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Olive Oil: Mother Nature's Gift

2018-11-15 | 🔗

Olive oil is one of Mother Nature's greatest gifts to humanity. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the NUMBER ONE OIL, right here, right now. 

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It is one of our favorites. It is the Premier Comedy festival, in the country and my minion. We are always super happy that our body, JANET Barney, invites us back yep. So, on Thursday January, seventeenth, Chuck We are going to be doing a step. You should know live show at the Castro right. That is correct and the next day on fire nay, the eighteenth, we're both in our own thing to so you can see Josh and Chuck and then Josh and Chuck yeah I think I'm on Saturday, but yeah. Ok, will under the eighteenth on Friday and I'm doing an end of the world live, show where you can come here. We talk about the end of the world and all the reasons we should try to not let that happen should be pretty cool. That's right and I'll be doing. My second ever live movie crush with very special live guess busy. Philip and I will be talking about the great great, no bombard classic them kicking and screaming my favorite movies awesome, so you can
awesome. So you can get all the information you need an tickets by going to the S S light and they will have schedules tickets, all that jazz and we will eventually have links up. I'm sure why, as K live, and we will see you San Francisco, in January tickets. Go on sale tomorrow. Welcome to stop. You should now has the floor. Hey you welcomed the pod cast Josh Clark, those Charles W Chuck Bryant there. Jerry over there and stuff you should know, the flowing podcast of all time did a great deal of those, man, you think. After ten years, I had actually be decent, Adam you're, getting good sharp ten years,
good Lord Goin on Levin dude, yeah yeah, it's true. Eventually it will be eleven, that's right and then twelve and then pretty much of infinity. After that, I would guess when you say I feel, like Ramos daring each other to keep going at this point. If you now, instead of doing that, chalk, instead of just going online, this: let's do olive oil instead yeah man, it's kind of cold it ten and a half years in it can still look around the world and say look at her. Entry. For that matter, sugar and say man, olive oil, Arabic up next, those little cinnamon, candy toppings that you put on cakes after olive oil, obviously assists intuitive but Chuck. I think you should announced everybody who wrote this article force had the grabs,
are we, we ve been lucky enough to get the grab stirred a kind of without more articles for us here. In the near future, yet We just every Webster, that's right at super great, because the grub sir does really good research and gives us good stuff. So we are basing this one on a grab, Sir Article, which is just phenomenal. It's been awhile name in so I M so there's a lot of pressure on Ed during this entire episode. I guess that's what we're trying to say I think you know that this is very thorough. It is his he's good like that men and it is so thorough. In fact, I think we should go ahead and start at the beginning. The very beginning this basically were ed started at he fast forward a little past, the p, the cooling of the earth
but then picks up. Where were olives actually started, and apparently in two thousand and thirteen study of core of blast no chloroplast dna genes, in olives. Apparently that is part of an all of that, like from tree to tree along lineage. The dna gets passed along sea can actually trace the lineage of trees, some researchers raised these lineage of olives domesticated olives all the way back about six. Eight thousand years ago somewhere around the border between Turkey and Syria. That is where the first person said. Hey, I kind of the cut your energy of wild olives, but I think I can make you a little better. Let me harness and, of course, you into domestication. Here you go into the ground between what will eventually be Syria and Turkey, yet
like your saying just when people caught on to you know like Domesticating, a wild animal, but while dollars they ve been around as long as Alex These have been around in olive trees have been around like. There is evidence that you know fossilized Poland in evidence that shows that took took it all. I was gang. We're now lives right yeah. They were even olives and then so are there? Bird friends were eating olives to Europe the olives or, like I think, a little more bitter and their smaller with why that that early on horticultural said I can do better than being a basically on this planet, something to make this olivetree do what I wanted to, and they did. The big always grew bigger and less bitter, I don't wanna, say sweeter, because s not create quite the right word, both just less bitter,
more credible and over time they ve there. They ve resulted in something like seven hundred different cult of ours, which cult of ours with olives or with any plant. Its ace is a version of the same species, but it has different characteristic yeah because of the human hand the human hand gives me. So when we get involved- and we said, hey was domesticate the stuff we did so because, those reasons. Maybe we want different kinds of all. Maybe we want to scale this thing and have an olive grove the higher yields. Maybe you want them bigger in fatter. Maybe we want them less bitter, so depending on who was growing them in domesticating them. It really can a varied on what kind of all of you were gonna get. But the point is there were lots of different
kinds of instil many many different kinds of olives. Would you say, seven hundred seven hundred cult of ours from what I saw yeah they're, all just a little bit different from their little body. Next to him at some point, some base at o idle I see in Orange, all of no one's ever done orange all before they just got to work. Doing that now we have actually Don T that exists, but that's a pretty good example of what could have happened had somebody a thousand years. Go said. I want to see what an orange all of looks like. We would have an orange. All of culture are that's right, but that's it I mean assists basically difference in size, shape, also the size of the tree, the shape the tree all olive trees, remember in our Pando episode. How? How could I forget may has a good when love I love, pandas, well, Chuck we're talking about long live trees. Olive trees are like pretty long live themselves. There's a couple. There
must be two thousand years old, and I saw one called the olive tree, a vast concrete and its thought to be three thousand years old in its one. It's just a perfect tree, if you seen it gathered in Crete, yeah yeah has creeters was the seat Crete was wasn't what it says and all the teacher the Isle of Seed right back the day during the bronze age. I believe Crete was like that the seat of olive oil production for the world in the Temple at Knossos. I think the time is right in the case island yeah. It's not colossus. Ok, that Temple is thought to have housed yes, at any given time, sixteen thousand gallons of olive oil at any. At any point like you could walk in there and you'd, and about sixteen thousand gallons in clay amphorae. Yeah, as in as far as the tree goes like he said they kit Dave generally are very old. They grow very slowly and, like you said they can
in size it's pretty uncommon, to have superstar ones, because we have domesticated them too a little bit easier to cultivate, which means smaller and shorter summer, like shrubs. Sometimes as far as North America and South America, they are not. To our lands. Although what they'd they do good because Europeans brought them over. So now the United States in Mexico. She lay Argentina and Australia successfully produce olive oil outside of the Obviously, the Mediterranean region, which is still, I think, Tunisia Lillian spanner are the people who really pumping that stuff out right? Those leaders sharp, and the reason I mentioned are bird friends is because olives actually spread really easily birds. I guess, eat the olives proof. The seeds out, which I feel bad for burgers olive pits are fairly big,
You know, I mean if you were, I wouldn't want to poop out an olive pit. I can imagine if I were a tiny little bird that be a big ordeal, but that's how all our trees like spread and since they thrive finally, in fairly semi, arid conditions, I too much waters, not good forum. They can survive cold, snaps pretty well, they spread pretty easily and they they can be grown all over the place, not just in the Mediterranean. Yeah and add a love. How he put it here, like basically don't take. Mere anyone else to task about all these dates, because, domestication of the olive tree and the the beginnings of olive oil could have started in depth places around the world at different times yeah and he said basically it's not important to try and like nail down a specific date in region, because it is conflicting in what's important, as is that the olive
in the olive oil industry. My guess is an industry. Now back then, was just called olive oil, sir. It was Super Import and it wasn't just it's not just oil No, it was important to religion and culture and really had a bad, a big impact on these ancient empires yeah. He makes the point to say like this, this region that produced like the world's three major religions. Are two of them at least three of them through the for the big for I'm going? Now the big five may, jewish Christian Islamic and Scientology hurry the big for ok. Let me just say that it produced three of the world's major religions are some of the great great earliest cultures they all came about in this place where, olives and then olive oil production was pretty pretty widespread and plentiful and he doesn't know
far as to say, like one necessarily with the other, but they were definitely intertwined, and it's it's you can make the case like you know that and say: I'm gonna chicken eggs are further odds. They re like that. You're olive owes its special in its own strange way to human culture, especially the earliest faint, faintest contours of human culture yet and so important that even the word. Oh, I l as for all, the oils is derived from the latin word for olive oil. Specifically, oh, I am so you could you know you get him, say that olive oil, a sort of that, the Oji, the original oil right and, as I Popeye's girlfriend would be all of olive oil. That's right or with his or oh just color only am reassured I was his pet name. Afore we take a break. I think so I certainly do,
charged, a miser diffuse. It right will be back to talk about how a boil played a part in all this culture in mythology. Let's Why do you travel to recover from heartbreak to trace your dna to escape the internet on Pavia Rosati? I travel for the for our lunches on Geralyn Garba. I travel for the ancient ruins and future relic. We are the globe, trotting founders of the beloved travel website fathom and her new podcast a way to go explorers all the reasons. Why every episode features a tale from an interesting travel. But these are not your average. What I did on my summer, vacation stories travel, is all about wonder, mishap and discuss and on this show you'll meet an actress in rural Kenya, explaining the ins and outs of safe sex or graffiti
artist tagging his way around the islands of South EAST Asia are produced arranging a high fashioned photos in the desert, with puppies listen The way to go on the Iheart Radio APP on Apple podcast, wherever get your podcast very chuck. So as I mentioned, spoiler alert Christy, Canada is one of the world's big three religions and olive oil makes an appearance in it. Did you know that I did what olives do at least yeah it s actually over delivered. Here. I think Oh yeah, I agree he was he's kind of showing his stomach had excited. What will go through some of these. Obviously, in the book of Genesis, if anyone's ever heard, the story of Noah after the flooding now since out that dove and says: hey Dude,
go out there and see. What's what do what we have in store for us? What's alive, what stead and gimme a report and the dove said sure thing Noah and flew away and came back with an olive branch. So it might sound like, someone's under delivering Mr Duff but what they meant was is theirs life out there, because the olive trees grow and everyone loves olives. Right there you get us. There was the implication check your basically a biblical scholar at this very much, but I mean think about that. Of carrying the olive branch like that's almost worldwide, somebody can point to then be like that's. That's. A good feeling is with us belies. We all know what that means. That means there's a fight come in or somebody doesn't want to fight it right. So here's hears it. Olive branch that I taped to dove and am thrown it at you. What else
out of one of the things that struck me was their Oliver was always used as food. It was used LISA in offering to the gods. It was portion very exactly and precisely we actually have an tablets with your be writing for the Messenians culture that show that with some taken very seriously. If you get this quarter rounds of olive oil you get this quarter well well sign your name here to say you got your Oliver thing and then part of that even as to the gods right right, yet it's the exact and they have to sign for it they may do zoos. But then there was used in bathing culture as well I mean Emily, has olive oil in her soap right? Ok, so this was a little less soapy than that. This is a little more straightforward wherein you would take. I believe this is the Greeks rate or the
women's. What's the difference now it was in Athens. Ok, so the ancient Athenians with use olive oil, those in future they can herb or something like that imported, their body and then use stick called Sturgeon to scrape it. Often that was bathing part of bathing say I just made so many Italians in the Greeks mad because you said is the same thing We need to be fair room, definitely model that culture is almost exclusively on classical Greek saying come on. I would just joking. No surely they know that check give it give em. I was just joking and like a stereotypical, italian exit completed is just a joke. You not perfect and so of course, ancient Egypt was involves feels like any you're talking about some great. You know from olive oil to peanuts well my peanut butter,
go find it on the walls of the tombs of ancient Egypt and, of course, the Romans just like neither the roman empire or the Chinese are the ones who are gonna make the advances leaps and bounds terms of olive oil. The roman empire, who was like really got. Agricultural techniques down pat for a kind of scaling. On you know as well as their scale goes plus they were the first ones to really spur olive oil production beyond the Mediterranean. I think that the Middle EAST, as the roman empire spread so far and become Oliver was such an integral part of that culture. They they took olive oil, Scully everywhere with them and olive oil cultivation of production, olive cultivation olive oil production where, far and wide because of the Romans right and again one of the reasons why they were able to spread the stuff. I rise because olive trees grew
pretty well in all sorts of different climate as long as they're, not over watered they're gonna, do ok, they like bright sunlight, their hearty evergreen shrub, like tat, he's better doing a lot of water, though you can get more all lives by you, I watering them more than just neglecting. But you don't dont want over fertilizer from what I understand there's like a lot of their really low maintenance fruit bearing trees from what I can tell. But yes, there there you step up the fertilizer, you step up the water, if why do you like to commercial olive oil production? But if you have taken of tree at home in Europe is growing ever find it. You can go out for a while and not have to worry about your olive tree Jean, whose into this big time who Chad Crowley? he's in the growing olives well here
he's into olive oil and like to the point where, like his retirement job, might be olive oil. Like our farming and growing in cultivating, does he grow all is no but he's he's into it like to degree that I didn't fully understand until I told him about through the co, always tell everybody avi millions of people listening who don't know who chaired Crowley is he directed the our tv show this right of fish? Another tv show he was the director producer. He had a lot do with, and that scarred him so much tat. He just wants to go, live on an olive farm, so the fruits- olive tree is the olive and they they ripen two black purple, sometimes a little red. If the Green Allah. That means is not ripe. Yet I did not know that. Did you know, because I had olives yeah, that's right. I was hoping that I had like imagine now. I dont wireless, that's crazy!
and I love- I love a lot of people. Don't like olives did that's crazy I've, whatever their crazy, their crazy their crimes, all of you crazy. No, it's called personal taste that we respect a guess. Remember I guess forgetting when it comes to olives. Yes, so as the count the oil in the Isle of Ink says as it ripens. So you want em it's kind of a very tight line that you walk is an olive farmer, because you want this, things, to ripen as much as possible to get the most oil but if they over ripen and then to start fallen off the tree, there no good take it off the tree. So, like wine makers, it's very soon, simple thing to watch that crop. It can imagine in comes down to sometimes the day or the hour of the day to really a miser yield yeah, because if you think
bout it, you know, you have an olive tree with a bunch of olives growing on you at the time. The ripening of those not under ripe, not overripe, but also not. Every olive on the tree is going to ripen simultaneously, so so Not only do you have the time and so that their right, but the maximum number of olives on that tree are ripe at any given period. Two four hundred up at that is super stressful farming way. More stressful, the corn farming corn Bay, green growth itself. You just sit around in your easy chair and say: hurry up corn, getting your basket yeah, and then it just farts it off the tree right on your plate, the stock, and does the little balances. How do you do is clap from your easy chair and say I love corn Teresa, so Some I mean if you have a small farm in Euro like an old of old family business. In ITALY. Let's say you might still be hand pickin these things, which is great
but big major operations. They have what they called shaker machines and they they drive through the farm and shake the tree. Have you ever seen. One of those things. Yeah in shaker machines or a means not just specific to olive trees, ease and for all sorts of feeding trees. They disappear into shake it. They do it Geez. I mean it's like I'll, kill us over their heads, it's kind of interesting to see and then like there's a, I guess, a catch that catches the stuff falling off the tree and then it should set up a conveyor belt over into like a truck driving beside it. They go AEGIS harvested a bunch of olives boom, but that's it. That's, like a commercial think, that's a commercial oh yeah operation right, like you, have, if you like your mom and pop operation, like you were saying or if you're here, everything from very, very old trees. You would not use one of those machines,
yeah you wouldn't want to go to a thousand year old olive tree in and introduce it to the shaker machine. He has his own mean I think I've seen empires rise and fall in no. Some jerk is new, hauling, shaker machine running he eyed over me that runs on diesel yeah thanks Todd, so flavour of an olive oil is going to depend on a lot of things and in, olive oil and wine. They grow in similar regions a lot of times and they have a lot of similarities, which is why so when you go to one country, they'll be a wine shop that also cells, olive oil, or an olive oil store that also cells, wine, start to wonder where where's the line What you mean I went to college Stoka in either Sonoma But can I remember thinking Napa, and it is absolutely true: there's like there's there, almost one and the same is go from a wine job too, and olive oil shop at their just its them
the main thing all over you ve ever tasted you're lying, that's the best. I want so just to be clear. You hate olives, but you like olive oil and I understand, are totally different. Dahlia allow awhile, ok, so have you you gonna olive oil shops and has done like little short of olive oil? Doesn't and dozens aren't they just em Raising Yemen! I, like the grassy kind. I like then nutty kind yeah. But it's I think I've told you this before really good olive oil can really give me like a chemical burn on my throat really so it has, have a kind of a buttery quality to it. I guess for me to really like it yet in this the kind of olive oil, the- u dont, you're, not like even cookin with necessarily Europe. Your drizzling on your salad or your dipping, your bread in it and stuff like that or you injecting it for its anti inflammatory property, so alone will get there, but that flavour
like I say, and like wine or the grapes that make wine is affected by the soil that you grow it in the climate, how much rain it God but you know the general terroir it you can change the the end product of their olive enters the. Oil that you're gonna get and you know the old school oil, oil people, olive oil experts, let's say they'll say that you know if you really want a great olive oil. You wanted and find it on some big mass farm. It's like you can find it the best of, unlike just an olive tree, that's growing somewhere in ITALY on somebody's property right there wasn't nest, we raised for that purpose. Growing alongside other kinds of trees, and not like smash together against a bunch of other olive trees, which is basically perma. Culture is what is describing
yeah. I guess so. You know remember the permit culture ep, whereas, like you, grow crops with around other trees and other types, just a bunch of different types of plants together produce better ups yeah, but over there they do say it to ITALY, man, they're, gonna, they're, going to really be happy with this one. I hope so so I'm. Apparently they also hybrid eyes too, with which explains how we ve gotten seven hundred different cultivators of of domesticated all of plants. You just take a tree that there does one thing really well, they produces big fat, orange olives and you take another tree there. Dumb does well in a closet and you come together, and now you have a tree, you can keep in the closet that produces big fat, orange Olives and it's the biggest freak of nature, olive tree, anyone's everything. Pretty amazing, so check. I think we're
beat around the Bush, as it were tree long enough about how you actually make olive oil, it's pretty cool because it so easy and in practice, as it points out in its stone further to droop like a plumber, a peach where you have that pair, a card that flesh on the outside and then that hard seed right in the middle of your talking about that a birds anus cannot handle, but, unlike those other kinds of like, say, stone fruit, you dont get them oil from the seed there, some in there you can get something from from there. But it's really too hard to do. Makes olive oil different from other kinds of fruit oils or what, vegetable oils in general is that it doesn't come from the seed, the oil from the actual, all of itself the edge. I guess that's what I would thought, but I didn't realize that most of us
most of the oil we get comes from seeds, although it makes total sense has said flower oil. Does it come from like the flower pedals? It comes from the seeds. Yeah Olive oil is different. It stands kind on its own in that way that you get the oil from the all of the part of the all of you eat. The fruit, that's right, then, in the process of getting that oil is starting, startlingly startlingly old fashioned, simple you eat mash that olive walk out the sure the paragraph you mash that to a paste. You press that paste to get the oil and then you clean it up. You get it There's a little bit solids and a little bit of water left over many any remove that what has changed over the years is how we do that because Back in the day, you know they would use stone, wheels like when you see you like it. Donkey, walking in a circle attached to a contraption, just hate in life, hate and high,
that's where the donkeys do and its role in a big wheel and a circular path over and over all day long matching these olives into a pulp that pops called upon us. And then finally, in the twentieth century, they started using things like sir, drawn grinders or Denison would surprise me. Hammers, mechanized, hammers It's not a good idea. Now, not Snyder policy like a good idea in the fifties when they introduced in now. They're like this is this makes terrible olive oil, and somebody said I know well the seller fairly cheap in the supermarket, a genius. Yes, because the friction Rikers heat. He does good. That's why they call it cold. Dress like good stuff, is cold breast. Yet peat is no good, Olive oil, it makes it the it is changed the changes, the the taste it does it also introduces tastes. You dont why it can also, paradoxically, get rid of tastes. You do want new, you isn't it not good at all. They introduce heat and that's another.
Reason why olive oil kind of stands on its own. As far as vegetable oils go with it just about every other oil, you, you cook with vegetable oil seed oil, it's it's it's heat is- is necessary to get the oil out of seed with olive oil, you dont use heat, and so it preserves a lot of the flavors at you lose with other vegetable oils, which is why so many vegetable oils is taste exactly the same thing, as did this I'll just come from the same that were, if you take it a sip of olive oil No that's olive oil. There is no mistaking it whatsoever. Yeah you're gonna take a sip of like to standard vegetable you'd. You key want to, but you I am well sure you could, but not yet to put that on your plate with balsamic, vinegar, restaurant with little pepper grind on top, it depends on the restaurant. You think you could see it so the grinding pro says you have to do this long enough,
The the now accession process emerges from what I gather, that's when actual is released from these cells and then they, combined with one another until it's like wreckage, Oil is at about right. Yeah, like tiny, tiny little particle droplets start to come by. In the larger fat droplets in oil, and you just get more oil out of the the the actual olive itself right. That's just to get the pulp policy pulp rice. Every called promises, not policy Yeah appeal may see right yeah, but that's not the action pressing of the oil that comes next right. That's just the crush! of its loosen things up to can't get the party started. The pressing is, is number two, so the promise or the paste is put in traditionally its put onto Matt
or like like wooden boards. They have holes all over it and then stacked. So you put like say a mat down put some of that promise. On top of it put another, Madame puts more parmesan top. You got a nice little stack going and then you get a board and then you go get you know. Just simply the human gene He lay on top of the board and pressed down the largest human in the village, taken. They sit on it right and then that actually you pressing the oil from the promise and all their oil is collected and buddy. You ve got the first hand of olive oil and you could actually stop right there in some people do yeah. Today, of course they mean sing, he started doing was hydraulic presses because Giuseppe was busy. There were enough. Giuseppe di around a guys the street, but today a centrifuge which I didn't know was is used, which is makes perfect sense because you get a centrifuge,
meaning and it's gonna sling all about pop to the outside, and you know oils gonna get a separate and leave them port behind and there's no heat whatsoever. They still call it cold. Pressing even though it's not even being pressed, which is interesting yeah. I guess it's should involve at that, like they call it cold spun olive oil. They could, I guess, they still call it cold pressa. When you see it on the bottle. That's what that means. There's been no heat or chemical processes. To make that oil, that you're about to delight in its all strictly mechanical data- and it doesn't take long with centrifuges- it's like it- happens in minutes- yegg- almost disappointingly, like you're. Going is ready yeah. I was gonna wait for a little while, so certain, therefore first press, whether its, whether its with central
use your whether it actually pressed you have all of well you'd technically right there, but there is usually a second step involved, because you know most olive oil is very clear and see through beautiful picture, maybe with a little bit of a green, tend to most likely some sort of cannon golden color, but there's another step to get to that part. It's it's just basically filled creation step and for many many many years, but several thousand years, I would guess they basically just set the olive oil out to sit in filter on its own. To let the theme water particles that were suspended in there and any little bits of solid mad from the olives left over. There were still kind of floating around, they would eventual settle down to the bottom is sediment and then everything on top was pure filtered olive oils, cul de Cantation, and it took like for the ten months to get to that point depending on the type of all of you straight right. So if you want a mass market, olive oil
You can't wait afforded him most, I'm sure plenty people do, but you pay for that. That's the really really expensive stuff that you're getting what they figured out. You can use a centrifuge again and you can filter Althea, a particular matter in the suspended water, and now you have fully filtered decanted olive oil. That's ready for market! That's right! Then. You still got this. This pop left over stuff that you ve extracted the oil, the still little bit oil in there and they want to use everything. So this is actually uses he they use heat in a chemical process to get every single better that oil out that oil is not something you want it. You wanted just that's called long bright and that is like fuel oil, and I love it had always puts in there in the industry. If you can
someone else's olive oil implanted. That's like that's what it calls a sick burn right. It's saying that their olive oil is inedible, it's only good to be used for fuel oil and that's pretty rough, whom he hits. I think so too Giuseppe would, he would say, should we heard you call us olive oil world, one Giuseppe Smash, so you I think, break and then come back and talk about whether olive oil is healthier. Not yes and yes, hello, I'm John, ass with a host of serious wraps. A new weekly hip hop pike ass on I radio meter, the French for over twenty years every week we get together allow hip hop life politics whatever comes about. Let me ask you if you had to play with episode or one segment of serious
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Nobody knows olive oils healthy unless you ve read articles that say those not healthy. It's, like others very few things there that demonstrate terrible science, slash nutritional reporting, then olive oil. I'll. Just very sensationalist, yeah. Here's the deal olive oil is. Much better alternative than most other oil Susan. It is Amano Saturated fat, which is always than a saturated fat. It will reduce your elbow cholesterol, which is the bad stuff, and so, if you're, replacing other oils with olive oil. They will say things, and that is like We have reduced rate of cancer or cardiovascular disease or info yeah that'll help reduce inflammation, which we talk. A lot about Has vitamin e and vitamin k and
all those things are good for you, but it's like that. That can't be good enough to the writers of health books in newspaper, those are web articles because they champion it as this miracle oil, that would make you live forever and lose weight all at the same time, and that's not the case right, any really kind of ascended in the modern western. The nineties. Thanks to the Mediterranean Diet, which is basically like legally Italians, how much pasta to eat and they're all skinny and healthy and they live forever, what's going on over there yeah there's a lot going on over. There is the answer. There is paid a lot of people settled on Nope olive oil is the key. It's the magic potion, as it were right right. It's not it's! It's good for you by hidden in good for you in the sense that, if you eat- in something and you're going to be using like vegetable Okinawa, oil and irreplaceable. Olive oil. You ve made a very good decision. If you sit here
Jesse olive oil by the tablespoon all day. Long, that's bad for you! That's that's! That's too much of a good thing. It's more olive oil is really good stand in for stuff, that's far far less healthy, then, oil is, yeah in like if you're the Mediterranean Diet and you say, look into those Italians. You know. Eating fish in there. Drinking red wine and their eating lots of fibre and their walking up and down the steepest hills on plan earth in there, strolling the shores of Lake Cuomo and have a great family structure like low stress, like all these things come by and it's not like they should even called the Mediterranean diet. They should call it being the turanian right either yet be from Atlanta, and down some olive oil and then pretend you're from the shores of Lake Wilma right now is there a bag of port cracklings takings heckling
it is healthy. I just don't. We can't over or asian, be overstated how healthy it is right, but On the other hand, there have been studies, there say no, no, no, not only as olive oil not healthy, it's actually bad, for yet another that those have not been borne out in follow up studies, but on the basis of those that whole line of thinking was there. When you apply heat to olive oil, Ici Cook, it drew I e cook it I'm sorry, everyone loves LAN there that you're actually creating toxic compounds in the olive oil right, so you're actually hurting yourself that early is now the case that that the amount of heat that we apply it, olive oil to cook isn't enough to actually build our toxic compounds. If anything, olive oils smoke point is high enough higher than other kinds of vegetable oils that it actually,
is less likely to build up any kind of toxic compounds through cooking, so the jury is still out as it is I'm just about everything we understand about nutrition, but from what we can understand. Olive oil is not actually bad for you agree, it's not a super. It's not going to it's not going to give you lasting life, but also, probably not going to bring you to an early grave, either yeah. Ok, that's good weapon thanks man, so when it comes to rating olive oil, because you go she store these days in and there is a wide wide range of olive oils you can buy, and this is to send in your every day supermarket, like I'll, get some of that good stuff there to cook with but anyway, I have of a store in buck. Had we go to this lady that we know that makes her olive oils and that's where we get our good stuff. Where
cheese ever been in a while, and I think she moved locations it, but it's somewhere bucket is one day or to write in downtown to cater for the great olive oil store. Where you can taste, you know shots and stuff. Is that sheds and hear his promptly but the different grades. They all have to do with the level of refinement and in this case the lead refine the better because at risk learning process is what we talked about, that will strictly flavour over time. So extra virgin is unrefined olive oil. It's cold, pressed, never heated, no chemicals sometimes you can find bottles that say first called press, which means they didn't just keep pressing it. They be said, the one single press that is the good stuff and we'll get to, but whether I can trust us in a minute, but that's the top quality yet apparently the highest tab
the extra virgin olive oil, is actually unfiltered. It doesn't go through that second step to remove the water suspended in the little particulate matter. Unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is, as far as health is concerned if it is a healthy products. This is this. Is the Apistos, the greatest health benefits? and suppose these the tastiest that's right, then there's virgin olive oil, which apparently I've no seen in real life. It's apparently v, very rare. But it's it's fine, but not as high quality is extra virgin olive oil yeah. Maybe it's just what's the point, so people don't even make it right and then there's straight of olive oil. If you ve ever picked up a bottle of olive oil like saying the supermarket and then like what
ninety nine cents, it's a great price on olive oil and you're, looking all over the label turning it. What am I missing, and you can't quite find where it says extra virgin anywhere and it just says olive oil, Well, you have is all of its that's the greater olive oil or pure olive oil, and it's been bleached and why has been added to it? It's been heated, filtered smacked around just treated very, very poor Lee and then ended up on your grossly sir shown for me, and you can use that on your bicycle chain. We have a big man, that's about it or, if you go to it, terrible restaurant and they ran out a canal, the oil, my this kind of olive oil for you for your plate with a brain, then you have light olive oil. This is more refined, even basically no flavour.
And we should mention, though, that that standard olive oil- sometimes they do mix in little extra virgin to give it a little flavour and train charge a dollar nineteen- yes, but they probably call an extra virgin olive oil. There well again will get there. Ok, don't believe the hype, everybody but the light olive oil, basically as no flavour, It is not lighter and calories, so that is somewhat misleading. That's a big deal because you would think that if somebody she's a bottle of light. Oliver oil, I would think like. Oh, it's good diet, olive oil, his ways less apparently in here we start to get so. There's also promise olive oil, which that's long panty is it's not for eating. It's for, earning basically yeah and then organic, like with a lot of organic things. There there's no standard, enforce it in body for organic right in the case of olive oil. So.
Maybe it is maybe didn't, but there's defiling you shouldn't bank on that, but the kind of open the door to this controversy and oil world like where, if somebody somebody can play organic on their olive oil bottle in charge you more for it, but there's no for you to verify that it door is organic. There's nobody watching things like that, even though There is the international Olive Oil Council and then the north american Olive Oil Association and both of them are in four. Under bears for the oil industry, but they're, just not big enough, and I guess their teeth are quite sharp enough to regulate this giant industry. That's really boom, since the nineties. So there's nobody with these ability to actually make sure that the olive oil, that's being sold to say, like the pure, the extra virgin olive oil actually is virgin olive oil or
is even olive oil at all. It could just be like Plano vegetable oil. That has nothing to do with olive oil and never has with just a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, mixed in four taste, yeah I mean they use. They have standards Like actual standards for the number of chemicals, months and maximum and stuff like that, but it really comes to human tasters, people that actually taste the stuff and say no metallic or muddy, there's no way this is the virgin olive oil fail or see that's another one. I love that were here. Firstly, as regards oils fusty, but they're, just enough mouths on these. He's associations to keep up with them. Massive massive industry, that is olive oil industry and so the most pessimistic. People out there will say eighty percent
the olive oils. They say extra and are not right. Eighty percent and that's again the most pessimistic but a needless to say. Fifty fifty that's terrible now really is because I mean it's terrible for for reasons one you're getting ripped off. I mean you might be paying for olive oil. That is just not up to snuff in is not as good as you think. It is that's, that's bad enough, but it you're getting olive oil, because you want to be healthier right and it turns out that it's not only good, knock Olive oil is not even olive oil. You not getting those health benefits, you may even be eating something more than you should in its actually just vegetable oil, which is it's not good for you in any way shape or form. Really, that's that's his bats. Are you getting ripped off and you're you're being abused health? Why yeah in it. Sir
Demi. We kind of made fun of the ninety nine cent bottle that says extra virgin olive oil, but you can get the floor. Ten dollar bottle and that could be fake. It's not just the Gee that's a pretty good warning sign, but you would think that if you like you know that, for the fifteen dollar bottlenecks to the seven dollar bottle the debts, we'll deal and that's not always the case. Either right really could be. I know I'm didn't run across like how you how you can be. But an alien think there is no way to be sure, I bet do a little research on your own find out about you know. Get a few brands that you know. Are doing the right thing and seek those out. I want to say like while, if you go to, you know Sonoma no more in Provo. Sir somewhere, where those they know. What they're talking about with olive oil you'd have to have like pretty like iron
hold still open up and make a high and olive oil sharp and sell vegetable oil. So sure that- be a good place to it They remember, there's their whole mass brothers, chocolate thing where they were just said, I'm like melted down Hershey's everybody for, like eight bucks, a bar and everybody went for that. So I don't know, but I would guess you would have to friend in olive oil producer, who you knew entrusted maybe let them hold some of your money for a little while see what they did with it and then, when they gave it all back a couple years down the road, then you could confidence. Start buying olive oil from them, and that's the only way or just the maybe will throw Chad little seed money. Okay and partnership sure and then we'll just have our own supply he's a trustworthy guy, for she knew Ok, cool there, yes, nice And in the final thing we gotta talk about and again I think I did a thorough job, but I feel like we could do like three or
or more shows on olive oil. Why not? But we're not going to but the final thing here is olive oils. Great. We all love it. It's the best oil to me, aside from sesame oil, which also love but it is. It is not great for the environment, the mask action of olive oil. Has some pre big drawbacks to it? Yes, I had no idea about this year and it made me like go man and they always catch always somethin sulphates up. So when you play solid oil that you that stuff, that you press all the oil out of the left over olives. That's call all of cake and apparently one of the things it's left over from this stuff, our females which Polly Females she can give for you. Females can be toxic, they can be irritants, they can be really bad. For you, if you'd just them orally and when you
gullible. You have always left over all of cake and when you spread it out there in the fields, Can I get rid of it? You're runs, often contaminate the local water supply, the water, that to create olive oil. It uses a ton of water and the Water can actually be treated in typical municipal wastewater plants because its to toxic bad? This does not mean that your olive oil is toxic. It's the stuff left over or that comes from the action of all. While I can be toxic tee to people embarrassing. Environment, so yeah others like it. Environmental impact, especially in small, rural areas where, like the whole local economy, depends on olive oil, they don't have the means to dispose of the stuff properly. Where has the real? You know, environmental impact, but it's bad for for everybody it just because it has an impact
over here where you are enjoying the olive oil doesn't mean you not also still responsible, for the impact is going on here. Across the world where the olive oils being produced. You know it is amazing that they can treat human wastewater, but not olive oil wastewater, and if we can put a man on the moon who can poop up there and we can treat that, but we can't treat olive oil wastewater. The good news is is, as we speed into the future, there are new methods of reducing the amount of waste in our new methods of detoxification for that waste to be a little less harmful and there are looking at other things they can do to help her put some that waste actual use MIKE as fuel or stuff, like that, they're trying to get it under control, but a black eye for sure they are feeding is it is the candle Giuseppe
jesting metabolizing this stuff, but he he can only so much or Giuseppe you got anything else, No, although I have a feeling if I travelled through southern ITALY, somebody grab me at some points. I'm a nurse upon the on the viva, Giuseppe, stand it sure in him a second. You two or southern ITALY bring me back some olive oil where you ok, ok, Well, if you want to know more about olive oil, you can't theirs the mortar Nokias egg covered it offers for good job and you can type them words, olive oil and do the search bar of your favorite search engine, and it will bring up a whole world of stuff. For you, just beware, remember about eighty percent of it is that real eyes. He says it s time for US Oh no! It's not! You know what it's time for area you say yeah.
Laurie. Thank you are those Venus view. I am going to start off with Jim Science and the Crown Royal team who style this out again, Yemen with them Josh. This is when we thank listeners for small tokens, enlarge tokens The piddle pillar, like in a hologram etched in the Middle yard, ways like a pound and a half the ads got. Some will have two plus the candy too. It is pretty for many ATLAS, Minnesota who very sweetly sent my daughter, a Frida, Kahlo action figure, so Heath, because I talked about how much she loved Frida, Kahlo and she loves- loves, loves Thankee lorry thank are those very nice of I am going to start off with Jim Science and the Crown Royal team who style? this out again yeah with some fish of Crown Royal AIDS, very cool rocks classes than have like the little crown on the pillow pillar, like
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definitely going to be a wall peace from now on, yet imagine Johnson, a fortune shipping that thing to so many many thanks, John yeah. I think we thank John last time, but that was a far better thanks away to go check. We got a year. We got a lot of great gift whom we went to Australia for our tour area, one of whom was JANET from NATO. Girl labs in New Zealand gave us a beautiful hard cover edition of their book Nato girl labs book by the kitchen science cookbook. You can look up kitchen science, Cooper, dot com, as all these different recipes in it and each recipes science experiment that uses ingredients. That of super easy to find it for, and it turns out JANET the chief operations engine here for NATO girl. I've been listening to us since her teens, since she was in her teens so I feel all the thank you very much for their awesome book. Yes, for sure,
Emily Cool and Judge Baxter Sinnest, Sir, station to their wedding in Idaho, nice, mazel tov wish we could again and came, and so on, so they came to our Melbourne, show member. They gave us the TIM terms in the eight year old, tawny, port area. First, so we could do grown up. Tim Tim slams- and I tell you, that's the only way to do TIM. Tim slant, tawny, port. It's amazing! If you don't know a tin, aims or go to you local world market and by some in. Thank me later, yes for sure, Christa Alan Steen sent art here's what she does. She takes prince of Alice's Roadmap, and stuff like that then paints over them with little sort of throw back kitchen. Motel signs
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buddy like Omar Sharif or the Duke track it. There was like action, the Good Movie ever wants a year, but I'm looking forward to, for a fellow, I arsonists, his this very cool, reusable carbon, fiber drinking straws, plastic straws, her away cause de jure people should stop using them as much as possible. I saw a little steadier. They said they take like ten minutes to make when minutes to use and stay in the environment forever, so bad, Has a company called LE looser o? U s tea! I are where he makes these carbon fiber drinking josie- come in little carrying case that you can though, in your car, your purse, you like to drink out of straws, then can carry around and bring your own straw and say no. Thank you. I have my own straw,
be like medieval times whereby had to walk out their own spoon, and if you lost your spoon, you started that's right. Big thanks to bread, ass more for sending us his book of short, weird fiction had he warranted from body. I remember that one Angela from Tasmania. Since some love, Lee Lovely knitted, hats from australian wool. Nice. Thank you enter a. We got an awesome knowing of us from Eugene Gorman, he did an awesome pencil. Drawing of us in Europe see it and all the other stuff. On Instagram ad, Norman you Jeanne check him out? John D, send his hand painted portraits you can go to John D: dot com, actually J, O H, indeed, dot com to check out his art. Thanks John or a very less
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