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SYSK Live Christmas Spectacular!

2018-12-25 | 🔗

This year, Josh and Chuck go live for their annual Christmas Spectacular. Recorded from the Center Stage Theater in Atlanta, pour up some eggnog, light a fire and enjoy this live show with the whole family. 

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Hey everybody. What you're about to here is our very First live Christmas, spectacular, hey everybody, not as you do so. You have a lot of fun man we did a hometown live Christmas show with dinner stage Theatre in Atlanta. This was in real time. This is what last just a few days. It was in it was a great show. We brought the house down, I think, is highly, they put it a man and it was cold. And rainy it landing United was playing in a championship, game and people still pact out the centre stage.
And I really meant a lot to us. It was great. It was a Christmas miracle. Frankly, yeah and you're gonna noticed something different. We actually his visual queues in this episode for the first time and we're gonna post those on Facebook. So if you want to see that the pictures that we're talking about in our different segments- you can go to Facebook check those out we also did a Christmas reading this year contemporary book, which is kind of cool we did a reading from Wonderful, wonderful, kids book called meet the lock, as tells the actual real story of honey and how they came about in a very fine. Child like way, and it was written by my man named Alan Silverberg. You can buy that our area by your books, it's really wonderful or you can go Silber books, dot com, that is s I b e r books, dot com and check out what Up to now, just for jewish families, like you, should just spread the word of Hanukkah to to
children, because this really great story gets a really great book to so thanks to Alan and he would go away, we go, welcome to stop. You should know how stuff work: Stockholm period. Listen to the podcast on Josh Clark, there's Charles W Chuck Bryant even out there somewhere and we are here- live at center stage. Theater, Atlanta, Georgia. We love you too, lost the only gift you ve ever given me that's not true either. Where are you going to put it on? Well, I had it on outside Conway my hotter than usual,
this perfectly the tailor made for nice. So we wanted to give you guys some information, because this is a part, can strike yes, I'm redoing, the horrible clumsy segway that I did already before I'm starting to sort and we're going to talk to you about a history of aluminum they may have an aluminum tree in here. People over eighty to see that over there There is an aluminum tree over here and chop yeah yeah. The story here is is that this is now belongs to us in my family. This belong, you Emily's grandmother. She still with us here today because, as you all know, Mary is how was she now many eight jets there there,
Cuz I get so weird that that person over there knows how old Mary is, and she sounds just like my wife who I've been looking at over here and that, ladies, like a total creep, cuz he's just looking at me: throw your voice on So you money is also still with us, which is amazing, but that was their tree and, as you can tell, if you decide to stage we Scribe all these things in greater detail, but that is an original. I guess from the nineteen fifties. Early sixties aluminum tree complete with color wheel you're over there and I'm sorry, you can see a peeking above the bar, so it's an elementary Chuck set and the aluminum trees gather start through. The great american process of idea of intellectual property
That's your face. There's a guy from a company called aluminum specialities news, walking down the street Chicago one day and he stopped. He saw a tree made out of aluminum any thought. The most amazing thing ever we looked at the price is like a hundred bucks seems a little state and it looks a little heavy a bet I can do better than that. So we went back to headquarters and he said, look gas. I saw a tree made out of wait for it aluminum, but it was too heavy. It was too expensive. We can do better and an aluminum specialty said Gideon the tried and by the way I heard it I'll jingling and was looking here and also in their it's me is there someone behind me sorry, one as it is getting in should be a good so I did a little. I know you're the year the inflation calculator man, but I did calculating so
those original trees from Chicago that he saw undecided a rip off in today's where's were The nine hundred bucks one yet one hundred and eighty five dollars and so Mr Tom Gannon of Aluminum, specialty, like I said, was like they're getting ripped off and I think we can package these four twenty to twenty five bucks and we can make it so the lady with her little lady arms can pick them up. Has literally millions say that this was set at a marketing strategy meeting, but it really was there are like well, we need to make them all in a box light enough for women to pick them up off. The shelf is ninety. The seven, but they do that. Then they they put him in a box and on the box it said alumina for lasting beauty. Because you know your tree will rotten die, just try to keep it around passive. February's going gonna go up in flames right, we do plus it was the safety treaty because it woke up in flames, the matter how long you keep it around my shirt
That's the thing was highly flammable than we do now and you get to test it. I think it just kind of melt into a coup and then we die from the few rise again. So they set up shop. They already had a plant in manner to walk, Wisconsin right there on the shores. Really Why do you right there on the shores of Lake Michigan, during all more you they were building submarines, I guess out of aluminum, which I don't think it's true at all had to build we're durable than that right? Well, I don't aluminum specialities making submarines. The town was now Oh, I told you, I was unprepared so they started getting these out the door for twenty to twenty five bucks. They had models. There were four two four six and seven feet high, an initially people made fun of them. They call them tin, Tannen bombs,
People were mad when they saw them at first and nineteen, fifty nine, because they thought it was gaudy and growth and not a real tree. Not some beautiful Wendy appreciated appreciated is like a kitty beautiful item will plus also is like, when you mean a luminous tree with just one tree trees. What are your communist? I want a tree made out a tree exactly I try to take my real tree as they happy holidays to me, Laura aluminum specialities cookies were stage by believe it or not tire salespeople in in Wisconsin. In the winter time, it. Also, a lot of tyres and sold our story said well, we need to make some some bread. Somehow we gotta get Christmas presents for kids. How are we, do they heard about these aluminum trees and they saw it setting up in their showrooms and, of course, the price.
Every town is the tire store that everyone walked past silly, but people started walking past tyres store, seeing the aluminum treason. Therein said Ok, they actually are quite beautiful. I want one and they started selling, unlike hotcakes here's an actual close. I wish we could have found out that this person was, This was someone who worked at aluminum tree makers of America. He said the salesman's dream to have this happen, suddenly Guy, who wouldn't give you the time of day is your best friend because actually your story, Sir to be more or less cemeteries, Anita man, I'm selling them too fast, so they sold something like um, I think, ninety thousand in the first year, a correct, Chuck ya, know they sold over a hundred thousand. They sold forty thousand in the first months scouts, which is crazy, so within of course weeks, because aluminum specialty stole it from this other company, other people,
stealing aluminum specialities idea, an american way? They came out with this thing within weeks, other people were selling aluminum trees, and so everybody started. Winning an aluminum treat? Some of them were more expensive, some or less, but a luminous specialty pleaded smart. They want right down the middle and they like sixty five percent of the market share and even today there ever go. Product, which is like the most sign after it's like the the cadillac of aluminum trees. I guess That's it! That's a terrible now, as you going to, I get tyres, cadillacs its ultimate around so some of these companies, because this and identities we thought we read some of these names of companies that rip them off, because it's just so nineteen Fifty's, Morris Novelties holiday industries, go electronic summer holiday industry, this my favorite asked your light, Elsie De Upper, that's a british company and asbestos farms,
sweet amid a bell ass. When listening to I'd. Like my neck to stitched when you said that I was getting uncomfortable just like every time I looked over there, I want to take that off. You can I take this off that you literally thank you, a little something for you, something and look it's a nice Mandy Garland thing everybody I saw these aren't I guess he up their trees a bit. One of these is guess it up, because you see, there's all compounds on the end of that was an addition maybe later trees, because I guess I just want to make him special. They made him different colours and I think the pink ones these days are the most prized ones that you combine Ebay down, one of them Silverlake. Thirty, six hundred bucks
once you get superbly? What can I get for that? One huh? Are you familiar with the term struggling yeah serve the trees, struggling somewhere smell builders and money. Your woman very angry, struggling snubnoses down at the gate, football game, He's watching away united lose. No, I don't want that to happen bodies. From Atlanta forbearing myself, turned the crowd on either I so these things are MIKE Hotcakes, they literally so over a million of these combined and then of course, like every sort of Christmas fad that comes it goes, and some people lay the blame at the feet of none other than Charlie Brown. Yeah. We're, like most people, think
that Charlie Brown did away with the aluminum Christmas tree, because in that the child Brown Christmas special Lucy since Charlie Brown and wine is out to go, get a tree, the biggest aluminum tree confine preferably pink. Right, and so they go off on this mission and they find some wine is taps on one, and it sounds like he's tapping on ships all you have done. Internally runs like no. No I'm not doing this. I'm goin with this tree this little weird creek tree a struggling Christmas tree. Charlie Brown takes a home and loves it, and it was like the Spirit of Christmas was found in this little tree and the commercialization of Christmas was personify. In the end, the aluminum trees and some people say that's what kind of turn the tide that's right. Other people say it was just coincidence and it was bound to be Christmas, bad, no matter what Charlie Round is gonna helps, but should over the cliff is Charlie Brown. Says it does get a lot of blood on his hands
but also gradually over the years. They did come back thanks to things like Ebay and at sea and people with the extra money in their pockets that want to pay three thousand Where's fervent street, no, I think another. Equally We still have ours in it and it still its great. Despite would says it's given We made it do segment, we made it, so it would be Christmas. Everybody voted a good Christmas miracle story or three, and we do so happened have three of them for you, we had more, but we found out that one of them actually dont really add up when she heard they did. Listen to these are legitimate. Bona fide the Pope, who signed off on Christmas miracles. Ok, everybody
since when the bosses, everybody, I was irish. No, it's not miracle number one in this one's gonna knock your socks off This was a nineteen thirty one we're going back in the way, machine lawyer further in time That's it that's what powers away back machines will we really euphoria dummy sweating, like eighteen, fifty two dinosaurs today, I see in reverse works is working our eyes. Well, I've never felt this powerful before it's a nineteen thirty one, there's a couple name Ed and Julia Stuart, and there
making their way across Arizona on Christmas Eve going home and they stopped to change a tire. They got a flat out in the middle of nowhere near a town called Superior Arizona. By the way I looked up the population Is this you kept saying you know it's in the middle of nowhere near we'll see about that their population and nineteen thirty was about forty five. People, and now it's about twenty eight hundred people. That's a steep climb pursue that they're not going in the right direction, but even still in nineteen thirty one? Forty five hundred people suffer many plus Arizona state even state. Yet it is basically a bunch of people keeping out, gather in the desert is disappearing. Arizona was and this couple their names were added Julius, Stuart. They were ten miles west superior when their car got a flat on Christmas Eve. Just wait
since remember it's Christmas Eve and this, so they they pull over ethics in the car and his wife is I gotta gaze restroom. I guess out here behind a cactus because there's no one around and oh my gosh there's a hat box laying in the sand and its crying. Yes, it was a baby and a hat box. I know everyone, but this is a Christmas miracle stories. Just don't get too are easy. Pole. Little girl in there and she's like this- is weird: little baby and a hat box almost peed on it. They got it cried, and so I think we should do the right thing.
And not leave this baby in the middle of the desert, I'm hoping that it wasn't. Even I'm hoping she didn't even have that thought they slipped. A coin and decided to take little hat box baby. Anyone Anton sugar thing there like a baby call, it heads or tails everyone see country for old man. That was what that was referencing, so they pick up my box baby. They take outbox, maybe to a hospital you laughing, but that's what they call is made the news had perhaps box baby seriously should call a baby Christmas Eve, orders baby Eve, that's a real man. Yes we need to get our box no have participated in I'm sue. Somebody saying like a barbershop quartet's onto nineteen thirty one minister here, my Maybe so seventeen couples
ended up that wanted a little baby born in a hat box and they all apply to adopt. Little had box baby seventeen couples This is why don't get how many showed up to what? What and between then, and now that was yesterday. I have excited, I think, TAT Box maybe fell out of the news a little way and so to really help what they call stick to it of nets. Even back then, of those two couples, a judge had to be like you guys, thanks for coming. There's some other baby, not from a hat box. They also Medina the desert, like not interested genetically cactus baby raised by Cairo. So in the end they did find one couple and they named the baby Sharon my mother in law, s name, then the matter my future mother?
little sharing Elliot, never met her biological parents, because this was the nineteen thirties. When you buried the stuff deep under the same. And soon and lived. Allow your entire life not only that she didn't know: she's the hat box baby until nineteen eighty nine seriously. Yes, she knew other what's baby, don't we all, but she didn't know she was the happiest baby. Did you find by opening a hat box in having this weird psychic last back, but you gotta get out gonna get out coyoats after Debbie The story girl now be, and is she did not meet her parents, which is very sad, but for the nineteen thirty she went on to have a career in the aerospace industry, which was uncommon for a woman of the times. She didn't really wealth herself,
and one day long and fruitful life and she's here tonight, everybody hammocks, maybe a flyin. That's how you in this story miracle. Wine So another one for you to add three starting now we actually had five and we had to cancel to miracles told one because it was in that interesting and unjust briefly, say I'm an honour, those one story about a lady who got lost and buried in the snow for three days but lived and they found her, and I was like this is amazing. I did some more research and apparently it was a suicide attempts and she lost her arms and legs and then see the hospital, and I was like, I think we should not do
swell numerical here is the exact opposite of a miracle, really bad of a Christmas miracle. I can't believe you told them that actually, I'm proud of you no way. I too, where we go and we go on to Korea. We Armand Korea, during the the onset of the korean WAR in the communist, the communists were coming down from China, India. North Korea in the korean peninsula. Sorry and they were pushing the North Koreans further and further south and a bunch of north korean people had assembled at the docks at hung and in Hungary there were a lot of people hanging out something like a hundred thousand civilians, plus a ton of allied troops being evacuated. They were ships coming and going and coming and going to give people out, but they were mostly getting this.
Jurors out and there were a lot of civilian standing there stranded, but luckily for those civilians, there's a captain with one of the greatest names ever Leonard loomed through and Larue said, are you going to die at the hands of the communists? Are coming up? Not unlimited. Will ruse watch any just? Haven't you captain a ship called the Ss Meredith victory and the ESA Meredith victory was a large cargo ship. Was in no way shape or form a passenger ship. That's right and I was actually weirdly named after Meredith College and North Carolina. Where my niece went to school, it's all full circle somehow this Christmas miracle from Korea, one thousand nine hundred and fifty has to do with shots. You and everybody, the only guy had a hand in it. They pull this as is merited victor.
And here's, where I got confused and Josh Colored cleared up, because in this research it said that it was only designed to hold sixty people don't you lower the boom on how many civilians ended up Leonard Larue in one shot fit fourteen thousand people This was a shoddy article yeah. So I saw that- and I was like we're going to have to erase this one because that's obviously Alai you get that fourteen thousand people on a sixty percent jump, but It was like sixty beds in though I crew area, it was a large cargo ship was a large for fourteen thousand people, know they early stuff them in their like sardines. They were all standing like elbow to elbow. No one could see. No one could move. On deck below deck. There is no water, no wooed, no heat, no toilets ya. Think about that and
Fourteen thousand civilians think about tat. The fourteen thousand civilians from Korea were packed, elbowed elbow in the ship navigate mine infested waters for two days at sea yeah I saw a quote from one of the one under the deeds are worked on. The shepherding almost people did. Their work has shifted, share when the crew members years later recounted and he was like you know, the green people are somewhat stoic in their nature. He said, but I couldn't believe even with that. The way they behaved. And no one. He said it was so orderly. No one fought no one like jostled. Everyone, just like sort of work together to make this Christmas miracle happen. So so, ok through two miracles that came out
so they make land. I gay Oj Island on Christmas day. Dried and two miracles happen one over this today period. Under these very treacherous conditions, not one person died. Now one person was injured, miracle want genuine, clever sheriff Wade, clap those that I got political again. I'm sorry about that. Article one those miracle to miracle number two is they showed up with fourteen thousand and five people because guess why, five little babies were born. Everyone this little journey there was a medic on board that works with the crew. I found out didn't, have any training, of course, deliver babies, is running around with a half box like just drop, it happens again. Canna grows after number to live with it.
Jerry that is part of that, since they make a note five little babies were born. Everyone lived personify. Babies right, and they're here tonight everybody wanted these scientists, they come to me. I wouldn't be great those miracle to miracle, three is as follows. Starting now, we should have done in a different order. Now that I'm seeing what miracle this is, one other, like dogs. Here. What about miracle dogs, Mamma the Simpsons references, and he told me never to acknowledge people
from the stage were earlier special, sir. I'm sorry, but I was just doing, is told sir. I so April. Two thousand six Aurora Colorado, a woman named Vonder lunchroom had a heartbreak when her little pet rat Terrier Daisy get out from her fence. It didn't come home ever which is first of all to miracles for everyone, a rare and a terrier disgust, there must have been like the ugliest dog on the planet. That's not how that works will explain it to me later Keep things go like a german bulldog, doesn't mean a german man and a boy actually not so sure what happens. Thankless doors daisy, the rat, Terrier, ran off and find the lunchroom said. Well, I guess that's it
for me and be happy so long daisy, and would you mind slaughtering Pilar and they just kind of gave up resigned yourself that she would never see your dog yet never knew what happened to her and just like. While my heart is broken on Christmas day of that year, she gets a call in this call is from a woman in Knoxville Tennessee, saying: hey, guess what gets a nice people here? How will you here to be proud of your task, because a woman from your town found Daisy in Knoxville Tennessee. She had made it thirteen hundred miles from Aurora Colorado to Knoxville Tennessee. No one has any How and showed up on this woman in next will turn a cease doorstep guarantees away from all dogs. You forget the soda I can't believe I did that, many people know she did what
should deal, which is called a little number on the tag got in touch. It was tag so sag so got in touch with veterinary in Colorado, she said, I think, have the wrong number, This is a weird area code to be calling for lost dog I never had a Knoxville, he said yet as we it's in Colorado in these she said a dollar during a daisy that went was, of rat terrier Woody, You do in Tennessee, lady, right Colorado, we breathe dogs with dogs, oh let's how we do it in Tennessee? So he said, I think, that we have a match here- that this is one of my wife, my clients, any called up bonded, he said believe it or not. We think we found daisy. This was the stock was missing in April, and this was Christmas Caso, some you do. The math tat had not been Christmas, who has just been a miracle
a Christmas miracle s right, try since they were reunited and dumb. I guess if we ve already told the other story about the other Christian, We can try to pull the rug out on this. One to Daisy was reunited with Vonder and Daisy got home to find out. The vonder had replaced easy and she had to share her house with another dog. There must have been pretty awkward for daisy, finally back home and runs ensigns like this? Is money You have been here for a while, so let me tell you what the rules are. Daisy dogs like now had all over that about you again centre last may that was it that's all. I'm saying we do order all
thanks a lot we can tell you guys are the hard core is you should know veins gives you clamped for that one, I, because of notice the theme or not yet, but we're talking about Christmas I've noticed you shifting it. What is, is there Reimer reason, they're nervous habit, your desire. No there's a percentage are right. Next segments right, we now We just graduated around. You know what that's I'd get Show me more figure may get a look at a load shouldn't. Hearing, so we're talking Christmas over Christmas, be without shoving elbows. Teeth. You'll like like a little bit choking like always, I can go to jail for that over the
must have toy of the season and we found out that there were not. There was a toy, that's been not one but two Christmas season and that toy spend the christmases of nineteen. Eighty six and one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven and his name was teddy Roxy A let's go to remember that little guy how adorable comes with the kids set in the story book you can buy more kids sets and more story books and more kids sets robots, his that's how they get right. Let's are they gonna do with thirty rock spit a new super groundbreaking at the time right Teddy, what's been, if you dont know what thirty rock spinners he's this guy, but you, your kid would put a cassette in this back impress play with thick sticky low,
talk lady fingers and arm Hetty Roxbury Airy Gallagher. We don't want to give away the horror that awaits and Teddy was. We would come to life and be like hey you're, my friend, whether you like it or not kid, and his eyes were open and close in his nose with spanish needs that are talking, but he would talk not just you know, Babbler just talk about his day or something like that. He would talk in, he would tell a story right. I was born in a hat box, there is an amazing bear. They told your kid stories and every kid wanted one, but there is actually pretty great story leading up to it knows it Disney, imaginary name can foresee. Who was the guy? Who came Teddy rug spent and he worked on for so long that is original idea was for a teddy rucks been do have been a monkey because he wanted to salute the space programme. Long the guy been working on Teddy spit.
So little more research into this guy. Like you said he worked Disney. What were they call themselves cemented years away the man who knew He actually help design. He was one the designers on the hunted mansion so big ups for that bastard- ever and then if you are a long time at lantern, you might remember over at where Phillips Arena now, as it was the old Omni CNN, and they had a world of Sid Marty Croft, which is, as we heard, Was the field amusement park in Dore, amusement bark and help design that too, which is identical so like we said he worked at Disney and he was like I've been to the hall of presidents. Why don't I just take Abraham, Lincoln and wrap them in for cut his head off, wrap him in for, and I think I have a milli-
color, but he wasn't it for a while and the reason it took them so long as because a regionally Teddy Rokesmith came in two parts teddy rocks bent and then you had a box, a big clunky, ugly boxes, sharp edges and light would like catch fire, and this box sent FM signals to Teddy and then that's how Teddy. With the rest, for in his face were talking in movies. Is mountain ranges signal right? He could not have been more complicated if you drive right so, but also really clumsy and cumbersome a to peace set. New kid wants to accept a purse ever and like to like twisted dialogue in our now. They want the hard Sharp box inside the bare right, but it wasn't really. It was a huge move when they managed to combine the two together and what they figured out was that they could use one track and irregular cassette tape to record the story. Teddy's voice
the other track. They recorded ultra high frequency radio signals that that told Teddy how to move his face was like he was connected to a little motor. You know cassette, recording stereo, so there's two sides and they just use one signal to a little motor control and all of a sudden he could come to life and haunt your dreams, and with that he took off one thousand nine hundred and eighty five. They released him in September and they were sold out within a month. I think forty three thousand units just overnight This guy was think a bigger like he was like. This is not a teddy bear everyone. He created this whole back story and he wanted television shows and movies and things to accompany this actually worked. He went into the office and said: oh he's, not a bare he's an elite up, which is species native to the fantasy world of grandeur and the people we risk. When it severely can you can just be a bare yet I want to talk about this too, that you gotta bear the talks like that you that
seriously, all you need to know is ignored first, always wearing a tune. There's a word tunic. Somebody ridiculous he's an area so is a pretty big breakthrough in telling works best suited to take forty three thousand units in the first month, they sold a million within like the first three or four months. It was like a hit so much so that it's fan one thousand nine hundred and eighty six and one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven Christmas, so yeah and so much so that he did get two specials at b C. Believe it or not, he D tried HBO when they're, like that's weird rage me after her, Bessie, was like sure why not so in November or December of nineteen eighty five, to live action, Teddy Rocksmond specials about this cute little Ellie up. From grander from going down, back over the years and here's the deal parents aided the saying, because he gives you a Minos like seventy five bucks back
which is like a million dollars today million hours and these cassettes physically like my married that when I want to hear the next one- and there were twelve- Ninety five apart to get the little book and Cosette and he was like. Oh, I can write, where is all day long here, children here in the middle of the stories Billy cake to tell your parents to go again. Another tell on time. This just say what I am about to say that you will hold your breath till you pass out and unless you get another Cosette today, ok, ok! So grand no always lovely out. That's all you talk like. Some wrong with them. I found a few. These sidle see whether way yeah those one called the mush lead. They all had collins to one was called the. Ass, the mushroom forest. You can be anything you want to be figured Gladwell. What was going on areas
was one in the early nineties- and this is not I hope everyone Grunge Music Cohen, tap your feet to the beach. You lie serious you. Why has grunted the most toad Venice genre of music out there right and then finally, but also better Teddy Rocks, been title What is it? Why did he tell this story? I don't know buncher staged Ivan elapsed. And then finally, you note and Teddy Rocksmond came back a few times over the years. In fact, I think you can still buy them like just a few years ago there was another companies like sure will, by the license, lunatic incorrect those one finally, where he jumped shark. That was called. This is the title Teddy Rocksmond visits the dentist Colin Spy sir by Crest
It wasn't implied. That was the title anyway We have to take a message. Break everybody. Kidding. I was making a joke about. The crest thinks that alone, My Christmas Vienna is, however, my Christmas like me, and is often take everyone. So tell me: what's been, he went away the market guy saturated. There is something called wrap in rabbit. There was one called labyrinth barrier which is just terrible, namely the zero mark, a researcher so fast verbose getting this doesn't want. I would have gotten like that. This year's work by Rosa Blabber, bear not by your own choice net same here, but I know it's knights of the round table it. She looks just like polemics, a fool flat, kids school or not commit violence. Zerlina, that's like that.
The internet is going great. It's going not been so again we're talking and well Christmas, be without the most horrific assemblage of monsters that you ve encountered in your entire life. Well, you're scared by this kind of thing. You know like monsters. Are they make you uneasy thank you're, lucky stars that you were not raised in Europe, because Europe has the scariest Christmas traditions of all time and we're gonna tell you about some of them. Yet we talked about this impasse. Christmas specials out Christmas was basically collated by Christians from weird pagan holidays with the horrific beast. We're like there was turn that into the birth of Jesus in Christmas is viable right. What about this angry forest gavest, three wise men, s, fine they're, gonna, be
you get presents its fine, so we're gonna start. You go had moved the slide s gonna, start an Iceland everyone with the your cat. You have to say I give to say it in the icelandic check that friendly guy yes in Icelandic it is. You, like cutting in observing everybody say like the workplace. You look good, read it. I was a bad, my best bureau. There was a good beer. Do it's all so quiet in the face. Movement around us all you gotta, do that judging records, these right? You others, you can go onto Youtube and look up your luck, Couldn T guess how it
and or Icelandic. You, ok, there's a poem that Europe has song. They put. The music is weird and creepy imperfect, but there is at those this at this tradition in Iceland that if you are a good kid and you do all right shores in your work and your parents are hard working to, then you as a kid will be rewarded with a new peace and clothing on Christmas right. That's what you're looking forward to as a kid in Iceland socks and you're happy to have it, because if you dont have new socks or new shoes or something Cat will come along and eat you on Christmas Eve. Why are you in your house and for your family? You see that kid He knows he's like there's totally. By me right now it is ready to go and nope. In their new jack, members only we're all good so
One thing is the euro cases goes from house to house. I think Christmas Eve Workers is one of the two I think, if you're being by the UK, it doesn't matter Yesterday, you kids, looking into the windows like you, our new shoes, ok you're off limits, new apron. I guess that's an order. It is going from house to house and then the! U care will inevitably find some kid who was lazy and didn't do their choice, leading get a new and manner a new piece of clothing, pout, Tear now right. You'll tat gets done there's something really sad about this too what? If what? If you're like a good kid- and you do you're tours, but your parents are not well off well ts for you, the cats gonna get January because yoga doesn't discriminate. You can't just those by whether you have new clothing or not, he hates all children right. So, what's a very sweet as if you read this,
cat poem in the end it says. Hopefully this will have you give a thought, children to kids, who are less fortunate that you, so you can make sure that they have a new piece of closing around the holidays, so they won't get eaten by the right and if not, the blood is on your hands me out me out. Like children, one another that all these is. It was when you look at the progression Christmas softened to the point. Now it's like early get coal in your stocking and back there like a cat will come and eat. You eat you in front of your family. Is it's all a good kid bag kid? What are you gonna get going to get a present or coal mechanisms like www labour? Will you die, really means Are there That's when we are going to Germany, the many horrors lot.
Germany and Austria, which featured this kind woman kiss her band of four solely eaters year, clearly deserve Frau perfectly Who would you know if you thought you were pretty good? Give you some candy? If you, do you know if she thought you were pretty good? Give you some candy. If she thought you were bad, she would cut you. You open and tear out your guts and stuff. You with your guts, what they had kids do not be bad or you're to get getting out, pulled out and replaced garbage by prop. Visit over the twelve days of Christmas catch. A lot of work to do I saw one descriptor that she is often described as having one. Abnormally large foot called a goosefoot, though the goodwill run through it. I don't even know that you get that you get the goosefoot. Mishaps, manic aeroplanes,
so the other thing is to that she would slip their bellies open and stuffed with straw and pebbles. Ellie garbage like garbage, because it also makes you think, like what kind of garbage like coffee grounds and appeals, or something or moorland thinks he's composting minutes. That's garbage, remember, to turn the kid every two days keep it on this so it is no use must anybody. It's a more arms, and there too, because he was a forest gotta soldier extends look at it so far character. Now. You want to run into Europe. Acted these next, Germany. Again, if you are in Germany, or nowadays, if you're in Pennsylvania, dutch country, which is in Pennsylvania, I run into a little guy named belch Tickle three, a bell, cynical guys
that. Kid is not joking around This is supposed to be fun. How a fine in Germany. I know it looks like its situation and tell it like it the games like. Can you imagine it I came in through your door and was like known parents, I'm here to see you. Come here, So the thing about boats, nickel is that spells. Nickel is like, His name means either like what is a belgian means to wall up in German yeah. So either means like warping, Saint, Nick or Saint Nicholas Pellets in furs, and if you, if you ran across bells difficulties like this, I know what the guy, who would show up a couple of days before Christmas, whether you naughty or nice, and he would find out like this. He takes him candy. Maybe if you nuts, because again you're, like a Pennsylvania, dutch kid so like your go crazy,
if you walnuts even under the ground, and he just wants. Like what are you going to do and the kid who went after it like Augusta's group or something like that, jumped onto the ground after the candy. He get a switch right to his back like two days before Christmas. As part of the Christmas tradition as bells nickel was do it, he was there to sort the naughty kids from the nice, but he's not nearly as bears like character or anything like that, because he would, he would take time with the naughty kids sure any kind of teach them. Now, that's what's going on right there I think I think so kids, about indoctrinated in a balanced way. This, showed himself to let his mother Grenelle cynical way right, but he would spend time with the kids who were bad to. Basically,
this is how you do it. Here's a mechanical meant to be a warning before Saint Nick came to say you can still be good right before Christmas. I think that's a great warning Let's go the next, like that. Other major of em, just in case you, it's a more nightmare fuel. And then it must go on more that sounded familiar to anyone. There was an episode of the obvious. Everyone knows. I drew does from Pennsylvania, dutch country, and so he the legend Nobel cynical to the opposite. An episode is pretty good So moving along where you're going to go on over the Lorraine, Lorraine regions of France are actually this
nothing to do with any of these, except that this was the Christmas photo from Germany, the home of belch nickel. I get away from that area so HANS truck. That's unstrapped come in at the window there, oh, it is okay, so this is nothing. The next side will really can give you the feeling. What HANS chops all about HANS Chop is a man who is a rich, wealthy man who decided that he wanted to eat children use that written wealthy is how he is going to do it. So he waited for a kid one day, pounced on and took him and cooked him got this far and was about to eat em and then God enervate. It struck him down with lightning. For he could actually eat the kid number. Wasn't this a true story? Yes, it was a true story now, but there was really a guy named HANS drop their right. They mean according to allege that was a cannibal Satanist rush and Christmas enthusiasts
Who is struck down by lightning by God? Right? Ok, ok, so HANS Trap was resurrected as a scarecrow man. Who will come through it, let's go to the next one. In the like around Christmas time, make your eyes are behaving so that they they are not even by him. That's the yet and others. Christmas in Germany, everyone right behind me. Well, this is France. Actually, my right, I don't got Germany permanent right. Otherwise, Germany, now HANS jobs, might least favoured Christmas figure. We're. Gonna stay in France. Everyone with the last one was switch that slide not. Comparatively right like out this guy any day over. The rest of this is how do you pronounce your that either Frenchy here among us air through it did at last? There really citizens it off it nicely,
This is the french legend, the name translates to Father Whipper and was in another evil butcher who create children to eat? This is a constant theme in Europe around Christmas. And if you listen to our Grimm's fairy tales the grounds brothers, the constant theme in children's literature, that, if you do not behave, you'd, be eaten by an adult, very sweet he grandchildren to eat and he and his wife would lower three boys into the butchers shops were whether they would kill chop up insult these children until Saint Nicholas comes to the rescue, resurrecting the boys and taking custody of the butcher. I love that it takes Cassie, said you're with me now You work for me, I'm saying Nick yeah and he literally put him to work. He was not like you, gotta authorities is like
to the North pole, and I think that in this area, but it wasn't like come on back to the North pole, I want you to start painting checkerboard sphere, the little boys and girls. It was not. I like what I like the cutter, your gyp here. I want you to come, do that for me so you could send amount ahead of time to basically bells Niccolo little kid you heard about cynical to do that then say Nick would come to be like I at least I'm not bear Fruit right arm Saint Knit get cut back up Britain basically exactly like that, except the bad cop had no choice in the matter because he was in the custody of Saint Neck. It lets francs, who needs a drink us to all right? We just so happen to have a bar over here. So we're gonna go now
All right, everybody we're moving to the bar said. I think you should give my thing. I'm going to we're gonna talk about high parties, it is able to high toddy I'll tell you things to chuck. Haven't you like not had one before or you ever happen for a while. I d like if you like Emily's, made me a hot toddy when I was sick, because alcoholics like to tell each other that is good for a cold when it's really just like many sick, but I'm really still like to drink. Oh, this is rate for that? What's a lemon and honey and near also majestic, bartender wanting you walk is through well for survival, talk a little bit about where tat he might have come from so they do actually don't know they think. Possibly it came from Scotland, Edinburgh,
and in Edinburgh there is a well aware even say that right it s all right, There was a well that everybody drew water from, and waters like a big feature of the heart tardy in the well was called Todd's. Well, CEO, these well and they think. Well, I d get that story one. Maybe There's another one in India they drink a medicinal drink called the DE the eighty eight hour. I the naughty, and it's made from tree set. There is another one there Guy named Roberts, gently Todd, Bentley taught It was a doctor in human proscribed, this stuff, constantly whether you sick or not be linked to drink this, and they think
maybe use the inventor of the tardy. Now like that one you like that one year, the fourth one that I came across was that it was invented to make scotch more palatable to women, and I think, that's probably where the hindsight it came up, so they could sell more scotch basically and then they can but these back stories for its right. So Europe burn up some water ion, have you tonight a little local riot looks like resurgence right whiskey, everybody so how to make a tardy supervision. It really actually quite good Craig Zuzu due to new list. Toddy is just whiskey. Some sorry. Usually it can be Scots. Could we I can be a permanent we're doing usually honey, some citrus and then some hot water. That's it that's it right, but depending on where you are in the country are there are variations
right, but depending on where you are in the country, are there are variations? Of course, when you get geographically speaking, in New England, you might have one made with clam juice to getting steering now the actual use maple syrup instead of honey in New England, worlds. In Ireland they use potato water just like we really have gone into the joke territory a couple years I pointed it out like by God that their rights, that is pretty easy. I'm like Ireland, potatoes right irish, whiskey there in Scotland they use. You emigrate your sweat as he certainly getting these guys. And then William Faulkner actually had a recipe that use bourbon. Have we import your job, very serious man, so Tell us what we're doing your Josh? What do we got
so I put about an hour and a half to us is this: this Jaeger doesn't actually say how big it is. What you want one or two ounces in a couple of tablespoons of honey, a bunch of lemon because you know that's what makes it the honey in the lemon makes it medicinal right. That's right, said the Algarve, I'm gonna put a talking about me but like to stay doesnt, I'm went to put little worse than a whole women in between the two and then The coup de grass, which I found out, means death blow, not the final text. Did you guys know I've been saying? Could a grass my whole life thinking like? Oh, it's, the final touch no means to cut of the head. A little bit water right, I will say so jokes about alcoholism, aside
Here is another one. There are There are doctors like mailed, clinic doctors that have said there is little bit of legitimacy here, the lemon does help the honey does help warm cuz. I know people again whatever, warm liquids help with congestion. They have listened things up. They help stimulate yours. However, they also said there is a mental, mentally desired effect, which is sub nice warm drink which, if you're stressed out, holidays. I can tell people sick and the boom and, unlike our the male clinic doctors, all alcoholic. How does this all sounds like enabling speech they? they recommend a little knit three times a day. So how is it have you and I smell that ours?
What good is it tears? Happy, holidays, happy holidays everywhere, you like as nice as need anymore and on everything or make a rope. I think it's paroquet good, so well, let's drink the Sahara Toddy and the high authority, only a Christmas. And every other show where there's a bottle of booze on the state is also delicious. I think we should retire, but fire, but we are going to take our hearts bodies and we're going to go over and we're going to read what we're gonna talk and there were no real story. Okay, ok! seriously. This won't ever sent like this in our house. We get one of these unique little fake, fireplace like a ship. Working logistics No,
tell him so Has anyone ever really paid attention to that famous Andy, William Songs, the most wonderful time of the year? Usually so, Johnny matters were, if you really want sensitive lyrics. He says there are be scary, ghost stories and tales of the glory of MRS Long long ago, I totally never noticed that until you brought me there's a week ago, has anyone else her then been like what are they talking about? Like the suddenly make says it does make sense I know a little bit about the history of Christmas. You, you are very close to your don't be Dumbson. Right now and he don't we in need a point. You tell them jobs it yet there's a guy. You just broke the fifth floor. You think about it
now. So the reason why that song says the least scary ghost stories is that go stories were part of of Christmas for e odds for eons, like remember, where talking about like Frau character, belch nickel in all of them and how they were kind of for opted from pagan lower. That's where Christmas originally came from was the winner sources in at the window, solstice the that's the one longest knight of the year, the shortest day of the year. A new is typically can a celebrated by the pagans as the death of the sun and then the Next day it was the resurrection of the sun. The sun came back and in theirs promise of another year, but on this on the night of the winter souls does, which, really was around December twenty first twenty. Second, maybe the twenties
as you know, the the barrier the veneer between the living in the dead was the thinnest, and so the dead could conduct come and go as they please and maybe finish up some unfinished business that kind of stuff. Maybe you know Why, too, with delight is belch nickel scare, the pants off a little clear? Whatever you wanted to do, you could do it that night, yet there's a british humorous name: Jerome. Sorry, Jerome Fuzzy His name is Jerome Jerome, cage around here. I thought I was reading around here, Ms Derome Jerome kid Lord. What is happening? so he sort of explained that around England he said this. Whenever five or six english speaking people meet round the fire on Christmas Eve, they start telling each other goes.
There is nothing satisfies us on Christmas Eve, but the here each other tell authentic antidotes about spectres. I love you too, to Rome cage your own always wondered what a delightful javascript, that's exactly how Jerome Cage Room taught by the way spectres Harry the very rare greeny phonograph of him talking and that's exactly what is only Chuck spent weeks during this. Apparently it was law. I saw a bunch of voters and he was doing this and all of them, so it was well known in Victoria. In England they go stories were part of Christmas and that actually planes. Another weird thing: if you stepped back and think about it, why there's a bunch of ghosts in Charles Dickens, a Christmas Carol
yeah. I never really thought about that because it didn't make sense. I mean I think it makes a just cause. You're born reading that story like seeing those movies, but when you look back it doesn't make any sense of these ghosts are coming on Christmas Eve. Does the intern America we so she goes without we exactly, but in Jolly Old England Spectres come out he's going to keep at it until you guys get a good laugh. So I just get it over with three or four good lasted there with her so increasing girl. Jacob Marley comes and is like Scrooge, don't be, like me, he's finishing up unfinished business because he can kind of cross over to the other side. So that's why ghosts pop up from time to time and Christmas stories and Christmas socks isn't a delightful because it is of tradition. To tell a ghost story. Around Christmas
why we are not doing that. We're going to tell a story about lockers Hanukkah as we are non traditional, look at everyone. Has anyone read this yet Your friends in the audience is for you, man, so does, story, called meet the lockers Chuck and I just happen to have the hard bound Edition in Berlin. Different additions. Sunlight, I'm thinking and we're going to read you the story, the locker family, which, so you will love. We haven't even practices yet will see how it goes meet the law caused by Alan Silverberg. I was to go forward to slide or more awry area. You start offer me are you do it is enough to see how we can meet the
to a family. Do just like you and me, except their potato pancakes That's Lucy Locker and her dog applesauce, who does it is name seems to also be a locker. So Lucy says Applesauce says I got it we're doing a dog name. Applesauce is pretty great great, but, as you fine applesauce is a bit of a know, it all are one probably won't like applesauce by the end of this all. Moving on. I'm gonna read its opening Gonna to make you read. This word Why does happy to look it up? So I probably get a partially mama were busy in the kitchen making fried jelly done that suit galliard, I was at me, I'm gonna, take out inside
Lucy's older brother wax apparently was raised. The teddy rocks been grunge story. Lex is reading comic books, get out of my room. His shout Lex is a teenager. Care about anything. I don't hear, but should care because the whips night. The night Lucy things use. In the meantime, I did it first, night of Hanukkah: no, it's not. Oh right! There's someone else in the lock your family. Yet Graham high there tonight, not Hanukkah grandpa. It's ok, that's what I said Lucy his confused
as I believe to exert. We had an enthusiast, a can I go and let me take this one too Did you really want this one? None of that. Are you grandpa grumbles say it will be the locker. So this is one applesauce comes along the clear things up. This is about the time we probably stop liking apple, so actually both and they are right behind His name is hebrew everyone. So there are different ways: and say it in English, I'm a doll, thanks apple sources, applesauce says Grandpa, others still getting ready.
There's still getting ready for Hanukkah everyone, the law your family cooks, insane, doesn't wonderful, seeing the dreadful song everyone drainage, drain, I'll drive. You know the rest ass, very nice, our singing! Don't worry! and they decorate the house. Look these even decorated. Applesauce. Those like. Actually, this is more bunting than a declaration they didn't hear applesauce eat. This exemplary wax he's was in care about anything but still care. I could do legs all day trying to decide who the Dylan here is. Is it lets or applesauce sits applesauce? Is it you new noise disliked applesauce since day one, but you
kind of elects, though, at the end of the day. I do you really think so, Moreover, Lucy I thought you were a kind of a grandpa, a happy get William, maybe identified Grandpa more sure, so after the manure is lit and traders are spun and they don't get gobbled grandpa pops Lucy, under his lip. Do you I hear about the miracle of Hanukkah my little luck, and this is the best part everyone it tells. The true story of Hanukkah is not just one a games. I do Lucy says biting into her last chocolate Goin, that's the guilt. Did someone just correct my pronunciation of guilt. Grandma begins with just a whisper first, you need to know about the bees bees Lucy Ass, grandpa, not hunt is a celebration of how the jewish Temple was saved from destruction. We
celebrate this holiday thanks to the brave bees who buzz strong and fought to keep our people say: I'm gonna take the despicable, applesauce. Ok, I'm pretty sure there are any bees in the history of Hanukkah or arnica fixes grandpa come story. Is this your dog name applesauce? as pointed out no figures- and so his eyes widened were the bees big grandpa big. There are huge giant, there were mega bees and then applesauce comes in, you mean MCA bees grammar says: no, definitely mega bees and the biggest most of them or was Judah a b, Jude a MAC. A b he was a mighty warrior and a heroic Jew who lived in Israel or than to a thousand years ago, and there were no bees worth P
but too late applesauce Lucy can see it now do. Swarming swarm of giant beast buzzing in stinging fighting to save the jewish temple in the lives of everyone who worship there and who do you think Judah and is These are battling. Grandpa asked that's easy, It was my goodness. Everyone alien potatoes with supplanted name sure you when I just though is a coincidence, I don't understand ways a planet or explain later bucket, zip zap, why we it's getting too small for my old said grandpa. Continues. Outer space, spuds invaded earth laser shot from their eyes and they had a lot of eyes. Everyone was doomed. This is was set up with us because he's a cynic are
you kidding me. The enemy was in a bunch of alien potatoes. It was a terrible king name Antioch as well. It is true Antioch is demanded that everyone believe in the same religion is heated. Applesauce goes on so further who's. There may no more studying the Torah, no more liberating Charlotte and ever again, worshipping got king the artists and his followers almost completely destroyed the jewish temple. He was. The tyrant, Europe alone. He threw menorah and hit applesauce in the head and said Europe. Yes, a tyrant, agrees Grandpa Judah in the mega. These were trapped by those evil. Tainer tyrants, from planet, prisoners and their own high. They only had enough money to live, one day running out of honey Now there were running out of oil, then,
the oil to keep the temples, eternal Wayne blowing and burning They weren't bees, everybody's applesauce, is gonna, find his way to a hat box in the desert, I look dogs and I hate applesauce. The mega bees plotted in school grandpa says in the next morning, when the sun rose. Temple and enormous Gooden Drittal stood in the village square working be the alien potatoes all wondered. Why does a pause, Lucy Ways or arms? I know the mega bees were hiding inside the dreadful Lucy was right. I mean everyone will spend a strong. Smart lockers as grandpa plates flats blots, the mega bees burst from the it'll and slice, and whipped and mash those
later tyrants, into taters, chatter, later tyrants, wazirs rising three times, Grandpa says Tete. A tete tyrants, standard, tater, tyrants, tell tale tyrants. Our right, you are guilt sub everybody and then miracle a miracles. Grandpa says bringing down a little bit. Judo megabits stood in the middle of all those spoiled spite what a waste he said. So that great warrior added some egg in onion and a pinch of flour to make something: Viewed from the bed potato, us boy applesauce do we have any applesauce bans great, I love, is out to people like apples. Us
Lucy's eyes and mouth wide open. So the miracle of Hanukkah. That's a long time ago, Mega Eastern turn alienated it is in the lock us? Is that True, of course, It's not true, you gotta keep it up a levels arsenal, excellent, the miracle of high or Hanukkah. Is that not only did the small group of Maccabees protect their temple from King Antiochus found powerful army, but all Oh, the tiny bit of oil left to light the holy menorah didn't nice for just one day. The oil care, the eternal light bright for eight whole days tried you can apply that that's fine! Lucy points door, families glowing, menorah aid candle holders, eight days of the chronic a miracle and then had he pronounced that show us
and the show us the top scandal to light all. Others. You know what says grandpa, unlike the dogs, miracle, better me, too, says Mama, who we all forgot about me too says Papa the same. Tears as works to raise with chocolate Gill lets you after room cries Mama, it's another! How I got a mere as it gives him raising is a bit by Drake Clean out of this, and that meet the lock is by Alan Silverberg homer you gonna sing. I think we should saying you guys want to say: okay, we're going to sing a Carol, we're going to lead you guys in singing at Carole and we're not joking, okay, Is this? How are closing the show everyone to think
for being here with us we'll be wonderful Christmas time, a wonderful holiday time, heavy I gotta! Do we go? what a performance chuck unheeded?
You did great as well, and I think this might be a new annual tradition. My friend here one applying reading to talk about monsters and miracles missing Karel DE gathered. There was an amazing set on stage and those great it was a good time. By also worth I guess, merry Christmas happy, Hanukkah, happy holidays and down. Maybe tidings reviews gladness. You are aware we are more or less and thousands of other topics, as it has done for exactly.
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