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SYSK Distraction Playlist: SYSK Live: How Bars Work

2020-03-20 | 🔗

Join Josh and Chuck live from Vancouver as they dive in to the ins and outs of one of the oldest businesses in the world – the bar! Learn about the history of bars, cocktails and the good people who put them together in new and amazing ways.

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Welcome to stop. You should know greenhouse gas networks that pay unwelcome departure, Stern Josh Park there for everyone, good, then you have to say alcohol makes a difference in energy levels, recording popcorn and diet coke. This does not cut it now. So we're here today hanging out just doing anything,
and I have a question for you chuck. Have you ever been to a bar yes Yeah I know you have those who set up Did you realize the there while you're at this bar you're in one of the oldest business, is known to humankind? the oldest profession, no, not the oldest profession. All this business known to humankind, one of Farmers have been on a very long time they have, but now as long it turns out as alcohol Zubaydah, listen to our how beer works episode it is entirely possible that bread was invented as it darter for beer, pretty awesome makes humanity as a whole like a pretty often species. The thing was
Booze was around for re long time before bars. So there wasn't it three. This went to go drink, you just right, where you went pretty much you literally like you get drunk at work intricate school. There would be meetings and civic meetings you drink there, but there wasn't an establishment. Four walls set up just for drinking at this point drink it like this Saturday night ritual sacrificer, something as you do so. The first bars. Then that really kind of pop up around the turn of not this pass millennia, but the one before find them in ITALY in a place called campaign. Yet these are necessarily be all this bars in the world, but they are one of the earliest establish bars and they were basically hot snack bars. They're called on growth. It does not matter, Hudson S. Words like you, know, can wings Azure Putin
Eugene, as I like best the hottest Gazeta its neck and important part greatly, and now the cheese currencies, career right, there's hot You know this is more like I imagine, hot olives hot hi tomatoes, point as observers. There was wine at these places, varieties or Berlin. Actually, if you ve ever been to bomb pay Pompey, as I have you can see these places like bars, countertops with holes cut out and they put like jugs of olives, Putin wine and stuff, and you go down to this. Area and hang out and drink and hang out with your neighbors and like look at Mount Vesuvius over there that lovely ever gonna doing we're good ridiculous, you're, drunk gimme some oil line, so
again, these are the earliest bars, but there among the earliest, and the Romans were really kind of big with as in Rome itself, there are lots of bars like there were in the the Romans also did something else that led to the spread of bars. They built rose well, first of all, they conquer the world and then, they rode along. Roads there were any for travellers and in the end, the remarks here because We're tradesmen on a roman road was scary. At night you might get mugged, been killed, they would do their trading in travelling during the day and then they would say in these ends at night and just modern american business travellers. What else do you do when you are on the road like that? You got the hotel bar and you drink your face and what the tradesmen did in rum. You celebrate not getting murder
Today on the Robin Hood traded, some spices, I didn't get killed, sobering underground. Exactly and so out of this came the tent the ends the parts like they basically said. That's great you ve gotten in, but got a little town, and we could use a couple more, but we don't need in so let's just stick to the to the bar part, those that are those evolve over there by all this far in the world, probably its deficit, all this bar in Ireland, but it could possibly be is investigating, as we speak did I bar in the world right now, it's called Is anyone ever heard a Sean's and F Ireland even there It's pretty need further he's that's an edge years, not answer it was founded in nine hundred see an actual real live, no joke Vikings.
To get wasted there, and this place is still around like you can go, get wasted where the vikings got wasted, which is pretty amazing. I guess the mushrooms and then kill people. Alright, they they would go preserved. Is that so The cause thing about Sean's actually is predates the town very good. Now they used to be two hundred and fifty years it is Sean's bar and this old, roman road and apparently people got tired of like having to drive. After getting wasted, it saddens me fill their houses around it and that's where the town of an airline came as true and later that it's not true interesting fact about science bar and nineteen, eighty seven, it was owned by George,
you're not going. You are thinking of the boy yeah, I guess He thought of the safe investment that have been there, for you know, many years. When he got out of it is like I think he went broke. Someone just as you have brought the mean when it can be true there against So we did a little research on your town and we were very pleasantly. Rise, define that you know your town was founded on a bar John. Jesse Jack. That's why I guess eject it. Within twenty four hours of landing in founding gas count gas hijack built a bar, First thing you did, you are going to have a town, he woke up and excitement and enable the bar he built the globe which is not there. It was at the corner of Walter and Carol Street, I think in gas town.
A water. What life corrections? the water and Carol hands. They care all right come on committing points or the way. I look at his way to say that these people remain the email. Is we say that it's not? Walter is actually kind of efficient Suppose you every shall eyes so there's there's a there's: a statue of gas jet and dumb, and we think very highly of them because of the fact that he built a bar, two things: ass noise, Cassie, Jack, crying ghastly and found out. It's not guess he like you, think Then it was gas because they ve talkative. Did you guys know that boring
I was up on us like this that far too low and inspectors, let that anyway, it was clearly proud of it. If you like my JANET, let them erect a statue. This is gas J as it does. He talked a lot and they do. I was that you there right water and Carol streets. So Vancouver itself would have older bars, and it does, if, like Atlanta, where we're from had burned down, and what was at eighteen. Eighty six quickly rebuilt, of course, here's your strong city in Victoria we the six miles up. Eighty. Eighteen fifty six. Not u shabby to share and Garrick said, but also Victoria? Eighteen, sixty seven said that is not bad. As far as all these drinking establishments go no, but I guess you Jack kind of worry convention by
the bar first and then the hotel began a whole tradition of bar in a hotel survive. Long past the roman roads. Yes, replied heavens, and everything, but that didn't mean that there weren't bars and hotels any longer, and that made it the new world, which is here. That's all of us in an along the way. One of the reasons why this whole custom, and in tradition made its way over was because you could make a lot of money Yang. A bartender begins probably on the bar, you probably in the bar was in and you're probably making the booze you're selling, so you're just making bank. So if the bar, renders actually were among the wealthiest of socio economic states, yet you know that here to say exactly in Amerika, we have the same thing I just so. We had ends that had the bars but then and
in thirty to the? U S. Congress said you know what this pass. A law was called the pioneer and in tat room and let to say you dont have to stay in the hotel. The get drunk there you can do is come in gets out and get on your horses and trash on the way home. I guess somebody just plant for the pioneer in tavern lily he won't stay here, but the line. It changed everything because all of a sudden, you could just have a bar in a place where you just go drink and the surely the changed everything to because place lakes New York City became this beacon for images to come to an in these skills labourers, Workin factories, and they with them their love of bars, and they said what then
with this town like we're all your bars, we want a bar here bar there bar, thereby there we want our there. Where are your bars we not make? What's he do which exactly here like like just leave it to us? open the bars and very quickly bars shrouded in neighborhoods and became customary like pretty much overnight in the United States, and they were like they are now in, like the best towns or the centre of civic life. There were where people Congress It was a centre of politics. In fact, back in the day, It was untoward to actually have legitimate advertisements than political campaigns. That was no good. What you could do, is get everyone loaded on election day even had a name for it, which was swilling the planters with bumble. Yes, a bumper was a rum and the planters where the leaders of owners and basically, whoever got the most drunk on election day, one
like almost literally that's the case, with a pretty sunlit George Land George Washington, who's, the father of our country. See he made his first bid for the Virginia legislature and loss because he didn't need in cotton to that kind of Baden, swell the planters Obama. Now he did not, and he learned his lesson because the next time he ran forward legislature, he spent something like eighty of his entire campaign. Fine on boot, on election day, any one big time he figured it out. I try to this day. Well, came rife with corruption. Of course, any time you're getting people drunk the vote eventually get Bob resignation and say: maybe this done such a good idea. Outlawed drinking on election day altogether, and for many years. That was the case in a couple of states self. Your line in Kentucky in America
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those eyes way back machines, dog it and go back to New York City. Eighteen, twenty and First, celebrity bartender is not borne disease old by that point, but his name was Erasmus Willard and he worked hotel in New York and he was famous he to really make traits, out to be a celebrity bartender he's Amber dexterous and had a memory, so he can drinks with both hands and recognise your face. You're coming to the door. We make it the one hand and recognise his face in what we only men were allowed a barge at this point. I am I right Is it just better gets better gets better because hang in there with a women could go to Barcelona. You do that Erasmus Willard was the first dude and he sort of pave the way. You know that
a man in the city and he pave the way for Josh's my hero, Jerry Thomas, yet I give it a future Jerry Tom was another proposal to tell us more about it. Why you're here, clap later explain I was asked to distance Jerry Thomas was this dude who was flamboyant he liked to say hello, Liberace Anna family. He ten, why very fancy he returned bar with diamond rings, on both hands diamonds, and tie or literally, a rat on each showed her highly standing bar and he's got Rex
and this guy his signature drink was called the blue Blazer, which was scotch, and, I think, a little bit of sugar and some water, but you were born. Wine glass, the wine glass on fire rats on your shoulders and diamonds sparkling in the flames like this with Jerry Thomas, pretty often like that, in and of itself words mention, you know, you're a hundred and fifty years later, but he also ahead the brains and the creativity to back it up and basically injury time, as you have everything that we about cocktails and drinking in going knew a bar in this one deeds person You know you parts in New York for awhile had its own place and then the civil war started and he was like I call this feeling of each other's thing West and do my thing out there for a while. You tell me when that civil war is over and I'll come back to New York, which he gave his men I'm out West India Insulin,
I guess you're playing its trade and It was at that place. You discuss pander to pray. West Coast is a thing. That's right up and now. Work. I think it's inside what are those Maybe this hang early on also that this is this was because clearly so you go back to New York, and he says you know, I'm gonna write a book and spread the joy of my craft. He can take like everything that he's learn through his travels all the inventions he made and put it in your, but always in eighteen, sixty two, it's really the first part Anderson I'd ever The honors here is the greatest book title. Others too,
titles. It's called the part. Guide or how to mixed drinks or the bomb launched I didn't want. The generous, especially when you like wearing diamonds on both hands in rats on your choice, is the bottom line campaign, so he had a lot of flash like we said in necessarily the other bartenders apologies, but that footsteps didn't really necessarily go that far but woody he was. He provided craftsmanship and artisans bargaining for the first time and he was the first got a really. So you know should take pride in it doing here and in making a good drink it dresser will kill you just a little bit like you, but a rat on his shoulder for once by much so
Well, we'll talk a little more about your Thomas and when he did it away, while he's working. Mrs, like the boon, the Haiti, the initial boon of drinking basically before them, Nobody drank they drank all the time, but this is like going you're getting a drink. Was it poor thing announced was jet by you listen closely? Wild Thomas is mixing. Is blue Blazer there's a drumbeat in the background and if you listen, I really like- stupid and wrong minded and any future focusing it. You is the champion of the temperature which managed to get a better pass our country billion year? Could you yes a top boots, the temperate or a bad idea, and the Canadians use a bad idea way before we did, because you had broken for various time and again that sucks,
it's stupid with you had it for a couple years, during wartime from nineteen eighteen, nineteen, twenty right, provincial otherwise, but you had a very nice canadian loophole given ailment you could get booze you can go to even during prohibition. You can go to the doktor and say doc. I got. I got the Catholic I got the I got the since I got the I got the call I gotTa Jimmy leg, I'm awake doc, I'm awake just gimme, some put in the dock would be. I can tell you to do anything boots and in Ontario in one year and nineteen twenty three, have a guess on how many prescriptions propose, just in Ontario everywhere forty one. What he's a four hundred thousand, no double
Eight hundred and ten thousand people were so sick. They needed in one year just on Terry one problem, so we were really impressed by their number so as far as is our usual want we wait and looked at the nineteen twenty one can census. You can do that. Eight hundred and ten thousand the number proscriptions in that one year in Ontario alone, was one tenth, the entire a population of ten. I we're like, while the numbers really ETA handed, is pretty cool like that's when it really row guy you're, very sickly people we need to remember that is It is funny to see if all these years later with marijuana clinic, It's like the disabling. I got the citizens, I'm awake. I got the stakes in its marijuana. I don't eat enough,
yet the Neuro Patsy right, like you, can just walk in and talk to a dude, a narrow, I say: oh well, you clearly needs an airline very dark time and not only for bargaining as a craft, because it was just starting to become like a legitimate thing and respectable thing. But reboot period. Prohibition was bad because there are a of Mars, but they just want legal. I think you're twice the number of prohibition parts that there were legal bar get their authority over a ninety twenty seven. In the U S, there were thirty thousand species, which was twice the number of legally licence bars before prohibition has clearly working so clearly, prohibition was just a great idea all around the mob. As I guess come here, we can take care of you just look for the green door and you ll find speak easy and it was regarding ochres, whoever the bartender was was, who was the guy could get the booze and who could get them?
didn't necessarily know anything about boost for one or making good drinks. That wasn't necessarily good booze, would literally kill you or or like you plying yeah you're gonna. The saying is: making a blind. It's really made people applied like you, a lot of pdf, that's where the phrase comes from there was there was a batch of. The austrian alcohol that I guess, the? U S, government thought was going to fall into the hands of bootleggers, which it did so they decide to poison it. A lot of people died and the government was like The way is now very much talked about we found out about it, so we're like telling everybody that is messed by thinking. What does it check? Nineteen twenty eight alone, fifty thousand people died. Bad liquor,
and that's not including people who were paralyzed orchestra. Yet what that means? I actually just that means. Twenty five thousand people died in twenty. Thousand. More people were still like. What are the chances anything Jimmy Legs shakes so Their cool thing about prohibition is since all the rules or other door, basically women said I am going to bar and you're not going to stop me have come a long way baby, so women were now congregated hours and men all of a sudden when this great. I dont know why we never allowed women in here this week. Are we getting drunk by ourselves and sort of looking at each other and gone home of that sort of weird, which we as we'll get to it became a tradition at bars. Right home alone.
Italy's? Are women now and they were getting south right along with a guy's rice. Great Uzbek is there weren't any rules? If we speak easy was operating illegally saw a woman, would come to the door and be like what he can not. Let me in the United States to be seven booze anyway here and there's another unbelievable fact here that just dug up that, I still take issue it apparently up until the nineteen eighties and Alberta where's that Now it is a way that is fair one. Apparently Alberta. They have laws on the puts up until the nineteen Eighties Stillwell Gender specific, with bars hey man with raising Helen. You guys about a written, create along well, I think it might have been an unopened enforced. Surely not has the Sixtys and Seventys to write
it knows that forty eight is so. Prohibition happens right, everybody's, a thousand really bad idea was never do that again repeal it. And I'm gonna war, the war, proposal for a surely night. And then actually had a pretty significant effect on bars to apparently, here they sent all of your guys over to Europe to fight and Europe. Came back and said there, these pubs in Europe There are often so it's bill them everywhere, for they are like here. We get the pubs habits and sports bars to let's mixed those in a little bit and that's pretty much how things went while in Canada, in the U S, is apparently all went to the South Pacific and came back and we're like Tiki culture and tricky was huge in the United States, not a fan here. I don't understand this at all. How do you know like Kiki? There's like fine
sure all the drinks are good, very, very tasty. The restaurants that you go to drink are fine It is not yet I'm above Guy I don't, I don't see why you have to differentiate anyway. So that's how things were in the? U S and Canada until there is a very dark. I met settled over the land, not as darkest a vision but pretty clothes, and this was the age of the firm bar. Does anyone know what a firm bar is ever that now you gotta red, Robin and there's activity, Amazon like terrible drinks and all the while you can thank the invention of the firm bar for that like have you ever seen company member of the region? was affirmed bar and in this area. They were all the rage, yeah, those a guy in San Francisco, and he went by the name of Henry Africa, because at this
my name is real name was Norman Hop day He opened his bar Henry Africa's because Norman hot days is really bad name for a bar as well, plus also he apparently all the time or safari gear in like a helmet yeah, and so he went by Henry Africa. Military Thomas Resort of similar. I think they were but flamboyant one ruin things. One did great things, so he opened up Henry Africa's those another one in San Francisco to an early that yet in eighteen, seventy nine, Mr Perry's and they like it. Let's get rid of these classy oak dark is that everyone loves because their awesome and let's put in ferns and Germany. Labs in chairs and will bring the lights up and what nasty drinks, the machines ass bags of mixed chemical flavoured thing yeah, and I have an idea to make us million bucks. I'm gonna make
given that shoot, soda water, an orange juice out of the same thing and every Apparently we said yes it's the seventies. Who cares about anything? Let's go this way for the firm bar. True- and it was the sexual revolutions of the ladys- were already going. The bars now felt like hey I'm in a bar, and I can be like more aggressive, all of a sudden it it's the hip happening times, I'm dying I didn't know what they said to them. I can look for Mister, Dunbar and now and then and have a drink and go meet a man. I think it was my lady from the seventies. I have to see mister goodbye. Looking surgeons, MR by looking for me, no one knows But you know, as nobody ever seen them alone. There was a pity, then I have dying, he can have you seen it. I think
three company references way more well researched ways The point is you: you could get bad drinks in these bars yeah sort of a dark time for the craft, the burgeoning like the I'm Mamma kamikaze the slides, yet the Harvey Wall Banker, apparently was so popular it had its own mass got. It was like a basically a drunken, version of Zackie, this wandering around and I guess, like you would give a stickers something if you ordered a Harvey Wall Bank. This is the level of thought before putting into during gagging seller drink. He give us sticker out in it, please you wanna be explicitly zackie with like access for without it was pretty much change. My gear, like one of those incline common off of its gonna nice I'll get you would for Christmas, money. They so
This is the way things were going for a while it till this very faithful, meeting We in this guy named deal the graph and a dude who owned a restaurant, and he wanted to. To set up a bar for him, and he said you know I don't want this usual firm bar cried the desire, your city, like we gotta, do this right, yeah, let's get back to me, any tossed deal the graph a book, a very important book, but book? the Bomb Bay Boss, companion, gas from eighteen, sixty two, every came full circle yeah entail. The group was like this is amazing. We can bring craftsmanship back into bargaining unless he's real ingredients must get really stupid sorely mixing machines and these bags of chemical fruit flavoured things unless he's real fruit. Because there is such a thing is real fruit and we should put it interacts again again still in the nineteenth century and that's what they did:
in the bar was saved. So when you go to like the cat rumour, the diamonds I dont know if it has been, of aren't. I know it's like pretty new, but finally do go in your joy cocktail. There we did our research. I hope that was there since these are really put us out there. Just then, if you go to a place where there's a decent cocktails, somebody's really putting thought into it, you can thank the still de Graf guy for bringing it all back. But really you should think Jerry Thomas to tell you the truth how do you understand why he's my here? I see a luxury for a little more about myself at the bars the revolving in bartenders revolving, going from diamond study to you know just normal cock evolving too early on basically
everybody made their own booze and they had in a job with three axes on it and they just turn it up, and I was like their cocktail: it's how they drank. Yeah, like chalk, turn the three x jirga and then When Jerry Thomas came on things like, we can do better than this there's some cool ingredients that I want to kind of mess with and create new stuff. Originally their punches, which is a huge pool of hot booze that everybody drank from that that the bumble that the planter swelled right right. Then there is a tardy which, apparently from what I can gather, is just like a single serving pine train. And then there were slings and things were the ones that had the most promised those became or we understand now is cocktails. They are basically booze a little bit of water little this sugar and then maybe some fruit juice.
Jerry Thomas looks at the swaying any goes. I can do something with this and he creates what's called the baroque age of cocktails, whether just like it three experimentation going on. Nobody knows: the hell anybody else is doing, but always trying new stuff and dumb these that the foundation for what we know now is cocktails, came out of there, The first cocktail was mentioned in France. The word in eighteen o, three and Emerson Hampshire, with the slogan its for the head, because It was a morning drink. It was you supposed to drink a cocktail. That's where it comes from the rooster cocktail is where the word from and if you drink the night before you get up in the morning and make your little fizzy cocktail drink with bidders and it was like the hair of the dog that with some others, no one love right drink. Your cocktail punch in the face by your wife pick up your ass
back out there and work another day. That's what they used to do. Jury time is that you know what I love morning cocktail much as anybody else. Why can't we keep drinking throughout the EU Let me see if I can, but with this, why save alcoholism for the morning right so through this baroque era of drink making that it was very, very once like? You would have like a sour and our was just booze citrus and a little bit sweetener. Usually maybe curious hours have like that, and then you will change that dramatically by adding soda and then all You had a fears or If you wanted to use booze a little bit of gravity, and I think there was a Curacao sweetener and brandy or something you would have a daisy event. Psycho they added, peculiar to the daisy, and in spanish day is Margarita
greedy came from or other rights, margarita phase out there security is very influential, but he was if you ever pick up a copy of the bombing of in and try and reducing its it doesnt. Translate that credit. Today's proportions like what is a glove like Larry, like three gloves person. Venture that in August entities in a better one, though pillar on the same pins Armenia, makes sense. But would you like me to ask that law more than the boy, so it took like till historians to to kind of red the saying in into the modern era, because back then sugar came in a big loaf. Sugar wasn't like refined it is today on ice, now is a big deal. Gas round is out of the wind chipping away, exactly how you wanted to and so to talk to us. It's really kind of translate all the stuff right and they did
and along the way, Jerry Thomas dies, but it creates a great body of work that attitude overtime and then, eventually we come the streamline classic cocktails that we have today like the martini or the Manhattan, and all of this is from the work of these. Like wonderful genius people here, fighting on the front lines against the temperance movement, making life better for every year of heroes, real hero shirking out of like civil war and all that stuff- yes, just doing God's work basis, What The martini, we're gonna talk about some of these classic cocktails, a martini. Anyone here Smart Jeannie's. It's always any martini thing martini go with TB are and how much it is right to put these back in my home region,
so the martini, if you ve, ever, had a martini, it's very dependent on the individual, on how exactly you like it. Everyone says that they like make a perfect martini, but the ratio for the Jan and Canada. I make the perfect Martha, said everything, civic how'd. You make it ok, I use the three ounces. Ok, three, four ounces, like Scotia over three three ounces of gene in half, announcing, vermouth, ok stir it was impressed, I sure, if it gets cold or faster to a better strain it Sometimes, if you want to get a little crazy in you, Wanna go original. That martinis actually does have orange bidders in a couple, a dash of orange fitter. Yet you say why, and it seems weird, but you don't take the orange juice, does something different to it and then a couple of hours, our juicer, dreamland, jury do you really think you started
like it it's already around now, that's the thing chuck! That's the key! There is new, enjoy, there's no wrong absolutely there, but the origins of the martini are equally contentious, because everyone thinks invented it goes. More than enough qualifying amongst there's a place in California, Martinez Knee in Martinez. They made a drink other Martinez and they claim that the martini came out of the Martinez that they are the adventures, but there is one right there's another one that said it's just named after Martini Rossi, the makers is what does anyone else make remove? tons of other wise the only one I ever see anywhere, I guess marketing it, kind of vermouth too. I was really yeah. Every other vermouth on the planet is better than martini arising that so that everybody knows much anymore. I feel like a deal
fine I'll, get your fine. If you enjoy martini patronize me, I'm getting back for that one day, curves
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fiends, it seems like it should be easy, but it's not just getting out of bed and getting your day started, trying to accomplish everything. You need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories and music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead, get connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us. It's Elvis Joanne in the morning show listen to us on cue, one or two or anywhere in the world, on the Iheart radio, app drank in what about the other daiquiri, yeah. The daiquiri was invented in Cuba by an American who was their working and mines was bored and now with two parts, and you know how much you take some rom and some wine and some sugar example up and let's make a drink and let's call it a daiquiri nets. Other directory yeah, then the four by making rose and you take the freezing and put into a blunder and put like
that's a romance wasted. That's by visiting your life much easier and you get your action can't work. Wonderful daiquiri believe me, The time Collins has an interesting history panic Turkey now, but in New York the eighteen hundreds, it was a big fun joke, to tell everyone this guy Tom Talons has been talking about you, yeah apparently like going to a bar to drink, was an amusing enough like they had a jazz it up with hoaxes. You didn't have any stickers at the time there was no Tom talents. Of course, was this big hopes, but apparently in it, was a big last back then to tell people that the partners got the idea, like a we'll come around asking where system Collins, I gotta have a word with them, so make a drink all the Tom Collins so when they come in and ass for the servant to him and they have to give his money easy sale, easy busy, Rita
what about the mosquito sabre you're like a monkey. Well, it turns out that the Mohican might be the oldest cocktail of the entire world yeah, it's what me well sweetener right There's a different drink actually meet soda water sweetener and rum originally the reason they put our stuff exists or pirates drinking this. In the sixteenth century reason- and I put all this stuff, it was because the stuff drinking, which is kind of like a protocol, wrong called taffy Awkward guardian day. Nice it tasted so bad that you had to put all this other stuff into it and eventually they introduce copper still to Cuba and started making like really good run there, but they were like nice to like them sugar as is really delicious trick. So
the boy either all right getting Canada. You have a drink, or another by morning Love is Jesus. We had this morning, I have been making those four years. Unknowingly, calling bloody marriage. I did my friend taught me. A recipe Khatami Rescued ACT, Romano in it, and it was delicious and sounds like what is my blood in areas with Romano? I did not know it was had a different name right, so we call it Caesar amount as it is delicious yeah, and I really it's way better with the come on out to me that this regular committed its despite its origins, apparently the guy. I think his name's Walter Chill here from the Calgary in he went
Venice and try to spaghetti dish. It was like I wanna drink. It tastes like that. We came up with the Cesar, which you guys loved. You love spaghetti in a glass, a clam dish. Basically, what would be really good, and this may well It is we just then, of course, figure, you guys are Polly beaten to death with your shoes. If we didn't conclude this package, where the likely lengthy discussion canadian whisky, which you call right, which were big bands of actually in in in Toronto through the first show that we did? We said we're gonna talk Kennedy Whiskey in everyday life right.
Thought a revised go. Why we dislike what data like we discuss, the crowded ass they would love is now it turns out. We. Finally, everybody calm down. One person basically raised their hand. Dressed you guys for us and everyone sitting right. We call it right here, we're like allocate so just disregard the last, like forty five seconds of panic that you saw us. So we understand how you guys call it right, but canadian whiskey distillery. Your camera was opening Quebec City Never heard of in seventeen sixty nine now is number one, and then by the eighteen forties there were over two hundred distilleries that's too bad. He does love making a whiskey, because you had people from Europeans
in Ireland similar ones, and we know how to make the stuff. We know how to spell it. Without the Ie like the rest of US dummies and that's why you always do without the EU. Was Kosovo's immigrants and a man named John Motion discredited. The first distillery again was silly and and Why very similar to our bourbon, The process is different, like both of whom have corn lot of corn and on a lot of Malta, barley and then a little bit awry the differences in Durban, County Kentucky where they have numerous elections in the country. Ironically, ironically, they take the the corn in the rye and barley and the four men still in Asia together. You guys take your barley. Corn in your right and you make liquor out of them, and then you together at the end, which is why
I is blended, whiskey scotch actually yet it we, the rye part of it, is the smallest green. A small amount of grain to use, but it provides most flavors right. I guess it's what you call it and so on, during the civil war on our civil war, when our country was torn asunder You guys were totally fine, are we were busy fighting? We weren't, our forefathers were the courts or killing them. Is there really bad again in all good, so during the civil servants and more are our distilleries shut down. My green light other things to focus on, but we still need so can have is that we got plenty of it scale, and After the civil war, when
we are distilleries, went back on line. There is enormous amount of competition still because everybody loved you're right, you know, we're like got my leg amputated gimme some more that here and you guys were more than happy to oblige so much so that the distillers were like Congress. We need you to step in and do something about this and confiscate. They said any know. It's true. They said any any booze that effectual outside the United States has to have its country of origin on the label. So in eighteen. Ninety, a very, very popular whisky from Canada called Cobb Whiskey, became canadian club because of a law, because of us are Congress thanking the thrive, Canadian club remains
popular still to this day and in the nineteen sixty one of the reasons why there cool little advertising tricks. They had this cool campaign called either case sixty seven? Is it what you will do well listen see the rich jumped to the world and, let's height whiskey in some remote area clues in magazines and the extra said spent ass? It has actually been something to do. With my time I have been wanting a greek canadian Club for a long time. I want to spend fifty thousand dollars finding that we speak, so they hidden in places like mountain element, jar in Africa, the great barrier reef. Angel balls. Venezuela they had, I think, the last one in, like the last one in nineteen eighty they had in Washington DC for nineteen sixty five nineteen eighty. They hid twenty five cases and it didn't go quite according to plan. I think the first case of that
Kilimanjaro was found by accident. Like ten years later we got a guy districts over it. In this case a canadian club is here. I guess it's mine and take its good fortune. So no asked one by nineteen eighty they can agree on the whole thing it was in Washington DC and I think they let the peace. Who found it watch them, set it down and back away, and they just walked out new like the case catch the fever cool thing is, is there's a bunch of him out there that have never been found. Hidden rich drugs out there with a passport and since maritime there's some whiskey by the store spend a lot of money going to try and find it all we found out about canadian whiskey
the only thing ass man, I'm just glad that people can see a jazz hands lies because that is here for me and I ve been thinking about that. Did you bring a listener? Male, no, sir. Now ok, we'll have to Dublin in her sorry appeared, wonder entered weakens the paper mine It was her may like an irish people through stuff up here. I guess we'll wrap it up. This part of the show there's more everybody. It get buried in store, you want to know more about bars. You can type that word into the search for our house to work by
I always gonna bring anything up. You can try it anyway and if you want to get in touch with Chuckie me, you can t to us. That's why I came. I guess you could join us on Facebook that complex that we should know you can send an email to stop podcast House the words I come and as always, join us our luxurious home on the web stuff You know dot, com for more openness and thousands of other topics. Is it herself workshop com, the
It was through a new park ass in partnership with radio under arm players, coaches and at these Bashir intimate and personal stories of performance at the highest level. This easy noted Dame women's basketball, coach Muslim across battling losing work every game. Knowing your supposed him win that really weighs heavy on your shoulders, and I think I said at one point when it began to be ended. Up again, my husband be careful what you wish for, and here we are
since the only way is through available now on the radio or wherever you Peter, Parker, disgrace: land, a music, untrue crime, podcast about musicians, getting away with murder and behaving very badly hosted by me. Jake Brennand is back with seasoned by and you're not gonna want to miss new episodes on guns and roses. Cheesy, Prince Ozzy Osborne, Gipsy, hustle, run DMZ Selina, the rolling stones and more. You can listen to disgrace land on the highly radioactive apple podcast. Wherever you get your part gas, rocker role.
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