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John Lennon and the FBI

2020-12-03 | 🔗

Did you know that Richard Nixon had a FBI case file open on Beatle John Lennon? Well he did! Why? Listen in to find out.

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Only the season visit, Fedex, dot com, Slash holiday, Guide, to learn more welcome to step. You should now a production and Iheart Radio Pay and welcome to the podcast, I'm Josh Clerk, there's Charles the reach of brain other Jerry's here special Jerry. This study should know super subversive addition, air, which is I mean it's it's subversive, but not coming from here. You'd expect in this case the subversive people Chuck are two of the Crookedest worst Americans ever take a breath of life in the United States. Yes, hoovering Nixon right, yes, her!
Hoover and Charles Jane Nixon now down health as too was a jail. Hoover and Richard Nixon Richard Milhouse, I think him befell that's right, so you picture sworn right I think we got help from our buddy. Was it ours? I grabbed her article right. This is grabbed her. So why did you choose? This went chuck, I'm just a beetles, not I'm reading a massive beetles book and just now. I was thinking about the beetle. So this hearing, I knew a ton about yet now, Now I know more, what are you thinking about the Beatles right we now they could write a sound like they could, like they're, really get it writing songs. You mean, I think, so
no you're, not a beetle sky, but their regarded as good, songwriters. Sure I'm willing to concede that at least you I'm a groan, personal Ike, concede when I'm wronger when I've been tested. I think we differ Yoko honour their so that'll, be you know, that's where the tables returned? Ok, You don't like her singing in the right. I oppression, it I dont like, is a pretty strong worry, but I definitely appreciated there's some songs like have you ever heard. I love you earth sure, that's a pretty sweet, sound I like her singing on that, but have you ever her her cover of Katy Parrys fireworks, no better! than she did it Adam Maybe Mamma the matter. Something like that and see. Standing there wailing she not singing words, anything that is wailing and it was her cover of Katy Parrys firework in its pretty great to see. I'm sure you look it up on Youtube, but I appreciate Alot
first stuff about that appreciate her as a human, and it's always fun, look back at our it performances life promises with linen when she would do a full for? If I songs in the row, in the middle of Like Madison Square Garden, concert included in UK can see his his backing band. gonna like a boy, I think you were doing of it here: Billy she's, really doing it right and she's. Actually pretty. strongly implicated in this whole thing, we're time out John Lennon being pursued in in survey, and basically harassed by the F B, I M in the nineteen seventy two actually, nineteen, seventy one. Seventy two, I believe for a very civic reason- and it was at a time when John Lennon in Yokota had just got married. They got married like two to three years before and dumb were very famous couple. Gonna grab, Sir argues that they
You ve been like the first genuine celebrity activists. Couple who actually use their celebrity is a way to help help influence her help causes that kind of thing. and by the time, nineteen. Seventy one seventy two roll around Richard Milhouse Dixon was actually running for reelection again and he decided there he didn't like people like John Lennon running around conceivably, swaying, the vote predict early among newly minted voters in the eighth The twenty one year old block yeah I mean he and Yoko Head contributors to causes working class causes it sort of The notion that linen was always known as the working class hero, but of all the does. He grew up more solidly middle class than any of the rest of them men to say that that was a false persona, but he deafened a sort of sort,
that sort of leaned into that is an all round would say as far as is his sooner and I think a lot of people that dont dig deep kind of think that John When I grew up and with a very hard scrabble life there in Liverpool It is not the case but as results of that he champion the working man he and Yoko contributed to causes, He became along with Yoko very much a pacifist activists and, if you're pacifists active in the early seventies, you're, not gonna, be a big fan of Richard Nixon and he's not gonna, be a big fan of you, because he He was not shy about war. No. Wasn't he'd even current campaigned. I think in sixty eight the Vietnam WAR and then actually went the exact opposite direction with that there is a lie: fewer pacifist. There is a lot to be upset about in the sixties and early Given these because of Vietnam alone. You know year for sure,
one of the ways to think they got the most press that when people think about John and yet his activism is the better that they had de there I am ass. That is you don't know. Those are that's when you later on a bed and the invite depressed to come to your room and talk to you I lay around in bed. why you're lying around a bed in a look into it give us to a lot of people, especially people on the right, but John, when its whole can appoint- and he was very tongue in cheek- can have had a great sense of humor, but I think it all sort of, and from that which is like hey. Are you do stay in bed go and start wars in this is a pretty ridiculous. Waded drive that point home yeah like rather than having to like, go out and oppose violence. You could oppose violence, the spice playing around and Ben doing nothing. Learning your hair grow, I think, is what they were saying, pure, which is pretty Someone in the thing is
John Lennon, in you know, Yoko no, in their sitting round in bed with the press in their hotel room and like that in and of itself is getting press. And then, if you say what is It's about. You read a little further into the article I don't Maybe I can get you in just the right way and all of a sudden, you start thinking that way too and to the people who were you know. running the whole military industrial complex that there I mean that's a threat, even if it's just a threat of of the threat of saying like just don't, you know even have to oppose we're. Just don't do anything in that opposes war in and of itself, and I was like kind of the way things were at the time like there is a lot of a lot of people. power, who were really opposed to that kind of thinking who were opposed to people who were opposed to Vietnam WAR in general or violence of any kind. There is a big opposition and the people who were right.
the show in the United States were chief among those people like we said Nixon as present their money for reelection, a jail Geiger Hoover, who was now shy it all about. Doing whatever he needed to do to descent like he would generate dossiers on elected officials, especially who were more liberal too, to basically keep them. Wine by threatening them with blackmail or even the threat of blackmail. You know there were plenty of hippies who got their heads. Cracked in there are people who were surveillance. We did an episode on the black panthers. If you remember, we talked about co, tell pro the whole programme to basically undermine and smear the black panthers in the public. Mind like the J Edgar Hoover was of a vicious terrible human being and he ran the FBI for decades and was still running the FBI when they started to target John Lennon. Yes, so
said the stage here of China have this all worked out was John Lennon had he was there. enter the whole thing. Can it boils down to weather you would be allowed to live in the? U S or whether or not if he was Eventually ladder live in the? U S if they could legally deport him so, He was able to enter the Eu S on a work visa and seventy one, and can with this Yoko owner had a cost, battle going on she added. from a previous marriage in the early seventies- and she wasn't gonna, leave at all, she was legally there. They did try and debate her. They didn't know that she had a green card already, which was started. The first oil in this thing but they are they. That their lot a leverage over linen, because if they departed him, he would be without his wife who was gonna, stay there so they had this leverage linen love living in New York City. That's what we wanted to make his permanent home there's so much so that there was
also leverage that they had to yeah, absolutely and so Nixon's up for reelection in seventy two. He would go on to win. You know in a big way against Mcgovern, but they were you know they were in Orton is but a common organisation. They ordered an administration that was very paranoid they would obviously with Watergate. They showed that they were willing to do anything to ensure their victory, included being really worried about people like John Lennon. I don't think he was at the top of their lives. Things to worry about. but he was on their list thanks to strong, firm and of all people. Yes, a strong Thurman, the horrible segregationist senator from what South Carolina right. He he actually kick. This whole thing off cause. I guess he noticed that John Lennon was was, you know,
he was left, leaning, Rock STAR Act of a ceased. He seems to have been one of the first people to notice the active that was developing among John Lennon and yoga owner and to perceive it as a threat to the establishment, because all those recently in France, Iced, eighteen, nineteen and twenty zero voters who hadn't had the to vote until the twenty sixth amendment had been passed. I don't remember exactly when it was past, but it was between sixty eight seventy two, because seventy two as the first election, those younger kids, were going to be able to vote in he apparently saw Blenan is among a group of people who could speak to those kids in sway them to the left and potentially unseat Richard Nixon, which would turn out, as is the total, laugh because Nixon beat Mcgovern in a landslide, but at the time they did no less in Richard Nixon was going to take. Any chances
so his his the note from strong Thurman was very well received in the next administration. Yeah think what those who told strong, Thurman what I want to know too, because I don't think it's mystery. Their data strong Thurman was to him to any this, but but probably got in his ear, and he said he sent a note. The specifically said they train reported as a quote the street it countermeasure right and that's really kind of what get the ball rolling. We should also mention the other guy John, its wiener wine, or, in this case its pronounced wiener slave. We owe it is now member. There is a thirty rock episode where there is like a hr mediator and he's like this very soft rosy. Cheeked very calm mild, mannered man and dumb Liz. Lemon says well, Mr Weiner Slav, and he has no it's pronounced wiener slave and miss that show its. It, though, is a really good moment they had such
fun with them jokes like that in the bar blah blah here right now that was arrested, develop that's right. There was always a development they can have the same. Dna no yeah Fisher so wiener slave was a writer, and here is a writer and historians still in here Why we know so much of this. He was writing a lot about John Lennon. Writing a lot about the Beatles he decided to I'll freedom of Information ACT request to get a lot of these doc, and covered over the years, and eventually with success in a big dumping. Ninety ninety seven men and other smaller when in two thousand six, and if not Then, for his tenacity, I don't know Anyone else would have picked up. His mantle through, because you know in the end, if not the most Resting story in the world, the shoe I say that in a whisper it is not like some huge, like, oh my god, revelations it's sort of one of those things. It's like just another example of
small things that authoritarian do in this. Three under be known in the back. comes in and the whispered rooms of the White House. Well, you know, I think, like that's really true, and it's a really good point. Is that like, if you just look at it on his face like do you know the F b I followed around John Lennon CARE Amazon com and like if you read the files is really pedestrian. Boring stuff, you might miss like that. The real story here in the real story here that is sitting President directed the FBI to get dirt that he could use against such a political rival and activist rockstar to help get him deported or to figure out what leverage he could use against them so that that that sitting president could get reelected. That's the real story here and that the F b I acted as, as you know, the sum basically Gestapo type agency,
on behalf of Nixon? That's the real story. They think candidates covered up by John Lennon in yoga. Honour celebrity, and you know the f B. I kind of Way Kelly following up around here it's funny, because if you look at some of the files in some of the report's like they would go to his concerts, an undercover agents would go to the concerts and report things like you know he for his encore. He sang of peace, a chance, and we all know about that's on right. They would take notes on song, lyrics and stuff like that. So it's all just kind of silly but yeah definitely agree that it's it's just an example of the links that Nixon would go to to be a dirty thief. Yes, we'll chuck, I think we should straight the links that will go to to bring everyone a message, break goody. Think by this shutting up for two minutes:
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he was arrested in nineteen sixty eight in London for possession of narcotics and making air codes. You can't see because he was busted with some pot. I think maybe some hash, unlike rolling paraphernalia, some really yes, beef that they got him on and in London there is some trouble. Every cell anti drug cop named detective sergeant Norman Pilcher his later a jailed actually for committing perjury as a police officer, but he he was alleged who planted the evidence. That may or may not be true, but it was like a up a rap there, It shouldn't had ANA Maria Yoko should head on her that they they just wanted a high profile bust that happened in nineteen sixty eight and it turned out that would follow Lenin for years to come and really kind of b, the fulcrum that the? U S, government had on him to trade,
to keep him from staying in the. U S, yeah I mean he wasn't even doing heroin at this point. I don't think now They should have waited. They wanted a real case She wondered like I I I remember hearing if in our by think our black Panther episode that the F b I was not above, like addicting activists and dissidents. A with heroin like turning them on to heroin and then getting him addicted. And then just you know, take him out of the game like that. yeah, I think, Linen- never shot heroin. That was his jam. Okay, so early seventy one, like I said he was able to enter on a tourist visa. and then, when Nixon in his cronies, get going on the deportation? The whole thing was based on the facts. He had overstayed his visa but along with that is very valuable to them that he had a drug conviction under his belt. At that point, so they were surveying him. There were some ailing other artists around the country too.
They thought were subversive and sending messages linen speaking again busted for pilot linen, very famously Rhodus uncle John Sinclair in support. did a tribute Bernard tribute, but a concert in I don't have their raising money. Yeah just awareness both ok, for Johnson clear. Who is a poet? He was the manager of the empty five great great rock band, and he offered to undercover cops, a couple. A joints and went in there. He had already had a couple of minor pot offences, but he went to prison for ten years for this and big refrain in that Song Johnson Clear, which is song and very roots Lucy not like very linen at all, is tend for two ten for two, because what they keep saying ten years for two joints yeah, he soldier undercover
right here, but it works. The actually was sprung from prison shortly after this concert gaelic two days after some people say I think that indicates he was already going to be sprung, that the Michigan Supreme Court knew. This was a. This is a trumped up charge, but other people say died that they concert surely had some impact, but Sinclair is a so the point about Sinclair and John Lennon. His John Lennon perform the song. He was the headliner at this concert in Ann Arbor and he had been coordinating with other people and Johnson clears orbit. that were prominent figures of the new left and at this time, in the early seventies, the 60s had ended. They, the it would had become clear that flower power hadn't worked that evil people were still in charge, so. What was next, maybe nonviolent coordination and dumb in resistance wasn't the way to go now. Lenin in Yoko, word
dedicated pacifist. They didn't want anything to do with violence. They didn't condone violence, didn't like violence in any way, shape or form, but there were elements in the new left who were necessarily can That wasn't the only way to to change the course of of the United States and get rid of people like Nixon and in his cronies, and so few watching us from the outside. Like your J Hoover, Richard Nixon, your watch The people in the new left in you don't know which way they're gonna break violent nonviolent. Who knows but your treating all of them with suspicion, and the sudden John Lennon, what are the most recognisable unpopular people on the planet is suddenly hanging out with these new left cats that you don't know which way. Gonna go violent, violent and then really drew the attention of the FBI to jog light. It was it necessarily he and Yoko in their passive stuff, it were some people think that it was his involvement with joy.
Who, in bona fide new left activists like Johnson, clear or like, like Bobby Seale, like Johnson, Clear, founded the White Panther Party, which they had a ten point platform like the black Panthers platform in the first platform in the White Panther platform. Is that is fully in support of the black Panthers ten point platform, so he's hanging out with a bunch of people that have proven themselves, as is, is dyed in the wool foes. The next administration that definite coffee FBI's attention. Yet they had the big plans they got together and other think. Their first meeting was the ILO, our milky township continue to pronounce it the scar, Muti towns in New Jersey, initially called themselves the ehler Muky try but wisely, change their name to the election year strategy, information centre and their plan was in nineteen. Seventy two is too
to this end, when it gave the money gave him like seventy five grand a kind of get going and said here was to a bunch of concerts with the help of John Lennon. All occurs, the country and nineteen. Seventy two. We have different artist performing different speakers You know like pounding home the Anti war message and then, as these concerts role, sir and closer to the election. It'll culminate in a big protest, currency in Miami. This is all very legal stuff. It wasn't there staging riots or anything. These reduced concerts awareness trying to Nixon from winning an Nixon got and he knew that, like you said, the influence that someone like John Lennon could have was he didn't have any one. On his side there was no Scott Bay. At the time with the youngsters Bob LA block to the right. was Bob. I wouldn't even that's funny
So this is all going on in. This is kind of what ramps up the pressure to get in and out of their this cost. The battle going on they know about that, and so there their first step was to instruct immigration and naturalisation to try and say: hey you, ve overstayed your visa, you to get out of here and linen knew. This is coming, there's no secret. He had gone. TV shows talking about being followed the FBI being having us on TAT, which we still aren't sure of that really happened. I think it says officially. That there was no legal phone tapping and the FBI documents, but that throwing that were legal and they're gonna makes you think, like Are there any illegal ones that you're not gonna? Tell us about the rate of I read an interview, so this is like the depths of my depravity even list into the interview. I read a fresh air interview with John Wiener Weiner about this, and he said that in the
the FBI responded instead, they they found evidence of illegal wired. By the FBI. are no legal wiretapping by the FBI, so so whiners like ok, does that They were doing illegal wiretapping, or does it mean that they didn't look very hard for evidence it? It doesn't mean that they weren't tapping. His phone is what he is saying rice. at least made linen paranoid enough He wasn't just he wasn't not sweating. This he was is made we paranoid and with good reason, but he took to going next door at the the quota building, so he would lead Lenin use his phone in his apartment to make phone calls- and I guess you know with cars. At the same time, a little bit, and then the F B, I said you know I could really help is if we could bus them currently for narcotics in the United If we have an active charge, drug charge against them,
and Hoover send it out himself. He said quote for info. A bureau. repeated narcotics division is aware the subjects recent use of narcotics, which is like everyday energy trying to obtain enough info to address both subjects and wipe Yoko based on Pd Investigation yeah. By this time, I'm thinking he was inherent, I think that's what they were referencing is his recent use oh really it and they started to later. I thought it was the early seventies happened during his last weekend, but I may be wrong in that. I'm not I'm going to are towards you, then cuz, I'm just surmising here, I'm not the one who was a big old book of Beatles history. So I don't know they never say never He busted I'm right. This is all just like they were planning on doing this, but they never needed to. I don't think he was arrested in the United States was here.
I didn't know, I didn't give an impression, but but it seemed like everything was kind of barreling toward that. Even like your seeing the F B, I was like we ve, let em. I pity noted two to go. Do this so and if you take a step back like this, is some heat. This is some pressure that they're putting on John and yoga their basically saying we're going to split you guys up by deporting John, because we know that Yoke it's not going to leave the country because this custody battles we can afford to so she s stay here. So if we threaten deportation to John Lennon, it might actually keep him in line and the F b I use the word neutralised that they were seeking to neutralize Lenin. and I guess some people who don't dig very deeply into the story or like they were gonna assassinate John Lennon, Andy John Wiener Weiner, as pointed out like does not at all, but
They meant they met like basically making him ineffective, like I'm, taking him out of the game, basically one way or another, but not killing him just convincing him through putting this undue unfair, undemocratic pressure on him to draw his activities with the new left year and they and by the way, I think I think he probably using here when the late sixties then had an on again off again, but either way mute, So that makes sense, because I did see that guy's like Jerry Reuben and I think Rennie Davis, a couple of like the Chicago so like they'd, any me like, hang out with them cuz he doing too many drugs drugs and I'm guessing that it wasn't like he was smoking. So much pot came talk with the many more like. I think he was shooting dolphin. They yeah. Well, he never shouted. He always smoke the Erdogan dope, but he and I think he and Yoko we're doing heroin actually before the Beatles broke up at the end, ok
when they were sort of a strange, not the with the Beatles, not John Jago, but at any rate, this He said these investigations are going on in there go into his concerts, and they're, not even sending back information that really means much there even saying some of these in, for it's like you, they're they're, not even really down with like the new left, isn't even down with them, because they think they're just quote self again. the grand icing rock stars. Or there is little chance of all accomplish anything because they spend I'm doing drugs there sending the message like You really don't need over its much about John Lennon he's not much of a threat One of the funny things about this investigation was when the money One of the most famous people in the world. One of them was recognised. faces in the world on planet earth along with Yoko owner and FBI passes around a sheet with linens. picture on it. So they can recognize him, but it was the
on photo. It was of a different human being. It wasn't even John Lennon yeah was a street busker from the West Village named David P so funny. Who had a record that I guess John Lennon help producers, something looked vaguely like John Lennon, but that was the. There was the picture that the F b I passed round of the collapse of the wrong guy. They also the f B. I also put out at all points bulletin searching for John Lennon. Instead, that he's at the sea, reaches at one fifty bank street, but enrages landscape supply history. I guess that's what they may, because a saint reaches hotels on central park. John Lennon was indeed living on bank street at the time, but he was at one hundred and five bank street so that all points bulletin was all kinds of wrong. But this is the level of like Capri that that that the FBI was conducting in a trying to get John Lennon, or it will take a break and we'll come back and talk a little bit about linens official defence right after that,
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right. So John Lennon, it's not gonna. Take this lying down. He was, he was paranoid. He was going on like the MIKE Douglas Show and talking about the FBI coming after him. The first thing he did was probably what really really rich person do, as he hires atop rate. Bold. Attorney too. and defend this or at least delay this This guy's name was Leon wilds he really did delay this. He was sort of a master at filing these motions and getting it extended an extended and linen- was able to stay in the country longer and longer and longer, but he was also an instrumental in kind of letting them know that this was a real. the situation that he was involved in right in the thing is, if you hurry immigration prosecutor for the federal government, the United States. You know that there is not a ton of resources allocated to your division right Fortunately, there hasn't been and soak
customarily. The Justice Department has I guess I and ass his left it up to each prosecutor to determine how hard they want to prosecute the case. and so, if you are a abstaining person, who's never posed any sort of threat to the United States, and maybe you and a business, sir you're, productive members, society, there is a chance that the iron s is gonna, look the other way and not actually deport you. Even if you are here illegally. You have overstayed your visa king of the country illegally, who knows and that's actually where the Dreamer programme came from Dhaka. It basically said like the these particular immigrant brought here, is children and They pose no threat. Most of them are going to college. Bounder there in the military, so we're going to not deport them and what White Lenin's lawyer, the told him was like all of this is
new and yet they're putting the heat on you like, I have never seen this is. This is clearly down from on high, like they want to get you out of the United States in its not just this prosecutor, yeah and other thing that happens when it comes to a case like this. Is they have two way or they can be decided basically undervalue than an error might bring to the U S by being an american or living in the United States, and so There was. You know, it's kind of funny looked back now and think that there had to be a case that John Lennon brings any kind of value, but they did and there was a series of letters written by Bogdan and John buyers enjoys Karel Oats, Elinor burns. John Updike. Just a series of very famous artists can arguing in favour of John Lennon being allowed to live here. It was sort of a flood of public outcry What do you know what little was known back then, at least like you can't just
There is tremendous value to letting John Lennon stay in this country. Right and don't forget, John Cage wrote a letter to and I'm sure it was kind of like You know. Do you want me to write a letter for you, John he's, a God, damn sure I'm sure they would help her heart John Kate, because I am sure no one in the next administrations ever heard of you, probably so so that the one Canada, the upshot this going full on using this word now. The upshot of of that letter writing campaign was not even just so much the diamonds. The value of of John, remaining in the United States. It was, if you kick about like there's going to be a public outcry and you're gonna be held to account. To explain why you guys kicked him out. So I did have a bit of that combined with his his attorney
tenacity it kept. John Lennon in the country is actually never deported, even though they were, he had a. He live writing two or three years with us. You have sixty days to leave the country order and his his lawyer kept getting it extended and extended and extended, but for three years that was the threat that he was living under again. He was deported. He would leave without his wife who had seen the country for her own custody battle, so that was there was a lot of strain on him actually and the the the worst, about this whole thing is not that the F b I did this and that the Knicks Administration Syndrome outer that it all came down to strong Thurman writing this memo to kick things off. It was that it worked like they saw it. neutralize John Lennon in his political activism, and he stopped he actually did he gave in in August one thousand nine hundred and seventy two by announcing that he was not going to take part in that series of concerts, that
culminate at the Republican National Convention or engage in any kind of activists activities any longer. It is going to go back to being a musician again here and by this point Hoover was dead. L, Patrick Grey, was the act, director, the FBI, and in that same month of August, before the elect in November, FBI's New York Office reported to gray that he's no longer gonna be involved with these concerts he's no one, The new left we don't really need to worry about him anymore. I'm we're gonna, basically settle this case and closed. This case after and when the election and like we said earlier a couple, x by landslides. So this is all sort of four, not anyway Gerald. Ford ended up overturning linens deportation order. Nineteen, seventy five If that was already filed, an insane Six, he got his green card.
Lived in New York, very famously in Dakota for the last four years of his life before he was murdered in the street which an English you and upset on that at some point, maybe a couple years once this one as well rearview mirror. You bet the big money. So if, if online and apparently before he died. He gave a couple interviews and he said of this timely. nearly ruined him as an artist. You know, like you said he wasn't. He wasn't just not sweating it like you, sweat it everyday. It was a big hairy problem in his life, all the time and a source of great stressed. So in addition to the stress it it, it stole his focus like it made him think about. That and like how much he hated the Nixon administration and how terrible the FBI was her, how they were harassing him and possibly tapping his phone, and it just took his mind from his art.
and he later said that it almost ruined him as an artist, because the the work he was producing at the time was journalism, not poetry as he put it and which is a very sad affect. But it's it's a really real world effect when you've got something just looming in front of your mind that you can't get out of your mind, especially if its dealing with bad assets that has a terrible effect on you and in your life in general, can produce an entire bad period of your life. Yeah he's like I had a word Yoko sing, align I've got I have something I have said. I want to forget it in mourning. FBI notes at that's Johnson, clear concert. The FBI informant reported that the song Johnson Clare was not up to plan its usual standards to give us Yoko can't even remain on key, but how was it
FBI inform me here to get here, but you know it it. I like the song, it doesn't like belong up there with his greatest songs, but it was It was very clear, a sort of in the tradition of protest songs. It's got this acoustics slow, Deborah guitar- and you know it, it sort of it fits in with the great folk songs of all time. I think, but not necessarily one of the great linen or beetle songs is it is getting. John Henry was still drive a man having it I like it better, really yeah. You know like we mentioned earlier. The reason we know all this was because of wieners reporting and He eventually got those documents released and there was no in his soul There was a big hubbub like what's gonna, be in there. What what seek sure will be revealed and really not much. What was revealed was embarrassment
for the FBI embarrassment that day released a picture that wasn't even John Lennon embarrassed that they had a very unethical, and seven illegal. Innovation behind trying to get this person deported, and it was egg on the face and that's why they try to keep it under wraps for so many years. Hoping It would not get out not because there were some big revealing documents, but there are dislike. Can we just sort of act like this didn't happen? Yes, I will call classes I everything as a national security risk and they did actually that that less trove of documents, the little handful trickled out it in two thousand six was. I am I five a british secret service file on one and that the? U S said if they, it was ill EC that that last bit of document contained a file from a foreign government that
trust in the? U S, keep it and that it could result in economic, diplomatic and military action if they were to release him like the UK was, is gonna get a bomb? you asked for releasing their document file on John Lennon. That's why the F b I held onto until two thousand six. Then we lost a court case so like, if there's a hero of this Laureates John Wiener WAR, John Weiner. I don't how he says his name, I'm sorry either way because he was the one that really stood up, not just for John Lennon, but for the first amendment in again people's ability to be politically active without you know the threat of being intimidated, so good for him. Totally you got the US about this got nothing else. I have an article. The director rebate is on part matters, John Lennon, colon, evolutionary man as political artist. It's about all this sorry history, but also to some,
pretty good, critical evaluation of him as an activist in, and it's just a really good, interesting article so check it out and since I said check it out, everybody it's time for listener, mail, this is in reference of are hunted real estate gives us a short stuff right had to be yeah yeah. I please tell me: why didn't you forty five minutes on it, we coulda. I hate has been a listener for years and finally have a good reason to write. You listen. have certain whether you're supposed to disclose whether houses, haunted or not they hit close to home two years ago we bought her first house and I made a point to run a report to see if any when died in the house previous owner. It just died within a year, but it didn't say where I wasn't really worried about someone actually dying in the house. I was really just trying to get a big discount, however, Agent said he did know. So no big discount Two years later, I found out from neighbours and research that the previous
or did not die. However, he was a creep who actually multiple abuse charges. In fact, I found it Article stating that he had a woman tied up in our basement man, who he tortured, until she was a luckily able to escape for weeks. That's like almost worse than just regular, diverted into my dying of natural causes. It's a million times were well now. I was about to say worse than a murder. I guess there on par well, there is a debate that at length, I don't want it flow, wondering awful grimes, but I think that might creep me out just as much less to say that the police search the house and found oodles of weapons. The charges were we dropped? Apparently he had money and he read. the entire basement, which is beyond creepy and another qualify as is info that should have been provided to us at purchase but it seems like it. That is from Andy Andy. I ok thanks, a lot Andy is: is there
heart over the eye. No, but it's type is it could be any Mcdowell. I think she felt her name like that. I can see something like this happening: nay, any Mcdowell, I love it. What weathers from any make dollar? Not we not! We appreciate the email. Thank you and yes, I agree. I think the real truth should have disclose. Then he asked me totally You want to. Let us know about some way, a real to wrongdoers. Anybody did we want to hear about it. You can send us an email to stuff. Podcast, Did I hurried, Yo Dotcom stuffy should know its production. I heart radio for more podcast. My radio is it that I heard radio apple protests No, you listen to your favorite shows
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