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Short Stuff: Beast of Gevaudan

2021-06-30 | 🔗

The first truly international news story covered a beast that terrorized the French countryside, eviscerating dozens of villagers for three years in the 1760s. How about that?

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Hey awoke under the short stuff, I'm Josh in Theirs shark, in its just does put that's ok, because we know days hearing spirit watching over us like this Obi WAN Kenobi s type dude, who his kind of gently guides us in the directions he wants us to go without us. Realizing then making us think that we have free will, but it ultimately just being an illusion- and this is the story of the beast of Djibouti. There was a rate Who was that? Oh no other go see so very just walk through my basement, poor little sleeping stuff on a napkin put it in my face and when I woke up and down recording was a Jeff bridges. and your Sandra Bullock. What have you seen the vanishing Was he in that as other the original version? I can see that there are both very good on their own on their own for sure one of
rare ones where the adaptation is as good as the original for oh yeah, heroin in August July key yeah I'll, be Angela think. But yes, absolutely. We are talking about a horror, show horror, movie, horror, shale and eight in the fact that it happened that eighteen century makes even creep year total you can t. In exactly the same way that the legend sleepy Hollow is still creepy and scary to this day, because it takes place in eighteenth century upstate, New York. This is creepy also on the exact same way right. Seventeen sixties we're talking about the south of France, but not You know the lovely seaside of the south of France, the sounds like it's a little bit more of a small town, ever died and, There is a lot of killin going on,
and no one knows what to do in the killin. But they know it's terrible bodies or ripped to shreds heads are missing throats or ripped out and I think about a hundred people give or take because, as you know, this is also legend were killed, but it really did and people were freaked out, and we like there's a monster in these dark woods, yeah yeah, and they were understandably freaked out, because those deaths were really really grizzly and gruesome, and I mean if this is a fairly sparsely populated area, fuse a hundred people over three years and so on. having the heads pulled off in their entrails pulled out, like tennis cousin stir, it definitely isn't, it definitely did and they documented the first death and I believe, June, of one thousand seven hundred and sixty four and it was a fourteen year old girl named gene boule, and she was just basically
like gum, little bo peep tending to her livestock or families, livestock out in the hills, and she was attacked in torn apart and she was the first fatality, but apparently she was the second victim, in just a little before that another young she Porter was tending to their flock and was attacked, but their sheep banded together in chased off this beast of Jus Dan and save their life that right and so more attacks or following dozens of people, Hang there are some women, mostly kids, a few loan dude here and there and you know it is described as a dog like a wolf like creature as big as a horse, though- and you know they really- this is the time. Is seventeen sixties that they're they're talking real monsters here,
not saying like you know, it was probably a wharf they're saying that it was some beast that they really never witness. Before yeah I mean there is pretty decent men of superstition among the people who live there. I would guess too, but then also again the fact that people are being torn to shreds and it's so happening so frequently and their children are being killed too, like you can kind of understand how they were distributed this to a monster pretty much out of the gate. That's right! but we're gonna take a break with almost certainly know at this beast was now and we can take a break in reveal it right after this, the Jaguar, F type, doesn't just go from point a to point B. It takes you places. Few will ever experience clay,
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so you're, gonna things or saw about this was the this is considered one of the first international media stories yeah That time it was reported on by the Avignon newspaper and that those reports made their way to the Paris newspapers and then from their these. They spread to the rest of the world it was being written about and covered all over the world. Europe over all the way to Boston from what I saw and that this is really the first time in that part of that. The attention immediate frenzy, really kind of help pump the story up into really huge proportions for a little while
yes said: there's a book written by a man named J M Psmith historian, and it's called, and this one really annoys me because it such a great title did not need this common. It should just be called monsters of this ever dal full stop too. But it's called monsters of the agenda Colin the making of a beast. I don't know why they call it a nice more than others. It's better that it's a better follow up, said title in you know whatever sandwich or something what did it hurt and into the the main title? You you're always seconds away from saying: let's have a sandwich pretty everybody honest, but I'm all walking Cohen, leading to that you enjoy Giuliani. Oh it is he like sandwiches. That was always if they were joke. What's on friends, what's his favorite food sandwiches? So yet this
these days. Basically, everyone agrees that it was a wolf back and apparently this author argues. There were certain social factors at play where France was and was not in the best it is a country is a nation after the war that they had would show. War was that seven years war, yet seven years war that they had fought and they sort of rallied around this story and came together a little bit yeah and this monster, but it was, it was a wolf. like you know, to say given example like what say your ear gear country faces. Dynamic, however, they bring everybody together, is kind of like the fear that pay make him then everyone again her off after word on the other side, but this is exactly what happened with the beasts of everyday brought. France together
really brought a lot of France together in that, like King Louis, the fifteenth guy involve started, sending troops. There is a twenty seven hundred leave refer to a law which is a type of currency, fridge, currency, bounty, amended. The calculations fits well kilograms silver, the fire out of silver reward. It was, I saw somewhere else. There was basically like a year's wages for the average person in France at the time, so the substantial reward. There were a lot of people looking for this wolf or them Jaws. This beast it was very much like jaws, but the fact that they couldn't find it and actually did find one wolf and kill it and stuff it and send it off to Versailles and the killing. Still continued made, this is this. This problem take on them,
really kind of supernatural proportions. Even more so, are you saying that the one they killed in June of seventeen sixty seven was not in fact the wolf know this. This was a different warfare, killed before young one thousand seven hundred and sixty five think. Everybody believes that in June of one thousand seven hundred and sixty seven John Chester did kill whatever wasn't does one. It was the last of the ones that had been doing this, but this is just like job then, because in jaws they had the Red Herring shark that they killed yeah and they day I wanted to cut it open. In the mayor said. I'm not going to let you cut that thing open in front of everyone, let that child spill out of its guts and Richard Dreyfuss said there's no way that's the shark, because that the truck were looking for his teeth, the size of a shot glass. One of my favorite lines, that's a great! It is a great lie.
but does anything and cut it open and noble knight, and it's not the shark, and this was not the wharf. I wonder, though, like how much Spielberg kind of took from this true life story to add just cause. Now that your pointing it out there is a lot of similarities between the two, like their level. There were human, oh yeah was um. Tudor elderly health. Certainly, what is going on, I don't know, they did find human remains in these wolves that were killed so there was. There was a really support. The idea that it was a group of wolves that were killing people in that even at the time. Even in this place, this little area was, over run by wolves. There was a huge wolf problem in and thats really what was the basis of all this this these attacks right they did not find the Louisiana license. Plate sportsmen's paradise rat will be my last jaws reference. That was a that's a trivial question right there. Just waiter Johnson answer be like do you
but, like we said in one thousand seven hundred and sixty seven, they did a man named John Shots. Tell, I guess, killed what the who everyone kind of degrees was the wolf, because the killing stop To that end, you know there was still debate on whether or not it could have been something else. I think wolf experts say you know what a back then wool would attack people much more than they do now and in the heat of the moment, with adrenaline going on, wolves can be really puffy, certain times either code there really big boy, once long limbs it could people could easily exaggerate. The size of the thing is maybe the size of a horse yeah. Because, in over the years there are a lot of things that were attributed to this, there was a Hyena dawn, which has a prehistoric giant, Hyena, Jack Old type dog. That would have just turn you to shreds, probably not that dire, Wolf same situation. That was
extinct. There is the idea that it was actually human, a serial killer who was actually on the prowl, but probably not it because they were just so prolific. If that was the case that a human probably couldn't. have carried out these killings, and then there is also the idea that a human was involved, but that they were acting as a wolf whisperer directing the wolves to kill like this. But then people said now: it's probably just a lot of wolves or a lot of wool. Writer and people were leaving their little kids out to ten livestock, which just don't see any more in theirs, far fewer hold. So that's all. It was just statistics coming back and internet to shreds.
In a wolf being a wolf. This would make for good movie. I think the setting in everything yeah lends itself to system that could be clinical yeah and one other thing. That's kind of cool about this. As there were survivors who were attacked him. Some of them were like little kids who fend off wolves. One girl did she had a a bayonet attached to a staff and used to stab the wolf and the beasts of Java Dan and some some lived to tell the tale, which is pretty cool, deftly movie? Let's do it movie material Chuck, Anything else will then see later. Everybody ok, stuff, you should Know- is the protection of Iheart radio. From our past, my heart ready Is it that I hurt radio apple had passed over every listen to your favorite show,
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