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Short Stuff: The Brain-Bladder Connection

2018-12-26 | 🔗

How much do you know about the brain-bladder connection? In about 15 minutes, it'll be a lot more. 

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Hey, you know, condensed surety short stuff, you sure sure, guy guys gal base a short, because this short stuff, including us just Chuck Jerry. Well short, are you gonna make that, sir? similar type joke on a lady's. That's no juncture you know. I really Newman said about short people. What I got no reason to live, never lets. You do know that song know that lead to stick like such a left turn. I was not expecting Joe people got no reason only a man that was it. That was a topped in hit my friend, your crew, when I'm telling you I m, he had to be the seventies. Ok, look it up the only talk to head of his that I know. Is I love airway. We love it. That's a great on the surest, alright, so Libya,
you somethin have you ever gone home, yes put and felt just like her. I am having a good day. I'm home missus great, should put the key in the door and as soon as you start that process you like. Oh, I M God, yes, I have to pee, really really bad. I cannot express to you how many times this happens to me for real. So you have this yeah I'll clearly, and I noticed that it mostly affects women. Are my co harm whatever, but I deaf really have a big time so much so that I've train myself because there's clearly something some of the brain, where I'm like I have so much further before I could. Possibly peace area is not happening in the next ten seconds, for sure so might as well just calm down their bladder and it actually works yes, it is that is a real thing, called key Unlock syndrome or urge urinary incontinence and, like you said it, currently does affect more women than men.
And if you really had this to allow me now to its decent to large degree, can I have the plant around it even yet, so I didn't understand this. Now I totally get like those poise ads and depends adds like I get it now. Apparently, as as women age, they tend to become slightly more incontinent right, but it's not like you said, is not strictly women. I think a coup to a third of all Americans at any given point time. Have some sort of incontinence found not just this one? But if you start to understand what the what what's behind it, it actually makes a lot more sense, but basically you have what's called a a the floor of your pelvic muscle, the public muscle repelling floors, clear what it is, and that is what hold your guts and everything up yes supports. Basically, every
inside you're abjurement, and it's it's like a tree. Baleen of muscle that all that stuff sits in and it has a few holes in it. It has one for your urethra one for honest If you're, a woman has one for your vagina yet to write so normal, the that muscle is pretty tight and is holding all that stuff closed. And then when you need to pee or a purpose of the your brains I guide open up you're going number one near go number two here comes a baby. That kind of thing I and over time this muscle can kind of get weaker, get looser once you have a child that can really stretcher muscles out, and so The result of this is harder. Hold MP, especially if you get a sudden. The urge to go yeah and, like you said it, you know, as you age Diskin increase
one of the reasons I think it is primarily affects women is because childbirth in pregnancy can play. A pretty big role in this right and, interestingly that same as policy section as just a good old fashion, virginal birth. That's really weird yak, as I would think as I do it with I don't know I gave you my surgeon, I think there's pressure matter what during pregnancy right, but it does say the childbirth, even a c section there, their impact it well. Then it must speak for the whole of the holy pregnancy near. Is the baby sitting on that trampoline of muscle sky. Stretched out. I was it down for sheer. Yes like settled down their junior. Oh mom, say while they're pregnant, so pregnancy, childbirth, age, some other little more serious causes. Although there
it- is common as those are like infection. More bladder cancer bladder stones for men state problems right which I didn't it does you know at the prostate us too. I know what the prostate does. That's. My question: that's out there on the table, I do, but I dont know right now lay her came to tell you. I got you on one point, so you know seamen I am sure well acquaint. All right. So you know like the sperm that in seamen are you sure I know the other stuff, that's seamen that may be they and women have something to called All the skins gland in it makes up basically that for women, ok, so seamen minus the sperm. So your prostrate in your skins, gland r r M, will male and female,
figures will lie, were dancing around this one for sure about, so that their prostate- and I I didn't see I didn't see they were, but I would guess if the skins gland is affected to it could have an impact and incontinence for sure, but also medicines to different kinds of medications can make you pay yourself. Well and its here's the thing to like a lot of times they dont nest rarely come in and say it's this one thing causing it right. So a lot of I now think, maybe, as it can be, a combination things at mid, not just the bladder yeah the there is clearly a brain connection, because you Can you can tell your brain, no, its, not time settled down in your brain or be like? Oh sorry, false alarm, just wait a little longer to your bladder. Well, then receive cross that threshold than No. Turning like, I wonder what that's all about actually won the day. Shoulda you're, like none anew, There is no bringing bringing it back know.
Back. I'm about to be my pants. If I don't find a bathroom because really other, then you know having to take a shower afterward. All your while you're breaking is like decorum Jonah. What is your brains weighing the the violation of decorum versus the horse, feeling that is having to endure this, like I'm going with this one so long decorum by them. It is enough away an embarrassing problem that people do seek treatment, but unfortunately, from from what I understand from what the article that you sent says. Is it there real leg, low level attention be paid to solving this, but luckily there's kind of This rising school of thought that I know we need to study this This is not enough. You can't just tell women.
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All, so the bladder. I'm curious, we should maybe do a full one on the bladder at some point is really interesting to me. I've always been a person that I feel like I, average more than your average person do. But yours definitely But yours is, for one reason is because you have a constant flow of liquids coming in your body, not just liquids, but coffee to choke was a diary yeah. They can't Lena's yeah they also is a frequent urinate. Her and I've always just suspected that there is like people say I have a small bladder. I dont know it's true or not like. I think it's not so much the size of the bladder, but maybe how it relates to the brain. That's
kind of what it seems to be the prevailing wisdom, the prevailing wisdom that developing now is that there's them. Going on with the brain bladder connection. Yet so that's what happens when you need to when everything's going great the black, sends a signal to the brain and says hey brain, you might want to find it might want to get this meat bag to a toilet soon, right, because I have to release- and it's gonna happen at some point, no matter what right, there also seems to be possibly some connection to vast depressing because the brain floods, the bladder with vast suppression, to keep it from paying, while you're sleeping as a child Does your developing an end you're, not paying the better lawyers, because your vessel, pressing levels or re right rising throughout your lifetime here, and I wonder if they start to go down
after you, age in that actually has a in an impact on it as well. Maybe so sparkle Chuck so are your brain gets the signal that your bladder says it's for If you're, if your dude, you can run to the urinal, which I would love to have on this, my house, by the way, but Emily said no way site the eleven house full of women a building, a colonel for you. Well, you like. We can both one right next to each other So you run to the euro, and when you Your brain brain sends a signal. Back is our right. We're here, release release the urine or, if your, get to a urinal or a bathroom. Your brain says sorry bladder, but you're going to have to hang in there. That's it! That's being that's thicket but he might do you remember. We talked about Mick Mick tuition syncope. Then I call this sin, cope you. What was at its where you
faint after you p right right, because they think there's like Changes in your level of either vast, suppressing or nor up enough renders some chemical that tells your muscles to relax around your bladder causes. You too, to faint, So why can you do you can do cables fear a woman or a man. You can do You you could. Basically, I think from what I understand. The first thing you can do is go to your doktor sure and this specialist his name was Doktor Philip Peace, Smith, and he's one of these new thinkers about this kind of thing. Any said if your doctor is tells you to do kegels or get used to wearing pads give yourself. Another doctor goes to somebody else because there's other stuff you can do. But if your doctor is worth you know, there's salt they're going to say things like Yes, dear cables, try to follow a m; basically a p regiment, yes schedule. Yes,
so I didn't realize this in this. This person had like the greatest quote we have all heard that voting on schedule, rather than just when you have to go as better accident, never hurts me there. I think the specialist needs to get out of the clinic once in awhile. Remember when my dad sat me down when I was doing, and so on at nine noon, three, seven and ten now and everything will be great. That's supposedly ritual there's go every three hours. Whether you have the urge your not in your training, your body to be able to hold it and then, paradoxically, you want to hold it for it. Five minutes, then maybe an extra ten minutes, because there is this article says it not for the opposite, stretching your bladder actually allows it to hold more here. So you have the urgency less frequently over the day, but. I don't know about that. Were not enough. Banking on giver, go to others,
college bars to add that the thing where beers free until you ve no was a thing at some bars were like five to seven beer was free. For every body until the first person in the bar peed, that's a lot of stress, and so of course, there's always. You know some stupid boy peeing in a beer pitcher under the table just do it do a little more. Where was this summit both went to college in the same town. I don't, I don't think I think they had them- Georgia, southern and ever and ever went Athens because I wouldn't want that pressure exerted on we're, not gonna, be guys. Nuff said with Georgia Southern yes, a train, your bladder, true, if you have to pee trains, David off, even longer five minutes at a time that maybe ten minutes and before you know it, you get to that front door. Now, you're, just fine you're, just gonna put herself goods is a whole other short stuff episode alternatives right,
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