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Some Nutso Fan Theories

2017-05-04 | 🔗

It turns out that the characters in your favorite TV shows and the like are actually dead, dreaming, dying or don't exist.

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Hi. This is celebrity, acting coach, Tracy more and I have a brand new podcast, the spirited actor. My clients include buster rhymes. Fifty cent Lala Anthony and Cardy, be jested aim of you ever thought to yourself. How can I learned the craft of acting and break into the business? Well, each week I'll talk to industry, gaslight, casting directors, agents, directors, producers, an celebrity guess so join me on the spirited actor podcast each week on the irish radio, app apple pod cas or wherever you get your pod cast. Welcome to stuff. You should know from house to fork Stockholm, local, new departure, Son Josh, cork, almost go who was pursuing their shows, the retort brightness or is she really there? I ve known more because it
occurred to me. Renewing a show on tv show fan theories Have our own little fan theory here, the jerry doesn't exist. Yet it's true. That's a fan theory which is a common thread and is either like they were really dead Were you know, or they didn't exist, to begin with right, and so we ve heard from people for years. I think the Jerry's made up. I love it. Yes, cause they're right, we're not saying no actually charitably real busy. Looking right now, I was going through the internet. Looking for Think pieces essay
sign why people come up with fan theories. What about fan theories? Make them in a make shows better confine anything. Now. I think the answer is obvious. I think that's why I couldn't find anything to replace you have time on their hands. That's out. I was gonna, sell wagons I was gonna, say it takes something is already pretty enjoyable and had entirely new dimensions in depth to it. It makes something familiar and you can go back very watch it through different lens there, and you have time in your hands. Right is certainly not something
super busy people do you know now, and then I also like. Maybe I should just calm down. We don't have to explain everything. We can just have fun, sharing faint theories, that's what we're gonna! Do it's like a summer break one year. This feels like one of those were both drunk shirt, pray drunk just getting kids out there. We just joking, Please get right into these some of these going to be shorter. If others are going to be a little longer and we're just going to kind of jump around right. Should we stop? with the the grand earlier and with the grand daddy What is the green daddy to you table now? If you like, I wonder, yeah. What about? Maybe, if I said yeah, think we'll start with say by the Bell. I don't know. I thought, if I said only I know what you're saying will start with
The bell will finish with one that another talking a cat call that very quickly but so one you won't believe the last one one of the things that is really. To do when it comes up when you want to come. The fan theories we should say I guess we should define fan theory is uniquely It's where somebody who show says: hey You know this show that you think me This is about all this. It's actually. This is what's going on almost all the time is just somebody's idea, but that the part of the backbone of a fan theories has to hold up in just about every circumstance year in I'll get one out of the way quickly is bad example. Cost me a bad In theory is murder, she wrote she was really a serial killer because in new now
never found out what happened to your husband and all these people are dying around her. I like that one year, but this too Easy? It's not like to make advance areas one we can say, and this happen and look at this, What about the talking about this? So I know what you mean and yes, you, a fan theory does it have to do? There is just some schmo saying something somewhere here, but murder. She wrote has a couple of things to back that, besides the husband and murders. Husband, I think, is whatever, but but the poor I've seen here their number one is just come. Fletcher is a murderer author, a murder, mystery authorise and she murders, follow her everywhere. She goes right. Think about the last. I'm you stop upon a murder. Well, that's just called tv So that's one thing alone Secondly, even when she travels. She stopped applying new murders but more to the point,
little town of Cabot Cove a population thirty five hundred year a significant number of the say two hundred and seventy four episodes immerse, Europe took place there if even two hundred murders happened in a town of thirty five hundred. Here it would be the murder capital of the world percentage wise per capita So I see what you're saying by the fact that she's writers not like she's a detective like he can't save. The eighteen were always gettin in these crazy adventures, like they were hired to each where they were seeking it out. This happens uttered a certain new era. She just happens to be the right. I've never seen a tv show either so that price and that you will never see murder. She wrote because hapless a thirteen year Why not a while sixty five year olbers, it's even better. Now I really care you re watching it. Oh yeah, it's on Netflix aunt. I think Well, oh yeah man. It's good check it out,
not saying I go murder. She wrote Gerda hipster I've been watching sure. Every year in the years now you have a beard might buy online. I think I want to extend this for a second, the you raised very good point and I feel like I defended murder. She wrote with that same point that a fan theory has to have meat on its own. The s it can't be enough handed thing it. What you just said prove why Jessica Fletchers Serial killer, while that that they there's a couple of mental health in Green and yet but there's something to back it up, which makes it a decent fan. Theory, not the best, but a decent one. The other thing is it really difficult pinpoint the origin of fan theories oh yeah, I, like you, did this first year who came up with this idea, what loser? Let's go, so we're going. By the same by the Bell fan theory, was people dislike nervous with anticipation about Alan?
as far back as I can tell it, looks like person, a writer on the website, cracked cracks website a writer named man unless their name Logan trend in two thousand twelve wrote a post caused by the Bell: a conspiracy theory ass, a he original, this one. As far as I can tell, he gives zero credit to anybody else and the way that the post is written really comes across like he is laying out his argument himself, so it's possible and if, if, if you had this idea prior to two thousand Well, then, you not Logan Trent, let us now, but I'm bestowing. Interact with the origin of the safe the Bell fan theory, which is one of the best. Yeah and I'm big, shot out to cracked and the flaws and our own article, and who else knows tv how to get one ear pay.
Magazine, everyone there's a little while ago. In theory articles out there are so at long last say by the bell, and I like this one remember watching the show at all, but I I know these characters in the just, so I had to have watched it at some point even want save. I vow now, wouldn't that would in my while I guess not older teenage boy rat slash college, while they had saved by the Bell ecologist Sis for you, but I do know character, so it had to be absorbed into me somehow. So here's the deal pre, say by the bell. This, I did not know There was a tv show, it was called good morning. Miss bless yesterday was unbearably bad this or that
So the idea of the show is: there's this boy names Agnes in Indiana NUTS Zigzag Morris. Yet these EK play by Mark Paul Geisler right this is in Indiana, of course, not California, and he He was a troublemaker and those a teacher name misplaced with super smart and always thwarted him. She was but what The name of the lady who is in the original parent trap, play the two twins: Hale E mails whoever's her. Oh ok, apparently like then, when you signed a contract with it Is it a child? If you re only four long years a friend's name, making Nicky there always put the minutes, place his brother, his parents or divorce, and by accounts Zack Morrison good morning. Miss Bliss is a bit of us.
Lab whose always sort of getting his come up and from other people you're kind of a loser, yet basically the opposite of Zack Moors. It say by the bell the diverse exact attack make that no, I think so I think, there's a t shirt. Even that said that flash forward in how many years later was this couple so good morning. Misplaced goes off the air, I get the feeling it wasn't very popular or they wouldn't have rebooted it right as saved by the Bell. They would it ass. You know kept going exactly to say by the door comes along and now Zack. Is it Bayside in California he's MR everything he's as this article points out he's a most popular kid in school and excels in everything: sports, music, casual racism, whatever that Logan transporting
easy offer in a circle: friends making and Nicky gone, yellow, just gone, no explanation bright and there's no explanation for any of us like how we got the California, but it's a sinking right, it's exactly character, but there are some huge, huge changes like at its core. He is a different person, actually not a surly at its core, but as far as how treated and viewed by his peers and everyone else. Yes, he's had the difference night and day he's nodded anymore he's. Not a loser. He's he's a total winner has Logan Trend points out like If he were to missing a quiz rather than fail, he would convince the teeth. The whole debate off and then when the bake off by cheating like this. There was how, like he went through life and also very notably parents are no longer divorce, they were married and hidden. Though he was an only child and was beloved by all right.
He had, I think, Slater was went from his rival to his some sort of his power. What but his you know his again yes, wing man, bright, each was around in both, but I think he was sort of Screechin. Both right, yeah change, much right, screeches always been street. What can you do? Health staff you in a bar, I endorse the big reveal. What's the fan theory, so the fan theory is that saved by the Bell is the day dream fantasy? of Zack Morris, whose actually living in India back in Indiana John F Kennedy, Junior high and that the legal age, great man, and that the whole of the whole premise of this, fan. Theory is revealed through the theme song right right so in the theme song, the the thieves by like how harried Zack is
well, it's all first person right, but you assume that Cinema Zack is the whole issue is, they revolves around Zack is the narrator here and he's here I grew up a lot of trouble in getting ready and he gets out of the boss just in time to see it. I buy the teachers, gonna public Yes, and he knows, is a mess dog ate all its homework and if you actually the show nothing ever give Zack he's untouchable yeah. So in song. It says it's all right cause I'm saved by the Bell by yes, which this fantasy Does that once once he settled, then either subtle the class answers daydreaming or gets home at night inserts dreaming. He can go off the bayside, where he's the biggest winner around. That is the bell right so that the fact that these lyrics by the time, a grandma, and I get myself a look at the corner just in time to see the, but as I live,
and then eventually riding low in my chair, so she she won't know on their meaning. The teacher this all is Zack in Indiana right it describes a different person, doesn't make any sense that these lyrics if you had not known that. That was a show that existed right and all you know say by the bill. These lurk so make any say exactly, but they do if it is all a fantasy and his men nation, sadly also makes sense if you think that the producers hired the camp Sir, before they were really aware of what the show is gonna be like and that's what the composer came up with lyrics, why it's not nearly as fine. Well. The other like about fan theories. Is it there? Almost one hundred percent? Not real right is just fans havin, fun yet, but at length. The idea to a man
like some subversive writer, the rag. Oh here's. What will do about that? Mrs Harkin Electorate, vanity of this, that guy I've got one other thing that I think the cracked article points out. If not and ask him up with their later. We pointed out that Zack has the power to stop time and dress, the camera leggy breaks the fourth wall early, regular relations, and he can just stopped and move around within this frozen time, which also I mean the weird thing for somebody to be able to do if they're, not in the middle of their own daydream there for nitrates, love it man, that's a good one, and you know things like MIKE Nicky disappeared at one point: Kelly's and live with them in the cheapest is gone with no explanation yet
people can a pop in and out sometimes with no explanation at all, I think Kelly dumped him and then, like all of a sudden, she's gone, and she was like one of the characters throughout the entire saved by the Bell right and then she just gone what she does that he's terror is really bad at school, really out of fifteen or to an essay like all. This stuff is like dream, dream, stuff right: that will that's another point. The Logan tramp makes. Is there a fifteen or too is literally impossible? You, like you, can't score. In a few hours. Eighty, yet fifteen hundred right. Yes, it's all its. More evidence they all this is made up by. It is patently not so smart KIT so, let's say by the Bell, man won't take a break in and get I to think so could do this all.
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I will give you a couple: a quicker ones here. The fresh princes dead can really dont need to say anything they were in the year. The TVS theme song, where it talks about getting a fight and that's the whole reason he sent to build Bel air, the fresh pensive, Bel air. It's a tv show from ninety ninety ninety six and the rap that Well Smith, the the real life will Psmith actually plays a character anymore Smith, and he talked about gettin in a fight in getting sent off the barrier to get out. You know to get him away from them neighbourhood in what Philly right, West Philadelphia afforded raised and dumb said, the theory is that he was actually killed. Turning this fight right, and everything else is you know his journey in the afterlife yeah, the cab, that pig not to in Bell air. The rare cab is supposedly
or some sort of ethereal figure that taking him too. After life, which is Bel AIR, parents are like basically non existent, but they show up a couple of times this explained away by the faint theory, as his parents visiting their sons grave. It like that you're pretty also here, and they are now boys. The men apparently showed up at one point, but they were like a hand. Require. I don't remember their episode so that a broader together, fresh princess, dead right will you do next to redo. Do are that the two of em from Gillikins island yeah?
the dragoon Super lame yeah thought so too. There's this one theory that the though- and this is your right- it's done that that Mr Howl on Gillikins Island paid Gill again in the skipper to take him out to sea to do a drug deal, which is why he has a trunk load a catch. Full of cash gingerous got a drug habits myriads of federal agent. This sounds like you know, like someone, smokes and weed and came up with, like, like someone said, hey what your first idea of what Gillikins Island could have been other than what it was they who drug thing man, picky nailed it by is a better fan. Theory. Furred Gillig, Zile, agreed. The Gillikins island is hell that this, like the fresh prince Bel AIR, takes place in the for life, but none Heaven and hell, or at least in purgatory, that
the that minnows shipwreck caused ever an on board to drown and that in hell each one of the characters represent One of the seven deadly sins ginger's lust Marian his envy professors, pride personnel courses, greed, Mrs, how I've seen a slot and gluttony seem to have also seen or as either gluttony or wrath wrath, makes a lot more sense. An hour ago, again, Islam or is Satan himself yeah. One of the giveaways forego again being Satan. Well, there's two of them and is that he's always wearing red shirt. So obviously, statement Satan were red rag you're right and then he's always seems like it's always accidental, he's always thwarting their plants like every time they get so
something going to get off the island right Gilligan is the one who somehow screw it up in their stuck there again, so he keeping in Hell. This actually has legs yeah. Apparently Sherwood shorts, the Green, Gillikins Island in a book, confirmed that they did Where was his idea that they did stand for the seven deadly sends the right yeah. So there you go one of the rare fan theories. It actually was true.
I wonder who, who ever thought of that was like now here has right. Well, that makes me wonder if somehow got out or something maybe or he was retroactively, has been my K editor. I meant shorts. Here's a quick, ass Spock from STAR Trek, one that I can like we'll do both STAR trek ones have been my on record as not having watched STAR Trek, rear, meaning meaning, but in STAR Trek six, the undiscovered country, the undiscovered country, sorry people so mad at me, I Turkey's an ancestor of mine, maintained that when you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however, improbable must be the truth that was Spock and that movie and the source of that was Sherlock Holmes himself.
Sign of four from an eighteen. Ninety, a book, and so the idea here is it Spock is related to Sherlock Holmes. So little weird! that, but I could see it. I mean they're, both pretty rational here, we'll Sherlock Holmes, he loved his speed. Balls are known Spock was ever into those now he was more about. You know: Sherlock Holmes, love spitballs there, don't you! I did not, then surprise me. It surprised me. Firstly, so there's another star trek when I love this one that Andy Griffith is the pre apocalyptic world that leads into STAR Trek, and this one is pretty awesome. Those based on a star Trek episode, Chuck Mary, am I our I like SIRI, but with an m. And dumb in this
pursued the searchers crew beams down to earth and it's very obvious it may bury, but it's like a poker post apocalyptic, bury its peoples entirely by kids, there is wise people entirely by kids. Has some disease has broken out where you I at the onset of puberty, yeah and its well, it is may bury because it is, may bury its literally the same back like a shot. Both shows that and they just outfitted mayberry to be posted, pocket leaped it right down to like fluids, barbershop MIA, but I think they discuss out floor. They stretch. Often it is the Loi. Oh did it. I don't know, I think it said Floyd Cinderella here out there on the nose. I think so Alison's great effortless agree. Seal for you did well there's another part too that the kid who played Barney fight in Virgil, keys, actually
years. In this star, Trek episode was yet so its full circle Jeanne rod. Mary was like I'm gonna come up with a fan. Theory know another. Those are yet but going to lay down form decades from now internet comes round. I don't know what that is, but it's gonna be something I'm Jean right, Mary enough. He here the beginning of any Griffith. When there you know walking down to the lake and skip the stones on the lake yeah, it's like right now, Hollywood Hills is a hurry near my brother drove me. If there were diamond success. Look familiar need. Story was on the theme song out like now while this idea, whose like the barricades like over there, oh yeah, yeah, sort of Vienna killed, my dreams will seem with mass to them like the Hollywood hills what about them, Well, I can the mountains behind Malibu Right, will find a you can and you looking for you like. I totally see their there.
We're talking about the helicopter in the opening montage for mash yeah. I was like that supposedly flying through Korea, better, it's actually. Yes, it's California, where the reality which is way cheaper to shoot year. We shall I mean I shouted tv commercial over there. I think we talk about for this. You know one of the Gipsy still out there and I don't remember that rusted out an overgrown of weeds ha and dumb. But, yes, I can hold her. He cheap, fair. Your couple, little remnants, Jerry far still out there like hey how you do it for residents in anyone today. Can I get a lift back in the background I'll be on cheap, that's terrible. She saw him. I'm supposed to notice he's like my mom towns. Favorite sign, oh, was he really from their complete area that why they did wrote that, under the show yeah any those Tata Tony package, which is a real place,
I know that, but I didn't know if it was a Jamie farce, definitely from Toledo. While he saw me they never to forget it. Yeah he's eighty two age Amy far gods Peter models. We got so This one's one of my favorites Goodwin Garfield Area is eyeing alone in an abandoned house, everything that you ve seen in all, except, I believe, six of the Garfield strips all of em that have been, going on society. Seventy seven is the hallucination of a dying starving cat in an abandoned house yeah. I was way into Garfield Garfield's great, but the books yet Garfield Bloom Canny, where my two biggest observer into bloom carry loved it.
But I did love Garfield though I mean it was a little blue counties will more advanced Hank church in its humour but which I still got the Garfield, the second a perfect for a ten year old Chuck, whose per cent so what you're? Talking about? As in October of nineteen, eighty nine, Jim Davis, a creative Garfield said you know it, do, I'm gonna put out six strips in a row that are not funny. No, actually can once idle and yet very bleak. And if you go and look at these strips, he can find em online. Obviously, it's Garfield, on in an abandoned house, and it's really heavy yet awful Garfield wakes up in the first and no one's around anymore. We get a little panicked and then it just can't. Ten years on in his panic, continues to build over the course of the six strip, and finally, in the last one I believe he wakes up,
and John and Ogier there and everything's back to normal so happy, but leading up to that point in strip like three four five: it's it's getting a little freaky there and dumb like you said, there's nothing funny about its. Not it was intended to be funny was intended to scare, and the idea is is that what we are seeing in these six trips? Are there actual reality of Garfield, and then everything. Finally manages to go back to is basically dying. Fever dream yet feature John an eighty year, but will they disappear there on that score too? at the end yet like they appear in the way he goes to give him food and then they like disappear and he's alone again at the end of that six trip. Yeah. Ok, so he he's hallucinated them. I gotcha and then alone, ok and abandoned said. That's. Why ok right so, then that backs up
no idea that they're, just a hallucination cause they're demonstrated as an hallucination in that sixty restrict yeah he's extracts ears. That was His intent was very much to do Something sad indifferent and I think he heard quite a pit from the fans like what is going on right and then apparently he can allow. After the idea, when someone said hey, you realize what people think the Disease big hallucination, like every other strip drawn as a whole, is an issue of this dying cat right and he laughed about it but like what? What else it were people supposed to think Then he just got really heavy in and weird for six trips, and I think the other things so off putting about it too, as it resolves every day There is no resolution now think of that. Seventh day the Sunday when just picks up like everything's totally normal, and I never had it with me it even more and settling and then check, there's a there's, a clear enough
the reference to it a coincidence or whatever, but there's this sum animated movie all the Allegro Non trauma and theirs segment in. It was the name of the segment Valse Trieste about a cat. They turns out to be a ghost, can ever seen it now. It's very good hunting, but it sort of parallels is Garfield story very much whether I was purposeful. We don't know that part right or did Jim Davis like Discount, that do I've never heard whether or not he discounts. But that's definitely go check out the Garfield strips just got to slip like Garfield, dead or dying, or whatever you it'll bring em up by them.
Also just I'm sure it's on Youtube. Just look up: Valse VS, Alessi trees, Tiara SD agenda. It will get to the very sad and you should plug your favorite thing ever, which is Garfield without Garfield. I have here which in any case it was John. There was just crazy hallucinating right yeah. You can make a pretty good case. That John was out of his mind. When you take Garfield at any given strip Today's vote is job sharing allowed his dislike, like putting his the counter good stuff. Here I forgot about that. You will take a break yeah, we'll take a breakin Goethe. Another couple of cookies,
the big daddy. Hey, romanian and a celebration of our new album we'd like to announce our new Punkahs Series fanned interview. The band was already We just wanted to give you a bit of backstory until we are so you'll be ready to join us on our common core values. Matthew, and I am the front. Clearly, the dark ownership up I mean base moraines Trevor, I play keys, inclusive guitar went proclaiming rules, make sure to follow all each week as we choose one fanned, come, hang backstage and ask questions check out. One fans interview the ban on the radio apple pie, store where ever you get your guest.
Or I did you- see this breaking bad one This one has spoilers for breaking ban and a little bit of the walking dead. If you haven't seen it turned out but there is a theory that actually, I think, kind of cool sailor both shows breaking bad and walking dead dead. The the blue math from breaking bad is what caused the than the zombie outbreak in the walking dead. Yeah, and I said yeah but of mood- seems like their totally unconnected until you start digging in there. That's right When you look at season wine, the character of Glenn, a shot out to Stephen Young he's a listener stuff. You should now yeah what up dog of we still is not
for he drives a Red Dodge challenger in that first season, which looks kind Walter, whites car that he image in up with and then an breaking bad. When Walter White returns that died, he takes it back in the managers. The dealerships general managers named Glenn all thin the best one is comes in season two affairs committee. I agree you take it buddy cause why you did what you d want to teach us, I saw breaking ban scene. A tumor. How far too referring to walking dead, I'm behind and walking dead by, like one season the need to go back, yeah anyway season two Darrow play by Norman Treatises. Trying to take the floor down on tee dog is another character by lies at funny,
these energy targets brother moral. His arm is like this bag of drugs. Basically, so he looks at the bag safe. Is there anything that can help bring the fever down, and there is that blue crystal meth from breaking bad in his bag? Yet so that's enough little hand and then, before the zombie apocalypse moral, his brother was actually a drug dealer and he does I've been one episode. His supplier was quote a junkie little white guy who threat with a handgun said: I'm gonna kill you be word here and that very much sounds like. Jesse Pink when they are the only way I could again and across more is if he'd mention fat stacks or something that would have been like Superman, also so that this pretty fun theory, it is obviously meth equals death
We very dry specially blue, while the one thing I think it was like what are like all those people on math, but then I thought now, maybe just a certain amount, and then they in fact that other people write with their dont be juice, yeah. Ok, I got one. This is this is an old one I think it's a good one. The flintstones accidents take place at the exact same time to get one that the first answer, not prehistoric, there actually set in a post apocalyptic future and its say as it make any sense. Does it the author. I think this came from mental floss points out why Lloyd, some cave people create record players with whatever they had on hand, no unimpressed or I knew what a record player was, but if you were living in the post apocalyptic times you would we to be able to listen records because they already
vented, so you figure out how to make a bird put its beak on a record and use that instead, why do they celebrate Christmas increase Stork times, good question? Why did What is the music in the flintstones? Any popular music is always like fifties like English bread, invasion type. My forgot about their twitch twitch. Why do they have a banking system set up now? That's fairly x. It is why are these animals talking? Well, let's just weird, if you can like placed at the feet of George Jetson, The other thing about the Justin's, though, is supposedly they are living up in its not cloud city oratory orbit city, which is supposedly bill in the clouds above a small line, which is where the Flintstones live below the smuggling and alive
lay the thing that divides them. Really more than anything is income yeah. That suggestions are wealthy and part of the ones that can survive and live up in the clean air. Flintstones are part after scrape by with whatever I'm fine back here on earth well and George and Fred Mirror one another in the tread laborers. At this mean, I note you call that, like the Kory Kory, sleep, whereas George works, its basely rockets and it says, happened, this article works for a total, bout nine hours a week and then robots and computers. Though everything else that's supposed to how our life is supposed to be right now, but we're not doing it right. Yeah now, robots are just stealing everyone's job, but wait I'm things show for, except for joblessness, but the bag kind right. There was a movie called the jets and meet the Flint stones and
very movie. George Jetson visits the past and has a little kind of a throwaway comment when he sees green grass. He says that, if something he remembers from ancient history write to them. Come and undermines the whole idea. I want to know What, if he's saying that here, my remembers it from ancient history? Oh, I see that part like those in apocalypse and there is no grass, but if a visit the past this falling apart near where we talk about it. It undermines our over the great kazoo was up attack. I always doorstep. You should know Stephen
to remember. The greek issue was up with a whole. Christmases is weird me that the funds than to celebrate Christmas when they were clearly supposedly before the birth of grace, she is being increased short timeframe. Edna. It does make any says, there's a lot of stuff. The Flintstones did make sense about About the Scooby do when I thought this was pretty great yeah and not scooby. Do you see this is the difference between a good van theory and a bad one? Bad one scheme in shaggy are always stoned because look They are bumbling in there always hungry for Scooby, snack for Scooby Saxon, bad van theory. Good fan theory Scooby do takes place after the world economy has shattered, separate and a lot do it right yet. So the idea is that these guys
their driving around, and if you really look at the places that they visit everything's a ban, and run down always band, amusement park and abandoned ski resort and in everything and not only are these places abandon here, they're populated by people who were squatting. Basically, in these abandoned places they live in, they abandoned play the bad guys are there They have no means to support themselves other them by carrying out these weird veiled crimes that they they traded dressed up, as thing other worldly, which suggests that their geniuses right so very, very our people. Living in squalor are jobless was this crack yeah, so Is it
twenty seven billions in the original scooby DO. Where are you run? Twenty three of the twenty seven are motivated by monetary gain, the theft going or lessen speculation and, like you said it People are geniuses. Why are they you know like I'm going? What in this abandoned mansion brother, can gain ownership of it? So very strange yeah. They point out that the talents that these people have of are indicated, a very wide variety of specific schooling right yeah too. He had these two or three were Phds too, were lawyers one an ability to produce forged paintings. One could repair boats. One was a magician right this man, so these are highly skilled highly.
Specialized thumb professions that these people are trained in or capable of doing, but yet they're out of work and they're pulling off these very elaborate schemes, rather than just having a in their profession. Yet and even Scooby do like when you onto a nice vacation spot in its run down and abandoned, if, like soviet level, vacation spot yeah pretty much so but of others, is a great one. At the very least they had some reason do not just have it be like normal society. That there were living in and like they would. You know like it. When you go back and get them that their weird yeah, weird settings for shows real sparsely populated his enemy, there's no reason to that. I could see if you like. I went on much of the budgets. We gonna shoot anticipated a mere eight bark, but that they like, if these are at a restaurant.
There are almost invariably the only people there have. You noticed that, yes, like a really empty series, is cool. It makes it a little more haunting. I like it, you re, for I think we waited long enough. This one is based on the television hospital proceed. Old drama, Saint elsewhere, right which seen elsewhere. If you watched it or even, if you didn't you just a fan of like famous endings of tv series, Seen elsewhere was very famous for its ending in that also famous raving about big stars earlier in their careers, yet how we Mandel Denzil at Beggarly, yeah begs lot of other people but a very famously ended with them at the very and the showed a shot at the hospital with the snow falling, and then you pay how can you realize that that was actually a snow globe held by a boy?
right, my boys, like all my guide right, is again doesn't work real. If you watch t r or anything Scrubbs were any normal show about hospital life and its about, but a life in desperate seen elsewhere was about yeah. Now it was weird quirky by it was. It was about hospitals, as the idea drama that the last seen of I think six seasons yet six years, a hundred and thirty seven episodes about a hot life at a hospital in the characters that inhabited and worked at this hospital with hospitals and snow blow. This is totally out of their feel right. Yeah even weirder in walks who had up to this point in the director of the surgery. I think Donald West fall he's the medical director of Saint elsewhere. He walks in here
clearly not a doktor is dressed up is not dress like what is like a construction here. The ways talk any super like blue collar, all of a sudden, and he into the room where the boy holding the snow Globe whose name we will find out Tommy West fall. He his daughter, was false sign in the serious and elsewhere where he had been on the show, but he was never like a big character, known many where he had autism and external was always now construction worker and says he's talking to Father is gonna, get a pop see just sit around and what's it it's no good all day, I wonder what is thinking in his head, which suggests pretty strongly everything about seen elsewhere or a hundred and thirty seven episodes took place. In the mind of Tommy was fall, this boy without some who is sitting there staring at his snow globe. Yeah, I mean in fact it's. It's really does even more
than that. He actually says I dont understand this autism thing. Bob he's my son I talked to him. I don't even know if you can hear me, he sits there, they long in his own world staring at that toys. What's he thinking about right, like they didn't need to say that they should have just to me, showed that in showed him come in as a construction guy right and maybe just looked long longingly at the sun, but he's kind of, like you get it, everyone saw a married. Her is sitting there like fourth year at the time this issue at nineteen. Eighty eight, I think when it went off the air of America, was just like boy just happen. That's really weird, but then two thousand to it started to get even weirder right, because there's a tv writer named Dwayne Mc Duffy in he wrote a post called sir, degrees are seen elsewhere. Any points out, wait everybody. All seen elsewhere took place just
Tommy West falls mine. Then that means that there is Miss again amount of NBC shows that also argue still Tommy was false mind it's kind of it. The Tommy was far hypothesis or the Tommy worthwhile Universe, Multiverse, ok and it just spreads and spreads and spreads and there's a really good. Said, paste article called Tommy's world the tv legacy of Saint elsewhere as Tommy worthwhile Universe is pretty pretty much the definitive outside post on and on. It lays out a pretty good thread of how shows are connected and since they are connected That means that there are taking place in the mind of this boy without his and Tommy was far right and it goes a little something like this. The diet, some the doctors from Saint elsewhere, went to cheers one time,
Ok. So that means cheers in Tommy was false. My Frazier was spin off of tears. Check demonstrators unreal you getting us. We wanted to say that after twenty, I think you're really drives the point home the job they are kept, show it was actually pretty good job markets great and that shows very underrated, but the Lee character played by junk. Erika was John Hemingway. He call and one time on razors talk show yet on Frazier he's gonna Collins, ok, as at character right no John, lower catch universe right is in Tommy was false. Mind, that's right So on the job market show itself they. Gin, yoyo dying as a company attack company right yeah in STAR Trek. Yo Yo dine made technology used by the enterprise crew. You you're dying right
right, you you're dying. So that means STAR Trek is in Tommy West falls mind. Yo Yo Dine, was also appears again in the angel. The tv just widens angel, those parted. The. I think he was a client of the law firm will from his heart rate, angel, ok and the wool from his heart was was representation to another tech company called wailing who Tawny, which made tech on the tv show. Firefly things are getting deep. Now, so now fireflies in Tommy was false. Mind as well, then wailing tawny ship. Was an Aspasia graveyard on the series in Britain, red dwarf, right and the bringing home, and then the tortoise is in the hangar bay of E ship red dwarf on the show. So that means that Firefly red dwarf
and then doctors who are all in the mind of Tommy, was fall because all of them are connected back to seen elsewhere. In and as the author of this pace, critical points out. This is a normal thread. Yeah it spread too like, more than four hundred tv shows being implicated as being in the. Machination of Tommy was far yeah. I think the last count I saw was four hundred nineteen shows film, which it you know if they just get one more than all of a sudden, it's a weed theory right, yeah, plume, great about John Munch, though he's like they're all star character from Tommy was folly. We are sorry that was Belcher scare, drawn homicide life on the street bright and there was a pair the spin off from Saint elsewhere is related to it somehow yeah, I think so, officially related, but then much
not a bunch of different shows yet like his character, not just go play Nokia, but he got it. He just popped up. Indifferent shows. Oh replace not even necessarily just on NBC area. He was on x files, and that was Fox. Wouldn't it yeah lot you're, the one who's on the wire and views on thirty rock soda nor is it might just sitting there since he was already connected to Saint elsewhere. Any show he pops up on Obviously, in the same universe, a Saint where which again is in Tommy, was false. Mine so most of the television in the United States, they exist come here a dozen. This, except in the mind of vague, a boy with autism who likes his snow globe back and nineteen. Eighty eight. I wonder how much of that was. I mean, not pay, land, but zero from what I understand well, Dick we meant to show, though, that seen elsewhere was a figment of his imagination bright, but I don't think they. Even
then thought: oh, are you what other years to write in a well an amount? Must itself came after elsewhere too. So I wonder, then, if someone can, I ran with it like theirs is inside Cabal and how you and the double J, whereby we're trying to, like I'm sure these things together since putting a Wilhelm screamin yeah, which we did it equally very thriving. I tried the woman The third area, were those those just thousand ass wires, K Jim, if anything else no sir. Well, if you want to know more about tv fan, theorizing go find them on the internet, for her looks, and one in though, if you have one that we can talk about yeah, good one. Now we defined what a faint theory is: okay, so good one year and nothing from last year. Somebody,
if you already said all that stuff. So since I said it already set aside for the moment, we call this hidden. Ski member I've shown in Coover, we talked about the Canadian, had a very special promote eighties, where they had cases of whiskey. Over the world, like a big scavenger hunt and not all of that whisky was found from the young man, this guy Chris Orloff, written about that. He said one of them was hidden and likewise in New York, in your for the nineteen eighty Olympics and supposedly was never found a few years ago more than three. Gates later, my mother picked up the trail when she discovered that it was possibly still out there. Must I love it. Disguise mom was like flight free ways it even when she was a slight sounds like an adventure org, you know. Maybe she wonderfully whisky too,
a fan of cryptic crossword puzzle, word games and snow, showing the allure was too much for her to pass up. They had, plus you really like risk. She got a man in Connecticut who had previously search for spoke with customer service, a canadian club even and couple of other age. He spent months turning over the clues, checking current stork or maps and hiking through the woods and fields around like placid love, this guy, you mom, I sat down with her a futile with my thinking cap on in hopes of unravelling the mystery, as did many friends and relatives. We have lots of research and speculation amassed as a result, and I was really can a nervous reading. This also she found it. Sadly, after all the effort and entreat, we still have no idea where it is. Maybe some kids six years ago could be completely very badly. Twigs by now. For me, the waiting to be found in someone else's crack the case so to speak, blame it on leading twigs if you're, any listeners want a chance of some by now vintage canadian whisky, though for the very least and enriching, walked through the peace
in northern and New York Wilderness the clues as originally printed then the sea at earth as follows, and then he gave him to me, so you can still get up on the internet. There are there He let you really know yourself well, mercury. Get out you decoder, pin happy hunting in do share one with me. If you find it, let us from Chris Orloff thanks or love appreciate that you have the last name of a person whose only call by their last name and MRS or offer fairly your mama. What's her name, Madame, Madame LA through the green explorer. Eventually, that's how she Rachel forever be known well, thanks or lawful manner, more loss you want to get in touch with us to tell us something coup at your mom's done. We want here that kind of thing. Just now for mother's day too
can t to us it s why escape podcast or Josh and Clark in journeys on Facebook, that consular starvation or slash Charles Double check right, its innocent email, the stuff podcast House of work that camp is always doing her home on the web stuff. You should know dot com for more or less and thousands of other topics how stuff works are com.
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