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Short Stuff: Vantablack

2021-01-27 | 🔗

How black is vantablack? About as black as you could imagine.

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Hey and welcomed the short stuff, I'm Josh NEWS, Shaka for their jerry's hanging around somewhere in this is short stuff about vantage black, which is pretty cool. It is in its funny. I never really thought about variations of black until a couple years. when we finally able to professionally renovate our house, and not just have me, do it poorly because I wanted my upstairs office to be black because he's got lots of windows and tons of light, and so it wouldn't have that you know engine like feel, even if it were black right and I didn't know how many blacks there were to choose from until I started looking. It was really interesting, yeah, there's it
and actually, if you wanted to go super duper black chuck, it would cost you a pretty penny. Had you been like I'm in a paint, this whole thing inventor black, because that's an expensive stuff anything you can buy it. Can you I don't know. I think there is something called VIII B x to which is a bit of a paint like an actual paint that you could spray on. But I d, I dont, get the impression that that you could buy and, as a matter of fact, I guess, if you would buy it tried to bite. You be running a foul of a licence held by an artist named, punish Cooper, who is supposedly, is the only person legally allowed to buy event a black, so who knows in this crazy world, but a lot of people are probably like. What do you guys talk him? I was so great about this Vienna Black, that it would. It would war in its own short of episode, and I say to those people kickback enlist, not because Vanderbilt
he's pretty interesting stuff. That's right if you would be interested in having a really really really deep black. Oh let's say one that absorbs matter. No. Ninety nine point: nine six! Five percent of light, then Van Black is for you, it was. I remember when this came out things about six or seven years ago, from Surrey Nano systems. They very much were proud of the fact that they, a world record for their vertically aligned nanotubes array black, which is what it stands for as being the blackest black of all time right, and it's called vertically align now to be re black because it's actually made up of nanotubes. I was looking into us like will how? How would that create a black pigment? And it's pretty interesting these these to observe super super tall in their so their vertically oriented to their standing up on it.
and apparently the ratio between their width or diameter and their length is like one to one million. So First They every nanometer that they are around there, a million nanometers tall and there really tightly crowded together, so there's a billion nanotubes per square. Centimeter of you know, whatever's painted Vienna Black and they actually capture light. The light goes into these nanotubes and cant find its way out. In eventually, just dissipates is heat, which means that the reflective witness of anything painted in vain to black or with NATO, carbon NATO carbon tubes, like that, like you, just, don't see anything, there's no ridges, there's no depth, there's! No anything. It's just basically like you're. Looking at a void in all you can see is the silly
Out of that thing, that's painted vain, a black which makes it pretty awesome. I haven't, we take a break. That's a great cliffhanger! We'll talk a little bit about why anyone cares because it is gonna cool. I read after this you decided to upgrade your outdoor deck, so you ordered the essentials, a power washer, a set of patio tears and a shiny new girl, and you used her, Bank of America Cash rewards credit card choosing to earn represent cash back on online shopping or up to five point five percent as a preferred rewards member, which you put too the cost of your most essential deck addition a bird feeder apply for yours, a bank of America COM, slash more rewarding copyright, twenty twenty Bank of America Corporation
Did you ever see spinal tab? I think you did right, yes, Do you remember the the none more black joke? No, it's when they came, Their black album and they said, look at the cover. How black is that or something like that, and he goes it could be none more black and is a very subtle joke in that in which I didn't pick up on until about my thirtieth viewing, which is they have a record store release signing for their work cadmium in their sitting there holding black Starfleet's awesome but they don't joy it into do it. That's great. Those are usually the best kinds of jokes. Where you know it's. You just have to pick up on a inner, it's pretty great, so with his deal with. Why would anyone care about having something that black in the original purpose of vantage black was for space,
apple or maybe an application on something to improve visibility of something very in the very far distant, so think like a tete like if you have a telescope or something cutting the inside and maybe even outside of that with Van two black. It would absorb all of that light. Coming in that really just takes away, any glare that you could think of right. Exactly so, there's like a lot of scientific give applications to it. But if you say like the blackest black that doesn't really let light escape, it tends to also capture the attention of artists and deserted and designers, of course, and designers qualifies artists. But you know we like to separate about here.
There. I just it and in fact some car designers from Bmw said hey. We want to use vantage black to basically paint a Bmw Ex six so that we can like look at the the silhouettes and not have to worry about. You know any kind of glare anything like that. They basically used it. I think they really did. It is a publicity stunt Jerry they Austin simply did it. So that they could study the shapes of the cars without being distracted by glare or reflection in there, and if you look at this, this Bmw Xxix. It is pretty cool the look at its awesome and I'm not even a guard the guy, but I looked at the right and I was like an that's pretty sweet yet because again, when you look at some like this head on its letting such a little amount of light, escape that there's, there's no put there's no perspective or any
angles or anything in it. It's just the silhouette of it. Ideally, so it is pretty cool to look at, but I saw watch by H, Moser in company they release to seventy five thousand dollar veritably Why you and that the the minute in our hands are just hovering in the middle of this chasm? This avoid! That's the watch face which has been in vain, a black, it's pretty good, it's it's, it's very cool to see as manufacture, it's really hard to come by, but everyone throughout people use. It took two pretty great effect I'll spring for a slide whistle for you you're not given that watch. Ok hurry for now give it gives us two more years hopeful, but I did researching get you the best lied whistle. There is it's a good slide whistle and I will eventually bring now. I know I know we're gonna hear this like building the suspense yeah yeah, that's where showman, if anything, for that. Bmw though they couldn't use the original of antibiotics
they had to use different arrangements carbon nanotubes to even get something that you could apply as like a car paint. So they had to can arrange things a little bit. They eventually and also something that doesn't have to be grown in a cd reactor which is right problematic. If you want a paint, a car eventually did come up with that and, like you said, the thing which really nice in it, it's kind of like you should, when you get a safe place, to look the thing up If you really need to put your eyes on it too can see what you mean, but it is interesting to see a Carmen. Obviously you see, car- they use words like it disappears and its invisible and it's not invisible. But the details are a bit invisible, yeah- and I mean I don't know if we said it or not, but the original vantage black was clocked in it about, robbing ninety nine point: nine, six, five per cent of visible light air. We lead with that only data
I'm sorry, I didn't catch that, but the there so that was kind of like the young, the that the trend that was sir, the benchmark that was set, but apparently some other people have said we can do better than that, and I guess in September two thousand nineteen shook a group from MIT did just that they came up with the type of black, that's actually blacker than vantage black and it uses the same technology of carbon Ano tubes, and it isn't, it captures ninety nine point. Nine nine five per cent of visible light, which makes it officially blacker than vantage black and, like I was saying this kind of stuff captures the attention of artists and design. nurse and there was a an artist.
Named. Oh, what was her name she's, a german artist named deem it stream as t r e b e is. Did I say that correctly? I might say Strieber, but I don't know it's way back, She took a diamond, a two million dollar diamond and had it coated with this new blacker black. So it's like a void, a diamond voided. It's just amazing stuff to see this it just takes over. This thing in in in basically plunges into a black hole, no matter what you coated with yeah and if you are right, during your house and you want to have a black office. Like me, I chose that. You know now that I look at. It definitely looks black, but you could argue that there is a little bit a gray to it. If you do want something super black, though there's an artist named Stuart SIMPLE, as he immediately that made two Matt black Acrylic paints black to point out and black three point now, which are apparently
really really black yeah. They are, and so still so I mentioned earlier. The artist and each copper, Polynesia, copper and Stuart SIMPLE are in an art war, the good old fashioned art showdown Stewart simple is not very happy that an issue has the the market cornered legally on vantage black, so Stuart SIMPLE makes his own pigments and sells them. And if you go buy them, you me were embodied tube of this sub. This black three Dato today and yeah in in it when you're buying it you have to say I firm that I'm not a niche, copper man associate of unease, copper! This is not going to get into the hands of a need to pour, am not buying it for him. You have to click that box. That says all that before you can actually purchase the stuff which is pretty great, and I was like a niece copper sounds kind of familiar and turns
we ve actually seen his work. You mean, I don't think you and I have ever seen his work together at the Hirshhorn Museum in DC, and he has these like giant eggs and the insight is painted vantage black, ok in its work, the coolest things I've ever seen in my life cause. It really is like you're looking into a black hole like if you stuck your hand in it, just keep going into another dimension is what it looks like that's awesome. It really is. I think that this Stuart, simple unleash Cooper, feud, who should warn its own short of one day and let's hope it doesn't ended, bloodshed. Yes, let's hope and well since we hoped against bloodshed. I think that means we reach the end don't you jerk. Does that mean we're out short of that stuff? You should know. Is the production of I hurt radios? How stuff works for more pot cast my heart radio? but I hope, radio apple pie or wherever you listen to your paper.
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