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How the Amityville Horror Worked

2018-10-25 | 🔗

In early 1975, the world was introduced to George and Kathy Lutz, a couple who had fled their home in Amityville, NY to escape a powerful, evil supernatural presence living there. And this being the 70s, the world went nuts for their story.

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You know the bog cast Iron Josh Clerk, there's Charles W! No nonsense! Let's get down to business, Bryant! There's jerry! What's going on with this thing rolling and again, it's me Josh put the three of us together. He had step. You should know the late two thousand eighteen additional encourages tents, its Josh doktor, nonsense. Clark, you have a degree in that's true and a little I have a minor in tomfoolery her her. Man, how you doing I'm well, are you good? So I declare myself a little girl. Chicken and really kind attacked. My me whose member this fall chuck. Halloween almost here and it's finally like going off a little bit yeah. Now it's been hot one other the sun is still blazing hot. Yet in the sun, if
in the shade, maybe after sundown and the winds blowing big deaf you're you're in there. It's fault here for real, and when my boots on I've got a flannel shirt on I might well beyond the hay ride wearing opponents my my favorite murder shirt, nice, yet too great sure the toxic masculinity ruins the party again or a greater they actually follow through with great show quotes the Monti. Shirts smart, sell a ton of that smart yeah. That's the way to do it, we try the key is selling a ton of them, that's right and having the good quotes. Feel like we. We ran a good quotes seven years ago. That is not true of chalk. Watch this you ready it Showtime. Who do you think that's good about this? There is no better This like show business, that's a good one to you could write a song out assembly line.
It's not show friends its show business while Book White way before we start, I want to address the ten people who are still listening at this point? I would to announce the birth of my new website, but yeah, it's called the Josh Clark Way dot com. How much did away away nothing because it's a website, but there is a lot of blood, sweat and tears put into its gestation station. Our friend Brandon Reed, who said great guy in a listener on the podcast put it together through his business enervate with an e build. This also website its super eighties. Four poppea, very proud of it, and I'm starting a noose letter just to celebrate the whole thing, and it's called the Josh Clark Way. Did you Europe is now I'm trying, but it's not loading or whatever were cut
all this part out, any oh Eureka in a beautiful, while still loading minded skies. My old found its not because of your. I appreciate the Mai My phone just can't handle your website. I went there so much to my website. It's like. Oh there you are near the shots, Clark Way, dot com, I also want to say you may helping with the site to so big ups, and thank you too. You me in brain and for helping me put this thing together. Thirty one this wine to say, welcome website Oh, I got a new one thing to do to hang out on my website tour sign up. Newsletter, to argue that this is great Ok, I read I'm glad I habits of life now ready to get started. Maybe I'll get a website one day you should get a website like new thing. Everybody wants yet So the chuck we're talking fall here, which means
one word that comes to mind every four pumpkins, No. The other word kindergarten. No diarrhoea, now Amityville in specifically towards the Amityville whore, what is for my money, one of the greatest horror movies of all time, yeah the great ones and being a kid in the night. Team Seventys when this stuff was going on and famous yeah like even is You little youngster, I remembers being terrified that paper back oh yeah drug store, when I would go by the paper backs in the the look of that house. Just terrified me. If the house looked any different the story would have had fifteen percent less spread. Where did the house and of looking creepy because of the law or low is just a colonial? Now that has creepy well yeah. Somebody, if somebody didn't say this house
haunted by the way. Look at it right. He probably like us an interesting looking house, but yeah you put just even the hint of pointing to that houses built or do I look like it had eyes right, which was one of the key things. Honey, I'll bet it's one of those colonials, it is situated sidewise is on the lot here. So from the street. You saw the side of the house, the chimney running down the side of the house? The on those two I windows at the top floor on either side of the chimney. Just amazing it was a dutch colonial to be specific. Yeah and if you google maps that thing now, first of all, it is not any longer. One twelve ocean avenue. Now now one hundred and eight ocean avenue it's right, because the owners at some point, whoever owned it. I think about two or three years ago, successfully lobbied to have the address of fish. Change. It took him along too one and a half a battle, but if you could take changed it by
four digit cyrillic they'll. Never find around vertically So I went looked on the Google images and, of course, now it looks its brightened sonny. The lovely yards in them, Nova, lovely neighbourhood, there's a a chevy in the driveway and an suv and dislikes like any other house, but it's still, you know, monkey around with Google. You can see that image and there are big, finds all over, like no trespassing ensure, and they knew believe me. He had people just. I feel sorry for homeowners since the letters yes, I feel sorry for them. Now I don't know they made up a budget malarkey yeah. That's. Why way to propose we'll get to their power later right. Jerky, let slip set the scene here yet true, horrific thing Dillinger there. Yet if they can get swept under the rugged little bare overlooked in our on November. Thirteen in seventy four Ronnie Butch
they Junior killed the other six members of his family, his own family, his mother, his father to his two sisters, Alison and dawn, and his two younger brothers Mark enjoy he's the elder brother killed his whole family, nine, twelve, thirteen and eighteen ages. That is just I mean this one of those crimes that rightfully gone down in american history is one of the worst yeah in India. Like you said, rightfully, this guy was a bad bad dude from the outset, denied doing anything when he he ran into a bar called them. Henry's bar out of Amityville places, great and say I'll bet, two and he said: somebody's is my family and all the bar patient. You like to see this and they ran to one twelve ocean Avenue with Ronnie to fail and they found all six members living space
down on their beds dead. I think their heads is resting in their their hands and ready to face it the mafia, yet which I think his family had Some tie somehow the Mafia hidden uncle named car mine in that That's all right! There, you have it there, one like a legit crime family that had sometimes to his family. So maybe he just thought that was a good an alibi or whatever here wasn't so good night when he killed them with a thirty five caliber Marlon Rifle, which did you look. This is up it's like the did the old West like lead action, oh really ride, not a horse, you know how boys in Indians can again. I expected this side. Bold action carbo like a leaf Harvey Oswald. Yes, but that's what I would like at boomed. That explains why
because one of the big mysteries I still remains is widened. The other family members wake up. Well, that's a big. I mean it read a little bit into the case in that's. Definitely one of these sticking points is cause No, it's not like they were all like three years. Old, fast, asleep or something I mean that one of whom was eighteen, and so this there are laws, Variations of the story because of that that one of the sisters helped killed other and then the mother freaked out so Ronald killed her yet and, like everyone knows, waking up and I don't know I mean it sounds like you just did it all himself. I also saw that he had said years like a year after a while he was being question that he had drunk them all with barbecue. But only saw that once that would make a little more sensibly is right, because you can't silence to the scanner I mean: maybe could erupt a pillow around it It's not like a hand gun. You know right, so he said
It was the mob first and then he said that he did it, but there is a really big caviar too, that he said that he had in hearing voices? There were urging him to kill his family even during the murder. Something was telling him to continue in just keep killing, kill. Em all any said. He looked around and there was no one there. So I just assumed it was God telling me to kill, so I did and he killed again his whole family- and I read this article in Vice magazine from like two thousand and four. From some guy who said he spent like five years in prison with Ronnie to fail and said finally, after befriending him over couple years finally got to the truth and the truth was he felt like his parents treated his brothers and sisters better than him. His parents didn't like the fact that he like peace. In L, A and Heroin Maginot. So they got what was coming to and basically he do in any. He eve I don't know this is an arm chair, diagnosis, but
Clearly, if his reason is he liked my brothers and sisters, more yeah, like he's he's, has some sort of serious mental issues going on sure, but he did not want. Apparently his attorney talked him into talking about God and voices because he was like we can get you up. A plea of insanity and he was gonna wanna do that these occur, but you really should make us? No, I don't want to doing as well. There may be a book deal in your future claim, as he has like works and what our books in view of their things that make you money. You know you like carve out the middle of those things. You keep your heroin and pc p m there. That's so early crime happen there. Yet this house, let's say, was a faithful decision for him to say the key that a voice had urged him to kill his whole family. Ok, that would come into play pretty soon. After
yeah after right fail. I believe, two weeks after he was a year after the murders- and he got sends to six consecutive life sense yea still in jail, oh yeah, he will be forever. I would again like he's alive those my point right, you're right, you're right about a year after that, just like a year and a month after the murders, a couple George and Cathy, Lutz bought this place and they bought it for a song. It was eighty green. At a time when a degree and was a pretty good deal first, six bedroom, dutch, Colonial and Amityville New York, yet, and so or a couple. While they were a couple with a couple of kids while three, I think nine year old, Daniel seven Euro Christopher at the time, Vibrio Missy what get to their financial situation little bit in more detail later, but the thought was George, could run his even
what kind of a lot of money for them? It was good on the house and George- could run his business out of the house, so save on office space. He had a couple of boats. This house came with a dark he's like an answer: pay marina storage trees like you, almost they almost had to buy. The house sounded like financially speaking. Railways is too good a video path, yeah sure so they bought the house. Did you say their religion in the thirty to fifty range? Originally ethics? So it was rats, foreign, budgetary and that's how good the deal was. So they by the house and they move in and dumb apparently immediately things start you get weird right. So Cathy was a Catholic, and what are you doing, you're a catholic? Can you buy a new house, you invite you We must overcome bless the house really. I beg you, in the seventies in New York you dead. Why did note that? Had anything to do with the
We did. They know that the murders had occurred there and just sort it didn't care. Yet I'm glad you brought it up, yes and I no they didn't. Care is supposedly George. Lots later said that, like after they said, were interested in is when the real there is like. While let me just tell you one little did I always bigger. The murderer, who I am just a year ago, yeah sorry, we haven't clean up the blood, yet they seriously so they they they apparently took Second, to think about and talk amongst themselves like bright, is a really bothers. Is such a good deal? They said now the deal with out over any superstitions. We have so, yes, they knew and I dont know if they hired. They were brought the priest in because of or just to bless the house, but they'd they brought the priest into bless the hell you convertible age or even call it a priest. Think they had to wrap it up. They called it. Father, Ralph Pecoraro.
And he came in, and this is how the story goes. I will the sordid tell it as it happens, supposedly I've as agreed at the four we start popping up. So he comes and bless is the house supposedly he feels in one room in particular a very cold chill, he said, even though it winter was shouldn't, have been this kind of cold Here's a strong voice, a masculine voice shout get out and then his cars, it act and we are the hood, flew open and smashed. The windshield where's or unlocking an opening his heart. Our have one of those kinds of the card stalled. And this is just the very beginning of it- seeing the movie a lot of stuff. Then there Talking about is portrayed in the film right and is rod, stagger shouted at his great, like
flies whether shouldn't be flies: yeah, crucifix, crucifixes, spinning what a piglet- well smell of rotten eggs in this hidden room that wasn't on any blueprint the Red Room, the pigs, so They prepared like pig beast with glowing red eyes that would look in on the family from the outside and Lee cloven hoof prince in the snow and little five year old, miss you, let's just my friend Jody, which makes it ten times your way scarier like. I would rather have my kid say: know what that is. I'm scared, rather than that's just Jody inner journeys, forget and payments. What else they claimed. I think the dad claim to see, but two phases face and a wall yeah he would wake up every every
he drew a lotta nights at three fifteen in the morning, supposedly when these murders took place here, the kid started acting Funny Classic movie haunt stuff yeah. It was a very weird situation form things are and they were all like there had they cared triggered Perceval yelling at each other. Terribly very uncharacteristically and supposedly George lots. I've seen it described as a marine. Who is an expert in karate, which again is a seven So those into karate back then sure I was out of like the health assure and dumb he like a no nonsense kind of guy? No nonsense right here with me, so he's like, what's going on in dumb He goes to the the local Amityville Historical society and says I want to know everything you have on one twelve ocean avenue and quiet in the room, and the guy was like come with me, so he
George finds out that their houses probably built on, should occur, indian land. That was a big one year, not only that, but supposedly where this native american tribe uses a sick bay for the for the mentally insane is how they put it right. Is where they would just keep all of those people where they were just sort of left to die there so haunted by them is the kind are they just get dropped off? And people can back slowly away like ok, take care right see later and they would die in and was to be treated like that. So, of course, anyone who is left to die right there on that land like that, would obviously haunt the land, and there is some other There are some other legends about what was behind it to them. Like a young as abandoned cemetery. Pretty straight up on the nose Yet there was a Salem which guy that supposedly sacrificed animals John catch him
and there actually was a John catch. A move live somewhere in the area around the time. But you went away the ocean right, you ve, never been accused of being a witch, and then I, an interview with a guy named HANS holes or whose a bona fide pair psychologist and doktor holes or says that it all started in nineteen twenty, AR one thousand nine hundred and five house, the original house there's a house that was built in the 1720s that was moved when that house moved in nineteen o five, it disturbed, served in indian chief, grave native american cheese grave, and somebody played with his skull like it was a soccer ball. And he's been mad about it ever since, and that is where drove running to fail to kill, and that is what care rise the lights and that's the whole problem, everybody just calm down, that's it so there is a little bit of a little bit of them. Peace following the puzzle, their figuring it out
but it's not making anything better. In fact, everything's getting worse like this, this stuff's getting worse and worse and worse. And finally, everything culminates on this one stormy night. When there door. Blows open Blair offer the hinges hours into this read a blue or no into the house, a camera which way but blow for the hinges like a two hundred fifty pound door and the windows, the iconic eyeball windows blow out some glass somehow blows in it's just an enormous Explosion of energy and the family leaves they just left. The house after, like twenty eight days, suppose yeah. Well know they. Definitely they definitely left the house. You have at neighbour say they left in ten days. Ok yeah one of the two, but I feel that point as there are discrepancies
all over the place now we'll get to those we'll get to that, but they left in this is true. They left all of their possessions in this house in just fled, and that part is true. Now went back year unless they had a sneaky little moving team with a U home of dead of night from voting back and get our stuff. We know that it is an industry. There's stuff got auction off yet did not mean they left it there They had, they grab some clothes and they took off into the night and dumb, which will go on later, to be one of the key selling points that this really have because people there are on their side were like. Why would they do that? Yeah, unjust? The gambit of this being a hope that would eventually make the money right. Where they really leave other stuff behind. Could anybody be that foolish breakin will find out right after that,
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telling us some stuff. We should know anytime. I love to talk about stuff now right, so they get the hell out of Dodge. They leave the contacts and Arthur named J Anson O even for that well, I was gonna- be The attorney is a rare, I guess so Prentice hall, all as the publisher nineteen, seventy seven released, Amityville horror was a huge bestseller. Forty two weeks on the best seller list by nineteen eighty one held six and a half million copies They were all over the country plugging this book and were the letters were
I sold names are like on every talk show you could imagine. I wanna underscore that in nineteen seventy seven, there was a family from New York who claim to have been driven from their home by a supernatural, evil forces and they were international celebrities for it. The reason number five billion in eighty. Why the seventies were just awesome like that's where you could be fun as for was saying, like ghosts chase us out of our house in her baby, like that creates story should we jump ahead and talk about that attorney. Yes, great self poses aim Well Bill Weber. Yeah. This is where things get really hanky. Is that Bill Weber as an attorney and he's the one that sort of gets every thinking when they saw dollar signs initially and gets a team together for this book and starts, say
and to everybody, including the fail hey. We I'll make some money. If we, if we do a book here, details gotta get a cut, though the let's roll. What are you, gonna pay the murderer, yeah and he is a mere Smithkline and they we're not the down with that plan. Yes, but this came after they had formed a basically a business, but not even an attorney, client relationship straight up business relations with William Weber like how make money off so the way that the world heard about these things going on and one twelve ocean avenue for the first time ever was at a press conference that the letters held at William Webber's office That was when the world was introduced to the idea of his Amityville horror. Even before the book ever came out yet for anyone least not locally right right, so arm so Bill Weber and the losses they bear.
Had there. They had kind of like a tentative tenuous relationship and we, Prentice Hall came along and Janson came along. I don't know Jansen impose them Apprentice Hall, poached them, but whoever was involved with the Amityville horror Book got the lights from William Weber and his book idea, proposal and he got cut out of the deal just put there in your bonnet in smoking in saving for later K, yeah and supposedly left because again they didn't want to give to fail a cut or they just wanted a bigger cut themselves, yeah disappointed. So it's it's all about money, rights, but jumping back or forward can remember where we are in dialogue but they're they're all over the country, all over the news. This would have been about nineteen. Seventy seven. Seventy eight yeah there on me. Griffin theirs. They had a ghost team of ghosts
owners can buy from. Five in New York he had w p I and had people post. In the house overnight. Taking on these photographs, there's one now, very famous photograph of in its creepy looking, but you take a picture of any in black and white in the dark right book in their heads. On a corner and look creepy so Let me just want to comment on that picture. Use everything it you're a gravy. It is creepy they ve its chalked up to some of the paranormal investigators, one of like one of the men who was at that, BP. I act seance fast at the house, getting in view in front of the cap. Yeah they're saying that one of the parts, ok- that it was just one of the donors? So there was a grown man Whoever is in the picture is a kid. Just plain is There's, no there's no confused never a grown man, I think so so unless he was a boy s face. I think it's a very bizarre picture,
no, I only is bizarre and supposedly was taken with infrared film in the dark again, it doesn't look like a man which is that's why the eyes were glowing right. The link that explain There is the fact that it clearly the the face of a boy, under the Josh Clark Wait. I've come again and trying to find a picture again. It's clearly the face of a boy: that's not a man's face! That's the thing that six out to me yeah. It certainly looks like a boy man. It is creepy and also the so so it's gotta be a boy. It is what it looks like to me I mean this picture was day viewed in the nineteen seventy seven, seventy eight by George, what's on the Merv Griffin shut, but they could have said that it could have been there, could have an end. We ever stay whenever you have you seen the conjuring I think I've seen parts of it
That's the real life couple, yeah admiring war Yahoo hooked. Up with these I mean there's where they gather start kind of right kind of they. They basically has like in a coal museum. They were like a psychic in psychic, came very arrears in Connecticut, like you do, and the Uk Marvin Scott, who was the anchor who in together, the the reveal horror further W p, I local channel five station, he invited them to come out to the seance and it was like a series of Sciences that they filled and you can actually see the liquor w p. I acts news eleven Marvin Scott part one anything and ninety ninety eight retrospective of this case, and it has some of the footage from the seance but it also has an interview with George in Lorraine WAR in their basically like. This is real. Obviously real, and during these answers, supposedly the psychic sorry, the fields
Dick Maureen more and said she felt an evil presence from the bowels of the earth in the house and then that picture that further that thing I photographed has taken. So I think the warns of the ones to that at said. Why would they leave all of their sub behind shirt and they are I said well. We would not be involved at this with some sort of a whole dried. Exactly don't you know who we are proof positive. But though yeah the real life warrants were they did investigate the same. If your house, in the early and these are mid seventies. Early on after the story broke, so no, it was the seventies because they were featured on Leonard Nimoy is great show in search of love that we both used to love and, of course they cover that one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine the possibly get the priest on there, even though he wanted to be kept anonymous and he or whoever was can reinforce this cold room get out scream
Yet, despite this double down on it, parity with was hidden in the book. I think the genes in book there were three source materials that came out about story all within a couple years of each other. There is a good how keeping article, which is hilarious, there is the giants in book and then there was a colouring book and then there there is a move. We, yes in those three or like the source material for why everybody knows about the Amityville Legend, but I'd learner Nimois pointed out is that you know this movie was its high Everybody loves it, but what people don't know that. It's a true story. He says it's a true story. The book said it was true story, but later a young lawyer, I just I just I expect more from London, knew more than he says unequivocally. It's a true story. That's cause! That's what the script teleprompter said. I anywhere there was a great episode of in search of anyway. Yes,
in seventy nine. The very famous film adaptation of this book comes out. I'm starving aims. Berlin embargo Kidder, as the lets us and it was a big big hit. Eighty million dollars in domestic release, which was heading to the conversion, but very good hall, for one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine one of the smash hits of that year for sure because close to three hundred million, probably area yeah, good money. Yeah, I mean it. Back in the time when, like movies, are routinely make a billion dollars in opening weak right. This is that there was a ton of cash, yet it There were a lot of really bad sequels that no doubt just Kenneth threw out the whole legend of the house and, however, they want, with that name in any event I haven't- I haven't seen sequels. Nor did I see the remake recently with Rhyme Reynolds, yet it using I don't remember the original movie that much and to be honest,
November saw it all the way through I was way too young to see anything like this, so it would have been still around them burn, it won't happen. I know, that's the whole point. Those I would have had to have seen this year's years later. I don't know that I ever did its worth in the Great Hall, I have seen a lot of the parts can change. And great caters. Wonderful, interfered, low Missy for Jody friend is a little creep, show an who play Jody I don't know who player, but, unlike the other kids, they good broad stagger was the priest who use gray. I remember seeing that seen so deftly seem. Parts of your burner was the voice. Was he really size. I was really fully involved They actually didn't shoot at that Ocean Avenue House, though, of course you know, the movie like this, the lorries kind of That's not true and the law or was it day. The crew was too scared to shoot there right.
Not true. They couldn't get a permanent, so they shot at eighteen, Brooks Road, Tom's, River, New Jersey and built a superstructure around the house to make it look like the other house, which was just like a couple hours from their right to vote. Town of Amity Ville said now? I don't want anything like this. No publicity like this plea. This is a tragedy. We, like our quiet, be town the way it is now we're not giving you a permit to shoot here. Yes, sir, betimes river was like bring it yeah. Nobody knows about us whose time anyway, we don't know nobody ever river, the movie you said it was a huge smash here in it is like the watches, were already kind of houses. Instead changed everything. That's that Amityville horror became part of american Popular Culture last year, it was cemented into it and,
there was also cemented in that this is based on a true story. Maybe the movie blue at a little out of abortion, as movies will deal with the lots is were dry. From their house by an evils you're in a lot of stuff was true. Isn't that nuts yeah was that period in the late seventies, where, like we talked about it with, though You D triangle was a big deal in water beds were huge, has heard pig, but I feel like I was just wasn't as much stuff. There wasn't much content I know I refer to bigger deal here like Amityville, like you said it was part of their wasn't just horror movie like it was spoof dungeon. Carson and it was like it was all over the place her. There was like part of the fabric of America, but of people bought into and thought about this stuff like the same because there is like there's nothing grabbing their attention. Every thirty seconds over look originally like
can a room in aid on something and let it like stew, now show, can win best Joe. Amy Award, you like I've, never heard of that too much stuff oughta stuff out there, but is that better? Worse, like I feel like exits it? It is true that things can just change and then in a surly, worse or better, but I also believe that it is possible for things to get objectively worse. No other like they are not right. Now, who knows big anybody's, ever lived long enough to be like thousand years old and it is well worth these days and it was five hundred years ago now. Are you talking about entertainment, content or just generally culture? Everything being alive see, I think your call entertainment, wise it's better, because yeah yeah me
back! Then it was just like everyone got obsessed with Amy develop, as it was the only thing around sure obsessed with in it wasn't even great, you know, but it was here just this lucky thing and obsessive, but you're saying he was in great compared to today's standards, but back then like it was created, was something that, like you good, maybe you could basically put on like it. Cloacam where around for a year and really really be into the Amityville rather than you know, like the camera man miss that by like an eighth of an inch. That's the critical detail, it people, how did anything it keeps us from enjoying stuff like they used to be able to in the seventies? That's what I think that's my point, plus we all do the others, lotta grass, but really too double grass. That's one thing: that's got betters the grass from what I understand our aid, so maybe wish
maybe we can take a break now? and then we can start poking holes in this thing start good Why do you travel to recover from heartbreak to trace your dna to escape the internet unpopular Rosati? I travelled for the where our lunches, I'm darling, thereby I travel for the ancient ruins and future relic. We are the globe. Trotting founders of the beloved travel website fathom and our new podcast awaited, go exploring all the reasons we travel. Every episode features the tail an interesting traveller. But these are not your average. What I did on my summer, vacation stories travel, is all about wonder, mishap and discuss
and on this show you'll meet an actress in rural Kenya, explaining the ins and outs of safe sex or graffiti. Ernest tagging. His way around the islands of South EAST Asia are produced around Hi Fashion Photoshop in the desert, with puppies listen to awaited. On the Iheart Radio, APP on Apple podcast, ever you get your had cast now all right so since we have not brook any old, yet an dense in there that we can put our fingers in despair But here some of the holes- and there are quite a few I can imagine before but here some of the holes and their course,
if you I going to mention before neighbours say that they left like We cannot have enter their stay in this house, the latter's said twenty eight days. The kind of what the thinking was and still is to some people is that they couldn't afford this house the thinking was and still is to some people is that they couldn't afford this house didn't take him on to realise it, and so they cooked up the story. You would imagine figuring that out in ten days it's a little weird well, and I also don't know how that would get them out of their mortgage just defaulting on it, because it's haunted goods is walking away. I can get but from a stone could take thou if you wanna back yet, but could they claim that it wasn't disclose if it was disclose like how could they really get out of the mortgage. I don't know man, I think, like I think, if you, if you start making pain, if you don't care about your credit internationally, is like in the seventies, but if you're like I'll take it,
for seven years on my credit right, walk away, just walk away like then you don't have to payments anymore. Yes, well, that's what I think happened, but I I don't think that they were able to do that because they started making money from their story, and everyone knew that they were making money from their story. So people wanted their money from them right. That's incredible! The great show from nineteen eighties jeez watch that yeah whatsoever, so that this has on. But you It is as a kid. My great great show and sorrows really positive, that you remember I'm pretty a beat. What was called them Incredible, not like that's crappy the camp. Members that- and it was I think it even had an exclamation point in it. Yet, at the end of the title here So that's incredible. Barbara Commodity owned the house at the time of this episode. Why
them through and shows, like close up, said, the hinges on that front door area and these windows that are still sealed. Like these things didn't blow now. She went out of her way to make sure that everyone knew that this stuff hadn't happen and, ironically, she exaggerated the facts that the sceptics pointed to so everybody was exaggerating their case on either side of this. But look, let's also said: I know that now there were pictures in the newspaper of that front door. Blown out. Have you seen the picture? Well now I gotta think anyone could find it. It's a screen door. This kind of, like hang in open kidding negative picture from what I understand it, so it's all falling apart than right. Oh yeah- it's all falling apart with alexis- it is falling apart. Big time, apparently, George Lutz died in two thousand and six and to his dying day said all of it. He said yeah man, the book got a bunch of stuff wrong. The movie got a time of stuff Roger is.
The rain. Reynolds remake of the movie was supposedly builders. This is way more true to the book really the original movie kind of created its own stuff, with his wide viewed as one of an additional source, but rather than just right part and parcel of the book, so George lights would say: All these people Ghali's details wrong, but this the stuff we said happened, really happen. Part of the problem is some of this stuff. The day it happened was like levitating off the bed and looking at each other going can, you believe, were levitating here I saw an interview where he stood there in public on camera he really it's like kudos to him for sticking to it. Air, I would say deathbed is the perfect time to be guess what everybody is in everybody's, yet no, no you guys knew no s. I love. This is a fairly sure yeah. So George, it's Wednesday went to his grave saying,
this is this is for real, William Weber Bill ever the attorney did quite the opposite of that. Well, he said, and of course, let's will paint this is probably painted. This is our option because Weber was cut out the money deal, but is they left and made their own book deal. He started barking that this is obvious as a hoax that we made up totes. He totally did that He said that over about three bottles of wine he and Georgian Cathy Lutz concocted the story out of cloth and then had a smoking night of love. Making three of their waters. He took to go sexy. And all of a sudden sure. So we are Bill Weber. He said that he said hey I was just looking to get another trial for my client, who I think was an innocent in insane
what the letters were doing was going after money, but you can also look at it like running Theo was the greatest things ever happen, a bill, Webber's career sure heathen said the time I'm giving running to favour cut rate, because the publicity from this case is more worth more than anything really to fail. Could ever give me here. So the idea of reviving interest in that case would probably help his his case load as well, who knows the is William Weber higher a guy named Paul Hoffman. I think his name was in. He wrote the good Housekeeping article yeah and when they good housekeeping article came out, the letters were like you, gonna scoop us for you, sir, you ever invasion of privacy, because you stole our story, which is pretty rare. Because they were using. The courts are like if you have a life story, and some lawyer comes along and hire some made a right that story. I hear its invasion of privacy if you
make them to hurry up with said lawyer and then screw their lawyer over that's her and he goes off his own way yet are using the courts, for that is pretty as a ballsy, gutsy yeah Speaking of lawsuits, I mean we won't go through the myriad lawsuits, but there were like more than a dozen lawsuits over the years, yet they soon Weber web pursued them that people soon everyone porcelain, cops cops pursuing the famine. The Crow Marty's pursuing the latter's freedom, making the thing up in the first place, the end to me. This is what is sort of proof positive, that the whole thing is rotten to begin with sure when the lawsuit serve fly here, everyone had their hand out this Father Pecoraro in court documents said that you know what I never went there and bless the house right and heard this voice who actually, I just had a phone call with them. Yeah and maybe Africa, one of their day yeah I'll, get out,
in the background, is you're talking to a doll. I think a dog harry, but a great me out, nonetheless, always to be played by ride style. I wanted for it. Yeah I mean it adjusts. Just it all sort of fell apart, so there's you know in cases like this, people are like well, the catholic churches, shutting that They no longer talk about another, very some demons here, but the the priests really confounds things not because it's like was a catholic church really trying to keep this quiet more like. Why did this priests? Why? I so overtly on in search of where he may have had some skin in the game. Maybe. Maybe so maybe you're right now, but the The Warren said in addition to him you know experiencing that the house, if followed him throughout his life,
in that he was once in a hotel room with a rabbi in Florida in a lizard demon from the house and appeared to him there. That's the quality. Of course you can. Spoke when you have the warns I knew you sure I love it, now that we are treating in search of as if it was this. You know No, no I highly regarded I mean it was. It was a great, but it was lucky tv firm. Ten and twelve year old boys in the eighties sure I'm sure that mean that probably wasn't, even though the priest probably hired a guy. No no, it was the guy who incur documents that was the guy on in search of, but they blackest face out right, but I mean like they that's the guy, that's the guy. He revealed later on in search of his revealed later to be Father, Pecoraro and Then he was on in search of back for anyone ever knew the name pecoraro. He was called in the. Father man, Q, so good at As far as I know, that is
the same guy and that he was just anti, be lying through his teeth. It that's what I thought, or he could have been just handed a script by noise team, it's possible. It was Miss and America. Where all believe anything you say a couple of years ago. Actually, just last year and two thousand seventeen it was sold for about six hundred grand the house, which is a couple of hundred less than they are asking for their asking around eight crazy and apparently it's not had nothing doing. He had to do with the price or it was because of the pain in the rump to live there. Yes, and have people constantly coming by it wasn't like forget that there are six people, her dear right. Forget that this house has green news and flies in devil pigs coming out of me out looking through the window right, it's the real problem. Is Google Earth and now p,
can just say: oh, let's go buy there and take some photos there. It is it's a wonder why they must have moved that stock ex me a beer, but yeah. That's that's the thing, that's why the house is still selling for less than it ever was before in the leg is claimed that they didn't make much money on this minute. You know, like never got rich in what little money we made a kind of went out the door with court fees. Legal fees. That may be utterly true. Who knows it says that they did and he did it to getting about a hundred grand from the book in another hundred from the foam? Must not that much money? No, but this is it's. Ninety! Seventy money does, does the money yeah, but it's not like you back in retire money, sure sure one of the probably the most telling thing about what the let's story being a hoax, the whole thing being just one big hoaxes- that no one
other person owner anybody who was associated with that house after the what's family left, reported anything even remotely supernatural like this. Nothing there of course, Lorraine WAR and had a pretty good explanation for that, which is why he said. Well then, obviously, one of the exorcisms was successful because the only generate that's the only way to explain why the hauntings went away and likewise it the only way to explain that the left is also now called the cops there's a big which was a big people poke into it like if all the stuff was going on, like it's some point, you're going to go to the police and even if it's ten days and not the 28th you're, not just going to just quietly the haunted by the demons of.
All right and not not sweat it with a cot sure at least call him once and be like you guys doing my demons now. Ok, it's even if its banks anywhere, I call sure what do you think I mean this is getting low philosophical. I guess what do you think what you think about bad you do in a home where six people were murdered like I'm, a totally agnostic non believer in any thing like that. But pardon me also thinks it like, If you brutally murdered six people, there's gotta be some change in the energy in the air, which sounds hokey ogier than anything. I've made fun of. I think it. So you know on what was the just Courtway attack happened with Thea. What's the word a placebo, I think it's a pussy
Ok, so you know there's something happened here. If you didn't know anything, you would never noticing. Probably not near. I dont think that there is change, the energy or the air, or anything like that. I think there are key who's that we can find where, even if you didn't know, you could be like going there's a shadow over there. Something like that. You can freak yourself out. Even a house like that that you didn't know is haunted or said to be haunted, but I think, if you know a houses said behind it, your immediate measure, your brains, working overtime, you're, going to produce those things that you fancy. While I told my dream that, but my my imagination is just dead and gone, So who knows? If you do believe stuff like that, That's fine with me, I mean church, do not hurt anybody with that. You take money from people to exercise stuff like that. Then I have a problem with you, but right hum
I don't think a lot of people out there doing. I think most people believe one way or another in their interesting download that boys in the Picture- its Jody, the pig demon if you want to know more about that, Therefore, you can type words into the internet. Actually, you can type it in the house, works and it will bring up an article by our own former OWN Matt Hunt. I remember guy. He rode the Amityville article on the website. Looking up to now the anybody emphases continuing isn't. The gazing into every, but he was never heard from again This is our supper was recalled, follow up on the homelessness episode. We re ran that one for selects had better
this time. He here I was really lookin out for somebody bogus they learned our lesson. Earl stop listening to us by now yet well, and I set it up to exert, was my pick with like hey. This is what happened last time, I'll write, you know, I dare you to write in this time things clear so is how this is from a woman who said that a homeless man Savior Dodge it's pretty great story, sister and I were taking our three dogs for walk down main street and our city. One day we saw dress on a bench for heading four home that real realizing it I'd accidently, let one of Delicious slip out of my am unfortunately Sophia noticed her leash was free at about the same time I did decided to up in chase after something I must I jumped grabber, but the speed of too clumsy Humans is no match for a spry young dog. She ran on the sidewalk. This is like a nightmare for me, and on the sidewalk few pedestrians reached down
drawing grabber, which right turn out that she ran from the sidewalk into the busy street Forli. The traffic going in both directions, sprinting to try a job I watched in horror, ass. She read out into the streets or else about see my dog it killed by an uncommon car, was right, about then that a homeless man that we had previously seen town rode up on his bicycle right. In the middle of the road keeping himself. Between my dog in the car swine by born for him doing that she would surely have been run over. Finally, was able to catch her attention collar equally, she ran right in my arms and I looked up to thank the hero, would save my dog and he was nowhere to be seeing- was it a dream that smoking He had put himself in harm's way to say my dogs, life and in his quietly ridden away when he saw TAT she was safe. Don't know his name. Never saw him again to thank him severe as now years old is because nameless man that she has lived is
that old age, and that is, from New Hampshire. Does a great story love it thanks a lot alley for share in that one see everybody. We told you If you want to send an email like alley, data get in touch this, you can go to our website stuff. You should know that camp Ass ever website called the Josh Clerk way dot com- if you aren't check it out and you can send an email to chuck Jerry and me plus frank the chair just produce you know everybody send an email to self podcast. How stuff works that are more or less and thousands of other topic is. It has to offer
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