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How Stuttering Works

2017-08-15 | 🔗

Despite as much as one percent of the adult population having the condition, science doesn't actually know how stuttering works. The best it's come up with so far: there seems to be an issue between the physical process of speaking and the thought process that underlies it.

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Welcome to stop! You should now friend has therefore Stockholm hay and walked into the fog cast on Josh Clark, there's Charles the future bright and there's. No, I guess producer today, which means it still study should not throw the jury free addition, their heels, weird she's, like I can't do this today, I'm goin in them off so easily Furthermore, I know it's weird ever since we did that mall episode and she learned it was a thing right. She's like this sounds like my kind of place. You doing I'm doing pretty good em they want. Do this one for a long time yet, and I think I started a research. It was like a man
everyone I tours something like I pull away from. It never went back to his I'm glad, we're doing it. Finally, so stuttering, if you're in. America or Australia and stammering if you're in the UK, perhaps that works I don't know. I know that stammering is where they call the UK. Do they call it studying in Australia is well yeah. This thing I pulled up the said in general: it's our North American Australia, say Stutter UK, they say stammer, but it's the same thing right it's basically here. I think the way that they get around that is calling it does fluency. No one calls it that the scientists do. I never heard that word sure this fluency, so I think that's actually the clinical name for what we call stuttering or so
wearing, depending on where you are, and what is it that Alan Firth Movie called the disagreement prince? Who would begin here that Ngos working title what they call it? The king speech yeah pretty good Movie S cute cute. There was any time you get Jeffrey right in there in an inspirational, roared coming acute movie generally Jeffrey Jeffrey Rush yet agree how Jeffrey right always plays like this super smart, like kind of like a deep state guy Jeffrey right, he was basque. Yacht right am, I think, the right guy, play Basque here. I think so. I don't think so in the movie Basque here s, the Jeffrey Right, I don't think so. It's Jeffrey Right, Jeffrey Right, has been in tons of stuff. Just like him up you'll, be acknowledged, every right again
this is going terribly already now it's great. This is basically like the podcast equivalent of stuttering, because Chuck stuttering, also known as stammering better known as this fluency is an interrupted flow of speech, a gate bite Why, when it starts to qualify for what we would call like, stuttering or stand It is really noticeable it. Some. It has a of interrupting effect. Typically, I'm with a conversation education- that that's meant to be going on the speaking. That's going on this on the far end of the on the on the other end of the spectrum, apparently just about everybody engages in this fluent speech, I'm particularly
t, because I say arm alot, another form of just fluency and this fluency Chuck comes from the idea that that when you speak flu, may your speaking in a flowing manner that that is easy to fall. Typically in his honor interrupted, but when you start Things like her paws is sure that kind of thing like that. That's that's! This fluency in again discloses a normal part of communication if it occurs about less than ten percent of the time. After that, you start to get into these stuttering flesh stammering.
Spectrum or side of it. This limit spectrum year and one thing I learn. You know you and I, both q ay quality, assure each episode, which means all behind the curtain peak, but Jerry will send them back to us in you, listen to it once and then give her name like edit notes or whatever and thoughts, and then I will listen to it and generally have now edit, And I found it, I never can be characters about that as well. That's rouse! Getting to you that I found early on when listening to these episodes of ourselves that its it doesn't pay to focus on this fluency in our own language, because it can drive you nuts, I really can, and so we have a conversational podcast. So when I trying to you know we're not Churchill or Henry ERA, the Henry the six. Now
yeah. It was them. I don't remember just calling for about that. You were not common Firth addressing the country on the airwaves, where it was very important that he come across. As you know, a certain had a certain fluency, but when it comes to stuff like this, I think people used to the fact, like occasion will get em the girl, you are sure to say, like an arm alight right and over just like our responses, better luck, finding a different policy. I think that this is not for you now. Don't you I learn, did not drive myself crazy with that stuff. No, but it's funny because I was just yesterday listening to the Stockholm Syndrome, episode for stuff, you should know, selects right and I must have said, like oh five times over the span of ten,
were. You can't even don't even listen to that by even I noticed it normally have I've, I'm pretty good about tuning it out. But even I noticed at that time and It really kind of raising this issue that that the whole thing about starting your stammering is not that its aid, its disorder or disease, or a sign of an army college in person or that the person cant think of what they mean to say, you're it. Solely none of those things? It is strictly an interruption in what we would consider normal communication, and so attention is drawn to it and it turns out that touches me. The problem worse and worse. So it turns into this vicious cycle here to wear that. But that's all that that's all it is That really is- and I mean like There'S- there's different theories about. What's behind it or what could make it worse? What could possibly make it better?
but really all. It is just interrupted communication between two people, because it's not like the person whose whose stuttering studies in their head, like it's strictly when speaking in communicating with other people, so it's pretty it's a unique. It's a unique condition. Yeah, they're, they're, generally, three ways in which that flow can be interrupted. One is, is repetition. So if you say the first few, like the beginning of a word, if you repeat it a few times, RO and then say the word. Another would be prolongation. So, if the word is like you would you would all that out by itself for a long time right and in the last would be an abnormal stoppage, which is no sound at all. Coming out here, block yeah, a complete block. I have you, you know anyone with a severe stutter sure yeah I've, I've known peoples,
As before yeah, I know somebody with a very severe stutter and it's always interesting, because I think and we'll get to like what you shouldn't shouldn't, do as a participant in conversation with someone who stutters right. But before I read this, I knew that just as a courtesy, what you probably shouldn't which is correct, is trying complete someone sentence for them. He, even though that urges there. You know it's just a natural instinct. His people do that. You know when speaking all the time he had some, I can't think of a word or something, but, like you said, that's not what's going. No, no in- and I mean that in I think, they're urge also comes from a good place. Typically like you're. Not you not saying like pitch is the words That's not what you're saying when you ve, when you, when you finish their sentence, you being on the long right, take to keep the conversation on track right, but
What you are also doing is saying: you're, not communicating effectively, I'm jumping in taking over on your behalf, to sit there and be quiet, so um yeah. What more about what to do or water what not to do in Europe. In a conversation, Somebody with a study found out you mean you're, trying you're trying to help you're not trying to like me a jerk yeah, but it's it's not help. No! It's not. I imagine they also understand, to a certain degree, to wildlife- probably just from being exposed to it so much here for so long in some people feel you know like with anything like there's. Some people might be used to it and have been my client others. How I talk of to correct it. I've got kind of learned to live with it, and other people might still feel really bad about it. Yeah, I read a. I guess it s a blog posts, basically by a guy named man
I find it anywhere great great blog post, where he said I I recognise and accept my stutter knows and say that, or his name is Danny, Lit, walk, alighted, ABC K. Will it work? Maybe I embrace and accept. Mr it's great. He talks about his his experience. Growing up with a stutter his whole life and just what a naked impact it head on and for a very long time- and I saw this elsewhere, but the first step toward either either getting p. Your stutter or just getting over. The fact that you have a study is exe thing that you have a starter yeah and that's it that's from what I can gather really big first step, because I think people recognize that they have a study to themselves but there is also a there's the they take measures to protect
against sharing that with other people right. So I read Another story about another person who grew up with a study when they get through, I think college or something on the floor. Day of this one class everybody went around instead, where they were from an this person said that they forgot. Where there from rather than having to say Wilmington Delaware, because the w in the DE so instead they told the class they forgot worth where they were they were born and grew up, because in that case that there were certain triggers, the w in the diva W unwilling to remedy in Delaware. So there's like a lot of fun obfuscation that people with with stutters engaging people studies. Are to be trusted. Another were, but then they have to. They have basically just take steps to make it seem like they dont have a sir I think what this guy Danny Lit Whack was saying. Like I said, I saw elsewhere, people saying like I have a starter like this is how I talk
I have to like either just walk away during the conversation or just. Let me finish, my time. But this is me- and this is how I talk and accepting it are learning to and you're gonna have to as well. That's the first step, as I understand it once you're in adult. I should say I think there are so many things in life. That's the case. I am him instead of lake at a certain point, at a certain age you I think at least I got to a point where, like while I can really continue to work to try and change the thing just accept that this is kind of you. I am bright and be happy yeah. Don't worry, be happy now ever strive to be better people. Most of you are from enforced. Everyone else around you to accept it. Should we take lawbreaker, I will take a break in, will come back and get into some of the stats and how stutters can develop right after
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Grow older right, leaving that at a one percent number as adults yeah, and so in the? U S, there's that means there's about three million, or so maybe three and a half million people, adults that stutter right, I'm more wine! Is it more women alone, Mary, more men, more men or modify the one? It's like forty five in childhood, and then it goes to like three or four an adult hooker so by far men stereo more than women and dumb, although in is strangely boys. Ten Few naturally lose their stutter. If they're going to do stuttering, childhood more than girls. He- and I don't think they Any Reimer reason to that. All right now, Manders, there's like a lot of lack of understanding. As far as stuttering goes there scientifically social there's just that. We just don't know that much about it, which is surprising because
personally, as far back as Moses people have been stuttering on record. It will tell the story later. Ok come about sixty there could be a genetic basis because about sixty percent of people who studies have a family member who stutters yeah. I saw that among Mano psychotic arsenals, identical twins if one twin stutters there's a ninety percent, instead, the other windows as well, how interesting but for dies. I gotta pick like fraternal twins, there's only twenty percent chance, so there's clearly is a genetic basis to stuttering, somehow right, but it's also one of those things where it can be genetic does it have to be? Sometimes, if you like sufferer ahead trauma, you might develop, stutter right, sometimes is developmental, sometimes or it could be, obviously was something like Parkinson's disease that could be a symptom
those are to me, I think, probably different kinds of stuttering but tangled actor rights, others, basically, two main categories developmental witches. Far more than the one that accounts for the most cases stuttering yet and then the others acquired, like you, said, safer, Might Parkinson's or they put you on a prescription. That leg suddenly is making you started there is also psychogenic, which is supposedly in emotional trauma, can give you a study. I dont know if this is Dover Lore, because apparently they used to think all studies were the result of some psychology here and there they just say. Well now it's possible or some people have it in December, figured out it's not the case at all, or if there really is a small section of people who do have psychogenic stutters, but but
those would fall under acquired and then the other ones developmental way about that guide. It took mushrooms and quit stuttering, yeah so interesting. I saw a TED talk, his once really yeah he he's like all about my shoe saving the World Poles limits, yeah, yeah He leads off our article on house of works and he had a severe stutter. Was there affected by a kind of withdrew, socially went camping when time took much psychedelic, mushrooms and climbed a tree got up their decided. He could not climb down and then the storm came in and got really intense and he he said he sort of felt one with the world which sounds about right and that eventually the store past he came down and while he was up there during this intense experiences like I will not stutter anymore and he does
saying that came down and he had lost his stutter an apparently didn't relapse which is paid unusual, I think so. I started studying mushrooms for a living, he may seem on my college, a young man, I got it. I said this before. I say it again: one of the best articles of ever read. My life is called blood spore there and I think it was an Harpers and it was some. There was a murder in the world of psychologists. It was just so interesting blood sport coming into a theater, and I hope that you should write described here. So stamina remarkably lucky in that he does basically decide not stutter anymore, and stop stuttering yet apparently The fact that he didn't relapses probably was most remarkable because I think lapsing among stuttering treatments, is actually pretty common area, yeah
but again this is once you get out of childhood is fair common to have to develop a study as your child as your learning to talk that equally, men to lose that that stutter as you age, eighty months of developing the onset of the star. But then, as you as you acquire this, her develop this stutter as you get off. This stutter? As you get older, it apparently more more set in, and that seems to be that, because of the poor the city of your brain when you're a kid. You start it's almost like What I can gather it's like, if you have a stutter, passed a certain point. It almost gets lock in your brain as you're neural pathways, solidifying cement,
looks like you: VE learned TAT stutter after a while yet- and I think they say to wait. I think they re like three months before they even start looking into it, because that's how fleeting stutter can be when you're a little kid right. The three months they'll say. I never should start looking into the right. You wanna go to a speech. Pathologist too will be able to diagnose it and you we what they're? Looking for when you take your child whose developed Sutter to a speech pathologist is on how pronounced it is: there's a guy, I'm in, I think the late and his name bury guitar. He sounds like he played dinner guitar from the Ban Boston. He knows all the cords. Norway has guitar George right. What's therefrom, come on.
Guitar George is that erased, even some notes from my dire straits, sultans upswing, I'll get you gotta get some. It is a good site. I love it. So very guitar him with levels of stuttering, development and I already reference the first. I knows things I have heard I already reference the first level, which is you you have less than ten percent of your speeches. This fluent anybody walkin around like that right, yeah most the king of England, or something, and then ironically, unless you that one king who had stutter, Then it goes on the from their industry gets worse and worse, but one of the things that attendant with these these different stages of development of stutter are like a man. No problems or symptoms like co, morbid
terms, along with the study, so there can be things like blinking, like I'm like, like pursing your lips, were you're frustrated. Well you're angry, where your fearful, where your anxious in conjunction with stuttering, and so this is the kind of thing that the speech pathologists will be looking for the kind of diagnose your kid like now. This is just normal kids for actually this the stutters developing faster than we'd, like it too. So we need to start treating it now, well that makes sense because dopamine we talk a lot about dopamine on the show, the neurotransmitter. If you have an over abundance of dopamine, we talked about and that threats episode right things that can become morbid was stuttering because I know too much. Dopamine can lead to a study as well
supposedly so dopamine controls movement right yeah and if you have too much it makes you have takes like to read your saying. Well again, so I know this, the Parkinson's and dopamine are, I think, they're they're, like Parkinson's, has to do with too much dope, Amelia and Parkinson's is one of the ways that you could acquire energetically as stutter yeah, so that makes total sense that there's something in your brain with dopamine transmission, to where you have maybe too much and so you're you're, trying to your having trouble getting getting the thoughts in your head into the movements that it takes to create speech yeah. I mean it's a little clumsy the way the brain does. This would be a lot easier
a streamlined in one part of the brain, but there are two distinct parts of the brain that deal with language processing and one is the one that processes it in one, article, eight it with in a motor skill way and when those two things I've done brain imaging mapping and they found that there is some sort of discontinuity between those two processes going on right now, stutter that's stuttering right, so it could be too much dopamine. That's one thing again that the research into stuttering is so basic at the moment. It's it's really surprising. They're trying to figure out, though, is are you born with the study I, like you, when you're born you you're gonna, have this problem because year your brain isn't using dopamine properly or over, producing dopamine, or are you as your brains, develop
Something goes a little after the side to the left and your brain has trouble without me from that point so they're trying to figure out the Eddie Ology of it. In other words, did you look into this? The genes, the for genes yeah a little bit? Did you find names for those I did not vote is neither tat is how basic the researchers right now, they're, not even saying why genes their finding you, apparently they did discover for different genes that are linked to these proteins in these proteins, are sort of like the responsible. What's got cellular trafficking, so they can to make sure that the elements of the cell and up where they need to be within that sell and they said that more than one neurological disorders can be linked to this trafficking process. So I guess it's related those proteins in those genes yeah but they're like who knows
just like they ve got to the point where they have identified. There's something up with these proteins in in the cells and its link to stuttering. Somehow now does give us like ten years ago, figure out how right, but the other there are starting to realize now, there's some sort of genetic basis to this two stuttering. Well, I mean, I think, the twin study. It says a lot right there fisher, yet she was going to happen but Moses. I think it is high time we talked about Sweden dancing around the burning bush for a while. Now I I can't we ve got a laugh. Well, I was laughing has every time I think a burning bush, I think, of three amigos and how funny that singing Bush was. I never saw an outline three million
yeah. I could do the three Amigo Salute, but I never thought man, that's a classic, really yeah. Really, oh sure. Why is that? browsing. I don't I feel like I would have seen it if reconvening. I can't you right. Any move. Now I know I never saw is trivial cases in it are younger, serve no MA. Am I dead? Raise me a really dislike right. Was allowed to see the treasure illiteracy flats right. I think I stopped watching flights like part way through but they had a real influence of me a. Why didn't he likes it? They saw that I have no idea you're bound to pick. I guess I think you thought it was a jerk or somethin well, he was right to demonstrate our rights Moses and I know a lot about the Bible. Is
listeners. Now I was raised in the church, but I didn't know this. I don't remember the story yeah, I hadn't heard it either. The apparently Moses was low baby at one point in the Faro said there was warned. He know that Moses was was gonna, not be his friend when he grew up, so he said our. Let me try something out. I'm gonna give this little baby Moses, a choice between a bowl full of gold shirt and a bottle of hot coals. That's what you do! A baby is this: the gold, then I'm gonna, kill him near typical, typical egyptian stuff here. So, of course, with a baby. Moses is going to reach for the gold and then apparently, an angel intervened, Todd, tardy angel and directed Lomas his hand to the hot coals instead
a little gruffly. If yes, Moses, Moses, grabbed a hot call, put it in his mouth and that's how he got the stutter and is blame tied ever since, and here's what I dont get is the Moses went to God and was like hey man, I'm supposed to lead the people Egypt, I have a bad stutter. You know: can you do something for me, Dr God, and God said, where is he said- and this is called Mister You know what I thought. He who has got so God said yeah sure I can help you out. Just have your brother Aaron, take the MIKE Right and Moses I was more thinking like you'd perform. A miracle on me by the I'd. Probably could afford having Erin speak for me as well God, thanks for that, the problem is that story here.
Currently there is a quote: I am heavy of mouth and heavy of tongue, and I saw some Bible where they were debating whether or not what they are talking about. A stutter Apparently, some later hebraic text so that Moses had trouble pronouncing teaches thorn, sounds it sounds more like he had a list, then stutter Raw who knows it goes stuttering. There is a lot of people do say that Moses had a study. We overcame affairs that gun debts is pretty thick it's I've gotten used to, but I remember at first when we first started doing this, like man should not be speaking for a living like this is I have a speech impediment night pure and simple nurses, everyone. Now this thanks, hey discharges voice. Yes, it's so grading, smooth and silky dwelt in history trash the sea. The
emperor, Justinian, apparently headway or now I'm sorry wrong. It was some Demosthenes is a greek statement, he apparently was smart enough to say who could help me with a stutter about an actor who speaks broadcast their voice for a living so he hired an actor to help him in that. Actor. Had him do things like too I'm pebbles and try to talk yeah smart. He he's he did his speeches. While I was walking up hill, I guess to control, is breathing actually pretty sharp stuff out of out of all the historical treatments that we're going to cover this one might most closely resemble aside from the mouthful pebble, modern treatment for stuttering year, which is to say, speaking, exercises right
well. You did say just any another: no of Justinian had the stutter, but his at the very least his physician eightieth of a media was one of the first people to say: hey, maybe that the french alone, you know that little flap of skin on your tongue right the connector to the bottom of your mouth may he was the first the said: why don't we start slice and nothing up in just the tongue. In general, over the years there have been all kinds of surgeon that tried variations of slicing the perennial am or cutting down of the tongue now I can probably use their own by hd. She gwine she going. I'm sure that's easy at the second way basically said stuttering as a result of an oversized Tom Jai have slice and eyes a little off the sides, but not always I know, of course it didn't work, it's just horrific
apparently though, at the same time there were these surgeons who get all the press, because their stuff is a horrific There are also other people who were kind of on the right track, a little more like Moses Mendelson in the eighteenth century. He thought that there were too many ideas or thought there were flowing at once and that it was basically it was blocking speech. There is too much trying to get up basically like the three stages model, stuttering, member they're, all trying to go through the door. He I ass. He got too much to say, and you wanted to get it all out right interesting. It makes a little sense, Erasmus, Darwin! I he said that it was passed for mass emotions like bashfulness that messed up the price of the past so speaking, right definitely onto something. There is well and then a psychologist named sand out
said that it was brought on by either a dread of speaking or in over eagerness to speak kind of like Moses Mendelson, was saying in the latter example serving that brought out by two completely opposite things yeah, I guess so a lot of this actually is kind of in step with our current thought about uttering, and so you that means that these guys in the eighteenth century were prescient or our understanding of stuttering is stuck in the eighteenth century right. I am very curious to know which one it is shall we take a break jealous right, we're going to come back after this final break and talk about therapies. They dont involve cut,
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starts to stutter in it in its sticks, any found some other tips to which a great for parents Can I wanted the main ones is. Is give your kid plenty of room to talk when you have time to talk, I sure they express themselves fully, because one of the the side effects of having a stutter is your child may just end up retreating being super quiet yeah. I got from this these tips for parents that there's kind of this maybe not fully spoken.
Idea that you can actually cement your child stutter if you handle it poorly ear when they start to develop it like that which, knowing that it just makes you even more tents about dealing with the correctly I guess which could make the whole process even even harder, but there are some pretty brainless things to do this. One almost killed me when I saw it chuck they The site, I think kids health is were I got this one, but it said maintain natural eye contact with your child. China to look away no signs of being upset, you get like just break the air off in my heart, yeah, that's pretty said like don't. Away in disgust when your child is stuttering, you and monster go. Look in the mirror the bamboo shoe and put it underneath your finger nail and think about what you
another good wine is in it. This feels like something that would be easy to do, because it seems well intentioned to say, like in a slow down sign. Take your time take a breath. I say: do not do that yeah because might not make things worse yet, because what you're doing then, is your drawing attention to the idea. Your child is not speaking correctly and rather than just apparently letting I'm communicate at their own pace right. Yet there is also seems to be is a suggestion that the child has learned the child. Your kid has learned to speak stutter because they're trying to get too much out at once, yeah they may have picked up from you. If you like a rush rush rush pace in your household year, one of the things that that they suggest, as it is kind of slow things down at home and
additionally leg like schedule, wise and night is taking time and dislike letting everybody brief, maybe a little more than you guys are also speaking more slowly. Not just to your kid also two other people when your kids around here speaking slowly, give waiting here, setting an example. It's called modeling your own speech so that your kid feels like they don't have to learn everything out at once to get their point across the they're going to be heard, no matter how long it takes you're going to sit there and just listen to them, speak yeah and not unlike really listen. Another thing that seems like a no brainer but really just try and focus on on what they're saying and not the fact that their stuttering, those words out, but you know when your kid tells you a story about to happen at school, right, dont, concentrate or even bring attention to the fact that its being said with the centre
but just take taken their story and takes a while longer then just respond accordingly. Yeah and in the same vein, I don't tell your kid to stop and start over when they start stuttering there like like there, they have to get the since just per The earls you're, not gonna, hear him out and dont time to think before speaking that helping anything at all, be honest, NEA, like don't, try and mascot and say that, oh you don't have a stutter like this is just you know. In a hurry, or something like they do say to be really honest and say you know what you have stutter and this fluent since nothing to worry about and if you'd like, maybe we can talk to someone they can do some exercises with you, and you know, just like the other sounds like no brainer, not being a monster parent yeah, but against some of it does seem like telling your kid like. Ok slowdown
breath. Now. What are you saying, like you, think, you're helping your kid you're, not right so so not off. Some of it is is monstrosity. Others is just like this is what people would naturally do, but it's in it seems in we have but you're wrong, you're intuitions dead, wrong. Just lay your kid talk and listen to what they're saying not how they're saying by an apparently this is. This is a good. These are good. This is good advice. Well, I took me a second and get out. Thank you, though, chuck for patiently hearing that sure this is good advice to helping your kid. Just naturally shed the stutter re developmental starter. We should All of this we ve been talking about it is dealing with the developmental stutter, although a lot of it just applies to people with it with adult studies.
Out in the real world is well like Turkey, and you can take just about all of this and apply it to a business conversation. If you have a co worker who has stutter nearly dont look away in disgust, thrusters good advice right there all throughout your life, when you're doing you're watching here listening to some over the stutter yeah, I mean, maybe don't that at all and thrill jerk you their life advice by its good point as if you're sitting there in your in you, don't look like you're hurrying, some with the study along you're. Just engage you you're in conversation no matter how long it takes. I can't and how much that must help. In one thing, Didn't really, I think point out that that bears pointing out is that people who stutter I do not necessarily stutter in the same frequency throughout like there
right, yeah there's. Definitely situations that are there were are gonna make this way more pronounced there almost exclusively associated with higher anxiety situations. I think they nationals, Stuttering association, says that the number one situation where stutter is going to be about as bad as it gets. He's doing a job interview and so employers. Please don't think that this is how this person talks is probably as bad as the utter gets, however, their stuttering in the in the job interview. So if their tea at home and I just talking to their. Why for their care or something disorders, probably gonna be far less pronounced than it would be if they were having to give a speech at their friends way. You know yeah, and I found that with this approach.
And when I know that it's it can vary alot within conversation, it's a very severe stutter and then they will say like a couple of sentences straight through with nothing and then I think hum hand catches me off guard because I'm so use to the stutter, and I think we owe you now. That's a super interesting to me. You dislike blurted out a couple of two or three long sentences with zero, stutter stammer arising thing. I never their fun to say together, a car- I don't know, despite a really fascinating Ino speech, pathology come a long way. I know that there are the world's funny. I look their online about curing stuttering. Of course there is no like patented cure, but orphans
Listen DORA recording our motivational speaker thing ass, all video editing watch. It saw the title said Tony Robins cures, a man of his stutter and seven minutes. So like come on you, I didn't see anything said stutter stuttering here There's. Basically nine year did not look into at another. Look into this new device, though, did you I yell of it? It seems pretty untested as far as real world application goes, but it makes sense intuitively an apparently does help in a clinical setting. So basically, second, you like a hearing aid right, but it changes the person who speaks voice and we little bit, does a replay it out loud for everybody, not just for the person. Here is one of them.
One of the ways that somebody who stutters will be able to talk perfectly well, is speaking in unison or singing. Ok. So, like you, you can, he's sitting there talking to somebody just wanna whining and your study could be quite severe, but then, if you and the person agree to sing together you may not stutter at all the whole time your singing and I have no. No one has any idea. Why that's the case they now in this device is based on that that, when we're talking in unison or someone who has studied talking in listen with somebody else. There stutter tend to go away. So what this does is it creates an echo bit of a leg with their own voice. They feel like they're, talking a new look at ourselves and helps the stutter again, at least in a clinical setting. I dont know if it will just be too distracting and a conversation or what, but I got the impression that they haven't tested. It follow your proven it fully outside of the Lamb, while the singing makes sense
remember mel- tell us the name sounds familiar. He was a country singer who had a really pronounced stutter can around like fifty sixty six. Seventy seven seventy says when he was biggest but yeah, but you know he was on my key haunt stuff, Randal Ivory. So, like other, and then has has added tough stutter when he was talking to the audience and that's what he was known for. Oh yeah yeah. It was like you know: I've seen an act. But how do is they stick? Speaking of so another famous stutter chuck over their nuclear Porky pig yeah? So I was I was looking, Porky pay great, because this is an unusual choice to have a cartoon characters stutters, and it turns out that Porky PIG as Stutter, because the guy who originally did Porky PIG, Joad
He had studied in real life, really yeah, pretty sweetheart but he heartwarming or wait there's more. Yes, he did for keeping for the first two years and then they fired him because he kept missing the queues because of his daughter and they brought in a guy. You didn't have asserted, do Porky PIG from that point on, but he did it with the stutter yet because it was established right. Let's cruddy had it is said that porky pigs trick wisdom go to a different word yeah, which is fairly common technique, the air I imagine so I could get hung up on something just say something else. That means the same thing: we're that's a given, or, I think,
people say- I can't remember in this act like they can't remember the word when they know full well what word they're going for they just can't. They can't say it really just pretend like they. They couldn't early forgot what they are talking about. So we name awesome these other famous stutters, because I think, if you're an adult story, probably know these people sure he may have looked it up to feel a kinship, but maybe you'll get out there might make you feel better to know that Darth Vader himself, James Role, Jones, was stutter yeah, big time, Emily Blunt yeah, she's, terrific, Samuel Jackson, surprising right there is the farmers flow from his mouth was born with that down right who else from pop fiction Harvey Keitel yeah? I can't see Harvey Kate till Sunday
no, and I guess all of these people just went through speech therapy her. I would guess, or else they all took mushrooms, because it doesn't say whether or not they were like started as a child or when they overcame it. Yeah Nicole Kidman Albert Einstein, really Carly Simon, and you said Winston Churchill earlier to hear the stutters well yeah Bruce Willis Heritage and failing to check I could see. I think I have actually seen shacks daughter before on tv really see the Wanton Tiger Woods, Charles Darwin, Jane Seymour, Doktor Quinn, herself yeah Joe Biden, who will hopefully run for president right. You were came, Mister Hall them did, which is great, but at the same time there are people.
Who have accepted that they have a stutter. They probably spent a lot of time and money trying to get rid of it and it has gone anywhere, so they ve kind of embraced it. So I mean it gun, readier stuttering, you ve overcome it, that's great, but if you ve also embrace it good for use. Well, oh boy, this, when you want to talk about overcoming stutter, Kendrick Lamar, oh yeah! Well, if you can overcome this study and then become Kendrick Lamar right, then that that should be a shining example. People that you can do anything yet or if you embrace your stood a good for years were agreed because you could be male. Tell us who is the kindred Lamar Country, music or Porky PIG, the Kendrick Lamar Cartoon, let's eat anything else about stutter.
I got nothin else without here from people, though her yet for sure get in touch with us and there. In the meantime, you can find more stuff about stuttering, including a lot of support and resources for parents all over the web and those things like say: dot, Org and the national stuttering, association and it's a great resources. If you are looking for some information and since I said it's time for listener, male, alright I'll call this coming to see you in Chicago, but by this point will be. I went to see you in Chicago right and was disappointed because one right and say what a great show I just saw, I wonder I say thank you for listening.
Really great pot Caslon time, Mr Van and I even mention you and my work via a check it out and it s all some. I really appreciate that sufficient, those informed funny and family friendly out same time. This was especially valuable in my fiance and I took his tenure. Oh brother, on a road trip from Chicago too was cancelled. Dell's in the car. We listen to a playlist of ESA escape episodes that I put together to suit his tenure. Otis, PA, spiders, work, ice, cream works and, most importantly because we were going to a constant else, so proclaim water for capital the world. How waters Lightwood ice, which obvious, when our eyes perform, shows ever full of water, slides man they love hearing about they were looking at pictures of him to get shared or something that is so weird. I can't remember, but I went to look at our Download numbers one time and I was like water sides is the tops of lawyers and marijuana well,
Higher the marrow hilarious Those of such really entertain them in introducing the concept of podcast for the very first time, thanks for everything you do and she said You're going to see the fiance. Mara or mirror we're going to see the Chicago share. So I have maritime yeah and thank you very much for supporting us in our lives shows. We appreciate that tree menacingly, sure I've. U on again, socialists, like Mara, did or mirror we're gonna go Mara. You can tweet to us I'm for real at Josh Clark and that, as far as K Podcast, you can hang out with chalk on Facebook, dotcom flesh stuff, you should know or slow how's that each a bright appropriately enough, you can send us all and email, including no land, including Jerry and Frank. The chair to stuff podcast, a house of works. That camp is always going their home on the web. Stuffy should know dot. Com
Furthermore, on this and thousands of other topics, how stuff works, dot, com. How do I do all the different things I love, even though they might not make sense together? If this question sounds familiar, the limit does not exist from I heart radio. If, upon CAS it's just real time, Cates got Campbell and I'm Christina Wallace. We want to help you follow your curiosity, celebrate your individuality and embrace the and not the or join us for concrete tools, real talk in conversations with inspiring guests who ve crafted their own interdisciplinary careers, whether its astrophysics and valley or theater, and technology. We believe the limit does not exist. Listen to the limit does not exist on the eye heart, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get. Your favorite pot casts.
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