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Rainbows: Delighting humanity since forever

2015-02-03 | 🔗

Rainbows seem to defy nature, but they're really pretty simple when it comes down to it. Turns out it's just light reacting to water droplets in the air. But they sure do look cool. Learn all about how rainbows are formed in today's episode.

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welcome to stop. You should know greenhouse gas networks got into the bargain for good throughout the beautiful bride, Jerry Road, rail passengers. I don't think so, but we have now it's out there. It's on the internet, even someone really updated, are Wikipedia page. You look like a robust that even says they're producer, Jerry Jerome rolling. How did they know that? I guess it set it on the progress before I am sure that you have. So how are you doing man rainbows, as the other points out inspired countless fairytale songs and legends man. I love rainbows. I think rainbows herb disadvantage the Party, the greatest graphic design of all time, I just think rainbows a great well funny to when you read the different articles. Our people
Accordingly, when they talk about how they delight and astound but Bert Doorn, when you see rainbow. Even though jaded cynical adult. I can die there's no way you can look into school, that's pretty in it. At the very least, she'll go o er rainbow. If somebody says hey, there's a rainbow over there, you are going to look up ochre, have anything it out. If you doubt a rainbows ability to astound adult all you do is look up. Yosemite bears no worry about the idea which I watched today. It's pretty pretty. Great I'll, Bear Vasquez Year yet again, What does it mean? He said. I know what it means your own baby. You know next time someone does to see rainbow and say that again it test thing to say so and arming and look I see if they d think I'm dead inside I'll see what happens. I'm curious to see whether you can network the Corso luck.
So I took that you were not the first to be delighted in amused. Thy rainbows knows back several years decade at least if they ve been around forever there. There is a lot of mythology surrounding and because you know their unusual, they don't happen every day and well. I guess the depends on where you live, but it's not necessarily in a normal occurrence. Now, found that the philosopher art Grenadier Garden was the first to describe. The modern, accurate theory in sixteen thirty seven, oh yeah he's the first one is ok, wait a minute, there's Amar refraction, going on here right! Well, I most people usually associated with Newton, yet while he these the first one to describe this, you're my he was in apparently, as others call video by Philip Ball on the Atlantic that basically who said that Newton just made up
Roy G Bev Spectrum women, so the Red Orange yellow, green blue indigo violet picture is newtons interpretation of the rainbow before that all sorts- Cultures have different ideas of what made up a rainbow. How many colors there were what the colors were in interpretation of the rainbow spectrum is a newtonian invention in a lot of people, say not seven, sixty six indigo. Not really Apparently, Newton was trying to shew horn the rainbow spectrum into the musical active so he's he tried he's trying to shew music, the which has sound yeah wavelength with light, which has wavelength making them one and the same but histories shone like no other sex, they will go. Six for the Rainbow Roy
biv, which we learned in school. Apparently I learned school. You did you, I am sure it's just reggie boom in a girl was busy making as cookies from figs outta here lots of stuff gonna. Those are good. I act at Mount Dignan yeah, because their good for you, so you can eat the whole bag. He went to bed, and yet you want yet ever by them, but if I see them like, if you give blood or something there last night table. That's when I get my thing Newton on those, then yeah, so noone was the only one before Newton. There is like a whole Caltech legend about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow there was God saying more bad after the great flood in promising. You would never happen again by showing Rainbow about half the raids like. It's fine stop here, we're not going to flow earth again, of course,
find a pot of gold, the innovation, because you cannot go to the end of the rainbow. Yes, he never can't go under a rainbow go over rainbow and will explain all this. Why in just a second chance but first We have to talk about to get to the bottom of how rainbows work, which to me, I think, is awesome. It's one of those things where ok is how it works. We understand it now, yeah that I'd love science stuff like that, again science year just done it's not like scientists think this is what happened. That's probably true, but it remains to be seen. This virus ones were like. We know how rainbows workin here's how but to the bottom of rainbows, You have to understand how light works. First, I thought this article, even though there was a lot more digging into do. I thought the shopping cart. Explanation for the bay
her light travels. Yeah was pretty pretty darn good fantastic. You know. One reason they say visible. Spectrum is because the light is moving so fast that you can't see it it's like, and the combination of all those is white like like the sun is white because all those colors are superimposed on one another, Bulgaria, but when like a water, droplet or something else. It's gonna slow down enough Do all this. Can see those individual parts of the spectrum right in. That shopping, cart. Explanation like you cited it it definitely otherwise the whole thing, India quite right, but it does a pretty good job of illustrating the principles that are going on. You know yet so, basically, light is moving FR. It speeds, depending on what kind of medium Its travelling through right, They said when it had water. It's gonna slow down a lot, that's going to change its speed, you're pushing it. Inquired the boy asked. Does the medium right, if you push on the grass its can slow down
that's, a new medium. Its new media have gone its transition from one media to another. That's right, and if you hit that grass at an angle- and we ve probably done this- if you get it were able steel, a shopping, cart, ass, a kid you're pushing her friends around in here Paul in through the neighbourhood, and you hit that grass at an angle and it's gonna, take really sharp turn, because that front right wheel at say the grass, all of a sudden really quickly. It's gonna be travelling at a much lower speed than the rest of it. Gonna, tumble out and everyone's gonna have a good time exactly just where your helmet soon. So that imagine that the shopping car is a photon of why Europe a beam of white, visible sunlight and The grass is a prism yeah. So the parking lot was- and it was moving through just fine, no problem, but when I had that prison slow down the same because it came at an angle, one side-
the light hit sooner and it made it turn that called refraction. Bending of light is refraction here, the case, of a rainbow that Prism is raindrop, so I mean that simple, quick version will get more detailed bone. It's that raindrop, it's gonna slowdown in a band right, depending on the refractive index, which is how much light bends depending on the wavelength, the the wavelength of light, which is another term for color. Church is gone, bandit a different angle get so when the visible light, which is all the colors of of the visible spectrum combined, hits a prison in it ends or raindrop right, it bans different angles, because the wavelength are different and so that visible light comes undone into its component, wavelengths, which
all the colors of the rainbow and they spread out. It's called dispersion right and that's it. But, like I said in this case, we're talking about reign in because rain is in a rain, are all different, shapes and sizes, not gonna, be as consistent as like a prism might be gonna have the same effect. It's gonna hit hit the range slow down like the we digging into the grass of the shopping cart and it's going to reflect and some of its gonna keep going someone's gonna bounced back, but different. The different Tk who's gonna bounce at a different angle, and it's all right to where you are on the ground, like no person Two people see the same rainbow right, I'm well subjective rights, a win, win light hits the prism and bans like you said, because the different lights have different wavelength. Different colors are different wavelength,
read has the longest wavelengths so events, the least yes Violence has the shortest way, so events the mouse tat, but because, again, because these different wavelengths they Ben differently, so that the light spread the part and when exits, the prism bends again, and it forms that spectrum of separated lie yet separated out in this. If you notice it keeps saying a word band, that's why rainbow as an arc, instead of like a right angle, because the lightest bending The czech weeping candid teasing this a little bit but we'll get into exactly how you go from prison terrain drop in here, the rainbow right after this we are living in complicated times, I'm seventy rule,
MSNBC Anchor and NBC News correspondent in my new pod, modern rules, I'm gonna spending time unpacking some of the Harry's of today's. I decided I want you survived survival. I that people were they want, needs its american listening I've got my new podcast modern rules on apple contest. The radio at or wherever you get your pocket if you wanna see rainbow or if you're gonna see a rainbow. There need to be conditions, sons, gotta, be behind you, big one. Have moisture in front of you right and you sign must be shining that son. The sun's rays must be shy. At two degrees of what's called the anti solar point which is based.
The shadow of your head is on the ground. Ok So if you can see the shadow of your head, that's that's gonna, be that forty two, Ray Anti solar point right So what you do is you put your back directly to the sun right there and then turn forty two degrees which I guess If there were negative forty two degrees you returning to the left, so I guess you be- turning to the right a little bit about forty two degrees which, kind of measure off in your head is not quite forty five degrees and if you're looking at green and the sun's behind you, yeah you're, gonna- see where that forty two is because once you hit that point, there's a rainbow. Yeah, but I mean you can move your body around still see the rainbow. I mean where the sun is hitting the sun to be hitting it. Forty two degrees I see so Chuck it doesn't matter. Then, where your head is, it's the raindrops really into the sun,
The need I'd, be forty two degrees, the synergy rainbow here. The sunshine must be hitting it. Forty two degrees, ok, so let's get back, the basis again for a second when the sunlight hits the raindrops individual raindrop as acting like a prism right. There so that visible white light is hitting raindrop yeah hitting it at an angle Kaboom kinda, like a colored spectre. Inside the raindrops It's gonna like back again refracted. Yeah exiting the raindrops bends. Again, yes, and it comes back catch. You write, the thing is: is when you see up I colored like wavelength from a raindrop yeah you're, not seeing the whole spectrum, you not seeing millions of a little rainbows you're, seeing one big rainbow the train in the recent wise, because each individual raindrop, depending on its relation to you and I guess, to the sun
shooting one color at you. That's issued all colors at you, but you're only picking up on colored, because there's only one color from a raindrop that is angled correctly You in your line of sight here, so that it the only when you're picking up on his red. That's right. In all of the raindrops around that raindrop are doing the same thing there shooting about in relation to your line of sight, yeah red towards you, but then that's a little lower than that right are shooting, yellow than lower than that green and so on, and so on. You get the violet and so these groups are rain. These groups raindrops producing this rainbow human lively. Far as your line of sight is concerned, yet as the range is falling so where it is in the sky, I mean, as it falls is gonna be changing. Color right, like frozen in in mid air anything, but it's
like it. But it seems like right exactly enough phenomena There really is. I just think that too cause it gets yeah super cool and you're, always notice to the sky under the rainbows gonna be brighter than out and when you ve got. A double rainbow which will get to the young area between those two usually really dark right Let's call do Alexander Start band yeah Alexander's ban because he was Alexander, F, Rio Aphrodisiac was the first dude to describe that that's a great name effort easier. It is pretty good it like a seventy exploitation. Me I'm someone thoroughly, but yes to the reason why, in between the double rainbows you have Alexander's ban is because The light there is real, collecting away from you, it. So it's dark area yeah so,
the sunlight hitting those raindrops is, is going away like I'd start inside the rainbow, All of that light is reflecting back to you and you see in all the different colors, come at you and their recombining indivisible light. So there's no color, but just right, sunlight in the Middle EAST, that you know someone they also always described as white mean sunlight as all the colors. We Justine, ok yeah, we should really do a whole. I'm how color works episode here, get its fascinating stuff for year, depending on whether you're a painter whose mixing chemical colourless, whether you're a chemist or a physicist. Here, it is either the presence of all colors or the absence of color bright in a state of mind, We should totally do how color works. Well. I guess, after this break will talk a little bit more about double rainbow all the way. Even where will want to sleep either that or does it mean,
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you wanna talk about double rainbows and what forms them it's same thing: right gather the lights refracted twice yet double refraction yeah! What's cause if you look at a double rainbow the one on top the higher one? That's the second refraction! Yes, is reversed so rather than red being on the top yeah it's on the bottom. The third reverse rainbow is what a double rainbows and you can have a triple and even a Clyde. But it's rare like I've, seen a little bit of a triple once. I think the where you Jesse that the faintest hint of that third one, and if you see in that that means the initial I think it's called the primary and secondary. That means your primary is super super super sharp area like its drawn on the sky, painted on the sky, you're secondary him. A little more faith in the third one. Does the trip
refraction. You now is not the easiest thing to do nature yeah, I'm in one of the things that makes the primary rainbow and then hence the secondary and tertiary, and so on. Rainbows bright, The amount of sunlight and the number of raindrops. Because many of those raindrops that you're seeing that the spectrum is made up of I wavelengths it's coming out you from a bunch of different raindrops in the area and force one another in the more they reinforce one another. The brighter the rainbow is Yeah and you I mean if you occasionally see rainbows when it's not raining where I'm standing right. But, that doesn't matter it's, oh, you can be being rain down and still see the rainbow well yeah, but it's like. Sometimes it's like a super light rain, whereas just rain really hard. Maybe it's tapering offer maybe stopped altogether The point is where the rainbow is its likely said earlier. You can't drive up to a rainbow. I'm gonna go up and find that thing
because it is just a perspective trick. Basically right we apparently from this scientific american article. You sent the A visual information we get from a rainbow is the band of its arc. Everything else is what's around it right. Right, so, like a rainbow, seems really huge yeah. It's because say the mountains. In the background, look small right, which makes the rainbow, by contrast, look very big and majestic yeah, if were close to say, like the mountains, are like a cell phone tower. Something like that. You're the rainbow may look very small by comparison yet the way they like in it- and I think in the art. I think, was the human head, it's like roughly the same size, but if it was for in your face, it would work out a whole movie screening right because further way it would just be like hey. There sat guy said it's a dream.
Same thing and then fill play. Who say who does the bad astronomer blog for slate? He did it. Explanation of vote, full circle rainbow yeah, I'd never ever heard of that until you sent me that, so it makes sense that it totally does. Yes, I remember we talked about a rainbow marking over the skies, because the lightest bent out of the prison I almost as it starts on one part of the ground and hence on another forty eight hour. I wear the gold as yet The reason why it has the Ark is the as what you're seeing is of what really is a full circle, depending on where you are now, you have a certain amount of raindrops available free to reflect the light to you yeah right. So when you're on the ground, looking up just over the horizon sure you have a certain amount of raindrops available to you to form a rainbow. Yet if you
were able to get away from the ground have even more raindrops, not just above you but now below you as well, and you can see a full circle that is the actual real rainbow. So a real, a real rainbow, depending on where you are in relation to the ground. Is either a part of a circle and arc or a full circle. Yea- and there was a picture of me. He said that pilots the time or I guess, if you're an astute flyer, that's not dislike asleep with black, like it it's either you can look at a window of a plane and see one took his you're above it it's pretty meet them in those a photo one, and it was like our the full circle rainbow of all circle. Rima illegally looks kind of like a lens fire. The little but here too a rainbow elsewhere in the EU who played head in that same blog posts
Little Circle rainbow, which is really neat yeah, so go check manner. I agree those pretty cool Yeah yeah another thing we're talking about early to talk about the perspective. That's why the m! I feel fine Don't be done about why the moon looks bigger, have you done no I'd. So, Can you see the moon during the day? Sometimes, why is that? well I'll. Tell you why? Because I saw it like a war the other day, those like super late in the day. While they were the reason why a better question is: why can't you see the moon all the time even during the day, so it's not the moons very bright. It's the brightest object in the sky, second, only to the sun sure, but at all gets his light from the sun. So most of the time when you can't see the moon, the day, yeah it's because the moon is behind. You write. So
The light that it's getting from the sun is behind? You know if the moon is closer to the sun, depending on where the moon is in its lunar phase here, then you look up and see the sun and the moon at the same time, its above the horizon. In other words, so if you, if the moon were always visible above the horizon, you'd always people say during the day gacha in its. This has to do with where it is in relation to the sun in the lunar face. They make sense. If it is make it go, watch the dont be done minor, yet the covered a bonus, impromptu bonus. Yeah but the reason why the moon will look really huge in the skies, because the same thing we're talking about the perspective like the right, the mountain is like swimming low on the horizon. It's gonna look enormous right if there's a lot less stuff here in near close to you. Yet it's gonna look big yet and when I went to Montana years ago my
explanation. I got cause you step off the plane and you think, while this guy doesn't bigger, like what's the deal, they call it the sky country, and it really does with vigour. The explosion. I got from the locals with this, because the clouds so again it's just a perspective trick, So, like the mounds are way over there. I think it's just the clouds that they typically get a big, huge, puffy clouds, and but they were big in relation to the mountains in the distance a year. I think that's the deal, it makes the sky appear to look larger. Say, I imagine, also there's fewer obstacles and obstruction there that it's just there's more sky to see and taken just looking around right, yeah like when other than humor you got the desert me can see like a hundred degrees from HORIZON horizon right but they don't have the cloud formations the sky looks bigger Montana than it does like in the middle of the desert, because most of the time in the desert you're going to see that you know just blew
the blue. So there's no perspective nice, when you take a picture suddenness on Ebay, you put your fists next to it. So people know how big it is that the people there well sure in resigning quarters and rulers never seen yet that's quarters and rulers by way of better rule of thumb, Vieira Search, got a couple of things pair we are when you look at a rainbow. It's not and even the visionary, even representation of all the colors, You see the most read the most visible. Apparently thirty. Eight percent of a red and green is second at fifteen. Blue is the least with just eleven percent. What is green dream is twenty two percent, twenty two percent rainbow Green interesting. I want color blind. We need to do on color blindness, but it some. I look
to the article in this sort of starting to melt my brain here Call the stuff- so I said no, but that, on the other but I think he did a great job at this will see, I'm sure we'll get stuff from and lastly, the algae Bt Rainbow like Minded nineteen, seventy eight by gaining Gilbert Baker. We used to have eight ahead, turquoise and hot pink on it before, but apparently they ran out a fabric for hot pink because on things like suited to take off, they discontinue that and I think the same went further turquoise one two interesting six. The now as it is it's easier, the shining monument. Establishment for people tooth say I want to go in there and some people to say I don't want to go in there. Sadly, right we went to a gave our in Philadelphia one afternoon when I say by accident
The big deal with the blue oyster now. Now, and it was in the afternoon to those you know, It is in some bars in the afternoon very likely that this, is regulars, earn their share. It doesn't matter gay straight wherever and there were very cool guys and they were like, and it was a big group of us and I think they were like You know you know you're in a gay bar right and they are a kind of white men out Mouselike, we'll great serve me body, Mary, then, like and if he thought we were, I think he knew her from out of town. So here was just in later yeah yeah. I, like you, do any trouble, gotcha, I'm like we're not like that. My friend happy accident, those good ending to the Rainbow episode If you know more about rainbows, go check out are article on the site rainbows, this type that word in the house, the forks could check out that slate pose stand scientific, American in the Atlantic and good stuff out there.
And I said, search bar- I think in there somewhere, which means time for listener mail right. I'm gonna call this Pliny the beer, and this is from Corey in course in San Francisco, a guy's pike Ass, also seem to cinnamon today. There was an exchange about planning meant that there was one and only I think anyone in the Bay area would know that there are two parties the elder and the younger that's because one of our local berries has a beer complaining the elder, which is by beer aficionados as one of the best beers out there. In fact, it's weekly from local groceries. They also make, though plenty. The younger only comes out for two weeks a year, people wait in line four hours, just to get a pint
and there is also a real historical plenty, the elder and plenty under this, his nephew, I'm rosy. And that is from my corrie and anne- did look it up, because the two weeks thing did not believe it. But I do sometimes you wanna see with your own eyes and planted the yunkers a triple ip sons ass, if his name for the nephew and adopted son evidently and it is pop draft- only the uneven bottle, it very the distribution locally, and a season also for just two weeks a year in February, at the Bay of Biscay you can get it in a bar. I guess in San Francisco, and that is a ten point. Two five percent, her well yeah. I suppose there the double in the triple so that you can get the planet the other in the bottle once that the double in the triple so that he is alive,
can get the planet. The other in the bottles is not quite as exclusive worth. Try that on a tour, yeah, I guess all the elder. Someone must read, look out and happened to be there doing that too we period while now it's in February, we know, is if there's a bar out there. That may be wanted to say we're out. I put it under the bar safer for a month for us will be there. I don't think that's gonna happen, if you want to correct this after we get something flagrantly wrong like we did with the whole apply anything you can t to us it s. Why escape I cast? You can posted on Facebook that complex that we should now. You can send us, melting, stuff, podcast, how stuff works outcome and, as always, join us at home on the web starfish
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