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2021-08-28 | 🔗

You may think composting is just a bunch of old banana peels rotting away into dirt but, friend, you're not looking closely enough. Inside that compost pile is a microcosmic universe doing some magical stuff. Learn all about it in this classic episode.

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that IBM Dotcom, slash, hybrid cloud, hey everybody, its Josh, For this week select I picked our episode on composting you'll hear I can make get super jest about earth science, gardening, invertebrates all of our favorite things I hope you enjoy. and I hope, inspires. You start composting or at least start pocket marching. Welcome. You should know production of Iheart Radio pay more go into the park some Josh, the man cart. Charles the veto pride and neglected to say land,
Yes, producer Knoll is with us it's right. So if you listen to the shroud of Turin Episode- and you were like man, that sounds great, that was no thanks. No. Show today I've been replaying. Might one of my favorite Simpsons jokes ever learn over my head? I laughed already does hearing business. It was from the one of the harrowing episodes where the The nightmare on ELM street riff is old, old ones where grounds Keeper Willie was free. Krueger and he turned into I think, like a shredder, attractive or something and ran over people or Somethin chair and said when you, when you're done, when I'm done, they're gonna need to do a compost, bordered them. While that is a bad joke, was really get. I mean the Simpsons didn't get to honey, but thousands
that's a good one. Well, anything goes on a tree house a four year. Anna agreed. So You know, there's a bunch of cities, they have Canada gotten worse to the idea that we should be recycling or composting our food did. You know I m sure. I saw a step, said something like forty percent of food gets wasted, but I guess suspicious cause. I also saw that forty percent of the time Stuff that goes to municipal landfills are trash. Is food waste? which does not necessarily mean its wasted food cause? I don't think you count like a banana appeal as food way Is there any way eyes full weight, waster, occasionally locks counting food packaging No, but I think they're, counting everything that has to do with food that could conceivably be eaten as wasted food,
which is not the same as food waste. The point is the legitimate stared that I saw just about everywhere. Is that if you took all the garbage that the United States throws away into a landfill. Forty percent of that is food. and I'm sure so if it is a whole cake, some fleet moron through a whole cake away. for no good reason. I was on a diet, Schwab actually pretty good reason. But you know what I'm saying forty percent Follow trash is food. The problem is, You might say well who cares trash decomposes? That's great! That's true! It does decomposed, but in the landfill that the United States users we make sure they're anaerobic oxygen is get down there, s a whole different decomposition process takes place in a way. Fill in anaerobic de composition. Methane is produce amiss It is bad news, yes, methane! something on the order of seventy percent. Worse,
Another is a much more scientific way to put it, but it's seventy percent batter then. The carbon dioxide as far as greenhouse gases go yet seventy percent more potent hum of that Ankara. So you don't want method If you have to choose between methane in carbon dioxide, you wanna go overnight- and it just so happens that if you can post food waste com, mostly carbon dioxide is produced methane, not So, if you diverting this food waste from landfill, there's a whole bunch of different stuff, you're doing number. You're saving all that forty percent of the space for actual trash your extending the life or your land shares your keys, all that methane from being produced an ass they couldn't get any better. You creating a an amazing fertilizer that you asked for it to go you can grow a tree, The issue is very lies, or simply the old shoe tree sure
yeah! It's we danced round this a lot. We do. We will you just reference star and I'd like the tutor and horns a lot, but that landfills episode was great. Landfills and offered the M plasma. sooner or later, one yeah, Graham Basically any of our waste management ones are what else we think girl gardening. We touched on this sum and on a couple of There's we ve mentioned composting, and the extent where I thought we had done one on composting out yet, but we had not until about five and a half minutes ago, and that's a guess. So if you run into like it, was near eight minutes check your grounded, So, like you mention, we do not think these numbers are accurately anymore, but regenerate to say a lot of millions of tonnes.
hundreds of millions of tonnes of trash and about twenty five to thirty percent of that is recovered through recycling, which includes composting, which is good, but that number, if it was, seventy percent, would be amazing. Does it include composting that that recycling number yeah, ok, yeah Phoebe. Seventy would be great yet and eighty, why not shoot for ninety four Wesley Seattle itself has a goal of something like sixty to seventy percent of all of its trash being recycled by the end of the year? Of course, they do for Seattle. Does it right and they actually have compulsory mandatory composting now, but you have to compost if you live the city of Seattle. I don't I live there. I don't know, I don't know. I asked myself there you know at Emily, and I went for our two shows ago on that law.
They sprang weekend. I was gorgeous and waits weep state extra in Seattle and after we're like we're moving here, that's it it's a great town of setup we're on the show- dogs and bars, That was all it took a dog bartenders but again explained poker again, it's easy to form of Seattle and a perfect we can enable yeah. I hear arranged lot. Lotta I'd still, there is a great place and you know it. You may see us again this year seo testes. Such a teeth are eight, so composting is great for a thousand reasons, but one first and foremost is that it's it's not hard to do, and it's not expensive No, if you just want to be- and there are many different levels of compound from big city programmes to the the hum farmer that takes it superciliously to just if you just why lessen the impact a little bit
your landfill, your local landfill, feel like you're, doing the right thing and get a little bit of nutrient rich goodness fertilizer to use. you can have it just a little small little composting operation goin on your house there. This is all This is all you need organic waste, and we don't even mean something there's like organic. We mean like org ethnic meaning its composed, mostly carbon. It was once again at one point right yet, and I made a puppy noise which he can't you spoke. So that's nice, soil. That is the opposite of what I should have done. As for the banana sound. Who- The banana sector, you need soil in water, new air or oxygen rights of the organic waste is this stuff. You're gonna have broken down which in this case, in case of a compost. Pile is food, the soil lumped partially sure, but no, no. food for the things that soil yes right, it's
energy source? Yes, yes and nutrient source, for it's in the soil, so you add soil when you're soil, your basically adding starter culture to the compost. What you're doing is good. microbes from say in your yard and putting them on the compost, pile and say dinners on nice. They eat and poop. Yes, but you know want to poop in it. You need a little bit of water, like you said to keep it moist, but you don't want to keep it over wet because microbes like slightly moist soil and then are is again again is really really important. You can let your compost pile, degrade, anaerobic early, but he's gonna produce method. Which is bad for the for the environment, battery neighbours, belfry neighbours bear fields, can a sting! it might blow up. Who knows you don't want most nearer. Let's call a passive compost by so you want to introduce oxygen in all the sounds very complicated. it's? Not it's hitting it with your hose. It's
and by that I mean spring water on it with your hose Israel, as you can starting with your house too Turning it over right, Lepage, work to add Subject it's as simple as that: yes, really easy. So what you're gonna do I put. The end, like we said, is, is really fertilizer, but it's it's called humus, don't call Hamas not as different as as two m drink. This is just one m and those microorganisms organisms in there they gonna break this stuff down. They're gonna eat it they're gonna, poop it out again supply and there's going to be what will talk about the critters little more later, but doing me different critters long away, then he those critters than quitter need those critters and that's it really hot up in there might steam, and it's gonna call back down. It's gonna get smaller, and it's just like this little micro environment. It is really really neat there. Actually, a food web in their there's, a lot of physics and chemistry that's going on, and it is very neat, I'm fine
indeed by it to both the the upshot of composting is that you're taking something and its being broken down into its constituent parts. So there can be re used by plants and the whole circle of life can start over again. sort of just accelerating the natural process of like right, you're optimally. Yeah, like you mentioned a passive compost her, which is to say the lazy hippies You can do even to throw all that junk out your window. If you wanted in a big pile and throw your eyes some grass clippings and throw though your Europe leaves on their doesn't it. there s, nothing will eventually compost itself who are again, it will produce methane blow up or you can you tell me you know you could turn every now and then and maybe avoid that, but no, I
That makes it an active part. Well, slightly active pile fit right. I don't like every other day you just to have Methane! Maybe, but there was still technically be an active pile, would be a poorly managed active pie, slightly active poorly managed. So I'm serious, that's what they call it. Ok, I just would like to make a burning. Four things at and now you're gonna see saddened. Your nine, I gotta sorry we'll call that the dewy pile, ok. No, it's called active management. I just wanted to make sure got it on the record, so the big o here, reduce your waste. They say in this article ultimately, will save you tax money because your landfill won't. I thought those hilarious I mean don't count on seeing any tax breaks going any damson, but back at William Barclays attention, probably so.
So how do you Eddie? Do this? Let's say you wanna start composting, there's one two, three four five step process to get the signal and ok, let's talk about forcing you want to do is to pick out the place you wanna. Do it her hey because it sent out two bit of a mess It doesn't have to be necessarily but it depending on your neighbors. They might be like well great, I'm glad you started a in another. Lee pile of. kitchen rubbish, yeah in food waste that I can see from my deck. Thanks a lot for that, so that's Then you wanna, keep in consideration permanently Even if you do have very well managed active pile. What would you call that I'm I making fun in a ruin. It still still may still hear their journey.
So you want it kind of away from the house, but not so far away that if you're feeling lazy and not going go out and tend to it on a daily, every other day Lee Basis near and if you have that much land that you will have a car was pile a mile from your house nutria. This gets maker there might be some local rules, either from your h away. Heaven forbid, if you the blunder one of those or maybe just you Municipality might have rules and regulations yet to check with them. First this would everyone does for they started compost. Finally, go down the city hall and say tell me the rules and regulations surrounding composting in my yard, and I think the first thing everyone does is start throwing their egg shells out the window. So that's how it always starts right, like I'm tired of these things being in my trash They recommend down when because, like you said it might think, a bit son is good enough.
but you don't want it baking in the sun, all they know because it dry it out murmur. You wanted to be kind of mice, yes, and the sunlight can actually dry it out you're, so you want apparently the best place to put it is under deciduous tree good spot yet cousin, in this winter time? There's no leaves on the tree, so the sun's gonna keep a warm when it's cold winter and summer it's gonna, be shaded by the tree so long dry up, it's just perfect. It is deciduous tree equals low. Wind is good to provide little air, but you don't wanna blowin scattering the stuff all over the place, trying it out again, no good without Strain Don't start one in that old baby, pull that you don't to throw out if your babies in there
Yeah! You want get drainage like generally you build either build a ban. Will talk about the stuff actually right now here, but it's off the ground. Sure it's on legs yeah, although you can have a pile, but I'm gonna. Generally, you wanna. You want to build a ban or by a ban, but in the six it off the ground because drainage this part of Africa. You also why dirt rather than say that concrete pad or something
if that had accomplice in your drive like a good idea. As far as structures go, you can, like you said you can go by. One third are very expensive. What I understand I yet depends on the size. You can also say: go by some cinder blacks and build something like that church. But basically you can cut compost structures into too. There is a single been and there's a three been system, so in the single been system you put new stuff on tat new banana appeals. This is what I think when I think composting Una banana built sure you put new stuff on top and then you take pitchfork her shoulders away like that and you work, you work it in to the compost and at the bottom of this structure, say it's open when you're walking up to that
the finnish compostable accumulated the bottom and the reason it accumulator the bottom, because it's over a finer, finer grain and that's it single- been news of a top easy stuff. It that's in process in the middle. It's finished in the bottom, and it will just naturally kind of separate like that. Yet in one region, constructor like that, if you want to build one in a build, a wood frame and it's like that- chicken wire walls and a chicken wire bottom- and that gives you the air and if you got something to collect it, underneath going to fall, you know when it's small enough right, some other stuff, my volume any to edit back in here, but with the three been system you ve got all you got three bends. You got the starter stuff, yet the once it starts to break down little stuff, and then you have the more finished product right and you have to active manage that system. Yet this is some sounds unnecessarily difficult can like it your three being guy! Well we're about to get into this
here. We ve been lazily composting. For a while, but am were doing our whole backyard like we're getting rid of our grasp. Basically, oh yeah, one hundred percent of it. What are you gonna? Do compost mulch in beds in play, sudden herbs in their escape arguing bath. Cacti no cacti, though, do have a palm tree. We further forever the eager. He had just get rid of the grass basically because it takes up so much water. Just is just it's not good grass to begin with an eye. I'm not the best about cutting it. La merger, terrible plus, you don't want arm enough. You never let a court Into water accumulated actually yeah just
In a little, it look nicer part of this and this company- that's doing it is not just a landscape. In company there there are other bunch, a hippies o gotcha, so they're they're designing in such a way that that feeds itself in parliament's composting gotta anyway long long way saying we're. Gonna start like for real composting very shortly, and you go with the three been structure. I don't know. I think I'm gonna build it its bit. Well, it's the structure. Emily tells me to build. Ok, what's the easiest way to say it, but if you buy when, like yours and theirs, all different kinds. Just you know, look, look it up online or go to a hardware store, and you know me: of them all looked like a big barrel, on legs, and it literally turns like has a crank on it for a hate. Three can turn the saying encircles its old time, so you don't have to use a pitchfork it all right. You know
monsieur hands or your hair Flickr Bingo, yes spinner, but with banana piss who played Mingo like legitimate NGO in a room with hundreds of people not hundred well more than like you and me. Yes, like a bingo parlors out, there called I've actually gone to a couple of liquor, senior retirement homes and helped out with being go wild and that's a pretty cool experience actually gets Deronda bingo. It certainly display. I got it I'm right qualified to run the bingo, my right to swap crown and point out somebody must one day in a guy was called anything. But do you wanna talk about taken it? seriously today: oh my god, and then you have to be a certified bingo master to run the show yeah and Bill like tell you to hurry up, unlike shower? I fear, if you're not like loud enough for fast enough going too fast like so the point is not to have one.
The point is the win. What are they win? Their prizes, yeah, nothing. Much usually I mean, but you can, I think, like you can play bingo and casinos for thousands and thousands of dollars, yeah usually old folks sums it up in a church. They did did there's not thousands of dollar prizes like Honeybee inaugurates, let's take a break here after we have talked structure and, we'll talk a little bit about what you want it for. Can a junkie monitor pile Tailor made or one size fits all with a hybrid you dont have to choose That's why insurers are going hybrid with IBM with that's not a hybrid cloud. They can use a I'd, help predict client needs and get the data they need to quickly design coverage for each one. Businesses there
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using hybrid cloud and I IBM is helping businesses take a scientific approach to invent, discover and solve problems like no one else get a new procedure. Given working in today's world at IBM, dot, com, slash, think I took so much organ or you want to throw the power. You got your been either a triple three banger catch, so a single. We got your site, you bribed your neighbor to look the other way make for exactly. He bought a goat Oh man, talk about green live in my neighbour has goats. Now, like five of them. Are they loud now that's great everyone's ahem, but it's a joy to hear so. Tackling cited
the rooster, do you wake up and look out and say morning, Satan Apple or go to one of my favorite, so it's gonna nice to have them around a baby goat, sir. Don't go now they're, big ones. I mean she got them to maintain the property. Is she was started cuttin? I guess she did want as Euro Scape. It says she bought goats right anyway. It's its awesome kitchen waste. that's, what you want to throw in their oil yeah. That's the first one that someone that everybody says: that's why you compost shrank and year banana appeals. Everybody knows but did you also know you can compost apple core? in orange right. You can also eat apple, coerce, yeah. You do believe there is no such thing as a core right. Yes, because there's not seen p who leave their apple core is left. However, they can composting. easy ones? You can also do. The grounds yeah. That's a good one paper filters,
though, that filter and all in there we're ok so as to say a maybe a whole Peter to myself. We'll get a couple a napkins wanted up, but I do those chuck I think you can throw those now in their Joshua. In that crazy, it's crazy newspaper, yeah, corn, Cobb's story, the newspaper of. If you get your on you. Let go you locked up in their watermelon eyes year. Seeds leaves You know that the but entity asparagus unknown cooks. Yet, though, that junk in there you can so do yard ways to her right. So you got grass clippings, which will talk about, Second, we got a couple warnings as far as grass clippings goes that much, but like I say, you reckon leaves, or something like that, there are some leaves on the air. Could crunchy brown ones and you can also like gum trimmings from you're, like shrub,
if you trim your woody shrubs. The key here is this chuck. You want to cut all this stuff up in small bits. You had done through a whole corn carbon. There you can, though, your compost pile just right back out. Yeah it'll do spit it right back. Very funny make a burping nice. Here they say to spread the corn Cobb, I dont have a corn Cobb. not only that. I have never thought about that I wouldn't waste, like my blender blade and chopping up corn cops. I think the point is that's very little piece. It sure you break into the little pieces the pragmatic accord come up. You can also like you- can take all this stuff and chop it anything you can put in a smaller pieces. the better here is as we'll see what you're really doing is just breaking it up. Yes, you look
like what you're doing is increasing the surface area is a more microbes can work on it at once. The allocated Have you hate broccoli, but I hate Broccoli cut the little for its off and you ve got that big, green broccoli stock. You cut that up small as you can decide on fire. You have patience for and through that drunken their yeah basically channel your inner anal chef grass. Remember him the UNICEF yeah, that reopening the answer I live, I feel Hartman now retain of chef. Ok, I forget the return of port. The idea, I remember the call for get that your mommy murmur they Lieutenant show here do remember that need lakes. Thirty, if he was dicing like green peppers, and one of them was bigger than the rest. He displayed okay. Well, you wanna. Take those chunks in you, wanna put em,
new paper towel, and then you for that, and then you put that into some aluminum before you for that at that you put in a paper bag in you roll it up, and then you state blatantly you throw it away. boy man, what arise that was still makes me said. So, you mentioned newspaper earlier. If you live near the ocean and you get got your hands on some seaweed or some kelp, you can rennes that that's off right. So you don't want all that salt content in there now, but it's really good and nutrient rich. If you rents that often put in your compost pile it's also good for you to eat too. I know some nuts, but just think that stuff. We need people who see little girl for you now sawdust United, that now, but like I'm building my compost Ben, I can put that saw this back in it about that yeah pretty in a circle of life baby. What should now
you can post nice soil, which is puppy soil, yet ranging argue cat you dont go, take a big dump on it. While I know you want to now: that's not good. Now, disease garden plants, that's a big one year. Some of this stuff, though, as well fine, then quite makes sense, but it's good err on the side of it garbage in garbage out, except with compost. If you put garbage garbage in then greater, be really bad. He put good healthy garbage in it's gonna, come out, as is quite good. You don't want to put a disease plants in their invade. Weeds or another one to air, but it says you can also put weeds and there. So I guess you just need to figure out which ones are the bad ones yeah. So This specifically calls out buttercups morning glory in quack grass. I am quite sure that there's plenty of sea
that wouldn't survive the composting process now, for apparently these do so stay away from the quack grass yeah, as I think that was the big mantra Woodstock sure it's a gateway drug, don't have the yellow sunshine or the clap grass. There is the brown the Brown S round, in which I mean who had brown ass. And what about your to my kitchen self? What about meat and dairy? Ok, that's the sky! commercial, it is considerably Emily taken classes and they were dyke. Now don't use any of that yeah. That's like animal cells in it and fats in particular, they purify? They don't decompose. Impeach. Her faction makes him stinky stuff. and I think it can also generate a lot of disease bearing pathogens. So I am surprised to see this article say He put it in their work. They can send this article if, if you're really heavily Managing this thing you can do it
I have just heard: don't they said turn it into a slurry width, I don't want to see Freud enriches blinder. home stake that slurry rose with a corner. How believing examined by the he said. It up into a slurry and as long as it's a good heart, actively managed pile it'll, it won't be a problem I'm gonna go and say I think you should do that. I don't know to do with animal leavings, but I think you should composting It might make sense to you to say: hey. I have an outdoor. fire pit. I bet that would be great in my compost, her incorrect This specifically says charcoal ashes and it gets any kind of charred ashes. Yet like burnt word is called charcoal. So are you sure because I know it. I know what you just said was true, but
possibly the entire Amazon Basin, and I learned this from the greatest book of all time. fourteen ninety one by Charles see manner the entire Amazon Basin was a managed forests that the indigenous peoples down their head, made completely fertile and second by instead of slash and burn their using slashing char techniques, there was way more carbon locked into the charred tree stops, and there was the ashes, so it became more fertile soil question at that one. You know I'm gonna back off of my determined stance. Kazoo it I don't know it would make sense of it Cole, I give you my whole charcoal briquettes rights. They have cement and all sorts of chemicals and junk gonna put if it charge would or wood ass. I wonder I want somebody so Chelsea man tell us that,
decide treated plants you you know, you know my stance and pesticides period, don't use them, but if you do deafening, don't put that stuff There is your whole thing here, as you wanna you wanted a more or less organic compost, pile right in the end and So one of the things that people love about composting is actually is organic and we're goin. Explain how I didn't notice until we did, this research will explain. Because we're gonna go through the process that you're compost, undergoes right after that, finding a new home that fits your family's needs can be tricky. You want room to spread out space to gather place, to get away from it
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trial and when you re in a large use the Africa as well, as came to say, ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain square space, use it All right, I did some we rarely do, which is look something up, as were podcasting, has descended lazy. May I go? We don't know this one guard Oh I've got com says what ashes are so strongly alkaline that it doesn't take a lot to upset the balance in the pile and stop the processing? You can add a view. a small amount of wood ash. From like your fireplace her wood burning, stove, but apparently not much so hooker,
I think you know like you're gonna write and that it it's not completely verboten right, but like too much is not a good thing. I think this refers to saying like Tony the message that ok, so I wouldn't bother put an animal fats instead. Well it s what the and from gardens alive with sand is like it so little. but it's not really gonna make a difference and if you're trying to get rid of it in a different way, right, she's, like a sovereign matter, but the butt, This is a great question chuck why, in the name of all things wholly, would matter what the alkalinity is of your compost, pile and I'll. Tell you why? Because it's a chemistry experiment is it it's a chemistry, experiments also biologic, experiment. You have a microcosm growing there and theirs Chile really easy things you can do to optimize there. Some basically create a z, I do Paradise further: the micro
in primary and secondary and tertiary consumers of this stuff that you're putting in there to break down so that they they just have the great life that any invertebrate or microbe ever had a right to talk chemistry of it and come back to discern the management and stuff. What we are really talking about year for an ideal composting seen need disco ball and you need a proper c n ratio, which is carbon to nitrogen ratio. Depending on how long you wanna get certain measuring things? You can do that, but from what I gather just try and do lot to a little about thirty, two wine carbon to nitrogen and in eyeball it the rule of thumb as this, if its green and dumb recently deceased and by
green, like a nice banana appeal would qualify as this guy you know his yellow, pliable and green, or you know and recently deceased it is. Hi in nitrogen right. If it's brown and dried its high in carbon, so you to actually when your adding the compost, you wanted just kind of layer this stuff in about those ratios, thirty two one and is actually take. Like if you're a big time into this year, their tables out there that tell you just about exactly the carbon hydrogen ratio in each individual thing yeah, but what what we said earlier. You wanna grass clippings. This is why, because there too, high and nitrogen right and what happens when you have too much nitrogen, it's bad. It makes Europe stinky yeah, that's is that where the methane starts Craven in that actually its amount leads to a moment ago. Ok right, but you also don't want to
Carbon either chuck, because so carbon in nitrogen carbon is like the building block and it's an energy source for these microbes. Nitrogen is assent. Their growth in their metabolic activity as well. Yes, but when they have this in these concentrations, that's when they flourish yet and the other problem of carbon to assist it breaks down so slowly It depends on the source yeah, that's true, but generally a lot of the carbon sources like newspaper in corn, Cobb and stuff, like that, it's just so much or process right right so like they have much tougher structural support in their cells. If structural integrity, exactly they need to have a good saying, that rhymes, if its yellow, let it mellow its brown flush it down. Sir. I thought your old heading toward that outsiders. Can I like, on the edge of my seat now, like a bit screen overjoyed passed around
Maybe maybe there is one that we don't know, or maybe someone can write one like a creative listener. Above here. I'll bet we get a bunch of us are oxygen. If you're talking for talking ratios again. You can walk out as much as possible, but the Good NEWS is about your compost, piles it it's not like it needs to be. Oxygen that you need walking around to breathe resisting twenty one percent may atmosphere here s what we have gone on it can get by these aerobic microbes it as low as five percent near that's cut net close this because they say, but try to hover somewhere around ten or up right am I measure that you don't you just area your pile in its fight by either turning it or you can do hold pvc, and I guess it brings us, come into the management part to you. Don't just sit there unless you wanna have a totally pass a pile
and who want to that, you have managed to sing either every day or every other day turn it like we're censure, either with a little crank. If you got a handy little barrow unit or the pitchfork or they call it a composting fork in here. It's pretty fancied by the same thing and it's the same things pitchfork, except like dollars more, you wanna water at some but again give watering advice. You don't want me you don't want to be soaking wet. Now you want to be moist yeah damp people hate that words are also damp and again I mentioned the perforated pvc pipe second help. It says you can avoid Turning it by having those pipes, I would still turn out to justly mix it up right, yeah, but pudding, pvc pipes, throughout your pile would make it really difficult to turn so million pull him out. I guess you could get a beginning and back into real pain needs to come back and
Another way to get to introduce oxygen is earthworms man. This is where I go crazy Oh yeah? We have a lot of worms on our property and the risk is there's a lot of worms in Georgia. We did a great episode on earthworms number yeah and every time I find them. I pick them up. I show them to Emily and she immediately says throw it in the garden. You know, and that's because we weren't composting- have we now can be thrown in the camp why sure, but these guys are great because they naturally I made you a lot of things, but one of the things it is naturally arrayed by just ton won through that stuff. Yes, so earth and worms in general are probably the most important non microscopic resident in your car This point here, because they do so much so worms especially earthworms and most types in nematodes actually going unlike eat, a lot of this stuff. They.
the compost by a lot of the food way straight organic waste and in doing so they break it down and as they break it down, make it easier for the microbes to digest themselves. Should we start with the microbes you? Ok, so, again, this compost, pile when you add food waste to the pile and add soil you're, introducing energy source to energy. Consumer k, yes, and at the base of this, is the as microbial life bacteria, mostly but the bacteria go to town, they start eating this stuff in the smaller it is the most this area. There is the more the bacteria can. He may actually take the nutrients out of this and user for cellular respiration, why they need oxygen. They take oxygen in combined the carbon and they create ATP
they use as an energy source to power their cells and live in frolic in play, and in doing so they create carbon dioxide. That's right so as they're doing this There are actually breaking the stuff down from what you'd reckon This has been an appeal closer and closer to that finnish Humus, Prague product. Yes, sir, you get bacteria. There are big part of independence on the phase that the compost powers in the there will be dead. Kinds of bacteria in your compost, pile yeah- and it's not you know just bacteria. There's fungi do a lot of work. We mention negative you're gonna eventually get might send their and slugs you already on your worms in some millipedes doing some action right, those cute little egg. an overall. These are known as primary consumers. Summer are the hour.
All of them primary consumers, while their listed by this person who made this fancy chart so then the Turk, you get the secondary consumers. Segundo and those are those are the does at present. Years of the primary consumers right yeah and then you have to here: consumers there, the predators of the secondary consumers, and so you put this together more yours is a food web. If microbes breaking the stuff down worms and doing the same thing and in some ways and then other predators, different, gradual levels of predators preying on the smaller animals to keep their population in check and keep everything in a perfect balance, so that as efficient as possible and eventually a great white shark comes along what gets me eat everything a whole fire thanks to a shark Neda. What gets me The best. The best part of all this to me is that if you look at the
life span of a compost pile from brand new too his tomb from banana appeal to humus. Yes, it's forms a bell as far as a temperature gradient goes right. Yet really can so the first stages, the mezzo Felix stage. Yet temperatures get up to, I think forty degrees Celsius, a camera with that isn't Fahrenheit near we'll go associates, so it's warm ash and then, as the cellular respiration mountain builds a more more back, Terrier born and start eating in in carry this cellular respiration out what the by products are seo too in heat, and he starts to accumulate in the complex pile so much so that it gets up to some like come fifty to sixty degrees celsius, just like a hundred two hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. Yet at this point. Your organisms are gonna change, you gonna have Thermo filling their. These are low heat, loving creditors and
van because it's nice and warm their snow birds. There desert dwellers and they like it when it's warm but here's the thing is you want. I like you, are you don't get too hot, so you want continue to arid and keep that temperature and check right? What you want is that natural bell to happen on its own right, so the mezzo filling back to, die off or they go kind of dormant as it enters the thermal Philip phase and then after the thermal, phase and the reason it ends is because they ve eaten up all of the stuff as thirty eight and only the hard stuffs left over and so the thermal files go away and some of the measure files come back in new stuff comes in like acts in my seats back ten o my seats again. It's kind of like a weird fund, I beg to cross, they break down like really hard woody shrubby stuff, yet anything
shut off in this third phase is called the curing phase right yeah and at the end of all of it. You have this great new tree, rich homeless, Humus but in the middle of that, when it gets really hot, yet it gets so hot chuck that pathogens they can, you sick, I can make animal sick they can make. Plants are actually killed off in the face which is why, when you get your hands on composts on humus, it's organic there s been basically tree it naturally to rid itself of parasites, pathogens, all sorts of bad stuff, and all that as the nutrients that had been broken down in the process. That a plant can use very easily and again the circle of life starts over again yeah The aforementioned sign earlier can try it out, but it is if it gets over. Sixty five celsius Gonna kill off. So many microbes is really slow down your process. So that's what
the reason you turn it is to kind of keep it again. Don't have it direct sunlight but going to keep that temperature where it does its thing. Naturally, where you don't want to, you know, put a heating. On it, should keep it moist turn it over and let it do it's thing and you might come out there. Chile morning. There might be some german author, that Sucker endued? That's when you dislike hot, yeah dignity does need guns, the EU banana up any thrown on the on the buyer. So what is it all over? I just love this I love her science. It's really amazing because its it requires a little bit a human management, but then you can into step away and say dear thing now throw any When is it over? Well, you can tell there's a few ways of being able to tell the temperature search to go down. its below a hundred degrees Fahrenheit it's out of the thermal Philip phase. Yes, in its now under the Mesozoic face this says that it
probably done. I disagree. I think you probably wanted even cooler than that, because the longer you let it cure the more diverse the Mai. Robes and insider gonna be the better. The soil that you used to amend it with is going to be her temperatures. Wine one of it is this eyeball it in its? If it's about fifty percent decomposed like if you still see clearly a banana peel than us, done right, you know, and I recognise the stuff is food at this point. Or an eggshell or whatever, and is Is it smaller as if it's been reduced by fifty two seventy five percent and it's dark brown or black and crumbly, and it looks kind of like soil, then you're you're, cooking with gas, my dad used to say
this murder crumbling yeah. What about the smell? Well, it shouldn't issue instinct bad at this point. No, it should smell earthy and actually one of my favorites, the act in a my sites. The extent of my seats, They are the reason that soil and dirt has it smell. So I guess they give it its earthy smell, and I call you gonna think and mention you know that it's doing well on the way if it stops smelling like it, doesn't just stink the whole time right now. Now I can smell earthy soil that you add, will smell earthy. But when you grab a handful of humus, it should just falter your fingers. It should be. closer to black the better here and it should smell, like every everything associated with earth should smelling. It's like the word earth. That's what it's Melick like you'll understand what earth smells like here. They said PETE Massive, If none of this makes sense go to your local hardware,
store long garden centre and smell the peat MOSS. Exactly so now that it's done, you ve got your wonderfully natural fertilizer use. It put it. spread it out and your garden spread it out around trees, though it New Yard, spreading around you naked body and run around your yard. You want do it's gonna. Do BP I will make you remember quack yeah. Whose nay away from that's the happier. It's basically like the easiest way to put it without getting to scientific. Is it's gonna, make everything better? It's gonna increase soil microbes, can increase nutrients and enhance them scan and improve the ph and chemistry Europe's soil, your yard, its Gabriel structure and again like what you ve just done, is taken stuff and headed.
Broken down into its components, unlocked it for your plants to use, so your plans are going to say. Thank you. Brother pretty, may some people create a lot of it and so it, but you know mainly people- do this disease arouse Yannick, Singly towns are starting to do. Curbside composting pick up food waste, pickup neat where you got trash recycling been food waste banana feels Viviane, that's it. I go forth and composting. I have you, I know more about composting. You can type there were in the search bar has the worst. I can't coronel eggs It also has a really great site about composting. If you want to know more about the signs are that you were very excited in Alaska and, since I said Coronel, it's time, Phyllis momentum called this child life specialists. Wait a couple of these and when talked about this in the pain scallops, and we can
my eyes what it was and we'll turns out. We write and by the way we heard from paramedics, doctors, quite a few people, the worst pain you know, one along bone fracture. Almost a hundred per cent of them said a broken. Femur is like the worse pain. You can experience, and should we say why yoga so simple reason drank we're. Right, because apparently it's very sensitive area, but also because without that structure, your muscles start spasm ain't right, which just right the whole thing back and forth even more in, unlike like men and bone hitting nerve and yank all kinds of badness, yet so steer clear that all right, so we heard from from too read the one but a shout about that: guy's very to hear you mention child specialists. During a recent episode of paint scales as a child life specialist myself, a thought we'd take you up
any tell you a little bit about our profession. You are right, Chucky, child life specialist. Is we help kids deal with being hospitalized? That's really the essence of our job. We support children and families throughout stress, Situations such as hospitalizations, using our knowledge of child development and play to facilitate coping childlike specialists provide children with developmentally appropriate education, about diagnoses and treatments, preparation and sport for procedures and opportune. these four normalization and play what a great job seriously again. Of too many jobs that are more rewarding mass hearsay. We also provide support for siblings and provided is he building and memory making an end of life situations are for She is very rewarding You are right. He predicted you'd say that and I love going to work every day become a c o s. You must have a bachelor masters,
the child development or related field complete as six hundred forty, our child wife, internship and pass a national certification exam. You convey Debbie Debbie Debbie, that child life dot org to learn more about it. Thanks for what Do you made on my road trips interesting thanks for spreading the word, about child life, maybe can do entire episode and our profession in the future. and that is Natalie. Valentine and also a big shot out to amend the butler from or university. He does that there. Thanks for running and Ladys. It sounds like to really really great job. Yeah thanks both for their thanks for everybody who has anything to do with making kids who are hospitalized feel better hats off to you, you want to get in touch of this. You can go on to step. You should know that account in check out our social links
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