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Human Blockheads: A Real Thing

2016-12-29 | 🔗

Human blockheads are performers who hammer nails and things into their noses. Yup. That's a thing. And it isn't a trick either - anyone can do it. Just please don't try to.

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So for Stockholm work under the Pakistan Josh Clark, there's Charles of each pry ended justice chickens here in studio one I yet the blackout has gone yet Jerry the blockade she's not like she's a meet her. She is meted This would also see here we see where everyone she'll never hear this gesture. Things have noticed today. Wearing liveries, oh yeah yeah is recreation of the great sweater. Danny WAR in the shining, which I think I told you we love Lee uncooked of Pixar owns. Real sweater, oh yeah, you did tell me that you like, if you like, you got the sweatshirt version. Has this if the real thing, but it must be of the same size- is like a well for five
six year old boy put away WWW Amazon KIT Oda display. He had a kid you're too frightened to to model the sweater yeah and I'm wearing my high school sweatshirt. Every day, raiders read in Romania The other thing I notices that got new glasses or a new prescription. Oh yeah, were clearly getting worse. Annex fuzzy to me, but my papers are clear. And I should note and like he said, I focus groups have been added. Is. That really does you are checked this pulleys glasses down his nose and looked over well when you're at home, and you get the tv homage working on your laptop right. It's this trouble Have you ever heard of that camera called progressive lenses? It's like a type of base
training, your eyes to get better by denying them corrective lenses. I well. I did that for forty three yours and it didn't work. Well, I mean, we did. Work rise would have been wayward said. You nothin Here's what I now. I know that two weeks ago, can never wear my previous glasses prescription because it didn't look like they were doing. Things were getting harder to read, so I went back three years later in their like. Oh yeah, things have changed, but I was reading two weeks ago. How is this sort of holding back a little more? Maybe, but now, when I put these on its like someone turn on the lights of the holy cow that so clear, but something changed in the last few weeks. Now I think we're. Just I was just used to getting by, and I say clearly as I could go to his ones are put these on. I just can't believe the difficult give free for do yeah, but now I live and glasses overtime.
We're not outside the when I read you remind me exactly how I felt fourth grade when I got glasses, they came in and they re like. Ok rebates, due in the eye testing. Of course, just think it's cursory like a life check or something like that right. Anyone stood in the corner of the nursery. Whoever was it's like. You need glasses You're insane woman, I think, is what I said, but it was a man right So I put myself in the same year, so I ended up since then I remember feeling like for the smaller yeah. That's a tough age. I don't know why. I started the same stigma and young kids but when we were kids, it was definitely like for eyes, and I fear there is a bit of it, so I show them. I went out and get the most out and Johnny Glasses. I could find of this picture there. They were clear with like a thin blue, like wire running through the frames ice they're, pretty awesome right so here.
Blockheads yeah so check. We are seeing the human blockhead trick. I should not call it a trick. You're right, you're right, I have like in person. Yes, I saw it. I went to a general circus one in that they had a blockhead that when I went, I'm not sure if they still do stock. I don't think This is a long time ago, yet he seems a little young do have been in the original Jim rose Shelly I mean this was in my nineteen. Ninety three, it was while a polluter, maybe Other elements. First, the first part of the first Lollapalooza report there. How is it that Jo Leinen Government made that's where it was a visa? I've never seen you in blockhead, so I mean I was aware of it. I'm sure I'd seen like references to cartoons or whatever, but I wanna mine, because I know this. I was researching this as they acquire a feeling faint
for some reason has if it makes me and I went online and just exposed myself to it. The air was yeah. I didn't actually faint bedded. Some well. We should go ahead and say then a human blockhead is person and we'll get into three of it with an income comes from, but it's a person, a performer who inserts. A nail or a camping steak or a drill a scissors. What something show that would make your stomach turn if you saw it jammed in a person's knows all the way right, and they do just that yet, and the reason I tracked myself earlier. I call it a trick- it's not a trick, the new performs the human blockhead or who is a human blockhead, would correct.
And say this is a start. A trick suggests that there is some sort of illusion, there's some sort of deception or stage magic going on. Yes, this is a start because it exactly what you think it is: there's a neo going into the person Skull If you dont know when you go to one of these, you probably think it's a trick. Its effect now it's a collapsible, telescoping, nay, or something maybe some sort of sinners. Of hand like the old trick where he is decide and act like your pulling something out of your mouth. I yeah yeah that'll I finally figured out many twenties thanks to your glasses, so it to the uninitiated. Its people probably leave. These performance is sometimes in want, of course, that was a real if no right, it's too late. That's what you think it performers with they play
that right is part of the whole thing but is actually legitimately the nail is not fake an idiot, It actually is going into the person's head, but the further his conception is there okay. If it is going in the persons head there, being driven into their skull, their bone right either, a new hole that they're making as their crazy for established hole that they have like that there they this time and time again like an ear piercing the rights healed over it. Not the case here. To say the body doesn't need any new holes, but I forgot about piercing you need piercing, but that's the only thing I can think of where you would want a new home, that's legitimate right.
I don't know some doctors could why new holes for you, depending like if you got a colossal actual or a tricky automate area. I didn't think about medical reasons were still. But an ear on his arm, and I was thinking about him. I can't believe you remember that guy's name yeah needlework. Why use? If you didn't listen years ago, talked about him. He was a performance artists to put moulded in an grafted, ear, look onto his arm survive. Some terrible infection sit Bluetooth, compatible hunt. He could literally here through it right. I mean you know what I mean. He rightly that literally here through it, they had like a Bluetooth MIKE in the ear, and then he I'd like a head on in his own here. So you could hear what was going on in there with assistance of technology. The eyes of performance hearts will expect, but that technically wasn't a whole, though now it was just a figure. No is there really was a really or her who was it
a cloned ear grafted Who is basically the cutting edge of perform its hard at the time doing now it looks like they sit around and people's count is going like he murmured the time. I d, rather than your pretty gray, her knees to say talk to the form they say Stella. We never gets out that generate. So should we talk about the history first or the hell is the mechanism history. I love this guy by I know you're talking about because there can be only one. Mister mill Burke who passed away years ago in two thousand at the age of ninety four years old and more than a Lana yeah. In nineteen o seven grew up in New Orleans mainly and quit school at an early age and became a word a couple of our jobs and worked for Western Union, but
then found his calling it as a psycho performer, which we ve covered right on the show, along with other circus arts. Yet you you ve gotta for circus hearts. I think just about every circus hour when we ve ever done is your pact? Was it but man we have an extensive library of Circus ART, yes, sort swelling lion, taming line, sire eating my reading to have fire walking. No, I don't think so, but for that answer there forever or tightrope acts. Now in circus families we did is exhausted. This I don't know man fire walking many other cases, we should do the the wheeler we talk but at the wheel, with the motorcycles in what are the something of death wheel, now, globe of death, maybe
It is a global. How lucky copyright so back to Mr Burke ART yet before me in such ass. He did so he was, he can fell into performing. He used to go to the theatre, a lot and one day when he was, I think, fourteen or fifteen or something he jumped feet when the people in stage ass for volunteers to come on stated, I guess he trip you're fell, I didn't know if it was purposeful or not and drove a nail through us for Hake and everyone's is laughed and laughed get some last night, the nail, yet they came later by he he was invited back for the next show and within a day or two, he found himself with a contract to do an amateur performance. So Thirty, dumb performing a very early age and in dumb his thing initially was, and I think through clear, here's what was called a talker
their ceremonies at a sideshow, yet you might call a Barker something like that, but They are the ones who kept the show going. They introduce the new sideshow performers as they came on and went off and he did his own act in between the other acts. Yeah, I'm part of his act ended up being the the nail the human blockhead trick among a bunch of other stuff. Yes, so that one of these courts it I got it New York Times a bitch weary and which always great, but one of the quotes from one of his counterparts and Coney how it was so funny. He said this is from my dick as again Besides your guy- and he said anybody can insert objects in their nasal passage from their nasal passage here. But Melvin spattering comedy made it an act right and then the other guy too great quotes Todd Robins. The magician who is also about
at times, as anyone who has ever hammered a nail into his nose of the large debt and often Burka the others all over the tongue in cheek in their obey them sure Burghardt, will appreciate. I m sure, Todd Robins guy actually is traced back to Jerry Wallace here Clearly the Indian, the Hindu perform performer three performer Apparently, data human blockhead trick long ago, right and I dont know if just totally coincidental that Melvin Burghardt stumble upon an himself or if he had heard about it or seen it himself right, but they re as far as it goes in the west. In the modern conception of the human blanket Melvin It was the guy who invented it. Yeah, I'm sure, probably people in India, scoffing that's right
but he was soon discovered by none other than on Mr Ripley himself, and he took him onto his auditorium in Manhattan, hadn't performing and suppose it is the one who came up with the name human blockhead from us, man ever Ripley? He coined a lot of stuff. I dont get it though I started, Why blockhead? it's a damn name. I would recall that, like called it, give me a minute but when I think of it, the ok shouted out God why I guess you can hammer nails into a block of wood. I guess so that will you stupid name, but without it we wouldn't have the Lucy from peanuts. Favorite put down number she coloured by a blockhead ire. The human pincushion sat quite right, though it's actually allow more accurate, but there are other human pincushions or other people who they added
oh yeah yeah, neither their reasons that there be very confusing your I'm tankers. You know, I'm the thing: you're a blockade so here. He actually ended up, and this is where the story ties and flea circus is actually at. Here its museum? Forty second street, which I believe is where the hecklers had their flea circus for decades, yeah them where The word appeared in easy rider. That's right, that's right boy, talking together in it, He'll hear this and he was what was known as I'm like some were you know when we did our side show pike ass. A lot of people are born with. Deformities. They would some people say we're exploded other Jose championed, but he was now that was what was known as a working act right. So he D had some talent in the fortitude. To do some of these things,
He wasn't necessarily born with any strange nasal. Message, although it does say he was about and broke his nose as such that they remove. Nasal bones that he thinks created this passage to arm setting a nail into your China's cavity right, but it is it since everyone, okay, so that to me- is a great place to put a brake? You ready? Yes, here we go, I took it up
shall I mean God, you bought you by just mercy based on the incredible true story: arise thieves in a modern day, hero attorney of freedom fighter who story affects all of us in his buys us to do good and be better, is deeply moving in his firing. Film show the never ending fight for equal justice in Nepal. One person can have to create a world. A different story might be jawed Jamie Fox and relaunch it. Every generation his hero meet us just marthy, now playing only a thetis, you made mention their November. Car was a boxer right, yes pugilist! So apparently, during his boxing career, he was guinea some bow Tat had been shattered. His face removed around his nose around his nasal cavity here and
the story goes that he noticed that actors, we're having a really easy time, sticking like a scowl polar pincers them all. The little medical instruments, energy nervously, everything in her hand, a young man- was just look, I'm up everybody. And he was called cheese if these guys can put the stuff in my knows that I could too, and if I combined with my pattern, comedy here. I can really make a good show of this imperially. That's where he was inspired. Do the human blockhead trick his economic fifty dollars a week, so he had something like a dozen pieces of bone remove from his nasal cavity area from a skull for medical reasons, bright, fixed, Box in Korea so He apparently had a larger than normal nasal. Cavities result. Ok polemic sense by its like what you said: but he has a whole in their face. Any came
exploited to do the human blockhead trick, lotta holes interface, so talk about the holes in our face since. Check this put his glasses and thirty. Looking over you and feeling like I'm seventy. So how do I look without, like get a picture this. How do you look Looking at you through the glasses without the glasses. Are you a great her work with the glasses Nuts are growing, larger and fuzzy. So look at me over the girl, while that of Catalan Instagram all right, the holes in our face. Let's talk about the sky, the skull, while it appears as if it's just one big, solid bowling ball with a face on the front of it. It is not. It is twenty two bones and all, and if you look
If you ever seen a human skull, you can see this as they have sutures words drawing together, it's a patchwork of of goodness protective goodness and for the most part, when you look at someone's face, you say: hey high Cheek bones: permanent Chin look at the size of this Ethan how pointy they are crazy. These. These are actually like feature either the bone themselves, are the bone underneath the scant that's your facial features right right, but there is one very prominent exception to this rule. That's your nose there. Your nose is not the result of protrusion of bone with skins stretched over me. Of your nose is made of cartilage. That's right right, so actually very little bone involved in your skin, just on the bridge, with your nose just on the bridge of the nose at right. Ok, so the bridge, the nose everybody, I you take your finger, put it clean your eyes and then just press down.
The bridge units not to hide out there and then discuss sized decide a little further. Now is not bone any longer that cartilage and behind I cartilage friends they all hole in the Senate every face have you ever had your nose broken? Let me just now We'd like fifty times no, have you ever been punished in the nose? Yes, but didn't break it. No, I've never had my nose. Broken I've never been punish you smell like I would at all not never been in a fight, that's great is, but a kind of you like. I should get enough this. Why are you could look outwards? Our guy might remember that is this thing called bars right. If you go out at certain times, you can get. No. If I pretty easy, I was always a guy was breaking like my guys, like you, much more fine. If we always kept drinking and did not get in a fight back,
that there is nothing that will ruin and ate more than sure a bar fight, Oliver, our fight suck across the board, plus ever always had a very strong inclination to not get punished in the face. I think this is. And the boy. I was now not really. He Billina he's here. Some people act and some people, hundreds love the fight, some ladys of the fight here we go out looking for it sure I don't know but to be admired celebrated in no way. The worse assure us people like one, the Arizona that short year had picked up just enough friends at my restaurant and one of the friends of the do that work. There was one of the most unkind, more people to hang out with of ever experienced area. He was always to get in a fire where we were in it just gets up. I will also fraught with anxiety, you know,
tons of anger inside and messages Ankara that don't you wonder, stuff like those hormonal like that. Guy's hormones are tuned a little known aloud, and I bet you there's a lot of factors. Hormones are bringing anger from childhood. But all I know is that I was like the fabric of a heart attack. Yoritomo near this year, does is waiting for the inevitable Will it be needed that guy listens? He doesn't this was a new right. Now knows you're talking about and has just started sobbing uncontrollably, like he's just had a breakthrough happy great, as you mentioned his childhood, they sat with the guarantee that so Oh yeah, the nose Yasser cartilage, the nose is easy to break is, can arouse getting but technically and early image, breaking it really cause. It's cool George, I guess you can cartilage, don't cinema so what you ve also got.
In your face, a front of that skull is all kinds of spaces. It there This little hollow places called sinuses right. You get her eye, sockets of and then you're, the only reliable Foreman Magnum, which is where the brain stem exits skull. There really has nothing to do with this episode did doesn't. This is just sort of a breakdown of what's going on in your face, Tracy's, oh by the way, this the Tracy Wilson, Joint church and she's, trying to prove a point that there's like the holes in the skull. That's right, the only holds that matter for a black hair, are the nostrils and, I would say, the nasal cavity. And the nasal cavity. Is that hole in your skull? in the frontier scholar you knows goes and their leads, although it back to your throat actually here, which is very important actually for other acts that we'll talk about me so
the area where it terminates at the throne. The nasal pharynx, and all of this is just wide up you Stick whenever you want in their place and you can do it without nailing, without hammering, without anything like that, you can just slide it in right, the physically You will get into how all the reasons why this very difficult, but just physiology. Speaking there's a big hole in the frontier face. Theirs, lot of empty space behind it. Going all the way back to your throat ass, a human blockhead takes advantage of this. This sum is these holes it wouldn't be so great? If you could just look at somebody and say: hey, that's the one, it's great you're. Just sliding nail in the hole in an open passage doesn't do anything the trick. The illusion is based on the net.
Formation of our nose here in our nostrils, which appear to go upward? Yes, which is not the case. Actually, if you pull your nose back and look into a mere, you see that the whole is behind of not above them right and that's the whole allusion yeah, like you when you blow your knows that meets not is coming down from the top of your head right and that's not. The case must come from the back. That's right! It's feeling is just about even top of the nose right blow your eyes. The ceiling of the nasal cavity right, yeah yeah, the ceiling of your bedroom here, in the floor of the nasal cavity is about level with what is known as the hour cartilage, a our yes, which is where the nostrils are right at the bottom of your you're nostrils. Yes, it when you like you, certainly see the trick. The fact that it's not
in its is going straight. In hikes people go, my god, what is going on is driven a nail right into the bone of his skull. That's what it looks like that. And by the way, if you want to get a good view of all this, looks like I stumbled upon a horrific photo somebody who's nostrils. I guess there this the cartilage that separates their nostrils, India, to the others. Me name for their right. It's gone and the whole knows the skin of the nose is being pulled back, so you can see the go behind it, if you wanted to just type our cartilage in Google search image searching you'll You'll be is unhappy as I am for. Having seen around him. Will you want to see it now? It's pretty crazy, narrator, ok, I'll! Look at a player casino! I want to argue lying in bed tonight I'm not gonna. Do I'm not doing so different
If, though, the cavity, it is not just a smooth straight thing, either they have their these groups scowled can conquer Anti HIV and conquer the contract on the walls and they hold onto the moisture when you exhale and that's gonna, keep everything nice loop, it, which is what you want in their thanks to the mucous membrane lines, all these surfaces and keeps everything nice in and Mckenna said the inward but nice and moist nope. I hate that work and not everyone whether they were their science behind it. Ok there. I can't remember I posted article four mental floss. Apparently there some science behind my people, only Edward NICE. So when you're doing the human blackjack, I see change that when you're you're, seeing as a professional through the human blockhead trick, what they're doing is there there sliding
the nail stick with a nail the nail in to their nasal cavity, they wanna, usually hug the hour cartilage the floor of their nasal cavity to try to avoid the concave. Now are you decided this pronounced and in wishing it all the way back into their Naser pharynx right here, six eight inches of space to deal with firm them. True, nostril back to the nasal pharynx, while and They ve human blockhead due to make it so the sliding a nail into your nose, which is gross that it's pretty playground e, they will a hammer Yale and they will hold onto the nail very tightly and they will make it look like their hammering you're gonna nail into their skull and the guy right and there's the sound of the hammer against the nail in it sounds really painful. We're really. You can just take the thing in slighted in easy piecie here this Gulf States,
right through the sounds extremely easy, and In a sense, it is bite, There are a lot of obstacles to performing this trick successfully and we'll talk about right after this hey. Do you like? Finally, your taxes does anyone know? Well, here's the deal, buddy, they're gonna, make it easier on you agent. Block is filing your own taxes online with age, and our black can be done. Super fast, dare I say in a Jeff you dare say because it's true chuck agent or block online guide, you three simple process and you can connect VHF instantly.
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really gets the human anatomy, the anatomy of a face in a skull, makes it possible. We advise, No one to ever. Try this site You want to get into the circus arts legitimately and want to take this step the like, really learn how to do the right. I actually ran across the sum theory eleven dot com forum, where tutorial a novice was asking how to do this and guy named William Driven replied and I thought he had a pretty good c o himself. He said, like if you do you want to do this. I know way Advocate Look from reading text on the internet where even watching videos go far somebody who is who is successfully perform this trick numerous times and then look
from them directly. Yes, don't learn from two eyes like us. Don't learn from reading William Ravens comments on the internet. You don't don't read it from anybody, go find somebody who knows this tricky in and learn from them, and where do you find that person there, the guy in the car the bar with the nail in their next shirt, frill easy for them in a town called winter, something in Florida? And I did look, we keep saying do that try and find a see if there are any women out there. Who did this? I didn't find you, but I'm sure, they're, sure they're they're, supposedly more than a hundred human blockheads around the world go home. When I m sure some women do this, I'm sure it's just not a prominent google search to type in you, no woman, blockhead if the latter were utilized weirdo porn on shared. They also think every single time. I've ever said guys I've, I've, men and as a gender, neutral mediator so one thing
He points out. Is that almost as are different and sometimes to read, your nasal cavity, you might, the lower edge of your nostril might be in the way so sometimes it might just glide right in and you look the same, but sometimes it will like if you do right over a year in your nose will stick up like like yours, now stood out like a pig right. They are holding it up, other noses. It might just like normal that, except for the fact that there are now three a lot of people who do this most people did say who do a practice initially with Q Tipp, probably smart right, yeah! You want a practice with acute and one reason why you wanna places with acute earth is number one it's. I would get be harder to injure. You suffer the cue to punch, although I'm should still be quite easier and then the acute tips are kind of fuzzy.
Earlier and so one of the hardest things overcome doing the human blockhead trick. Air start is coming the sneezing reflex there. That's the that's what I mean there's also to other problems like if you use they may not clean you set yourself. Upper side infection? Can you sticking foreign objects back there around your sinuses? Yes, you can. Damage the very soft mucous membrane tissue that around that line, your nose, a nasal cavity in your sciences in your nasal pharynx here. But what One of the biggest challenges is overcoming the sneezing reflex, which can combine all this stuff all these dangerous and then increased tenfold. Yes, your turn the can nail in your head in the early stages and you sneeze. Yeah sneezing can be a very violent reaction to us. I was using real quick so pursuant to the trouble of outlining how sneeze works is pretty me, so you ve got
a sneeze. Has a reef? What's collar reflex arc any kind of reflex as far as Human bodies concerned consists of a reflex arc. That's made up of receptor in. Case. We ve got nerve endings in our noses yeah those other receptors yeah there, the things it say you know I just snorted pepper at my nose, yeah or this house. Hosty or whatever might cause you animal dandridge. Whatever hops in here for me earlier so like if you'd literally, like an EPA are even smaller. I can just drinking really here just like gets knees and then your fine or no valid. Eighty really here hopped gets me Hopson peppermint, so You got you ve got the stimulus against the receptor, their sectors, gettin, the sensory nerve, leading to the integration, serve your brain
the whatever centre, integrates all this information. For that particular reflex. That's right! Europe Motor nurse which says go do this and I was called in the factory. In the case of sneezing in a factor is the process. The physical pain this is neither right yeah, You know everyone, everyone sneezes check must get real. You know it was interesting to me chuck. Is you know when you researching yawning you yawn when you research itching? Did you say you scratch You got it. I thought the same thing really. I wonder from gonna start sneezing and I do it's not suggested now. Truly reactive thing So when you sneezing failure, it might start off with your eyes watering. And you're gonna secrete, some fluid from your nasal passage, and then there abrupt pre sneeze breath that you draw from your diaphragm. I don't think that has a name was caught. The priests knees breath breath
disappointed and the little robber richly, and then you d, Frahm in the muscles in your chest, contract really quickly and the air leaves that knows, and mouth really quickly do you have sneeze pattern and I m sure I follow patter, almost always sneezing threes. Here is your three yes by I mean it depends like I seriously will sneeze. Eight or nine tirades drinking a copyright yeah, I'm almost always three and when it's not it's, it stands out to me as being unique, complete. So yes, sometimes there are some. Often these later and think, like area, There's the third areas, which is silly flick, celebrity deaths. I wonder about mental look up, though one, if there's any science to that sneezing patterns. Sure there's this science, everything MR signs and magic.
So you can put office needs. You probably done that before that ticklish, sensation just goes away. Those referred to the incomplete things because he felt like her? I feel, like you know so close. I clearly needed to sneeze, but you didn't. If your body doesn't sneezing warded itself, yeah. And thirdly, that the point of view sneezing talk. Is that part of mastering the human blockhead state is reducing your sneeze reflex personally, I can be done just by exposing yourself here to his knees, reflex over and over and over again see just stick that you took in their sneeze. You do it again. You sneeze, you do it again, his knees, he go eat a tv, Tuner Atlantic, a little break, break visit, stuff. Then you're mad, you really mad, get really pissed off
and then you come back and then you do it again and then, eventually, a few days later, a few weeks later, you ve lost all your friends, but you don't sneeze when you stick something up your site victor. I also saw them. If you are, if you Human blockhead. You wanna, basically scrubbed down any new start? Nay, that you ve got it with us with steel war in Sofia and rubbing alcohol for a while to prevent scientists, action that securing like a Carney thriller, where someone creeps and unlike switches out the nail, her some pathogen on the dead, Like I said there are over a hundred people doing this around the world, supposedly Ryan Stock, mentioned earlier, has become pretty famous for is he went on? I think he added tv show of his own Latin America has got talent and he does all sorts of things he and his wife. I wish here
oh yeah, she's deftly part of an ambulance, so You say that all kinds of things, but one of his notable tricks is spent on this called the. And meet head where just look it up. Rhine stock, he puts a meat hook and morality settles connected to the throughout. The EU will go all the way through his nose out The mouth with the end of the hall then help pulled stuff around actually pull the almost thirteen hundred pound car here heels the world record as being the electors? ever. Do you hear that the title of this world record here a world record for the heaviest vehicle pulled using a hook through the nasal cavity and out of the mouth hundred ninety eight point: three five pound car: no idea how much that isn't! Kilograms. I remember my brother. He ate something when he was.
For some are realised that was all connected, he laughed alive, Iphone eating, hamburger and coughed hamburger through is now or milk through the nose. When you made your friend last as those that's, a classic than in Egypt were triumph in the rest of the day. Actually, I'm have found if I'm jogging, like always chewing gum, dynamic make the gum slowly into small pieces and eventually like eat it or wherever really boats, theirs. A few moments where, like there's a small piece of gum, separate from the rest of the gum and I've noticed every once in a while. I dont know what sets off by she nodded out. I gave up my throat and then my nose and the second more than what that. Yes, you're, either not jogging right, you're, chewing gum, he'd do somethin, there's a break down here. I don't think you're supposed to do that. Its true weird. Does it hurt now It is surprising, assured the gum,
Oh! You mean our pieces of brain. Did you ever hear about the woman who had like a runny knows for twenty years and she finally went to the doktor in their like that's cerebrospinal, fluid your brain is leaking out of your nose, which she ok, Guess I mean she lived with it for decades? That's crazy! and there's other guy that I want to mention to the faith. Healer. Oh yeah, John of God- and this made me want to do what did you a show and faith healing period? and show on psychic surgery, like those are definitely on the less now but he is a famous brazilian faith healer who arm. Making these big like if he sees it more famous than I thought he was a cause. I had heard of him, but he's been an arm he does these. He has a couple: a kind of operations.
One visible and one invisible and one of the visible ones is. He sticks forceps up the nose of people and To supposedly heal them of certain things in an apparently, he was exposed by the great James Randi, The amazing Randy who we talked about the great legendary sceptic all sour purse, but suddenly what I call the Jersey, the documentary now having. Yet it's really good great documentary called them an honest liar about the amazing Randy he's so interesting, but here you think ABC your CBS or someone got him involved yet ABC Tv to expose. John of God. And he said well for sure one of the things unease exposed psychic surgeons before, but he said this forceps up the nose thing nothing more than the block at trick and as always doing fraud.
Well, there are human or no psychic surgery, one for sure that sounds pretty interesting. I remember seeing that when I was a kid I thought I was like the real deal, that apparently Andy Kaufman, like winter psychic surgeon and figured out the scam so sad says mulish form in at least yeah chickens in hand. I see at noon anything else I do not You are no more about human blockage. You can Those words in the search bar has therefore tat com. You can search human blockhead online. There is at least one good Melvin Burke our performance. I need to do for you to look up cartilage New Ryan Stock and also shout to then arts allay their article on blockheads. That was helpful as well. Since I said all that time, France for listener me so check. I guess this is the last one of the year
We should say before we do male happy new year. Everybody here be safe we'll see every one in twenty seventeen And the kind of setting the Christmas absurd, but thanks for thing over the years yet for it means a lot to us in We just can't wait to get things go and again in by calendar just a couple of days. Earth and also on a personal note, happy birthday to my darling. Like you me, happy birthday, you me. Ok, what it's time for listen amount, We call this banning it is in the kids. We heard from a lot of people on this ethic guys live in Northern Virginia, just listen to your show on advertising for children, one are really annex relating periods we had with our eighteen? Then? Eighteen month, old daughter, I we're occasion with her in Florida had a day. Nothing on earth to do list, so we decided to drive the Walt Disney World. We are
found a bag full of cash and our glove compartment. Is hesitant about going because a very young age in the fact that she had zero exposure to Disney. At this point, I persuade By saying she would enjoy the praising the characters. Even if she didn't know they were literally only television she had ever seen at that point was educational programming on pvc, that was even minimal, those who turn onto the road trying to make our way to match kingdom. There was a water tower in the distance decorated like Mickey mouse ears and all. And my daughter, immediately shouted. Look it's Mickey mouse. But how do you know that my husband- and I were both completely surprised- We cannot believe that our daughter had been in donated into recognising that branded only eighteen months, especially We had taught her that most likely she was shown a toy or a book daycare.
It is now that we are against that the Disney or anything obviously cost. Taking or theirs is very shocking Sierra, child parrot that information? This is also be evidence of reincarnation while these, what if it was like a billboard she's like it look it's a Newt Gingrich valid because for alarm another's advertising as everywhere and nearly impossible to avoid social. We can eventually teacher to not be fooled and he's critical thinking that make this is rather than her emotions, x ray you do to make my long me so much more enjoyable, that is from Stacy and she says my daughter now is nearly five and gets annoyed by commercials, so she put this television until she confessed for through them all one point for technology nice? Well, thanks a lot stacy. We appreciate that whole story because he has had a good time Disneyworld and that's it
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