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Mechanical Bulls!

2021-04-20 | 🔗

Mechanical bulls are kind of weird, but they have certainly made a place in American pop culture over the years. Largely due to one movie, Urban Cowboy.

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since, while really planning their murders, subscribe, heads, the eye heart, radio, app apple pot or, if you like, to listen brought to you by discover, discover something brighter. Welcome to stop. You should know a production of heart radio and welcome into the park cast I'm Josh and there's chuck. Jerry is not here. She stepped away for a minute digitally speaking, but she still here and spirits Stuckey theories, can for love and all the wrong places right. That's right in shock I was not really cognizant what was going on when all this was happening, but there A period of time where, like country was just beyond cool in Amerika I gave was the popular culture
yeah. I mean I really remember it an year what five years younger at least never gets all It is time that I remember well when the tea- showed Dallas in one country. You know had these big crossovers, cars like Eddie, rabbit, induce Newton and me he gaily uncanny Rogers, and can he Rogers making these big Hollywood movies and Dolly part and was made in big Hollywood movies. It was the interest time and it was. It was short, the beginning of the change of country music from sort of more underground, outlaw cowboy Johnny Cash Willie Nelson wailing ginning stuff- the big a maze country thing that we see today and I think the transition was kind of happening back. Then
gas seventies. Early eighties, there seems to be well finds its roots is, is in this area this era, where it turned into pop. Basically, then they transition from Do you like your saying that kind of outlaw like hard core country to pop by way of easy listening, which is a pretty hard left turn if you think about it, but this that easy listening was feature prominently on the soundtrack for a movie called urban cowboy. you betcha, which in one of the more surprising things have ever come across in our research in the thirteen years, would be doing this. The anniversary, by the way, yeah like right now enshrined basically yeah close enough to were thing happy anniversary, and you too I'm the one of the more surprising things ever come across as that we're talking about mechanical bowls today, you can't tell the story of mechanical bulls without John Travolta generate
who knew not me did you know that there was tat? gather, intimately, Yerevan cowboy and mechanical one thousand percent. While there is a big surprise me a pleasant one too, like I'm still uncloud nine yeah for mean this was I guess I was a little kid, so you would have been just a baby at the time It makes sense that this is more, so did in my memory, but I remember the urban. Why? I just know it all being a very big deal like people like a libyan John, where where people were Can country are ones that normally didn't, because it was just that the hot ticket? It was a big deal yeah really was an alibi. Like I watch enough me tv and stuffed didn't to to be able excise is era within a not eating. Weird to me, it's think it stands for memorable, entertainment television is falling. Old algae runs from the seventies,
Channel can is like a streaming up. It's a channel. We have one of those again antennas. You can get a digital, the yeah there's a lot of like really good re run like what's the word I'm looking for, I guess nostalgic tv out there in meeting these one of em, but anyway you know every once in a while. Probably every six or seven episode bionic, woman or six million dollar man will suddenly has some weird country trucker reject theme going on there and you can tell it like it, because that was the cool thing right. Then you know It was I mean, like I said, Dallas was a big tv show in the Dallas Cowboys in the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders was the
This thing go in and me Jane the Bear and the dukes a hazard and right. It was if this were here in time in America, where, like this southern in western country, western culture was at the for its destroy strange and it go inside it. Punkin new wave and is very weird. Can I call time in this country in but the law Other things they came out of this one of the things I was popular at the time that tied into this country's. I gazed that was like the bases of the pop culture at the time was mechanical riding I hit, for that is something that you would do if you were trying to. show off at some bar. It doesn't matter where the bar was in the United States and I suspect, in other parts of the western world as well. That day, You would ride a mechanical bowl wearing a cowboy shirt and tight genes.
Even though Europe from you know Miami or something like that. Yeah. It's funny I was reading this than they were saying like. I am in New York unless they had them in New York, and LOS Angeles in play everywhere. The first thing I thought was a bet they had em in Japan, it. Surely I was looking unlike. I always wonder if it's just some like throwback retro, like mechanical bowl I'd intrench somewhere in the world. I couldn't find any any mention of it anywhere, but surely it is somewhere. You know it seemed like a good FED, but the mechanical ball if you don't know what one is you're, not under a rock everybody be very much aware of many things in the world and not know what one is. It is void. You really often mellowed in your old. I really have it is. It is a simulation of bull riding the rodeo sport, a bull writing. It is in literally
mechanical bull and we'll talk about how its main when it looks like. But you know it's go. Google picture you sit on. It someone is in control of it. On the other end, an it mimics the bucket of a ball human were riding on it and they are very a popular in bars, twisty bars, usually and ban. Maybe in Japan there's weapon New York City Johnny. You does have some stories about later, but The mechanical basically can be used to train Rodya writer, although it's usually just for entertainment purposes. Yeah. It's really interesting about where you do said that its use for training. Is it's not entirely clear? If the mechanical ball was you, to train rodeo writers first or was used as an amusement at Honky, Tonk bars, first and then became used to
in rodeo writers, right it has a really hazy origin and its possible that it evolved. parallel in multiple places, because there there was a need for training, rodeo writers on artificial balls, because part of rodeo that kind of grew out in the nineteenth century in America, as Rodya writing developed based on some of the mexican blood sports with balls. as they made their way up north in the United States. The southwestern? U S! Ball! Writing! can it came out of nowhere rather than you know, Tory adores it was it got train I did in the ball. Writing and if you, on a train. I'm right a ball, your way better off finding something to stimulate the bold and learning how to write a book by writing a ball Yonah
yeah! Well, you know what I did see somewhere and I couldn't verify it in a lot of places, but I did see in the sixteenth century makes it they were actually riding bulls. I mean, I believe it here my report has been a part of the blood sportive bull fighting if you're, a tough guy and a boy you samurai that ball watch this. If he so and then in nineteen thirty, is in the United States. The Rodeo Cowboy Association was formed, so it was a deal by the nineteen thirty's. The one thing we do know is that the precursor to the mechanic, the men- nice or mechanical was the bucking barrel, which, if it is just too in its search for bucking beryl. You probably seen these at some point. It is a barrel like a boil barrel tipped on its side, with the saddle on it, and it's a spin the ground and tied at four corners with some pretty heavy duty tight rope and you would go sit on that that bear
on that saddle, and you would have for ranch hands, try throw you off of it. and that was a lot of fun, yes, which I mean it dangerous in and of itself, especially if the rain chains or jerks, but it's a lie, safer than writing a bull when you're practising writing to ridable ye. I would I would write a bucking barrel, a thousand one of those city, suckers Ike. A rustling things and they were like you want to get on the buck and barrel partner, I'd, say: hacking but I would you could not pay me to get on a real mechanical. Oh, I don't know- I was watching some there. There's like mechanical ball, throw compilations people, off mechanical, also watched quite a bit of this or that
is one of the ones they happen in slow motion. The alpha cameras and slow motion is the person is sliding I can flow motion here. That's usually how it works is that of the adding drown you write. It seems like my legs on their pretty, not dangerous, so I would write a mechanical bull if I were encountered one. Yeah, I'm out into it in this way I won't young. Your yuck well mean there we'll talk injuries later on it. It sir, oh yeah, pretty badly. I think we should add that it's worth saying worked like You can t kid injured on a mechanical bull, maybe not live level, but don't ride, live bulls anywhere else is put that one out there and then, if you gonna, write a mechanical know that still very dangerous and can be that's right so to take a break, a sure, yeah do it? I'm not. We won't come to blows it's fine. It's fine let's go along with I will take breaker than old talk more about this funny thing ran after this.
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e p o o t o n dot com hey everybody. Microsoft teams is helping priority, bicycles reinvent the way they work Great Chuck, that's right when the pandemic it shop had to close their New York City Show room, but they found a way to reopen by doing virtual visits on teams. Yet another You can meet with two or three times the number of customers that they could before, and people from all over the world can visit their show room. That's right, and you can learn more about their story and others at Microsoft. Dot, com flesh team, so I
saying like the origins of mechanical balls are fairly hazy. We are pretty sure that they came from the bucking barrel that preceded them, but it's not entirely clear that the mechanical boy descended from the bucking barrel in the rodeo world or into the amusement world first length. Ed, put this together for us and he looked high and low, define primary source, but couldn't Anybody saw a lot is like mentions the place called Bertrand Island and amusement park, New Jersey that supposedly had a mechanical bull back in the thirties. Yet in New Jersey, and I think this is what the deal is. I saw this river, a law on line, and there is a coffee table book about Bertram Island Amusement Park in a bed dollars to doughnuts! There's a picture of this right, em, Cowboy right in that book. Cuz they all reference this book, but I didn't have time nor the inclination to buy this book to prove it to myself. Ok, but I
had the feeling that there was a picture of this right him cowboy right in this. In this coffee table book Bout Bertrand Island, amusement park in the nineteen thirty's. Ok, at a great idea was gone. The way back me, Ok we'll go to the printing of that book and will look through one of the books. Are you ready, knitwear wanna? Will why don't we just go back to the Virgin Island Amusement Park in the thirties and ride the thing I guess we could have done care to see. That means that we can go a book burning shop. Ok, we'll go turn on your. I look at it. ok we're there. It is there it is. We have definitively prove in it. There was a ride. Em cowboy mechanical ball Bertrand. What year is now well, I'm looking at my shark surf, what and it says nineteen, thirty, two, ok, nineteen, thirty, two mechanical Bola Bertrand Island Amusement Park merit, and I guess we
go back right. Well, It's weird where the women back. We didn't write ETA any salt water to every year at the big, strong men Bell link can exist gone to do the printing press place. I guess we should ever was. Unlike Valley, have little candy dish with salt water taffy there could grant. So if you talk mechanical balls, you gonna hear the name Sherwood Crier come up a lot. Some people might mistake and they say he invented the mechanical, certainly is- could be looked at it. sort of grandfather, the mechanical but he owned a mechanical ball in his saloon the seventies that will get to later, but it was built by a man named Actually I don't know he built it. Joe Turner built it, but Joe Turner, India, Mexico at the very least, held the patent for this mechanical right, I saw
with my own two eyes, but it's from nineteen. Seventy six right so Giotto definitely didn't invent the mechanical ball, though he was an inventor of the mechanical bull, but we can say definitively censure would Crier bought the patent from Joe Ter. That Sherwood Crier is the inventor the mechanical. Even though I believe even Wikipedia site to miss the inventor really yeah, I was surprised to see that the yeah he's very widely held to be the the the inventor, but even said there is an interview with them in the offing, chronicle and the late nineties, where he said he talk. but how he bought it offered them. Joe Turner for thirty thousand dollars that they will become clear. Why he did then why that was actually a really good move on his part later on. That's right, but if you want to talk about the mechanics of the mechanical ball. It is, a hydraulic base machine that has- couple of motors on it. It's got to a sinner.
After the main gearbox that make up the spin motor and that's the one that's gonna to gonna turn up can for that, usually it when you I pray they usually rarely then go a full three sixty before they turn. Can go the other way cassettes kind. The whole object is to keep the singing. a different directions right in its turn back in the other direction is usually very sudden s, harsh that is abrupt. There's an abrupt thing, buddy and then there's another motor, usually above the bottom motor and at that, that motor has to do with them. Moving pistons up and down. Like imagine a platform that that the saddle sits on the bill. The bulls built around the rider actually says on this platform. It moves from side. side and up and down and left and right. So you have a you ever
A lot of your control is what you need when it comes to writing. Mechanical bull because there's also there's pitch ya unless the third one roll raw yet all three of those going on in this mechanical ball, I believe right. If you see one of these in a bar, if you rent one, a love that ended, the research in Ed live of lonely, your concern and buffalo. You can read one for three as for nine hundred bucks, and it comes with the operator everything. I heard that and then I thought, maybe I have been a fun fiftieth birthday party where's the important three or four people standing, That's not your righted. Unsuited for all drivers are legit but it is mounted very, very securely to a big for played and it is wrong to think sure require, would drive around and collect mattresses at first, but now they had this Inflatable ring basically that surrounds it,
it's gotta satellites is usually the horse itself is firing last word its metal, maybe but its covered in this sort of thing. Adding with leather The real deal saddle yeah and the ones hey there. You know their third plenty built in this seventies and eighties, and even in the nineties, values like old, carnival funhouse rides basic the controllers, a real like old and Jackie, looking colorful in kind of cool and retro the ones today or touch screen. They have legs speakers built into it. The padding around them isn't like a mattress, sir, like blown air like a bouncy castle kind of thing, so when you get thrown its it like doesn't feel like anything is actually kind of pleasant and the controllers are much computerized unless mechanized than they used to being in times past. Yet these days,
If you look at urban cowboy too, it is just sort of the body if he would of the ball now, if you go to a Johnny Utah's in New York or any kind of funhouse, are you getting free drinks? something. No, I just learned of it. I didn't know that there was still an urban calculator. place in New York that you could go. I think it's and it's gotta, because the time swear to midtown an urban urban cowboy bar this referential, the point break a flashlight, many govern other basis. did they have little fake, fumble heads and horns, and apparently you can even find them with, If you want to write a bison or a shiver, I'm like a sheep, you can get a sheet. had put on her rams, had put on our way. Even more than that. There's a hammerhead shark camel get hot dog beneath and then apparently there are there's like the this target,
thread of bull riding, there's a sexual element to it. I think yes sure ed found. One of the settings is sexy right right on the act, call operations one machine had found it was like pro intermediate beginner and sexy. So it's definitely fair to say, ok and also were I turned up is goes way beyond a sexy setting, there's there's a penis one. You can get that sure. There's a one, a woman. Called Horny Hannah and there's a guy named Randy Indy Roger boy. So again, pretty stupid. It gets pretty like dark Bachelor party right wing with when you, if you, if you want to go that way, apparently you can you can make it go that way there we were just speaking of the settings there are Those automated settings usually did. You can just hit we're beginner whatever, but you can
I'll be in control anything the Ottoman settings are much more common. These days, it back in the urban cowboy days was very much a human operator and who's trying to do. You know really semi a radio for these sort of experts. Pseudo competition they were competitions, in bars. Yeah mean there would be like you know, you could win. You know a hundred bucks or something like I vow. Hobbling probing outweigh ok, I so so there was like a competition but also like in bars. It was you know just to show off too. What is the horizon? That's the entire reason for mechanical bulls in their wondering. Likewise, anybody do it. It's basically to just show off too stay on as long as you possibly can basically, and so, like your thing the original operator, the operators job was to the humiliate you is that was the whole dynamic. You
showing off the operator trying to throw you off in a very humiliating fashion, and so the more you stay on longer, you could stay on despite the operators. Best efforts, you know The more of it show if you were, I guess yeah mean it's not any different, its own affairs, cry from any carnival game right where it shows some sort of feet of strength, whether you're hitting the The thing with a hammer to make the bell ring or the punching bag to see how hard you can punch thing right. and the ones that you read today for the parties described as an all. In one entertainments interim he's got a built in Pierre system was speakers and my phone in an amplifier in its the electric score Odin, timer and right it's just this big thing now is it started out, is to sorted this very, very rudimentary hydraulic thing which makes sense because again This is the kind of thing that you can rent like a bounty house, but for grown ups
They have little kids ones too. I heard about those evident something else. I saw there's a so there's like the right? the bull version, there's also a surfboard version that use stand. I'm ok and actually a video of a dude who combines those to look up on Youtube, man, dances on mechanical bull wearing last Sunday suit, and this guy's in a bar wearing a tie day is not not just standing up. Dancing on a mechanical bull, that's going at a pretty moderate rate and is one of the most astounding things ever seen in my life amazing. Yet, but there's the version you can. You can rent that or by. I guess, if you're in that kind of thing, that is its lead surfboard. Unlike the bounty area around you, the panting is like a wave kind of thing. It looks pretty cool who lets fun. I thought so too looks fine. waste. So, if you're going to ride one of these things
we'll say most of the videos I saw Johnny Utah's among others is day they keep it pretty team are, will talk about the dark side of that in a bit too? But if, if you can it like a real ride. Then you I go is forward on that toward the head of the boar as much as you can you wanna go. That bull with your inner thighs and dignity heels in and keep your feet ahead of you and point those toes yeah apparently you wanna hate. You know they have a strap that you put your hand in and then but the other arm up. They said it On with your non dominant hand, that's all I've seen so I've. Seen too, I don't know I feel like I would be stronger with my dominant and but am I you. What is it you're, not dominate hand because any stupid? can hold onto a strap you're done at hand is bad.
In saying you're holding up in the air. It a balance and you need a little more finesse Think about it. Why Europe worlds? That's my guess- and it makes sense to me, because that's my guess and where he could do is You wanna go opposite! That's the whole idea of the bull bucks for where'd. You want a lean back if it goes back, you want to leave towards its nose. You want to keep those legs tightened up. as much as you can, and you want to try and keep everything from the waste up his loose as possible, but again you've then thrown down cowboy boots, mugs full a beer, a deal Rogers toward her view and good luck, the so this this vice comes from. A pro Rider name: will Roberts and I, he he basically says there. If you take each one of these movements,
as like a wave that you're writing and think of think of them discreetly, as discreet motions and you're just handling each one. At a time you could stay on indefinitely. he didn't say the indefinite pardon said it. In fact, he said you shouldn't stay on longer than fifteen seconds, or else you're going to get hurt like that with a full bore, but I think you could stay on indefinitely Well, one of those videos assault was titled. Something about woman rides bull for so long that videoed cuts out or something the right like she never fell off a meals going really slow, but you know she did. She hang in there hangar yeah I don't know measure it depends which one you rented well, if you like you, we said the rental pray if you want to buy one of these systems, is about twenty grand. I saw the two by Elvis went on Ebay, further suspiciously low prices, sixty eight hundred and its possible. The whole thing was use. I think if
If trampoline around things you by and then end up just want to get rid of. Mechanical bull is probably oh yeah. Ten acts there in a year. I don't know I would get on a mechanical blower someone's. I got a really good deal on it. That's basically free. I must take another break and we'll talk about to me. What is most interesting part of this episode, which is sort of the history of Gillies saloon right after this, support for stuff. You should in the following message, comes from Amazon, music, hey everybody here something you should know you can listen to stuff, you should know and other parties.
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ok chuck you promised to talk about gaily saloon. What is that? Well we talk about MR crier. He owned a saloon, really kind of an oversized tent called Shelley's in Pasadena Texas, outside Houston, and this was an early seventies like nineteen, seventy one and he would bring in countryside where she weren't big national acts yet, but they were sort of known regionally and it was upon or bar and it was getting bigger and bigger, because that was a oil country. Pinocchio was a money and he said, I think this needs to not be attend, but two the real deal, someone any part in it: but a man a Mickey guilty right. In
I mean he gave him a pretty sweet deal. He said: look I want to build this thing out, I'm going to build it out, we're gonna, make it more permanent structure and turned it eventually into like a forty thousand square foot bar mansplain, multiple, multiple bars. There was basically like a real deal: Texas, Roadhouse in Honky talk you Gaily we're gonna name it after you and you in your house ban, are gonna play basically every night and give I did. You say that there was generally Louis's cousin now, but he was here ass he was generally lose. His cousin still is possibly so alive yeah making Gilias eighty five. He had a big also were hit with looking for love. Or is right yeah, was it on the urban cover sound, I'm pretty sure was on the urban count. Soundtrack, so yeah is, is buckwheat. We book in Panama, work and pay
work in of again and he was no slouch, though he had forty two top forty countries singles in his career. So what's funny is I read an interview with them. I think in Texas Monthly, unlike the thirty 35th anniversary of urban cowboy, any basically talks about how you know you're looking for love is in all all the wrong places. He he he was looking first stardom any just could never quite get it. So I guess he was one of those unsung like highly successful people who never a huge star right, and apparently he was trading on being generally Louis. His cousin is doing like tribute shows cover, shows that kind of stuff it was doing fine, but the Wyndham Sherwood Crier met up with them and formed a partnership with them. He he began.
The namesake of Gillies, this incredibly popular honky, talk outside of Houston, that that became the setting for cowboy thanks to randomly enough in Esquire article He this reminded me very much in its weird that they're, both Travolta but sadly, night fever. Did it it even more closely than that. The very editor who ran that Esquire article was the same co founder, New York magazine who ran tribal rights of the new Saturday. I that gave rise. That was the basis of cyanide fever, so it all comes full circle. I have printed out the tribal it's Saturday night back when we talked about it have not read it yet, and now I'm gonna put out the ballad of the urban cowboy in America, search for true grit right and I'm gonna have just both those articles sitting on my desk forever. Probably
but I want to I want to read me- is there are both the basis of two sort of landmark seventies movies? It became cultural touch, stones, Enchanter Walter and both of em yeah. It's really weird bicycle. Basically, the same thing except one is Disco said it a disco night club the other one is country music set at a country western bar, but it's the same Zack things seem format and love fight in rivalry. Jealousy competition on a space is, we can night while always getting trash bards just in they were separated by you years. I think I'm. Seventy six was the centre night New York magazine article, seventy eight was the one that feature Gillies yeah, it's really the interesting time and countries, history that they're almost two sides of the same coin, and again I mentioned earlier. This is all going on at the same time that, like punk music is, is saying. I hate
all of your people and for Reason. Look, let's roll, so this I share. Remember his name, Irving some Berlin him. No, he was one of the managers or promote as regards a lot to do with the eagles. He bought the rights to that article. two hundred thousand dollars, which has a lot of money to spend on a magazine, article option at the time and heat just knew that, no matter what happened, he was going to have a huge soundtrack on his hands just like Saturday night fever, and it worked twice. It did here. He apparently wanted it to be all eagles illegals. We're like now, that's ok, we suck so I believe we would want to do a whole sound by ended, being like a really great aspect. I've never heard it, but I mean just looking at the roster Kinney Rogers Charlie Daniels Bonnie Rate in
Mickey gaily had looking for love on it as well open up it was. There was great. We had the record in our house, like you said they shot the movie. A lot of it was shot at Gillies, and that was the bars in that you know predominant in the movie and the competition between sky Glenn and John Travolta. As you know, they battled for four bragging rights money, endeavouring his heart and glory, of course, that while the glory man's got sky clan yeah, I can't believe it forgets less him. I think he's going to cause actors ever yet, not according no. No, is carrying plus yeah. He I think it's was one of those that was always. I think he was always confuses carotene with a lot of people, because he will make look church Fisher, so it was the biggest As of this movie that made crier say I need a secure. This patent cause the things about to explode
and I think, by that point the gentleman who he who held that patent Josiana yet and he said well, what's up the price a little bit too to thirty thousand inquired are still said: yeah, that's don't tell this guy, but that still a big deal, yeah, because the mechanical bull is basically a third lead character in this movie. Debra Winger John Travolta in this mechanical bull, El Toro, the real mechanical bull at Gilley's, and became a huge part of the pop culture, in Sherwood. Cryer were smart enough to realise how big a deal is going to be bought the patent for and now, if you wanted to, mechanical bull for your bar that you'd just converted over to a Honky talk format yet by one from Sherwood Crier he made a lot of money offer those from what I understand. He did I think he even one lawsuits when people tried to dodge his license and he made a lot of money offer this fad in it wasn't
the fad for sure, but, like I said, You gotTa Johnny Utah's one on the sunset strip. To I don't know if it's still there, there was a house in that is it and another Keanu Johnny Movie. I can't remember there, but there was a country western bar on the sunset Strip, the had a mechanical as well, I can't remember either I am, I know exactly what you told your mind. I can't remember the name of its super famous rate it was for a while in it wasn't. Even that long ago, like I think when I lived there was still there super cut. now and not hugson heifers? I was in the meat packing District in New York, but get This is what genuinely kicked off the whole movement that we talked about it, the beginning with southern
culture in western culture can a being at the forefront in all these people doing cross over records in pop music, country sort of intertwinings the lines being blurred in the Dallas Cowboys and J arguing like this sort of all started urban cowboy in this mission. cool bowl EL. I would argue that it started before that and that urban how boy was yes euros, catching wave that was developing yea you're gonna leave credit, but I mean like if you look at convoy that Chris Kristofferson removing. How would I go in nineteen? Seventy eight, so those a couple years before that, but it was the same year. The article was published in ass choir, so the result coming together, congealing at the same time yet recovered and kick it off it capitalized early on unwell, yet most coming for sure, but it came in I like at a time when it could still be considered cool and a huge contributor to the spread of right yeah, and this was like it's funny like I can
back with some fondness, even though its it wasn't my scene. But if you talk to any the old timers from back, then they call them guilty rats he's real. You know these. These local bar patrons that They were the real deal they hated. All this stuff man, yeah big, They brought in all the poseurs in the tourists and yeah, you know people, but the people on business trips passing through Houston had to go to Gillies and I'm sure just took something that was really sacred. special to them and in commodified no really sad waif, I'm sure, was terrible. at least for a while, and then I'm sure, when back to normal again generally and they were still in the bar stool when the same place exactly it to sell, cannot happen around them. But speaking of that kind of country, sheikh trend that urban cobbler is a huge power
I saw a reference to a fantasy island episode from nineteen. Eighty, two old everybody goes to Gillies. A metal gaily played himself awesome and his fantasy was to make a big in the country music and I thought you may have gotten think he was successful. I wonder if TAT you get up on that thing. I dont know I could not find the episodes was reading about it, which is kind of disappointing. That comes a fantasy island. I wanted, see that movie the array airway village, a movie with their Peter Dink Lodge, but I never got around to it. Did you see that forgot that they made them No, I haven't seen so as far as These goes. I wondered you know I wasn't sure the deal has surely can still gotta Gillies, but you can't because Gillies burned to the ground. It did suspiciously apparently was ruled and arson, and this came after there was a
dispute between Mickey gaily and Sherwood Crier and apparently Mickey gaily, who had been approached by sheer required, simply come in as a partner on his bar came out victorious triumphant, and ended up on the winning end this this dispute in apparently walked away with most of the profits and, I guess gaily said at least one interview that he he expected that it was surely crier who had burn Gillies to the ground and nineteen. Eighty nine, It's quite an accusation. It really is, but I was reading again that taxes monthly article, I think it's called urban cowboy turns thirty. Five is like an oral history, which is the laziness form of joy. noise and but it still love oral history, Steve yeah. I explained why they keep making I thought it was just like. I don't feel like actually riding today, I'm just going to transcribe. I letting you know Nicole. I like them, will you would like this red is very long. I in Israel
in depth and they talk to some of the original gaily rats and a couple of them who worked for Sherwood Crier have to say like this: the sky, was an amazing human being by whose also somebody who would be someone with a poor q, if like they were causing trouble Gillies and did do that again did not want to run a foul. This guy, but also like a really fascinating, interesting, smart human being to get out to Texas We too, that's a really good rag. I really is. I read a couple of things from there for some podcast developing a couple years ago in it, really good. They did these great, deep dive, not not term or all history spit. Like you know, I was there. There's a games ghip, something ah me, cameras gives name all look at other by don't worry about it, but skip Collins worth or something like that.
he's, one of their better journalists for long format, Texas, monthly, he's great, but there's a lot of them. They have a good kid, stable, their totally and in twenty night they announced that there will be a new Gillies, but is, I'm just going to be a bar. It's can be a sixteen eighty acre multi use development, Apparently, L Toro survived the fire bringing the original l Toro back just to put on display. So I found one right princess rail Toro survive the fire. It was in the old, callous star banner. What is anybody, know. California. Now I don't know, but they said the elder survive the ninety nine fire and that it was moved to Cowboy Jack's in would bury Minnesota salaries. Have a cell phone Jack's, there isn't a cowboy why I thought so too Cowboy Jack's makes no mention of having the original or l Toro. At any point suspicious, because you would really lean ended at oh dear, it's all I,
ever talk about doing away with the Ocala STAR Banner says cowboy jacks does not back it up. So who knows exactly what happened at all tourism? That's right don't get on a bullet. Johnny tells you gonna get somethin, you come Del Torah some Johnny mnemonic. On that thing, there's there were some injury, so that we would be remiss without mentioning there been plenty of lawsuits over the years. there was a woman in Santa Barbara County that was left quadriplegic when she landed on her neck boy, so obvious you get thrown off something if you man wrong, that can be bad news. Amanda organ field, New Jersey in Bergen County. I was left with minute injuries, and then Johnny Utah's York, woman, one seventy thousand dollars because she tore her ACL at Johnny. Dawes and her lawyer said this: they discuss throw people around whether drunk at that that way:
summed up the mechanical ball about as good as anybody ever had yeah. That was how he described the operators. He said they just gonna throw people around, and then I went to Youtube. Looked up Johnny, you too and if you want to spend some time looking at very bad camera phoned videos of drunk friends, filming drunk friends. Writing very slowly on these mechanical balls, too bad music. You can do it, but you can sort of sea and a few of these videos. There will be some drunk lady or a drunk guy. He was just being kind of obnoxious, and you could tell that the but they weren't coming off, then you could tell that, the operator was would get sick of it. And they were gone real slow than there be like a joke right. It just a really quick little Flickr that switch and it would just like toss them all for their role. There is no way that there is not a term among mechanical ball. Had react for them over that move. There has to be,
thousand percent. It is, if you know please let us now, because we have dinner, we get Gilead yeah had its right to be anything else. Thankfully, now ok, that's it from mechanical bulls. Few I know more about mechanical bulls, thin star, Watchin, thrown off mechanical videos. There's like he said aloud and since I said, thrown off mechanical balls, it's time for listener, male INA, just thinking this could be it jackhammers of the next generation of stuff. You should know listeners mechanical balls I think, being cowboy saved it without The cowboy absolutely I think, you're right and then I want to save the day and then me. I was like the common denominator. Hydraulics we get Boyd Hydraulics from IRAN out. I think you might be rightly so we listen to mail near. I think Gerardi did the chain.
I call this the c. I a correction from anonymous, hey guys of businesses. No, it's years fears above the work you do as someone who was for we employed by the CIA. I particularly enjoy the latest episode on Havana. syndrome, drawing since left that job because of ethical concerns, but I have one minute to pick and that's it you talk about people work in the CIA. You call them agents which is not right there actually officers. There is no such thing as the CIA. this is the biggest this big Clear ruin, the entire episode for them. That one thing now there but I mean we always say see. Agent is where children, a television film I didn't ask, and even a thing. Everybody says that they say this. I know the media gets wrong. I guess it's wrong. A lot, so is understandable. it's the terminology that folks use, but in the interests of always learning in improving. I thought I pass along Josh actually did say officer a couple of times.
Somewhere in the middle- and that was the exception for you guys, other than this, admittedly smog level of everything you guys do and often, my favorite old episodes to call my anxiety or to help as I fall asleep, currently in heavy rotation in the maximum incident in star wars, holiday, special episode, lizard, that will come you down for sure yeah thanks very much. reading the message all the best and I send the initially not said, maybe use my initials chasm. That might be a little paranoid about this being former CIA and they said you know about just no initials. I think a smart with enormous, exactly infected. I made this whole thing up is now former officer that left for ethical concerns, this listener mail or self destructing three seconds to one.
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