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Short Stuff: War of Jenkins' Ear

2019-02-13 | 🔗

In the 18th century, Spain and England fought each other in the colonies of Georgia and Florida, a war kicked off by an English sea captain who was mad his ear had been perhaps unfairly lopped off. 

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Hey you're, welcome to be short stuff, I'm Josh in Theirs Chuck in those Jerry, and this is short stuff. So, let's get to it. We're talking about a war started by an ear girl, my favorite thing, is how you try to keep her so on track, and I try to throw us off you. They do and you doing now and it's millionaire sweat. I love it all right. The way Jenkins AIR, which theirs misnomer in this war, because first of all Word Jenkins Ear was not called that until a hundred ten years later is their right yeah. Cs. What's his name, Thomas Carlyle, Graham Job, the war of Jenkins Ear a hundred ten years later, and what it really was was just a part of a larger war,
or of austrian secession, yet succession right exists. It was now it was a question about who is going to take over the throne yeah. But I don't wanna Poohpooh, let's just go back and tell the story, because it is pretty good. It is it's a good story, the whole succeeding to the throne thing. There was a big deal, he'll in Europe in the eighteenth century, long before the eighteenth century too. But by this time Europe has basically formed a really entered line set of economies and set of governments so that, if, if you were sailing gum a prince in Spain, and a bit like running. The show is the king of Austria at some point, because your father married. An austrian princess in you have austrian blood and there's no clear heir to the throne, and so you are being called upon in Spain. Is like
Yes, I'm so glad we have somebody over there in Austria, because now Austria's gonna do right by us and when they didn't have and whether alliance is broken and when there is a conflict over who had the rifle claim on a throne when, when it came up for grabs, that's when war broke out, so you got like Spain, Austria, France, England. All of them Our alternately forming alliances warring Each other and taking the own from one another, taking a seat one another's throne usually brothers to countries together and that's what happened in this case too, that kicked all this off the air, the set and in Spain with King Charles, the second dying clear air. So obviously all of Europe basically is like who I wanna be the king of Spain. Right arm. You know, someone from our country is at a really help us out yeah. So France and asked
I got involved in buses and hey. We have a claim to the spanish throne and France and Spain. Basically they all started plodding all these countries started plodding with. Another in the emperor of Austria and the king of France. I think Charles the second still alive, divided up spanish territory of ITALY between them, Charles get upset. Will his throne to a french prince And then France was like wait a minute. Austria did we really have a deal right because I don't remember that all I know is that we're next in line in Spain, Austria got mad started the war of spanish succession right, and that is important to this, not because it was the word Jenkins year, but it just to set the stage and that Spain and England, even though France and Austria were fighting they
sorted involved on the fringe in just ticked each other off. Basically, exactly so there's already hostilities, and this is not helping things in the colonies be especially in Georgia in Florida, where France, Spain who were hostile to one another. As a result of this war of spanish six succession were buddy bright against one another, and there is a lot of border skirmishes. I think, by the time seventeen thirty nine rolled around in the hostilities really came to a head Georgia had only been formed as an english colony like six years before yeah, so it was real tentative in tenuous and that, with the space fish really had a respectable navy that could take out a coastal town if it wanted to and so Georgia was in a really vulnerable position. So one other thing from that war of spanish spanish succession that it addressed the treaty of Utrecht there.
Came out of it, said: okay, Spain, you you and NGO women forgotten about you guys. We need to make trade amongst you much more smooth and legal and maybe that'll keep some of the skirmishes from from happening, and so the English were allowed for what I think the first time to actually trade with Spain from Georgia to Florida, which seems like it would be. Move, but it ultimately lead to disaster. Yeah, what you know there are a lot of things at stake here, but we shouldn't whitewashing and leave out that what England was really doing here in all these, although battling, was trying to improve their their training, abilities in the caribbean and not just with stuff, but with human beings and slaves, oh yeah yeah So I was very, very ugly what was going on and in the treaty of Utrecht, they they settled these guidelines
England had all these ambitions in that area and Spain says. Are you know what, though, we're going to act as the I guess sort of the the coastguard in the cops of the high seas? and if we think that you're smuggling somethin you shouldn't be smuggling we're gonna board your ship, and maybe we should take a break here and finish this ready for this support for this podcast in the following message: come from e trade. Investing your money should require moving mountains, no matter how much or little experience you have. Ye trade makes investing simpler and for a limited time get one hundred dollars. When you open, a new account would just five thousand dollars. It's all about helping your money were hard for you for more information visit each trade
come. Slash learn more e trade securities Elsie Member S, eye pc, ok Chuck, so this finish Armada. The spanish Navy is acting as the coastguard, because, technically the English traders are allowed into trade, but there's they're supposed to be like their cargoes pursued, paid taxes, tariff duties, all this stuff, the prom, Ms, is that the English were rampant smugglers and it was way easier to say. Like oh, hey you in Florida, you needs sears and yarn, and I want some of your silver. So I'm just going to sneak some of those things past the Spanish Coast Guard in the hopes that they won't find it, and then we can trade and that's what this pain,
called contraband, and so the Spanish was well aware that this is going on, so they were board ships routinely. In search them in on, I believe, April's, several. Ninth, seventeen thirty one. They happened to board a ship in particular called the Rebecca that was captain by a guy named robber Jenkins- and this was one of those spanish patrol boats Karla Isabella and they said coming aboard and we're going check out what you got here, though, a bit of a well. They found them out. They were smuggling things that they should have had a brain inspected, the manifest in the cargo and There was a punishment levied, one Juan De Leon Fan Dino, who who was? The spanish captain tried to send a message straight to the king and said with his sword like that
He said with his sword off with your ear and cut off Captain Jenkins Ear and Captain Jenkins ostensibly picked it up, put it in his pocket and later pickled He did pickle any carried it around with them for like seven years Finally, one day I don't know how, but he can manage to get into the House of Commons and said. Look at this look at what the spanish captain did to my ear. Just for trying to be like a respectable businessman, smuggling a little contraband into florida- and he said that if the king of England here and in violation of law. He would have done it to the king of England to, and parliament said that is it we're declaring war on Spain. Georgia go get yeah, he was actually called in to testify. So, ok He was an important important witness.
To the activities down there. Maybe that's what they call them in the one bad part of that story is supposedly. There is no evidence that he actually presented his ear and people think that it may have just been sort of gas heat up through history and telling stale he did testify. We know that, but it certainly makes for a great story that he actually held his ear up and said. Look at this pickled ear I hoping that at the very least they inspected it make sure he was missing an ear near though give away would be so. Obviously I think we should say like no one ever started a war over somebody's ear being lopped off. Now that this became shorthand again the tensions between England and Spain and the tensions between there there colonial presence Was already simmering
There have been a lot of overland skirmishes between Georgia and Florida, and this is this is pointed to historically as the thing that that the straw that broke the key was back. I guess yeah in the sort of the anti climax of the story is were Jenkins, ear was, Much of a war like we said it was sort of part of smaller wars that they just gave a name too hundred and ten years later there wasn't much that got accomplished, World Jenkins Ear over that that few years that they had these battles, while a couple of did come out of it one. There is something called the battle bloody marsh, so you're thinking like oh man, a lot of people died, knows a bloody marsh already. That just happened to be where the battle was was staged on Saint Simons Island
Georgia, near by in their battle, like five thousand spanish troops, sailed to Georgia and landed in came came into Georgia and were repelled by the Georgian. The over that that few years that they had these battles, while a couple of things did come out of it one. There is something called the battle of bloody marsh, so you're thinking, like oh man, alive was huge for them. Because up to this point, remember, the Spanish were like, like inconceivably power yeah and Georgia said away. We actually can defeat them, so that was one big. And then it also solidified Georgia's position safe, as an english colony that it was like hey man, we're here to stay. You stayed out in Florida, we'll stay appearance. Georgia, where an english colony you're, a spanish colony, don't mess with us anymore, so those two things did can come out of it actually yeah and Oglethorpe, he mounted his own campaign to invade Saint Augustine and
ok there, but eventually retreated and even left his armor. In weapons and stuff so there are mean there were some major battles, but I think in the and the word Jenkins Ears just sort of a bit of a historical footnote, no runaways the eyes story. It got absorbed in the larger king. George is war, which was a part of the war of austrian succession. I think right, exactly so there was a war within a war within what it was like inception in Colonial America in one page will be here in just a minute to fully explain it over and over. Thank you for listening to our attempted explaining the word Jenkins Year will see you next. I'm on short stuff,
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