palm trees like rain forests, the right, but I mean the stuff grows more staring
dear Mr. I do not think anyone but had the point is, I think, like you can identify it grows everywhere. Even the places they say it, doesnt crew- I mean it's we're in trouble physically, so did the oak. The leaves can also be in threes. But they are green and harry on both sides. I think the hairy thing is worth the did give away with the family and they see yeah and then the sumac. You can find that in swarms eyeing or in the northeast, the MID west along the rivers and it's a woody shrub. I love that word sumac, yet it it makes me think of, like a native American lighted, Roanoke Canoe of their own, making like down a river well sumac evokes. Am I my mind's eye, it's pretty cool and they have stemmed
rose of seven to thirteen a smooth, edged leaflets. It doesn't like anything like poison, o corporate poison ivy and you know you should know it. The stuff looks like pretty much by now, but if you, if you're a city dwellers you're gonna like gotta the country looking up online, just look at some photos. Can you I didn't, find poison sumac now, but poison ivy sure yeah usually can, or, as I have a question about it, I just assume it is poison, ivy and steer clear yeah. I don't think I've ever seen. Sumac, I haven't either until the sir, this article there's a little amidst kind of pretty till it is pretty near they'll, just participation that destroy here so Chuck. I guess it's will stop beating around the Bush here, terrible here. What exactly is going on when poison, ivy and specifically ratio
comes into contact with your skin? Why do you break out in a terrible, terrible rash? Well, it's pretty much the same. If your member allergy part cast the same kind of thing is going on from what I can tell it like a mistaken response right back to something that shouldn't give you a rash, that's right, which is why the animals eaten it like crazy and around in it. Yes, there like they're they're, not dumb humans with dummy and system like this Really is no big deal here near immune system when it encounters a ratio turns into like some, my car, own head at the bar, whose like get this heightened like responded to my girlfriend like wants to fight everybody here, that's what t cells do in your immune system, so the
She all because of the way that it is its form, the compound that it is, it makes it through the skin pretty easily here and as it is absorbed your body, your skin, actually metabolize. It breaks it up in a little components and presents it to your tea cells. Your immune system cells to say, are these guys cool He knows these guys and again your teeth, or do we want to fight this guy here? Any calls his boys, the sight of kings right, yeah decided Keynes come along in their like, yellow fight. Yes, will give those white blood cells is there. Some tough did in the white blood cells come in and there are huge here and they turn into my macrophages try and they eat stuff yeah they eat the foreign substance crazy and in doing so, that's where you get your your rash. It damages the tissue yet because there there
Just focusing on the aruji are now clear: indiscriminately just mess in the whole place up here. The whole barges goes to part because there's like classes broken in stools thrown in everything is just messed up. Yet the movie Hooper with both regional drill, I'm and see that one of the great firefights about I'm going to see it they're. So that's what's goin on. Basically it that's what the inflammation comes from. It is just like an allergies with hay fever, its mistaken response to that pollen, hay fever skates and its issued dumb body. Not and then it really shouldn't be big deal exactly, which is why, over time over repeated exposure to poison ivy, even those lunkhead t cells figure out. Like your pal, I don't have the message. You right, I know my girlfriends Proteus.
Forget her to write the calm down over a year now. So eventually, I guess, if you just rubbed poison ivy on yourself in a five year response wooden occur at all year, but that there is that you can eat poison ivy to develop that immune response. United, don't do that gives you could die for no seriously rights are where we just described can happen on your internal. Rather than their skin might macrophages come in and indiscriminately to say. Eating area damaging the tissue. That's one thing: if it's on your arm its thing. If it's on your esophagus sure you know me, I think it's swell shut or just as bad. Your lungs too, which is another. Why, when you destroy poison ivy here you dont burnt, beginning burning the sure your vapor rises and you can inhaler in that's really really bad. That is really bad. You mentioned that you thought you were ok after a few minutes.
There can be something called delayed. Hyper sensitivity is that it's always the other, is you're, not gonna, run it on your skin and get it in seconds later right, that's immediate hypersensitivity! If you have delayed hypersensitivity, it could take hours. It could take days. You might think you're getting a few days later, you're gonna get it, which is one of the reasons the myth of. If you scratch it'll spread. It happens because you might see it popping up on other parts, your body days later right and it's not from scratching or spreading its because just that delayed response this year. But you know more about my right yet so the whole thing. What what we found out, he will call points,
I view the rash yet is technically called allergic. Contact. Dermatitis took it in get it from all sorts of things like laundry detergent like in each EU like Tag, is basically a skinny irritation firms in allergic reactions and with the delayed kind. Yes, it takes anywhere from you know. Hours to day is right. Maybe it's gonna happen right, there's also a media which is like say a beating or like a peanut where, like right within minutes, like you're in big trouble here. Actually, if you do started to play, display the same kinds of symptoms that you would like an immediate reaction you really need to go the hospital, like your throat, swells up from is an ivy right or you, your lips term, blue from poison, ivy or yellow fever like over a hundred degrees from it that those are all signs that you need to go to the hospital. This isn't a normal reaction, the poison, I'm you have your lips term, blue at all in life.
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The poison ivy rash itself is not contagious now, but if it is still upon your body, you could spread like. If I was you and I are in one of our famous camping hiking retreat, sure you and we were in the words and I got it all my hand and then like slap on the back and told you what a good pal you were. Of course you hide shirt was so you might get it because I actually have that. The compound, on my hand, if it could be into the thick man of hair, on my back then yeah catch poison, ivy from while your hearing on both sides dislike the the boys right you do come into contact with the words your camping and you know, you're a man crap have been avoiding it, but I just got it all over my foot right and I realize I did that what you want to do is just act. Super fast, get it in the creek or wash off. If you have water, immediately with just plain water, the quicker you do it, the better your chances and not having response
I also want to use cold water to war mortars, gonna open your pours, which will allow the luxury oughta be absorbed that much faster. It's no good, apparently warm are hot water will help after you ve gotten it, though, with the itching symptoms. Yes, really hot shower, but not at first You ran off at skin, take off all your clothes that have come into contact with the planning and a watch those as quickly as possible. Is so you now you're naked out in the woods you naked and afraid. Your washing your clothes. You went away. Your skin about point with this open water after you, ve already washed off, initially yeah rinsed it and then, if you have, if your home get some ice, provocative fallen in cotton and then do that next year. The woods you probably have that yet so, like you said, if you act fast, you might be able to prevent a reaction in that's because you are washing the assure your off before
your skin absorbs yet once your skin absorbs it, you have a very limited amount of time to take some sort of steroids like a cortical steroids that actually reduce the bodies immune response. Naturally, like an Anna, his demean as a good, very good example of that, our topical, if, if you, or a logic. You may have a prescription for something like this right, which you wanna take right away, but if not, I just you know, get the court eight or land a court and rub that all of your body, like my dad, did bright. Look like a weird, pink beast right. The problem is what these windows closed, pretty quickly here, because once once the cereal is absorbed What's your body mounts this immune response once those macro he's going to do all this tissue damage that your body as to heal from that
at her white? Even if your bodies no longer responding to this foreign invader, that's actually harmless, the damage is still dine and you ve got yourself this. This dermatitis that you ve got to deal with Yeah and it's gonna h, and they you shouldn't scratch it not because your spread it because you can actually get infected and I remembered, were you: did you scratch a lot? pretty good about it? I mean I wanted to raise Your little like her. I know when someone is infected, like that was something is an adult. They do all kinds of things like I'm, not scratching, like rubbing my face on my pillow safer hard right now. I am. I used a lot of them. A lot of self control bodies
packing alyosha like you can smack the thing and it won't scratching the whole reason. You're not scratching is not again. You're not can spread it by scratching, but where you gonna dupe conceivably, is you're. Gonna open up these source because it can get like fallen blistered right anyway. If you break one of these blisters and you gallic poop onto your fingernails, you can in fact the blister and get up like a skin infection with scars. It's not a good jam. So if you smack it you're not gonna scratched her you're not gonna, break the skin, but you still alleviate that. It's that generated by your skin, repairing itself, because you never know when you might happen, you fingernail recycling, suggest defer to the smack I'll bet. There's a substantial amount of the population has pooper another thing announced at any given point here. I don't want that weird stead
not at all so hot shower. Once you have the the rash kinda help sue the itching a little bit. Kellerman lotion can help making soda paste if you're in a more natural things, baking soda in water, just mixed together, basically rub out on their rights and the old oatmeal bath with any kind of rash will soon things. Will that that's right? I think I used this turns the calibre ocean from not mistaken? I think I blocked a lot about. How, then, would you may just walked by shaking her head? research is like it. He took care of me, but you ask it here. Are you can also just kind of.
It around the whole thing by using something like Ivy Block, which uses something called that sir, like out, if you go camping, any no allergic, you can take something before him at a preventative. That's what scope the bene? Quantum renovated, bento quantum. Basically, it like acts as a shield that prevents at this the assurance from being absorbed interesting, and it works through two degree. Supposedly, if you do you want to get rid of your house, you should do what Josh did sort of and that you were boots and long sleeves and gloves right and all that stuff you are on the right track: two stone gay. Imported. Wonder, as is the falls down under your fate, mouth Agape, the pan, bad, not good, but if you do dress up like that and cover yourself, you gonna pull it off
by the roots get out of there yet and physical I mean like it's. A vine near and vines can establish themselves pretty easily with just the slightest fragment of living plant. The trade dont burnt Norman. It's not just bad news for you news follow your neighbors to imagine anything ass, the old man Clark of Theirs burning, I'm gonna else. I don't either this point Ivy you, I know more about it, including seen pictures of poison, ivy, Empoisoned, sumac and poison out before your camping. You can type and poison ivy at the search bar. Has the folks at camp no bring up is great article simplicity search. It's time for a listener. Mail I call part to scientific method from a scientist hijackings
each year. I feel like I'm not getting her name right, some sensing that the scientists are there. They will feel good about their spelling abilities, know what they're doing a great job there, just her that certain scientific method, one say guys had a pretty good job with it in its history I say this as a practising scientist. I need a great long email, but at it for content, but he talks a little bit about the woes of current science. I he said it is a problem that many young academics about. The problems are real, but I want to underscore the fact that in many ways it is a golden age of science right now, so much good work is getting done. It just happens to be a terrible time to be assessed.
A more funding, would help alleviate some of the strain academia is under. But, as you point out there, some systematic reforms that need to happen as well, and many are discussing just what a workable solution is. I have tried to stick is close to the scientific method, is possible in my career and haven't been all that productive because of it. I'd rather publish something solid than put something out there. This potentially wrong are flawed. Being able to publish negative data would be good, but even more to the point. Science almost works. Well, as improv, which is the yes and approach our scientists proposes a hypothesis and supports it and another scientist fix it up and says: will you
if so then. This should also be true as well and extends the original work. Sousa Calabria. The scientific method is a huge part of our lives and needs to be taught to all. I see we need more science, literacy, not more scientists, but can be tricky science and nature truly amazing, and yet were not willing or able to support all those who want to make it a career. He gives us a cheers and is in St Phd ice job. You know the great email Yankee for you for sticking to the scientific method eat into your detriment. Yes, hang in there up you, right a great paper one day that gets you accolades and money with great spelling too. That's right. You want to be like even talk to us. He killed three to us. It s. Why escape? I guess you can join us on Facebook that complex that you should now be considered an email to stuff. I guess the house,
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