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How the Navajo Code Talkers Worked

2018-11-27 | 🔗

In WWII the US Marines devised an unbreakable code-within-a-code made from Navajo, one of the most linguistically difficult languages in the world. A handful of Navajos sent messages on the frontlines in a language they’d been forbidden to speak as school kids.

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You at Lexus their greatest curiosity. Is you because the most amazing machines are inspired by machines, their inspired by people? That's why Lexus ask different questions better questions, more human questions. Like? Can you see with your ears and answers or is inspiring, as you are, which may leave you with one question: why raising ideas will inspire. You next discover the answers at Lexus dot com. Slash curiosity, welcome to stop. You should now friend Hasta for Stockholm. In welcoming the podcast, I'm Josh Clerk, there's Charles the reach of brain over there in theirs jerry. So this stuff, you should know Give me a good one this is a grabster joint. Did you talk about soup? First, we getting
the hours kidding. I want your serious there now, don't get it bad super me on that. But we are, I mean right before we Recording like this is how how Some things are around here. We were talking about how bad you fringing ensued. How do you mess up front? Onion dns, I was wondering any said, say that I want to talk about this and I thought your serious yeah I was kidding. And here we are- I was kidding, get and we're talking about the soup any. What had he mess up front and suicide beef broth, salt onions, injuries, bread they put too much in it, melted in a crackpot, the yes? Yes, this, the they use were way too sweet. I think they use like Viola onions, dipped in sugar doses good night. Could you tell me didn't call them out now publicly now they'll be pretty mean church.
They just don't know what to do a soup swine, but there are soup restaurant your lot to suppress rats. He I guess you dumb one. I think there are two business now Let us surprise you haven't done about, let a surprise and very soon So I really love. That's that's out of business right, yeah! There's something because sweet to me! Those that basically the I think I've heard that yeah like a good too concerned with joint so what was wrong with letters? Surprise you, it. I dont like cutesy names, while unless it's on the Simpsons and I think the tease were made of carrots real pressure. Well. That leads us right into never who go doc exactly had quite well. We should say right at the gate that we were like you just We're talking about Navajo cut code talkers! There were plenty of other code talker.
From other native american tribes. Yes, this episode is mostly about the Navajo code talkers, because There were so many of them. He answered is known about the codes that they made but worldwide. No mention other tribes. Well, yes, in straight up respect All of them were sure it always can instincts stinks when one thing gets. All the glory when there were many vat, and of that thing, so yeah right, but it's better than just naming this episode like how code talkers work, but only talking about the nerve Navajo Kurd talker agreed that they we covered everything right agreed. So if you have ever seen or are familiar with the movie, call wind talkers, we seen it see it. But I did look it up today and it is widely regarded as now. A garbage, a garbage movie, but a real disservice to do a great
to do a movie about the Navajo code talkers, but it's really a movie about net cage right directed by John whew yeah It's a violent war movie that happened in to be structured around a really interesting historical plot. Right like this. Let's take this. Really amazing story from history and an let's more fit into a story about a white soldier is like dirty dancing to Havana nights. Basically, it's why? Yes, when talkers, Didn't I do not endorse headphone I've been I either and neither of us have seen and we still don't endorse them. I just need a seed, the reviews on our own, but the than the point of it that there was a native American. I don't know if he's Navajo or not in the movie
again haven't seen it, but who was it who is charged with speaking his name? tongue, to someone else on the other end of the line at the front lines of battle in the theatre, gas war to transmit messages code in unbreakable code, and that actually happened like that part of the story happen. It is true that there were in world war to native Americans in law. Part Navajo you're speaking to one another in Navajo, like on Guadalcanal or in the Marianna S or the Marshall Islands where How can our who were there at all these major massive battles o in the Pacific Theatre between the United States and Japan. That actually eventually led to this island hopping process led to the the atomic bombs
in dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. From the Marianna Yakko's, it's code so well. Complex too, are dumb ears to the neighbourhood, their dislike This is just our language true, but even if you are a linguist, you like this is loescher, draw ordinarily difficult, languid gibbet so complex that it confounded the Japanese who were really good. It busting codes and their alike, I don't know what's going on here, you're right yeah! This is I've never heard anything like that, which is a huge reversal because, prior to the institution of Navajo Code, talkers in nineteen, forty two, like late one thousand nine hundred and forty two, the Japanese had our goat with our coded transmissions further for the number one, there were a number of japanese people who had been educated in the. U S, Between where war one were to come and gone back to you am prior to one or two and they were told.
Fluid in English here, so they could speak English, like Uptown sideways year, plus on top. That they were really good at breaking. Our codes said they knew, Scully everything we're gonna, do every step of the way So the Navajo code talkers coming into the pit, big. Theater was reversed. Our fortunes matters does it not an overstatement to say that they basically help the. U S. Take the Pacific yeah from Japan single handedly, but through their code yeah Fisher, are its. Let's talk about the never hoe in general to begin with a native american tribe, inhabited the American South. Sure what means now we know it is an american southwest right back. Then it this out the exactly what this isn't the ghost American South? I wish everyone. Its aim Josh literally disappointed in the other direction.
He pointed wetsuit. You pointed out ways out west and even now hold on. That's north lucky, the american itself. The merit, South North, they The original peoples were they believe from Asia, Maybe, ironically, in the end, when you see the story goes, in South West, around fourteen hundred c E. In the sixty hundreds alot things change. The next few hundred years were they were warring with the Spanish. There were warring with other native american tribes and and that was all kind of leading up to the eighteen hundreds when the United States, popped up and said: hey here's. What we're gonna do we're going to your economy, we're going to destroy your crops and livestock. And poison your wells and killer
Buffalo, and but you are reservations and March. You March use it to New Mexico where your new home will be and will be known as the long marked? Yes, basically there their trail of tears, yeah accurate hoses right out of the westward expansion, Playbook ghip so they never who found themselves. I was at the mid. One fifty seven? I think yeah, let's walk. Why do I mean it's important for a lot of reasons, but that men who ended up being the neighbourhood code talkers in world war. Two Their grandparents were where these people that were were forced to go on the long walk. Yes and like it wasn't. You know hundreds and hundreds- years later, right, like direct descendants, the end fighting for the United States? Yes, this is now hey do my moving over here. It was. It was very much like the trail of tears, movement. Three,
miles to a reservation against their will at the barrel of a yeah, like I don't wanna, go. Ok I'll shoot you vs exactly. There were reports of of the injured of the tired. But who fell behind where just shot by the? U S, infantry, There is at least one family that reported that their pregnant daughter was dumb, therefore away from her. She was kept vine and they heard her being shot is well yeah. It was it was. It was just a violation in atrocity done to the Navajo like it was done to so many other native american groups? and by the nineteenth century, like basically eighteen thousand fifty seven on the Navajo lively collectively on reservations in in the southwest yet, starting in about the eighteen Seventys, the! U S, government said here's what we're do? I'm? U have to a similar into american society. We want you to forget you, culture as you know it. You can't speak your native language anymore,
we're going round if your kids and send into american boarding schools teach them to read it right in English only you're going to be punished in forbidden from speaking your native tongue from singing in your native tongue. Yes, you will be beaten, yet we catch you speaking, our whole to one another and their night? I think you just said that they were kidnapped. Children take them to these schools just like they did with the aboriginal tribes in Australia, disliked they did with the first America. In the first nations in canada- and it was just not only have we taken your land? Not only are we force you to live in this one area that no one else wants to live in like we want to destroy your culture. Now like we're going after your coat sure we as their one obliterate, you guys completely we'll let you live, but under these these condition in or not work in a murder, your culture and so not only were these code talkers, the Gray children are the grand sons of
people who went on the long walk They were the very people who went to these indian schools and were beaten for speaking the home and then about nineteen, forty to the United States, military specifically, the marine, showed up and said: hey, we love for you to come, speak now. The whole affair, leave for the United States government. Would you mind during that year- and this was after World war wine it it it went on in world war. One actually were were to get all the press in the name, of course, did more than anyone else like you said in Rome or one there were in nineteen eighteen, those a captain, from the one hundred and forty Second Infantry regiment, who heard two choctaws soldiers speaking in their native tongue and was like men, were getting hammered? with the Germans and the french cracking our codes. So I think that language could be of use to us, because this really complex
I have no idea what what's going on with your language, and I think we could put you to use and so that the very first code talkers, I think, where these Acta Code, talkers and more one yet did the. While we were fighting The french and we are talking to the French, but the german spoke french and English. You are using regular telephone lines and more war, one, I guess surely, asylum tapped, so they were dizzy, dropping and we might well have been speaking german fur as well as they were translating these coded transmissions yeah. Now, all of a sudden there like what is what This. We ve never heard this language before ever. It's just a couple of chalk target he's talking to one another, but it was open Germany and unbreakable code, as at least as long as we're war, one was going yeah. I don't think this early world, where one code with so much a code as like you're saying like right, we're just gonna, put a check,
on one end and attract on the other end of the line. Method and they'll just relate the messages that we tell them to their native tongue and the Germans were like nine. Only where they could think of I'm Hogan as well. Sure I'll come years later, so it wasn't just a charter members of charcoal tribe who we're code talkers and where one also they can and he played a role here. The fox It is also known as the Oh man I had it. Have you ever heard the fact from I believe Mississippi how things are you? Are you there? Also the Comanche. They played a big role in some other tribes did as well, but there's like what we're talk, A handful of people in there
ass it. Like you were saying it's like just say this your native language to this other guy, who speaks your native language in hill? Tell the guy, on the other end, what you just said in English, yeah there's the rub. I mean there rich with irony throughout this whole story. But here's the rub in World WAR one is that NATO, concern even granted citizenship until nineteen twenty four so the World WAR, one code, talkers were not even american citizens. We're doing this and they were not even united by the United States and acknowledged and thanked until two thousand eight d, two thousand eight ten years ago, France even recognize him and I think nineteen, eighty eight eighty nine. Eighty nine! Did you say that now? Ok, so France recognized him first and it took another. Twenty years before the? U S recognized him, officially, unbelievable, It is unbelievable, but the the the problem with war war. One is it worked, but we be in friendly with Germany in between
in war, one in world war, two and Germany said yeah we're gonna hedge, our bets here we're going to send some people to the United States, to learn native american languages in culture. So there, We're going to war with the United States again will have their number and they did Apparently there were plenty of while of power. These the right word, but there were Germans who spoke, Cherokee, Comanche, chalk, crazy, so that so much so that the summit american commanders and war war too, were like we can't use native american language because there's Germans, who this already they were compromise. Basically between were one in world war. Two you wanting a break. Oh yes let's take a break and we're going to come back and talk about the dawn. We were too a man named Philip Johnston.
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held their teams, businesses and industries forward in each episode will learn more from the restless ones themselves and dive deep into how the five g revolution could enable their teams to thrive the restless ones is now available on. I radio ab or wherever you look the pod guests, all right so right before one or two, Those are training exercise going on with with soldiers from Michigan in Wisconsin there native american soldiers involved, and there was a man. And they were dinner there. Testing out, these coded transmissions are like it. We did, it will, or one was tried again There was a man there named Philip Johnston who was a white man, but he actually grew up on an ever her reservation, but I think he just read article about this actually I really got her
who here he wasn't in the army at this time. Right right, because they brought a man like me, was way to old way fuelled by around this time. I think it is about fifty years all year bite all he had the benefit of growing up on a neighbor reservation considered himself. A neighborhood spoke the language. Furthermore, or wine and said I want to make a comeback and go back and fight and world war two and start up this crack team of never Hope Code workers. It was his idea and they said He went into the office of whatever kind a general. He needed to spoke some neighbor. Who said this worked once. Why can or twice and they were like by Georgia. Thank you. Onto something when I said will give you a will, give you a chance to demonstrate this, so currently in LOS Angeles he recruited for Navajo men, who I guess it was friendly with guys, like you said he can.
Himself now the whose parents are missionary get an apparently. He spoke Navajo so well that age nine. He served as the official tree. Later for and Navajo delegation that had gone to Washington DC to lobby, for better treatment rights for the Navajo nation it is amazing because, as you learn d, not a lot of because there were other white people who spoke Navajo, that tried to be co talkers and none of them made the cut, no such our language right. So this guy must have just had an ear for two years and was raised with it yet by Adam he he said, with, I know you guys we're trying to make a code have got this language. I've got these four guys from LOS Angeles with me, just give him a shot, and so they gave him a shot. It I think, can Elliot Undamned. They they gave to. They took the two the four Navajo guys broken in two pairs. Put him in several rooms and said here
this Navajo, say this english phrase and The eagle way in midnight will say that all that and tell you bodies and see what they say: survey transmitted the eagle lands at midnight or whatever was over the phone in Navajo that as in the other room, took a novel transit back in English in like a minute and the guys, I can't tell you, were pretty impressed by the sea serpent bring in some german and japanese people, the listen night there, like you guys, get that. I have no idea. They said nine and whatever the japanese words for note. You know that new. Yet yet I really like that sounds like remedies. The japanese word from now They say no so infrequent. I was about to say you know. I don't know that because all you say is yes right. When you go over there, yeah sure I'll. Take more yes! More! Please boy on the table, so so yeah they they
they actually do that. I'm kidding, of course, but they said this is great, and this is the it was not only was it like, basically impossible to crack, but, like you're saying oh super fast way faster than machine codes right, so that a huge advantage that This is offered was you're using Navajo speakers to send a coded message. Prior to this end, in addition to this, you would you would use Basically, machines that used algorithms to encode and decode a message and it could take hours hours if you're trying to send a desperate message. Joanna Frontline Battle in the Pacific theatre. You don't have ours for these things to get across so. The idea that you could do the same thing in minutes in a code that you are just positive Japanese would have no idea what to do with those a huge advantage for sure yeah and like the guy
As you pointed out, it was taking a lie. In time with a code machines that the Germans in Japanese for cracking anyway right. So that was the solution. There is like no no downside to it, I, like we said Johnston was Philip Johnson was far too old. Is, he was a world war, one veteran they gave me National Commission said your mouse sergeant in the Marines again or I'm refusal Marine or in the army initially they now. I don't know at any rate using the Marines this time and they said You're gonna leave the code. Talker project go out and recruit, so he two reservations created young men and between green. Four hundred of these young men became Code soccer city recruiting more than that, but a lot of them failed out for various reasons. Like you know, they sell to go through boot camp and all that stuff seesaw to be a soldier.
Above it, although it was a kind of a truncated version, aboot can't because it get him in quick they needed him so badly there, like. Ok, yea you're, fine, yet new. We need to take it a code school basically yeah, but the whole thing started with Thirty, they originally recruited. Thirty Navajo speakers, one of em dropped out so twenty nine there twenty nine original Navajo code talkers and they were put to work, initially creating the code, because various fortunately the Navajo Co. Would not only spoke to one another and Navajo, which is incomprehensible to fiscally anybody living it listening to it, who didn't speak it They would also use a code. They would
code words in Navajo. So what they created was he code within a code and it was as unbreakable as as any any codes ever been come up that anyone's ever come up with what I think we should you and I can't speak Navajo. I'm rusty. I think we should play just a little bit of Navajo and then all translate. Don't lie you sky. I chaired the engine. I gave her nausea. De la Herr Mozart, legal. I e a call Certain geological amnesia yeah opens is now Well, you just heard enough. How was this is from the the parable of the article son of Business, from the movie when talkers what you just heard was now long after that the younger sewing got together. All he had said offer a distant country and their squander
his wealth in wild living, something everybody does from time to time, but that was That was what you just heard Navajo and it's it's so foreign sounding for a reason like it's a really difficult language in that, like the same vowel, can have for different types of inclination. And four different meaning, so one word can have for different meanings based on Whether you know you go up. Are you speak through your nose or whatever but you're saying the same? Word you're just intoning it differently now and that just This is the meaning dramatically. One reason why it was so impenetrable yeah he said they they memorized five hundred code, words, three different work of the alphabet and went to war Mina, I used the word irony irony: that's that sort of under sells it.
What was going on and why these men would would sign up for something like this, and it had points out like you can't get into the head of them are explain every person's motivation, sure those all different but through interviews, you know what what sort of stood out was that they still, even though that the United States had stopped them down. Engineer oblivion. They still at a time that land and that was their land and regardless of what the head on in the past, Germans in the Japanese were, were later that would they were a threat to their holy land. They were still a common enemy between the United States in the Navajo yeah. Emmi system says so much about their people that they could just put all the other stuff aside, and the genocide in the long walk in the trail of tears and say well. This is still my land.
Even on a reservation, and I want to help protect it amazing Some of them were were joined up because there they subscribe to the Navajo warrior culture in the Navajo. How deftly had their own warrior warrior culture other there wasn't like necessarily the central focus of their culture. Others were like. Oh man, you're gonna get me offer this reservation and I'm gonna go travel world. I've never been on a bus before let's go near somewhere, like I, like this July bill, you're talkin about others, were drafted. Want to go, but they were still drafted and they went so there were just did I take to pain it any other way is to make it like to give it the wind talker treatment. Yes, the selfish, no way there were as many different people, I think there were four hundred and twenty one Navajo code talkers who did observing a in World WAR Ii, I'm sure the Reform
twenty one different reasons for why they went that's just the way it is their people and we're talk about people here. Four hundred and twenty on four hundred and twenty one dollar short daylight, So, let's talk a little bit about this code within a code here, here's one example: so troops. Moving forward to the lake is what the grab stirred came up with, and they wouldn't just get on with the horn, with their never ho counterpart. On the other end and say truth. Moving for though I can never how they would substitute indifferent words. Sometimes they would spell out some word one letter at a time with that letter being represented by a word like the first letter in the word that they say and it was the mean, though there were rules for the code, but person on the other end. They were so in sync with one another that they didn't know.
Surely look at a chart and say well. This is means this in this means, as they were just able to converse their organically. Within this code, with it go right and they all knew that that code. That was like this means this, and this means they're here, but the from from, research researchers seems like they were able to shift in in, like you said, make it organic yeah Fly and they knew what one another was saying, Kenneth throughout the plane. A little bit. I imagine in certain circumstances, and I'm sure, the American, you know that the generals in the people in charge were just like just it man just do your thing or they were like. I have no idea what you just did that they had no idea. They threw out the playbook at times. It had to do that because there weren't equivalence of certain words like it and have words for a bombardment and and shall casing- and like that because they didn't have the things in their culture, so they had to make up things that they would be able to understand.
Ways whether they were also so there is an hour, an alphabet right. So every three alphabet, three yesterday right So there are three different words for every letter of the alphabet. Amazing, ok, but there something that is really easy to look past that we really have to think. This is one of the reasons why this is so unbreakable. If, if you you wanted to use, better. I would, we say the Navajo word for ice right, ok, but then a word for ice. Doesn't have it doesnt begin with the letter I they parameters have offered for sale it's funny, you know they would be. Weird thing is: if they did, they did it. Yes, they have eyes, it was their most closely related to a native alaskan tongue. I'll get my they think so natural and it's like evidences linguistic governance. They came across the bearing Lambert's gotcha, so yeah I have a word for shark, which is like that- doesn't make any sense either if they
there there from Arizona basically in was executed, land shark Should I got like Chevy Chace here, but they did have they got a lot of. They have one for Salmon copper Head salmon, and that's in the light of those in New Mexico. Vienna is delicious, but the point is the Navajo word for ice, doesn't know really begin with ice, or even a few new year Navajo you in this certainly know that this is the word for the letter I get, and they D confounded even more. If there's three different words for them, There are even if your spelling why gum why what's a word with multiple hurry up and get me one quick illicit. Yes, ok, if you spelling illicit out, you could use to different words for
I then that cuts down on letter or in this case code word repetition, which is one of the easiest way to break a code, look for repetition, right, right and pear those up with the letters that are used most frequently in English vs or for using three different codes for a single letter. You can mix, The area is building it out. Local makes it even more impenetrable. Here like this, is just such a gorgeous co. Yeah. They used imagery a lot of times, which is makes it kind of strange lyrical like us. I bomber was a chicken hawk, a summary with an iron fish, and then they also using I heard a cockney rhyming slang, witches she's. We could do put us on that bit. They become Nicole. Ok, but I won't even get into it, makes basic
they compound words in an english sound like a word in the message, so that the examples that did grabbed her got was like the word secure right and if you didn't know Navajo, you wouldn't be able to hear me like all that rhymes with dispatched by this worthy at it in silence and now behold, though, for her before in your life yeah and, like you said they would, they were so familiar with it and comfortable with it did you didn't know Navajo. You wouldn't be able to hear me like all that rhymes with dispatched by this within it unlike anything you ever her before in your life yet and like said they would. They were so familiar with it and comfortable with it. The day would switch it up on the fly didn't even need to do that, really right that you see my performance equally, they had. They would do something to alert that the person there was like a system place to say like now. We're going use this version, but they
were they didn't even need to do that? Really right that you seem like a formality. Ned sounds like yeah I think, one of the reasons why they were so able to shift like that, because these these, eyes who were raised in the indian schools they had to to one another Navajo like surreptitiously. Yet so they had to be able to shift on the fly out just between like gum nuance in which is a very new ones, language to begin with, but also between Navajo in English, depending on who is coming their way right. So there was a that. I think I am it's my impression that there, the treatment in indian school. It would have made it easier for them to understand what some. Was saying when they broke the the rules of the language really quickly near they be able to follow
and then check. There is one other thing that made this code even more beautiful. It wasn't written down your nineteen forty two. There is no book, no document, no text that you now get in teach yourself Navajo. You couldn't get no and, like you said, even some like white kids that were raised down on trading posts and spoke Navajo, their whole life they washed out of the code talker programme they had. Basically, Success rate Non Navajo had a successor, you basically zero in the code talker Programme for Navajo Code, yeah there was this that hard and that nuanced amazing I was taken of the breaker, I'm pretty pretty jazz up here here and will come back and talk about how this has really affected the war right after this?
hello, I mean both our time and for the past year I tat has been coming to me about his decades long career as a big time pot smuggler and by big time I made pretty time. I think it was sixty days. My dad and mom had to live with double my plan is active school boards, where's doting parents to three heads and the other is outlaws. Like my parents had a sea written in the movies shit, you're real shake your room with a book in your took ever screwdriver, my dad was in the most organised criminal he once lost. Half a million dollars bearing the backyard and he smuggle during the war on drugs. Fine How my dad was a pot smuggler for twenty two years and at what cost? I'm Rainbow Valentine
for my heart, radio and school of humans. This is disorganized crimes, smugglers, daughter, listen to organised crime, smugglers, daughter on the I hurt radial, app apple podcast or wherever you get your pod casts. all right so likely, said at this point in the war when they were brought in than ever, oh talkers, it was. The fighting in Europe was dwindling and the Pacific theatres things were really happening and so the first action for the actual Navajo CO talkers? Where guadalcanal- and hoping to paint a picture that they're sitting in offices talking to another and then air conditioned office on telephones in descending orders till I go by this place on Saturday, the allotted These men are on the front lines and relaying possessed trains and what's what it
can the ground what's going on, it wasn't just directives to go. Do this they were rolling, important information like live and the moment on the front line and to add to this there was can regional and at times even him american soldiers like to an american soldiers. Fifty feet away a neighbor who code talker might look like A japanese person does it he's like the very dumbest soldiers of all I don't know man, I mean it's on record that there was friendly fire because of this, so so that they are actually fired on. I saw their like they had, like guns pointed at them at some point and would be like marched over to be interrogated. It was such that they felt like they needed to assign them personal guards. We has friggin Nick cage and that's what they're movie was about, He was a white soldier assigned to guard one of them local code. Talkers because they were being mistaken for japanese old, right, but he was also secretly ordered to kill that
code, talker well and morality, and let them fall into the hands of the Japanese yeah. I wonder if that's a thing earth that was wholly created for no, I guess it. I dont know I could see a go both ways and I dont know how smart the soldiers were with it confusing I don't they re. I don't think it happen. Very often, I think all it has happened is two or three times and all of a sudden. I think part of the legend you know yeah, maybe so, but it did, I mean they like. It was happen from time time. There's a guy named dumb. I think George Mc Cave Who was it Navajo code talker who was taken prisoner by a mellow american? because he was standing in a chow line on the beach. Canal waiting to get food and the guy was like. You look, Japanese, that's exactly what it did pointed a gun at them and said you're coming with me and I don't, who is like sorry, but
William Cable, I'm sorry, but there was that's dear I'd. Oh, if you look at picture of a Navajo code. Talker yeah, you look at a picture of a japanese person. I dont see the resemblance. You should be on the front lines. My friend, I would have liked it to you doing here that the language itself and again this is kind of funny, because the language sounds nothing. Japanese but sometimes U S. Radio operators would jam the frequency. I guess I mean the grab. Sir said the cook, Mr Virgin ease, I imagine they deserve. A foreign language and just jammed it right on another necessarily thought Ozanna like jeopardy, sounds like its own thing for sure yeah. Maybe they had no idea what japanese or neighbourhood sounded like and was dislike it ain't angle, Maybe they were under orders for like if it's not english jam yeah, possibly could see that so these
like we said, the speed was one of the real keys and just how quickly they could get these messages delivered and allowed them to Here's a great his great quote from our Philip Johnston who started the programme. He said drawing first forty eight hours, and does it a gmo said. While we were landing in consolidating our shore positions ahead, so scenario, radio nets operating around the clock, appeared alone: they sent received more than eight hundred messages without an air, in forty eight hours me eight hundred messages, no mistakes! No mistake! That's amazing and their relating these messages again in minutes away, and each of them would have taken hours to decode. Yet without The Navajo code, talkers there is another from a guy named Major Howard Connor, who is on Iwo as well in the signal corps, and he said paraphrasing here that the Marines would not have taken you or Jima, had it not
for the Navajo Co. Talkers Annie entire operation. You would you, let me know very famous, like flag raising statue were Jima, basically a turning point in the Pacific that the entire operation was dine enough. Oh did, though there was well spoken over the radio's for the entire operation is amazing. It really is time you like it. Think about how many american lives were saved by that that's over those is such a directive Boucher into the war. Here You were Jima ever huge near them at all. You can say yet. This deserves its own movie. Treatment like ass were like hidden figures, yeah like these minor voices who really had this huge impact that never got there do and you know with an ever hoped code talkers they came back to do after the war. And it was classified what went on until nineteen sixty eight. Apparently they may have
this in Vietnam in Korea, although I don't think anyone is totally and those that pressure things to be rumour yeah, but they did not tell you things like. Oh and after one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight, they were just put on a pedestal and praise all throughout the United States, That is not true. They were basically sent back to the reservations with what I waited them there, which was poverty and hardship and alcoholism and disenfranchise and some I mean some of them were were lucky enough to bootstrap up from military. Imagine, I think ones, stayed in the military afterward made a career out of it tended to do better than ones that you know get back. After the war Some of them were able to get into college some of them. I too, by houses on the reservation through the g I bill near, which was very much there right as veterans after World WAR two, but through a fluke of,
treaties that put them on the reservation. They don't they dated next own the land, the land that they own was held in trust, so they couldn't show the bank. Actually on this land, or that I am trying to buy the land from owns the land. So the g I bill was useless for a lot of on, which is a big black eye on what is basically partner. The course for how most whom retreated afterward near Right back on the reservation knows is the usual reservation life again, ninety six nine. There was a reunion at the fourth Marine division on seventy one Nixon awarded them a certificate of thanks alight punished in the arm. Ricky Dick nineteen. Eighty two August fourteenth was declared national code talker Day now is for all code talkers, yet not just never hope of Dockers but those original, twenty nine were give.
A congressional medal in two thousand. And then two thousand fourteen on June forth, at the final original code, Talker Navajo Code, Tucker, Chester, Nez, passed away and just look at the picture of Chester Nez in easy that sweet face and he's got that veterans had on this, is never hold co talk around. I love those hats, pretty amazing the the dead ceremony, so they were awarded the congressional medal of Honor and two thousand they region. Twenty nine, but when they actually a presented, the award doesn't one by the time there. Four of them left alive there. That's a big criticism to that. It was like you could probably done this a little we'll sooner why they were alive still here, could it it might have taken sixty something years too. Sort of get that ceremony in order right
to get everything right, but there was amazing yeah. Hopefully somebody will make a movie about it. That's not mostly about net cages. Character had been a white guy, If you all know more about code talkers, you can search them on the internet and there's some fascinating stuff out there. Oh Anne shut If you want to know more about Navajo Code, talkers in you happen to ever be in current Arizona, there's a boy your king there, and it has basically a Navajo code, Talker museum alcohol, which basically display case, but it counts. It qualifies as a mini museum church grab a whopper learn something new Insincere said that time for listener mail, We call this easy bake, Oven, follow up from Oregon cigars. This was an easy bake ovens of always been a big delivering kids playing with water. What they want and as a kid I spent a great deal of time.
Plain in the dirt, with my brother's making roads and parking lots or hot wheels, I flash for it here's. My son wanted me to taken with a twist or to spend some six birthday money. Sixth birthday money. You got I followed him a z peruse the remote control cars. Various action figures need dispute around the corner and before I could get to the other out to find him. He came dropping holding an easy bake. Oven. Yes, me Vienna I need to buy it, and you did this for one thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine, it's about twenty bucks. Is he ass? He walked to the counter asked him. If you want me to carry it form for in a cart, because the boxes about ass, big ass, he was he insisted on carrying. It- helps Although I've always encouraged him to play with what he wants. Surprised that he wanted to carry himself. His dad was not always open minded voice playing with what he called girl, toys and, probably still isn't we are no longer together. Needless to say, anyway, we pay for the oven, and my son carries it to the car,
he won't, let me put it in the trunk or even in the seat. Next on he held it his lap. The whole way home stories just Adobes area while we were driving, he examined the Box and Meda, her rough sound ass and what was wrong and he said he was mad and asked him why he said the box is pink and there's only a girl on it. But boys like to cook to mom told him. I agree. So I guess you could say he is always been He made many treats with seven over the years and I even have a photo of him. Somewhere wearing his grandma's freely cooking apron, the big smile on his face net. From the Vienna in very in Portland Oregon another and bury their another. One yeah really yeah. We never really forget how to say that last name, but there is like within last month or two. There is an embarrassing. We wonder if it was her thanks a lot to Vienna near maybe it may be worth. I think that it was with the e better than I am Ok, you got it all figured out one day here,
if you want a fear and am very remember or whatever you want again touch with us, You can join us on social. Just go to stop. You should know that I'm fine, all the links, their percentage on email, the stuff? I guess the House of works duck Furthermore, this and thousands of other topics, as it has to offer when We in our James Morelli invited his family to a desert retreat deeply and on picking the successor to his fortune. But the rest. Sort of weakened goes arise when James is found dead following a meditative, sound Beth, can you solve which one of his family members wanted a seat at the table so badly. They kill inspired by true crimes solve worlds. First, interactive murder, mystery podcast that pits you was the lead detective.
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