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Short Stuff: The Iowa Caucus

2020-02-05 | 🔗

The Iowa Caucus is super important. But not really. Find out why. 

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Hey we're going to the shores of I'm just there's check those charged with skill sturdy here kid started in here get timely episode so time we're rarely recording to release the next day since I came in, must do something supernumerary. What something something that's not impeachment Anna turns out this, the I would the is getting a little news, yeah, just a TED. It's crazy, like we thought that we would have the resources hawk about nope. I know because I pitch this yesterday right in the day of the carcass right woke up this morning to s show in Iowa as the headline cluster s crazy here, but we're talking about carcasses and A carcass in why it's important and where it came from, we should define carcass, because a lot of people think you're just like what is it even mean. Why me for good reason? It's
It's kind of an old timer thing a relic and that's chilling on and use in Iowa because there was a meeting is a strict definition. Webster's defines carcass as a meeting in which local members of a political party register their preference among candidates running for office or select delegates to attend a convention right, but the thing about caucuses, it's not linked, is going to vote, that's a primary, a cock, as is where you physically present in the room like that meeting you described to her and the way that you show at least as far as the Democrats caucus in Iowa the way that you show You are planning to support or vote most normal people call it for a candidate. Is you go stand in a portion of the room that's been set aside for that
and its supporters in their names like on the wall or something like that so needs to go away? Ok, that's just step one, that's my opinion, of course, but it's just so dumb. Ok, it is such a dumb way to do it and you can tell it. I was fiercely defensive about conquers tradition, I don't I don't. I don't want to go on record as saying like I don't know. If it's going survive in, you know till twenty twenty four twenty four, I don't think it will no serious threat of not serve more, it's more at its more risk, never has been after last night, yet I ronicky by trying to modernize Hockett Scrite, so it will get the while that ok, so so you go stand by your delegates. Name, yes, and if enough other people who were present at that caucus, go stand with you by the delegates name. That delegate is viable Kay Usually that means of about fifteen percent or more of the room yeah. If your candidate that you want to go
and under a sign of in a high school gym here, is not considered viable, Inga joint another group, you can try, recruit people say: hey man. Stand under this sign, come or you can go home if you want to do that, was my candidate right there's only like eight other people here, standing under Yang team sign Yang her more than they yet, of course it is. I thinking Biden. But that is how they run. The Democrats run the Iowa Caucus Republicans and the GEO P or the Republican National convention. They they just vote like a regular all primary right in like yours, thing. Ironically, they tried to modernize the carcass the Iowa Carcass and that's what caused this huge problem with an app right. Well, originally, they're gonna have virtual carcasses, they decided not to the Dnc rejected. I was plain to have a virtue
caucus is where you could go online and be like I'm standing in the Yang Gang Room right. Oh I'm! Carcasses for Yang that this is this is rejected by the agencies to they had to hive of potentially be hacked, but they still did use an app to get Halley these delegates in apparently, it was not doing what it was supposed to do. At least this is the official line. Everybody is saying, no! It's everybody from Russia to the Dnc Right, engaging all sorts terrible stuff, regardless this apparently really screwed up the carcass and in an attempt to modernize the Kok. Is it actually said it back impossibly drove me to it? ancient yeah. I mean they're, saying the app did not crash and then there's other people saying the EP totally crashed right, sir. I know who to believe the long and short of it as we usually wake up on the following,
day of the ILO Carcass with a decent idea of who the top three candidates are, are going to be going into primary season. But we woke up this morning with no idea, and I just looked on my phone. The breaking news is that in two hours from now they will have fifty percent. The result released by five pm eastern. Yet, usually you don't even have to wait. I owe you I'll be no! No. I mean like, like you know, you have to go to sleep well usually report they usually whereby we gotta within a couple of hours. Yet if you're in the eastern eastern timezone, you know if you're in the western times, and yet you might know like hearing a cheeseburger, get now the results in a yes, it's been a big embarrassment. Maybe we should take a break here and talk a little bit why the Iowa Carcass is important to begin with it.
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I wanted by Hamas three iconic hotels and explore winter specials, including up to thirty five percent savings. State Visit Baja more darker. That's be H, H M a our dot com. Our aid with this is one thing that that makes the I will carcass so at risk right now, because it is twenty twenty problem? They came out of the twenty twenty five years ago. It is artificially important the I will carcasses, not actually, when you dig down into it substantially important in any real way is important, but it's important
because the media has made it important, no right ears, that's right, it is will. First of all, it is as if not the most diverse state and our union. That's one criticism of. I will cost you. I saw I gotta, apparently the carcass goers, where ninety one percent white yeah, largely rural bunch of white people stand and round, and Jim I know big people now we're gonna be some handed us, but am I right antiquated? I'm sorry proves what I thought I saw the their swords, Israel quicker to things last night there were at least two ties and so to figure out how to divide delegates to break a tie of coins.
Flipped and a name was drawn out of a hat while that's how they broke ties with, I will talk, is last night to decide. Delegates for the state accounts are now that's, that's unbelievable, but then again, what's more diplomatic than a goin to us than getting were a fifty fifty. Are you ready for some football, so one thousand nine hundred and seventy two Senator George Mcgovern was running for president. He did a pretty good job at the Iowa caucus and that was good for his campaign and it, sort of the first year that the media really put over. Into this on reporting on it, and I think from like nineteen. Seventy to us looked at as the watershed moment of when the media would come out the next day and starts start saying things like dark horse in front runner right
and the media has its maddening, but the media has such influence on the way people vote, and not just by saying like here suspicions policies is people say like on a vote for the dark horse. Sure like who's the front runner. I might be interested in that person precisely it's absolutely true. It's all fake. They can influence voting or caucuses, not just by releasing poles, but by withholding I'll go right. So this nineties, owing to is a big ear and the reason why is because it was the first year the eye became the first in the nation That's why I we ensured it's the first time that voters have any chance anywhere in the country to say this. Would I think about its primary candidates, who been jabbering Eddie tell your last few months. I have just stand over here working to see where the rubber, we're going to see where the rubber meets the road for the first time? I was the first said that, and it became first for two reasons in nice and seventy two, the GEO P
decreed that you had to have yet to give thirty days notice before any kind of any kind of cut caucus or primary was held, and Apparently that meant that Iowa had to move their carcass closer the beginning of the year right and then. Secondly, they couldn't get a hotel the convention, the irish State Convention, at a time when they wanted it today again had to push the carcass back. So it inadvertently became the first in the nation and they said: oh everybody's, paying attention to all of a sudden yeah we're getting a disproportionate amount of interest from the national press from these candidates that come into town spending money near. Of influence politically exactly as they're going to listen to us, so we're gonna make it. They allow this as Iowa has to be the first right contest in the nation
no matter. What does it matter? What any other state does Iowa has to figure out a way to be first right, which doesn't mean there is of some sort of federal ruled. It says you go first, that this means it, and I were there, like my life in Hampshire, wants a move it up a week, then we'll move it yeah to stay louder and new. Hampshire has a state laws well that there, the first primary. That's right, that's how I was gotten away with it. There are caucus you Hampshire's the first primary New Hampshire. Like we vote, we don't go stand around it. Jim aside Tweet, apparently the New Hampshire Democrats tweeted to the ILO Democratic, and so don't worry. We ve got this really man. They face So that is why the ILO caucus became such a big deal because their first because the media has an outside influence on elections. Whether or not it matters is a matter of debate in the history of the Caucasus.
You ve never got on to win the nomination, if you finish worsen third, but there have been cases where Bill Clinton place. Third So it's not like you gotta. When Iowa look. What happened to him here to Termer, Sir impeached right went through it all. He went through it all the highs and lows the good and the bad right. George Mcgovern First candidate in nineteen. Seventy two were when I was like the first from those big a big deal for the first time he came in. First. Second, but in he got the nomination, but he didn't when the presidency. So it's not necessarily that gave an indicator Jimmy Carter when the presidency did what what place did he come in Chuck well Apparently, he did a really good job. Did I work as he spent a lot of time, their stumping for a year, but it says that he was actually beaten by uncommitted.
The people who said that they hadn't chosen a candidate yet out numbered anybody's recording Jimmy Carter makes sense, but when you just hear it like, he got beat now by uncommitted. It's even that so Jimmy Carter- I now really is, or is it so nineteen? Seventy six Jimmy Carter? Is that guy has turned into one of the greatest statesmen in less ain't screening, malaria in history, that the best thing ever risk being like Braves game when they showed mean Rosalind or high game here and there, like just oldest heard in the always give each other kiss and everyone in the stadium melts. I know it's amazing and she's, always like guy those tuna, hot dog or whatever, and she has to stop and swallow before, shall give Jimmy a kiss back here. It's it's their thing the other thing about. Iowa is, if you don't do well there, then you might drop out or if you do. Surprisingly well there, then you might you know that, could kickstart or very much welcome
start, your campaign again, so now we reached why Iowa is actually important. But again this is artificial cause the media pudding, labels on people, that's right, so the media basically says hey this Canada. Expected to do really. Well, if that candidate doesn't do well- and I were the media says- this is not a viable candidate- you should drop out here that actually causes funding too dry up with a plan I didn't get money to. Someone is not viable right. The media southern I've I've yet and then, conversely, like you said, if someone is not expected to do well and then does really well in Iowa. Their campaign can just take off as well.
Can do bomber. Two thousand eight o o Iowa made Obama. Two thousand eight right near really launch that campaign. So all of this stuff again is too self a filling proxy, which is what makes twenty twenty so nuts that all the democratic candidates spent so much time in so much money in so much effort- and I were to get this- I saw a tree from going Green Walled actually kept, basically lay Miss out to get this artificial bump, yet an artificial bumped income which rendered the I will call is totally unnecessary here the whole thing was unnecessary. I think they're playing ahead to New Hampshire, a lot of the candidates were were claiming victory and sort of backhanded ways, not back ended, but just sort of they couldn't come out say we won, but every single one of them were like. Oh, I think we just. We did very well tonight right
they were like. I want. I want to congratulate my fellow nominees I'm coming in second year. Everyone can have claimed victory, because no one good? Not everybody claim victory well that some people clearly could not yet the peoples that Jim uncommitted here. All of you I know more about. I will carcass find out about inasmuch as it might appear on next time. Maybe not we'll see what happens. I guess swollen cessation this study should know its production of Iheart radios. How stuff works for more podcast, my heart, ready Is it that I heard radio apple podcast wherever you listen to your favorite shows.
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