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Karaoke: Tuesday Night Fever

2021-03-11 | 🔗

Listen in and learn all about the fascinating history of everybody's favorite pastime... karaoke!

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your favorite black calf, welcome to stop. You should know a production, I heard radio hurry unwelcome, do the podcast term Josh Clerk and there's Charles W, Brian truckers, cha train, yeah. I despise it up a little bit more quickly No one else is here with us. We were alone out there in the ether in Should Shouldna. Although my prediction is you know we started recording that early today since run around. I bet, Guess producer Dave and short stuff producer Davis Gonna, try men in about five minutes. Ok, I look forward to hearing what he says
what's your deal, karaoke assorted? No, but I think that people should now we should we should exchange stories. Ok, I like karaoke. I predicted similarly like karaoke in the K Box, which will talk about which is basically solo, private karaoke room for you and your friends have some great memories of carry Oki like that but I'll do it in front of an audience. If I get a drink or to me, you know that too much, though you got too much you are trying to like. You know, fight the piano player, something like that. Also like life, karaoke yeah, mention it a couple Hi specific goals. Request room in Manhattan is the place to go for live piano, karaoke assist a beautiful wonderful place, so, if you haven't been there go check it out about as good as like karaoke gets like live instrument, karaoke their rights haven't been there. I will go still.
Forget it. I thought you would have gone this past year. We arrive had it been, there never been in a K box really. Now never had the private carry the usual pronounce, it carry Oki, even though its curry ok, cut out. Ok cut, okay, but now when I heard or not, because I think desrues helps us areas like you can pronouncing correctly, but don't be expected to be invited out to carry Oki night with your friends anymore right after you practice your cut it right, exactly I have the Mercury Oki. A few years ago, my birthday, we went to the the one that has the rock band. in the Virginia Islands highlands. I don't know alone, yeah me never full on ban its rock n roll live, carry Oki on five one of the local Atlanta Dj English neck is there to serve as a sort of a backup singer, but then they can
mixes, vocals and more, if you're really bad gives. No one wants to hear that gonna nature. Turned its surrender by cheap draken here I saw him at one point even stand away from the market like I've, got to sow hee hee hee, like what did something else. I maybe eightam corn ships may differ the gallery, but my he'll Akira carry ok. Is I used to be scared to death to try it? and that was when I had severe stage fright performance anxiety, which I complete, got over because now, I'm in a band that things in front of people who are you and I get on stage in front of fourteen hundred beaten, and it doesn't bother me anymore and I think still probably be a little nervous to do like acoustic open. My thing and you should be for a number of reasons, but I use it's just funny how I used to be so scared and really ever think karaoke, like
sit in the room, anxiety, sweats around. I do it, but I won't put my name now right and then you know the night comes and goes in a dont do it than I had this guilt and bad feelings. It was it was a thing wow, How do I know you at the time I mean was in my twenties and into my early thirties idea. Moved away as when I really started, I guess those are my twenties, because when I moved away as when I finally did it like this is fine and I sing better than allotted these beat me up. It's a great feeling did to you, know, be dine and have the people you're with me, like. I had no idea you could do that, the truly impressive yet great fun yet for I enjoy it thoroughly. Do you a standard carry Oki song there, you you do or two de I mean, I usually try to do, and I think we ve talked about this. The under pressure by queen and bowing to do can about part anyhow. at the same time,
you do, I led Tibetan Throat Channing I have made some mistakes to you. I tried to do foreigners cold, as I said, a friends not wedding, but wedding weekend at a bar and fully- and I just was feeling it and was I had forgotten how highlights yeah that can be a problem when you like starting your range, but then you forget, oh, it keeps going up. That's that's a real carry Oki problem, and actually I saw a check that if you do that enough times you get what he called karaoke polyps which are really yeah? It's basically like polyps, they grow and your vocal cords from straining your vocal cords by trying to sing like a professional without the training of professional singer. So candy earthly dangerous, maybe not the deadly part, but it can be dangerous. Yeah nice to do the mental gymnastics of kind of like stepping outside
and going through the song mentally Roquat yea. I can't can I hit the Fucker Fisher Pressure and you should, I think, just as a responsible karaoke singer, you kind of do needed to make sure that you can sing the song because yet kinder funny to you. If you do a bad karaoke performance, but the pointed Carry keys to leg below everybody socks off like just just tear the roof off. The suckers is kind of my her so motto every time. I grabbed the MIKE yeah and you know had sometimes where I've seen some performances at the live. Karaoke thing, though, is this, three guy that clearly drives in from you, no country Georgia, to do this and he had a cowboy head on and he did wanted dead or alive earlier. You could tell that's his deal. He comes into the city, he rushes and then, back to the farm the next day in everyone's like who was that lonesome cabin
wondered, threw down was that the mass stranger it's pretty cool to see, an everyday person that and really kill it yeah and I'm sure, like I have to go out of town because he probably get beat up at his town. If you try to do that there, you know he's got like this. being anonymous to kind of enables that carry Oki gusto. I think his well yeah, So you said something earlier: you compared guy car, ok in Karachi and there is good reason for that, because karate color TAT means empty hand. and cut o k is actually short for cutter carest manner. He from practice cutter yesterday, which is like a roman GI, win win people in Japan taken English.
word in this kind of Japan, it up a little bit so, instead of orchestra, it's ok stood up and cut a so means empty in August at a Means orchestra. So it's an empty orchestra. That's really what car car yogi cut out it's it's slang for empty orchestrion, actually predates the they cause of karaoke. That we think are today yet apparently in the early fifties there was a you know: a pit orchestra in Osaka, They said we want dynamic sure what they want. You would assume better wages or more bathroom breaks or something and they went on strike, and the theatre replace them with a sound system, and it was formats the electronics and apparently, as the story goes executive format, Suda came there, heard the system and said it's: the orchestra there's music plain, but the orchestra pit is empty and thus that the term
Goin empty orchestra. There wasn't any store that was in the fifties. I think thanking fifty two. Was it yes, so karaoke. As we understand it today didn't come along for good. Almost two decades later there was this idea that any time you had pre recorded music, especially if it was played in instead as you know, we're alive performer would play that that was carry Oki cut. Ok So it's kind of a handy term. There, a guy named desk in Norway, Kate, used when he came up with karaoke and the idea of who invented curio give who came up with it is not just widely sidled, but for the most part there is like the those who know site
stir in a way as the year as the guy who who actually came up with this. As we understand yeah, I did see. there are a couple of other people in the late sixties, the kind of messed around with machines that kind of did what but the karaoke machine does but yeah historian great he's a few look him up a picture he's a pretty cool. Looking customer and in a soccer and fifty's he was in high school and he the drama in Iraq Band and then try to be a musician profession, for a little while, but like so many musicians that tried that further, while ended up back at home in his late twenties living with his parents in Kobe you ever, he gave a good decade. Long! Try, you know, are on the road. I read this really great kind of me, biography your autobiography, from the early two thousands that was published in the appendix is called voice hero. Look it up really he's just a charming guy,
He tried it for about ten years and its work out, because most of the money was pocketed by the older, more established musicians and it would He wasn't going anywhere. I think he said that he realized that no matter how much he practiced any really practised He would never be as good as somebody who had natural talent and just wasn't for him, so he decided to try something else but he didn't want to give up playing entirely. You minded, to make a living somehow from playing music, and it just so happens that has pair Living in Kobe placed him at this really particularly good spot for Carry Oki to begin, which is called This is about thirty minutes outside of Osaka, where the fairy famous cover. Beef comes from men in it at the time in Kobe and for a while before that, there was a popular pastime of single longs, which is basically like go to a bar. Snack is what they were called in. There be somebody,
being a piano or a guitar, something like that and but he would sing. You know popular songs, along with the the many ban that was playing here, but that was like- singing together, not like a single person, either delighting her embarrassing themselves? he got into the scene a little bit and it was clearly a popular thing. So he's like a musician. I guess you play piano too, and he learned a few hundred really popular songs on piano. And then started performing as the accompaniments accompaniment a company- maybe that's the latin plural accompaniments a cup. What's the word for the personally accompany us, many of the accompanying minimised. The parliament's none of these sounds it's a company is ok. I did the sun's we're to me, but you know how the brain just broke it did.
So he was doing this as the piano guy. The piano, if you were an One day this customer then, who had been frequenting these night, where he was plain piano he's like listen, I'm a bit this guy I gotta go to a different city on the sales for the sales meeting, and I gotta take these. These other people out too you now to go out drinking and singing after and you're my guy, a kid I can only sing along with you so Would you mind recording something me that I can bring along and he said church. So we recall some stuff on a real to real gave it to him. The trip was a big head and the came back and said. I need more there in that. you know, literally the harm he grabbed day, scaring away by his lapels and shook him is a gimme, more man, it any more,
and he did and apparently right at this time, as is being shaken, disco left his body ass, truly project elsewhere, under the universe where he was greeted by the same entity that that led to the creation of catch up and the same years. Ketchup inquiry Oki under its bell because it met with Diskin said this: is we pay attention to what is happening right now? Invent karaoke? Indeed, basically came back to his body and that I have. I have this great idea: revenue then a machine that is basically me with this. Guy wants me to do live that I can multiply, create a bunch of death, machines? They do the same thing and it's going to be the first karaoke machine ever and that's what he did. He came over something called the Duke eight, which is a great name yet school again. I mean the idea and you can look up pictures of the guy with this thing and its, let me know it's about the size of a small guitar
for something which is not bad. You'd think he'd be the size of like a smart car, something for the advertised back in the day it was simple. I mean they had at the time they really just combined a few technologies, which was an eight track player right my car cars, a car, a track players where they started with and a which are really no different than any other each year, I mean. Maybe they worked better in motion and in another, but that's probably why those cars or so big, as they had to be that big back in the day to hold the attracted major xo. It was like a direct player mixed with a newly when Ampere EPA, small p and ideas in a college you gave it was gonna. Get you partisan is that you put money in it like a Jew Box to get a certain amount of time on the clock, which I think was gonna brilliant. Instead of like a song MIKE, I think the ideas that people would just keep feeding it yeah. He actually specifically said that he chose fight
minutes hundred in about thirty five cents, bought you five minutes of of singing time, so that you'd be partly through the second song and have to put more money into finish this answer. He was it I gave you the sharp tack in a lot of ways well in someone somewhere, so I think they took a couple of months to build each. They cost him about four hundred and twenty five bucks, which is about twenty seven hundred today, and he said I gotta get some these tracks recorded, so he got a bunch of his friends to record in musicians to record these instrumental try, started shopping around and so that all eleven of those machines and pretty quick order, yeah come. I dont know if he's sold them or if he took them, Basically, who can go about money? Yes, something like that. Either way he did get them in eleven different clubs around Kobe End,
everybody was glad to have him there to look at, and that was about it. They just sat there and nobody did anything with them. Nobody knew quite what to do with them and even if they did, I think it took. You know how much gumption it takes in an established rio key place when others are doing it. Imagine being literally the first person to do karaoke, like you probably would you know it? Did this took a little bit so they say hired somebody, he said a pretty girl in a sexy outfit is how we, in that one autobiography in let her go around all these eleven clubs and basically like seeing karaoke and she did it, because he hired her to, but apparently she came back. It was like. I would do that again just for fun. That was a lot of fun and from that point on, basically the whole concept of karaoke took off at least Bobby Year. There were about two hundred of these machines,
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Flash stuff? Well now Road driving in your shock learn a thing or two Josh stuff right, ok check, so there's rendered fat spitting out the sides papa and steam going everywhere. That burn my hand on it Here, the lid off this sucker, which is tangential my carry Oki motto of turning the roof off the sucker. That's right, so They are going gangbusters in Cobain and, like you said it's not too far most Psycho, which is a bigger city, and couple of entrepreneurs. From Kobe said this is great, but we need to get this to asylum They brought a Jew gate around Canna showed it around and it really hit big to the tune.
Of they were moving about twenty five thousand of these a year, frequently tab he's so remember. I said that Kobe was like a perfect place for karaoke, due to kind of bee incubator, because people already did they sing songs in Tokyo and Osaka. Wasn't like that. They liked watching an actual band perform or listening to actual song Jus Box on board These guys could not find the name of this club, but that when they opened essentially the first karaoke club in Osaka. I guess it just hit at just the right cord, just the right time, and all of a sudden Osaka was a karaoke town in very short order. Keyed Tokyo was as well and because it kind of blue up for the first time in Osaka was like is considered the birth piece of karaoke, even though it really was born in Kobe. Like very plainly, So you know you mentioned earlier that he was a pretty sharp tack in some ways
in others, animals in he was smart, but he didn't and the thing his brother in law said he really should patent this Juke Aden he's You know what patent law is really complicated here in Japan is super expensive You know like in patent is the business model, because all of these Minos just accommodate no other components that already have patents on right, which, as you know, I guess it's just different. I know just for my short tank viewing met in America if you put together these different or any different technologies. the right way you can get a patent, you know not always, but I've seen and go through where I'm like. Well, that's just this this in their life. They like yes, but we can buy, but that's in the patent office recognised. Yet I think it's called an improvement or something like that, and actually is really interesting. Article Chuck in a yawn magazine, like I, don't know, five six ten years ago, where it basically made the case that we stop
actually innovating. We humans did back in the maybe the sixties are set. these and that everything we ve invented since there has been is basically, this pudding existing slept together and they the example of the Iphone which basically is like it's amazing. Is this amazing technology? But it's you know it's a camera, it's also a phone. It's also your emails. Also texts, like is always existing. Things is put together in one convenient place in that that's a really good, example of how we actually stoplight creating new stuff and is basically reprogramming repackaging existing stuff and hopefully were you for another, huge technological advancement. Sometime soon, if we don't come to decline from utter decadence before we give, it chance to do that. Yeah. I remember those a meme a few years ago. little more than that, what that showed up this the front age of a radio shack gesine at her, and it was in the bottom. It said
all of these are now in your smartphone, and it was like forty thing you know for unlike taper quarters to microphones the cameras to live in a thing. What's the thing that tells the temperature, a and accompanying the basically everything you know on that page is now in an Iphone is going well, and now I see where Radio Shack is no longer here, poor radio shack they really they did a lot. Then they got kind of test at the end, it was pretty great. I love that it was, they had a really cool logo to agree so so you said that he did not patent thee, karaoke machine, the Jew, gay right, yeah me They plenty of money still, though yeah so yes he's still manufactured you case AIDS and sold them. in a recent tens of thousands of them a year, and they were his mission so basically for a long time until, based until other competitive,
figured out tat. There wasn't a patent on this thing. If you wanted to carry your commission you had to go to a desk at anyway right by one. So yes, Finally, my money, he continued to make money over the decades and through the years selling gum equipment or cds stuff like that right, so he was fine. Any actually seems very then about this but it is entirely clear that had he panted this- and I think this really kind of drove phoned me just how globally popular karaoke is, he would have in a billionaire many times over. Just from inventing karaoke kick him back in taking the royalties from the initial pan he didn't like agree, though he didn't seem like that kind of guy. From reading about em it, it seemed because once you do that year,
then is. Is fighting people in court out alone, yeah yeah, and that he wants to do that now he didn't seem interested in it. He also wandered. I think that one autobiography article if it would have taken off head had he had a patent on it. It might not have just gotten as big as it was. I think that you know it's a pretty in argument in favour against in a lack of intellectual property laws, but I think we should do in an episode just on intellectual property, one day, Mister Stewart you know who didn't feel that way was an adventurer from the Philippine name, Roberto Del Sorry you because he did get a patent on his carry Oki sing along system in seventy five I've and you now. I guess he don't know his full story, but surely he knew. What was going on with the Duke aid and knew TAT he could come to capitalize on he I read and,
little Bio on him in an apparently, he claims that he had no idea about karaoke as far as Japan concern that he invented it independently. So who knows about but he's also very frequently cited as an inventor of karaoke incorrectly and then there is another guy to her will meet. Actually, let's made him right now. There's a guy named K. Takagi come on to call again so k is a. He was a japanese businessman who happen to manufacture a karaoke machines and the reasoning frequently cited as the inventive karaoke, because he and another guy named Earl Click are the two men who introduce karaoke to the west through a machine everyday viewing in nineteen. Eighty two called the singing machine yeah and we should
say that you know Dave. One of our great writers helped us put this together, and he had a lot of this stuff from this point forward from a book men in brain raftery call the don't stop believing colon. How carrier you conquer the world and changed my life, and I think this is kind of one of the seminal books on carry the impression I have as well, but you know It came to America, like you, said it had been spreading throughout Japan and obvious with international business Travel International travel period. It's the kind of thing that events made its way to the states and this film producer producer of children of the court really was yet it sort of his boats. Muscle worthy moving, wow kids, I mean about respect he was yeah. I mean I had respect this being the head of how Roach studios how road studios were responsible for Laurel and hardy, and our gang low rascals
the time, Earl Click was presiding over it. It was like basically teetering on banker. Seen in resting on its laurels, had no, idea that he produced Jonah the cords a year, mad respect Earl lit so in nineteen. Eighty and again, this is a great story. I hope it really went this way. He was on a cruise ship and displaying black jack ran the dough and needed to double down and needed more money, because he had a great and apparently in those like you, said a man named. Is it Kyar K, K, which is short, Four key, so Chiesa Bhutto he's not he's a bureau. so K is nearby. He said, here's three three large I can cover you on that gave him three grand click one and obviously, that formed a friendship. You cited you're a great guy just took me three thousand dollars like Yan K, was like you're great guy to pay me back in
equity and they they bonded there on the crucial and when they hit Tokyo and DOT Takagi took mister click back to his office. Said: hey, look at this karaoke thing, it's pretty great! You should get these go in the state think like was like I'm not so sure about this, but to Kaji was not. Deterred and over the next year we can send him sales figures to the point where liquors like pay their some real money to be made here, yeah so so, mean at least in Japan by this time? Nineteen? Eighty eighty one, eighty two karaoke had been like a huge sensation in Japan for a full decade. Like a change the culture disco in a way. Basically points to the emerging karaoke as like, giving like all he's intensely overworked japanese office workers away blow off steam and like just feel better about themselves, that they Why didn't have so really took off in Japan, but it was
suitable, whether was gonna take off in America. So wasn't like a given thing that just because the sales figures were high pan that they would translate into America and at first actually that is, went when they came up with the singing machine, a nineteen eighty two apparently Katy he would demonstrated on the street and booed because it's recounted later it seem like the american public like took offence or was generally agitate when people who weren't professionals publicly performed muse, ec, and that was the whole basis. of Karaoke still is, the reasonable, though you mean Here's my deal like if someone there can be a certain not a bad, that still kind of entertaining and fund depends, but their summits bad, where it's just your waiting and waiting for that song. The end is too so pay ensure, and that's when that, when you boo, let them know that, like you, do we need a stout events. It go. There's a certain booing threat,
for sure, especially when you know that their assent. deliberately singing badly. They deserve to be area. Ok, that's a different thing! If someone is just super drunk in being, really obnoxious! You can help them. That's different needs. When there trying in their bad. That's when you shouldn't boom, because you'll totally shatter their spirit forever. Yet so it's up to you as an individual to cast that judgement at that moment. the heck disease it wisely. As Ireland, that's right, our rights the it's not taking off. Quite yet he's demonstrating, like you, said, not doing a good job as legend has, it click suppose leave and took it to Frank Sinatra: who will figure in always figures and carry it seems I hear and it was like no thank. You said what is this hunger junk baby you can you can do that Amy. I do find it for now there was actually doing a bad Phil. Harmon impression of Frank Sinatra.
the well known as this Billy Crystal doing Here- doing Sammy Davis Jr. So I like, think of you doing Sammy Davis Jr. Well, it's funny kissed. Samuel is actually there when frank down here. Like I don't know man, you could make some real dough with this. That phrase it don't contradict me Sammy, non funny. Click. That's pretty good will Hartman I think job is going to do a back. In the day s like your heart, garment was Graham, he was in some like round table discussion about current topics or something nay it o Connor was one of the panel members unequivocally Zion aid in Cuba like racking. She she was like China have this in a legitimate conversation or whatever. It is kept dismissing urgen hooks. I think the idea it was great great that back when he was really mad at her, because she tore up the picture of the Pope, protesting abuse Nokia and it's like maybe
should revisit that yeah yeah right exactly in. I think she neighbours, right on the run on target there still around a care ambrose reading about or not to go on, I mean she's still, if not putting up music, I think she's, an artist at least she still creating stood, really makes it. So karaoke takes Holden at least on the West Coast, and I saw some places like we're. Gonna covered he goes on the West Coast. I saw that before this even happened. A MID west yeah did you see that no? I was totally joking really yeah, I saw an archive New York Times article about the place, we're gonna talk about Manhattan and they said it had already been sort of making around the MID west because of japanese Otto oh well, that's really impressive! So, but it was it s. No one knew about so yeah so did. Did this predate dimples on the West Coast, our did a kind of also simultaneously,
Go on and allay well, if dimples, what year wisdom dimples I have the impression was in the MID eightys, I would say. Probably let's go with eighty five no no eyes. I m. Eighty seven is when it really took off. Well, article in the New York Times was from eighty seven and they said that it had already been a thing in the mid were higher. While that you know it's really hats off to pee Four innovating with karaoke: in the: U S, probably Detroit, maybe I guess that's where the japanese Otto manufacturing was back there, I want if it was japanese executives coming over it, kinda karaoke or american Aldo executives going over to Japan and learning about karaoke, then coming back to the mill ass to me, like. Let's do something tonight right, you put on a bunch, Others did exactly arrayed unwind out something that really interesting nice nugget so apples likely mention it was until I think the mid two thousand
in a bar in Burbank two dozen fourteen from when I saw I was when a girl in in favour of a whole food to be built over the top of the whole thing, while their multiple hall foods say our horses was built. citizen, Burbank right across from Warner Brothers studios, an owner, theirself Ferrara, bought a bunch of these karaoke Cosette He started advertising like aid where America's first carry a karaoke bar you're, gonna love. It people didn't catch on at first, but they cannot took a pay from the earlier days with ice, when they said, while other plenty of young, attractive actors and actresses out here. So, let's just get some of those in to perform and it took off. People like well, I wanna be a star to, for example,
started hitting the many stage. So yes, so this was a dimples was, is known as America's first Karaoke bar apparently incorrectly by it, certainly was America's first widely known karaoke bar, because there was an ally, but it was extremely fashion and a lot of ways number one. There were no K boxes we'll talk about a minute. It was you performing on stage in front of the whole bar. That's it's considered in all vest style, karaoke bar the number two, You probably don't necessarily know every single lyric to the song, your singing, so they would hand you a book with lemon pages with the lyrics, so you would be reading from a big binder while you are trying to say perform. At the same time that certainly very old fashioned. and then also number three. I think there are only two now that I say number three
I think it was those two that made it super old fashioned, so you perform in front of strangers and then you had to read from a book and so do apparently really took off and then carry yoke. also really took off around the world when they added some and called seedy plus G witches, compact, disc, Post graphics, oh, that was the third one they would literally use attracts or cassettes of a karaoke music and then said the Ladys. You had a disk, You could buy had a whole bunch of karaoke songs within So I had a video component to it as well, so that you could see the lyrics science and around the late eighties, when carry Oki as we know and love it today was was born. Yet I mean one of my favorite thing still about karaoke is that sometimes it can still have that old school look with like of of Nature seem like a waterfall behind this looks like this. This looks like the late eighties year upon screen in front.
it's the last year, or at least the early ninetys. You know. Yes, that was the West Coast in New York. There was a place called sing along open and eighty seven and this open by. I think, like four people, Zack Smith, who was a drummer for scandal. Great band if you remember scandals, I remember the warrior yeah exactly and then an attorney name, Indy burn bomb and then scandals manager, David Donald Sucker men, and we also show say that they so put it on the western map, but there were places are in Manhattan. Those one in China called Lotus blossom other one at a restaurant called each Bonn. So there were some karaoke Wars in Manhattan, but can live with. Everything else there, like in Reno history, says until its introduced like White America. Why doesn't exist? They like it doesn't exist? Navy will mention it later in a retrospective in thirty years, exactly so
did headed big because of sing along. So are you a single long, spread karaoke Erica, more than double said now. Ok, although they did ranch, I think they open one bucket. Dear in Atlanta, as the second is that right, so sing along, was also this place. The innovative they k, J Karaoke, Jackie, not no myself, though, is totally involuntary jogging yeah, but the cages, the guy who is like English Stand, who you know, get everybody psyched up to come up on, staying with ethnic English for whoever English then was the yacht right guy right. I really like to see you tonight. Don't near was here, is english than English. Nick was hey, J English Stand was a day and in John Vertical, exactly some as a great song to shore
but so the cagey was innovated sing belongs to you said. The second thing long was in buckled right, yeah thing then Chicago is now so that would have been like the early ninetys, because the late eighties saw like thee the beginning of the entrenchment carry ok and then spread really took off in the nineties and all of a sudden, it was like pop culture everywhere Yogi the first time for the first time in America in the nineties, yeah and it's funny to go back in red and o day pull the accord from a J C here in Atlanta button to go back and read that New York Times article sort of describing what karaoke is is really very too. I know I'm saying contemporary journalism is so helpful. I love it its need because their liking, ope people get upon stage. Never saw before her in some people are bad and some people great. But everyone has a good deal like that's Gary of yet
and so you know people made fun of it, but it was still an extremely popular thing: do typically, like ladies night trivial, carry Oki night like it wasn't necessarily like a karaoke bar, but it was kind of everywhere, but then there were places there were okey bars at start to spring up to, and apparently it sorry to hit, hard times in the nineties that at least the trend started to die out a little bit drench sure Grunge had something to do with those kind of a sea change. One grunge came along, but then, miracle idle, actually revive carry Oki like gang busters, basically yeah. I think that's a good place for a nice little cliffhanger. Ok, look. How will we that that you see what happens now? Get did american Idol land
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People remembering like hey, wait a minute. This carry Oki thing that car Cobain killed, It was kind of fun. Why are we to call for school now? Exactly because I mean out there was, I guess, Canada is what american Idol is. You got in a company is playing in here singing in that's yes or Canna, made people like get back into a little bit so that that was, I think, two thousand to was the season. The first season were Kelly: Clarkson be Doktor, peppers, lil, sweet in the finals. You there just a doctor peppered with little sweet. There was little sweet, the run around here just now, just in green. A year later American idol was big and then them there was like. Regular America was like our yells cocaine. I forgot about that and then come
India America got back into karaoke thanks to lost in translation yeah. You know the very famous, Seen in this will be a couple of film where Bill Marie Anne Schuyler answer and a K box having a lot of fun on their big night out until, oh and it's really great movie integrate seen. Unlike all the scenes in the two thousand film duets, one of the worst ever. Unlike I mean you know. Obviously there is like absolution the journey or whatever that Mario Lope as movie that rift tracks recently released like there's obvious really really really bad moves. At their there, so bad there, almost and watchful duets is bad. Like China, on an offensive level that there is really hard to put into words it so because, clearly sunk money, time and effort and fall into it, and it's still
bed like these other bad movies. Somebody just proved it out and like a couple of months, This is like a huge major motion picture in it, so bad that it's almost like takes me off is thinking about how bad! That movie wasn't. They got released, yeah ever saw it. If you don't know what we're talking about this is the movie directed by Bruce Paltrow starring his utter Duennas, Huey, Louis Podgy, Mahdi, Andrea, Brower, Scott Speed, men, a bunch of people and its literally about carry Oki, and I watched the failure to day and now I have that stupid crews and Solomon, yeah yeah there. Echo commercial whether on the moon gives me flashbacks of duets cassettes. the main song they sing in an air added to that you have to say: there's one thing where I didn't know was Bruce Paltrow that directs it, but there is a shot where Huey Lewis and I think Gwyneth Paltrow, checking into a hotel and that it's like
like the scene ends in growth, Palko leaves the shot and he released sustains there any spikes, the camera and really. couple of times, and you see more clearly than you ever possibly could how blank it is inside a few loose his head. You just Maybe it's not blank all the time, but for that moment he was totally blank in its great has one of the great shots of all time. But then really Does that not just for the great lakes it's worth while the whole movie is worthwhile, just to see that one shot but is is so bad. I love you Louis, yeah me too nothing energies and get to see it, but by law translation was the exact opposite of do sir. That scene, yes yeah? It made it cool, and here again, like you, said and done, it was already kind of picking up steam. Way, but that definitely was like Willoughby American, where an inside out t shirt and get up there in saying I was
was Castelo. I remember one thing: I think you did peace eleven understand so that put it back on the map, and now I guess we need it. a little bit about just the industry side of it, because you know when you're putting hundreds and hundreds of songs out performed by different people like these aren't the original version, sir recorded by you, know session, theirs in session singers. Is you always have that in a sort of background track, going there's a lot of money going, I'm a karaoke suck. I got ten billion dollar industry or something- and everyone gets a cut like if you wrote this perform the song or fear the publishing rights. The song everyone has to say it's ok to have my my song reported for key, and it's ok to have performed and each one there are different monies that people have to pay.
mechanical feed, actually record the song deserves synchronization feeding to sink up the lyrics with it any kind of video presentation. There's a performance fee. If it's not done Kay Box, which I don't even know. If we set a k boxes, just a little sound prove room that you can rent this approach. The room for you and your friends or whatever to perform karaoke. And you're not doing it in front of strangers. You don't have to wait for other. Boldly go you just go is absolutely why it is, and then it's also This way more fun and most karaoke places have k boxes now. But if you you're, not in Uk Box, if is in front of people, you probably have also pay a performance. see as well, not use a karaoke person, but either the venue where the k, J or the company that's actually directing them. because the time was used to have to get a track and everything was very tight. Regulated now, there's centralized servers, basically existing countries around the world that have these huge databases of carrier songs
So as you go into a karaoke place, it's just hitting up a computer, probably in opinions or Malaysia or something like that and its sending back song in the lyrics with it on your video screen and through the sound system so to keep up with all it is really really difficult, and there is a lot of lawsuits that worse, that were filed probably the biggest one was Sony music suing Katy s karaoke. They suit him for, like one owing to five billion dollars for copyright, infringement, Yemen, been plenty of lawsuits in the same goes with major boxes. In any time you have a venue where people perform music if there are cover songs performed in Starfleet, It's a you know it's a sort of illegal quagmire and lucky said even more complicated these days when you can be sort of off book interests. Do look, I beg you to version,
on Wednesday night at the bar and sorted be off Korea? As far as people seeking money are concerned, but if you're, a legit karaoke club, obviously you're doing it right or have a legit, real karaoke night, with a company coming in doing it right, as in paying of artists and stuff like that, but there are you know some artists who never signed away their rights. Think Springsteen is one. There are some people who use but now the songs had been removed like if you print songs, bond, Jovi Arbour, coal play have removed certain sounder, maybe because of complications work as it can get everyone on board. But if you used to sing a song- and you come back if years later and is not available that maybe Y yeah probably is so weird- is that you would think would kill karaoke bite the burgeoning of the internet and new tubing, just basically people creating karaoke songs it there.
some being able to in like a home studio adjust their laptop has actually kept going. So yogi doesn't seem to be going anywhere, although it does seem to begin, more and more removed from the group. There is a new thing. old one Cora, which is a solo who carry Oki singing box, there's room for one. Person in there all the raging, Japan. Right now from what I understand, maybe it's just like a practice so help it's just. I just want to sing, because I want to thank so it is an out and out I mean you know, I'm sure, there's been a person whose, like before I try my chops in front of people on internet. One of these four, my shirt I think there's. Also people who, like all I wanna do, is one car. I don't want to talk to any of you yeah matter the guys There are home karaoke machines. Obviously you can buy. There are apps now. One of the great delights of my life is when my brother, since me a small
song ass em. You owe you it's singing app where he will be sitting in travel. no record of full song in my brother's, a singer, better thing me and held you send me, like you know, I was get attacks in its attach like yours, meal from Scott Brian, I heard of it. I mean I have to do and what use much, but he's he's kind of a smoking and you can connect with other people to do duets instead like that. You don't even know so, there's a whole community around, so we were No, we talked about before we can't stop until we talk about my way: killings in violence in general around karaoke, because there them and gather there is something called the my way. Killings, which we talked about an hour is toned deafness, hereditary episode, but at least six people have been killed, in the Philippines, during or after a performance of my way, Frank Sinatra's song.
Away and there's all sorts of. repetitions of why that my these are really popular song, and so you know, and bar fights happens. Regis was coincidence. Other people are like now they really take my way seriously in the Philippines and if you sing it tone deaf you're in trouble, but it wasn't just I will apparently John Danvers God take me home country. Roads is one of the body is songs of all time said a murder trigger I I guess there's a guy in Thailand who killed eight of his neighbors Eddie goers at its next door. Neighbours has one of whom was his brother in law because they would not stop singing in they saying take me home country roads, anyone over and shot them all dead, jamming, clearly other south going on. He seemed a little high strong, but like it was the very Oki their head had pushed him over the edge for sure what do you think Frank would say about the moray killings?
you gonna lie nub. Sometimes baby. I tell you where they I'd kill people to man is Mr Bulge angles. You got that right, Sammy, yeah and you know it. We should also mention too, that it is huge in the Philippines. Like any are you go almost in public? There might be a sort of like the go into Nevada, and you know there's a slot machine like every time you turn around, except there's someone singing in the Philippines, I mean it's just a tunisian general. You me has this great story about how she would kind of in a goop dug out and go to lunch and think okey in Gabon, to work after a deal of their goods, So you anything else and nothing else all right? Well, if you want to know more about karaoke just get up there and do it it's not going to kill you and you're going to be happy that you did and then
and you're gonna be happy. That means it's time for listener. Male, of course, his Roma new Fifteen year old Fan big fan of the show writing to say: hi, just turned fifteen M for cattle. Cornea. Sorry, listening in December, fairly new, but you does it quickly become my number one show multiple times of her say that you lose listeners run high school about a here to assure you that there are high school listeners near. anyway, big reason, while the shows, because all the seemingly boring topics you cover their so many ordinary things that we take for granted that have such an interesting history like markets, for instance. That has been one of my favorite episode so far, I am glad that the Natalie saying this because at something that we love about the show is, are episodes like ballpoint pins in bar you know that seem boring, but turn out to be fascinating, love it just today
that's for the random fact. I was able to talk about the failure of the pony. Express thanks to you. Guys also want to say thank you to everyone is stuff. You should know for keep so enthralling, yet educational and like so many other listeners has helped me through the tough times. I can always count on you for laughter, education and tangents. What am I fear parts of the show and then a final, very kind correction. we welcome those. Now we can readily meta been very and kindly We do so almost. like there's a new breed of listeners like look, I don't know who you jerks are, but I think you're jerkin, here's everything. I think that you're jerk about there's been a lot of think. It's I don't know what is it maybe the pandemic wearing you could be. We ve gone to waves of that there were will get like a new swaths of listeners in and then, like six months later, will hear from lotta again be. Like look, I'm really sorry about the first theme. I really can't do without you guys yeah, he said
Oh, no, it's time you my rights, but I like it. I could find endearing now, it's weird Xi'An, Emily, listen to the walrus episode, I'm sure you got email about this, but want to make sure you knew the beach creatures by the Hearst Castle that you thought were sea lions are elephant. Seals and that is Natalie last name rejected- and she says, PS dont be dumb- was a great cigarillos, nice, I don't know of any one else ever wrote in a correct that so thanks a lot Natalie nicely dont totally, the great email Natalie perfectly done. Welcome to the fold and good luck with high school, If you want to be like Natlink in touch of this concern, is an email wrap it up spent lightly on the bottom and send it off to stuff. Podcast did Iheart radio dot com Stuckey should know is production. I heart radio for more podcast. My heart, radio is, if I heard radio apple podcast or wherever
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