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Short Stuff: Venus de Milo

2021-04-07 | 🔗

Step into today's short stuff to learn all about the armless wonder!

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Hey, look into the short so fond Josh, there's chuck neither one of us have for arms, which means that this is the short self about Venus De Milo. Let's go, that's right who resides in the Louvre right. I think, since eighteen, twenty one when Louis. What is that twenty Eightth eighteenth eighteen know yet eighteenth mainly through me off, I always how to read those. It's been awhile, yellow with eighteenth donated this to my love, one of the most famous, dare I say statues in the world yet also just as a little aside chuck if you ever kind of get tripped up by something like that you're talking as somebody to swap it out for like a word like Lui, the magnificent but say to thirteen of the iraqi person
I think that that is not the name for that particular right, Louis, the over eater right. So yes, so the them the Venus De Milo first ended up in Paris in eighteen, twenty one. Apparently that was some. There was a really good timing, because the the nation of France was kind of in the door drums. As far as art is concerned, right, yeah, there's a gentleman that'll make a couple of appearances in this episode. His name is Andrew Stewart and I think he's a professor right, art, art historian and professor professor Greek studies. It you see Berkeley emeritus to go well near the guy knows what he's talking about. Yes, Currently France, they needed their national pride kind of picked up apparently Venus went a long way towards doing that. Yeah, because Napoleon had sacked a bunch of countries and city states and nations are clans plundered and after the french Revolution,
and you will know that was way after the french Revolution after Napoleon was banished, will say that France had to give back a lotta there art, so the loose kind of got sacked in reverse and then also the big dumb Rival England. From France's vantage point, of course, I mind had just acquired the Elgin Marbles, which meant that they had a sum sculpture by the greatest sculpture of antiquity known to humanity, Faye Faye, hideous Failure ass. I got it so the Venus De Milo comes only like this. This. This is the most important thing ever found. Let's bandied about as much as possible as such yeah and the whole thing with Venus De Milo is sort of the mystery surrounding the origins and whose artist was in, who may be she had been, she may abandoned and of course the big question is to question. What happened to those arms like and what
His arms are doing right before they were broken off, which I have to admit. I never thought of until reading this really yeah I just never thought of her arms- were doing anything of note it. We're not, I think about it, but the funny thing is: is there, like you said she shrouded in mystery, is to her identity, but the one thing we know for certain she is not is Venus the goddess of love to Rome? She was greek and produced by the Greeks, so she would have been Aphrodite at best, but we're not even sure she's Aphrodite. She could be a number of other people that have been proposed or no a number of other goddesses. Anyone had to be a goddess right. No, I didn't. I saw that them. She could have been an everyday person,
but also she was found on meat lush, the Greek Island, which is really engaged in the sea as far as trade and fishing, and all that, so some people have suppose that she was actually em for tidy effort and fatality zone are in their em for treaty aunt. Thank you, chuck yum that she's the goddess of the sea proceedings old lady, if, as far as bikers would say, yeah and in Venus was always thought to be classed school, but I think they did enough digging and found that she was surely neoclassical classical, although they said they sometimes still refer to her as a masterpiece of the classical classical genre get because she again can carries France's national ego on our shoulders. So the idea,
she was you know, created by some unknown master. Far back in antiquity in the classical period is, is kind of a part of France's pride in this thing, but supposedly the air they figured out there is a german archaeologists named Adolph, seriously. First wrangler, I love that man's last name third finger, who that's even hitter. Now, who basically said yes, she's she's neoclassical, you can tell from how she's dressed, but then I guess they also when she was found. They discovered a pedestal that had the sculptors signature that showed, that She was very clearly created by a guy named Alexander's of magnesia, not to be confused with the milk of begging near safe.
That would be, but then they lost it. They they conveniently lost this pedestal in and said no no! This. This is clearly created by one of the masters we just don't know which one right so good set up. I think we should take breaking and talk about those arms and dining About the arms right this well now road driving shock or not learn a thing to charge Josh stuff- right. Look hard, sell! is all the rage and a lot of times you end up drinking some fruity drink the traces artificial as any other juice you'd find it a grocery store shelf. Yes! Well, if you're looking for something with real authentic,
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arms year. So again never thought their arms or doing anything. I think I just assume she was being like, like hey how's it going like all my hands out here. Yeah, maybe, like I don't know anything, but there there has been of debate about what was going on with her arms, apparently at some point in arm that would fit this statue Venus De Milo, of an arm holding an apple was mound and they think it's possible. Some people think it's possible that that was originally attached to the Venus De Milo, yeah, and we should also point out there were some other things missing from the original statue like originally. She supposedly
metal, jury, bracelet, earrings it ahead banned because their little fixation holes on those places in her body and they think fit she might have also been painted. It one point and now had faded away and then the arms were, I guess, maybe some people might think if they know What then do it that you never had the arms but yeah they were broken off, as you can see that there were the doll rods and everything because it was carved is one big piece of these arms were put on afterward but I'm like you said they found an arm with an apple and some people like warrior. He's holding an apple in one of his hands, which actually fits there's. A greek myth called the judgment of Paris about a mythological contest between Aphrodite, the goddess of love, Hira, Zeus's wife and Athena. The goddess of war and this contest between them was won by after
Eighty and the prize was an apple, so this would have a kind of commented on the judgment of Paris and Aphrodite winning this and apparently is symbolic of like the choice that that people have in life that men back in ancient Greece head right so like your choice of life, was between love war in politics, rent Aphrodite, Athena or Hara, and the effort I d, one that people want to do they want they wanted to live with their heart, that's what the statue symbolise in that sense. Yeah! That's one take on it. I like this other when a lot the woman. Elizabeth Wayland Barber, whose professor Erica of Archaeology and Linguistics at Occidental College, which aims to live near to him all about that. He says you know what I think. In the end, she even did like this set 3d, renderings sort of prove her point. She said I think she was
a regular lady who was weaving thread, and she said if you Look at the angle of the back in and Ladys were doing all this textile work back then, if you look at her, this evening and the way she was meaning and even where exactly she was looking. It looks to me like she was spinning thread, Andy if you know, if you'd look her mind, she has their pictures of her authority rendered spinning the thread, and it looks, listen to me for someone who knows nothing about sped thread, spinning well off though, not only that apparently, the musculature of her shoulders and arms would be about what you would expect for somebody, spinning she may have appeared opposition yeah. What's she makes a really good case, but also see this isn't even need to be a statue of just an ordinary person, because apparently she says Aphrodite was also
the goddess of spinning goddess of procreation and love, so this would fit still anyway. Yeah. That's a good point. I did see another thing that said you know from the angle. Of her back that they said is one of those things were retroactively. You look back and, like you know, did Mona. I have a disease or something- and they said, did Venus De Milo have some sort of spinal condition, because when you look at the way here back is twisted an angle that is very irregular route for the spine, but you know it's also a statue. Is it one of those things that would be? That would be explained by the spinning position. Well I mean it. She says it matches what could have been a spinning position, but a spinning position could have been part on your back. Maybe I would guess it would be hard on your back.
since I do not want to do so. The Venus De Milo, if you haven't seen it, go, see it's pretty neat aids in the loop. You can get their pretty easily, especially if you were vaccinated against covered ninety fidessa since I said covered teen everybody that means should serve as an stuff. You should know, is the production of Iheart radio from our past my heart, is it that I hurt radioactive apple had cast over every listen your favorite shells
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