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How Toy Testing Works

2017-11-28 | 🔗

It's every kid's dream - a job playing with toys that pays in toys. It's a real thing and has been around for a long time. Then there's the other side of the testing process, companies who ensure that toys are safe. It takes both of these testing techniques to successfully bring a toy to market these days. Dive into the ball pit with us today and learn all about toy testing.

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from house to work, Stockholm and welcome into the Pakistan Josh Clerk, there's Charles to reach? Brian there's Jerry role in There- and this is stuff no for all the kiddies out there for the cat, the kiddies there is a dvd gotcha two days in an I e, not Kitty's. No, not me! I'm real nice callback, man, those good or bad thoughts. Power should mention that on the one for the Kitty Chuck
Have you ever tested a toy? No around two. We I mean I've done some product testing before, because I have a friend had friend that worked in market research and she would occasionally hit me up for a burger taste or a beard drink a nice or a tool tests, but never toys. Mile of at the beer drink was fun. Great drink, a little beer in a debate like a hundred bucks. Was she like? No, you can't swallow the swish IRAN in your mouth and spit it out actually, most of them when the only one I did. I think there was any one that was taste a lot of times. Is just like what you think of this logos? Everything really like the beer wasn't even in the room with you know what a teaser they just throw things up,
and I just go boring air or you, like. You probably could have explained this better when you asked me to test the beer. Well, you get that philomel up at a hundred bucks. Us who cares nice is that how much that pays? It sometimes more well sometimes fit. I did a frozen yogurt when for fifty bucks, one time, but it it range between fifty and a couple of hundred very cool Kashmir No, why not? You know you could go via light up here with their totally I remember hearing about the idea of toy testing as a kid interests just being like how how do I do this? My country, like China, we both work were busy gobio, kid you, especially after the movie big o There is a lot of toys, hang in there I mean that was his job. I forgot about that totally but I just remember the piano seamen and the scene at the end, but well don't spoil it. Ok, I didn't, I said the scene at the Inn:
hopefully didn't smaller for anybody that big ends. Eventually, here don't spoil it, but it has something to do with it. A dirty bombs that index deficits to dig surprising So anyway, I remember wanting to be a toy tested, never pan out for me now that I have grown up a little bit, and I read this article, especially don't low research toy testing still sounds awesome if you're a kid, but if your parent not sound. All that great what you mean like, if your kid does, that yeah sounds like a lot of workmen mecca. Get in the toy and have your get boiled it yeah. I mean it's not like that's the end of it, like there's a lot of a lot of extra stuff. Yesterday you have to pay attention to your kid, while their planning you have to see how you gonna write reports and stuff others like if those work to it, if you're the parent for sure, would you have to take them out of their their small plain brick room. Actually, let them play yet take off their Hannibal. Lecter face mask
their strait jacket. I never thought about it. That way doesn't get to work and then put him back in after their done with their toy right now, this again, if you're the kid great job, if you're apparent is it seems tough, plus also one of the things that stuff about it is that this is not something that is easily come by. I think, although it's a lot easier today to get a job for you,
it is a toy tester. There was say like a ninety ninety yelling back then you had, it literally depend on someone getting in touch with you right or you had to let go show up at headquarters and be okay. We think you kid her night. I will its let's go a little further, a little further back check because there's a lot of different testing that goes on with toys. There's a kind. I was talking about research, marker research, right like you, in your beer logos. Yet I play with the toy kid. What do you think the stink, and there is also the kind that there has to do with like actually making sure it safe, which is another kind of toy testing and we're going to cover both, but the idea of testing toys to make sure that they didn't? You know disempower the kid that was playing with them with some weird sharp edged, miss all that
actually, you know, could win with sticking your gut and catch fire, something like that. That's actually relatively new concept, like surprising, lay new. Actually, Yemen toys have been around for thousands of years like they found toys that are potentially four thousand years old Assad a rattle that was from Turkey that may like four thousand years old yeah and by all accounts. This italian find was a sore like an early, easy bake, Oven kid yeah is like a toy kitchen. Basically kitchen said yes, like little kids have always wanted to play with stuff. Just part: a child, whether it took the junior or in other words to modern times in the eighteenth century, it became a to where the enlightenment for us, You said you know what learning
replay is really valuable thing, so, like legit toy started being developed for the first time you I think that bout the time man maybe a little before? But this is probably the seeds of where a child who came from and we need to do in episode, just don't childhood, I think been like when it was allowed like this is now. It's not like a natural. It may be natural but observe It is not a long standing thing among humans what because illegal deforestation. It was like, well you, five years old and time for you to get to work exactly I carry Gill or more called us on your face. You look jobless here. So the idea of kids playing especially date taken of learning grow into adult, set that yeah that's like find its roots in the enlightenment and there. So you ve got that that that one branch or that one sapling coming up in it starts integrate and merge with another one that comes up later on in the nineteenth century, industrialization
so now you have the idea that kid should play with toys, because prior to industrialization families may have made them themselves. It may, like. The kid may have been just playing with a kitchen: utensil foresees its imagination. And I realize they keep referring to the kid. Is it his or her imagination like a broom because The course pretty easy, yeah or you know me, look at stick ball. Shirt is raining simpler than cutting a broom into a broomstick in train, play baseball night, a nice ladle can become an electric guitar sure is my thing always late air guitar. Whenever I could only have entire when I'm like now that I am older how tortuous must disappear, I would give entire concerts of lake you fine Jovi slippery one wet
but like it would be in either air guitar whore, but Drum set made of like country, crock, lids, first symbols and then the tubs for the germ cells are like a quick rode back to something like that. But I have like a whole like Tommy Lee Drum KIT made up get some questions here. Ok, I wasn't, I wasn't, and others are more, will give this whole cards. In, like everybody, would come into my room and sit there and listen like the first song, be like okay, one more and I try to go through at least one whole side of the tape. I don't think I ever made it through a whole side was to do the whole album. I will that those that answer my questions, actually, I want to know how long were these performances who you subjected them too? my family. They were long and it must have been excruciatingly longer pretty much simpler so I'm not even sure how I got on that when my point was well.
Because of your imagination, of turning a household items into fantastical toys. That's right! So, thanks to industrialization in mass production, toys could be made in holding distributed and all of a sudden. Now you have something like the beginning of a consumer culture, especially in America. Yeah and we're Talkin nineteen fifties. It became a real thing except back, then the toys were highly likely to injure or kill your child right, not like it, but a lot of whom were pretty dangerous materials. I found this one step from nineteen sixty eight, and I've. Seen it like question, no one was keeping track. Apparently, no one really started keeping track to toy injuries and deaths in telling the twenty four
entry into rate laundered incident a fourth of July job him in here centuries when they started releasing reports with injury in death. Statistics from toys, so I saw this Y know is a guest in it, but I saw seven hundred thousand injuries from toys nineteen sixty eight and that's not including jungle, gems and swing- sets bikes travelling sprawling scooters. Nothing like that. There is a just straight up: toys by two thousand and twelve I saw that there were eleven children who died in the: U Dot S. Five of them were from tricycles. Two of them were from scooters at two or from balloons. So really technically, only two children died from what you would consider like. Just a straight up toy like a dollar stuffed toy or something like a crane or play doh. I think both of them is fixation.
The idea that there is a huge change from very, very, very dangerous toys into actually a pretty safe industry that has to do large with toy testers yeah. I know it was one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine that they finally passed, what's known as well. The first federal safety standards for toys, in the law and International Commission on product safety that same year said. Are it we ve got eight recommendations for banning toys and I looked up and picture because, the kind of fun to look at the empire. Lady. Empire little lady stove, which is basically an easy big urban mixed with a pottery killed six hundred degrees Fahrenheit the sink good kit,
three hundred and sixteen degrees celsius, your home of, and does it get up to six hundred degrees? Probably not a genuinely does not, I think my Ngos, the five fifty maybe in cleaning. So leaning motor, not something a little little toddler needs to play with bright insult cleaning out. It lacks itself shots. He can't over the door, even what else the bird appeared I slingshot, which looked innocuous enough, but it The deal with Eleanor had these short missiles that could make you bleed, but yeah I've. I think slingshot need just begins and ends at that. As far as the safety is concerned, I looked up slingshot two acres, I had a number the wrist Rockets yeah, I do. Those things are so dangerous. You have one. I was never allowed to happen. So I had a risk rocket and I looked up
egg. After this articles, ikebana with what's going on in the world this link up it's in dude, you should see some of the slim shots market today. Are they even more dangerous than the wrist rocket? Oh yeah, while, unlike their Youtube videos with people with these things that they look like little musket balls, you can fire. And I mean this guy was shooting these balls with slingshot through, like half inch plywood, it's like a gun. That is a dangerous toy. Well yeah! It's really look of extreme sling shuffles. It's a boy and girl get one never in my life, if you're, eighteen or older, and don't have likes him, you know grudge against anybody. As one of the Zulu Blowgun was, was that
period in America, where you could have some of the kids toy. That was highly racist and very dangerous I'll run when convenient box yeah. I can't imagine with the packaging, looked like a man. It looks like it. What do you think it looks like so? The kids were choking on the darts, I'm surely in the dark in taking a deep breath exactly what they were like. I should have thought this through the first pretty much. I regret nothing, and that was that right, so that there was nineteen sixty nine. Yet there was the first time they started taking toy safety seriously in prior to that, the last time they had for a little kids was, I think, in the fifties, because in the forties there was a lot of fun like flash fire death. Among children wearing like pyjamas, because pigeon
were made of re on this new material at the time, and I guess no one had ever tested around a flame and it turns out that it could burn up real quick in. Not only could it burn the kid badly possibly to death, it could also kill him from smoking relation from the their pyjamas right near, even if they survived, they were again very badly burned so Congress past the flame of bull, not flammable, flammable fabric act, I think, is what it's called a flame.
Can we can I go off here for signature? Can we all come together and disagree to drop the word inflammable together that again, there's no reason for its just a dangerous word: its wearer, I'm still, I'm still beaten the drama that will permit a sentencing to. Ah, yes, Doctor Nicky's like right, flammable means flammable yeah. Ok, so they beg you so Congress pass this act to basically saying all kids, where needs to be flame retardants
The problem is the chemicals they used to make the close flame retardant was we're flammable they were, they were not. They were the opposite of flammable in their credit, but they supposedly were linked to kids in increasing hyperactivity in a decrease in IQ our and still today, it's very, very tough to get kids pyjamas that aren't flame retardant with those same chemicals, but apparently in the MID nineties, Congress allowed a loophole. They keep going where, if, pajamas were of a snug fit. They could be not flame resistant right. They didn't have to have the flame retardant chemicals because two to burn fire needs oxygen and if there's no oxygen really between the kids skin and the pajamas cause they're snugly snug fitting pyjamas here, then the fires probably not going to happen, so they don't have
have flame retardant chemicals, it's the one loophole in that fascinating warrior, and now we can get back to the long standing tradition of leaving a lit candle in your baby script for the first month. While there is one other thing I saw check to There is a long standing rumour that it was actually the tobacco industry that got the flammable fabrics ACT pushed through because they were trying to deflect the blame for death by fire accident fire from cigarettes the actual fabric manufacturers gotcha, even though a lot of people died in their beds from their mattress going up because they fell asleep with a cigarette in her mouth smoking bed, that's, it seems like such a. Such a thing that nobody would do any more. But I know people still do it yes, but still shot. When you see it in a movie
we show which are used to see that all the time and movies, but now, when you see anything to people really smoking bed yeah, I don't know monk was take a break and we will come back and talk a little bit more about different kinds of toy testing right after this We want to tell you about the Subaru love problem that's right, we have a super outback. Emily does, and we ve had to these now and now we love the company even more because of the Subaru LE promise. So Subaru has a commitment by the company and its retailers to do right by the communities that we all live in and work in and play in Dr Supervision, since two thousand fifteen Subaru its retailers leukemia and lymphoma society have delivered craft, kids and blankets.
More than one hundred thousand patients across a nation. Yeah! That's right! In this past year alone, more than forty three things and blankets in over. Ninety five hundred kids were delivered to patients, along with messages of hope, which is pretty nice, it's great to learn more about how Subaru gives back visit, Subaru dot com, slash, love, dash, promise. That is s you be a. Are you die come slash, clovy dash, P r O. Am I see Alright, there are mechanisms and regulatory bodies in place now that are in large and making sure toys are safe, and these are constantly it's not like. They wrote the book
tonight, we're good as toys expanded and are developed. The safety energy need to be changing all the time and they do which is great. So one thing saw ironically enough is that somebody actually did write the book on this well yeah, but it's not of finalized version right out,
I say to me like they, they updated as new size comes in here. Yeah agreed agree, but even that you know just the idea of creating standards again is pretty new, because I think until like the nineties, the they didn't really update the toy safety requirements for awhile exerted finally pick up, I think of the nineties and then in the two. Thousands there is a group, an organization called SD em could not for the life of me find with that stands for, but they created the standard consumer safety specifications for toy safety, which apparently is the universal guidelines for a toy safety.
American standards for toy manufacturers of my- maybe that's, not bad- shall carry those viper stab at it. That's pretty good! You also companies like in our article here and health of works. It called Inter Tech not in attack within attack. I think those office space, wouldn't, oh, I think so, energetic which basically day there professional toy testers? They have laboratories where they have technicians did say here. Let me Let me see if I can bite the eyes off of this doll into my out- and let me see if it's so small and swallow that I let me rip it up Let me lighted on fire in England, they have, I think, actually not even jesting when an olive Britain they they have that a toy burn rate can be no more than one inch per second with the idea that, if
to a does catch on fire? At least your kid has enough time to throw it. I threw it toward the gas, can and run right, and then the EU has their own set of standards too, so that with that burn thing I should say at least yet. If They toy burns faster than thirty millimetres, the second with just a little over an inch. Then it can't be sold in the EU right and then, if it burns between ten millimetres, a second in thirty millimetres, a second it still has to have a warning that says: warning: keep away from fire
yeah. Can you hear me right right and yet the whole ideas like if they could see the thing on fire, they're gonna, throw it and run in the house which has involved with the kids. I can obtain a bright unless the king Gos and tells a grown up. I think that should be in the warning. To throw doll run, tell grown up right. Don't go make like a ham sandwich. I saw this really great video from energetic and it's called Teddy bear testing, Did you see it? I did it is great it's that they clearly are aware of what that what they're doing is, Bizarre and morbidity to sustaining they're watching it as an observer, but you know that the point to the whole thing is actually quite quite noble and heroic, but one of the things that they did was theirs is like a three pronged. It was almost like. You know those things that a jeweler uses to pick up diamonds with tweezers,
kind of, but they they have one. That's like a three pronged thing where you pushed down on the end in the prongs, extend and opened a little bit new pick something up and release the end and draws up and tightens it and hold it stuck trousers truck That's gonna, be! I know you didn't want. I think, but with this there was, bigger and much sturdier and they hook to the dolls the Teddy bears, I had this thing all the Teddy Bear back here to see how many pounds of pressure was saying before came off, and that's the only thing to do not just like Poland, this in like having finally they're making measurements in their using like standardized like force that their applying to this right, like you were the seems, the sewing has to be able to withstand like one kilogram of wait for ten seconds, without opening up just things like that right and it's thanks to these groups like that.
You or the S tm and who have gone through and said this is like a toy makes it should be no louder than this or If you are manufacturing a toy gun, it should be marked like this. So it's obviously a toy and not a real, got just comprehensive standards that everyone can adhere to keep little kiddies to these safe. Yes, I think great with those people out there doing that, because a kind of a new thing, well sure, nay, ostensibly have done the research on like they really cover other basis like what? What could we imagine a child doing with this thing? You know. I suspect that even as much time as they spend doing that, sure kids to Hell yes come up with some wags adapt to do toys yeah. I mean I told the story during the evil. Can evil thing wasted, make her coat hangar hoops, indifferent guy,
the way in the Geneva authors. I always so that no back, then so I could stand and watch while you put on your. We would have been run in the pyrotechnic, bigger punjabi concert oh wow get think has gotten. I would have been all over there. You know it's not too late to trip. Tarrinzeau, that's toy making! Sure toys are safe once a toy is safe. Then there is the sole second thing that we are going to talk about from movie, big, like the great scene when Tom Hanks his first in the grown up, Josh basking in the the office. But what did you look up his name or do you just around knowing never another movie big inside now. While I sell any favours, oh sure, I ain't you, you ve been running round ass. He people move because with their favorite movies with yours, is big, yet
I know it, but it is up there. I love the movie big I've seen it a dozen times are more catch easily just basket. As a little Josh. Bearskins are grown up in the office in what's his name is John heard that he recently passed away. He's the the evil corporate executive has this idea- and I remember his famous- I stop having fallen and he makes it presentation of Ngos like a building that turns into a robot and Tom Hanks. Very sweetly disarray, sense. It and I'll get it. And that's what you mean you don't get it. And that's, basically what they want to ass. Kids. Like do you wanna play with this. Is it fun like a dog to design these things and they mayor. I would assume that toy designer. You have a mind of a child.
Certain agree, but you still not a kid. It's got a past that test right. Exactly that's the whole point of having toy testers is its kids like that that they're, not adult toy testers, maybe their parents or there's something like that, but the whole point of actual market development toy testing is by just giving kids from toys and seeing what they do with it. I tried and there's a lot of a lot of places that do that's right. I gum. Apparently Mattel has something called the Mattel Imagination Centre in else agenda, and if you live around else again, no or willing to travel there s agenda when you have a child at zero to thirteen there's a pretty high likelihood that you able to get into the door in your kid will be able to play with some toys and in be watched by scientists behind to weigh meares. But that's pretty I mean that little. I think that's pretty close to reality. I think that the places where you go,
actually, test on site with toys are a little more fun and like a like a room with a two way mere, but it still the same principle generally you're being observed, while you're playing with toys as a kid, yeah and theirs. To get these gigs the dream job for a kid, or I guess you think the job from Hell for apparent pay attention like. Sometimes we may get in touch with you, sometimes I can follow their the social media page of, like the Mattel imagination. Nation center. They I mean, if you just Google toy testing jobs There are pages and pages on places rican submit your name and it's you know from their it's probably a bit lottery like experience depending on.
Exactly they're looking for like you might get your kid might fitted demographic, but there is still a lot of kids in that demo that they had to sit through. So it's not like you can say now, don't promised your kid, you can get them a job as a toy gesture, right. Rather you make your highness, they don't even tell them that that's a job for until you secured it distorting and say the word toy you're on your kid. Yet exactly so there's that's there's the go away, is like going directly to the company you like to go to Mattel or Fisher Price, maintain some. They call its play lab and you can email these companies directly basically send your kids. Razumihin may be a video of your kid playing with the toy with they would be looking for, like you said they might be for certain demographic, but they more often than not, if they're, just looking for like a go to toy tester to wear your kid actually has the job of being a toy tester were somebody some com
New York companies are mailing your kid toys to test you. You basically need the audition for that new one include a video and your kid in the video would want to be using like coherent words that express how here she's feel but the toy at that moment there and you may get picked up- that's the old school way of doing it, although if you wanna do super old school, like use a video camera insane and like a vhf tape of your kid playing with boy, that's all go away to now. You can go into the social media, like you were saying, Chuck and they there's alarm. Oh, it's a lot easier for companies to reach out in a targeted way. Two to basically tat kids to become protesters yeah. If you are a mom mommy blogs are huge. They are huge on the internet and they get set everything from you know, but
products that they can use to mommy products to toys. So tell your mom start a blog become a top blogger and she'll. Think Yucas, then shall be rich yeah. They mom stood a viral blog today who is it Ellen? Degenerous has a has show feature where she is. These kids come out and test toys on tv, you're not gonna, get that job disease to kids already habit well that one of the kids, I M, not sure what tray hearts background was, but nowhere Ridder. He was the apparently kid on Alan member him. Now he would he came on right and was asked by a local news person like what he thought of the ride. Like apparently my thought, it was great heavy scared, half to death, using the video that kid and I was beyond adorable now he is one of the two toy testers. Now that I got that gig yes, good for him
What else you can start to you to channel their actual kids out there with their own Youtube channels where they test toys, and beyond that, I want to recommend, have you ever seen buddy during deserts, Lego dude reviews we have, I don't know if you have to be offended, you go out there get Lego. Dude reviews, Lego City, logging truck and friend Joe formerly of the onion and formerly of at midnight, fame comedian, writer friend, it's just the funniest thing. I've ever seen and it doesnt translate everyone is there or comments like? Is this guy for real? You haven't you we are doing it straight, but it's like Reviews like they start up at the box that it comes in and suggested itself the parks and how well taped it is. Is this really funny yeah he's a nice nice booth
love, dude, review, legged interviews and there are all kinds of those bits specifically like a city, logging truck and you'll see that sweet face of Josiana. But there is a boy called well enough: What is for me, members, Evan Tube HD, the Youtube Channel, yet he and his sister do reviews yeah, and he is, he has four and a half a million subscribers, as is that, as of today, yeah yeah, four point six. I notice ITALY did like a piece of challenge where they just put weird stuff. I'm Peter has Eighty five million views unbelievable. It is unbelievable. It's crazy chuckle! If you, if you ask somebody like back and nineteen eighty, to conceive of like what tvs like in the future and they said its people just opening up toys on on tv in that it would be like,
pretty good, pretty good description. I would buy that, while teachers now well, there's the other one. The Disney collector be are right. This is from talking now and a half million subscribers and, like you said it, is literally nothing but the hand of some woman, some anonymous robot, a creature, Now is a real mercians hands, opening up toys in playing with them in talking a little bit and are very creepy voice. If you ask me, I think it's great, you think voices great dude, yeah Pepper PIG. It Crete me out. I liked it her ok, so her name probably We re create Didier anyone veer money bags have a woman. He I get. This is she's she's,
more wealthy, and you realize that she's a woman in Winter Park Florida. If that's her, then that's saved this- that that's a debt supposedly her and her husband Messy s credit here. He has something called Blue Toys club surprise, which is the boys version basically of Disney collector BR and together they seriously or probably clearing twenty plus million dollars a year. I can make video every day and uploading it and she will say pet, the pig or something like that and say what it is, that the product that she's holding- opening or playing with her whatever, and that, like that's it man, it's like you're, saying, like all you see her hands, she's opening the packaging she's, actually really good at opening
since never get frustrated. I didn't see you like, I didn't see them have to cut and like there was no jump cut or anything like that. She's really good opening packaging and she kind of what it is out loud and then just like set down to the side- and I was watching it like this is ridiculous. This is the first ten seconds. This is ridiculous. People actually watch this act. Believers and then the next thing I knew the next four minutes were me. Singing with my mouth kind. It opened a little bit yeah zoned out watching them. I think that's the whole point it some kids Lovett Toddlers, love watch. I can see why here her husband, though, or I should say, blue toys club surprise- he didn't talk at all and that I find a little creepy. He discreet heavily hatred he disliked plays with them. He plays the more than she does. She is open them. He opens them in place with them, but it isn't
fuck begging, lettuces yeah, twenty million dollars a year. What a world that is quite a worm is the future are to be taken of the break. Let's do then we're gonna come back and finish up with little foreign, with some of them most dangerous toys of all time. Right after this, here but if we want to talk about audible, which just so happens to be the sponsor of the audible audio pioneer award at this year's, I heart radio podcast towards an audible, gives you the edge by keeping you informed, inspired and entertained on the go. That's right with you, Annabelle up, it's easier to get more books in your life, you the time you already have listen while community working out doing chores anytime?
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Ok, we're back man, but you Eddie, I'm ready, so this this list could go on for years. The other lots of looks like this other. So then the sediment meant to be comprehensive is just a selection of some of our favorites do you're sure, so one that I saw was the snack time kid cabbage catch stall, yes, which you could feed real stuff too, that in the end they feed, like the cabbage, fetch kid. A french friar too
or maybe I think it came with food? That's what it was it. It came with food and you could feed it anyway. Just keep chewing and swallow, and then they I'm the plastic French. I was got your carriage patch kids ate a french rye. Can you believe it, and there was the the whole thing right yet by today they would chew no matter what was placing their mouth, gaelic fingers or hair they wouldn't stop either. So your little kid kid hand up with, like a crushed finger, loser a big tough, the hair in the calves. Page kid with this view. Office in elbow, say more more more given more yet as it appears that something for your nightmares garbage patch kid just doing their way towards you hate exactly, can did by your hair to you, so that was recalled by Mattel in eighteen, ninety seven, so they did the right thing there. Yet it is probably the most famous one while time is launched,
yeah wandered. I played it when I was a kid if you haven't seen laundered this year, new generation just Google it- and they were you, you would have to beg, can a Hulu brings come like a horse. Game Anyone launch these large plastic sharpish darts plastic on one, and yet the Finns were plastic yet that Distich part or the. What would you call that the dead end that here in the future was metal, and it was sharpish. It wasn't like you know like us, a razor anything, but it was sharp enough or if you launch this thing from across the yard, look up, and I can't see it. It's in the sun, and it's in your eyeball in your blind gather, Fidel of some people like before we're getting injured by these things. Early. There were seven thousand reported injuries yet from laundered. Would you com?
it. Madam president, I thought you called charts earlier now. Ok- That is a thing, no averted, George. What are those I thought that was the same thing. It may be seen so that was the brand name me be I'm not sure, but they were they were banned. Actually they even have a chance to be recalled abandoned nineteen eighty eight, so it is illegal to manufacture cell possess and certainly play with long darts in the U S by punishment of death by long darts. Yes, I just a joke quickly. By the way George was at the brandname, ok for at least one of a number of those more than one kind. The deafening was Keziah when I saw was Franklin Yard Darts. Frankly they made these shuttlecock set. My family used to play badminton with did you know. I was like
class badminton player that I'm learning so much did you know, I think about it. A world class is probably misleading neighbourhood class neighbourhood class. For sure I could destroy the neighbourhood at least yeah will still play a game. A badminton, my brother, set one up couple years ago. Of course, how'd you do. I was ok good enough AIR Savior Watch like Olympic Bourbon outs, its awesome, Is it so crazy? It is amazingly, I can't even follow it obvious. They matters they could be out there faking like theirs. Shuttlecock and I may never know tat. The only way I could get better is if Disney collector be, are commented on I didn't even talk about what was going on. She disappeared. Ip extra squeaky are either this next, is actually these next to are legit scary,
the Atomic Energy Laboratory nineteen fifty one icy Gilbert invented the erector set, and he released this energy lab like a sort of like a little chemistry lab, set thing. But it actually had uranium. It had real radio materials Sea could see like me who created Miss trails and things. Yet it was like a chemistry set for kids, but with radio activity. That was the point this is at a time when the government was like no now itself media activities. Fight for you gives you a healthy glow in the next one. This year fingerprint examination kit this on airlines list was the number two most dangerous toy of all time. Yes, I think also thanks for saying that the last, we were from the Band Toy Museum online. Yet, We said all these and I looked it up into these. Listen it's mostly the same stuff sure which is good to know that it's not you know,
but there's really a hundred things and we're just picking our favorite variety yes, I fingerprint examination kit, you could place. Yes, I guess we're fingerprints with trimmer light, which is one of the deadliest kinds of asbestos. The powder that used to dust had about seven percent trim alight and this was really scary and it's amazing that got through as this was not the nineteen fifties, yeah. No, it was like the early two. Thousands I believe like as it was a CSI brand fingerprinting kid, and I guess so. I saw that that that what is termed a light yeah is an actual like that. I think they used actual fingerprint dust and that's like part of something that fingerprint technicians have to work with this is that best us, but they package
themselves so that for kids in the company went bankrupt pretty quickly. I would imagine so we're Bucky Balls, it's kind of a legendary one. You remember those he added another. These headed headed a bad ending. As I remember mine, If you a niece, got Bucky Balls for Christmas, whenever I may not too long ago, and there were awesome and cool and I played played with them like crazy at their house- either fun. There were great there like ball. Bearing superstore magnet right, yes, really neat! So far, so good! You can build found a worm. You can hold stuff to a refrigerator with them, whatever you want to do this a great round magnet, but the problem is that if you followed more than one. You could be in big trouble, because these things were very short.
Are you if you had one in your intestine and another one in a part of a different part of your intestine? They would come together and your and testing would be pinched off right there. Yet in this actually happened to the extent where about a thousand or so kids required surgery. Get these out and there were a big head. It was kind of one of those just one of those Christmas toys it really captured. Have ye must have Christmas toy and there I guess the inventor did not wanna again knowledge there? So he basically said: I'm not recalling these days hot item- the federal gun suit him. He dissolved his company instead of funding a recall, and so they went after him personally to try and get fifty seven million bucks out of him. Yeah supposedly settled for about one percent of that one percent. I now fifty seven million down to what
and seventy thousand or yes that was my calculation to, but I was like that so small and not very confident about saying loud. Thank you for sweeping it. Well, I think that's right, I didn't calculated and I'm terrible at math we'll find out. I am to buy and look look how far we ve gotten life yet spoken, suddenly felt less so for years. The council assure- and then lastly, Shockwave mentioned it before we mentioned the prototype, for that was banned. The easy Bake oven itself, as one that was in the National Hall Toy Hall of Fame in two thousand. Six was itself band yeah when did not so was at the deal with the other one that was a prototype no no you earlier. It was like a predecessor, Tokyo. Yes, it is what I mean you're crazy
I've never got up to six hundred degrees. Nobody's got up to two hundred degrees celsius, your hundred degrees Fahrenheit. That's as that's! U dont bake anything that you like that. Much like that high there's, hot, yellow Gaeta competes in that thing. Yes now well, but you could if your time, but they had some problems with him over the years I mean this is like you said: Hall of Fame toy the spin around forever and beloved by boys and girls for generations, and two hundred and fifty incidents reported sixteen cases of second or third degree burns retailers yeah, never specifically a design flaw that got little kids fingers trapped in the oven when it was hot. One little girl apparently had to undergo a partial finger. Amputation says, I oh nine very said it is sad, but
we would know about this stuff if it weren't for consumer protection in your head. That's the moral of the story, that's becoming the moral of the story. Lately, our restaurant inspectors episode area now is toy testing. Vague, good point. If you want to know more about toy testing, you can type those two words into the search bar house of works out and it'll bring up an article on since I said that time for listen to mail, something we're episode, hey guys long term was reversed. I'm rider! Please listen to the freedom of Information ACT episode. Knowledge is he's a little behind and want to bring something to your too many states have laws modeled after the foyer and there's a disturbing trend the last few years there are many special interest groups activists out there that have begun using for your request to stall legitimate research. The sounds familiar exactly.
Facilities having hundreds of terabytes of data to potentially sift through complying with a request for say every Inter departmental email from two thousand and one seventeen. They can completely shut an operation with only a handful of researchers. Another tactic is to cherry pick from tons and tons of data, to attempt to piece together an argument to discredit unfavourable study, results, the gives making your press no they're. So it's a win win for them. They get tens of private emails elected to spend. Something the various and even if when they find nothing. They still flow arranged to legitimate research and endeavours at me He said, he's a little disappointed. We did mention it, but first of all Brandon. I don't know about this. Same here Britain and lay out why, but he said, as for realize, you focus more on the federal version, so there's not much of an issue there. So they say thyself Yanks, as you guys are awesome, keep up the great work
sincerely guy. You should know Brandon, bins, EK, thanks lot brain and I was pretty smart thanks for letting us so we can in turn let everybody else. No terrible. I gotta look into that. If you want to alert us to something that we walked right past, please Do we always y know that kind of thing you can treat her said as well as they progress or Josh and clerk? He can hang on Facebook. Charles, have each upright or studies. You know you can send an email, the stuff Pakistan has the efforts at camp and is our consider home on the web studies, no dog or more or less and thousands of other topics, as has happened in Stockholm text, they will be here before
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