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How the Peace Corps Works

2011-10-06 | 🔗

Since its inception, the Peace Corps has sent 200,000 members to 193 countries to deliver aid and good will through know-how rather than direct funding. Learn about the successes, criticisms and dangers of the Peace Corps in this gung-ho episode of SYSK.

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In welcoming the Pakistan Josh Clark, there's just let me check right. Heather again, we were caught off guard by guess producer cases you gave us the cases of me. The quick patch was called the quick point, the haymakers haymakers, his overcoat on now at least he's like recording, yeah, he's like a key role in defining monkeys and start a wretched, my cheeks afterward than usual zinni unusual reversal of order, but we're gonna have to go with it. As we are low on tape, no one's going to stable so you just have to use this point. I can record over it again or ourselves, snap, that's what it used to be an issue Yeah we're running low on on something now, there's an abundance of everything we have asked supplies out the union. Member that add four. I e trade he's got money coming. Otherwise you it was like this e arc team who were like hustling this guy and a girl
to the to the emergency room and they like, what's wrong with them and their like he's, got money come out. The was soon coming out of his his father, that's good his bottom chuck. Yes, I think we should say that this is a special episode dedicated to the countless peace corps. Volunteers who listened to you should know and who have written in over the years to say hi. You guys were my best friends in you know been in Turkmenistan, Guam yeah, wherever sure yeah, and I were finally doing that episode how peace corps work. Yet we ve had quite a few right in over the years, and there are super nice folks and seemed to really be enjoying your time wherever there yeah there they're good, hearted hustlers is how I would describe Billy. Look I as a right, the second, so late,
we take you back a little bit chuck. I I don't think we need to go on the way back machine that farmers so that go back by or just gonna go to October. Nineteen sixty chile night too, I am in an animal. Chicken at the University of Michigan, a young senator named John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was working. The campaign trail as his father worked by votes in other states. And he gave a little impromptu speech again. It too, I am in you at the University of Michigan unprepared remarks in front of ten thousand Wolverines and he said Chuck as follows. How many of you who are going to be doctors are willing to spend your days in Ghana era technicians or engineers, if you are willing to work in the foreign Service and Spain days and your lives travelling around the world era.
On your willingness to do that, not merely to serve one or two years in the service. But on your willingness to contribute parts of your life to this country, I think the pen the answer, whether a free society, He can compete era, so I surrounded by nice in ITALY, press the Catherine Hepburn Button, but that was what I do Kay Said- and that was the outline- those very good champion was the outline. The initial outline, the first time ever spoke publicly about his idea for the peace corps. Miracle me I wish My favorite Lindau their shout at which one. I'm down everyone. I know you're, all frightened and blank earlier it was close almost certainly since advance will recognize it and his regime will have plenty of those cross over France. So there was the first time ever spoken
clear about what would become the peace corps. In two weeks later he gave another speech in San Francisco at the famous cow palace grateful they played a pretty good show. There are nineteen. Seventy four, I remember, think Diamond brothers, the to the answer you were there drinking beer aged eighteen and that after that second speech, two weeks later seemed Cisco. He said hey. Basically, let me know how you think about this he got. Twenty five thousand letters in response. I would do that, while so one of the first things he did when he gained the presidency. Was to sign an executive order. Saying ok, now, there's officially a peace corps, it was on March first nineteen sixty one that he wrote the executive order and it was placed into the budget. The nineteen sixty two budget and Congress pass the budget officially enacting the peace corps by default fiftieth anniversary yeah this year. It is isn't it. I don't even think about that.
As you know, the graphics, Oliver, the website that didn't think you excited ass. Looking at all, they could be cake with fifty candles yeah. And then shortly after that- well a little while, after that Nixon who am JFK soundly beaten that that presidential debate, the televised one said well, I've always hated JFK someone to take his his little pet projects and just put it over here and Jimmy Carter came in and when a hold on a minute, and he made its own independent federal agency within appointment by the president and its part of the foreign aid budget, usually about one percent right
yeah this year, its last year, only four hundred million dollars, which is not chump change. Not only is it not chump change, they asked for three hundred and seventy three million and they got four hundred million our yeah. I didn't know that federal agencies got more than they asked for in the budget, while Bush, W and Obama above pushed for expansion of the peace corps. Think Bush wanted to double the number of volunteers. He wondered double the numbers, agents in the field. What did that and a little bit? Why is a bomb on a double it? I would assume everyone has pure intentions, your church, maybe not it's been a resounding success. Over the last fifty years there have been a hundred and ninety three countries served shook a belief, There have been more than two hundred thousand volunteers, total eighteen directors
the guy who's directly now Aramis Williams. He is the fourth director to have been a peace corps volunteer back in the day I figure the hour I would have to one or more famous ones. He wasn't was Paul covered up over the statute. As minor yeah, it's as peace Corps somewhere on it, you know what I like about: peace corps site when you're trudging through it is when you see like an errand Williams or whoever they have their service in parentheses. Next to their name. Like add Dominican Republic, sixty seventy seventy was where he was right: wriggle Polly, the most famous peace corps, volunteers, Chris Matthews from Hardball- was he really yeah? He did Swaziland sixty eight seventy. And say eventually lily of lost them. Oh yeah, I guess she's, but I know Chris Matthews. I am not familiar with the other lady. She may be the hottest
which one? What was she like? The main female late, yeah? Ok, they're, pretty lady. Although she was canadian, she must have gotten her citizenship because you have to be american yeah. That's a good point, something fishy that we may have just uncovered in this part cat, or maybe she does flashed her smile This I know where you're from hello step, you should know listeners. Do you want a new year's resolution? That's easy to keep yes resolve to help protect your identity and personal info with lifelong identity theft, protection, lifelong alert you to potential threats. To your identity and they see more, though what you can see by just monitoring your own credit like your info on the dark web and that's a big deal yeah, And if you have a problem lifelike, U S based restoration specialists, no, the steps it take to help resolve your case There are only one in five identity theft: victims who had accounts open in their names, discovered their theft through bank or credit card company and
course. No one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but lifelike The new year's resolution does not Easy to keep it will help you protect what you ve worked so hard for get lifelike for up to twenty five percent off your first year, gonna lifelike, dotcom, slash stuff! That's why flocked outcomes less stuff for up to twenty five percent off so that the purpose of this, as you said you you assume, everybody's intentions are good and I think that that's a nice thing to assume that there, the purpose of establishing the peace corps is threefold type of foreign aid right and we have huge enormous foreign aid packages in the in the in the way of like surplus food into straight up money supply
equipment weapons, whatever building things, but peace course its unique in that it says supply of foreign aid in the form of know how and hands on get it done. It's like the Toyota Tundra foreign aid, given manifestation you feed him for a day what they say. Yes, based on this right teach and officially for a lifetime. Yes, if he gets good at fishing, if my sister she read it their three part. Official mission statement as yet help the people of interested countries in meeting their need for train men and women to promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the people served and to help promote a bit. Understanding of other peoples on the part of the Americans, but that's a bureaucratic mission statement. If over It is, and I just read something on NPR from a couple years ago, called the peace corps blues and of the each country has its own director in the fall,
director in Cameroon said it. He thinks one other thing: were failing on now. Is that a lot of people in these countries don't realize that it's? Actually a? U S! Government probe like then other volunteers, but I think they think it's some great nonprofit, like a mission group yeah, so that kind of fails at one aspect of the mission statement in his eyes that these countries, one of the big deals, is for these countries to know hey. This is the? U S government coming over here in helping us out SAM. It's exactly you now a favour to hear some of the problems, but with the programme now but over those later. So am I right now that we have programmes in seventy six countries, but overall, I think a hundred ninety three countries have had programmes at one time or another, including countries that don't exist. The first two to join the programme. The interested countries, as you mentioned in the mission statement, were elements he forgot the strike Tang on Euchre tangle euchre.
Which later get together scenes of art to form what we now recognise the Tanzania church, the Unita and Ghana was the other two who I gave K mentioned in his speech here in University of Michigan, so attended at the very least dumb of widespread impact. We'll talk about measuring the impact later, but let's get down a greedy right. I think just what we said already has caused some people be like. Where do I sign up Jason Tucker endorsing the so that those skip the end. While the first thing you should now, if you want to sign up, is that you're gonna be committing to twenty seven months of service volunteerism or a tour. The tour you're, gonna, be living for free they're, gonna provider living account, patients. Why are there and give us?
stipend, do, spend money which evidently those more money than most of the people will be helping him. That's like that old thing where, if you have a hundred dollars, you can live for like ten years in Peru or something like the exactly and when you come back home. They're gonna give you six thousand dollars to get you back going. You know they didn't want to leave you broke because you haven't had any real work for two and a half or twenty seven months, so the gps, expanding it you're gonna get, but that down payment. Apartment yeah to get it back in and whistling, and things were exactly
I am by the old thing. Of course I mean the strength of the dollar. Yes, so when you are applying checkers you you start out on line. Apparently you can do it in writing. If you'd, like fear, like up in homage kid who once said that he wants to sign up for traditionalist, but for the most part you do this application, I line, and I looked at it and it is extensive, I'm sure, you're, all of your education back on any criminal history. How much you like to drink? Really, oh yeah, any military service, because one of the first things they try to root out is whether or not you haven't halogens backward and if you did say I wonder what he felt better for the drinking if you just put like I'll live well yet, if you like- and there is even a section where they say like well, let us just define what we mean by problem drinking, how many drinks per week as well as their already sexual partners. Do you have a night,
you lie to your doktor about theirs. So any any financial obligation to my have easy student loans or mortgages car payment? Basically, there, like you, can't use us escape your creditors? Yes, they wanted. They want to know not not only like what you have, but how you're going to arrange the PAM in any kind of documentation, any references I mean this is like the first application in very extensive what they want to weed out as many people as possible, yeah right off the bat right and if you're application is selected when you lucky, first of all, I think yeah, I would imagine at the early low percentage, because there's just so many arm red flags that they're looking for that. So many other colleagues to make problem drinkers rightly call that. That you know if you, if you raise one they're gonna, be like those ten other people who are applying, who don't have that red flag
So if you make it through the initial application process, they're going to ask you to come in for an interview and they weed out more people here. Basically, what they're, trying to figure out mainly is, if you are likely to complete your term of service yeah what they don't like as people that have to leave for this highly discourage right to leave the peace corps during your door. So they want to know if you have like a serious if you're in a serious relationship. Anyone in us Is about your childhood, where you ve motivated others to complete tasker? they want to know how you, medical, hey, yeah, any medical chemist. I think that in the initial application
yeah, but a sort of like the army in that you can be denied because of medical conditions. Obviously right, I'm the one of the one of the interview questions I saw was tell us about a rule that you have trouble following, and the correct answer for that is the rule I have trouble following is the rule that asks me to stop when I've done just- enough the peer minimum. That's the right answer. Would you mind if I your appearance to fit in with the local culture? Would you shaven mohawk is really got your piercings or whatever? How will you stay off boredom the correct answer? That is, an ipod full establish exactly so the sounds like so they go there's Europe. You're crib notes for the interview yet and if you pass interview it gets really exciting from that point, because if you get an official invitation, it's pretty need. You get ten days to decide and its fairly vague. Since some guy there is a common
the money. That is basically, they want to know if you're in for the peace corps, not if your end to go to Indonesia and teach English or serve your surf because Eli exactly thereby together reasons. So what they do is they give you ten days inside and they leave it fairly vague. They give you a probably like, probably not even a country, probably like a continent Asia yeah we're we're gonna, send you an they do detail little bit about what the job you have, but they basically no are you in for the peace corps, no matter where we sinew and if you say yeah, then you're gonna get your departure date and then that's when you're gonna get some more specific information, though I can't just like come on high five he's like I'll, be back in like a couple weeks with another letter you're going to Turkey mangas soreness serpent in Turkey, although they probably is you think, on the boss
Surf in Turkey, the safe Turkey he hit, you get along or orientation appointment and and you get sent off to that country for a three month- training period yeah if you're, eighteen, if you're, U S, resident no upper age limit can be no depend, really really old and saw the peace corps. I guess nerdy passer either. Note. Opponents are just nervous that I didn't realize. I guess there like yeah. We want you did not abandon your family. That's a nice move and you have to have a high school diploma. Yes, Josh any do need that diploma. Any also can be married, but it's a pretty small percentage thing about three percent or married couple right? I urge seven percent, yet seven percent Mary six. Ninety three percent single- I think it so you have one percent is undecided.
And that they will send you with your married partner. They can there are some assignments where they'll send both of you to the same place to work together, but apparently there are quite a few and far between, but you can't put in for your girlfriend a boy no. You can't at all- and you both have to be accepted fully as peace corps volunteers who could be sent to different corners of the earth. I think that to help people I'm sure they do but became any kids, then you can your pets know when alumina than others and but little field mouse, not a surprise at all. You can't take your pet. So if you have pets like you get a look at your life, you know if you are a home her with pets. Then you probably shouldn't volunteer for the peace corps. You can volunteer here at home during their at doing them. I don't know a but a few of our her single and you're living in Brooklyn. You don't have any cats in you got time to kill a heart that wants to
the world, and you know about. I don't know, repairing motorbikes in Indonesia. The oasis the foreign language. These are all things like these Hobbes they there. Get into that, does not like when you put down your Hobbes for a college, education or college application. Don't care about that. I hate to break it to you, but a peaceful They really do and the peace corps. If you have us girls at as a gardener they want to know about that you like a landscape or something like that, and what they're going to stay here. All of our programmes choose You gonna choose another envy like ok. Now this is where we really need clear and they will send you where they need you. Ultimately, you have done your skills, your back on your hobby. You can always get set where you might like to go and if you have learnt know that language, that's a big leg up in that direction, but I think you should be prepared to know that they they may send you wherever you part of it, but you do in the search for the love of helping others in really it doesn't matter.
Only one race, the human race, I just think that's really exciting did not know where you're gonna go and into B. I wish out, I would join, I would can do it all over again out do differ in our joint piece for for a couple years. You know what I always think of when I think of the peace corps I think of Julie, Haggerty and that the legal, airplane. If, when I told him yes, she has additive our way of working in a future. Eu basketball home globetrotters hit Haiti Mademoiselle that's different, causing the discussing when he was gas differently, but yeah. That's what I think of it. I think of peace corps. I think of the time Hanks movie volunteers, I never silent, but that's where he met his wife reader, wealthy area. I guess over here. I never saw that because I always hated the Tennessee volunteers. So I refuse to see that movie in case it helped them anyway,
I still do right, o Josh packing. Yes, they only allow you to take two bags for twenty seven months, which doesn't sound like a lot of not only that of the weight limit. Your eighty pounds right, a thirty six point to its having kilograms for our non imperial measurements, friends. So what they suggest is take things cannot get elsewhere, and then, when you get there, you can buy some of the other things. I don't bother packing a crackpot fuck, as you can get a crackpot unbending, yeah, ok, There's going to be some other, where this young, wherever I hear that stupid, it's gonna, take up everything but they said bring. You know, springs
good old fashion, american and easier and reindeer and hiking boots and stuff like that, the public can get needs of the country's yeah. So you want it's. You gonna blow your weight on the route, the essentials that united we will find anywhere else. Maybe that ipod, they said he can bring a laptop, but one thing: you're not guaranteed. As electricity yeah there's a there's, a pretty common miss. Section that it's like all. That's two hearts and no municipal wars ply no electricity and that's not true at all. They know that thing is not true at all, the no means for water supply or no electricity. Think that's extremely true in a lot of cases, whilst those that that start here and there ok can volunteer to go to those places you can? You can also be sent to this place near, can I also say I want to go to a place that has no running water, no electricity, and I want to help there
but there are a lot of assignments where, even if you say no, I don't want that there. I think they call those people the hard core. Yes, the peace corps, like you know I signed up for this, sent me to the edge of the cliff here's. My ipod even crazy about over the law. These people are a teach in these in my local schools, though, that in other her power in water and they're they're more it's not as third world, as you might think it is in many I would imagine in the latter case, it's like come from the places we were in Guatemala. Yeah, they didn't have anything resembling a menace force by yet her hair was dislike. There is a third point over there, but it was a relative. Now, I'm in their buildings and structure, yea people were closed and things like that. It's not like in a living with the young, oh Mamma, exactly
so its day to day life like Josh of your peace were volunteer ah well day to day life is actually a lot looser than you would think. Basically they give you an assignment like say we want you to teach agricultural techniques, modern agricultural techniques or maybe sustainable agricultural techniques, to these people in Guam, great wigwam, even qualify, though it's a: U S, territory, I would think it be outside of the. U S. Foreign policy scope must assess and place in Africa. Then, let's go again with tangled Thank you eager Yankee eager, and you going you say, ok why this is the here's. Some ideas for how many teaches people sustainable agriculture and take a nigger and Did you get there and there like there's no ten unique anymore Jack Ass, his own,
in the media and you go well, it's still apply. So here's what I'm going to do and their day to day your hours, how you interact with people than what you teach them power. It's a lot of tea. There's nobody! Looking over your shoulder like they pretty much just give you a parachute and drop. The off now say see later good luck but you you do go alone now and. Depending on how remote you are you, you may be the only american face. You see for awhile, although in other places there might be other volunteers that ina within the town, yet you still technically sent alone. One of the things I think we skipped over as you are allowed to receive friends. Your friends can come visit you on their own dine at another. I didn't either, but they can come hang out with you. If you want. Yes, we need to see a friendly face or whatever many packages. Are younger packages
you can go on travel at your own expense in go to the capital city. Go wherever there's wifi and load up on your stuff. You should know at the South Attract you can do a little sightseeing wherever you want again you're setting your own hours, but I think for the most part. They imagine that if you are the go get her, who volunteers for peace corps you're, not just kinda like lay around all day. True enough, although that's that same guy mentioned earlier, Robert Strauss who's. The director former director in Cameroon, said he does feel like these days. Some volunteers use it as quote employer of last resort and that some recruits use it as an extended spring. Take from college. I guess you and I think, that's rare, but he says that is a problem and he wants the standard to be what you talked about. What you know of its peace course problem there. Their processes, not rooting amount,
Some of you like. Are you a pot head? Yes, now, there's your. Does your reading out system in depending on your part, had it will depend on where they would censure like just how bad of upon exactly, as you mentioned, packages to check you king packages, but our good friend grabbing ascii, who wrote this successor? He says that there are. There is such a thing: ass quote: corrupt male workers who pilfer your packages. Sometimes it could take forever. So he recommends that you have friends and family start sending you packages in letters before even leave the? U S, so that when you get there,
get some stuff in the first few months in an acute you from being so homesick outs in myself. Just here I wouldn't want to my family. I do it eight pounds, because if you like a year- and I wouldn't get me packages to like the end of year- one if I left my family sacho- that's not gonna, haven't you got a college back. It is also say that we neither packaging? Here I was like. Do you even know what that is? I want you to Sicily and one of these and I basically what my dad around the store like put this in there. Yeah skinny little heavier me. We can take the canned goods outright, but of course I went to school sixty miles from our lives. So if I were a gun like across country, a money got more care packages. Maybe you just Keaton software is happy new year.
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others again so check. There's some advantages. When she returned your tours over there, some advantages to being a peace corps volunteer. You didn't hurt any resume. Now, it's just a lot of a stick to it if necessary, get up the tube and beyond. The fact that it like proves your commitment is a human task. You you also get. The insights group are not getting a government job if you're interested in MECCA. Yes, like you get your valuable to list, the other people might not see your privy to information. They are also given priority hiring priority over somebody who may even have better qualifications in you, but wasn't a peace corps volunteer
Sorry sucker, which is one of the reasons, are government functions like it does so, or does this don't chuck? How do you measure the success of something like the three points of the mission statement? You said Strauss criticized one of em, let's hope, but the accomplishments. Well, that's one of the problems. Is it's tough to measure that in any sort of a sort of status go way so that the only way to really measured is to talk to the volunteers themselves. In usually when to him afterwards. There like No I've learned pretty quick. There's gonna be a recent I go there and make them a little smaller in scope like going from. I want to help the world too. I want help this village, which is good and that helping a world yeah you're his seven thousand people doing that and villages all over the world. So
buying collectively it seems to be doing that yeah, but it is tat when you have a four hundred million dollar programme, even though the scant fraction of those of the birth of the budget, you still have the show metrics. I imagine in his pretty tough, in this case yeah yeah. I guess, but I mean, like you, see, there's no quantitative way to spell it out, because you can't, I mean I guess you could go Paul. People were have been numb peace corps, volunteers and ask them you, like America, more or less now, and if it's more than awesome data quantified, there's check right there. They do say that most volunteers come back feeling like they gained a lot from it for sure. So that's one of the three right there
at least one third of it is accomplished. There are also a lot of criticisms, as I think we kind of leaked out here there of peace corps, which is you know, that's any any noble experiment is going to result in criticism. There's always poor people who you know, don't put their money where their mouth is the yet have plenty of time to point out all the problems with something and d me. So what are the well, sadly, should go out and get to the crime being one of the core. Systems, is that there has been crime committed by and against peace for volunteers over the years and that the peace Corps hasn't done a very good job of it
and these people and some alleged Dave even tried pretty hard to cover up a lot of stuff yeah. There is some it was. I think last year this year in Washington, there's a bit of a stir when com so basically forced to start inquiring into how the peace Corps handles reports of say, Ike, sexual violence against volunteers, a group of volunteers was organised by a form of Antunes, Casey Frazier and she started first response action, which is basically like this, a group, a former volunteers who were subject sexual violence and who were mistreated by the peace corps when they returned near a lot of unreported, basically being implied that it was their fault. What had they been drinking? What were they wearing? Have? They been lay sleeping around briskly where they asking for its right. It is not what you do to your people now and uh, statistically,
every year. On average, twenty two peace corps, women report being victims of rape or attempted rate and more than one thousand from two thousand to two thousand nine are reported sexual assaults and you know what he's go unreported still, so that number may be higher and that's when I try to Poohpooh anything, but that's really and you know about my end in the new guy I earned way. I'm so said that they need to take this way more seriously and make it up a more victim, centred approach, Tamar victim centred approach. That is one of the reasons that that's going on, apparently, is because there is a clause from the nineteen sixty five peace corps. Act that says, if you're peace corps employ you means of his currently Gina Nazi were to each to know. I wasn't DC yeah, you can't be. You can't work there for longer than five
and the whole point is to keep the keep their place. Young key ideas fresh, keep it. You know really young rolling with the punches. But what is this one of the problems with? That is that it has no institutional. Marie right, if no one's winner longer than five years. There are some her grandfather then, but if no one's been there for longer than five years and your director comes a board like every three four five years, maybe There's no memory on how to handle big problems like this, so things can very easily be brushed under the carpet and savage ass. Their ban by my count three murders of peace work on two years, one just in two thousand nine Kate Busey was murdered in beneath. And this one drew a lot of attention because Kate Was-
essentially riding out a local employ of the school she was working at who she believed was sexually assaulted, the girls at the school read the Peace Corps office and somehow this got back to him and he tied or to a porch and slid her throat and the parents were pretty upset that this was alive And although I don't think they like verified, if the peace Coralie did? Surely they wouldn't do anything like that, but they're pretty upset that it wasn't his confidential as it should have been, that led to her murder lives famous was in the nineteen seventies, Deborah gardener was stabbed death by another volunteer and Tonga. Nineteen. Seventy six- and he is still walking streets of
Brooklyn play tennis prevent yeah. I've read at New York article on this. It was really interesting. So what there is a series of legal corks that that lead to him plough acquainted year. What happened was she is very pretty and he liked to very much and she did not return the affection, one night after a party in the town where there are some other volunteers, she got a little too drunk apparently fell down a compliment. The dance floor in one of her ex boyfriend who was there. I took her back to her hut and you know, put her to bed five days later, prevent comes into her hut and stabbed her twenty times, and it was supposed to go a little different. He had like a pipe and a knife and like cyanide- and it was supposed to be Here- was the like knocker out in torture her. But she like a war,
when he got there and fought him off and it does lead to, like you know, a brutal stabbing file he's trying to pull out of When people saw him, he fled on a bike, He was able to name her attacker before she died damn. They had a trial in Congo, where he was with the american government said he a schizophrenia, and we are going to. If you let him go here, we're gonna come to an institution in Washington State when we get back and the problem is when I got back to Washington state you they didn't, except you know like you, couldn't commit someone at that point. So is basically rules, but it was. They got him out. Country and then basically, there was no recourse, they couldn't crime in America and they could commit him involuntarily and he won't. You know I don't wanna, go I'm going back to New York and that's what he did and that restores
so have you been diagnosed with schizophrenia? I think that he had By one doktor there, but then later on, he did volunteer to go to the hospital and get tested and they said that he suffered from from psychosis and the moment, came up what they called it, but basically went nuts that night catch, but he's not schizophrenia, didn't have insufficient while he's working on your star, they write a book about it and he keeps it pretty low pro. But I would imagine he's got a pretty good job work for social security, as I get. Eighty thousand, our your computer guy Mile says really said yeah, but that is the exception. We do want to pay him a negative picture here, but that they have called on the peace accord it to clean up their act for sure when it comes to crime. Yet the peace corps. Fourth parts as we do not place peace corps, volunteers and unsafe environments. That's what errand William said near by.
He also said we need a we need to handle like that, any victimization. It does happen way better than we are Chuck Josh. There is also the CIA allegations. I don't know much about this, so for basically, since its inception, just the value of having seven thousand kids being placed in local environments gaining the tree
of people, interacting with other nationals from other countries in the third place, a neutral setting, yeah, it's just that the intelligence value of them by default is is incalculable, but the from the outset the two have been intended to be separated. Peace corps is a thin dearth intelligence like if you have an intelligence backgrounds. Are you can't be in peace corps right if you're in peace, Korea to wait for years before you can get a any kind of intelligence Simon? The military salute the on paper. There very much separate right, but everybody, including people who live in these countries that are being served by peace Corps, have always assumed peace corps
frontiers- are often asked to do intelligence fieldwork here it is in two thousand eight. Some kids came forward in Bolivia. Instead, hey while we're down there, the government told us too, to start in keeping reports and filing reports on Venezuelan in cuban nationals. We're living and working down. There really want to know all about these people that intelligence fieldwork and proven yeah, oh yeah, they, the? U S! The peace corps said that this was an error
that it was in violation of peace corps policy, but basically that enough of these, but these Bolivia multitasking, for that they couldn't say that it wasn't true while so yeah. It was a kind of thing, sir. Apparently it has happened at least once and it's not like wet work or anything like that. I don't think the peace corps, volunteers of urban asked to like greaser a dictator, anything like that, but what work and avert it yeah that's like hands on decimation, our what is wet me may imagine blaming Gore tissue wet from blood yeah while so on. This is the criticism again, though Chuck. I think we should say that my hat off to peace, corps and volunteers, for the work that they do absolutely and and if you're a female peace corps volunteer, be really careful. We encourage you'd have to be very much
workers, you know you're alone in these countries and bad things do happen sometimes and Don T be vigilant and take care of yourself, and I think that that goes for all peace. Covalent sure women are low more susceptible to to that kind of crime, obviously, but a new cutting it now, I think, men, happy fiftieth peace Corps, yeah had sought to you, and I thank you to all of our listeners, who are peace, corps volunteers or have been his for longer than you have written ass. The say thanks for being there, we hope by or we thank you back for taking us along on your trips- is pretty cool, kennedys children, so they come really. Are they used to another soda?
the village intimate children. That's all differ batch. So ok, that's peace curfew. I know more about it. You can type in peace corps in the heavy search bar has the forts dot com and that will bring you this fine, fine article and, I said handy search bar. You did too It is time for listener. Mail. This regulation and call this from an irish listener, and I think I said before I love me- some Irish Scottish You mean I read in Irish further: were there any irish people there that yeah, there's always wait, a couple so, like I said, need some irish and skies their grateful to have had some good friends from that part of the world economy is now
as a long standing recruit to the stuff you should or me. I always expect to hear something. New and interesting when I was in the United Kingdom, are expected to be singled out and spoken to directly wrecking the tenuous cast reality barrier, but that's exam. We what happened yesterday a little relevant detail to begin with, my name doesn't invite nicknames job. Being to normal and clean awkward to manoeuvre, in anything else, the best that fourteen years of school could give me was the nickname J K which has stuck for so my life. So anyway, I was stuck in traffic in Dublin yesterday, the government watch list by gas was coming to an end as big I was beginning to think How orwellian iris slash global society really. Is it started to give me- We are feeling that someone who I couldn't see was watching me or the people are talking about me. Josh decided to confirm this paranoia and said if you
to know more about the terrorist watch list and probably end up on the watch list yourself, J K, I genuinely panic. I am convinced that the U S government was after me barely my reaction to a foreign government pursuing these to break sharply and almost calls an accident in the middle of the city. I came back to reality and kept driving sheepishly of in looking at my rearview, mirror the angry driver behind me. So thanks intruders have you read this out loud I'd, love to give a quick, shouted Lucan, Andrew to other members of the irish battalion and great friends, so Luke, Andrew and John in iron. Ireland. Thank you for writing. An go eat since its pie and drink beer for me and make an judge yeah thanks a lot J J J K If you want to you, let us know about a timely spoken you directly or if you want to tell us about your peace corps time, it's pretty cool,
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