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Short Stuff: Necco

2021-01-20 | 🔗

If you think Necco Wafers are the most disgusting candy on the planet, you are not alone. But it turns out there’s a rich history behind those chalky discs that make them fascinating, if horrible.

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Hey, unwelcome, do the short stuff I'm Josh hinders shock in this is the next away for a short stuff on mecca wafers. The wafers from MECCA go ahead and ask your question: shuck, have you ever thought about putting a neck go away for in your mouth boils good the drama. You know. I've never had. One of these I haven't even I've got my really oh yeah now. Can we pledged to do ever have them are now? What do you want to? I don't know it's could go either way to really good good question like out a bit like I could I could He going you hold, I like getting that in engraved on your tombstone, like had never had a negative way. So what we're talking about is a candy its reference
pretty prominently in some movie in a line, and I could not think of what it was which really bug me. but that sort of where I even heard of MECCA wafers was, I think, just through pop culture. It's not something not only have I not had won, I dont know anyone who's ever had one like I've never been with someone who was just shown on Necker wafers were at a family member. That was an echo enthusiast now. It said its typically and I don't mean to be a just by its typically viewed- is kind of like a grandma candy. you know, where lay saltwater taffy, even though I know you love the dude, it's so good. Solar taffy is just so good one, stunner? I am not arguing that I'm saying it's a bit of a grandma candy only letter sure I'm with the army are grandma's. God rest, her soul, see exactly right, but now that the EU has this kind of that whole Lumm, doily
kinda were around, and you know what I'm saying sure you gotta think when you by Nicole wafers it comes at the doily it behind it. You just unroll. The wax packaging is. Oh. If you see this, you probably have you know we're talking about. You probably have seen it. It's like comes in like a kind of a wax paper. Raw tube and then the wafers themselves are a little bigger than the size of a quarter. Maybe and their dusty chalking. Weirdly colored to the colors are brown gray, not a guarantee like no not at all, but think about a multi colored rule of of this chalky dusty multi flavoured King Indy, that that they're not complimentary flavors either it's a mess, Necker wafers are met, and that is gonna say it for a hundred and seventy
your old mass ear? I guess I'll just go ahead and mention as flavors. You ve got the lemon yellows the lime greens, the Orange Orange Light purple is clove. Do you know ever get one of those near my mouth cinnamon his white, that weird Winner, green is pink. We also weird licorice is dark grey and then there is a chocolate. Labour, which is brown, and I guarantee of it, does not tastes like chocolate. No- and I was like I, like you- can look at neck away tourism be like. I know what that's going to tastes like and I am not going to like it. I agree, but you and I have had basically Necker wafers because the neck o company, we should say the name, is kind of an acronym. It stands for New England Candy Company right. They also the makers,
of conversation. Hearts. You know there s a be mine, I'm yours, those are made his early shaped neck away, furs, it's the same exact thing, so those things and when you ve tried them before been like these are absolutely horrible. You would think the same thing about an echo wafers. Yeahs makes a lot of sense is so it's just a its neck away versus the thinner sort of coin. Like version of those? Yes, they dont say something like be minor. I'm yours, parent led the ones these. They say a mail me or origin, or grab, a glass of water right joined. It is going to be terrible. I let's take a break here. We'll talk a little bit more about where they started and why there still around right after this
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thousand hours of investigation, mysteries and documentaries, discovery plus as the greatest collection of true crime stream. What you lot lawn discovery, plus download and stream. Now, sir, If we get it, in a way back machine and went back to nineteen o one. We would see nega wafers being cranked out from the New England Candy company
even though, apparently they were around since eighteen, forty, seven of adding like it that you are one of the young one of the co founders of New England, candy company, invented this lozenge Missy Machine that machine that basically popped out these little wafers and one of the first things they did was use it to make neck away for so neck away for is actually predate, predate neck o itself would be called hub. Wafers and hub was like an old timey name like Slang term for Boston, so they were Boston Way where's originally, but they predate the company that made them famous and they predates virtually every popular candidate. We know of an moody Mozilla her. She bar officially came out one year, pre prior, but every every other sort of candy bar that she no love came around the nineteen twenty and thirty? As far as the classics go right
Emma names in the nineteen forties, but the neck away for in nineteen o one, they packet and soldiers rations in the civil war, which would should be your first like stay far away from the scheme, in twenty twenty one sort of warning like if they put it in civil war rations, you probably gonna- be here today so so, let's debatable whether it actually wasn t the civil war, like
the long standing thing that neck has been saying for a while, but I think some historians I've looked into her like a hundred percent sure about that, but they definitely was in the rations of american soldiers and were war to cause. The government actually took over the neck O factory in requisition, like a sizeable portion of their production to to give two soldiers cause. They dont melt there really portable and it's like a high calorie, dense, snack yeah and the civil war was over in eighteen. Sixty five, so hedgerow just been at first version that whatever they were called the hub, the hub once soap. At any rate there made from sugar
and corn syrup. There, like you, said, super chalky, and if you, if you take a survey, r r C a survey than online per candies, it's usually can right at the bottom. I feel bad has we're doing nothing but bagging on this classic hand on people, love them really from what I've seen it from one of the company spokespeople. Yes, some people love them, get a sweetheart. If you want something like that or a spree squeezer even better spree, what is a spree? Oh, it's like the shiny. The shiny, slicker version of sweethearts is not at all powder. It's got a slick, shiny coding and its superior in taste as well. I now really above those real They were wouldn't, might gain pieces. Yes, they did so
a lot more fun to eat them. Could you be like I'm not supposed to be? Innocence was to be playing in TS. I'm gonna eat it. Well, that's a nice transition actually because, as far as neck away Moscow people sometimes by them, and use them for kids.
train them on communion, edible poker chips, shingles for gingerbread houses, it's a nice application, guess or place markers. So there is actual evidence that some people do enjoy the taste of them because they current company that owns them is Spangler from Brien Ohio, family run outfit, that's more! Oh, I think over a hundred years old and Spangler very appropriately also or are the ones who make circus peanuts, which is a lot of people. Second, most hated candy Super Spangler, putting out a lot of stuff that people dont like, but whatever were you know, hats off to them for first staying at it, but I guess Spangler did or no pre Spangler the company that on them changed. The recipe like come too can make it a little little less artificially flavouring coloured, and there is a thirty five percent,
in sales. As a result, we went back to the original recipe, so that does mean that people out there do actually eat necco wafers. They don't just use them as poker chips like you were saying, yeah and you know hats off to the Spengler company. We love these small can of old school family run candy companies. I don't think that us saying that we probably won't try and let go is going to hurt there Hopefully, this trans a little light on that company yeah, but they did a survey. Last and twenty twenty. That said, the velvet seventy three percent of Americans are for me you're through at least had Necker waivers, pretty good coverage there, it seventy three percent. Baby bear baby. Boomers. Genetics obviously lead that pack, but Seventy one percent of millennials know about Nega wafers and whatever is it what's behind it? Zizi Jimsie Z is at eighteen to twenty three year old reside, even something else it I think they fall within Genji here. We need to do that.
Patients broadcast at some point, but apparently they obviously are sort of bringing up the rear with forty percent awareness. Nikko awareness is what they call it an echo awareness, but I mean that still pretty respectable further eighteen Bandy three sat in, I mean yet how much get these things I mean. What are they cost? What to do with those costs. I genuinely don't know, but I will tell you that there was a dark time where they were not around my neck. A wafers were purchased by Spangler in two thousand eighteen and they went off line and re issued them in two thousand and twenty? But now I guess there here to stay and is looked it up at a curiosity, policing.
them delivered during covered, which is great. You get a six pack and neck away first for about eighteen, fifty seven three dollars a tube. Why did not expect that teach you expected fifty nine cent snow expected to hover more around a dollar price point: yeah an american classic. The original in bold letters, candy wafer, since one thousand eight hundred and forty seven that's great what school collecting them too? There's a lot of people who clearly collect like the old nostalgic neck wafers? Is you can eat them in their tastes exactly the same today as they did when they are first made back in the eighteenth and nineteenth century does not surprise me, that's great. I made that up by the way, but that doesn't surprise me. They're. Ok, well, since check not at all surprised- and I think we reach the end of this episode- I say Chuck shortstop
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