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Short Stuff: The Devil's Den

2019-10-09 | 🔗

The Devil's Den is the sight of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. Is it haunted? Nope. But still creepy. 

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Hey welcome to the stuff on Josh there's, just those Jerry, a Lucifer, the light bringer, and this is short stuff. The civil war death addition that's right and it is Are we in time it is our toper freaks over, so we're gonna be peppering end some little spooky content here and there I am so site. This is one of my favorite holidays. I think we have asked station every year. Believe you have it again: we lawlessness in any isn't hauling. Your favorite of all time now mean that they're, both up there from October. I am pretty a pretty happy guy sure, SAM here, so angry at the rest of the year. Now it's kind of freaky, I'm so angry because were in approaching MID September and it said the high
nineties here and at last oh yeah. Well I mean that sail and whether it's weird weird weather and has been forever do you wanna talk Confederate in union soldier ghosts yeah I dont want to, but I will so. The battle of Gettysburg in particular Chuck was a by guess. It was the bloody battle of the entire civil war. I believe so, maybe the most, I ought to say the bloodiest battle in american history consent not all the other wars we ve been in, but it was a bad one on american soil, I was certainly for sure yeah yeah for sure, but over the course of three days, Gettysburg Pennsylvania population at the time about two thousand so is actually probably a pre decent sized town, the union troops and the confederate troops about a hundred and sixty five thousand troops total all gathered their gaze Bergen, so less fight and overthrew,
day something like seven thousand people died with fifty one thousand one hundred and twelve casualties over three days chuck. I did the math just with deaths alone. Almost two people died every minute if you count every minute over seventy two straight hours. Yet it was a bloodbath and, of course, because of that a lot of people think Gettysburg super hunted. There was one we're gonna talk in particular about a place called devils DEN which, if you, if you or near computer, and not driving, should look it up. It's really interesting place, these huge boulders, that's a maze of boulders between a couple of other rocky hills, big round up in little round top sure, although dispelled little unlike the color The round top didn't get really fancy with the naming now so little straightforward. But ok, unless big round up is actually.
More agreeable in Iceland, but Devils Dan is sort of in between them. With these, like, I said these huge rocks and because of the unusual sort of topography of these huge boulders, because you know you think about the civil war- is marching through these wide open fields and kind of shooting at each other. This was a nightmare scenario for a fire fight, because you got boulders everywhere. You can't see it the corner, it was a really really fierce bloody fight with tons of death and casualties, yeah a place in between. I think little round top in the devil's den there was the worst of all call the slaughter pen, because so many people died between this kind of open, no man's land. He heard a lot of death around Devils Dan, but to make it even
firstly, kind freaky ghostly in freaky. If you still today, if you walk through little creepy, it's a little creepy, it's a little unusual as as this who is Mark Nesbitt. Who is a former park? Paranormal investigator has turned paranormal investigator. Basically, he put giant basically like a giant just dropped huge house Is the size of houses under this one spot on the battlefield? It's really unusual is really weird and it be really easy to hide just around the corner to be a really. If you put yourself in the mindset of this three day battle the bloodiest battle in american history and american soil going on in your having to fight it around these borders. The point is made by people who believe in such things that this kind of horrific emotion, endured by this many people, collectively at same time, surely must have lent some sort of imprint to area
area, and that's kind of given this idea that Gettysburg in the battlefield are one of the most haunted places in America. That's right so on day, two of gettysburg wish, like we said, was three days about fifty five hundred confederate troops attacked the union position on little round top, but remember devils, then lies between big top and little round up, so they had to battle it out. A then, and there were led by the Confederate First Texas, put opinion that very important here and Major General John Bell, Hood was the commander of that unit and here's what they did. A took three of the union's for big heavy heavy artillery guns down flush, the troops out from devils DEN and then had sharpshooters just pick in these dudes off,
Roundtop yeah. It was a big deal. I mean the confederate first, Texas save the date basically by by taking the devil's den, which is just I mean, that's a it was a big deal over. Although the union was was considered to have won the battle of Gettysburg, because the next day there is pickets charge, which was a confederate full furnace called on the union troops by full frontal assault. They mean that they were all naked when they charged for look out, for it did not work out and the union one that better won the battle of Gettysburg Overall, but taking the devil's then was considered a major confederate victory in that in the larger battle they said, don't fire So you see the whites of their butts, terrible
but all in all in Devil's den itself. I believe one thousand eight hundred confederate soldiers died, even though they want an eight hundred union soldiers died on this relatively small area. That is two thousand six hundred people losing their life and we'll talk about the ghostly activity that resulted perhaps ran after this. I'll. It's me Jack Moraine, here you right next year by next to me, just like a work, hey choice of three join with you to tell people it tune in to a very special episode special year of tedious
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ok Chuck, so the devil's then resists place of massive casualties in it's scary, place on its own can even scarier place if you're fighting somebody to the death and then a hundred fifty years later, it still remains a very scary place to people who are say: paranormal investigators goes tenors, Ratura, tour, India, ghosts and things like that. Yes, oh here's here a few the stories once there was a young woman who was climbing in these boulders
the friend and she felt someone grab her ankle. That was not her friend and she looks down and there's a young man in a civil war uniform. She screams for her friend looks back down he's gone peace. Tell us about the helpful hippy, as this is a good one areas given. So there is a woman Backward Martinez bit that the Gettysburg Park Ranger turn Paranormal investigator, who also he wrote like a multi volume books here is called the ghosts of Gettysburg, be I think he at one point said you know what park rendering it does not want of money in that. But you know there is a lot of money and go stores and Ruth right, possibly double yeah. I would think so. So he did. I make the leap over as so many park rangers do too.
But he was saying that while he was a park, Ranger still Gettysburg a woman came in MRS years and years ago, who basically said hey, I just saw the sky in the the devil's ago. I was turned hey,
I got kind of lost Leonarda nowhere. This kind of disabled figure showed up and pointed off in the distance. It said: that's the place, you're looking for and then kind of vanished and the park ranger civil. Well, what did he look like and Ladys and get this array taken a break? No, I was setting you up for the best part clearly took outbreak. Didn't we yeah all right he's wearing a floppy hat, okay, shoulder link their right, he's barefoot and has ragged clothing in the park. Ranger said: is there a fish concert nearby and she said whose fish and he said it must have been a civil war ghost. Yet they they Martinez, beset she basically just described what where's Texas, confederate soldier, would it looked like it? The battle of Gettysburg case closed. The end. Ghosts exist right and this one, and he was helpful, happy because you know he's telling everyone where to go like hey, you're lost, discover their
Over there you'll be fine, but he also looked like a hippie where There were the rock over there you'll be fine, but he also looked like a hippie where his happily. So this is another good one. I think this was about twenty years after the well sure he collected on a multi volume, serious called the ghosts of Gettysburg. She said she was in the devil's Dan. Didn't multi volume, serious, called the ghosts of Gettysburg. She said she was in the devil's Dan hiking around a rag. Any man with a floppy had appeared pointed she was a university of Texas Graduate think how to Texas what disappeared, he went disappeared. She was like. Surely that was a first Texas Confederate Soldier name, the helpful hippy. I think it was yet she described. In the same, I thought we had to shovel barefoot I think it was yet she described in the same way for we had to shovel barefoot, because my rob, if right and again he was really in the Texas. That's right so
but that doesn't mean that there are a lot of people they go to Gettysburg every year, who do say I've had a weird experience serb. I didn't necessarily see anything, but my camera didn't work on my phone or my straight up. Camera didn't work. You know the original ones my camera. Didn't work on my phone or my straight up, Cameron didn't work. You know the original ones, the straight up, Cameron, sure or the battery sir, to fail in my thumb, but weirdly once I left devils Danner the batter the battlefield. Like my phone sort of work you're my camera started working is like it didn't like to work there in that area and marked it marked Nesbitt being the author of a multi volume series no exactly what's going on here. That's right! Retaining a break you up. I get so he said, there's a famous photo. Taken. It doubles den of fallen confederate soldier lying at where he was position as a sharpshooter but dead, and he that you can look this picture up. I look
up its fairly review, looking sure three well known image, but it was found out to be staged not that this guy wasn't really dead, but this photography, apparently dragged around the same dead soldier two different spots for different photo ops, and this was one of the place he dragged them so Nesbitt's idea here is this: but the place he dragged them so Nesbitt idea here is this whole cameras. Won't work thing is revenge against the photographer yeah from beyond. Here's, basically like I Jude law and road to perdition or something I don't remember that movie well enough to get that reference. He was a crime scene photographer bit, he murdered people, bad guy. I don't think this guy murdered Ebay, but surely dragging a body around it says bag karma. I would think so, but so I guess that's about it. There's plenty of ghosts there. You can walk round devils than yourself
figure out, if you have camera problems or if you have problems with your phone or if you see the helpful hippy or somebody grab your ankle, give it a shot. All you have to do is go to Gettysburg Pennsylvania, true and for the record, we should point out the american battlefield, trust which is in charge of preserving that historic site says by the way necessary as Gus right now, such things go. They said. I love this code. We gotta reader equivocate. They said that by all means, but What you want to believe, but please know that if water gets a camera, lends its water, not a ghostly orb, if some shines into the camera, lends its called sunlight, not an energy sphere. They dropped their microphone. Well, we're dropping our microphone to you can read it pretty interesting or article on how the forks about this and in the meantime, we'll see
around shortstop, say adios study should know is production. I hurt. Radios has stuff works for more podcast, my heart radio. I hurt radio appetite. Or wherever you listen to your favorite, shows.
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