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Hypnosis: You're Getting Sleepy

2010-09-23 | 🔗

The modern conception of hypnosis came into vogue in the late 18th century, and it's been the subject of much debate ever since. Does hypnosis really work? How? Josh and Chuck discuss the history, practices and feasibility of hypnotism in this episode.

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It's ready. Are you welcome to stop? You should know how stuff works TAT Day and working yes, don't Josh clerk sitting economy is one trial have you, Brian, no, I love amours, checkers or Chuck Jack tramp tramp tramp. Let it come anything just call me do you can call me anything. Just don't call me late dinner, that's redneck, NASS! Classic! I'm always heard it from red redneck his classic So we were like those internet, Intaglio Serbian, giving more more refined, Buddy Chuck decisions stopwatch. I have ado stare the chuck. I am
very drowsy check your laying in a field surrounded by little rabbits rabbits as the ravages of you to check Chuck. Keep your eyes open for me. It s a check. I want you to bark like a dog when I snap my fingers ready with very good check those excellent chuck bring us out of this is horribly, we'll segment when I snap my fingers and many count to three when I set my fingers Any of this just me and the people listening it is on that. Ok, ok, one, two three pay check a short but I feel lame eve. You should feel way. We have every reason to believe so. Do I embarrassed? I suddenly
as a dispute stowed upon you like a really great gift that you can't remember what does happen that was like the worse ensure we ever did. It is so just thank you lucky stars Chuck that is a great enter, a dash Zeb. We are talking about hypnosis, well yeah. It would have been a little weird fur australian for odds wrecked began to be weird, the cane toad. So I go and kick start this my friend by saying that hypnosis has been around for a couple hundred years and because it has to do with the brain the mind, we still don't know a ton about how it actually works. I'd like to kick start this one by saying that hypnosis is complete. I don't agree because I have been hypnotized and we will get to that later, really heavy, really yeah sort at what will talk about? Ok, I'll, walk you through my experience later the great? Oh, you ve been hypnotized twice, not you realize you don't remember it, but I know you don't you know you even hypnotize face. So, technically speaking,
but he a trance like state, is what hypnosis is an characterized by relaxation heightened imagination and extreme suggestibility, and they compare it to daydreaming, actually hyper tin of you're, not asleep your hyper attentive and they like in it sometimes so when you get lost like in a movie and nothing exist outside the movie in you, our voting with the movie and you can't believe. What's going on his real now, Molly was compared to in this article by Poor Tom Harris. Watching a movie. It was also compared to driving Red a more in the hunt was it that it is, you didn't see. The is awesome illustration that shows all the things that you can kind of self hypnotize within one homes
apparently riding along tractor well Milton Ericsson is expert in the twentieth century of with hypnotism. He says that this happens on a daily basis to everybody, and I know it is talking about like come. I've definitely driven unimpaired sure before and been like. How did I get here? I've done that too. And you realize you're so focused on a thought or a problem is something you're trying to work out, though your bodies just taken over and you can do and sticks of to satisfy. Rheumatics, yet you know it usually triggers my realisation that happen. As I realise some awful awful song has been playing that I would never listened to like one second of who, like bad at the bone, is on and it's like the way he the body you mean towards their didn t, let it has another key words with towards Third Delaware Destroy area. You didn't like there again,
he used to go the Hollywood? Why, by the way this we're on the same work out sketch of her little? I saw some. He like his old bones on the treadmill. He'll agrees about to die. You see, I'm sure he was. I hated bad. The bonus. I maintain that ok So if you are listening the bad the bone- and you realize that it's like then to the science but on the whole tire, that's clear evidence that you ve self hypnotize exactly, and there is also a school of thought there, all hypnosis itself hypnosis forget those explanations later right. They definitely makes a little bit a sense to me or I rise. Even do you wanna talk about Mr Miller yeah mess that the name actually comes from a guy named France, France Mesmer, and he was an austrian physicians in the seventeen hundreds and he was one of the early proponents of hypnotism, he thought was a mystical force though, and it was
early on also known as mesmerism right and then that just eventually became like mesmerizing written in Mesmerist whole bit was that it was animal magnetism flowing from the the tersely sleep, bright red. I feel corny coming out of like his fingers. Eyes, looked into the subject threat and that have no such was the hypnotist Reading his will on the hypnotized person right and now largely abandoned in the nineteenth century. I think must yet scottish serjeant named James Braid coined the term hypnosis right and it came to be seen as it states that the person went into Gaza guided by him
to strike catch it. Well, that's deafening what happens when you are under hypnosis? It's always the talk about the suggestibility. You you think that that's reality. So the example that, given that the article which allows appropriate for us, is if they say you like your tongue, swollen, you believe that, and so you might start talking like you do with the thick tongue, that's nice or if they say you're drinking, like a cold soda, you might like feel the bubbles or the cooling effectively on your throat, even right, right Anne Chuck. Think it's not that you think it's real! It's that you are in much the same way. It was like into watching a movie or a tv show like ever watch tv showing you like cuts to commercial and others. Realize, like you, really anxious, like your but you're in trouble. For something You stay in wine. You realize it's because you ve attached to it
Makin evoke emotions in you sure that's what hypnosis is you don't think it's reality because you're not thinking yeah you're. Well, what will get into the brain of it? Then I guess this is probably get them Ox Marine evoke emotions in future. That's what hypnosis is you don't think it's reality, because you're not thinking yeah you're, well, what will get into the brain of it? Then I guess this is probably attended to write this up just mind. You were here that this is. This is really where I started disown out. Railings like how did I lose?
the last hour. The the school of thought for the most part is that hypnotism is away two's, get into your subconscious mind if they hypnotism hypnotism hypnotism taps in your subconscious, and if your conscious thoughts are the things you have to consciously think of in a day, your subconscious is still like hard at work. Do and all the things like you don't think, I'm going to get in my car and pick up my key to insert it in you this. You know your subconscious knows how to do all that right. Harris use the example of like losing your keys right right, you're sitting there and in your conscious mind I guess in this respect- and I have to put this clearer- I think conscious and subconscious concepts will be around for much longer, but I don't think so, but
from the from the viewpoint of psychology. Your conscious mind is what's what realises that you are missing your car keys in all the ramifications of not being able to find your car keys that you're to be late to work in the reign of your problem? Where did you leave at last and Allah and their subconscious, mind are all of the different mechanisms its governing all that if mechanism bringing them together so that you can have these thoughts right, worries and access what is most important later so that can remember the last place you put him right. So what seems to you like a sudden flash of insight like there's the car keys, that that was a series of machinations by these subconscious mind got it brought you to your conscious mind at that point. Well, that's very pertinent here, because psychiatrists think that the deep relaxation relax its state relax it. If you say that
kind of like that to relax its state that you're, not too it is allows that the psychiatrist or the hypnotist to tap into that subconscious because of the state the Turin tat that subconscious tappitt there, maybe a little bit too that to write other could be, but we should probably say chuck before we get into that that what you, what the subconscious mind, is responsible for some of the big things and that this is what,
right right. You ve got the sensation, bodily sensations, right, memories, taste smell of us are right and with memories, especially if you're getting in there and you you're going directly to the source where these things are stored, retrieved inexperienced right, then you have a lot of responsibility if this is actually real right by two to not manipulate these. The person in the state the absolute because apparently you're dealing directly with the subconscious so with the talking about repress memories, specifically its easy to create false memory, tat vertically We definitely have to be really careful, but, yes, you are right that there is some evidence there. Some scientific evidence that there's something going on here when people are in a hypnotic state. Well
the conscious mind, is the inhibited component of your body. So it's the one that I put on the brakes. Four things in the subconscious is the more impulsive and imaginative one. So it makes sense that you see those stupid hypnosis shows live on state. Yeah we're adults are like barking like dogs in walking around my chickens and of their still there in Vegas accompanies back and then billboard People love that stuff there, I'm not one of them, but that does sort of makes sense that if their tapping into ended the subconscious in leaving the conscious mind out of it, then that's why they're uninhabited and feel free to do other stupid things right some too that in theory, just by looking at my end there there is some, I guess, people of slap people into E G machines, given him Electro Acephala Rafi scans.
Yet she was actually on the brain right and there is something like there's. No there's no change bodily aside from in time, her steady job making this p people are relaxed right church, but that's actually from the suggested. Relaxation is not from the state of hypnosis itself, so your heart rate might slowdowns diet, but it's not because Europe Hypnotizer just cause your chill exactly but, with the with the brain scan from Pharaoh. Why camera we were talking about sleep walking, I think yet. About brainwaves, yet we were and the the low frequency ways associate with deep we tend to show up more when you're in hypnotize state in the higher freaky frequency waves associated with being fully awake and alert slow down, some then disappear take over and the other one goes away right when you are actually in deep sleep, but the thee their skin,
differently than a normal person would have other rake in southern. Their time also points out too that desolate, like proof of anything, but it is a nod to like well. This is actually going on in the same way they studied this rebel cortex. And hypnotic ex showed or hypnotic subject showed reduced act. In the left hemisphere and increased in the right, The left hemisphere is where the logical control centre is, and the right is where, like the imagination, creativity is so that can support the ideas well written, but again, not like hard proof chuck. How do you do it? That's my problem with this there's no hard proof whatsoever it. How do you as far as against ecology? Psychiatry goes in this as in widespread use or various right.
Do you hypnotize somebody mothers in different ways? They can do it, there's the old school way, where you like way, the watch in front of someone the scene in the movie like, yes, that's called field gaze induction or I fixation fixed gaze fixed case, but as they feel guess, that makes no sense. A hypnotized legislator What was that nothing so that some idea there is that there is getting you to focus on something in tune everything out and they allow you to sleep with her tone and that sort of the old way and they don't do it much anymore, because apparently doesnt work that well yes, because all too smart- and I was yet one on the other. There is another call rapid when I like this, why it's like Chuck sleep, Chuck, Chuck, you're, hypnotized, Chuck, listen, my voice! Your sleepy chuck focused on czech racket chuck, yeah. Well, that's what they do in the vague issues in these. They can a prey on the fact that you're upon stage you're out
your element you're nervous in it. They supposedly that will make you more susceptible to that kind of suggestion, but test You then that well there's another one called progressive relaxation in imagery where someone might suggest that you're lying feel that's the one that was you saw me were surrounded by bunny right. Where was this Ok, how gotten just tell the story. I went to a hidden, a therapist about four times before I didn't go back and he d skyward. It was in his house of their often row in the state Department you sort of creepy and make the situations all unnerving Anne, but I did want like they say one of the things that you have I believe that you can be hypnotize year in order to be hypnotized like you can't go in. There is a sceptic probably like cross your arms and a way you watch, but am I believe that you know you could do this? Is my friend went through the cigarette hypnosis and really worked for him, so he had
look at Asia, this huge painting that was on his wall and dislike focus on that, and he had this new age, in your music playing softly and the lights were down creevy and he call me with the two with his voice. You now and all that, and I went three times and I guess looking for a hypnosis experience where I didn't remember what happened and I was like out of it, but from reading this is like you're out of it, your distance, such a relaxation, relax reallocated, relax state that you can go there, something and only success that I will say is for sessions. I got it is for like meditation right of Euro Mediterranean, of tried that too much going on. Well, you private be very good with it noses plus. I can't get the Lotus physician to say much though you dont have to it sort of like meditation, though, in that this
in time I really really was lulled into this. Like super relax state, we talked about some stuff and then afterward, I came out of it and he was like I had. He feels like, I feel, really relaxed and good. He said how much time do you think that took like an about fifteen minutes? He went you watch was an hour in twenty minutes. Did well then wait. Let's have a right to check right now. He does to your wife figures. Heartedly sort of work man? I mean I felt: did you feel better? Well, yeah, I didn't go back, I think went back one more time, though it is not for me. You went back for the fourth pity He thinks about with a guy, then I just quit like returning calls Beijing he's like please come on but I will tell her- I haven't seen another person, so I know he can give you a feeling. I will listen to the show, but-
yet bring me out. Man, like the passage of time. Definitely weirded me out. Rules like I lost in our somehow meaner than that saying I believe in it, but it was pretty real. Well, you of an egg report: yeah debunk it well, the problem is you, you totally nailed the not just why hypnosis necessarily real, but why psychology isn't necessarily real chuck? Have you heard of the Dodo bird effect now thoroughbred effect? It was. There is a psychologist and I think the thirties- and I can't remember his name, but he figured out- and it has been proven time and time again that no matter what psychological orientation using weather-
forty in psychoanalysis meant or behaviour or cognitive behavioral ism, whatever. As long as the patient believes that he or she can be healed, believes in the therapists abilities and a therapist believes in their orientation, there's going to be success, mind is powerful, it is powerful, but the mind of the patient is powerful right right. What is described by the donor Bert effect on its basin. Some part of, I think it through the looking glass or whatever the Dodo bird decrees everyone's a winner right. It's the placebo effect, yet that's what hypnosis as its policy but a fact, but more specifically, it's a socially or culturally bound placebo like Vous drank it remember when we talked about voting and its it there's
talk about zombies, anything we touched on it and voodoo. What was zombies? It's like if you live in a culture that believes in zombie and steps are taken to make. You think that you have been afflicted in in and made into his arm again you're going to act like a zombie right likely. That's what hypnosis doesn't my opinion well, and I sort of agree with that. But, He also makes a point two, and I was reading this, I'm glad he made the point the end, because the whole time our thinking like yeah, but if the end result is the same as hypnosis, is it that the same like it's kind of splitting hairs, and he makes that point. What's the difference if the placebo cures your ills, what the differences is like, if you can
happened. The placebo effect yeah, that's what optimal yeah, letting the body to my over and take care of itself right. The problem is, when you write a check to somebody: ok, wait for something that you could have done yourself or there's. An entire field of study ran like psychology that entire other fields of study, like economics or let's go with economics, are based on right. The findings of right and those findings aren't right. It's all placebo effect. Then you ve got a real problem. Yeah. I guess it's a solid point. That is so, I think, if we identify the policy will affect you have identified, for the problem is: if people know that is a placebo effect than it kind of ruins. Its effectiveness usually work, as you gotta, believe in it going in for sure one of the ways they use. It is I'm habit, control treatment and that as I met my buddy Jonathan Del who quit smoking. Britain's except I set quantitative but easily jumping, don't jump, and I, like Johnny Pit,
in the year he felt like you should be wherein, like a gene jacket, mightily, the leopard and black MIKE marker on them might be in. He might be our human Johnny. He was the guy in New York oh god, in the back of the van with us, oh yeah, I like the guy totally sea of managing jacket with death leopard on the back here he went through the city. That programme in a lot of times a psycho reading or smoking, and now, basically, what they do is hypnotize you reprogram, your subconscious d, like you're, you're, gonna, feel marshes every time you smoke a cigarette in it. You know this with varying degrees of success. It's worked yes on some people, including John, I think he's now, but those years ago, again now I mean: did it really work and work for a little we're if they did Albert because he believed it there. That's not that, though I mean on the lot of cancer, patients are apparently hypnosis to get through chemotherapy or to try and he'll right period
a lot of people swear by that same childbirth. Right then, somewhere you're getting in some areas where it's like no know if this is a placebo effect phenomenon right. I wish be using this at all like further IKEA Fisher, because we talked about implanting false memories. There's the likelihood of that year. What they'll do in France It is, though, out they'll get someone who has like a suppress memory of like an awful crime and they'll hypnotized them to bring out these like details of the crime scene, but that's really controversial, right wing teased at all. There's also,
Is there another one chuck? Well, this regular psychotherapy? If you have like phobias, her fears seen us around two sphere, which is much like the habit, control hypnotic treatment, except it's more of usually more guided toward things like phobias, rather than quitting smoking rent, but it uses a lot in saint tricks like rather than you'll, be nauseous the next time you get afraid of flying rat it'll, be it would it wouldn't? I guess, kind of instilling you self confidence or something like that. Like true, are you dont need to be afraid of this plain racket we'll be over? Eventually, this is gonna a key male generator. I think yeah, I think of it will get both sides of the coin. On this, a lot of people who say no dude, I was hypnotized and it was real or I went, saw that big issue and you don't know anything else hysterical or I think it's bonk intimate a sceptic right. I think sceptics, you kind of.
That way: you're there sceptic or you're more inclined to believe things. I changed. I've done a complete one. Eighty, I was thinking the other day how much how surprised I am and what a sceptic become. Did you cyclist, love everything that, like without thinking like I used to think Genghis Khan killed? Like one point, eight million people in an hour? I thought because it was so it was an awesome at figure. Now, today I was reading, it was so today I was reading this hypnosis article and I was like this is bonk like I can barely make it through this article. Yeah. No, I realized like how much has changed in that respect I think you get older and give them more cynical in less prone to by industry.
Do you want to hear anymore? There's there's like a whole slew of cultural, cultural bout, culture bound mental illnesses that are like if you live in a culture that accepts this fact, there's one out, as one tell you one, but if you're in she should go check out culture, bound mental illnesses, there's lots of sites that have lists and descriptions of em, but there's one called coral and afflicts Malaysians, possibly Indians. Their say that this large populations that believe in this that, under certain circumstances like after you ve, had sex with pride, the two or engage masturbation prevent particularly guilty about this. You may suffer from Cairo. Coral is the belief that your genitalia male and female are shrinking India or body real. It cannot happen from eating unclean food or whatever. So the idea is that if people really believe this, then it will happen or they disbelieve its happening. So that's what matters they believe it's happening less of matters as well.
As far as a mental illness, because it doesn't actually happen but they'll take steps to prevent it from happening like putting hooks into their breast to pull back out right, tearing off their sons. Penises to keep him from will keep her from spreading holy cow yeah but that's culturally bound like if you did, then the? U S, every baby like you're. Absolutely. I grant you do it there. It's like. I have Cora yeah. I think that's what hypnosis, as it gives you in the United States, Carte Blanche to act in ways that you would be embarrassed by normally, because you're hypnotized for the rest of us are judging. You interesting That makes you sceptic thanks. Thanks ruin, because I was already the hate that little rampart means getting so
If you want to learn more about hypnosis or find out the fate of shock based on the days induction that he underwent in my super trail, everything the other time you can type in hypnosis teach white. He and, as I asked in the search bar, has the first that cover the plain old, vanilla search bar. Has the worst I come and am I understand it was still to ever progress thing knows her male wishes of especial announcement progress is plug. First, in October, in MID October, in Atlanta, Georgia, we're gonna have a couple of things going on. One is officially sanctioned trivia night. At the five seasons, brewery west side. On the internet would be seen as it is not very other houses on Marietta belief, but look it up. It is if I sort in your dreams
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and makes me sad, woogie sweetmeats, but you come hang out these guys, and yet there are very approachable teamwork. Just pious and trivia future gas bring your books are your John Hodgman books. Is that a couple of weeks out that, I am sure be happy to sign yeah, just run community run by chance? They are in town. You in a headline show this time, which is often as the drunken unicorn on constantly on avenue, and I imagine be sort of late shows on this kind of clubs, but during the right, oh yeah, yeah, Josh and Union, be there and Emily I'll be there and Jerry we're gonna make you can't, even if you don't want to this time, which is often at the drunken unicorn on constantly on avenue. Imagine what sort of a late shows on this kind of clubs, but during the right
yeah, Josh and you'll, be there and Emily I'll be there and Jerry we're gonna make you come even if you don't want to know- and I think hopefully, Jos gonna- be in town and go this jealousy they before birth, and we asked John if he would be there to oversee. And yet, if you are not familiar with the Henry Clay people, they summon gossip girl. You know I really am. Camera was called, but that's beside the gold coin, probably not monsieur there. Their labor is this like tyres for your vote, That is a non sanctioned non official event that we want to encourage people come out too. That show hang out with us. Hang out the man, the Jordan, the keyboard players and great birth, having line is easier picked it up. It checks as big a timely one, a packet after this guy's won't behind. Can you, the corn holes, like fifty people, so so urgent, So there will be none sanctioned events. I guess marketing with all over and for allowing me to speak.
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