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How The Pill Changed the World

2018-06-19 | 🔗

When the birth control pill hit the market in 1960 it landed like a social bomb. Almost overnight, women gained the ability to separate sex from pregnancy and everything from feminism to patients’ rights centered on it. 

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Let me tell you about people who love talking and always wanted. In the end a chill PETE flayed, since he was three and big his mom to let him stay on the ice. Why some nights he even slept in his happy skates PETE practiced in practice to one day when he was forty. Seven feet realized. He just wasn't that good, so he threw his gates in the trash. But then he heard how Geico proud partner of any Joe could save him money on car insurance, so he switched and saved a bunch, so it all worked out hey. Everyone were coming to SALT Lake City Utah and Phoenix Arizona. This fall yeah October, twenty third, we're gonna, be it SALT Lake City, Graham Theater, and then the next night October. Twenty fourth will be in He makes an we added. A second show to her Melbourne, show right, that's right, a second
your show in Melbourne, so you can get all the information for. All of these shows it s. Why ask a live dot com welcome to stop! You should now has to pay and welcome into the pod cast I'm Joe Clark, there's child of each a riot there's the ghost of jury rule the empty chair. I feel that this thinking in rammed yeah thanks are anti hurry, kill us if your great the pill is as everything this might be. I just love this episode already. I do too, but I can I can we did that female puberty episode. I just feel nervous skimming fine containing female reproduction, just stated aim in or just we're just explain and stuff. I don't wanna itself
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Touring in their rise to podcast, start amend about all the people they ve kidnapped and its greatness an hour and forty minutes long. So it's super size and you're going to love it. If you don't like my favorite murder, it might be good chance for you to check out movie, crush yeah, so go check it out. But he wins. I won't come out Chuck. It's already out, just drop this last Friday sway. So you guys don't even have to wait. Wait, wait! Wait! Listen to this episode! First in Angola Centre that movie crush actually did manage to listen, and both are you ready to this yeah I'm in a hurry? So let's talk the pill, the opposite of having kids, the pharmaceutical, so famous that it's called the pill. It is the I read this new Yorker article about a book on the birth of the pill and non talking about its everything. Comes full circle, and they were saying like there's like you, don't call anything else. The pill like virus, not the pills, the little blue new antibiotics in the pill. You don't call it the vacuum
or the meat grinder right like there's a difference. Nothing like that, nothing compared to it and that's it for good reason. I mean the pill is monumentally huge as far as pharmaceuticals and medicine, those Samuel scale of antibiotics easily yeah in it? Some it's the very first medication there was designed for a non therapeutic purposes to yes, very interesting, and so it really difficult to over the two over state how much of an impact the pill had when they release to think nineteen. Sixteen, when really vestry, first yeah. Let's do this let me set the stage for you. Please. Oh you're, bringing a catch out back in a back in the day. I will do my Charles Nelson Riley, one man show herself back in the day. If you were a woman
You didn't want to get pregnant. You head to coordinate with your husband that he were a condom, locator or vote well. That's like a whole other kettle of fish at this time, the supposedly, in its social that went on all the time is plenty of premarital sex, but socially speaking, Only single men were allowed to have premarital sex, which who are they haven't premarital sex with then by if they're, the We ones allowed to have premarital. Second acid, consider you can Securing everyone refused to officially record. As homeless even existed? I know you get a so there is no. A double standards, a lot repression going on, but if you if you are a woman and you want to have sex so whether was with the guy you're having sex with or your husband, you, you basically had to say you gotta, wear condom, and if you say
no well you're, so well, one way or another. Either you were having sex you're gonna have sex without economy, and if they have and there is a really good chance. They use we're going to end up getting pregnant just for having sex, yet the boy, was entirely in the man's court and women not have much say in the matter, nilly didn't there were a couple of things on the market. So before the end of the industrial revolution there like folk remedies. Yet, where you could use herbs and stuff like that, basically, I think they're called herbal dishes it's like squeezing stuff in there and I only hope and hoping for the best stronger and then by the depression there's something there's a whole line of stuff called for a guy ecological aids or feminine hygiene. I think, is what is calm and some of them worked, some of them kind of worked,
Some of them didn't work some homework but would kill. You are give you chemical burns right There is a lot of problems, seated, have a lot of options right and then, along with the fact that you actually didn't have them any options socially in nineteen, fifty thirty states in the federal government said you can't have anything that that be used as a contraceptive, and you can't even learn about it from your doctor from school states in the federal government. This is one thousand nine hundred and fifty ten years later, the pill comes out in a couple years. The five million american women are using it as a contraception guarantee that Now it was in their hands, they had the abyss
need decide for themselves whether sex led to pregnancy or not, well and sort of. Even then right, because not all states allowed it, and not all doctors would give it out right. So is it wasn't like? Oh they at the outset, it's good to go so. Can I get it right? It was still a fight the out for years and years. Dec it's really was so I guess we should start with a woman named Margaret Sanger. She is very controversial figure. Found replant parenthood she's a nurse and she wrote a night in twelve, about a magic pill that could prevent conception is just a theoretical hypothetical. Right and she's controversial for many reasons, not the least, which is her. She was antiabortion, I'm kind of when she was most famous she anti abortion and can I went online on the pill and was like this is the way to do it is to prevent the pregnancy when you're pregnant. Sorry,
gotcha and then in others the whole eugenics thing. We should do a podcast on her. Probably at some point we should that's it, that's a rabbit horrider. Yet so, but she was the early champion of it. She was she coined the term birth control, I think one thousand nine hundred and twelve is well yeah, so in nineteen fourteen she started a newsletter called the woman rebel. That's where birth control was first typed out and distributed the words like you said: and then in the nineteen twenty. Some breakthroughs happen in science, where they able to identify progesterone and estrogen right and realize canna how it all worked yet so at first they were looking at this stuff as fertility. Drugs and then they notice that it actually could suppress fertility and, as they were, I think,
the forties when they were really starting in earnest or is it the twenties? Well I mean their senses. Synthesizing it from animals, and it was an early nineteen, forty one. I don't think they're even synthesize anti. They were extracting it and then that's what you got your pill was. Animal hormones well says synthesize from animal. Maybe it was a process catcher. But eventually nineteen forty one doktor marker Doktor Russell Marker had like James Bond. For some reason he discovered how to synthesize the synthetic former progesterone, which is called Predestine. And that really this is from wild yams, believe it or not air so did that and that changed everything it did debated cheaper. It made it easier to obtain good research all of a sudden right yeah, but you still couldn't real research right because there are laws and even doing research on birth control, so that people who were doing this it. Sir,
those martyred Sanger. She sheep hooked up with a doctrine in Pinkus and Gregory guess who was a biologist and he was interested in in coming up with birth control as well. Mary Mccormick was therefore say, Mary, Catherine Catherine, Mccormick of them a cormick, I guess the spice Roca, so she she'd lent a tremendous amount of her wealth to this research and then a guiding John Rock, who was a dog who is also working on a birth control pill. They all join forces in the nineteen fifties and started working on this really hard, but they had a lot of Rome locks up against them and they cut a lotta corners in getting this thing out into market, yet like going to porter it go to because they had to for trials right end this is now a porter Rico is like we don't want this, but your forcing
anyway. Puerto Rico had two at the exact opposite attitudes towards birth control that the United States did at the time. The other was a good place to do it. They in inform anybody what going on with this that this was a clinical trial. They just gave him some pills, and so do you take these it'll. Keep you from getting pregnant year, which they cannot came about by accident. Some of the pills were contaminated with estrogen and though you said and scare quotes a guess just because what they really mean as mixed by accident and that reduced, are the side effects cuz. I was one of the big problems at first continue to be for a while, and eventually they landed on a drug company called Cyril. There were two competing ones that other one will send text and Cyril how you pronounce it? thorough. Sir, that's what I'm going to see a r l e sir you!
who is a zero, they finally came up with a thought, was the right formulation? and in nineteen, sixty two syntax came out with their version and then pretty soon it was being marketed and distributed after after approval and in sixty one, so yeah. So Cyril was the one who hooked up with saying are in and rock year and undamned they were the ones who provided the pills for the clinical trial importer echoed there is also a clinical trial in at a women's until asylum in Massachusetts and the patients, their didn't, have any informed consent and when they release this formula first, it was for guiding Collage Eagle disorders, things like ovarian cysts. They knew it can be used to treat that and Cyril at the time was like they had. No, I patients for this whatsoever again and then, within a year there
half a million women in America who were said using this forgotten ecological problem, encircled figured out while another, actually using it for contraception right so when they went inside FDA approval and got it that was when the floodgates open like there now a pill on the market that could prevent contraception. That was the woman's to take and all of a sudden there is the first year. There one point: two million american women on the pill. Incirlik first thought: they're not gonna want this. Women are gonna, wanted, a pill every day to keep from getting pregnant and they could infringe the name pregnant for that the pills were being grab from their hand. S, and there is a huge deal. It was and then these pills were not very safe. That's that's the upshot of this. The estrogen there was way too much estrogen. It was dangerous. It is causing
answer in nineteen sixty nine, a very famous book came out called the doctors case against the pill written by medical journalist, name, Barbara Seamen, and she got together with a bunch of doctors and research. There's an women and made a case against the pill that it wasn't safe was a senator, Gay Lord Nelson, who read the book took on birth control, Ensign hearings in January. Nineteen: seventy in the Senate Chamber there was this testing, about the pill goin on, of course, only by men all the witnesses with only men, testifying providing witness testimony women their name Alice Wilson and her group, the Dc Women's liberation group. They were sitting there just getting more and more steamed yeah in this area, Hearings at this time is huge, were kind of under the radar right until Alice Wilson, like this Let us the thing you know it
so there were just get more more steamed watching on these men, get up there and talking about women's reproductive health and but not only that they were also. These people were talking about how how dangerous the side effects were with the pill, hypertension, blood cause heart attacks, high blood pressure, all of these things and these the women in the Dc Women's Lib movement, including ours, Wilson were like never heard this before in our lives. How did our doctors not tell us that? Will that was the back story is that none of the doctors were sharing this information is they were getting in its. You know, I think, there's always been a problem not across the board, but with doctors and pharmaceutical companies right pushing certain drugs over others
leave it, but at the time it was way were out. Her is now like there is an out is larger. Yet there was, there was a a mentality among doctors, male doctors who who believed that, if view, the woman was better off. Not knowing you don't get her all upset spy giving her all the information you have side effects listed right and if you did teller ran the risk, since women were so suggestible re might develop a stroke rise by thinking about it. So much so is better off just not telling her about it yet That was the entire medical establishment at the time, and so the pill went from this feminist icon in the 60s to buy one thousand nine hundred and seventy becoming a an icon for white male patriarchy,
medical patriarch and how patients informed consent was was a paramount issue now and it just took on this other role well in informed consent was literally born that day. At that hearing, they finally heard an experts, say: estrogen is to cancer. What fertilizer is the wheat and Alice Wilson stood up and start screaming, she was screaming. Why are using women as guinea pigs why're? You, letting drug companies murderous for profit and convenience they got a lot of media attention and really the aftermath of those hearings is when this consumer health movement started and they started informed consent. They learned at having to list side effects on bottles.
And you know was an overnight thing, but it really change the formal pharmaceutical industry forever right. So the pill managed to accept this. I guess I How graffiti guide it became a symbol for this other thing, yeah, but still manage to keep on keeping I'd like it, like, I think, eighteen, eighty seven of women between eighteen and forty nine in the? U S follow those hearings at once, dumb Allison, sin and the Dc Women's Lib movement like made it national thing- and I think, eighteen percent of whom start taken the pillars, the result, but the pill, It didn't in as the popularity the stood in as the I Comfor informed consent, and then, just as after that was established, this went back to being the pill. I think that's amazing. It is because it was his huge state
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hey. Let's talk minstrel cycles. Are I let's man he's? That's all. That's going on here is the pill manipulates the menstrual cycle by tricking the body with synthetic hormones. Yes, it trick that a core moans- yes, it tricks the body in the thinking it's already released in egg, it's pretty brilliant, it is. It is, but it's also came a low fi. If you think about it, it is very low fascinate. So we should come and give you an idea of what the menstrual cycle is right. Twenty eight days generally. Yes, that's the that's the rule of thumb, but yes, it's certainly different reverie one night, and I think it's also down to like ours and stuff
on shore to know, but have you stopped in ever thought about like how interesting it is that the cycle of the moon is like twenty eight days as well? I think it's fascinating and I didn't say when passing out an ever stopped it. I just think just in researching this those efforts, the cycle of the moon as well as interesting, so cycle of the moon as well as interesting. So anyway, I'm over the sea roughly twenty eight day period. The whole thing starts with the pituitary gland gonna Wilfred and saying: hey, I'm gonna really symbolical stimulating hormone at this age and that stuff floods, the body and it makes twice a day
to the over ease and it stimulates follicles. Hence the name. That's right: it makes these follicles in the arena, grow, pool and adjust sets off a big it series of events. Basically estrogen. Is it triggers that pituitary gland again yet as follows, then, and in turn really such region right, yeah and add a trojan. Releasing hormone g little in big are big h, one of the better regulations ever yak as it looks or like guns in Rome the better abbreviations ever the cuz. It looks or like guns, This is a little bit yeah. How that is why I like that in our age, in that triggers arise in Luton, rising hormone l, age right, and so Luton, rising hormone goes back down to the overall, follicles and it will get one of the follicles, so if you have a bunch of
ovarian follicles growing one of them's going to clearly it's the lead horse right, yeah, it's going to develop into an egg and, as the lunar hormone hormones stimulated to develop a new day, the egg pops off the rest of the other followed. Was whether in die and in their egg travels down the philippine tube beer, where it may or may not be fertilized. He added called Population and what is going on in the background. The uterine lining the endometriosis. Thickening up rights can read for business and the reason that is because the estrogen and the lunar using hormones are causing that to have gathered is rising and rising, so the the mucous in the vagina.
I'm saying like even more than usual right now, better America's signals in the vagina also does it thickened yeah, so it thickens is that after the egg has been fertilized because I think it would make it it would become, Ok, so it d thickens the uterine lining thickets, letting them Digital mucus makes it makes it easier for the effort to make its way. I correct. Ok, sorry about that. So that's, So if it goes according to the genetic plan, then the sperm are going to make their way to an egg. The eggs going to become fertilized is going to come down the fallopian tube attached to the uterus, and it's going to start to grow into a child correct also not happen either the woman involved might not have sex, so it might be no sperm. These per might not make
There might be some sort of barrier method being made or used to dude may have bats burnt sure, regardless of how this happens, if the egg is not for lies the egg eventually withers up itself and dissolves, and there thickened endometriosis a shed based yeah, the uterine lining shit. Yes, sir, When nor has it like of iron rich blood tissue right. Ok, that is mainstreaming, that's menstruation, so when you think of them, but that's your period, get the whole thing's menstruation but yeah. Ok, it's like a twenty eight day cycles, menstruation because I always think of like other periods, menstruation right now, that's actually the end of menstruation right and then the whole cycle begins again right after that time, the bitter Terry glands, like really some follicles stimuli.
Hormone the whole thing we to get the pill interrupts this by making the body think it's already released in egg like it when the egg comes off of the follicle and make way down. The philippine tube ovum makes his way down the Philippine too. That's when the estrogen, and the progesterone levels are high okay, so the pill introduces progesterone and estrogen levels and keep some high at all times, and therefore the body stops releasing eggs because it thinks it's already released and yet is hijacks that whole process right synthetically. Yet.
The woman's body is amazing. It and when you think about all that's going on here are bodies not doing anything even remotely ignited mating. Like far it's what I thought when I was researching this house, like man, I've never felt less important to me and like the insides of my body or just get some lungs doing, some things got a heart and then, like, I guess, I'm still making sperm, you know I've gotta, go wheezy old, donkey running the show. In their dirty goodness said Miriam still builds up in the uterus and is released, but is known as the withdrawal period. So this is if you're on the bill. But that's why you're period while on the bill is gonna, be generally lighter and shorter. Yet, and so technically this the pill mimics, the structure called the corpus. Lou team
yes, which is the thing that releases progesterone and estrogen once in egg is released, so the bodies, like other copiously teams, gotta going on I don't need to release another egg. I also not gonna have a period because during this time after the pill hormone level start to become like a normal baseline in the woman's body? There's no and no material that builds up and therefore there is no end of meat room to shed right, and I think we mention this yet predestine, which is the synthetic progesterone right It's gonna make that battle mucus thicker!
so you're right earlier. It is thinner to make the sperm make it excessive eggs easier right. It will fix it up that mucus to make it harder for the spur, so it it. I think it's just would like one to punch to make it even harder to get pregnant, although you can still get pregnant, usually due to misuse of the pill, because what you do is you take the pill at the same time every day. It's all very synchronous and depends on that timing, and if you dont time it outright, your chances are getting pregnant or a little bit more, but apparently, if you're taking it exactly right. At the same time, Then you're failure rate is gonna, be point. Three percent rights would still technically possible. Yes, it is point three percent possible which offers at the question like one I like when they were developing the pill. They had it completely
their control as to what they wanted to do with the menstrual cycle, and they decided and I never knew the cited and very interesting- they decided to keep it on that twenty eight day cycle because for a lottery since they thought dot, the rock thought, the Catholic because he was a Catholic. They might be more willing to approve it if it seem more natural, guess right. Here's way offer they thought way off. He thought that women would be more apt to take it. If it didn't seem like it was disrupting things much yet. I still am irregular cycle right because you do have. The withdrawal period is not an actual real period, but it does com at that. At the end of that the pill cycle you have, as they could have got rid of the period altogether right in a lot of people are like well go. Do that and there are pills in the market that will talk about that. Do, take away women's period if there's others that put them at different like spaces. The Malik like four times a year, something like that, and
The people started looking into the snake oil made, like you shouldn't, shouldn't and be having periods, and the answer is not necessarily right. Yeah me controversial like if you are, if you not obviating you technically, don't have to have a period, and this Molly men's, wrote this really interesting pill. Molly article, like is a period necessary. I think what it's called and down his wit. Women today have many more periods than our ancestors write something on the order of like four hundred and fifty periods over the average woman's lifetime. The about three times as many as our ancestors yeah silly back in Conor Gather pre, pre, pre agricultural women, how about a hundred and sixty or something right, and that is because they have more kids, they breastfed longer. They believe they didn't live his arm yet, and so some people make the point like
all women are having more more periods than ever before, and the body was meant for this. It's actually kind of, rough on the body to have a period like when the the ovum pops offer the philippine tube. It leaves a scar on the ovary here and that scar has to be repaired and Compare the cells in the ovary have to divide, and as long as they divide correctly that that damage will be repaired if they dividing correctly that damage can turn into ovarian cancer so that yeah, that's it that's the problem, But there is also scarring with Endo the shutting of then Dmitri, unlike actually having your period itself, can leave scarring same deal right, yeah anything. Doesn't iron deficiency come into play, so that's actually benefit of having a period with you. You get rid of access iron, which can lead to cardiovascular disease. Well- and there are a couple of weeks during the minerals menstrual cycle where
have a lot, a significant reduction in blood pressure. So during the years you know their reproductive years, at least they are it. I guess, as slightly lower risk of stroke in hearted, actively ten percent lower. Yet almost a bat no. So there's pros and cons to having a period. The thing is This is where Molly ultimately points out. Is we actually dont know if a periods necessary like that Is still relatively new and I think there she quoted a doctor in their doctors, Susan Roth CO, I think Rocco and she called the the pill that does away with periods entirely the greatest. Unregulated medical experiment of all time, yeah and dumb, but she she may
killing. Point like we don't really know what the side effects are yet because all of this is to new, especially the pill that there does away with the period altogether. Well yeah- they haven't done there- no long term studies of minstrel suppression right from oral contraceptives, at least they don't know about. That means for women, they don't know cause must have. This testing is done for women over eighteen they don't know what it means for women under eighteen right at all, because there is not involved in the research
even though they do have a resource that shows about two thirds of women would get rid of their period if they could do so safely, because I mean we have any mention pms or p p m d, which is just isn't that, like a really really severe yeah form of him ass. Yes, it's like much worse. Yeah yeah words like PMS is not a picnic to begin with choices. This is like a hospital bed. Right can be at least yeah, so yeah has really interesting to think about. It also treats ovarian sisters uses for fur birth control pills to near you are taking a break and get back to an ok. Let me
oh you about people who love talking and always wanted in the end a chill PETE flayed, since he was three and big his mom to let him stay on the ice. Why some nights he even slept in his happy skates PETE practiced in practice to one day when he was forty seven feet realized. He just wasn't that good, so he threw his gates in the trash But then he heard how Geico proud partner of any Joe could save him money on car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch, so it all worked out ok check where our way oh you're, too I'm over here hanging by on the left, my finger, nails and I think, you're doing any doing great everybody. Yes, no so members, so there are side effects both positive and negative. To taking the pill, Brown there's some very calm and negative side effects. Lake nausea is a big one.
Way, Bahrain spotting, which is called breakthrough menstruation, which is where you have a bleeding during the actual pill cycle, not the prescribed period like all of the pill, yet I'm think we mentioned yet either that in the pill prescription and that monthly dose there are seven, not always, but the way they designed it was. There are seven placebo pills right that are in there, because the only take the pill for twenty one days a month. But they put those extra seven pills in there to keep women on that. I guess the thinking was their use used to taking his bill every day. We need to keep doing it. Right? Otherwise, a habit yeah if they dont for seven days, they might forget on eighth day and that spanish? Yet so that's that's! The most one way to do it in those that's a very easy type of arm of pills to take
right, because all of them are the same level of hormone and the Seven inert ones are usually different. Color they come at the end of the month. Right supposed to be easy. There is actually a recall right now of tea Tula. Did you see that tape Lula is made by our again, I think in they recalled a lot of their pills because they put the inert ones at the beginning of the cycle. Accidently just bad packaging, yes hammock, and if you look, you can clearly see that the first lakes, in our different color but where they're supposed to be at the end, the right at the beginning, and that is bad news if you re taking that pill, so if you have time to go check it right now and
go get more yeah, but I think he interrupted you on the side effects, not your head aches, breast soreness, acne, depression, moodiness, weight gain, decrease, libido, and sometimes these can be like it. If you start out on the pillow can be worse if you cycles and it might get better and if it does it Yukin, there are different pills out there. There are there some so the day when those pills originally came out there, First formula, I think I'll call Baker in Ovid was the first one on the Marquis earthworm by Searle, three zero, zero, ten milligrams of progesterone, Predestine, yeah and point one: five milligrams of estrogen
and that is like a nuclear bomb pill. Women had the worst side effects from like all the side effects like my each woman, a Mack truck Nick and there are still willing to go through it to two like have control of of their body. As far as pregnancy went by. Very quickly figured out through further research. You can do the same and the reason they selected areas like they knew that there was not going to be any obligation, yellow ten milligrams of progesterone, and so they figured out that you could formulate with a much lower amount of both predestined and estrogen and still get the job done, and they still do that today. I think the estrogen gets down the micrograms hanging, get like two point: five milligrams, progesterone and in some forms of the pill, and then, if so, if the pill,
Mistreating you why you're saying is their options will yet there are three main types of oral? Does he keeps a? Did? You also said Cyril. There are three main types of the Earl Contraceptive pills. Now combination fills predestine, only an extended release, which are the newest ones out there. The combination pills the most common pill that you will get. The the many pill is the projected only and for some women, that's better like if your breast,
being an you can't have the estrogen Marcus is gonna affect your milk, you'll, probably be on the many bill and the many people peel. It works in a couple under four ways. It makes it in Dmitri him too thin to accept that egg right and movement allow it to attach and again with a bachelor mucus and makes it too thick to allow a sperm to reach the egg, but it is a little less effective but still effective, but a little less than the combination, because it's almost like a different differ, different mechanism. Yet, like it's twenty eight active pills for the many bill, riper rather than tricking the body to thinking, is released in egg. This is just making it hard to get pregnant. Yes right, exactly is almost like a different kind, and then there is some was the other kind. While the combination filled the most common there's, a few sub types of that bill as well right, there's monophysite, which is what I was talking about, where you got twenty one, hills and the elderly are the same dose of Pradesh produced
and dumped estrogen, and then you get the seven inert pills and some women say I can have a period this this month and then you just rather than taking us seven inert pills you just move on to the next month. Twenty one pills, yes and a belief He put the motto basic. If you miss a day, you can double up the next day causes the same amount of pill right or the same level of hormones right so yeah yeah. That's in that far and away the most common theirs by phases, which did has two different levels of hormones and then try phase. It has three different levels and the point of of by phase it can try phase. It is, It they're, designed to give you the absolute minimum amount of synthetic hormones that your body requires to keep from. Are yes because the point, as is the lower the amount of hormones you have in their problem. The better off. You are whether its cancer risk moodiness, who knows?
you're you're, just better off, with though the least amount that does the trick. Yeah and the kind of protest and in each of these is gonna vary, but the type of synthetic estrogen is the same right. Scald, ethanol astride. I all Eric Estrada Astraddle, that's it ever no extra dial yet, but the progressed in is the thing that that day sometimes a correct and depending, if like you're, on appeal that uses one type of protests in you can say one try a different type of protests in him. They'll say here you go and then they extended cycle, which we talked about this. New us the new one on the market, and I believe it is the one that is can reduce your period like a few for four times a year, yeah it. So there is some there's a couple of different their seasonal and season. Eke and they're called that, because that four times a year period
It just be like up its fall up its summer right, none that ordered, but you know what I'm saying and then there's liberal and I'm sure there's other ones on the market, to we don't mean to buzz market or anything like that. So there's there's there's one. That's like three hundred and sixty five days: and there are others that are eighty four days so that you have four either. Oh periods at all, before periods, ear, right, rigour so there's a couple of other things I want to hit on the pill. Is it's so much larger than just birth control? Sure I mean just the fact that is birth control is an enormous thing, we, like you, said John Rock thought he was going to be able to convince the catholic church that that this is an ok thing, though, is not the case now in the late sixties,
black power movement really zeroed in on the the pill, especially them the men of the Black Power movement and said like this, but this is tantamount to black genocide and there they definitely had like a case like their reply. Cases of of black women who went into hospitals and gave birth and thanks MT unknowingly sterilised like the doktor, has taken it upon himself to sterilised after delivering a baby. So they think they have the status of evidence to back this and it was never shone like yes, there was a conspiracy to to wipe out black power in America through the pill. But you like, there were plenty of black women at the time who said like yeah, I can get birth control pills easier than anything I bet you, no doubt they like corner clinic or something like that, and even even with the early trial.
From John Rockin Gregory Pinkus, like one of the things that they zero in on Puerto Rico, for was because they thought that if they could show that backwards, porter weakens of color could could learn how to take the pill regularly. It would demonstrate that women in the inner cities could women in developing countries could so there was definitely like a mentality toward the the white establishment being on board with the idea of at least per I the tools for
for minorities too, to control their rate of birth rate that wasn't there just pure and simple. That was a thought of it. It was, and it had a tremendous amount of benefits to, but there were some. There is some darkness in the place that it originally came from his well well yeah. Of course, antiabortion groups think that the pill still to this day is an abortion causing agent when they call in guinea confidence at a border fashion abortifacient. I yeah. I think that's right, which you know. That's that's long been their argument while they, their argument is that it makes the the uterus hostile, yell a fertilized eggs like your prolonged. This would prevent of a fertilized eggs that would otherwise attach from attaching, and so that's for all intents and purposes, abortion in their presence.
Right and the others. I dont think that one settled by any stretch of the imagination so again, if, yes, I got nothing else: I predicted relief. This is a good one, as it gives us good having a great over dinner yak like Patronising, who nervous Turning now, I feel like white deeds, but were very much aware that were wide use, and let me leave you with this white dude, your. Why do whether its in America or the west or anywhere you're, one job is to have some perspective that your first and foremost job take yourself out of your own shoes once and while look around put yourself in other people, choose your eyes, will open widely and in a some say, walk a mile sure why not
Geller Weight off right at least go check the mail. You ought to know more about the pill just type in the pill. It'll bring up some cool stuff on how to dot com, there's also a really great american experience. Site PBS that had a bad man that was good, so good and since I said american experience and checks, it's so good. It's time for listening, No, it's not no listener mail today, because we have had some milestones here lately, and As we sit here today in real time, we as a company are celebrating the tenth anniversary of stuff. You should now again I kin there were actually having the party today and on this
Andy Apple, announced at their there, the BBC, yet the developers conference. I got upon stage in this kind of hit me like. We had two thousand episodes, those good the ten years. Can it hit me in a big way, but they got upon stage today and they said that stuff you should know, is now the first pod cast in history first and only to reach five hundred million downloads and street. On their platform, which is needed, no, no, a heavy to somehow item growers in the Guinness book, a world record here we are, as the only one in it's because of you all out there. Yes, gazillion I'm spread without you. There is no us
been long gone. If not for your support, so we continue to give thanks. Thank you again. We will continue to give thanks and we will continue to broadcast. Yes, we will Chuck. Yes, we were, and that's all I got if you want to get in touch with us, you hang out with me. I mind: does twitter it Joshua Clark, a mine, Instagram and Joshua Clark to checks on Facebook that complex Charles of each up by an Slash movie cross check, minded both you can send us all: an email, the stuff podcast, a house to first I come and as always to innocent, are extraordinary. Really grateful home on the web stuff. You should know that are more or less and thousands of others happen. There's a housetop works. Not what is it that makes us human
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