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Short Stuff: Pimento Cheese!

2020-12-02 | 🔗

Pimento cheese was originally nothing like it is now: It was mass produced, it was made from cream cheese and it was conceived in New York. Today it’s something much better, thanks to the South!

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Hey we're going to the short so funny, Josh, there's chuck injurious here. it again on behalf of producer Dave who actually produces these. I guess she's, maybe encroaching on Dave their Toronto. I want I put my foot in that Hornets nest, but anyways short stuff, like I was saying about Timmy into cheese, yeah yeah, I why so that with the italian Spanish, those close its nearby, but the fact is check you ve just hit upon in artifact of Colin Airy history that there used to be an extra I incremental, and everyone said I don't like this here. I don't like the way it looks like out sounds
I'm getting rid of it and by God we did, and I don't like you. What am I gonna do with it, I'm just a poor parental farm. I've just been saying: pimentos, that's what I don't like. Yes, this is about pimentos cheese, the the delicious one of my favorite things that you can eat here in the south that many people most people, I think associate with the South Africa, but if not actually from the south no, it started in New York, they think as a matter of yes, what, indeed Chuck around world war, one and even more what the man pimentos cheese bore. No resemblance whatsoever to what we think of as pimentos cheese. Today it had the pimentos those pimentos peppers from Spain that are
a milder than your average hot chile pepper, but they also have like a little bit of a kick tomb worth putting in mixed together with cream cheese, mustard and some chives. There was the original permit or cheese, and it does not sound delicious. I don't think so. Very good, but apparently America around WAR War, one was just absolutely nuts for nuts is war. One apparently from about the nineteen twenties up to the nineteen forties, that form of permit or cheese was all the rage yeah. It was easily ten. It was easily shipped yet think soldiers, it was. A big part of the Russians in the war of Mass was a little slice of home. Ok, I could area like that then a little green can- and I think you know spinning what kind of mustard if it was not the biggest muster guy. But there are some kinds of comments: some kinds of brown
bastard, I would eat in other things, but not just on its own heavy hag coalmines, yellow fancy, yellow mustard. yeah, I'm not into yellow mustard at all. Okay, this is more brown. I know what you're saying totally get it give commons a chance in what I doesn't matter. It's just you. You know how dukes is just somehow different in all the best ways. As far as mayonnaise goes, coalmines is just that way with yellow mustard. It's not like it's like, oh this, but yellow masters poster tastes, like you know me I'll, have to see. I mean I a historically and I had a yellow mustard. I've ever liked at all generally dont like mustard at all, but I hastily will like it in a dish. Ok, telling you to try something. I really can I hate you.
telling thinking that I would like it if you like it, you I'm just trying to turn you into so that I think it is going to change your life. That's all I'm saying just try. Aren't I just don't like mustard I'll, try, coalmines, and maybe it sir it maybe then tastes like mustard. Just get yourself a little too so little ball thought a big ball and then put a bunch of comments, mustard in case of a spoon. Now, God give it a half an hour makes me want around him within and then seared, you think so cream cheese as payments or cheese. A sweet, little red penny into peppers and the eighteen hunter Flight- eighteen, hundreds they started coming to Amerika from Spain, and you know but like them, they were colorful. They were mile, they weren't very spicy at all and a mere, tens of that Erreth thought that it was very about a very palatable thing to them. Yang cream,
It was pretty new around the same time to survive. So the see what happens we put these together and they said others is really good, and so that version of Camino Cheese, sandwiches sorted popping up and like good housekeeping cookbooks and things like that, and so food companies started mass producing them. They may mass produced versions like the soldiers guy. World WAR, one its stuff was flying off the shelves, and so, if you were having you know, friends over for piano finger food or something like that, you would probably serve pimento cheese sandwiches, but it would be a pimento spread that you would buy at the store and spread on the bread. And then there you go, and that is nothing like what pimento cheese has as we think of today, and it was the whole reason that it made the transition was because the south is wacky and, I think Chuck. We should take a message break and then come back and talk about how the wacky south
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the recipes in America, so few people, finally under that here in the U S, they started man producing it. It was in grocery stores and then the south steps up and says even here in georgia- is a matter of fact and said. You know what I think we can grow these little peppers right here. Can we have some seeds, Spain? In fact, Griffin Georgia became the piano capital of the United States trade they got seeds from the spanish consulate in their early nineteen hundreds and by the time nineteen minerals around they their harvesting, the stuff they are making it rain with pimentos and people you're crazy, said so Griffin. Georgia was the parental capital during that first cream cheese, pimentos cheese boom between the nineteen, twenty seven nineteen forties. But the thing is: is in the south: either there wasn't easy access to cream cheese
or people are just like. I don't like this Yankee cream cheese stuff. Let's try said it was dad, I'm guessing. It was wet too so they took what was a mass produced, cheese spread and decided to Decoct it into their own thing. The south did and they they kind of, took the idea of pimento cheese and turn it into something totally different. They got rid of the cheese, the cream cheese they did away with the mustard. They didn't have anything to do with chives and instead they said, let's keep the pimentos, so we can still call a pimento cheese. But, let's change absolutely everything else, and it's kind of check into saying, like this, this deviled chicken spread
That's mass produced that you you'd make a sandwich out of, let's figure out a way to alter that and call it chicken spread still, but then that will become the new chicken spread and the other chickens, but will be lost to history. Basically, what's the books, a chicken spread, your ever had chickens pretty it is a sultan delight chuck. Is it like tunafish Elinor Somethin for chicken salad? Yes, no ads, actually, basically whipped chicken with mild chunks, Still salty as the day is long and you just put it on some bread and you got a little sandwich or don't add anything else to it. You just chicken spread on bread or toast plain bread or toast and eat, and, like you will prune up from from all of the salt, I suddenly invade your body, but it's really taste if not really really bad. For you. I think I know what you're talking about, because when I worked at Golden Pantry in Athens in college, there
would be like roadwork would commander in the middle the day and get like potted chicken tin chicken. salty and the other one area that what it was yeah or Vienna saw so? You would be on the same aisle with it. If you just look slightly to the left of the Vienna sausage you're going to find the devil chicken spread to blow the dust off of it, it's so good, though I mean it's tasty, it's not good good to the wrong word. It's it's just a tasty, terrible, snack or eight. So here South, like you said they said, was changed up altogether they. So we don't like that cream cheese. We donate beagles down here in the south and let's find something else, that's white and delicious and abundant in that thing is manages day replaced the cream cheese
with my own eyes. There was any one at other cheese. Struggling cheese is sure I think too, because they feel guilty about not adding cheeses having man he's implementers of that would be a dish, but they added shredded cheese. Usually chatter, and apparently it's your preference up to your preference, whether you use sharper mild shudder, but that's the other big ingredient. So you ve got pimentoes mayonnaise shredded cheese. He basically have parental cheese with just those three ingredients. Yeah- and you know the community's has become one of those things where every family has their own recipe. If you're independent of cheese and like you said there are some Smallbury You can add some little spices here and there you can add some now, letters you can add a few different kinds of cheese. If you want proportions, may change a little bit. It's basically the same thing. The obscene people had bacon and how opinions and
You know my favorite is the palmetto cheese, but I started We had the paramilitaries are yet a demo did some research, though I am a kind of fell off them. Well, I did that seem research and kind of start halfway through us like a really enough. I wanna know any more sure: have you think I mention this last time we talked about palmetto, which is when I authority research, but I'm Queen Charlotte from Charlotte North Carolina there, so you should know listener. They sent a sum if you'll remember, and it is just absolutely amazing so It's really Mongolia. The days. Think of your answer and Queen Charlot Domenici's. You view got pretty much the best you can get but were lowered the cheese huh. They sent his cheese you're hurting the geniuses years ago, and I offered it to you and I think he turned it down. I would never heard something that somebody sensors, you crazy,
I don't remember the nodes pure have someone is mustard right? They sentenced mustard and then to some other stuff you care about I'll, have to try to Queen Charlot. He should yeah. Of course I I would have liked. I would not have just hoarded something somebody said to his comma, so the great thing about permit or cheese too, as you can just make yourself at home sure, which you have those three things get. So that's what I would say I would suggest trying you could also chuck go to the masters which are very well known for permanent she's right near they decide that the new far classic. So if you go the masters, even if you ve never been to the masters like me, you know that they have a piano cheese sandwich there. That's like as important as the Gulf, its being played. They sell him for a dollar fifty. But apparently there is a bit of a scheme
because they use the guy named Nick Rangos, who made their pimento cheese from the mid 1950s all the way until one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight and the Augusta national people said you know what we're going to switch over to somebody else. Would they do that? I don't know they're all about tradition, but get this caterer. They switch to is named their companies called wife savour which, if I have ever encountered a company, that's owned by a man. Who's not married its whoever named wife savour caterers, but he he couldn't get the recipe from Nick Rangoon. Stick rang us, and you know what you're gonna drop me. This secret recipe is going to stay secret and in fact he carried the secret recipe to his grave, but wife savour figure.
Now how to make it and figured out that there is indeed a secret secret ingredient to that recipe and they're keeping that recipe secret to so no one knows how to make the piano cheese at Augusta National, except for John. Why safer and also you know if you ve, review from different parts of the country of never had it generally eaten cold like spread on a cracker. You can. You can eat just a penalty sandwiched between two pieces of bread, or you can use it as your cheese. If you have a cap, a turkey sandwich something and you want to use percentages instead of slice. Jesus Delicious fell so good with them. Cheeseburgers, as is the cheese on a cheeseburger, Yeah like you, can eat at heart or warm its generally serve cold, but it is pretty good on a cheeseburger. It is good, it tastes totally different hot Bennett,
cold. I mean not not like. Oh, this is the hot version of communities. It tastes like a different thing, almost anything I think so. I really brings out the like he in the pimentos to me. I don't find a minister had any heed any did indeed a branch out any de grossing pimentos. I'm curious to do that. Go down a griffin, imbue, ok, Gimme, some Pomona do anything else What's it for short of everybody, pimentos cheese away. Study should now is production. I hurt radios has stuff works for more podcast, my heart radio? Is it that I heard in Africa or wherever you listen to. Your favorite shows.
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