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Is the Pied Piper About a Real Historic Tragedy?

2018-05-31 | 🔗

In the German town of Hameln a tragedy that took place on a specific date in 1284 and befell specifically 130 children is commemorated every year. Aside from those two details, the event is cloaked in mystery. What about the Pied Piper fairy tale is real? 

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welcome to stop. You should now friend Hasta for Stockholm pay welcome to the Pakistan Josh Clark in their charge of each Bryant from theirs Jerry over there. This stuff, you should know fairytale addition Jerry supposedly on vacation here what's going on, but she came in here just for us why Jerry did she feels beholden?
That's nice, which is weird because she's with a guess producers, maybe she feels that your job is written, is today the day I die? Oh geez, I hope not. Jerry knows it can immediately get these two in the conversion. Yeah, probably unless something really crazy happens in the next hour to yeah. That'll give me time to get in touch with, like the five people I have on my list to replace yet another five by now right, o bomber right, Michael Stipe, Michael Stipe, Bobby Fisher. I think there is one more I can remember Bobby Fisher, the chess player yeah. That's a low, random, well monitored, corrects episode, an optimist, prime, that's the fifth one, yeah checkers, have you ever heard a fairytale before we're we're. We did two very good episodes. Oh, if you say so yourself,
were good and I often say that, but in November two thousand fifteen you did it back Tobakcre with the dark origins of fairy tales and how the Grimm's fairytales work or the grim brothers. We had fairytale fever, we did but man, licked it so did you go back and listen to him in and you like, while these are good raises, remember them being remember them being good, ok and being especially like. Can a proud of this really is fantastic man? That's how I feel about your limb is torn off now what there was a good one, good title of our reassessment surgery. Remember that yet that that titles, all you that's a just cause title- do some good titles out there to what's the deal with blank
is really going to come up with titles bottle near where the streets have no name ain't worth, but where the streets have no drums of that for delirium. What you just did it so we're talking about fairytales today, specifically specifically we're talking about a fairy tale of the Piper of Hamilton, and as far as fairytales go. It seems to be a little different than other fairytales k, and the why it's a little different is because horrifically its people think scholars, not just you know, average traverse right like real deal, scholars yank, that's something actually happen that form the basis of this fairy tale right, whereas with Hansel and Gretel it wasn't based on some which lady who eight children no, but though I might have had some basis in fact to have. I like Rumpelstiltskin
probably not based in fact well enough, I remember the little guy like you, you trick and saying his own name back a little go to the court holding out a bit hard hit. An insatiable sexual appetite is what it was. The little girl for big heart was bonobo writing. We were gonna get so many emails from people being like lay off bottle. What's withstood the banner references whose bonnet there he they must work with that bottle guy I wish so chuck. The piper. The reason why we say it might be based, in fact is because there's actual, like historic evidence, that kind of supports this thing, You can find it in this town of handling, which is a real place. It's not a made up like retail landmark, you know, ah, does there's your first clue near most details or not said in an actual place right now. Are they now
just made up yeah under way or there in a very vague place, or they take place in a larger play. Oh in Germany, one day or in Bavaria, one day not like in this town bright that actually existed at the time were saying it did, which is another thing to because if you look at the the actual fairytale took it to a second, there is like a specific. Date. They also is very unusual. Never I point retail. So the more you dig so the more you like is might have actually happen and then, when you think of this might have actually happen, then your struck with some of the greatest dread, a human being can experience causes something bad happened is what happened, yeah. Let's talk about, our aid will, let's get into the original fairytale. The grooms brothers sale of the White paper thirdly, if none, I rode none at all german
Jane Mcgrath get old gene from back in the day, wrote this one too, and she points out that it is a tale, a cautionary tale about governance, as well as taking responsibility for financial agreements she's right, but it putting that way seems a little funny, but I it is twelve. Eighty four in Hamblin in Germany, and there was a rat infestation in the town at the time and the mayor- and this is the very till you're gonna write yea. And that the mayor of the town didn't know what to do. The Berger Meister, oh yeah, Mr Burger, the stranger comes in,
down in war and added? No, what Pied even met tightened either? What is it multi, Colored Ere he wore multi, colored clothes, pied, multi, colored close, that's all he was. He was a piper who were colorful clothing, had nothing to do with beating pies, nor I thought walking on his feet. You know each other to them and yeah. Why? Because, I think, like a pedestrian comes from paid prepared, well, that sure, it's like maybe italian or something that was certainly makes more sense than me having no clue yeah. My eye was way off, so it doesn't matter we walked. He did warn a heated Mozilla reason. I thought that too. So his outfit looked a little. Weird apparently multi, coloured people in dress. Like that, I reckon I saw, though, that it was also like links us blinded outfit,
That is a right and a lot of attention in big sounds like I wish I could. I wish I had the colonies to dress like you fight against around with a ban and he had a medic, you call it a musical pipe or some kind of flute non smoking pipe, not heads now and he hears about this red problem. He comes in the town. He dragged his fingernails along Doc boarding its everyone intention in his own meeting here, says I'll, kill that shark you gotta do not allow out killed the rats yet, but in the voice. I get the current whatever you can do anything you like the rich layer of distant this company, Jerry's laughing at us, for no reason she so sick of this man is really tickled. The danger you stoned now she's been smoking. Magical pilot, so they agree on a price to get rid of the rats. Piper takes out his his little his little handful
yeah. I heard her deserts called, but the price is important. Can I go into the price per second sure, so he initially said that he would get rid of the rats for a thousand floor. We have gathered coins are more money from ITALY or France or the Netherlands, but money yet a thousand a lot at the time. I was in pieces of money and this this town of Hamley was so overrun by rats. Apparently other cats had died, though yes they kick, they got they beat. The cats said, I didn't see, explain what happened: the cats just that the cats died and that's why the council raw, ok with
weird little thing: don't you think we act, as my first thing was like why a piper does get some cats, the cats it all died, could think and shook, but they they see. A thousand florins will give you fifty thousand florins. If you get rid of these rats, our problem is so bad in his has done, but was added facetious offer. I think it was a desperate or a desperate boast. Ok, but the piper is like morrowed all agree to your terms, eyes, one or two thousand, but fifty thousand and they went think we have respect. I regret saying that you should hear the guy, so he pulls out the instrument he starts playing. The story goes, all the rats congregate around him and he leaps about, and this threw down into the western River which the rats drowned witches complete fabrication because rats.
Very good swimmers. They really are thought about that too. I looked it up there good swimmers, not to read you seen its rats in general yeah. I mean the first thing. I honestly, when I heard that the first thing that made me think that was like wait, a minute first blood he's in that the abandoned mine shadow, those rats or swimming all over the place. So I looked at opposite gazette. True and apparently rats are really it's when you know me better than others to see this fairytale stinks of bs already again, but the the story goes at. The rats followed this guy in a trance to the river, whereupon they drown maybe they're in the trance another guy. They couldn't swam because they were just so lulled by his his hand, flute yeah, his smooth jazz should take a break there and finish the story after oh, it's quoted cliffhanger artless do them.
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his german style, which is to say they probably got hammered on eighty eight ounce beers. If you're, Vintage Germany, you read the beers there, the big guy music, a big old beers. There for sure, and they have lids on their their mugs too, because you know there's so much of it. You can set it down save for later. I don't think they save related. A beer guard now into did not have the lids, maybe I d seen in those on tv, but what they did have was four and a half foot tall. Men with pop, I sized forearms carrion, six of those Giles entering and any future like, like a pro like a broke, their approach to this problem So did a beer garden at a young age was registered, deserve right at least tell me: that's not the case,
so, where are we townspeople partying they're gonna get hammer their sing in their there. There posting seeing your german beer hull songs. They want to do, and then Cadillac did says. What's up with that, all those Florence yeah he's like everybody, I'm really glad you enjoyed, and I work now it's time for me to go pay me and did they just stiffer. Or did they say? Well, let's go back to the thousand. They said we're not giving you fifty thousand florins what you'd we thought you were gonna get these rats through hard work you just played some flew like that. You can do that with the flu, but that's not really work. So now we're not gonna pay. Fifty thousand florins he's like well enough. Now in Florence at least that's what I originally agreed to in their like. How about this or getting me fifty
and Maria DA, not happy with that. Then you get nothing and he was still so mad that they're like find nothing get out of town, and he says you will regret you know that's like that's like higher in the the critter remover, his yellow, acount in new greater price. He comes over and shoots. The raccoon says game over You like wait a minute. I expected a little more like like you're gonna Hypnotizer Mark
coax him down from the roof, with your smooth jazz right, not to shoot at anybody could shoot it after you gonna like step on it or something you like. I would shot it for a peaceful resolution of conflicts that have a bullet hole. My house now have you ever had to call when, in those people a raccoon, remover I'll just others did those like me and I'll. Do snakes and recording ocean homes were neither, but a lot of my friends do that I'm over one, I think, dimension with cockroaches right now and it's just it's getting bad still yet it cause. I don't know what to do higher and exterminator here, but we're not into the poison stuff flew at any view, something it's gotten out a hand. Yet you gotta do something like I write. Almost I'm gonna tell you what happens, but I feel, like people judge me on how disgusting it is. We can always edited outlay
you something it's gotten at hand here, you gotta do something like our almost I'm gonna tell you what happens, but I feel, like people judge me on how disgusting at it we can always hated it out all right I'll go in, and this is not like that, like food is out, I will clean the kitchen sure I will go in there get a glass of water at midnight, I'll turn the light on and a dozen will scatter while Jerry Sky Nope, like I will just. I will hear them go into Syria that one of the key pillars things and they in other soon, as they see that white they're gone and sounds like we live and filth by done matter, we're infested their dislike. Do you know where am I You may want to call and exterminator, but fine one. You live indicator, I'm sure you be hard pressed to fine exterminator that did use deadly Pierre. You around
in the catering, your hidden as Ireland or dust, and so I yes, I think it might be time- are right. Sorry by giving sidetrack so much they offer what fifty fifty nine am not fifty thousand or a thousand fifty. And so what does? He say he says, but he did it, No everybody! You can't see me, but you know where you flick undecided, Eugene, the telling Us Italian, but maybe this is Germany. Its lower saxony wasn't too far You know, but is that Italian? I was just wondering NEA feels, like a very like italian thing to do, but Where exactly how to say, I thought I'd. So he gave and that number and says I'm gonna come back. Does even warn them and saying in a commission, get your kids are I'm just gonna
and those already all good you'll see me again. It depends on the story, some say yet. He vowed vengeance. Something came back a month later, some say came back a year later. Certainly he just immediately started playing is flew, say, and I think the brothers grim version is that waited until the town went to sleep and then came through the town and started playing again. But this time he is wearing hunters clothing. Well ominous did not see that anywhere now really set bs. Why dont think basically the stories has been added Tell Journey time is over, but the I shouldn't of irritating are it so he comes back regardless of what he's wearing would say, he's buck naked, which makes it even more fun, Will you just added to the legs medicine? I he starts playing this flewed again, but this time the children are entranced leads somewhat like a hundred and thirty kid
Possibly yeah pay attention number, it seems a little specific. Doesn't it does? He leads a hundred thirty children out of town up a mountain to a cave they supposedly enter and are never heard from again right of the mountain. Has a landslide and covers up they good cave. Mountain of supposedly was a magical door that open in the mountain that reveal the key words they go in doors. Close landslide gone, never heard from again, like you said, and the townspeople are like there goes, our labour pool their my baby, there goes her labour for her we're who's gonna service at the beer garden in supposedly there. In one version at least there was the mayor's grown daughter was among that group, and this feels like a specific job at the mayor like, even though your daughter's ground on the net and transfer with me
Klute as well yeah without Think Ngos in the original grim brothers one either, but but two children survive correct or they come back. I think in grim brothers virgin is just one. Sometimes it's up to three, but there there's a lot of retelling there's a kid. Either is deaf and so can't hear the the magic flute so so you're not entranced has some sort of physical disability and so they eat here she can't keep up with the rest of the kids and survives from that, or, I think is blind and cant see their way either way some kid who had some unique characteristic that kept them from being entranced or whatever
It is like the eye witness that comes back and tells the parents what happened or in another version is just a sceptic sceptic. This can't be happening, but Louis, the child, that's what it so are so, let's get into this may not be fiction as it turns out, because one of historians and scholars have looked into this talked about the specificity being a little weird, I wonder, we do know is that at one point there was a state glass window in the in the town church that depicted in this was what around thirteen hundreds is after what has happened, but I mean sixteen years right in in memory living memory is when they first erected that window, which gonna make sense as a memorial. And on that window it said on that
of John Paul, I'm sorry, John Paul. One hundred thirty children in him, when wit to Calvary, were brought through all kinds of danger to the cope in mountain and lost yeah. So the cavalry thing there I thought was another word for Heaven: isn't it I've got I'm going to Calvary in that would like like the hill, where I was crucified. You know the answer to that. If I know this, surely you know I used to know this and our looms large and in Christianity. Bene can't remember exactly. I think it's like shit, him for I'm going to meet my maker. I saw elsewhere that referred to the mountain as Cavalry yeah They also referred to the area that the children went to cavalry as the execution place. I never saw any explanation of that. In the cop and mountain. I don't understand why that would be also
Calvary and they would mention the same place twice with two different name. So it's emitted a mystery, but the point is about fifteen. Sixteen years after this, thence supposedly happen or the fairy tale takes place. The town of hair in Germany. Lower Saxony or West Folly, I think, is what it's called now put put up of stained glass window commemorating this in the window did not survive, but apparently there are accounts of that window. Yeah spirit like more than one place you and it wasn't- I mean you can understand. That would be because it was in the town church for hundreds of years before it was destroyed. No one knows how was destroyed, but there is documentation that this window existed obvious no living historian saw it with their own eyes, but there is enough documentary evidence that it seems to be you
there is a window that was erected in thirteen hundred. That is a very weird thing to do yet to just make up right, very weird, specially in a church yeah, not yet. Why now you gotta help for that, so that was what that was. The first documentary evidence right. The next, when I saw comes a hundred years later in thirteen eighty four and its in the Hamelin town Chronicle for that year. It in all it says, is it is one hundred years since our children left the kind of weird and what is it just a blurb, I guess you'd think a hundred year commemoration, they might add a little more than that and what is this? The loon Burg manuscript? This was about a hundred years after the window, and this was a monk who wrote it Heinrich of Hereford, and he says he writes in accountancy says a man about thirty years old, came to town, pulling a flute and lead that,
drawn out pretty simple yeah, but what's noteworthy about that one there's a couple of things so thee the piper doesn't show up in the first in the window right, but he does show up in the We manuscript he mentions the piper, but no rats in any of these rights. Not yet. But the other thing about the Luneburg manuscript is that it Limburg is a nearby town, so there are other towns that are talking about this event. That happened your work in their own crew. Right. There was real one of the reasons why. But it supports the idea that its real bs, if it's just this one town as deluded, even if other town talking about it, though, payable by the way there all night, the city but other towns, conical, seemed to be verified.
Does this happen to recounting the story in like a credulous way to something happened in one thousand two hundred and eighty four in the evidence is starting to mount the other thing about the fact that this is another town is that this town, Limburg and other towns cited that here one came to be known to commemorate things, counting backward or forward from the date of twelve eighty four. So, for example, they put up a gate in fifteen fifty six in the town right. This is what they inscribed on the gate: cha in this year of one thousand five hundred and fifty six two hundred and seventy two years after the magician light. One hundred and thirty children out of the town this portal was erected. That's like saying, like this were putting up the sewer hundred sixty two years after our children, were let out a town by a magician, enjoy the sewer, as a weird thing to inscribe in something, and apparently the town
became known for that kind of thing. What just these random inscriptions about this weird like mysterious about dislike dating everything from twelve eighty, four on based on there their children. Leaving Daniel notices mentions a hundred and thirty children. Things changed over the retelling with them. One thing that remain the same the hundred thirty children leaving, even though the piper shows up in the story, hundred and thirty children are cited each and every time you ever we don't know is that, like some symbolic things, at all metaphor, should take a break and get to the theories. Yes, you do that
I don't, like America has ever gone back to the way that it was before nine eleven million francs of acts. Fear was really that there would be a second wave of attacks, and then along comes the DC sniper and all of the countries. Worst fears are realised. The gunman most likely a skilled marksmen fired six times in the ports and sixteen hours and then, as the DC sniper case, unfolded that terror only Ruth she found out about this terror court in this message to police the police say they have never had a crime white like this. It is quite a mystery. I do believe he was brainwash. The lack of a better terms. It was scary to go to the grocery store, fill up your car with gas. It was actually brilliant, say, mother, what the police
This was the most intense man Hunt in american law enforcement. History, listen to monster DC, sniper on the eye, hard radio, app apple, podcast or wherever you get your podcast all right. The theories are varied. One of the common ones make that makes a lot of sense is that there was some disease that killed all these kids than this story is some sort of metaphor for what happened to their children. And the fact that rats come into play at some point have lead people to speculate, that it might be. The bubonic plague gathers a guy named dumb count, Froman Christoph one Zimmer. Can you say it like that froman? Now I don't know, but I know that
That guy will steal your soul and not careful right, so count Froman, Christopher, You can always say all of his name. You can see where he referred when he wrote article thirteen sixty five from another nearby town, and he is the one who seems to have introduced the rats, ok, and so at that point the piper goes from just a weirdo magician to Ratan Fonder yeah Ratcatcher, yet which is a job it Then I mean like Billig. This town would ahead rats any town what had rat so it would have been like it's sustainable like that, the the rats would come into it and it's not like that a totally outlandish addition to the story, but the fact that it doesn't show up until fifteen sixty five year end
has been documented for hundreds of years. Up to that point seems a little fishy in his certainly seems weird that it would have been the plague because play can come round yet right right, and it also seems fishy that it does not mention anything about adults in any sort of rat. Carrying a diseased rat would seem like wouldn't just effect kids know knows I'm getting to know it doesn't, but the idea that a hundred and thirty kids were taken from the town in one form or fashion yeah, you could say, was like some sort of, these in one of the other diseases that got put up with Parkinson's, I believe, or no Huntington's, I'm sorry year, which is us duping theory. Yeah it's terrible Huntington diseases and inherited disease. That did my guess is that, mean that every kid in the town had inherited Huntington's from their parents, who apparently weren't showing any symptoms. To put that fourth, I dont know I find a bet. It's a terrible one.
Idea. That is infectious. It's rare and everybody symptoms coming on. At the same time, and in dying. The reason why they said that those, because supposedly the of the shapes from it, the policy would account for the dancing of the children seems like a pretty damn thing: zero. That's a stretch. Huntington disease were crossing Othello One of my favorites is that the children left on their own as part of one of the Crusades and apparently the one thing it doesn't quite line is the timeline, because a few decades previous, there were in fact young people- children, probably teenagers doktor, like eight year olds, participating in the Crusades, one of whom we have a vision from God and say you know, should totally cover the Crusades practically no ever done that. No not yet, but there's a
economic onsite debates that pretty dense single year. We made the two to partner on the Crusades common action so you will know what those kids would have a vision from God and then all the kids would follow, and say I will take our broad swords, though we can barely left and go fight, the good fight, but that's one theory, and that's actually pretty that's a little more rooted in reality. Like yesterday, children's crusade before document it is possible. It happened a decade or two later, if it was in the area and well known some other kid could have been like. Ok, let me try my hand it right. Changes is named Jim Jones and says. Follow me to Jerusalem right so that one could have happened. It's possible
the other one. This is supposedly the most widely held theory Chuck was at. This is all part of the os seed allowing us. This is a tongue twister as t as I e de l, you energy, which is basically an exodus or one eastward expansion in from Germany, too, Transylvania Romania area right, which was being newly old by western Europeans after conquering like the right Dracula era. So the ideas adult came and said: hey, kids, why don't you come with me and well we'll go like populate Eastern Europe, pretty much,
right so and there is evidence that this distant, like this definitely happening right. There was a migration eastward bright and the big thing about this one is that there were misinterpreting the word kid, Sir children, that it could have been the towns children, but it's like their their choice. When they weren't kids. They were young old young adults who were who would have records Like you know a lot of the work force, so they would have been a big deal right had they left. So that's it! That's. I think the most we held one right now well one of the two genes are hanging onto is gonna teased it with that dump on a jerk church. Poor Bonner, would you like that
butter that by no joke earlier is today still the street, where the supposedly all happen is called the bungalow since Chaucer Street, with no drums street without drums into this date, eight more allow people to put music or die it's on that street right, the votes, the rest of the town and including that stripper really the rest. The town, as did the whole town, is dedicated to this legend yeah, but I use a dedicated to music in the ensuing well, over the street. They they do. There is a musical called rats methods. I put
in the town of seriously and there's a there's like a piper statue in recreations every Sunday in the summer. Really, oh yes, huge tourist town for this there's, like I think, a rat's blood cocktails that they serve. I saw the elegant mouthfuls article M internet by dumb. The town is dedicated to this, but there's there's the fact that there still talking about it is not just legend. Its arm it's it's like they're they're, still telling that story to an extent. You know I mean we're meeting it alive, not just for tourist all right, because it looms large businesses, their ancestry right. Well that they definitely. There are some more theories I haven't gained as much traction like it was a pedophile that came. These children were just so, maybe just simply sent away. Is there a very poor cuz that happened?
theory that there was just sort of the regular thing that could happen is where all so poor you go away and leave a better life somewhere yeah were Hansel and Gretel kind are rooted in reality. The idea of child abandonment member. We talked about that. I believe in the in one of the fairy tale episodes from before that like if you fell on hard times. Just taking you get out of the woods and be like best allow It was a viable thing to do during the middle ages and its possible that this town basically said Ruby the combination of the guy coming from Romania and saying follow me and the parents being like me you go with him rail and then, explain why the whole thing is written in like such vague. Flowery language. To me that indicates that they're they're working out guilt, there's guilt by this town, vague and mixed.
They're, not direct other towns, are talking about this ledge and much more explicit terms, but in the town, a hamlet, it's all very like like flowery and an poetic in vague, and it makes me think, they're they're, covering something up that they d have to get off their chest, but there still they there. They camping themselves, actually say what it was well that sort of jobs and with this dude, the children's put poet Michael rose any. He said that one article yeah he actually went to him when an hooker but the guy named Michael Boy, you're from the tourism office there and Boyer, says that He thinks the rats were added in this. This makes sense with your theory. Was that just sort of in it to wash away what he said were bad memories, like a cover up to draw attention away from this awful thing. There. Okay was still the rat story right,
but if you ll notice, also in their story with the rats there, there is guilt, they buy the town, the who is guilty of something in they lose their children as a result right. So if the rats were actually part of the original store, even if it wasn't documented, even if their work a rapid still is pudding. Some veneer of guilt onto the town. It wasn't so we would just happened to them. This ring befell them because they did something wrong. How I feel like there could be a deeper mystery Yeah. I think there is like for real, I think, there's something really happened in hamlet in twelve eighty four, and they two hundred thirty kid somehow in the town it was psychically damaged by it. Are you gonna title this one Pied Piper Colin called case? That's you get on actual than that Ok you anything else now now I want to know more. I know I got sick
into the secure, remember which of the articles I sent it got me, but I don't remember how I came across a bit. It was. It was like I never thought of this, and it's not like you can with every hum a fairytale right. There another there's, probably no Rapunzel in probably no Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel and Gretel's are so vague, should probably happen to multiple children, but this one. This happened in Hamlin in one thousand two hundred and eighty something happened. We may never know what it was, but it's pretty interesting, mangoes really dark and thinks like what. If there is a mass murderer? Well, our parents, one more thing or more thing, I'm glad you brought it up so the x
fusion place the cop and mountain or cavalry mountain. We were whatever it was supposedly that was where they buried people to try their saying that could be code for a mass grave, where they would have very people which would suggest a mass death that happen in a short period of time. Man can you imagine if there was a discovery made of children's bones level than a mountain somewhere in north of hamlet? They be need, I say north because its mountains always think that means, if north, so one where you could bring up this awesome stuff you ready already. They recently discovered, I think they they discovered in a while back, but they recently publicized the discovery of a and believe it was in it. It was deafening Peru it wasn't ink and it was one of the Lincolns rivals. The Inca rivals but it was a mass sacrifice of hundreds of kids. They all
on one day, one after the other. It was end like they found this You're reading it new, like this probably Never happened in the history of the world. Knew anything like this. Nothing like this. I mean yes, there are probably childs. I heard there are definite Charles advises, but they would do like once in awhile or but by imagine, a town gone that berserk that they just let their kid like. Dream of kids just killed in a day in one area. It was it really rough man, it's been reading about it, it's a mean, insisted too, but you can't help it pull yourself back into their aim.
See and want to be like stop. What are you doing? You ve lost your mind, you know and if happen once it could happen again. I guess you know. Maybe the parents were all maybe they'll drank bad beer one day, yet it made him temporarily insane the be really back at the centre of a blood house movie to come. What is that which is that production company that makes a lot of the horror movies now? What like? What I think did it get out among many others, good move
Ok, you got anything else now. I got nothing else Jerry now. Ok, all of you, I know more about the piper and all that stuff you can type that word in the search bar has to forestall comments, incisive, listener mail. You call this a double keen, Senora Reply, Z, heard from a couple of peoples and get inside a first Alexandra want timeless here from San Juan Puerto Rico, loved absurd on kids and yet ass usual. What you did a great job approaching a cultural tradition. It is not your own are providing a balanced information. Well, rounded text to illustration: the celebration and its input she's like inferences there was the opposite of the bathing about that. For my own continue around. My mother gave me the option of a traditional coming of age party or a trip. What do you think Chicha, I'm guessing a trip to
I chose to travel and spend a month in Germany Summer. I return fifteen. Looking back, it's amazing that she trusted me up at such a young age travel on my own, although it did stay with family zog- is the greatest. My own, and I wish I could afford it. I just want to clarify a few things. You brought up l a tea. I an exit pronounce. She says latin exe It refers to those from Latin America, latin american descent. Hispanic refers to spanish speaking versions, oh and your pronunciation of kings, and yet it was great as the EU are a as a soft are sound no need to read this on the bad guest vs. Sorry Alexandra and then this other follow up. I wanted this guy says that this is a time on plenty, a recognised name, I think he's on Twitter something really yeah. Greening is local, as she said, a disclaimer, my white person from Georgia, so I've known ready here at all, but will be referring to the opinions of actual
I'll, let you know latina thirteen Ex people. I know I've read the writings of I personally heard that word pronounced with confidence and the following two ways: Latina X and Lahti. Next over some people, say latin x or lodgings light. Lucky next sounds right because his latina Latina jerk Lahti next year, that makes sense or LE tanks, rhymes, sphinx, monolithic, this right poor, something else entirely, as evidenced by this twitter for charitable thanks and switches from a media Branford latina Millennials. Interestingly, there appears to be backlash against the germ I some who view it as an attempt intentional or not to angler size spanish. They say this is part of a larger movement to paint hispanic latino Latina, latina six people as sexist and ignorant mexican american person who introduce me to the term was
sorting out their feelings, but the whole situation with such new horny size, though time on Wednesday on again touch of this. Like tie in Alexandria, did you can t to us? I met Josh on Clark, and that is why, as Cape COD cast in checks at movie crush, I, u can join check on Facebook at Facebook that comes less child of each Brian. An slash step you should know you can send us all any email, the stuff podcast cast at how stuff works that come in as always, Mr Holm, on the web step. You should know doc femoral, more or less and thousands of other topics. Housetop works.
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