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How Temper Tantrums Work

2014-05-27 | 🔗

When your kid boils over in the grocery store, it can be tough to stay calm and ignore it, but that's precisely what experts prescribe parents do to deal with temper tantrums. Learn about the anatomy of a tantrum and the best way to deal in this episode.

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bring about on the ground streaming capillaries bursting in his teeth. Yet all because- give em a third port shot through your boy can pretend to answer so bad some public. You know. I really. I always think, like you screwed up your kid already you're so wrong and we're about to dispel yeah. It's true, although I did see a we're about to talk a lot about why it's not the parents fault, but I did some extra research and there are experts, say you can also be a bad parent and that could lead to temper tantrum yeah liking it we all want parents, but you can simply by apart there. We as a society of said from this aid to this age, timber
jobs, are normal and then, after that there then apparently it's like the bad parenting really shines through here and there they think, like gathers some real palms. Kid has in its largely It is a bad parenting, her a bad home environment or troubles during pregnancy right like abuse things like that that can lead to temper tantrums that turn into something else after certain age. Yet this whole thing it makes me kind of uncomfortable butter. Does parenting advice period is so like subjective in individual yeah. It's it's always feel like people shouldn't tell other people had apparent, but also feel like they're, probably, Some pretty good guidelines to guaranteeing too, and if you go back and look at the history of parenting like yours, two long ago, that it was a kind of seems to go in a cycle like the eighteenth century. I'm roof, so the great enlightenment thinking,
basically was one of the first to say. You know what maybe kids are just miniature adults. Right, like maybe child traders lately something special. It's a time of development right. We should, you know, become less parents, centric and more child centric. As far as parenthood goes right and There really can spark this different idea of treating kids as Kids, rather than adults near and then there was replaced later on by the Holy, the plan and all that of the late nineteenth early twentieth century. Then that was replaced by the idea that kids their childhood should be indulged now and then recess it boy. My father. I need to throw up that from flat no flesh. We came right now
that'd be funny now I needed a happy another Benjamin purging back in the day till you can eat me more than Easter better than you throw it unbounded. Supposedly the farmer torreons thing is a myth here that in Rome, ancient Rome vomit Orient they supposedly has lawyers is for the better. They remind us personally, their myth mythological and I, like the minutes, are real myth right now. They want you to think it's a myth catch so we're talkin, temper, tantrums and reverse the kindest said, that, during a certain period of your life, their normal, it's actually you would be a weird kid. If you didn't have a tender temper tantrum pretty frequently, and that weird. You'd be in a minority for sure, ok, but it doesn't mean you weird, comparatively speaking, it means you were so
age wine to AIDS, three, if they basically say, have every temper tantrums its normal here between fifteen eighty percent. If you want a statistic of two to three Euro boys and girls have at least one tantrum per week, and twenty percent have attend, every day those kids are fun between nuts about those years near. There is no no study from the university Minnesota. They found even higher rates of gophers ninety, one percent of children in the study between AIDS thirty, thirty months, three years had attained from on a weekly basis. Right so it happens. If he had a kid, you ve probably happen if you dont kids, yet it will happen to you and if you have a kid it doesnt have tantrums through. No you just lucky, you are you're pretty lucky I wasn't attain transfer. I know sir. I was, but I I think I was a pretty good kid.
Announcing. It never happened to me, but I was pretty cool. This might get my brother in law and sister in law. Lucked out there. Id, whose like more hard on yourself than like they are on her. That's the best regulating get yeah she's like right in AIDS to again very good, so she's weird the very weird an older than all the best for the railways here This is by the time they reach for five. You should be seeing a large drop off work, complete cessation of these tantrums yeah and the reason why we say the age. There is an age for this to end his because we finally figured out that way,
mechanisms involved in temper, tantrums yeah, it's a thing: it's not disturbed. My kids painted the butter he's in a bad mood or he spoiled its there's, there's brain activity that is causing this to happen. Yes, specifically in the prefrontal cortex, or we could say, there's a lack the activity in the prefrontal cortex, which is the last part of the brain, to evolve. Yeah like it up until the eighteenth birthday, prefrontal cortex is still evolving right, yes in developing is, I think, what we mean Yes, it is with regret that involve, but it's true I mean Vienna Victorian, just to think that if you looked inside an egg Louis the animal that species go through its full evolution, that that was its process of development era. Any kind extends to an extent, especially if you think of the brain, like I'm sure the brain stem is the first part of the brain to be constructed in utero
Goes all the way like after birth, your brain still developing in it's probably the most sophisticated regions of the brain that take the longest to develop economic sense. So turns were right all along about throwing up. If it I also we talk about what the tantrum that there was a doctor who clearly has some masochistic tendencies, because he did a study in which he rigged toddlers with microphones he's the temperate tantrum specialists. Like the guy he's the massacres there. No I'm saying God bless the sky because it is not fun work too. Bored and analyze audio tapes of temper tantrums over and over and over where, but that's what it and he did find some patterns are, first of all, they only last a few minutes. Parents
might seem like an eternity there nor get what you get is like buried in the close rack screaming, but it's only gonna be a few minutes and then ten minutes later you kid is probably forgotten about it. Right, even though you have not yes, we he also found there are based on the types of sounds of the kids made. They can basically be classified as set down in angry, sound and he found there is aims Michael Protocol in Portugal. Found there. Rather than one giving into the other leading into the other. They pretty much simultaneous and then once the anger it. Basically, you have sadness all along and then overlaid with anger and then what The anger subsides almost like the sadness and now the can begin, because when kids are sad, they want to be comforted, so they go to you sure the parent hopefully yeah ends and then the terror tantrum Kim.
Side yeah and he broke down in the three phase. Three stages: you get your yelling and screaming. You ve got your physical actions, which is what we talked about like throwing herself on the floor, and that's what you typically think. I like you or right, and then you fighting and You ve got your whimpering and whining, which is the third in sad a stage to witness yet because the kid is played out at this point is really said: yeah and Protocol also found that if the kid goes straight into the physical stage, yes, the tantrum is even shorter. Yeah lived, I think, because they tax themselves more quick the economic sense. In these we talked earlier about those tantrum. Came in house faces watch that is It can happen if they are screaming loud enough. They can pot blood vessels in the face and capillaries and they can induce vomiting. It can get like really serious and violent in that
Irving inducing that's funny. The duchess why, don't you just be like you stupid kid. What is wrong with you? You discriminatory you threw up here. I think that's a good approach, The euro is failing to respond, is certainly thinker. It's about you stupid back to the prefrontal cortex. We said it develops very slowly, develops over the course of your life until you about eighteen, isn't even start to tell your for right and I think the reason why not necessarily the reason, why did they think because of this, the malleability in plasticity in the prefrontal cortex we are able, to acquire language skills as humans. So it's kind of a trade off right because while we can acquire language skills, while our pfc developing, we don't have the emotional
billowy, where we have later on in life, with a fully developed he at sea, because the prefrontal cortex is in charge of regulating our emotional stability near and basically saying like. Well, it's the farther it's. The Joey part of the brain rights kid you kid does have the Joey part of the brain. There is simply brought up language. There is a there is a conflict between what the kid can understand and then relate back to you at that age like they may go. Today, what you're saying oh yeah, but they can't speak the word yet. She got a really frustrated kid, because I can't get out what it wants to say right and then you ve got the prefrontal cortex, not doing anything. It you're right, it's not putting the brakes on. Yes! That is the tenth I mean it's a recipe for a tantrum them or is due on that for a minute. While we take a message, break Cosette was in heavy stuff
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you would have what's a normal temperate tantrum and kids and we also should point out that the firefight kicks into bigshot cortisol happens right and so everything is this mess. Like it's a wonder, your kid does have more of these right when you think about that, so that first nation does trigger cortisol it triggers nor up in Africa. Your fight of flight syndrome responses kicked in a higher gear and again you have nothing to put the brakes on all this. What's interesting is some of the physical Signs that the fight responses kicked in are also signs that your kids about to have like a major melt down here. Things like you're, breathing flesh, skin sweating, sweating pupils, dilated, drooling and spitting here all these things were. If, like you see your kid, certainly do there is the exorcist gonna blow,
and the reason they stop, or at least taper off by the ages afford. Five is because you're, the Joey part of your brain starts to work in the kid, can I talk to you in all these things can of undue and the kids like it. That was the problem is, I can now tell you that were I couldn't here. It smells like chile, dogs. All the time. If I try, I just couldn't tell you that in my pfc wasn't working. So what am I to do? Just go berserk exactly the thing is: is equal? Yes, your it is going to likely eight out of this. If you kid doesnt age out of it, then perhaps assigned to consult a specialist say around five six years of age, usually six, I think, But along the way you can help your kid. They have your temper tantrums, have less severe temper, tantrums and basically just be
better human being in general, how you, as the parent, addressed the temper tantrums by telling them their Dumford going out those who think that in your head- and you know, say it out loud or through terrible parent. If you think your fine ok What is the number one thing you wanna do prior to temper tantrums is giving the kid a schedule yeah, because apparently a lot of the temper tantrums come from a fear that some things that are not going to get food sure well, you're, not gonna, get called her attention or whatever. If there are scheduled to it's coming and if they sort of freak out you can say, of course you go Fisher coming it's almost two p m right settle down you little goldfish junkie I know they stress schedule with kids with like Asperger's in
tourism, but it's a big deal period. You should get your kids on schedule, kids like knowing what to expect they don't like Serbia. If you have to make your humble cereal at eight, I too near the parent needs to take some time and figure out. What's going on here with water here members that puts at Fridays yeah have milk, the others they civic is. I just remembered yesterday what Good Movie Friday area was really fun. It's wonderful, ok! So get your kids on schedule, that's a big one. This is this is preventing yes, temper tantrum, that's regular sleep, regular feeding, interaction, any kind of they can rely on. Yes, is gonna help like chillier, get out and get them stable? I remember one of the things basis of temper tantrums is frustration. Yeah, I'm one way around there is to give your kid make him feel empowered yeah. Like this bit of advice, I thought that was Sparta,
so like in this article, I think conquer, says if your kid hate pudding shoes on basically distracted by saying, hey big boy. Do you wanna, where you're done boots cowboy boots near you, you choose yet to you. Sort of light, headed letting them off at the simpleton. You still have to wear shoes, for you get to choose which, while you're ever that's a pretty common thing. If there's a lot of kids, don't wanna get dressed when they put on their shoes when they should and I'm a lot it's an hour like letting their kids dress themselves. Yeah. You can tell yeah look. I know- and I think it's great and fun to see little kids. What your happen, these crazy outfits did. They clearly picked out like a mother, it's like many mental asylums, all let out the Reagan error all over again but for kids exhaustion. Ok, so impairing choices grey,
vice? So ok, you ve taken these steps to avoid it still night can and do your kid still gonna have a tebrick tantrum. You can expect its inevitable, I'm so win a temperate tantrum happened, a big here's, the hard part you have to stay calm and apparently the the vice de jure from parenting. Experts near psychologist is ignoring the others, is not a stocking known. We research this and they say to try and ignore it. They say that that is the quickest way to put an end that particular tantrum. If they're not getting the attention, then they were quit sooner yet in what they say so long. Is there not hurting themselves or other people or destroying property here, if their discreet, And being brat basically is what it amounts to then knowing. It is the best course of action
reason. Why is if you say you are like, I know you feel so bad and you pick him up and you how come in everything you're giving your kid positive reinforcement you're saying, hey three, your head off in I'll pick you up and rub your back and comfort. You don't want to do that. You want to remain neutral in basically not associate this thing with anything gathering it that's what I would do, especially in public disappear like man. His kid is that right over here and either boxer nature green bars by myself, while this little kid venuses than others pay for it. Mr Whitehead Empty Box in it's all good the essence of the shape the other reason Edward joking around here. This is if someone like, I have friends who have had big trouble with this and is not a laughing matter, really, a lot of stress on avail home. I can't mayor, we judge, because it's just what we always do,
and other I'm the guy negotiator executive, assimilated, good luck The reason that too, like they say to muffle. That is because there could be other underlining com, is like hearing problem visually impaired vision, impair mitya that you won't notice if you're, if you're, not just like. If you get the kid buried in your gets weird: it's like you want to ignore it. Let it run its natural for that watch. It out, like side here, I you know You don't want to die like you really don't want them to think you're, paying any attention to him at all right, an apparent. When that, when it's time, if it is run its course in it, it's over weapon like we said earlier, the kid forgets even what was bothering him or her yet in our family. Afterward? Here? What you really don't want to do is punished the kid reprimand. The kid in the
other tantrum are right after a tantrum, but he is it's a natural thing. It's gonna happen. That is not a healthy approach to getting your child did not do something, because there are two and three years old and to be punished for something that they don't understand. This help anything. So what you do you want to do is effort A meltdown has taken place. Calm, again, you're gonna take some time to explain that kid. They what went wrong or what they didn't do, let's say is over the shoes again right you, you David told you we need to talk about. She was again right now that things are calm. We took us use because I just had a meltdown about it So now that their call, you have to say, you need to wear shoes because they protect your feet from all the terrible stuff that you can step on. Yeah, that's why you have to
shoes and put the man when I tell you to get time, delete fires regulating into better stating the values you re in a very understand. Go to your own way, ensure apparently dont, want moralize it and say you'd better, not you better, not pitcher fit. When I tell you to put your shoes, We get. This happens every morning right there in the hope that doesn't help, and if your kid, the next day says I want to pick up my shoes today, mom because they protect my feet Then you are you get a toy yeah you gotta, get away play will be all that I said well depends how much money you have. You could at least give them positive reinforcement and a cookie. Yet for a pat on the head, You could also get a knock off plug mobile back satisfying does it now is too we got seventeen after we're gonna. Have you seen gallery of now. Always that I made its great. If you have not seen a go check it out
I had a few others. Did you hear me my parents or teachers we weren't like poor, but we didn't you other three kids within all. Get everything we wanted. Now I haven't. I wanted to be a max mongers and I got the seers goose right. You know one upon again, seers economically, paying basically knights of the round table. Pretty much you remember that but I did a fellow look at me. You never had brain and close unless they hadn't. You know like a button missing here. The collar was misshapen or some again I don't think I can stress enough how awesome that gallery of Bulgaria, knockoff knockoffs beloved toys that we made this on our side is its great here, will replace it, but you can do look under gallery. You shouldn't have come this some real, MRS there, and I
hey. I remember going to plenty of stores as a kid in the Ethel. I can pick out a toy. It was like something liquidators yeah like what is this thing, the Jimmy Rich difference, yeah, They weren't like rich kids, but the other is suddenly the heron through, like lawyers and stuff like that. Yes, like added one particular there was always do so. Like his house was so cool. The modern house and back then I had never seen a modern house and he had the green machine and television and forces in a tramp billina However, things go cart and a motorcycle do everything there and look at it now his super successful and wealthy countries than they did. So we're gonna hit what you touched on earlier of when you might have a problem, that's a little deeper than your average temper tantrum and they say three or more tantrums per day that last more than fifteen minutes could qualify as
What is now called in the new DSM five disruptive mood, this regulation disorder. That depends there is that depends on the age too. So there's a big hubbub, here over the three year because it was just added to the new. In two thousand thirteen year, a new disorder. Yes, Sickly, it turned temper tantrums into a mental illness like the gear pure and simple. If you are a six year between six and ten year n you have that number. What was it three three per day that less than fifteen minutes or more yet learn? It says here three, more for one year, sir, I think there's a couple, a criterion guess anyone. Then you are eligible for anti psychotic medication. In all other manner of prescription drugs. Even though you six year and critics
our saying, there's not enough data on this to create a new dying the flaring some character sayin, you shouldn't have done this at all from you're saying now this will actually help because kids are being diagnosis bipolar at six, and this will prevent that. So its little, awkward right now, but it's fine that they bring a bipolar, because when they when they, bandit and basically created children's bipolar disorder, pediatric bipolar disorders, where's called when they expanded that there's a forty fold spike in diagnoses and new. As a result, the thai psychotic prescriptions for kids age. Two to five doubled between two thousand and two thousand seven. Here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, because there's always that, who joined your game. He never passes the rock. He constantly
Rex theories and who completely you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico? It's easy. Switch and save on car insurance no the vacant fake, an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, so which in save with Geiger it's almost better than sport, so there's definite trend of any time a new disorder is identified strived everyone lesser I've got that or myself as like it as they want showed up. Can you give us an answer as a cottage place here and the psychiatrist assure right cause? He has this because he fits this criteria, has definitely been a controversial addition to the DSM, as are many additions to the dsl, sir, but that's not to say that their Is it a larger issue at work, because sometimes there is so they want to teach you his parents. The monitor, maybe don't like go put them on. Second, like a traffic jam, but maybe monitor them after the age of four and see him.
While they are and how long they When are they trying to injure themselves or others? Are they holding their breath and feigning like severe. Is it when I left Bethia Stealth via the apparently the understanding of that. Now, though, is that kids don't necessarily hold them their breath on purpose like this can happen, slow, they forget debris they get so worked up to pay for it now and faint, and apparently, when your kid does there for weeks, parents out of sheer any kids learn that if they hold, rather even threatened hold their breath, they'll get what they want right, but apparently, if your kid holds his breath or is its held for them here when the faint their normal breathing will take over again for an as apparent you can kick start. The whole process by blowing air into their mouth. It almost like tickles there breathing mechanism freely
to take back over normally again, even though they fainted and the advice is that I read that your kid is feigning from holding his or her breath during a tantrum. Here you can't let their alter your your parenting skills like hell, you react to it yeah you can be held hostage by a man, a search engine. I can't imagine here because you kid faints, her spanish yeah. I mean hats off it. That's like going back to the shark. Again. Good luck, remembering the punch, the shark in the nose when rang attack here, but that is a good, is a criterion It is doing this now in its new in their like after age, for the other tensions are increasing rather than decreasing. These are all red flags for ok, this maybe abnormal and might see. What's going on, the first step isn't necessarily taking your kid to psychiatrist for drugs it can. You can also do a self serve right of your house like? Is there a new step parent doing
recently, a mine look into what we always fight. Yeah, you know happens where appearance ago, I kids, you know, then I don't understand. What's goin on, we keep the fighting away from them, but they understand, and they pick up on. Language and emotional accuse you, don't think you're there and their little sponges, and that could be reason did you mentioned. Maybe if you'd moved yeah yeah, that's a big one, I think has moved here then is best friend get a better biker right? You need to go. Get there then too, but the point is to not be freaked out by isolated incidences pass the age of four because they they happen. And it's not a typical you to sneak in. If you kid as a problem of this is parents, you probably have a plan in place like you're, not just reacting to each
incident like you get together and you had one b, I currently have an issue because it to me is a nightmare, and so are we going to deal with this and yet and light stick to it if little Timmy also, is breaking your humble figurines. All the time now than good causes are awful. There well, that's, actually can be assigned, but it's not necessarily assign bright. For example, there is a study that had a pretty decent population size were from tee, doesn't seven it research team pretensions among two hundred and seventy nine preschoolers, almost two hundred and eighty preschoolers well and they found the kids who are considered healthy hair were less likely to become violent self injures, destructive or virtually combative like during their temper tantrums. But it's also been found that around twenty percent of quote mentally stable preschoolers their will
it will become? We know one of these unhealthy things right during attend. Temper tantrum from time to time, writes that all of this there's a homo figurine ray. I have to go to psychiatrists now or if your kid like ripped the head off their barbie, violent way. That might be disturbing to you, but that is as a normal american behaviour, as is ever been generated by title yeah. If your kid is being mean to animals. That's different story here, because that that is not a good sign and it's certainly you want to stop any kind of like violent aggression towards humans or animals. Jia, like that's not like all wish to see, output displays out you wanna get in there, take your business yeah in the right way. So you raise your kid you get him out of the terrible tooth age for comes along all of a sudden there like talking to you in making sense in expressing themselves right there s all the same,
themselves down: they they did this human beings, you made it, in other words, until the teenagers come yet and then start all over again Yes, in the start, all over again for the same reason, the prefrontal cortex undergoes a new round of development there during puberty from a about eleven and eighteen and, as a result, the emotional breaks there are invited by the region of the brain are lost again for several years. Yeah, it's so that similar in the teenagers might not feel like they can express themselves, even though The taller, you literally can't talk, yet it is a team. You know, parents, stunning then the old adage and you get the hormones and you ve got a new things. Turning to your body and you ve got new things happening in your part, for you
the little girls and boys start Vienna's feelings and confusing it's just its happening all over again. All these things you don't understand and can express, and then you ve got your prefrontal cortex, not helping you out and that's why you're gonna see the same but somewhere behaviour serious, it's basically timber, tantrums, the sequel yet and it may not manifest itself the same way, they may not be on the floor by kicking in, but they may age, that your house and slammed the doors and screaming yellin they'll, go into that the end again. If they don't psychiatry, is there the back you up with them diagnoses impels, there's oppositional defiant disorder? Basically, it sounds like temper tantrums that
it sounds like temper tantrums, basically the same thing here. This study from University San Diego, is pretty interesting. I thought they studied kids between the ages of ten and twenty two I killed by the way and between eleven and eighteen years old during that window, the speed that they identify. Emotions indicated by facial expressions dropped by twenty percent, so between ten and eighteen. If you're, like your kid, can even look at your face and read your emotional like that's how out of it, they are here now year, teenagers,
and even though there was mad at me, yes, because the wires art connecting upstairs and apparently the prefrontal cormorants prefrontal cortex, is also involved in regulating behaviour, which explains why teenagers are prone to like risk taking we're, because if the prefrontal cortex is doing the job, then I think the amygdala takes over and the amygdala is is not a good thing to be running your emotions running the show? No, not emotionally so be anything else. You want to talk about that girl. Familiar echo had actually report. There is a girl who, in two thousand and twelve at the age of six area, was arrested in taking the police station from her kindergarten
class, because the temper tension she threw is so bad issues reckon her kindergarten glass. She was taken to jail for a temper tantrum like knocking over bookcases under the principle here in injuring the principle here, and she apparently whose honour rampage and the cops took a jail, thin, Booker, processor, anything but I'm sure scare, the daylight out of this little girl here and these school said, can come back the rest of this year. She just invited yeah, luckily was an April, so I imagine there is only a couple months left school still. Yes, we hope she's doing better sure. We want second navy in turning the note, the article, those which are those sites responsible assumes a news item racket be in the news. Little girl framework, I rather like an answer. Is it all right?
if you want to learn more about tempered tensions. You can procreate and have a kid and then see at first hand you can before you do that, if you want to find out if you're interested in that kind of thing type in temper tantrums in the search bar, how suffered set common I'll, bring up this article- and I said, search bar mixed type, the listener mail other positive amnesia, guys nearly years ago, I was in Portland Org, a near fatal motorcycle wreck that not only my brain around in my full face helmet, but also shattered my pelvis Brodie ribs to vertebrae left wrist, write them left galleron. Does it show now people can evil. I was in the hospital for two weeks, but only remember bits and pieces of the last few days of my stay mostly awake the whole time. The doctors told me that at an early to a gap. In my memory knows a comedy, the shock and medically induced amnesia. I learned a lot about,
What kinds of amnesia from your show in ways a team of doktor, never took the time to explain me, but the idea that always happen but I didn't hear you mention any positive effects of memory loss. Through my memory loss, it did not prove, though my memory loss did not prevent severe Ps Ptsd after the incident. I think it is ultimately help me bill afraid of red light running land rovers. I think we did mention that it was. That was one positive effect of thought. I think so maybe not well for not, then we're glad the Adrian, and he sat down also I dont have national trauma of remembering the numerous surgeries and operations your progress made. Amnesia sound, confusing and scary I wish it is, but I'm living proof that sometimes it's best, if you don't remember with things like
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