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How Sarcasm Works

2021-07-29 | 🔗

In this episode, we get to the bottom of why people sometimes talk like jerks some and how sarcasm isn’t all bad. Stand back everybody, this one is just soooo great. 

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make the most of each moment with an exceptionally capable Toyota Suv. Like the rapporteur, I already off road Toyota. Let's go places welcome, stuff, you should know a production of Iheart Radio pay your work under the podcast, I'm Josh Clark, those Charles to be shocked. Bryant day customs in here with US certain laughing snakeroot himself it is only the hardworking sound Angus. As you miss pronounces name. No nice. I set it right coups d, but it was too stone. No, it's what you wanted to sound like when you french? No, this is Cousine the hurricane like Houston, exactly but with sea instead of an age. Houston means that, on one day closer to you, That's a song right now used in means that on one once the PLO,
It has no country Jim out gonna get the young Warwick he always like thinking about about season yet about San Jose, etc. Ok, there was a backer, Akbar Backer Exxon and she popularized it. Could she do so? Well? Do you know the way to San Jose? Ok, she sang the lawyer. I guess she popularize there with everyone, but you get that was sarcastic, know that those pretty straightforward director sarcastic could have been like gum. you didn't know that yeah guess there would be. there s a year when the main much sense, but yes, you know it's funny check in in researching this. I kept trying to come up with some examples of sarcasm
and it's one of the hardest things in the world to do get away with thought. Sarcasm is like almost always off the cuff. It is not very well thought out its which, which I, is one reason why you know most people agree somebody who is employing sarcasm even when they're not very good at it, is the funniest person in the world. Right then see that sarcasm. I can't help myself this researching sarcasm really makes you take a long hard look in the mirror. Doesn't it really does and people who are big fan of dead poor? Who I do like dreadful fire here's. My dear was sarcasm. It is laid eyes I mean If we can be sarcastic, giving all of us can be and it can be used for funds is but a deafening
see where I can be a real a whole, sometimes by being sarcastic like two Emily and that's like this sort of the deck goes back to my envoy for revealing some if you're, ok, that this it falls under the umbrella of of my community issues instead of being like straightforward with something maybe being sarcastic, butts error passiveaggressive than me and then sarcasm all gonna go hand in hand, and yet so you ve hit upon something, I think is not really necessarily obvious to just anybody who, when they are confronted with sarcasms it I'm a big jerk. I don't know, sarcasm is away to hide the waiter, I'd from among its away to hide from direct conflict if you're not yet in the conflict. it's a way to hide from criticising, buddy when you're not big into that, but you really need to or you want you and you said it it's passiveaggressive, but I think we should make the distinction- and I I,
came across his very late and research. But it makes a lot of sense to me that there is a distinction between sarcasm in verbal irony in that sarcasm, is at its core, insulting mocking harmful in her full. whereas verbal irony is just basically like joke, where no one gets insulted where, where maybe a situation is being made fun of like We re whether today exactly if is renewing therein dogs. Yes, that would be herbal irony not sarcasm. I saw a really great example about the distinction on care. Number two is like a tv in film writing website, but they basically said. In that sense, there will be verbal irony, but if you were the spouse over meteorologist who, for forecasts sunny day
when they came home and in it was raining. Cats and dogs and use gray, whether today there would be sarcasm because you're, insulting or mocking them for getting it wrong. right like let's say you and our neighbours, great weather, Josh, how you said it their neighbour. I am going to speak for myself You said it their neighbour different, then a nice with your frontline Josh right in I'd, say stank swimming under forty years, you're the six old that takes everything literally site where you can, I have noticed that what made me think of sarcasm, you pick this article, but I was like this kind of perfect does having a kid will make you realize how often your sarcastic as they dont get it at least not yet she's just turn six ten days you happy birthday, yeah, happy birthday, Ruby too, and very soon
The gifts that you sent in yes exchange video messages which was adorable, but she six and she still doesn't get sarcasm and I've had to say like that was sarcasm. She's, like what am I man why Just keep purity alive of them, taking things literally yeah yeah. It's pretty, don't don't entreaty circus and your kid, but you can help it know and that's the thing like there's there's a whole school of thought that it's like to hack with Sars hasn't like we don't need it. People who use sarcasm are annoying in secure people there. It's it's not enough. thing to do or say, like there's, a better way, getting your point across and it's not even particularly funny, but the thing is I've found that when you follow that thread, there's like something inherently problematic with it in that there is some value to sarcasm in sums. Some instances is just one of those things that should be wielded
very delicately and infrequently and in the right context. But if you didn't even slightly that sure- and if you do it like that, though it can be very useful in and actually is, studies have found that is actually beneficial, brain wise, too, although researching all the sarcasm stuff has just reiterated my my belief that social psychology is a field should be completely design. I didn't write, you start from scratch because it is almost exclusively useless. There is so bad dude We should have a every time you got from social psychology. We should have a sound. The fact we have just are employing more again just get that by. We should hire a barbershop we're dead. This will time to stand behind us made up is exclusively a social psychology, eight exactly who can also seeing the sweet sweetens. So
Webster's defines re start shock, Actually, the Oxford English dictionary. If you want to go back to the original definition, which I think it is useful. We don't want to re definitions, but its first Definition was a sharp bitter or cutting rational remark, a bitter gibe or time and the word itself even derives from ancient Greek from a two tier flesh, NASH, the teeth and speak bitterly so It seems like from the beginning. Sarcasm was not like nice and in super funny thing for people known, apparently, the ancient Greeks had their own famous sarcastic socrates who was known for what's now known as sarks so Craddock irony, which terror where you, basically you play dumb when you're talking to some body in order to kind of get their true opinion out about something, and then you destroy
opinion you suddenly become intelligent, destroy their opinion is a terrible, terrible to do. But apparently, Socrates was well known for that kind of thing. so much so that they named after him. That's right here. It's called the how how about them! Apples, approach, interpreting sarcasm, that's that's where it gets tricky, because in that's why a six year old and we'll get two kids more because in some people say that by that age they can detect sarcasm. But we'll get to that. I am glad that that my daughter can't yet cause that means that she's not a jerk, yet but as far as picking up on these clues, you the words themselves. You can't rely on so what you for other kinds of clues the myriad one of which is obviously the tone of voice let's, You can't even see the person if you see someone say half whether today by
You know it without even looking out the window that that probably means it's it's raining or something Don't even look they just saved you. The effort right, and some people say that that's a nasal tone. This can assume. little thinking to me, but some researchers have said that there is a connection between that. Sarcasm and extreme discussed, and that's. Why comes out uneasily like you, tryin, to expel something through like here off in your nose. Re weather. like, you know, wrinkles, I guess a little bit. I can see a navy, course their physical cues like her, I get ire or at least like looking up when you say something is a big big clue you have outlined in particular, is because your brain is going haywire because you're saying the opposite of what you mean and researchers have concluded that the that looking up, which kind of looks like an eye role, is actually processing difficult.
The railways I gotta do here just make their eyes look up. While I try to figure out what I'm doing here, that's that yeah, there's social psychology is big contribution. as far as the information, there is some researchers that have called that inverse pitch obtruding, which great weather is. If it was a great. Rather, you would say great whether they are, and if not, a great whether Cell Europe, your tone in your intonation goes down as a clear signal of sarcasm yet which supply Billy, intonation nerve, pitcher of inverse pitch intrusion is pretty unit. So as far as languages go or different cultures, as other cultures are sarcastic, snatched. American, no and there's a big there's, a big gap.
debate on line about whether it's a universal, whether sarcasm is universal and some people are saying my guess is everywhere like even if a culture has a taboo against it, which some could, although I couldn't find, which ones olive I think China's widely pointed to is in not very high sarcasm culture, but that if you have it, Culture is a taboo again sarcasm. You have to be aware of sarcasm to have a taboo against it, so it's still in that sense universal. Even if it's not universally view writer accepted by each culture, yeah for sure I could see Japan is not being super sarcastic. So I read an article about Japan. It was like a business writers experience a british Ex pat working, Japan and he said he you sarcasm, unlike in really get much laugh, might have a laugh and later on, he said he was explaining its, whose japanese colleague in the Collie was like,
oh, I know it was sarcasm. We need. All of us are causing oh you're in a grossly inappropriate to use it right. Then, together they love it no it sarcasm is that is those Another thing you can do as along gate your words, it's much difference to say. Oh sorry than say sorry, yes, it's a great great one. That's intonation an along gaining a word Agus combined with that I role you can also go there, opposite way and take a word that should be said kind of with oomph. In deflating it yeah a big and big on that one like gum, while yeah great say that light yeah, yeah yeah. We we we're very sarcastic people. I ve come to realize I use for some reason and aid
since he fled- and you hate Chevy Chace Blue, but I hear no, no, I'm sorry. I love children, please, my favorite funny. I will would use a line from his fledge. Occasionally I don't know why, I guess whenever there was a cop or something I would say, thank God the police in his he says that line that animal feed kids. I can totally see it wearing a baseball kept too I'll wager. probably maybe you mention other cultures, if you're a teacher of Esau English The second language that is one trickier parts. A teaching English to people as a second language is adulterous. Kids even is, is trying to teach them like sarcasm, if they're not super familiar with it and sometimes appear We therefore say here: watch: what's this tv show, because you know there's quite a bit of sarcasm on tv sitcoms,
yes, supposedly, that's a really good waited to pick up on Numb on sarcasm is watching sitcoms, probably friends in particular. I would guess I'm guessing there fine friends, you want I'll, be anymore sarcastic, so check this kind of a Willy nilly episode, and I kind of like him that way, I'm disk go ahead confess so there's no clear place where we should put an outbreak in size. just so we put an outbreak in right about here. That's a great idea it is the season two grill and Jill and see You're overpaying for home, an auto insurance right, yeah with policy genius
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I just think that that was there was never gonna happen. Was it now, but I think it's it. It was clear from the beginning to me that we through our own little brand of sarcasm in can't help it junk kids, you're being straight ahead candle so we're time our kids and whether or not they understand sarcasm- and there has been some research on this kind of thing and, of course, come up with contradictory findings. One thing I saw was that kids, you you keep mentioning six year olds, not really getting sarcasm. That's about when they start to pick it up somewhere around age, six dance. When they start grade school I'll get it as indeed it may be so, but but from what I saw them. Recognize it is sarcasm, they just don't understand it as a way to employ humor and the right comes at about aged ten, which happens coincide when kids become obnoxious.
Yeah and then it's all the new report, you so as apparent here, because you like, I taught you this method and not being- is used against me yeah weapon. There was a study in France of French speaking kids and two thousand five that showed kids. The age of five understood sarcasm when they, when the sarcastic speaker using intonation, where it took two over seven, to be able to tell by contacts and context is when, like I think that the Example. They use in the article was, if you like having a longer conversation about family. We're being a bad give giver and that at the very end you say, but I love my sweater, that they got me and maybe see light I said it even sort irregular, but context. Really it would still be sarcastic
I don't know like. Even in that example, I just found it confusing to tell you, I guess it could be a little too. I sold it to them. yeah it's a really genuinely earnest right, that's the slip down the slippery slope of sarcasm. So one of the other, in addition to kids, not necessarily getting sarcasm people dementia or Alzheimer's or brain lesions, have found to not necessarily get sarcasm and if you stop picking up on sorry sarcasm, all of a sudden, That's a really good indicator that you might need to go, get an mri too sweet yeah, for sure and not just that. There are all kinds of nerve diversities that people can have that make them not able to pick up on some chasm and other sometimes people with autism had difficulty understanding, sarcasm there. Might take things a little more literally. then no typical people might so it's
You gotta know who you're dealing with when you're throwing sarcasm round and being sensitive that gonna thing right for shirt. So one third of all people with autism, famously kind of associated with an inability to detect sarcasm and from what I've seen. That's not really the best way to that they that many people with autism can detect OC, detect, sarcasm, you sarcasm, some find a funny. Others can recognize it, but don't necessarily find it funny but there's different can now of their competing on others. Different theories as to why that's the case right is supposedly people thoughts. I intend to use more liberal thinking there the kind of well. Let me just say, sarcasm is known, the form of unplaced speaking along with some other kinds like unforced politeness, where You like or nice as somebody who's got, you hate are using
aphorisms or ritual language like when you say I'm. Somebody asked you how you doing, even though you not find one sarcasm falls under that is its not saying what you mean directly, and so, if people with autism tend to use direct thinking and literal thinking, if use indirect I'm plain speaking: it's gonna be hard for them to pick up on they're gonna. Take it at its literal, meaning they might not pick up on the sarcasm and so that that kind of ten that tendency to think literally, combined with in undeveloped theory of mind, which is where you can put yourself in the other person shoes and imagine what their thinking easily, which is what sarcasm requires you to do, because their say something different, but you know that's not what they mean, and that requires that you
go into their mine and tool around those two things combined tend to explain why people with all its ism are kind of thought of as not detecting, sarcasm right vary, so gay Ok guys think if I had a rainbow suspenders already now, I would laugh at him ass, actually others when I was a kid I wanted those for a long time. Yeah me now it was the homework. In many thing. I even had a buttons on a man of war, the cocky pants. I did my best to be more for more yet so marks suspenders are obviously primo, but there is in overlooked vaster puffy vast that he, whereas in the credit and there on the football field there, I would say even top the rainbow suspended I would love to get my hands on yeah. Looking back, I was trying to be more from work, but I was dork from dork really at all how many pictures.
And unfortunately resume where those who think is spinning bout time like now know, especially as a kid. Now we are delighted about this guy, but this kid wearing that you'll be all right. If you're talking about the brain. Those a study in two thousand five that in this kind of stuff is always I feel like. We just have to say it, even though people like ok, Those are the three parts of the brain. Nothing to me. That's it, but the three parts, the language or tax in the left hemisphere, the frontal lobes and the right this fear in the light of the right. True, medial, prefrontal, cortex, you're, gonna, hear the comment and your language cortex kicks and understands the literal, meaning the great whether right the frontal lobe and the right hemisphere had the context. It's raining
and then that right, Ventura, Medio, prefrontal cortex, puts the two together in a goes. Sarcasm dummy right laugh region goes bananas. Doubt the leverage in its sometimes it funny? But it's you got a really be good at it, so chuckle I was talking about how sarcasm qualifies as on plain speaking, that's like the general umbrella that it falls under right, yes, and that the fact that it is unclear peeking, where you can get a message across just as easily directly saying the weather sucks today. What is the point then of using sorry as I saying great, whether today, rather than this, whether sucks today there and so linguists researchers, you know speech scientists, talky doctors, all these people together have have come up with this idea, that
must be some additional thing. That's going on there clearly that there is something gain using sarcasm over using the direct message that gets the same point across, because sarcasms got a little extra mustard on it. I've tried to get to the bottom of exactly what that mustard is. I'm sorry mustard. I know you don't like it very much yeah and by the way my dog might actually be barking. Some in this episode does nothing I can do. I m exit, folksy, We should remember that are able to see There are a couple of ideas My people do it like when it's a purposeful thing in that like I'm trying to be funny or whatever sometimes will. Sometimes it could just be easy is like you have a very hard time being straightforward with someone any like. He said, use the high to use it as a defence or something like that cloaking. Thing in positive terms,
You did a really great job without Episode Josh, that sarcastic criticism. whereas you can do the exact opposite If you and I were out- I mean the exam. these and article is fishing and I'm not catching any fish and your dislike catching tonnes of fish right. Am I? oh boy, you're. Really you really suck it that fishing thing. That is a sarcastic compliment and this is all wrapped up under what is called the tinge theory of sarcasm, which is Europe you're trying to mute either your criticism where Europe ways of somebody by throwing spite slackened mustard on it. tinkering with irony. Hence the net right there's also like a related one. That really just kind of look said. the the criticism part. It's called politeness theory, and basically this as there were you sarcasm DE criticized, because it makes the criticism more
how reliable- and so you write that together- and that is one interpretation of what sarcasm is therefore is meant to boost its meant- a mute The compliment the praise or the criticism Then there's another one. That's that basically says the exact opposite. That sarcasm spent to be more biting that it's meant it to really make them. Nigeria advice, and put it right near I eye yeah, here's the thing I think I mean I get them now you somewhat of using sarcasm, rather than kind of you to straightforward about everything. It's like it's sort of boorish like it was a year. We rode the friend who
you're hanging out in your friend is always talking over you and you don't get a chance to get a word in edgewise and you made a little sarcastic dig in front of people like like. Oh no, I'm sure there you'll. Let me speak any minute now that personal ago I see what you're San like it. it may be a little bit and a whole sarcastic comment. But what if someone was always just pony aside and being like you just never let me speak it would just really like. I think there are times to be wait for a bit like that. But if you like that, all the tire eyes, like no one's view and you either yeah our or even if you didn't pull him aside at the table. A few rely on shock. I'm sorry, but it's my turn to speak yet you're, not letting me speak. So I am going to speak now. Ok, we do not want. I hurried forward, I have to say at stake. Yeah, that's gonna dislike, there's going to be, like you said, no wants to hang out with you and that's what I was talking about. The outside of the states like the idea.
getting rid of sarcasm altogether. There's something inherently wrong with that, because, if used correctly sarcasm, isn't it social lubricate that does occasioning already go in a total. Italy's everyone gets a laugh, it might be at their expense, a little they get the message and you dont, like stir up the phone, the party by Make day, having a real serious talk about interrupted people coming starting your point, Everyone wants to hear what you say so So the other ideas that sarcasm is used to make criticism more binding. That is, they re like this. This, if I did just say You know you know you didn't screw that up or not. If I said you know jaw, she really screwed this episode up. I can't even criticise you the I'm sorry, if you said to me, get ass, she really screwed. This episode up, I will be.
Oh well go sit on Chuck, but if you said boy, you didn't screw that, this showed up at all Josh. I would be levelled four months basically, and I think that's what that, inter bets That theory, as the rival theory, two tins theory that that it actually gives an even more emotional impact to criticism than otherwise would have directly ia, and I think that to get to personal, but I think you and eyes, as partners have learned, the deal, each other a little more straightforwardly over the years that I think that's how we both preferred to be handled by each other sure. As and that's what I like it's a different for. It's not like I can be superseded. sick with other people, but I noted that wouldn't be very nice thing. Did it you does it make sense sure make sense. I think that you can be sarcastic with me. Well, I can't be able to try command
I could be nigerian me. Is it held their breath? There are like a sea about the two level, John Canada, I can be- and I am sarcastic with you, but only in like fun. Ways like I would know. Never. no now tonight make try and make a real point with you. How I see I see what you mean sure enemy under yeah, and they have like a real conversation. If its Ria, ok, I gotcha, I got sure o so the other thing about this, too, is theirs there's. Another theories like no. This is everybody you just over thanking MRS Humor, like people are dressing up in other, is boring or pedestrian point that they want to get across with just a little better humor and it's like sarcasm easy way to use. Humor Oscar Wilde said it was the lowest form of wit, but the higher
of intelligence, and that second part, I think he was referring to the fact that it takes them. Some thinking to make a sarcastic come in and also take some thinking to decode it too. But it's not necessarily funny Right, but that is supposedly the humor in it is another theory for why were you sarcasm? That is its humor and I think from researching all this all of those makes sense and so sick. ology in typical fashion, has found findings that support all of em and none of them. At the same time, she would take a break sure artless could break we'll talk a little bit about that and a little bit of the use of it throughout history and culture and arts and stuff like that right after this
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money is working hard for you to get started today. Visit e trade dot TK slash I hard for more information each rates. resale Elsie member civic I don't know do you know it's stuff knows that in this matter the great that's the name of a greener stuxnet within with an axe, If you want to talk literature, you can't get any more sarcastic at times and Mark TWAIN, Shakespeare was pretty sarcastic at times. Chaucer was fairly sarcastic at times in the he's an example in this article of the Bible that I didn't readers sarcasm, There is a bit of a stretch myself. Having read it. This is from ecclesiastics eleven nine Ridge this young man during your childhood and let your heart be pleasant during the day of young manhood and followed the impulses of your heart and the desires.
your eyes yet. No that God will bring you to judgment for all these things that feels more disorder like one to joke than sarcasm. I guess so. Yeah yeah think they're, like there's gotta, be something in here and that's the best they could come up with. Maybe like we gotta find some sarcasm in the Bible. Gas right get to work right, though the thing is, is with their like. That kind of reveals, like the one of the problems with sarcasm, is that when it's just written, especially as written couple thanks years ago. It's really difficult to discern Sark, you have to use whatever cues you can get because You ve had a lot of the normal q, stripped like all those facial expressions, the intonation all that, is gone, and now it's just the printed word. So basically what you have as context in full that reason, and because we are entering, I guess we ve already entered the digital age.
Like the written word is basically how we convey thoughts now, sarcasms really taken a beating lately, because study after study keeps finding that people grossly over eggs over us. eight, how clearly their sarcasm is coming through, unlike texts and tweets and emails and stuff like that, and that it actually isn't being under stood a sarcasm on the other end, even though the purse, new, sending the email or tax think Sir sarcasm is clears about yeah. I just don't try to be sarcastic and emails, especially for work. I think it's just the good rule, fear they don't even try, because it's not gonna come through and, like you said, you probably think it does its not obvious to other people. If your texting with friends and stuff you can You can do things like over spell things like say greater, you know, say inserted.
I roll emerging year, even say sarcasm in parentheses, something like that, the one eyed in industry backslash s yeah It's definitely Everydayness Nobel Prize, which one is it it's one of the slashes its backslash, followed by a sucker, so backslash Yes, because you know for the first time, number three for the first few years of like social media and texting stuff. that there was a lot of talk about way. How do we know it sarcasm and then the emerges can help solve that problem. But you can't do that and emails no professional emails, not innocent, entomology, Girolamo GI. Now, don't you ok, you might as well, but three x asian points at the end of that's great not doing that either? This is why no email anybody, I don't know what I'm doing
But when I really an element that, like ten o clock on a Saturday night, one of the the kinds of sarcasm you know it's. he said you can use it and employed in certain certain circumstances. But there are people who just think it is a hostile act. And it is a way to say something and also let yourself off the hook for saying that thing at the same time, and that it is Nobody veiled as humor is what what how they put this article in you know at times it very much can be that yes, so the like marriage councillors. Therapists, like basically anybody whose but whose dedicated to proving you as a person in exchange for money has zeroed in on, though the worst version of sarcasm there that the very strict definition of chasm, is not verbal irony, but as an insult asthma.
Can somebody as being veiled hostility like you're, saying passive aggressiveness. That kind of thing- that is no way to communicate, especially with somebody that you care about or love that you should be forthright direct, honest with them. They're, not saying, like you know, make sure you cut out humor their basically saying, sarcasm, isn't humor and if you see, if you think it's humor like seriously like so disco, find better humor cause, there's plenty of better stuff out. There is a knock, knock joke, but correct right and they said there. Basically, singly cannot just cut that out of your interpersonal relationships. Again with the people you care about because probably does mask passive aggressiveness and its not doing anything but harming year. Your relationship and, in fact, John Gottman, who is a a renowned couples, therapists, Siena's wifi together, says that dumb sarcasm is is one of the indicators
Contempt year, along with I rolling, along with like raising a lip like kind of in disgust, while you're talking that that he's back together that you you are signalling that you have contempt for using if it get other in that contempt, is one of the key calls them of the four horsemen of of a marriage? That is, it is a really good predictor of divorce when couple speak to each other with contempt in one of those ways. That, though, speak to each other with contempt is through sarcasm, yeah, it's just now. a pleasant like it's one thing to be sarcastic here and there, but I have a friend whose Other stepfather, rather is the most sarka. stick. I Rowley person I've ever met my wife to an alarming degree, and it's just so like it's such a turn off to be around this: you like, I don't want to have sex at all when I certainly not with them The air aegis and
you can tell like his marriages suffered in their sea. He can't be straight, and it's just too just a chore to be around I hope he listens to this is like his tongue. about me any changes his life. Now he would never listened to this. He would give me dissatisfaction her, while guy huh yeah zack I so there's this is not to say that there's like no nothing about sarcasm there. There's this one group of social psychologists who made names for themselves by basically saying then are we figured out that, if you take, test of creativity immediately after engaging in a sarcastic exchange, you're gonna score higher. On that test of creativity thing you would had you not been involved in a sarcastic exchange immediately beforehand and that has been turned into in the popular presses. Sarcasm, Bruce creativity across the board yeah. I guess the idea that it is a challenge
challenges you to think in a different way, because it's not straightforward may have a little something to it, but on and as a bit of a reach, there's other things. provide social bonding like you in your friends being sarcastic about stuff, especially if you're being circle, Think about like a shared target. The, like your teacher, sure it's a great example maintain social egalitarianism like taking that fishermen down a peg before he gets a big ego for here, hatching some fish sure and it can make you seem, apparently, as far as Harvard Business Review, says, more competent and intelligent work, which it makes sense in that you know you do kind of have to be sharp at the very least you're, paying a little more attention. Probably yet, if you deliver a sarcastic remark,
successfully right, also raised by that. You can also totally african, like, like your friends dead, basically near interest professionally, like David stepped back, that's my advice so the one thing I saw was ass. I came across a case date. I think it's Kansas State newspaper from like two thousand and eleven. Maybe where they were talking about how sarcasm just totally pervades our society and they gave an example of how primed we are for sarcasm that we encounter earnestness like we, we might be confused at first in some situations right and that the writer gave this great example of Michael Richard support. gee after he went on that racial higher aid at the last factory and then like a cup days later when on Letterman and the audience did not get some
audience who hadn't heard about this, I guess did not get that. This was like a real apology and part of it was his. Presentation bedded seem like he was doing a bit kind of- and I remember that hitting and Jerry Seinfeld who was like in the studio with Letterman handed turned to the already spilling stopped laughing. It's not funny like tell them like he. Wasn't this wasn't sarcasm that this is for real in if you go back and watch it if you're a fan of of thing at things that make you deeply uncomfortable my love that bit it was- I remember it at the time. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it was Kramer. Any right hard to just take him seriously right. That's exactly Ottawa! Air man will emerge Yea was a massive made it even worse the go ahead again today. Actually I could use some cringe. Humor yeah be anything else Oh no Joshua! Nothing yet check this with real. Well, we did a great job
then I'm annoying myself even now, so let them do so, said: I'm annoying myself. Let's go to listen, I'm gonna call this Elton John Song is why not hey guys level above your broadcast and make it making way through the whole catalogue been tempted. But it didn't think I'm leaving interesting to say before. You may not think it's interesting now, though, but what finally prompt is when you are trying to help John and the soldiery episode so long ago, Josh He'D- never heard the sun burned down the mission that made me think of the powerful sung ticking from John. Seventy four caribou, album son was way this time, the way that it foretold many future events. can ever remember being a popular one on Sunday you not heard it go. Listen to it gives me chills every time I hear it keep up good work guys- and this is from Dinah
Clay Melvin in Fort were Texas, and I went back and looked at the lyrics endued taking as a song about a an aggressive ticking time bomb, white, male shooter Nokia for nineteen. Seventy four and it's all right. They're Ike, I am assuming Bernie Tobin, wrote it that in look it up, but I think you can running all of his stuff back. Then you burn it up and you do it's a referential joke to another episode from a car. I guess probably episode the disguise talking about boy. But yes, it is interesting to go back and listen to that song from early nineteenth seventies of then, of course, it was a big hit like she said, but it is interesting to hear that and be like man. You can't you couldn't write a song that on the nose,
today, so there he wasn't the only one who is predicted at a time like Stephen King had a short story about a kid who comes in and liked to shoot up. His school is basically like this. Teenage revenge fantasy, but it it was, is exam. We were ended up happening like twenty years later, he wrote down seven any that camera with ours com. Then there's like gum numbered falling down that movie with Douglas from the late- oh, yes, I was basically that is well yeah, so yeah I can see Wanna make sure we dont give Elton John undue credit. Here is kind of what I'm going up. Man you're classic beef without jobs. I so, I think, we're at the end of this episode early
I hope we are. Our lousy will be short of cross over right there. So, let's, let's end this as we normally do. You want to get in touch with Dislike Dinah did you can send an email to stuff, podcast, Iheart, radio, dotcom stuff? You should now is a production at Iheart Radio from our past, Radio visit by heart radioactive apple had passed over every listen. your favorite shows. Hey friends, I'm Jana Barney and I was the voice of Cora on the legend of Cora and I'm Dante basket waste zero on the last hour vendor in general, arrow on the Legion of core and were your hosts for braving the elements Nickelodeon podcast celebrating all things, avatar, verse, We can discuss every episode of the last, I remember and the legend of CORE, but the pie gases.
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