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Short Stuff: Squarer Than Wombat Poop

2021-05-05 | 🔗

One of the cutest animals on the planet is also the only one that squeezes out cube-shaped poop. Find out why today.

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A boy and welcomed the sorts of Antioch Stairs Chuck. Mrs short stuff about one that is at the sound they make. I know, but it is for people who live outside of Australia. Ok, will this sort of came about just from are recording two days ago on which one was at an end in the appendix yeah appendix because we talked about digestion improving yeah- and you said something about one bats having square poop and I was glad you're like a new because you're in front of my face, you showed me a picture which was amazing. I didn't even maybe takes it to me too, because you're so used to doing that, and so we should do short stuff on this, and we are two days later by God, we're doing it. We are we're Talkin bout Square, proofs, corporate square square poop there
it starts a year in something else, and it came out we're there the her thoughts go now. I don't know. I will say this, though, this after researching this, this really clear up that old, saying that had heard since I was a kid that had never got witches that guy's squares wanna bet I guess I have not heard that before you never heard of you really her that some may say that, like some, you know, you see some nerd that guy squares warm bed like those that even mean you just keep saying that her. I love it. I think we should start it that has made it up today. Ok, so regard
most of all these phrases. There's there's really only one animal on the planet that poops in cubes- and that is the wamba, and I think in particular the bare NOS one bat, which are by the way chuck about is cute as they come near a stroke. He has got to things. They have animals that will kill you dead and animals that you only want to hug guess, but sometimes I will kill you dead too. Yes, exactly! That's that's the great thing about Austria. So these are the warm bed. There they're usually described his stout there very thick. They have short legs, but they're really powerful made use him to dig. They have long clause either they used to dig subterranean burrows in and their cousins of the Koala in a kind of look like they look a bit like a cross between a coup,
Waller and a little tiny bear a stuffed animal for young. Basically, but I suspect that because of the sharp cause you don't wanna get between a Mamma Wamba and her baby wamba. You know what I'm saying yeah they're, also bigger than I thought for some reason about one bats were fairly small, but they weigh up to seventy seven pounds or thirty five kilograms. If you're in Australia and They are pretty territorial, but they do share their space with their friend. That is very kid. They will mark their trails and stuff with sent and those little cube shape, poops, which I think we ve mentioned. Yet they put out a hundred six sided, turns every single day being used. The tea word I mean is that a backward? It's not bad. It's it's out of my most hated words of all. Well,
it looks and even grocer spelled out for the access. Everything about is terrible fate, even live work itself, even looks brown, somehow, I'm not sure how but Does everything about it is wrong. I don't know if I should say this now and I can say this good, ok, are we gonna leave red and yellow sleeve an enemy the old man? You gotta things, but you said it six sided T words right to it looks vaguely like dice and didn't. Even if he was like. Let me know cuz, it's a cube. It's not a perfect cube, look at your poop and then look at wombat poop and see what closer to Kublai Khan you're gonna say I definitely the wamba and then, if you stop and say, oh wait a minute. The wamba is the only Eu Animal on the planet that pooped cubes. This is kind of weird may be worth investigating and for a long time no one wanted to kill a warm back to dissected and figure
What was going on in there, so we just basically walked round and said if it must have something of a square shaped rectum. I guess that's it that's going to solve the thing, will you but I think the very first thing that someone did was look. You know on the The hind quarters say now that is and his round can be ya. Think they're expecting one of those Plato squeeze through. Shapes. You no longer know whether like it's it's a start acting. now. There is a normal size, round autumn. Whole name is, I think a researcher put his finger in there just to make sure I know its round gosh there we go. I think we should all yes you're. The guy you said turn So now, you're suddenly grow stout. Well, They bottom hold any get put his finger and put his finger on the mob. That's bottom. After thirteen years I never know where you're gonna fall. So that's great. I like to keep your
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you know what I want. I'm treating these around looking into treating mange disease and combats anyway. So let me dissect this thing a meal, the intestines and wholly molly? They have a couple of groups in there and students where there a little more elastic than the rest, and that was in twenty eighteen and I think, a couple years later, when they did
Are there tat straight yet our own George attack down the street was an attack yeah David who or Hugh Biomechanics researcher George Attack led this, the second american group into Wamba intestines, and why Wamba Poohpooh Square? They don't mention that David Hue and his team waited for a wamba to get hit by a car like the austrian researchers. It just says they dissected too warm bets so probably best others too many questions around. That will also have to take it away back in Atlanta exactly there to his. Maybe they had em in these kind of pushed him out toward seventy five sixty waits. You know, let nature take its course dear or they just picked up the phone and called any australian number in some guy said I'll. Get you to want bats, but you are what you are
yes or whenever they go unaddressed? That's pretty great! So, regardless they get their hands on it. while that may have been alive? May not we're not quite sure exactly what happened there, but they really focus on the intestines in that elastic. Part and they found that. Not only is there a region that more elastic that's less constricting in the intestines of the warm bats, then other parts they also found one part that stiffer than the rest and that all this weirdness in the intestines takes place. In about the last seventeen percent of the warm as intestines unaids here finally figured out that the square poop starts to take its shape yeah, and it happens because I may think the stiff portions, like a stiff robber band or basically the whole thing like a rubber band, is stiff. Portions are like it's different verb and which isn't a thing hate to break it to David, Duke
and the softer regions or more droopy in Canada hang down. So it creates like this wave like action, and the whole key to me seems like how slow these forty thousand contractions happen right to get this poop out. It seems like it's just a very slow process and just kind of moulded into a little square or again I may we have like a pretty long digestive tract, but the WAN bats intestines earth times longer than the warm bat itself and its digestion process takes about four times longer than humans, it gets every bit. Moisture and water out of the every nutrient that can possibly get so it poops out these very dry cube poops, and it does that because the digestive process takes so long, but the other key to it to Chuck is that the contractions of moving the poop through
the intestines in basically every other animal on earth does contractions and movements are this aim everywhere around the intestine right. The wamba is super far, as we know the only animal that has different sections that move differently at different times and that's what produces the edges in the squares in the shape of the square poop? They finally figured it out it
the things where it helps a lot of your biomechanics researcher, because they they are not the best at explaining things. So it's kind of hard to get it's one of the things I have to say the intestines a move differently than other intestines, and it has the time to create these sides and shapes yeah. I mean it's almost like a perfect little square compression machine. You know that it set up to be that way, which sort of lends itself to the question like will wise is happening than if it's a perfect little machine making these little square proofs, it frankly looked quite delicious inedible because they're so dry, it looks like a little candy treat or something it has sunk in what you just said. What, but about what you just said, Wamba.
hoops like Delicious. They do. It looks like a little chocolate confection to me. Ok, I mean, if you put one on a bunch of monoplane at a party. Might actually mistake, one you know, did you make air quotes with when you are mistaken? jerk all right, so they went out of the question likewise, is happening. Why is it making these perfect little q boobs and the who has a bad idea that hey? Maybe you know these things, poop on rocks and tree logs and branches and stuff to mark their area and obviously something square will sit better and maybe evolution airily speaking, that's just what hat over the years. Yet I mean his guess is as good as any he's the one who who dissected to combat and found the whole intestine thing and actually mean.
a lot of sense. I ever heard any rival explanations I should say now I mean he got an ignoble prize written indefinitely anything like a biomechanics guy. They he publisher. by the way, the the article in the journal, soft matter for real and saying, like there's, there's buyer mechanically speaking, we can probably use the Wamba intestines work as some sort of model or inspiration for shaping other things, but really the most immediate practical application has. Is that does drier and square Wamba poop is the healthier. The warm bed is so it can be used as a measure standard in four wamba at Saint kept in captivity. Musket. Yes, a woozy
I'm contributing I noticed, governance, it's a wamba murderer, Unum Gmbh, contributing to the greater good they're. Just those two. Let's not talk about them. You just take a bite super dry that this a healthy one that her pass it around the order, absolutely milk. By the way, a very slow must be policies. So I checked his laughed there's a pregnant pause of awkward silence. It's me Everybody should suffer then stuff. You should now is a production of Iheart radio. From our past, my heart, radio, is it that I hurt radio broadcasts are wherever you listen to your favorite show.
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