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How Whale Sharks Work

2009-07-30 | 🔗

Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the ocean. Tune in as Josh and Chuck discuss these gentle giants, and recount their experiences swimming with them in the Georgia Aquarium, in this podcast from HowStuffWorks.com.

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Things we can change together. This house tougher. That calm and search forward thinking to join the movement I welcome the Pakistan judge. Clark is checked, bright, Chuckie follow sleep but the Mediterranean it's the morning. This is not a usual time. Records are very curious to see how much worse than usual, this went right, but it is Friday morning is it. You know me. I'm big on the Friday recorded in Spanish or saying, and I know Jack looks like a straight up summer. Babes in my games, yeah governs got his legs, like milk bottles. Is think a good thing here. Aren't I, The curvature of the ok, the whiteness of yet another look at it
flatters me with some blocks are not allowed to retain in view of the way like one of those big suntan. When you go out, I do my dad just like that, just like he's afraid of Sars or something you put out of the old hat, a little surgical emasculating, my late alliance of oh yeah. It's often he if he gets very androgynous when he's mine alone. Ok, it's weird chuck. We got a package recently there. I would like you to describe John This is I say one of the cooler promotional items. I've ever seen from a company agreed a great yeah This is from our apparent company discovery. What they did was they send out to promote their shark week, which as everyone knows, is huge It is, have you ever seen the shark on the building? It discovery, h, Q describing well it's a pretty standard in building normally by around the shark weak time they have a giant shark head. Coming other building on one side and the giant shark tail coming out.
The other and, I suspect, a giant shark fin coming the top and besides it looks awesome. Sprinkle you can google that, if you're interested in looking at that anything, you like look up discovery headquarters. Shark weaken tree confined pictures, and I know little about sharks. We ve written tons of articles on him around shark. We can, with many many an so what they send out was it's it's a jar of art directed to look like an old, beat up jar sure that have washed up on shore and inside. We were surprised to first find a pair of shoot up. Beach, slutty bloodstained beat short, and we ve been warned that they're gonna smell. They didn't in fact smell right. It did not death, we got this cool giant shark tooth with data on a little key chain yeah. You got another little old shock to some other little floating teaching Amy within a bit in there.
Mitchell, whereas in obituary type as if it was from an old newspaper of Chief Martin, from jaws to fame for marketing people salmon Giorno found that her oh bit turned up in one of the market packages to write like turning her own death notice and the date of her funeral interesting. These lovely and fetching say Madonna so yeah they sinner other stuff and basically its they seldom to add different companies and media outlets around the country. They didn't anonymously right over that yeah. That's the trick! Is you don't really know what it is? You just get this suspicious package that I never would have opened had I not it was found. To be honest, it would frighten me it is pretty cool, but he is really a good idea, but it direct you to go to a frenzied waters, dot com. I yet incited cool stuff on that, thanks in part to our own, Mr Chuck, Bryant, yes, who helped come up with some aspects of this marketing campaign injure I mean what do you do
I do it, how you do you were many hands and each one is more fetching than the last year, did the young, the fake diary thing from the shark attacks of nineteen sixteen and I'm really excited it's an awesome cool thing to work on and are our sisters in arms over at US stuff. You missed in history class. I think they just recorded one about the show Tax of nineteen. Sixty was really happened. Yes, great story, elzevir jealous I get to do that went but are you? Are you have been talking either? I now have a boycott of them. Will we happen to do something pretty cool readily subject to us, though, is about us and that is that we swam with well sharks, among many other types of fish and sharks and raise rays man Erebus huge. We swim with the Monterrey. There was at least the size of mere chalk. Yeah mean it looked the wings
and had to be six or eight feet across here was a big big boy, very cool that the big attraction, MRS at the George acquiring the bigger tracks in those definitely the whale sharks which were, I think, sixteen to think If it was, the female was twenty feet yeah and you know whether it was a noticeable difference. When that female came, that's cool thing, I've ever had the opportunity to do so. Let's, let's talk about oil shocks will talk about with them a little more in a little more detail. Bright chuck tell me about whale sharks, and this is based on an article on how stuff works that combat. Wrote indeed you are the well shark experts. You spanked me whenever we getting a well Sir Tristram Stock off crime. It is all the time here, Yeah sorry about the well shark. Everyone knows that it is the largest fish in the sea. I didn't know that which also the largest shark in the sea some of these can reportedly grow to over sixty feet. Food which is like twenty feet longer them
besides scuba, can you imagine seeing one the largest one we saw the other. Can you imagine one three times its eyes Jana? I can either no means this mammoth. The other things that I notice when we're swimming with them, that I just found amazing. You remember the one right before we got out of the tank, yes, that I think it was the female shoe swimming right toward me and then dipped, below me really and came within centimetres touching me. But at no point did she touched me, so they apparently have some really great sense of fanatics. Yeah knowing exactly where every part of their body is in relation to other things. Right, because I dont understand how it didn't brush against me yeah. We a couple of times we had him swim can arise, under us. We were, we didn't do a scuba diving do so. People now we're up atop, but with scuba tank Mass another
so they swam right under us, and I turn on the look, and I would see that big tail coming to me. The big dorsal fin- and I just knew what was gonna smack me on the way by, but it just endeavoured it went run on bus other huge and they do appear kind of lumbering, but really the super graceful agri, yeah, a very cool energy, look into and there were hammerheads in there too. There were little nervous, the hammer heads were kind. I hear the kind of state downloader, which is good, but it turned out to be the grouper. Who is the big threat the group of a school can cause it was there. I mean a group or just looks like fish. If you look at fish it, this looks like a fish like you'd seen a little small. Thank you. It was three hundred pounds like some land. The loss giant fish, yeah
undergoing a sexual transformation like headway in the angry, its practice of apparently when they turn about twenty five or so they stay, go all hermaphrodite and change sex and apparently it's not a pleasant process, so waited grumpy grouper there, whose in a tank with different kinds of sharks raise it was actually the biggest threat to us in at TAT Party believe near they said, is the jockey their break your arm? the figure three hundred pounds of anything. You break your so back to the well shark, the Wilson and now warmer ocean waters, pre much everywhere words of warm except the Mediterranean, exactly which those will. It is a little on. One hang up. The Mediterranean falls well short, ensuring a migrate in in new and surprising places like they ve come any time they at first reading, an article they popped up off the coast of Mississippi, the Louisiana actually answer, and
guy who spotted him was a commercial fishermen and they were hanging around within, like several hours or a day, his commercial fishing was suddenly research vessel, Sally scientist you down and shouted his boat and went out there. He took him out there to study we know so little about em, right yeah for the most part they're starting to learn the, since we mammal too, I keep them in captivity. Their learning a lot more as Chris Cocoa are our host in shark experts. The aquarium in fact an iron immune. The arguments about zoology in keeping animals in captivity or the whole concept of a zoo. In a week. Please see both sides of the argument. I do. I know you joy soup, but Chris Cooker was able to produce some evidence that this exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium, and I think that the only works in the hemisphere in captivity right here. You can find them in Japan and then fifteen
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so Chris said that they had gotten their welfare from Taiwan, which is like the whale shark fishing capital of the world They consume the most well sort meat of any country in the world as well, but since they exhibit opened, they formed a relationship with Taiwan. Taiwan's kill quota word from I think a couple hundred, a year for each individual here zero yet and one of the reasons why they were able to show that if you If you allow well shark to live, if you kill a well shark in Taiwan, I read that fishermen would get about ten kilograms, a pound, her ten cents, a telegraph, conversion sentence: a kilogram for welfare me, which is kind of substantial, but early nuts, in India. They get something like four thousand dollars a whale shark, a lot of money. It is, but that's it That's all you made offer that well shark, that, regardless of the size right, ok, but
tat you kill, that you can only make money out of it at sale. One right thanks burgeoning I guess sector of eco tourism, people assuring figure out that you can make money over and over over again off of a single whale shark right through eco tourism, true right of kids What we did when we swam at the Georgia aquarium. Anybody can do for, like I think, two hundred fifty bucks or what Twenty five for a swim and three fifty he approved all Scooby Diarrhea and Georgia claims that the only place to do it I mean you can do it out in the wild and people are realising. You can make a ton of money off. They think the Australia Conservation Union estimated that the value. The annual value of each El shark is somewhere in the neighbourhood of a hundred and eighty two or two hundred eighty two thousand. I really am we're talking. Some of the economies were well. Sharks hang out there, in the world right so near the can.
Serious income. If these these local economies can figure out how to really most efficiently shit, from well shark fishing to eco tourism right and fitting, which is grass yeah shark for those. You dont know Shark Vinci visit delicacy in certain parts of the world in funding literally means you pull the shark upon your boat, sometimes not even sometimes they do it from the water do and cut the fence off. And throw it back in the water or just keep it in the water, where the shark dies, and that's it, that's only part they use is the thin blue. They bleed to death, yes, and they also with other their fin. They lose any way of navigation right there, just kind of drifting about and bleeding to death. It's not it's not a nice. Now, and we should also say too that the well short Does it reach reproduction age until they think about twenty five or thirty years problem is like a lot of animals have a late as reproductive cycle. You kill them
that time and what's gonna happen. They're not gonna have short pups right as a huge, huge impact than on the species victim, as they have to like two and three hundred pups at a time so every shark. You kill before that age or shorting, two or three hundred potential sharks right and in its biggest predator, obviously is the human, it's the biggest fish in the sea. There's not a lot of commerce to take on. You know a whale shark which is funny cause you're, so pieces. Gentle they really are in their diet, is actually really really light. Gales talk about that school! Ok, so they are filter feeders right. They generally just eat plankton, really tiny, nearly microscopic plant and animal life. Right is kind of spend it in the ocean right there also
for twelve hours, with the plankton and cruel to which, like tiny little shrimp and actual little shrimp as well and in captivity, they also love dog food. It looked like you remember. Those little Brown cue from nastiness. They are feeding a year that was a gelatin mixture that they made their requirement, but further size. They they actually don't eat a lot right at once, but he constantly on the wild right yet so they do so that their drifting along with their mouth open, pretty much in the planting, goes in like a little vacuum and then whatever can't get out of the gills gets stuck there, and what do they do chuck Well, they the gills axes like like a strainer, so the there goes out and then there are the algae. The krill and everything her in the mouth, and why do they cough confident like they hawk up a bunch of plankton?
yeah. If they, if it's too big, if it, I think, two centimeters anything over two centimeters they'll hack, backup and spit out and especially ass crest. The aquarium like when you feel these guys did it. One of these other fish the other fish gonna hang out to trying it little left, overs yeah member has I do you ever see. One of the bigger fish accidently get sucked in this huge mouth used together, it's happening times, and eight primakov pick out really quickly, he said that comes out of the vicious expelled about twice the speed it was originally going on. I really want to see that I didn't you, kids, I'm gonna fish make funny faces when they're scared, they do. So. We have figured out some stuff about well sharks. It is from the few studies that have been able to be conducted. As I read an estimate chuck there was like five hundred thousand an estimated five hundred thousand in the wild Billy witches
really really low yeah, especially considering that millions of sharks are killed each year, recreational millions did millions. Our daily, the high system, it s, always a hundred million the in the media- and I think, was about thirty million sad. But yeah Five hundred thousand of you and I were indiscriminately killing sharks and you're in trouble. Yet whether illicit is vulnerable by the world conservation in Britain to that's no good, but what we have get out of it for a long time. They thought it will search actually lay eggs right yeah, which is not the case now. Perhaps they do, I think, and ninety ninety five, a female welfare with care they cut her open and us on three hundred well sort puffs, Ellie, in the twenty four inches, I bet that is one of the cutest things you ve ever seen. They will sort pups net worlds. Yeah have forgotten that if you could said as on a brilliant sensitive, I would just say it
to fit. Well short. Pup would be really cute alive, I'm sure, because a pretty cute twenty feet there. They are Their mouths are at the front of their face Right now, under this unusual shark gap easily, I notice is big, wide narrow gaping more. The big square head in their eyes, are real, tiny and on the sign they just stick to their big. You just want to quarrel with him. I now I really wanted to touch wine, and can it give it a hug, but they said and will actually about this when you're swimming with that fish in the wilds color, often counter yeah. So, basically you wanna be a you want to watch. You d want to be a protest. Now we're any time they got nearest. We had delay, lay flat rate l bright and let him pass by my check this out her pretty cool yeah, but there well short front the only things that you can have a soft encounter with right. We can have a soft encounter with you. Big boy would be superfluous
Even a producer Jerry got in there? Yes, you can also swim with humpback whales. It's pretty popular in the Dominican Republic, in the South Pacific Island of Tonga, you can swim with humpback whales and other docile creature and Chuck actually there's a there's a place in the Philippines. That has become a kind of a hot spot for soft encounters softly in water. Encounters softening count. Attracts me up some It is kind of funny and that's a dancer Philippines right right. They were really the the first to get on board with the soft encounter eco tourism right thing and they can have provided a model for everybody else, yeah Epps, but you know another creature that people like swimming with but it doesn't usually worker dolphins, people, love dolphins,
we'll get. You said another article that you wrote. What was the name of it? What sea creatures can swim with the EU? think they know you just hang onto the dolphins vain and go for a ride. Maybe it would let you, by all the sudden you'd find that you were going really fast and the dolphin wanted to die really deep and you'd be subsidiary. His shovel gear dolphins are fine, but there's no way you're gonna. Do that the flipper thing and hang on in particular, ride possessive their deadly deadly creatures. I hate humans, dolphins, sure now thought they like people, your Josh all about the soft encounter. There is another side of the coin here. You can also swim with sea lines by the way and sting rays and seals. Here and there a look in the UK can swim with seals. There is another side to this, which a lot of wildlife experts can decry. This whole practice in may say, it will this sea world you shouldn't, do this in the wild, because when he swam with
looks like on the small re sharks and results on the water. They said that disrupts are feeding cycle and just being humans being around them basically says, disrupts their whole underwater system. They got go in there either. Everything about world a world pretty much lousy with swine flu? These days, you don't need to bring that in their environment is terrible, so there side to the coin. I mean it's good for a while these places its part of their their income? As a country you nobody's phaser poor, you know they're, not like swimming off the coast of a visa or anything like that. Philippines, certainly the wealthiest country in the world. Yes, they can use the money. Where do you for what you think of eco tourism verse? the butchering of sharks? Well, now I mean just period like: should they be completely left alone or should the stuff be allowed? I'm curious vessel
what to think of it, you can learn a lot. But who knows if there's any damage me Well, yes, in the other problem, is you posted about the french team I'm bored asking provisions to smile at the tourist swine recent, I mean there are a lot of yokels out there who would love to just maybe getting slap fight with the seal or something like that right, so there's always that danger. But again I think if it's the, if it's the choice between make money. You have to make money. Humans have to make money in it coastal economy. You're gonna make money off the sea. Are you gonna make money off the sea through, observation that eco tourism can provide. We going to do it by king and killing, will search for their fit right. That's clearly. The choice is obvious.
I know, but there's also more sustainable ways are you can carry out eco tourism as well, and I think that since it's such a new and budding economic sector right, we don't really fully know how to do that yet. But I think it good that that's the direction removing agri, that's, that's my final judgment. We want to tell you The Subaru love promise. Right we have a super outback. Emily does and we ve had to these now and now we love the company even more because of the Subaru Le Promise so Subaru, has made a commitment by the company and its retailers to do right the communities that we all live in and work in and play in Dr Supervision, since two thousand fifteen Subaru its retailers, they leukemia and lymphoma society have delivered craft kids in gets to more than one hundred thousand patients across a nation. Yeah, that's right! In this past year alone, more than forty three things- In blankets, in over ninety, five hundred kids were delivered to patients along with messages of hope, which is good
nice, it's great to learn more about how Subaru gives back visit Subaru Dotcom, Slash, love, dash, promise. That is s you be a. Are you come slash, a dash, p, r, o my ass. He What I want to do now is- and I know it kept- you cause your scuba certified apologise again, don't worry about it. I kept from scuba diving, because I could not scuba diving and we both had to stay together. That's my neck skull. I wanna get down there, because we got some of that. We get the big the well. How can we get some smaller fish check this out? but I want to get down there with the sharks under the hammer head in the reach shark. What did you think about breathing underwater the? How cool is that pretty cool when you're actually completely submerged, then you really gone underwater. It's it's the most amazing thing ever
yeah, but it war me out. We talked about that. I was exhausted. We were that day totally wiped yet further resolutely right now, and it wasn't just the bacon, cheeseburger and chicken fingers Rees had once afterward. It was definitely the compressed air has an effect, but it still pretty cool hobby, probably the most expensive one. Yes, I've for maybe private private piloting the outdated, expensive too I got one more thing for the well sharks for. What's he got so? India is a huge well shark, fishing capital Tucker and there was a holy man named Marie Baku who, couple years back, I was visiting their avail, India, which is a coast. And he waited out into the water and saw a whale shark caught in a net any blessed it and said that he would like to see this well short. Freedom left alone
and this really bustling whale shark capital, suddenly its wealth are fishing dropped off really completely end the local government had been trying to prevent welfare fishing for years to no avail the scapegoat, their voices are well shark in office, and they don't well Sarka there anymore, really so We could get Al Gore and a robber, something in your I just wanted to hear. I dont much credit you again say: Louise, the Anna, but he's his work in his magic in India. Sportsmen's Paradise go Bob who think you have a soft encounter with them.
That's it for Wales, sharks and die. We would like to go ahead and tell you: TAT had gone over to a frenzied waters, dot com that has Mr Chuck bright and some of our other staffers from house to forge that comes work on that site. You can also check out shark weak dot com for a bunch of stuff on the internet, for shark weak and, if you're, too lazy to type just watch shark weak undiscovered channel from August. Second, to eight watch blood in the water this to show they did about the year. Nineteen. Sixteen attacks in New Jersey, it's really cool, I watch it and if you want to see the picture of gestures and I with the well sharks have but one up in the block username is opposed. I believe it was Josh and trucks when, with sharks appropriate, Yes, I should have been Josh and Chuck have softened counter, but it would have been a different picture. By man- and actually you can also find some really
articles, that of bright row and sharks general on how stuff works, dot com and Molly Edmunds ensured so did treatment. You can find those unhoused upwards dot com. As I just said, work together. That means it's time for listener Ok, Josh, gonna call this one talk so listener mail, and a new did that when we did the toxic plasmas, have one person that says I've got it and here's what it's like. What technically eighty percent of the people who write it say that they have yet the sky like a slimmer, India. This is from my Josh. Is this my life is a toxic feed us here just listen to your talks of plasma spy glass and blew my mind Maybe my mind was broken already, since I was born with the parasite, my mother, when a farm that was lousy with barn cats and often have the duty of changing?
ass, a little box when she was pregnant, and I was early term feed us. Her doktor told her he had high levels of talk, supplies and test suggested that her baby me with likely have severe birth defects. Looting. I am not making this up the failure to develop a head off Obviously such a foetus would be still born in the doktor recommended that my mother consider options, including in term abortion a monster, until her first ultra and a number of subsequent s suggestion did indeed have a head, so ya the doktor still warned of the possible mental handicaps, including mental retard, Haitian, but my eventual birth, and years of elementary school test proved him wrong. Once again, Sir I suppose you take away from your listener, is if you're pregnant woman with toxic plasmas talks of plasma is don't give up hope because your baby just might pull through and have a head. After all, listen to your podcast. I found that many of the associated behaviors of taxes
Moses hosts fit our the my mother is indeed warm and open hearted and I am of a stubborn and dogmatic jerk. I don't have any fondness for cats. However, I wouldn't Dag diagnosed myself schizophrenia. Two of my other personalities, would disagree Josh's a funny guy age. I very much enjoyed the pot gas and hope you're both enjoying the georgian summer heat for we are now that Josh Althea, that was from John Ass, the year, whose a Phd candidate at the Department of natural resources at the University Rhode Island thanks ash and good luck to you. I knew doctoral candidacy, So we got a bunch of emails chuck from people who wanted to know how they could be diagnosed or not diagnosed with tax Replace Moses and from what I understand, it's a simple blood tests in Iraq for any bodies that that developed to ward off the toxic applies medics at your local CBS. Under the taxi aisle I'll, write, muttered,
or Jimmy's they shop and blood test. The lower, he served up, live bait. Axel plasmas appears espresso. Have you seen that place indicator? That's that its is live bait, pets, taxes freely, They sell, live bait and detection Mcguinness. If you wanted to talk to chuck and I about any possible developmental diseases that you are in danger of having. Be this. You can send this in a male to stuff, pard, calf, stuff works, wonders and thousands of other topics is. It has to have works out com. What more house upwards check out our blot on the house of works? I come home page, because you listen to this podcast you're, probably a forward thinker interested in topics light green technology community.
Renewable resources and the future of world. As we know it are we write if so gotta how stuff works, dot, com and search forward thinking to find out more brought you by the reinvented two thousand twelve Camry. It's ready. Are you text. They will be here before you know it everybody but relax, because each of cause you're, one stop tack shop, their tax pressure experts, certified and train and eighteen are black, has up front transparent pricing, which means you know the price. Before you begin, no surprises and with office is open early and late. It's easy to walk in, make an appointment or just drop off your documents. Do your text, out the door and your maximum refund. In your pocket visit each hour, block dot com, slash textile defined, the closest office to you, it's better with black
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