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Short Stuff: Squirrel Nuts

2020-11-18 | 🔗

We know squirrels hide nuts. But it's actually more complex a system than you think.

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Hey, there hi there ho there and welcome to the shorts to find Josh, there's chuck and I'm Josh and there's Chuck and Chuck's here and I'm Josh. And let's go because we're talking about squirrels to zip, zip zally yeah. This is genuine continuation of our squirrel talk we ve, never done one on swirls, but I know the cup years ago you talked about the squirrel, being your foe and then you had since turn. To love and embrace squirrels and loved the squirrels. I had a squirrel attack me, which you can see on my video doorbell. If you go to Instagram Chuck the pod castor at check the Pike Esther, you can. My squirrel attack that, where the squirrel ran at my leg and now we're gonna talk about something I thought was pretty interesting, which is
squirrels and the notion of them gathering nuts and things for the winter in hiding o k, wild relative, bring them rather heck of an inch of Czech. That's it for short stuff everybody. Yes, so I've heard about these studies before and you like. This is a news to me. It was news to me. Ok, so what we're talking about it turns out there dumb squirrels that live in trees called tree squirrels their different from ground squirrels in one big thing that-
and she ate them aside from where they Nestor DEN either on the ground or in a tree, is a tree squirrels, typically don't hibernate, which is cool, because then that means you can see squirrels year round, but it's rough for the squirrels, because then that means that they have to sustain themselves nutritionally throughout the year which can get kind of hard in the winter months, which is why everybody squirrels, especially tree squirrels, tend to stow food. They gather food during the fall to last them through the winter. That's right in its also! Why this time of year, especially in Atlanta, a k, a city of ten million squirrels. It seems like they are everywhere this time of year, nuts lying on the ground. Little acorns or falling on the ground and squirrels are very, very busy in it. It sort of you. You can't take this for granted, cuz they're everywhere, but occasionally
we'll be driving around, and I will just sort of laughter myself about the fact that in my purse, in my view, let's say walking or driving. I see like ten wild animals just running around in the middle of a city, yeah they're everywhere they are well, you know. Georgian land in particular is particularly wooded metropolis, so it makes sense that they be everywhere in ITALY. I think, if you went to Like Kansas City, you be sorely disappointed. His did your boy life metropolis. Ok, I'm trying out new ways of saying I love it. I hope they catch his fire. Thank you. Thank you. So, with these with these squirrels, when their storing stuff for the winter weather, during all this stuff. What are they eating while there eating with called mass, which is one of my favorite words, is also called tree fruit things like acorns briskly nuts? They grow lunch.
They also, I didn't know this chuck apparently also will eat a baby birds, whether in their nest nest lanceor. I didn't know that that was disappointing to hear so it rough, but there's one other thing: you need to know about squirrels, it's pretty amazing when they jump off of a tree and land on the ground. If you take a snapshot, photo them landing, they land like their superheroes in like a three point stance with their there, one of their arms bald into a fist and pulled up by their side like they should have a cape in a mask on basically It's pretty amazing. I think we might mention that in another episode, but is it is worth looking up on the internet for sure yeah, so I went there there gathering none to it I went while they're wearing their little caper there masking, as you know, fall comes. They really have to step it up cuz they wanted. They want to gather it for winter, but the thing is is when they gather this stuff. They don't
actually gather and stored in their Nestor in their Dan cause. There's not enough room, and this actually finally Chuck finally, several minutes in four plus minutes in we get to the point of this short stuff. We should take a break her heart, that's it best cliffhanger. We were. How do you get me? I must take a break in we're gonna talk about what happens from this point forward. Read after this hey everybody? I wanna talk to you about your website that doesn't look good and this hard to program because airspace does it better yeah they do square. base. Is this amazing magical tool that you can just basically good people,
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Alright superhero squirrels wit, winters coming right game, a throne style. They know they get a horde, those nuts there also eaten nights yeah, they got it. You know sustain themselves along the way, so they will eat stuff that they find, but they also bury their stuff. That's what they do. They don't actually have like a paint tree euro area of their day turn nest where they're, storing the nuts they store them in an area around their tree, usually or where their Nestor DEN is but apparently took bill. Bill expand out like two thousand seven hundred and seven acre radius around that. he too yeah they can there called scatter hoarders and generally, they like the kind stick close to home, but if forced to but ever reason they will expand. Like you said up to set
acres away from their tree, and I think you know and ale did. A lot of the services of chipmunks are the same, but all you can picture because of those, Chippendale and Alvin in the gang. Why? I guess avenant them all they did was performed concerts, but are you you bet with chicken chippendale and running up, unlike stuffing a tree pole full of nuts right of the winter? So that's kind of what you figure happens, but they don't they they no other squirrels are watch out so and then no can command steal their their sack of nuts is buried so that they barium Ex cop fishing about an inch underground and cover up, and though you and crack open that, sometimes to keep them germinating. It's pretty smart and heroes. There's two really great parts here to the end of this one. The first one really gets me was in two thousand eight. They did a study that found that eastern gray squirrels have deceptive caching
So they know others worlds are watching, so they will literally go dig little hole. and go awry. I'm just gonna put this acorn right in here stuff it in their mouth, through a quick cover up the whole and then run off and be like our. I just left that acorn buried over there s nothing to see here right In that amazing, it is pretty amazing. How are they to that that they and their debility acting now? That's another way. To put it the other thing that they do as far as bearing this stuff is that they Well, we'll put them in areas where they are at risk to go, dig them up like a risk.
Predation kind of Allen, the open far enough away from the tree, where they're kind of it's just getting increasingly risky to take to go retrieve that nut, but that they'll put high value nuts, then we'll talk about how how squirrel sort notes in a second but they put high value, not there, because if it's a risky for them, it's just as risky for another squirrel who's, not who who it doesn't belong to, and so that might cut down. and another school coming along in pilfering there there buried nuts that's right. There was another study. This one was by Mikhail oh god, oh Andalusia, Jacobs professors that you see berkeley- and they said you know what this casing thing is a lot more complex than even we knew they did these experiments over nineteen months fur from twenty two to twenty fourteen. They said
forty five marked free, ranging Eastern Fox squirrels one night at a time. Sixteen for each squirrel and all different kinds of nuts hazelnuts, pecans walnuts, almonds to good stuff, and if the squirrels didn't eat the nuts like he know, we said they had to take care of themselves, but if they were, been fed for the day they tracked using GPS, where they buried their little, not prizes, and what did they find out? They found out that they bury them, basically, according to things like size type, potentially calorie density taste, and so they they grated them basically on on value, and so like say in They gave a squirrel a bunch of walnuts. They would bury the walnuts generally in the same area, away from say, worthy,
the omens are the acorns or whatever, and this is called spatial Chunky and it's a mnemonic device that we use, but it's pretty amazing that squirrels use it to to remember where they put something generally like walnuts are generally over here. So if I am hungry for a walnut I can just go. were there and I'm going to dig up a walnut, so it's it's literally a device to remember things because it's a strategy they said in their quote, I took, is a cognitive strategy to decrease memory, load and increase accuracy of retrieval, so hey, you translate, that is squirrel, so I go on bearing a lot and not so they use this little mnemonic device to remember where all the good stuff is plus also don't forget. They have squirrel size brains, so the other they want to take his many short cuts in uses, mainly MIKE Devices. They possibly can remember where they bury these doubts in it makes sense that they would be good at this, because their survival depends on it. In a sorry,
this is a huge brains, now very small, bring very small re that are good at taking shortcuts, because it's true one of the other things, though, is this. This really indicates that Sir I remember where they bury nuts They do they have devices for that, but they also forget alot. They don't always crack open and not, which means that squirrels go round and plant lots of trees every year by going and burying acorn, You know in the ground or walnuts in the ground. That's how it's one of the ways that such a lot of trees or propagated is through squirrels who go basically garden. so that is squirrels everybody. They have their favorites hide them where they dont want them get found. Just like I would do a you know. It's weird, though Chuck. I have one question real, quick. Why dont humans? corns. We everything else, all those other nuts that they use to to test the squirrels. I with a omens walnuts all that,
those two. Basically, what are we acorns any ideas? I think they might be toxic in their bitter. Ok, you ever wrote one were arose today: corn yeah, like a campfire and eat it afterwards. There, a corn, squash ye. I do. I don't know that things like a corn. Now you got anything else about squirrels or a currency, or anything like that, and nothing else. Ok, well. Everybody's shucks said nothing else. That means that we have come to the end the choice that ensures that is out of step. He should know its production of I hurt radios, how stuff works for more podcast, my heart, radio, I heard radio apple podcast or were Listen to your favorite chance.
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