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2015-05-28 | 🔗

Tupperware won immediate design acclaim when it was released in 1947, but it took a pioneering female executive to make a line of plastic food storage into an icon of the American postwar boom. Learn about the surprisingly intriguing history of Tupperware.

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Why do you travel to recover from heartbreak trace? Your dna escaped the internet on our part cast away to go. We ve been exploring all the recently and generally Europe, I'm positive Rosati and, together with a ganders, untroubled website tat, we have already heard so many great story such an actress in rural tenure, explaining the ins and outs of safe sack, graffiti artist, tag on the islands of Southeast Asia. A producer Lincoln High Fashioned Photoshop in the desert listened to a way to go on the kind heart radio asked Apple podcast. Whenever you get your please welcome too Stop you should know from Housetop works that are even more under the plug them. Josh plugged withdraws the reach a bright jerry, We should know deferred
sort I mean it did you know that some of the verb it's just sort of like? Can you Emily was mosasaur like air disorder. Work is once again to hear something different yeah, but I don't think you could call it tupperware part. His private sell us live in a verb is a little. You know: okay, so have heard one before when I was a kid, I thought like there's like a bird or something like that, or do you remember that cartoon might have been like air? Was that of droopy think it might have been a droopy cartoon
woke service inside your head, that every cartoon here we're like their machine that Bert Radishes, Bert Emperor, but I like it was a good. I think it was like the kitchen in future one great cartoon, while Bert Bert, but that's what I assume the tougher where things like yeah how's, the big group events without Miss now nope, not just a little air being expelled, but it was a very, very important. Of air sure, because check at the time that Tupperware came out, women were using like basically a part that they could something in maybe a ball and putting a shower F over it. Yet storing it in the ice box. You know they call their primitive yeah. That's primitive food storage there, it sounds like I took tat- would have done something like that
not men and women. In the nineteen forty sir said he would have used like some sort of Madagascar type, animal pelt, sure them from the movie. Madagascar, not Madagascar. I say that, as I say I haven't seen at once, the very soon certainly different, climbs indifferent got time periods, I've never seen a me. There are different animal protagonists. I just I can get a lot from commercial area so yeah Tupperware listless talk about it, the original patent, leather name in this thing- and you know it was created- you gonna drop this cool effect by the night, the name in a guy Earl, Tupper yeah. We knew that the I guess it is neither a decent and think about it. Now, you think of tougher, whereas but Tupperware Tupper, who invented it's crazy, talk back not. There was a tougher name, Earl and tougher tapped tupperware. Yes,
RO at supper, he is patent court will had. He didn't have anymore the e S, Tupper Open Mouth, Dana and non snap type of closer therefore misses nineteen, forty seven while here until I read it like that, but now is explaining method, everybody else. They know me. Now, it's not so list you wanna talk a little bit about supper himself yeah. He was a bit of a reclusive figure as will find, but here is also like he's a pretty short guy, a grouch, I think, as a possible way to describe them, maybe, a bit of a mad smart tinkering, grouch yeah, he disliked his father because he felt his father lacks ambition in this is when he was like ten. The perfect example com or you do just go to the races and lay around
His parents under like a form of sorts, but I think I can get the idea of a kind of a harvest, your own farm and this kid Little Earl Tupper when you like ten eleven twelve years, like pitching the idea to build like a children's playground on the grounds of his pick. Your own farm, for you know to a tree, tourists and stuff in his dad was like sounds like a lot of work at the total suggests the school or something get out of my hair by them and are always like in a paper ignoring me, but he he was a of sharp contrast to his father's. What I'm trying to say he was a very ambitious sure. Big tinker came up with a lot of different, ideas and currently patents to hear he yet a book of inventions that there was a better stocking, garter she's, very sexy thing for a child to invent
a better way to remove a burst appendix yeah yeah, that's for real, a dagger shape com to be clear to the belt pants that wouldn't lose their crease visible of great import. Yet the custom I cigarettes, I can't believe that didn't catch on like for real you now Coca COLA. Does this stupid cancer bottles now name? How? Now I understand? Yet there were cigarettes that said like sporty or the collegiate on the cigarette gotcha, so I will have a clear sports team like emblazon on the side. Maybe half the problem is none of these invention, took off this guy literally, while he could give his inventions away both I he almost literally couldn't give him give them away. He ended up, fracturing things in giving I'm always like premiums for other stuff like cigarettes and things like that.
Yeah so arm. He starts a tree doktor business, Tupper Tree doctors night that failed after the depression. People were cutting back on things like tree. Doctoring went out of business here. And in a very fortuitous movement and worked for fiscal Lloyd plant, which is a division of Dupont, making plastics right- and this is where things can be started- taking shape yes for what we all come get near. So basically he gets into plastics and of this town in Massachusetts. Daddy he ended up in where they destroy plant was it was all over New England, basically growing up right. This particular town was kind of like a mad scientist. Mecca where, like all this stuff is going on and plastics all these little tiny plastic manufacturing outfits her in a star is like a start of temper plastics in.
The third- is affordable. Zero, like we have this new thing like what can we do with it yeah and which, by the way, plastic, especially polyethylene polyethylene, was invented by accident in eighteen, ninety eight and by the forties they had still kind of they perfected. The polyethylene come out perfect yeah they haven't figured out quite how to use it, and Earl Supper was one of those guys in the it, is on the cutting edge of taking plastics figuring out how to more them in the right shape, how to keep him from being oily or sticky or falling apart They were sitting on the sunlight or all the stuff disguise doing all these tests. Any ends are coming out thanks to getting a block of this pure polyethylene from Du Pont, the good stuff, the goods that are under threat. He figured out how to make this ball. A wonder. Leir ball is what he calls it yeah and departed. The time didn't think that they can even more plastic like he was smarter than their guys, because he figured out how to do. It
and then, along with a design the patented it up. Where seal that made it so useful and famous that made the what's up? They made the burping sound or tooting sound. He originally got that idea for the seal from our paint cans. Apparently, the fact that you could turn a paint can upside down and it wouldn't leak pain on offer the place, and he said I guess we can do this with food in a new light put food, and here it sealed, look at the demonstration, its upside down, I'm shaking it and theirs
that gravy coming out what right the graves are coming out. I can drop this ball and second breaking because everyone knows how clumsy housewives are sure to bring him to follow, and the fact that it is that you birth is right and it makes it sound in you, basically preserving the food for many many days to come, which is huge because a lot of people who were homemakers in the forties and fifty's they had lived through the depression and they remember exactly what it was like. Some preserving food is a big deal area, and so the thing was like it. It's really easy to take for granted. These days, but it was very cutting edge technology, while these days they have other those terrible, cheaper, discussing, knock astronaut, knockoffs your major brands, but universal cheap
Containers that is over there they're, not nearly the quality, its upper, where no tupperware started all that yeah. This stuff is garbage. Lids, don't fit right error, they break they. Don't they don't do anything that but where did like, I have a wonderful from the nineteen seventies or do you that still like perfect, I may as well worn down, but it still like functions perfectly right was a testament to Where you and that other garbage stuff like I don't, have anything from last year, well, it's made and it was made during a time of much more disposable thinking sure enough at the time it was like we're gonna make something now last forever yet, and I think they still have a lifetime or guarantees on everything. Do you yet like you could send Anna Tupperware peace from the sixties and though you know, it's
can and meets the requirements like you know, you didn't smash it with a hammer, something missing. I knew what they'll give you like credit through the equivalent of what you get today or something like that. You pay eighty five cents for that better. Like Meteorite Elizabeth arrested currency Kaliko, It has to say about that so arm. He foreign chopper plastics things did not take off, though, like he thought they were put him in department stores and hardware stores for some reason: thorough, yeah, not a good thing, to sell your top aware yeah me now a days I can see that, but back then you probably just went hardware stores were nails in hammers and stuff, I'm sure they're home goods and stuff two's Polly closer to a general store,
are you the hardware store today, but still they weren't fine off the shelves, never point they were not so what you did was there was another timeline going on. At the same time, Stanley Home products was this, sir, basically pioneered the non door to door sales and fair, of hosting a party for like a better word in home demonstrations. Were you gather people together and Ganem Norman Squires head dumb Joinered, a lot of profits in this kind of sales in they had working for them. A woman named brownie wise and she was so in all kinds of four Stanley home products and they called it. The hostess group demonstration plan and she was a great great salesperson. Yet so these people a say, we home products basically found.
Supper where on their own and started selling it at these hostess parties right. Yet she formed her own company called Tupperware patio parties. Oh, did she before she was hired before she is higher now and she was so much of it that Earl Tupper got in touch with arms like I can't sell the stuff in stores like your beating, like department stores in New York City, yeah sales records. She didn't Yes, she really was. He had allowed a charm. She either she figured out that this birth thing there was so essential, made? This products are revolutionary, eight that it wasn't like intuitive just understand how to work it, and so it wasn't helping said we can see is weird today right but back then the public. What is this weird colored thing right that supposedly hold? How did it go
gathered together in the Isle of a hardware store crying here. They she figured out there if you demonstrate this to people Firstly, unlike like somebody's house or whatever, and they ve had a couple of martini, and there's orders. Yet people are apt to buy these things. In reality, such sorted out, selling department stores, hardware store is obviously and she got hired on Fire Earl Tupper, yes using Detroit at the time. I think I think she'd move down to Orlando and she was hired. Really by that point. Yet she's from Buford Georgia, written yes use from
Georgia ended up being married in divorce, which is pretty unusual at the time and choose a single mom. Yet the little Jerry Wise, that's right, you, unfortunately, her husband was a violent drunk. I saw that to serve that's gonna say that its PBS taken the fall for Thou hast, since she was only married him for about six years and then was basically MIKE. I'm gonna make my own way right. Only an eighth grade education and She was killing it on the sales run. Yes, she really was such a before any further about brownie, wise, threatening, often name here, maybe not a bad name, but a great name. The Brown, the brownie wise, would be a good name further. The brownie wise mass occur. Yet Europe or brownie wise overdrive, both of us you ain't for one another. I guess that's the point them training. It is a signal.
Ok, here's the thing: saving money with Geico was almost better than playing pick up basketball, because there's always that guy who joined your game. He never passes the rock he constantly bricks theories and who completely you and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with Geico, it's easy to switch save on car insurance, no need to fake an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted, so which, in save with Geiger it's almost better than sports, So Browning, eyes has her tupperware patio parties, company outselling stores she gets hired on They literally divide the company into two sides: the Tupperware manufacturing of Massachusetts,
then Tupperware home parties down in oil Orlando, yet where she lives by israeli Earl. Tougher comes to her in nineteen fifty one. And says hey, how would you like to be one of like three female high level exact in the United States in the world. I would get here and she said, a sure why not Bulgaria failure and I said she was a very interesting moment if I didn't I did my head and meant to say it, but She armed there's, apparently a movie coming out about her life, yet I send a book. You did not say that and I did see that failure to Graham find any information on, except that I think it's enough in prayer reproduction right now. Oh I see nothing is gonna happen, but yeah I mean she she's, one of the great woman entrepreneurs that this country's ever seen the world has ever seen really yet cause. She took this topper where which everyone, except the american public agreed, was great in nineteen.
Seven. The year that tougher invented the stuff time named it. This amazing thing in one design awards. Yes, she was on the first woman on the cover of business Week magazine right right, but even before she came along, everybody, especially in our world, in the design world, said this. This stuff is great. But just sitting there languishing here and then Brownie wise comes along and turned it into a blockbuster I didn't do it in american iconic brain which is still is today. When she realised with his was a stroke of genius was, is the nineteen fiftys? The suburbs are happening. Postwar were too in a big way there's a lot of women that heard that are homemakers. Better. I guess we could you say there were board and looking for something to do well,
also they had very on their very real constrictions on their time. We're like their basically freedom of movement, they didn't have car, didn't have things like this. They did have a lot of ways to make money. Again there on the suburbs for the first time. It's not like many of these were connected by a subway or anything that still an inner city deal so by rather than view these places is fast like wastelands of isolation, Bernie. Why said now? These are like little tiny social networks were people know and trust one another and their poured out of their skulls and there can for ways to make money like so not only do you have a really great market to sell this, to give really great workforce is just sitting there idle, and she said how would you girls, like the cell tupperware, and they went let's do this is right and what she did was came up with a system where an you could work your way up the chain
from sales. Although at well with specific detail it ok, What you are is your consulted at first, which is rather amino holding the party hosting these parties will talk about everybody's tour and then you can work here. Manager if you organize a certain number of parties and then managed were eventually recruiting other women. So if you were good enough women and increase sales than you give rise to distributor, and that was the highest level, you get it at that point. Yes, you can be a distributor. You have your own office, you have your network of managers and then they manage the consultants or the Party Throwers Party house and dumb
basically just started her own army of salespeople, yet so trucker incentivize salespeople right now. There are two point: nine million people in the world selling Tupperware every three seconds, there's another top where party get over, get ahead of ourselves right yet so she she put together this workforce and again it was on this kind of Norman Squires who came up with this idea that led to it being a huge huge ship for tupperware. Also later on Avon. And Mary came to her and pampered chef? and like all these, all these brands that, like a bar soul through hostess parties, basically get you in our house and get you dropped It's a! U things on your right distances allows me a blank cheque, basically by the there was then, by brownie wisest, she'd, definitely perfected for sure. So she tat this workforce and one of the ways that
tat people excited and loyal, not just the fact that they could rise throughout this hierarchy in the tupperware industry. But there was also like this thing that created called the jubilee every year done or land the company party it was, and they would just pull out all the stops. They would bury fur coats very blenders. One of the buyers once said that he bought a hundred thousand blunders once for this jubilee, while failed to bring all these tupperware sales associates and just basically term a party for nowadays and let em to win free stuff and have a great time yet when you say bury a thing which had explained that sounds really weird: they would bury these prizes and people the goat and dig them up right. What am I can't have this look at what you can have a bearing on the design?
Would you like that very fur coats? They bury anything that may I thank you say that it is all part of the fun. Apparently they lost a lot of unto. I did that the eight years later at the at the Tupperware headquarters in Orlando, they went to dig a pond and they found a bunch of the prizes. They had never been found. Say: there's still fur coats varied all over Orlando by the Illuminati, so those are the big jubilee parties. If a company parties great for morale, the hostess themselves or the consultants would they would make percentage, they basically make a cut of what they are able to sell as well is get prizes like these really neat prizes in the more parties you hosted the better This would get so it's like it. It's like the wild West, it's the heyday for these women brain like earning their own money for a change, their guineas great prizes. There feeling great about
cells are not board any longer and their husbands like where what was going on here give me the money you made exactly the man and things were so successful with this model. That that was there only sales model up until the maid nineteen eighties right you can, even by the stuff in store start there wasn't even worth their money or effort to distribute. It is thirty. Just did it through parties in home parties right, thank you brandywine, and rightly so. Like you, said in nineteen eighty eight? They they started selling it through catalogues. I guess Yeah, I think they are yet monologues. I've seen like all their catalogues. From like the fifties and sixty son on oath, I mean maybe over the phone you saw Tupperware when the Columbia, its honour, its on the pack, has paid for this purpose. Linked to this kind of design lay out, and it has some catalogue, so it must have been like order by phone, maybe so evident Ten years later. Ninety ninety nine top rather first website, which
commerce and ninety. Ninety nine does fairly forward thinking the industry, so this caught like wildfire today you can it's not just like an american institution. There are up we're parties like we said at the rate of one every. Secondly, and more than a hundred countries around the world. I had no idea that Tupperware was at popular unlike Asia and India Gurria, and they said half a million more. Half a million every year in France alone, the ninety one percent of temporary sales are outside of the? U s these crazy anything I mean like it's got it moving like going bust. His life ass. I was trading Alex the three dollars a share is down from, like a hundred in December. Maybe allow like this. It's a really set company again these days like it's, been able to just be on the brink of utter irrelevant. When it first
new market when it figures out a new waited is to sell when it figures out a new product like current Right now, in China, towards making pursuing a thousand dollar water filter, they're, doing it by travelling from town to town and setting up these in home demonstrations or public demonstration in showing Do it so there lay taking the tattler model that brownie wise, like really perfected, bright in figuring out how a best works in cultures around the world. You know they may come also like, depending on your country, in what they eat, like certain shaped containers by like round bread containers for non in India here about that. So what in the brownie wise. I guess she retired was thanked, carried out on everyone's shoulders and lived a great fulfilled life until her Deathray. Well, we're gonna tell you right up to the spring
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and then you have lots of neighbours that you play with here. All ten episodes of finding Fred on the eye, heart, radio, app apple pie casts or wherever you listen. Or I judge, let's fast forward to nineteen fifty eight, the top where business is Booming- Brownie wise is a bit of a celebrity to twist is going like gang by simple: has it probably ok people still twisting the NATO it how we vote was they, like nineteen fifty five probably started through your shirt?
there is some square still twisted, they were doing the master data it now. I think, there's a little later so businesses booming brownie wisest killing it she's. A celebrity Earl Tupper starts get little jealous over the years. It's as simple as that yeah as much like didn't, seek or want the limelight. He was still jealous that Brownie wise people thought that she was Tupperware and that she started the company. And started, sell em like I can sell anything like this, so she didn't say Well, now that media said she could she could have done this with any branch. Is that greater wealth that an Earl tougher wanted to be like more? No, I mean my product there I invented is you know a big part of this, if not the thing I'm her old topper right. So he arm. He apparently also she stopped kind of kowtowing to quite as much
by government. Great for a while, yet in again he had said to their PR department, to any media and are very like yes, this lady is the face of tupperware treaters such promoter as such, and he just like you said, ended up getting jealous, didn't like that. She wasn't kowtowing to him any longer and lighting vacation. Fired yeah. He. The story I read was that he wanted to sell the company in question and that he didn't think and was advised that it would be really hard to sell a company with a woman in such a problem. Vision on the board area, and so he, like you said just unceremoniously get rid of her gay one, your salary, like thirty, thirty, five grand zero stock this never had been built for almost from the ground up yeah helped build it listen, and am I gotta say that was her. You know that's her mistake. She should again some stock along the way
Just so you know she's too busy sullen and Germany in exactly she was imagine thirty. Five grand here was a pretty good salary. At the point nineteen. Fifty eight you want me to look it up. I will again so she got that small out. She went in what he said to her was. Is that There were some accounting errors in the previous year. She wouldn't come to Massachusetts to talk to him about it and sorted again says that she said that she had done sicker injured and couldn't Florida he finally went down the Florida and basically said that you know these jubilee are too expensive the landscaping he done here in Florida. The company headquarters is too expensive. You spend too much. Close, and we own all that stuff. We own are your clothing. Well, That's enough. He actually took it, but he basically was like she paid for all that stuff through the company. I got it
as she should have you now to keep up appearances should, but yet that was it for her. She started small company called Cinderella, cosmetics that folded after a year and sort of faded into obscurity, so they Numb Earl Tupper sold out the that then dear, I think, sixty million yeah he sells out first, sixteen million dollars nice CARE Chirac's. All drug company here, which was eventually absorbed by craft to apparently now owns Tupperware Lydia. I think maybe the parent company and yes, sixteen million and nineteen fifty eight such bad for a boy who can get his parents, though playground on the family pick your own, whatever farm sure, did you find out if she's with thirty five grand was a good salary, wasn't bad. It was like two hundred and I think, thirty, two thousand dollars back then get it's a bad administration
for a grown woman amalgam consecutive year, but he saw the whole thing for sixty million everyone, you're salary, moved closer. Bought an island renounced? Is yours, citizenship, Sudan have to pay any taxes on got divorced yeah before that right and said sign our everybody, I'm going to Costa Rica by an island in keeping no pain in my pocket. So anyway, when I did for a new invention, hits I'll have it yeah and dislike. Probably you know a pineapples on his island yeah. He died in eighteen, eighty, three in Costa Rica, seventy six and she died, and ninety ninety two and dumb Where has not gone out of fashion, it's it's been featured starting in what year was it? I guess when they first Yes, I am of modern art there and then again in two thousand eleven, I think even saw this exhibit in fact I'm almost positive idea, because it was about just now
industrial design and things and there's tupperware all over again because of its gorgeous. Of course. Now you know that fifties era has regularly so there's only sought after the original line that tougher I'm released is called the mill airline. They came in six colors, five, pastels and one why bright, yellow blue green orange and pink than they really pretty like. If you look at a set of these things in good condition and gorgeous, he went on Plastics Hall of Fame, and now I got the stuff from the fifties succeeds. You can get some decent money on Ebay for that stuff here, because it still works and people learn that retro look did you know he refused
views to have any young any pet balls designed. He thought it was towards too good for pets, the out of what a jerk see our solemn board until that actually was an on board. I was off work When I found out that he fired Brownie wise year, he and then was like ok. I've got some money see later family. I moved to a close to Riga. It would you may be funny if he went down and started occult with this one guy who had so tough words pretty much the same until I ninety ninety, when they are a designer Morrison cousins, basically gonna redesigned for for the new era. Yeah. He was already a vp, I guess it tupperware and he was. He decided that it was a little bit oh yeah, the eighty two eighty one year old mother at the time, eighty seven year old mother at the time when he was
charged with redesigning the tupperware line, and am he from that viewpoint? He redesigned it to make it easier for the agency to you. Try so like that burping lid they had like really coming decent hands, strength to put on her. He figured out a way around it by using flats that opening closer to release the air didn't require quite ass, much hand, strength. The lids remaining contrast, enclosure the balls. So if you had low visibility of vision now, visibility, it's totally different, throwing all camouflaged at a time when the fire in the lead and the ball they go together pretty easy. So he made an easier for books, yep and who's, the guy who brought it online. He did a lot of good stuff, apparently with it
we also took the brand new and I thought this is cool and I would love to see the sun video cause I'll bet, it's just so bizarre and surreal. The watch they broadcast a series of live, Tupperware parties on some home shopping channel in the early nineties. That was probably the first home shopping experience. Ideology does were run in the eighties. I think home shopping was already established under. When did they do this early nineties? Oh, I thought you said he didn't like in the sixties knew no gotcha. Now we should do and on home shopping I'll bet that has an interesting, weird history. You think Alek until my mom's into it man, pvc City, we talk about how to throw a tupperware pony, we did mature, did not do
talk about TAT were dragged parties. We do not. We should yeah because there's more than one the others, while there's one person in particular a guy named Chris Anderson, who performs and drag as Dixie Long Gate and smells like a million dollars worth of tupperware and the process like he gets paid to perform like you, gonna pay, forty bucks just to a person just to have, I guess he's told us house parties, but he literally does like tours and does
off Broadway chosen stuff now right, but the whole thing is, I mean ever with Asia. Tupperware party were like you can buy tupperware, unlike he's demonstrating the tougher, where he's kind of giving his own taken. What is useful for, but he's not the only drag show in the country selling top, where of course not parenting. A drag queen name aunt, Barbara up in long island is was at least, and he doesn't twelve. They never one sales person in North America for Tupperware. It makes sense when you think about it. So two hundred and fifty grand worth of TAT were in one year like that the catch of the drag show the kitchen tupperware parties at all sort of goes hand in hand. Yes, it does and dumb I went to the website of Dixie Long Gate and he has a pretty interesting via three kids, why known, Dwayne and absorbing Junior? It's all made up. I think I think, maybe, although you know-
But now it has solo, stand up shows in a recent theatrical show called never wear tube top. While writing mechanical ball. In sixteen other things I learned, while I was drinking last Thursday and apparently that is selling out avenues, risk like selling avenues we're not, but that is to be better today. If we didn't draggled problem. Naturally, one day talk here, I was a weird waited in this thing is perfect. I thought I had something else, but I guess it out. Oh yes, I do PBS did a great document recalled Tupperware with an exclamation point. It's got a whole website on online and you can watch parts of the document. We felt the whole thing yet look for the centre book. The brandy. Why story coming to a theatre near you,
couple years, you said it either near you, a theatre he's coming to a theatre, knew you yeah, that's like. While did you ever think you grow up to say that, like in public, Well, if you are more about tat bore you can take that. One word in the search bar has the works that calm and since synthesis search bar sign for listening, others strikes and effect you heard of this hello. Just checking Jerry really enjoyed the podcast on internet censorship. Although is disturbed the recipe. Three o three exists. One thing that mention I thought was relevant is when individuals attempt to censor specific things from their own life resulting fall out. That occurs in two thousand three, and I remember this happening. Actually, a picture barbarous dry since home and Malibu appeared in a publicly available collection of over twelve thousand photos of color.
The coastline. The collection was documenting coastal erosion and not related to news popper out your tabloids running like that, but strong sands lawyers file fifty million over a lawsuit against the photographer asking the picture be taken down for privacy reasons before stories of the lawsuit at the press. The photo it only been downloaded six times, two of which were by her attorneys during the vote. A month after the whole thing became a new story. More than four hundred thousand people visited the website. They even coined the term distress and effect where in an attempt to the really got out a hamper ended. I remember this blew up interface, an attempt at censoring, removing something from internet results and said thing being seen reported on much more than if the person requesting it dear move had simply let it fade into obscurity. Thanks for the by gas. There also possibly a shot up to my wife, Emily who was nearly as addicted distribution knows I am merely, and that is from my
Brinton Kraus in MID Hudson Valley, New York, USA, so Emily in get on it so you're equally as addicted, and thank you, Britain for being fully directed to the rim. I guess you want again such thus and talk to us about Tupperware or whatever you can treat to us right now. It s why escape podcast here? meaning that station go under awesome. Facebook, page Kirsty Truckers manifestation Facebook that council established now he could send a cinema. We both get those year become direct to us, are due to our stuff Pakistan. Efforts to come and hang out with us at our home on the web stuff. You should know
for more on this, and thousands of other topics is a housewife workshop com. The man we are partnering with our radio for our own podcast series. One fans interview the bank throughout this series will be funding fans indifferent towards eight markets. Verdun become hang backstage, an interview us will be giving you a look behind the scenes like never before in answering questions that our fans have always wanted to know, check out fan to interview the ban on the radio apple podcast or wherever you get your contests
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