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Short Stuff: Is It Theater or Theatre?

2021-01-06 | 🔗

Have you ever noticed sometimes theaters – we mean, theatres – oh, forget it – places where you see movies or plays – are sometimes spelled two different ways? You can thank Noah Webster, author of the first American dictionary, for that.

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A marker, new sort of fine Josh, this shock and mrs short stuff and the one where we get into explaining. Why some places you go to see a movie or play or spelled theatre, Th E, eighty are iii and others are spelled: theatre, teach E, a t, r and as a thin, do with on being, futuristic or anything like that. I'd love this because, like when we go online tour, Chuck yeah, it's almost invariably theater, but their everyone's. While you run up against a place, a venue that spells it theatre with the e r instead of our e and its mind, boggling its it, sir, it's probably the the worst thing that happens on tours. That is.
having to deal with the differentiation between those two yeah. It's funny. I had a feeling you're gonna mention that, because when we You are or tour website there through through opposite square space, I always have to go back and double check in your right. It usually is r E. It seems like, and I like the way that looks on paper and on a billboard, looks very real, It reminds you of her rich, have rich like em, red, deep red velvet curtains things like that it's like an evening with Josh and chalk, not just Josh and chuckling, comes a judge and choke. If you want who cares, you know, that's the e r version, the r? U version is, like you said in the evening with George and truck that's right, so this came about from one man his name was Noah Webster and at first I was thinkin wait. A minute did
Gibson play him in a movie, but I looked it up and that was the guy who is writing the Oxford English dictionary? Oh really not Noah Webster, who rode Webster's dictionary. What book was the movies the men were two faces. Now the professor, mad man, I think, I never heard of that. Ok, so I have so. I've heard the story before that there were. There was a dictionary out there. I thought it was the American English dictionary. Not not the Oxford wonder like there was a guy who was in an asylum. Forget easing contributed like significantly to that dictionary right, that's the one yeah I haven't seen it, but I've heard of her good things. I didn't love. Dixon was in here the famous anti semite right so or talking is said about the other dictionary, not the Oxford English dictionary, the American English dictionary created by no Webster who turns out to have been a bit
Polly math back in the eighteenth century, cool dude, from what I understand yeah. He seems like a quite the renaissance man. He was born in connect tickets in seventeen, fifty eight and after the revolutionary war started in seventeen, seventy five he's in college at Yale WAR ends he's. in a militia like a patriot militia graduates and then becomes a teacher Then an attorney and then started to say your articles of confederation or garbage, and then the way their their laid out, and it would be much better if you did these things yeah, I couldn't find what he was credited with. As far as that goes well, though, I did see some free speech stuff. He may have been a big advocate of four
speech when he was a member of an anti slavery society. So here's the founder of the Connecticut society for the abolition of slavery. Yes, that tracks- and he also help found em hers college in Massachusetts. but he's known as dictionary guy yeah, and he had this whole thing where he felt like Amerika needed to come into its own, intellectually celebrate its culture more intellectually, and that a good way to do. That was the kind of separate itself education wise from the old british system in the old british books and used by new beautiful american books, and he there weren't any at the time. So he set about creating one himself. He found out like actually little american school kids are learning from the old british books and use very upset about that. So he said you know what I'm going to create some
indifferent, yeah pre dictionary which will get to after the break. He wrote something called the american spelling Book, which was also referred to as the blue, backed speller. I guess at a blue cover on the back Johnny I can think of. I arose referring to a character who had a blue back in the book: If he so, but it was a big success- is all about a hundred million copies eighteen. Eighty three, which has just astounding and we know now because we have a book that is not sold a hundred million copies. Now no chuck it was a hundred million copies by eighty eighty three. So in a high now years, that's really astounding in it! Dylan Print today yeah, but it helps their dies, American English for teachers, and then he thought this is aid, but what I really want to do is right a dictionary and we can take a little break and tell you about that. Result this
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Then he wanted to do which was to help d british eyes, american school kids learning those a good good first start, but then he said you know. Yes, I believe the children our future, teach them well, let them lead the way etc. But I also think that we need to get to the adults as well. We need to just basically create a tome, a text That is the definitive guide to American English, because everybody's runnin around here saying things a little differently, but we're still spell in them the british way, and that has to end say I know of Webster that's right and it ended up being that seventy thousand word dictionary of the american dictionary. I'm sorry, an american dictionary of the english language is the full title, and he said you know the word color. It didn't need that you, you don't hear it and we're wasting ink.
drop. It plough, he would apply a field just go out and p hello w that field. Don't p, Pierre Low Eugene age. That field cassettes wasted time right, which what I do is go ahead with the w the piano, w and drown, I am very grateful to him that we we have words like draft spelled with enough, rather than a U g h her, you know plough spelled the right way and good color, without a u or honour, without a? U it I'll make sense, and I guess it had to do with those like. I said the way that people were pronouncing words in America. We're still saying the same word, but we were. We were saying slightly differently, so it made sense to kind of alter the spelling. Some words he went after, though, did not stick their did they yeah, hey, look so funny
on paper I wish they would have stuck because he proposed spelling tongue tee in G, which, for some reason, just looks infinitely dirtier heroics sexual for someone india to me and women debut me and he proposed. Should peace felt w I am in absolute w. I M M e in women yet which, since derogatory almost time without very lonely. Women sounds like who cares kinda spelling. You know, I'm thinks I'm glad that those two stayed the same. yeah and it just looks very strange, of course it had they made this changes. We would look it tongue, Tito in G and think that looks very like draft here, a huge hd. We think that looks workers is just what you know growing up, but theatre is what we're here to talk about and the there was one of those I think pre
Webster. It was always are in that right. Yes, there were there no other way to spell theatre except T, H, e t, r e until Webster came along. He said not to that yes swap amount, but This is what an example one that can a half took other is no correct way you can use either one is a notion then the world, a theatre that, if you're talking about the world of theatre, you'd, say ART sport with an r e, but you actually perform at a theatre with an e r, and I think I can do that. But that's not even you know the hard and fast rule which I mean. That makes sense to me, but I don't think chuck of everything hundred anybody who actually like any any normal person like his walking around that believe that or that held that that viewpoint have you know I mean I think I've heard it
You said theatre with an army might refer to the industry of on, plays and shows, but should have now seen. Anyone right. You know the theater we perform at a theater and then I spell that two different ways yeah. I just I've never encountered it before, but it does make sense. And apparently some people do kind of see see the world like that. But for the rest of us were just going to stay, muddled and confused till the end of time. walking out are ii and III are for theatre, because in the end it really matter that whoever you're talking to his gonna know what you're talking about and if you're a prescriptive as no a descriptive. If that's that's language says what counts. That's right and I think the end result is hopefully some time next fall and winter you might be able to see at spend an evening with Josh and Chuck at a theatre right or affirm. It is kind of feeling super american at a better way.
Well, since we said Peter two different ways, I think everybody is clear that this is the Indus short stuff, ensure stuff, says adios. Study should know, is production of Iheart radios. How stuff works for more podcast, my heart, radio? I hurt radio apple pie, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows.
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