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How Ramadan Works

2012-08-07 | 🔗

It's the holiest month of the Muslim calendar, and for good reason. It was during the month of Ramadan that Mohammed began to issue the Koran. Learn about the customs and traditions behind observing Ramadan in this episode of Stuff You Should Know.

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Lou Armoire unto the care asylum and they can t you let them so on turkish speaking, arabic to one another. I said: may you be well throughout the year? Ok, I should say that I want to clarify that by that's the translation presented in the past efforts. Are it's not babble fish? I said peace be with you upon you, think's general greeting others are very nice greeting there, particularly appropriate to say to one another. The horizon were speaking arabic to one another right now, cause. You may or may not know this if you're one of the sixth of the world's population who practise islam- you probably well aware of this, but for the other five six, its Ramadan right now, a train the big month. One point three bill:
I would like to say a six second largest religion behind Christianity, of course, and now all oh, are you sure it's Christianity really course would come up. I thought there way more Muslims and Christians. Oh there's like two billion Christians. I did not know you thought that it was the number one religion another really better. Maybe Buddhism, are you sure, area Christianity's their number one. They ve got the missionary outreach programme. I guess it's been effectively got it down. Pat, ok, the July eighteen on three July, nineteen through August eighteenth this year- and we will explain why it's this year because it falls at a different time, area. Yeah, well, we can explain why now, because they use the lunar calendar we get smack down. For this. Remember no.
In one of our shows a year or two ago. He said something about Ramadan falls on this and people runners had. Actually it was a different time. Embryos, probably the fasting episode YA, think goes. It would make sense here and we were right, While we need to educate yourself and we did it- we spent last year and a half studying is on the ear. This is the common a year and a half of islamic studies that you and I undertook to do- there are Medina episode. So liner calendar. That's where it all starts case, restarting while you already mentioned it some spring them I will be the loser. You know were used to the seller calendar, the one that is used in the west. The three three hundred sixty five day calendar near lays down the cycle of the sun a lunar calendar breaks months down by when A new moon is cited and then the next time a new moon excited and there's a lot of
This agreement about what citing a new moon means, but the point is if based on the cycle of the moon, in America. Muslims in America generally adhere to the islamic society of North, and when they get together and they say this is when Ramadan starts issue right. So Rama, don't start is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. So it's the ninth new Moon of the year and what it kicks off is the holiest most joy, foremost introspective most dumb charitable of the year. The base for Muslims basically Ramadan it's the name of a month, but is also the name of this month. Long celebration, as is basically like the come back to Islam month, for you
slums and those of you who are may become get acquainted right, but it is all about like getting back to your religious routes as Muslim. That's pretty much the point of Robin on this right in Martha you mention is significant, because in sixteen eighty there was a camel trader Mohammed travelling desert, and he had a vision from Saudi Arabia, modern Saudi Arabia MECCA and he had a vision from an angel, the angel, Gabriel and said. Basically, Who are the chosen one dude and you receive the word of God, to dispense to the people. And that was in the ninth month. So that's why Ramadan happens in the nine month, yet it's like the most last month, because that was to Muslims the most significant thing that ever happened in the history of Earth Church and that the words that came through Mohammed was ended up being the current
Yes transcribed. So up as part of Ramadan, the entire Koran is reading as read out loud at mosque, around the world. They read a little every night and so about a thirtieth of the Koran is red and over the course of the month. The whole thing is red Bam, Koran Red Rum, redundant in the prayer where they read em. It's called the therapy. And I need to say a special thank you to key dear. As Ali put out a common facebook. We got any Muslims out there. We need some help. I guess I could have said arabic speakers in general sure, but I wanted you know from the horses mouth, so I could hear emailed me and I had a list of work. And he gave me his best- the shot it phonetic pronunciations and too thanks a lot meant that yeah thanks a lot cuter big big help, Thea Chuck through in great because of you. Well, I just through this in a thin people like me,
I'm with you because a good move, so the prayer, the in which in the mosque that you were a reciting, the Koran or the Koran, my guess is how I said it is terror we the person. You say that every night attract that's the nightly prepared during Ramadan. I yet- and I think it's not required this part, but it is highly encouraged that you do something this well. Yes, though, it's the whole What I think, like also I don't know, but I would guess, there's some it's the same with like say Christmas time when Christians or people who, like you, see the Christmas season to reflect and to be charitable and to a mass right or during lent fasting Does that equal like facing every day or giving up talk later? Something like ever forty days right thing: you Polly depends on the death of your adherents, but the point
Ramadan is there so that you can come back, and this cannot get back in touch with Islam and yourself too, because the main compose aside from the nightly the nightly prayers and reading of the Koran in its entirety during that month is fasting, yet, which is the big, the big part yeah, so fastings, where the five pillars of Islam there's fasting, there's arms, giving there is daily prayer and others a pilgrimage to MECCA at least once in your lifetime, if you're able to their there to give me a break if he can afford it catch or your like informed or something, and then the Shah Hata, which is on the ice, the first pillar, probably it basically the belief in the creative.
Bomb, which is there always God and Mohammed is profit, so you got the five pillars. So if, if the belief in God and fasting The same level, that's a big deal. So this is the month that you really do it and their specific guidelines laid out for how you fast and when you fast, yeah you start at the age of twelve witches in Islam. Is I don't know that when they consider using adult, but that's when most of the others, when you get involved in Islam as a farce, fasting and stuff like that you're, I guess, He considered a child. So at twelve years old you can start fasting and one of the big parts about the fast is not just that you say you know, I'm not gonna eat during the daytime from Sun at the Sunday. And it's not gonna eat, I could lose a few pounds. And you know it can kill two birds with one stone, the the really employ
part in the really the only way for the fast account is has to do with the word called NEA in why why age? And that literally means intention- from this. Is that if, like the fastest, a truly come from your heart for the sole purpose of praising allah- right. It's not like you! So like you, one of those little weight or you know you're you're, an IRA prisoner or something like that for political reasons. It's like you're, doing it to be closer to God or to be a good Muslim. Yet, and if you down in unscriptural, says quote, whoever does not make NEA before dawn would not have fasted so much. You ve really feel it in your heart. Then it doesn't count
So make account it, but everything counts like a little more during Ramadan apparently. So this is a very special month during this month. According to the Koran, the gates of Heaven are open angels are common freely down to earth to help out, but the gates of hell I locked and all the demons within our chained. So you are basically the is cleared for you to really just kind of shared all of your baggage from the year. Your prayers letter d, every night are away to basically clear off clear conscience of any wrong doing you ve done yet they should make the demons locked away
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if you have anything to eat an you, eat a meal call the Sahara and that it should go through the day. Sun comes up, then you can eat at all. Why or drink water yeah anything yeah! It's gotta, be like nothing good point than when the sun sets you break the fast with with the milk out. If tar could be confused, Ishtar know nothing of use anything at issue. And this is your meal after the sunsets to canada- replenish your body, so you, sort of eating like some sweetener, drinking some sweet drinks and date, thirty one year eating dates and basically, that you wanna like give some energy to your body to get again. There was reading an article on the BBC about Ramadan in I. It was written by a muslim scholar and he was basically kind of chastising people who stock
as he put it in Rome and on which its like. Okay, we didn't eat all days for going to eat like two days worth of food at night music. That's not the point! You can't do that so says he can. Now, in it, whatever your home over much, you want right, you can, but this guy s she saying like. Yes, you can he's appearest, he was being appears at his name. Is not the point so says he the it's a rich meal, because he's gotta tell you over. Obviously us you to pick out a Mcdonald's two in the morning right and I'm. It includes dessert called it can offer, or I cut that if an the cutter, if So, like an emperor nada from what I can tell. And the conifers a cake made of white sugar,
in raisins and nuts, and it looks like she came like a single air sheet gig and they both looked quite delicious. I'd like to try each there's other ones to buckle above one, that's a good one, classic yeah, I'm so check you ve got your Easter after the other. I actually did confused Ishtar. That's the night time me right, yeah, that's an item! You you go to bed you wake up, you have, I saw her and then the win the day begins where your fasting, if you're sick, if you are chronically, are acutely ill. The Koran specifically exempts you from fasting around it basically says like all. I want you to be well, and you need food mortar during this time, so scared and take care of yourself. Apparently, a lot of muslim still, who are sick fast during Romany, laugh, so a Muslim.
Through their doctors in the muslim world, have had the kind of thing on their feet a little more to figure out how to take care of these patients who are like I'm not putting anything. My mouth the whole time opening rail that they they used like time, release capsule trains, dermal patches, that kind of stuff, because you can't take a pill, that's breaking your fast, but they did not consider that breaking the fast. I guess long's it isn't into your mouth. Yes, molested! That's how I took a scholar work around in the modern world, but that's others pretty devout heir apparent, apparently the
its most dangerous, while two diabetics who muslim men are trying to faster you're like you, can give it a shot. But if your budget goes low, like you needed in breaker fast immediately, she can't even take like an insolent shot me. Can you could take an insolent chopper? I think like that's right, you want to try to keep your blood sugar naturally. First, I'm glad they at least take care the sick. What specifically exempted Akerana? Well, I guess, like the pilgrimage to if you're able to write like we want you to break your backer If you can't afford it, you can't go so fasting. Is is a big deal and it's not its symbolic a it means that you're not paying attention to your earthly needs. That opens. You ought to be more inviting for Allah to you notice that personal connection with outright freeze you up.
Just big deal, and it's also a one to punch, because. You are supposed to feel hungry.
N. No, what it's like for those who may be can afford to very like a big part of it is the connection with the needy, yeah and those who might be going hungry, because I can't help it vote because again, it's monitor more charitable times of the year when it's kind of everybody gets a little extra sure and then also check it also practices self control, which is a good one year cleansing. So you you ve, got the yeah you you're going to Ramadan you you're, going along at a pretty steady clip and the last ten days you enter this time were become faithfully the holy of the holy as far as the years concern for the muslim calendars concern. There's this night called a little cutter. Did he give you the pronunciation of allowing now? And then
I think I got there, I'm hoping so that was the night tat. Mohammed first started reciting the Koran as far as a guitar. It wasn't the night. I dont think it was the night that the Archangel Gabriel came down and said: hey Man prepare for transmission because you're about to get holy word of all right. I think it was the night that he did start saying the Koran and what was eventually, trends into the crime against very wholly night. The thing It was not recorded the date. So no one knows when it was. They just know that it was in the last ten days, Ramadan tradition celebrated, on the twenty seventh day Ramadan, and this is the day where you do. Your prayers were the is called during Rahman on the tar we yet You do your nightly prayer on this night. They say that it is. Has the young
it's worth more than a thousand months of worship like if you do, if you pray and like you're, a good devout Muslim on this one night like it, just takes care of everything while yeah and then after that you ve got a couple more days of Ramadan and then the end, a big party. Here he faster that law it's time to celebrate, when you break the fast, you say, talk beer which talk near the World translation is on our is the greatest Allah is the greatest is no deity worth worthy of worship, but Allah an hour is greatest I'll is the greatest, and all praise is due to allah- and this can be said, there's a variety of moments and muslims life on a monthly basis that they will say this in its not just at the end of Ramadan could be battle cry
could be in times of need, based glaciers expression, that nothing is is greater than Allah and when you have completed this really important task of the inner prominent. This is what they say, manners but said aloud when their suppose this. Thank it no comment on that but basically that's the end of Ramadan and then it's time for the celebration. The Eet outfit here right, which is, In a kind of a party and everybody says, eat Mubarak, which means a blessing to eat nuts right yeah, it means festivity, determines breaking the fast yet said this is the point
where you break the fast everybody gets gusty, laugh and dressed to the nine them they go, seek out the poor vacation down in the streets and then give them money in food, yet they light of their houses. The. What with lanterns insomnia yeah were beautiful, not must Christmas. I know people than the western world always like the legacy of this is like a Easter. This is, like you know, July is the The mile in Mexico, like none of this, is true, though, is a good thing that point out check, I'm glad you did. Here's the thing saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball. Is always that guy who joined your game, He never passes the rock. He instantly bricks theories and who can We have you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico, it's easy to switch and save on car insurance.
No need to fake an angel sprang because you're absolutely exhausted. So which in save with Geiger it's almost better than sports, and so what s happened after that with either of the two I didn't get from this article. How long last like visitor, I didn't even light. Is it like a weeklong thing does depend on how the economy's during that year? That's a good question. I didn't get to that either. Well, I'm sure some will inform us. I hope so, but it is a big party and What's the word generosity ingratitude among each other and, like you said to the poor, which pretty great So in the end, Ramadan accomplishes a bunch of things. That's gonna strengthen your relationship with our very important Skinner, enforced patience and determination. I imagine going through a month long son, at the summit,
ass will do that yeah I mean there's gotta be times for them when three, like I'm having a really bad day, why a cheeseburger promotes, principles of sincerity by making a shy away from arrogance and showing off that's gonna, go like I, like others. Tenants promotes good character and truthfulness. She's gone, encourage you to do away with bad habits. I guess if you ve got some bad habits. Raw Madonna be a good time to watch those away sure, because the whole thirty days, theory of starting a new Push your practicing self restrain already anyway, exactly generosity and hospitality reinforces the now in the feeling of brotherhood with other Muslims, video observance of the value of time, which makes sense, as it were me I'll, be watching that son go down
night and thus also you're, not just wandering around looking for foods stuffing your face, you have more time to do something with it makes you value time again: and teaches children to perform acts of like servitude, obedience behind the poor that candidate, basically kitchen life back in balance here, spiritual life back imbalance see a good one. That's what it says so, this year since the lunar calendar, it falls on at different times every year and not even like different, like others. This is just this you're still, I first in the next year to emulate, like July fifth or something like
in five or six years, or something like that? Don't be unlike November, yet like it's all over the the twelve month map right right. So this year, if you're in the United States, the north, the islamic society of North America, you said yeah they they said. Ok, the new Moon cited Angelo twentieth and they use astronomical calculations and there's a big debate over. You know whether that's ok and they're, saying yes, of course, it's ok were this is actually more precise. You dont have to see. There's nothing in the Koran says you have to see it right, other we will say no in the Koran when the new moon is cited, you can't site it with astronomical calculations. Right have to use your papers, others debate apparently alters the illegal waste all this goes away like during ones Romany service. I got you a return them quite right.
But there's two arguments on whether to like, if you're in North America, that's not MECCA church. So different arguments and one argument for using a local, citing is while these are. The people that you celebrating Ramadan with your community was one of the reasons It is to be to get out of the local community, and now then. The other argument to use like say the MECCA citing where you know when the new moon appears over MECCA is that unites, once around the world in this in their Muslim this at the centre of it? Isabel good points, but neither one settled in the U S, they still use the islamic society. North america- they mainly some, is a hot debate or is it I don't think, I think it's an ongoing debate right, but again, I think, with Ramadan starts like erases. The important thing is, it were altogether exactly flooded. Penny interesting stuff
and I did know much about a new those fastening. But did you know that I have always said one of the cruellest glasses? I took a college of Georgia. Was my religion, class yeah, very interesting stuff, it's good to open yourself to learn about stuff. What am I subscribe to any of it knowledge? I just listen in his pocket. Get stuck in if August night he comes around and you have muslim friend make sure to wish them eat Mubarak, because that outfit here this year August nineteen North America, from it ok, that's it for Ramadan, soon learn more about these rich or has the words that come on a dead end, and I said, search bar, which means TAT religion, No, it's not Josh. It is time for
This is going to spend a couple of shows. Is it's pretty long, with an ongoing last are? Actually that's just the ones you ve compiled. Suffice still here like a backlog myself. So let me give you this page I think this women to sort? art where you left off and finish up, there's like three pages: so first of all Bobby Duke my man, woodcarver awesome, awesome, stuffy carcase this handmaid stuffy should nothing promoted before Summer Tv and it's like it's really awesome and if you're into carving you want sport Bobby. Duke would harming dot com is wreaking, go yeah. Ok, I got one for you with, does not come fan of sharp shorter dot com, as they say, r p s. Eight, I r t are sent some great awesome, tee shirts of a man.
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