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2021-01-23 | 🔗

After newsreels captured the Hindenburg erupting in fire in 1937, the promising development of airship aviation was cut short. Today companies and militaries are taking another look at blimps and the unique qualities that may revive them. Learn all about it in this classic episode.

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are you. These are pockets, is available now, listen to earn. You lose your heart, radio, apple pie, gas or whatever you listen about against high friends. Have you ever flown into blimp? I haven't toward my goals. and on August twenty eight twenty fourteen I had neither but that's what we do. About and more in the episode. How glimpse work coming up right now
welcome to step. You should now a production of Iheart radios, Housetop work and welcome the progress on Josh Clark, there's Charles with each prying Jerry's with us. So that makes the stuff you should know. What are you doing? I'm good man- this is I'm excited about this. Are you sure glimpse? Does they have like eight names, blimp dirigible, Zepplin, airship? Well, technically, de I m countenance lighter than airship yet, which I think is ultimately lighter than airship. Althea is the umbrella term, for all of those things which are slightly different. Yes,
healthier and an airship is all of em. The derivable is all of em. Zepplin is rigid and blimp its non rigid nice, and mostly we descend glimpse these days. Now. Let rigid airships Arthur Britain would they would they constitute yeah no, but their stay, that they can be semi rigid or non rigid right yeah? I think the future will talk about that obvious at the end, but I think those are some of those or more of the same are rigid style right yeah, but their made of some really lightweight but very strong, composite materials boom, so chuckling son. This is true points, because I think when anybody thinks of lamps, they think Hindenburg, they think they think the Hamburg and then maybe concurrent all, right after the Goodyear Blend yeah those are the two that really. laid it on the line for blimp them
should mean. Aren't you wanna talk about the early history? I guess and then get to the tragedy near because there wasn't that much time between the two to tell you the truth yeah I mean it all started, of course, with hot air balloons, because they're not so different. In seventeen. Eighty three, a couple of fringes: brothers, Jacques Etienne and Joseph Michel. There said there were brothers, but a different last. I think Jack eighteen is first to middle name, ok, that make sense had three names like material killed, mom, Garcia. In the hot air balloon. An unmanned hardier balloon in seventeen eighty three and then later that same year, french physicist last named Rosier had the first manned balloon flight and they were just floating around because it's what blip era balloons.
you go up and then, if you're, really good didn't come back down, but left and right, that's up to mother. Nature has right, which is a little scary, although I think these days can steer him at all we have great article on us on how they are really know. You're you're, subject to the winds tat the there was, the God of wind that you know he comes out a cloud and blows wind near the guy, get your subject to his whim. So if, if your headed, Lord something. It's go over it or hit it. Yes, ok and you remember there's that terrible blow hot air blue accident. I think Virginia last year earlier this year, not in here yeah like they hit a power line, I think in the basket com, Fire and lightly had to jump. It was really bad while, but yeah you can go but over and I am angry- is under if it's like a power line yet or a tunnel if you're, really gonna fuck off
are you in a cartoon like the laugh Olympics, yeah there's something they do and they are totally but the m I think of Europe. good. You can probably know where to steer into the wind to maybe as used the wind, but no with the blimp. The big distinction is aside from its distinctive shape is that you can maneuver like approach. that's right, that's what Henry Gerard did in eighteen, fifty two when he finally someone said we should steer these things and he built the first powered airship and it was cigar felt like the classic shaped that we know and love now had a propeller like they have now and low engine, although as a steam engine which they dont use, now three horse Power Siemens, either not huge engine. Still,
then take a lot apparently no really doesn't and that those were rigid airships. It's it's a metal framework and in nineteen hundred count Ferdinand VON Zepplin. That name sense familiar led Zepplin of Germany and that's where they get the name. Of course. She could never understood the OECD the lead. While it was, I think someone said as a joke. You guys are going to go over like a lead Zepplin or they did when they played on the BBC, is at it. But why take them
out because the same raising take the eight out of deaf leopard. I've never understood that is in the same way. He put it out over motley crew. Is Mexico during its efforts it yet a misspell something in your band. I think I was just look into deeply into it as the problem, yet Ellie aid. These Applin would be weird yeah, but I think, like our paradigm motive adjusted, we would think Ellie deeds. That plan would be weird if we were used to lead Zepplin with an eye or it's. The Beatles was Spell B e t Ellie us yeah. Instead of their Putney name, very Putney, aright boy get sidetracked, is it with music stuff. Now really Zepplin was, I think people saw them coming for the press play as true, so that was the rigid airship. The first one in those have a metal framework, and it had
Events in rudders had combustion engines and could crews it about thirteen hundred feet with up to five people. Yes, not bad. You could bring the whole family as long as you encounter anxiety totalled no more than five yet once you paid off the captain. Well, then, you just have to be a family for kids. This captains get us it somewhere. together with captain, stir her everything was going quite swimmingly. Actually around the turn of the twentieth century. There there was, there was just widely used. That we would have a future where blimp zeppelins we're just a regular feature of the sky, while they, were up until the hindenburg went down. There were more than two thousand flights carried tens of thousands of passengers over a million miles like that was air travel. We should see ultra wealthy passengers at the time sure the Hindenburg in particular was was
I clap is the pride of Nazi Germany yeah news on its maiden voyage. Wasn't it was almost called the Hitler by the way was a really Ebby Hitler's. I got a woman named on that thing really yet not that he like foretold the future. He just didn't needs didn't want it. And after an airship hidden, believe Thumb, Freud's idea that sometimes the cigars, just a cigar, we're or cigar shaped airship is just a cigar shape their share in it crashed and burn to say he was probably pretty stout you didn't have a name on yeah. He very famously went through here when he heard the news exactly so it's probably start making light of this new eighty year old tragedy because people they die in a year? I mean she would tell the story let
alright. Well, it took off on May third, one thousand nine hundred and thirty seven had thirty six passengers and sixty one officers and crew members and trainees left Frankfurt at about seven hundred and fifteen, and then asked oat out over the Atlantic it about to end the next day. It's not superfast travel. It was compared to the ship travel at the time I was drowned, took about half the time across the Atlantic, as it did in a boat yeah, but compared to what we are used to oh yeah you're does. It was. naturally, but and apparently after reading more about the hindenburg, it's not as some and I guess ship troubles were the same way. We're gonna get there when we get there like we're, heading we're trying to get there then, but you never know what's gonna happen, but that's why they then the leisure class- that's right it while followed in northern track across the ocean, eventually crossed into North America over the coasts of Newfoundland and arrived in, lay cursed, New Jersey,
About twelve hours, late and Germans, there always late mere their famous for And basically arrive there, the Naval AIR Station in because of poor weather, the captain and The commanding officer on the ground said you know at the weather is not so great. Let's wait a little bit because they can fly around forever in those things right and he said I will Josie Shores. Nice was just go five of that teller ruin to look around and look at all those old Tommy Bathing suit. I, as a glaring thereafter, the ankles and water. By six p m conditions had improved and at six twelve cinema, Such an unsuitable for landing reckon did landing now about seven away he finally pulled the blimp in is a bit of a dodgy approach, but he eventually You know I got it down toward the ground. Pre Noah skilfully, which has will see, is not as easy
you think you know now these it it's not in practice. Now they dropped the landing lines and then things went south like really bass. Nea was filled with hydrogen, which is the light. element, right yeah and it also probably the most flammable one of em. Yes, inflamed what was a big error at the time. A lot of blood had called on fire. This is not the first accident and There was Nina. People testified after work. Cuz, not everyone died, will get to the numbers here at the end of the story, but I'm those testimony that it appeared as if gas was pushing against the cover. Maybe it escaped from a gas sell at seven hundred and twenty five, the first visible flames appeared and it varies, but most
to say that the first claims are either at the top of the hall afforded the vertical fin or between the rear port engine and the port fin and they d. It is a mushroom shaped flower and it pretty much engulf the day like right away and it able to remain study for a little while, like people could start jumping out at this point, will those are the people who died correct now, density always heard that's. What I have heard is that the people who stayed in the the gondola lived in the people who jumped were the ones that died because the flames, because hydrogen is light, they were burning upward. what says here? Basically it was all depending on where you were a few, are close to a means of exit generally survived if your deep inside this ship
like in the power room along the keel or in the smoking room, smoking. Herman and didn't. I'm surprised it wasn't all smoking big, blissful hydrogen, oh yeah yeah. I'm, though, does not give the they headed, apparently a double air locked door, one electric lighter and we will smoke, belongs you put it out before you left, and so I said, if you, the smoking room and be deck you're in big trouble. If you were the nine men closest to the front of the ship. You definitely didn't survive real yeah,
So out of the ninety seven people on board, sixty two survived. I think when you see the footage dominion watch it on Youtube. It looks like how in the world could anyone survive it cause? It goes, means fully burned in less than a minute on the ground. Air went up fast, but sixty two to survive. Thirteen of the thirty six passengers in twenty two of the sixty one crew and there still two guys alive today- may object was of two years ago, but they like to talk about it. I can imagine, there's one he had experienced both name Verna Runner, Franz and runner donor, the two virtues and one was a little cabin boy and one was a passenger with his family and they were contacted for like the completion of the ceremony. I guess you don't call it an anniversary, I guess
memorial did we ever more remain a virtually ere. It sounds like a party, but they said now we're not come and we need to talk about here. So it's been a long standing. Mr exactly what happened. I found a an article in the Uk Independent from two thousand thirteen about a study from that year. That found they said they they figured it out. They built like scale models of the hill Berger, which was like tuna, have fulfilled long by the way near the rebuilding scale, models that were like, like sixty feet, long so yeah, good sized ones, and they tried to blow up because there is a rumour that it was sabotage rhino, Everybody hated the Nazis even then, and they tribe asked all manner stuff and what they finally figured out. Was that probably what those from being in that stormy weather that exterior the envelope of the blimp became electrified,
and when the ground crew ran up and grabbed the cables they completed, the current from the blimp to the ground, which caused a spark which actually needed a hydrogen leak that fire but you ve been pushing out near. You are one thing they say, definitely isn't- which they long thought it was was the actual fabric was like painted in this flammable stuff right and that's not true, owes the standard fabric. Ok, it was just big balloon, Philip hydrogen and then caught his eye arc yeah. So when that happened, the the future of glimpse. Words is pretty much like that. Was it for glimpse that wasn't the immediate end, but as far as like commercial blimp travel, that's tough for an industry to get over. It kind of fell by the wayside, although they did continue on in a couple of forms of until the sixties, the? U S, government, especially the Navy,
maintain glimpse one of the things that I think that against the air force, our nose the Navy but one of the branches of the? U S military use glimpse as giant aircraft carriers of the air, not not the sea, the air which is pretty awesome and apparently they had em. So you could connect like a light plain till. What's colleague, trapeze mechanism coming out of the bottom of the black Sea as like hook your plane on climb up, and say hey guys where were going or you can take off from there to what yes and you take off you drop. I think you just released the hook from the trip. These uncertain of free fallen. Then you discover often in the distance. Thanks for the ride. Lady sounds really weird and they had. bigger plans that were never realized, because the Navy scrap the programme, and I think nineteen sixty two
have like a landing strip on top of the blimp, so you could have dislike. Planes take off in land and then be stored like in the blimp, would have been pretty awesome, while cargo airships or the way with the future, perhaps so we'll see near so, but though, is that the military was involved in glimpse for most of the first half of the twentieth century and then our friends mid year came up with a blimp that has really serve them. Well, like they were making plans for the military, and then they started using them for commercial purposes, and nobody knows about good year thanks to those people
yeah they're going to figure- and here of course, because you can't talk about glimpse locked up a ton of buzz marketing for good you're me, but you know that's where they make their name. In fact, my inlaws almost rode on the one they start of Akron because its, whether from a nay, I think he was gonna put in a bid on. I am like an auction bid to win a trip neat and I think it never happened. The Tribune Arap and I think he either lost the bed of ask him, but I dont think ever wrote on the blip. Ok, I was gonna. Save the trip never happen. It does is only the good year. I know no, no, they area they like the Germans, so they ve got there's three good, your blips actually there's one and, I believe, sexist there's one! California is one in Ohio, River Florida for you know higher is what it is. I'm sorry, the Spirit of good year, the Spirit of Amerika, the Spirit of innovation and chuck about
What time does episode comes out? Robin Roberts? The tv personality is going to be christening the newest member of the fleet, the winged foot, one nice, so they can have four yeah because there's a lot of sporting events they're sure any can't watch a big sporting event without hearing the words aerial coverage provided by good year and those shots. Man a pretty great. They really are. The we haven't been around forever is, I think, an orange bowl in Miami where the first one was broadcast and like the sixties, maybe something like that and it changed the. while it I'm certainly gives them a lot of press and saves modern about saves money haven't seen their balance sheet, but it's they want to spend money on that thirty second spot. They still do to tie into the web, but it's great advertising for them. They also were good sports in a movie called black Sunday. You see them
of course, an oversight, but apparently seventies. They provide a dumb. They provided some of the footage for them. we and dumb, but their glimpse, be used. But their name be used even like it wasn't like the good wire blimp being they didn't try to have to change it to get enough. They use good year, which made the whole thing even more, terrifying a realistic if they wanted to kill everyone at the Superbowl. Now supply right with a blip right, fetch a shot in the dark, which is weird, but I was written by the guy rose islands and lambs area he's a good writer giver at any rate books. Oh, he used the book writer. Oh now I did not know I haven't read any signs of. He does very good research. Interesting, I
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to find a place You wanna know how glimpse work buddy. I do. The pretty simple there this is a delight to learn because it was like. I thought there would be just that little to it and that's really can in the case in my area, there's not like. Oh here's, where it gets really hard right. There lay down the pontoon both of the sky yeah the most complicated thing on the lamp. His brow the gyroscope at camera on the front of it practice on the football stadium. I think you're right. So, let's talk
the anatomy of a lamp you have you mentioned the envelope earlier. That is the thing that you're looking at that is geared egg cigar shaped balloon debts filled nowadays with helium. Is that shape because of aerodynamics, of course, and they are super lightweight and super strong, like your sand, neoprene to ply neoprene polyester generally, as that would downloads. Maybe there's a company called the eye Elsie Dover Corporation. They make a lot of skins and they use the same material that they make space suits out for NASA for glimpse too good enough for Neil Armstrong, buddy good enough for my blog this is like it all about Ohio this one. I was here YO, mended and tourist good here, I knew that very Emma. I hate.
the envelope say hold. It depends on the lamps for all of these statistics, of course, but between sixty seven thousand two hundred and fifty thousand cubic feet of helium, and it's not super the pressures really low inside point zero, seven pounds per square inch. So that's why? If you shot a lamp, it wouldn't like fall. No, it is leak very slowly and he just landed in patches very slowly yeah, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. The british Ministry of Defense fired hundreds of bullets into an airship just for fun to see what, if it would could be shot down in battle basic get Anna. It took many hours to deflate and land so cool and they even deflator made us leave him that way, so that their natural structure will not natural, but their original structure prevents them from being shot down. That's one big benefit cause. I was wondering about those like you just providing a target for every
Nature, with a gun in any country that youth hover blimp overture now I understand, but secondly, we'll see, it also has to do with the dynamics of the flight of hovering in the atmosphere, see get the envelope and the envelope also has something called knows cone yet, which is basically like a support structure for the nose, the front of it, judges, the very very tip- and it keeps the the the brutal the glimpse front from being mashed in as it moves forward, which is pretty smart yeah. I think I'm a spoke those countries unjust. The very type in the battles are like the fingers that distribute the stress over the front of the cone gotcha case they're like the M, then the structure that comes out of the nose right yet and then also on the nose as the mooring hook cause you got a hooker blimp up to something
the scale of spindle therein, Numb Sky Lula we'll under the tale rudder and basically how it sets Edith tied down very simple, just like a boy. So there's the here's where it gets a little craft year like Nineteenth century crafty boots, yell neat, none the laughter, there's something called oh that's right. These are basically air bladders that are located within the envelope yeah and you inflate or deflate them depending on whether you want the blimp to go up or down. If you wanted to go up, you deflate these balance. You want to go down, you invite him in the there that works is because you're, inflating or your inflating. These balance with air and helium, which glimpse fly using now, is lighter than air. So more air means the glimpse heavier. So it goes down less air in this lighter
So it goes up yet is pretty easy. It sort of like how a submarine operates, as one in the four and one of the aft. So that's how you control your trim. You can just knows it up or knows it down filling upper deflating. That's the pitch axis! That's right or trim, okay! Well, the trim is the levels ok here and the axis where the nose in the back go up and down that's the trim, access or another the taxes right. No one can see you not an agreement check. Then there's the cat ordinary curtain in the suspension cables returning get the category
certain, really I understood the suspension cables. Just fine, it's on the on the inside about thirty percent off sinner in it. Basically, if you look, it sort of looks like the where you attach the basket to the hot air balloon they all in others, a number of these lines that run down and all meet at a single point near the gondola right and that's what you attach the gondolier, the blimp using right. Yet so, basically, if, if you'd, if the blimp envelope wasn't there, it would sort o look like a hot air balloon. It would have these lines that run up from the gondola a basket of up to the top, so they would be like this, vertical lines, yes, landings or the horizontal y yeah. Ok, I understand exact Amanda,
and you get the really technical stuff. The flight control surfaces, so everything we ve just described, is basically balloons and then the structure that gives the balloon its shape Breyer and then the flight control services are basically a rudder and elevators, and there the things that you can control the make the balloon upward or side to side. That's pretty much. It yeah! There's that one rudder on the top and bottom in that controls your y'all and you do it. With little people get a captain's chair, he's got little foot pedals, clutch pedal you would put in a push in and on the bottom very bottom back of the rudder. There's something called a boost tab and that's just a little additional sectioned off piece of the rudder. That's also controllable, sickle many rudder Anum. It assists with the rudder, I think, to make an even tighter turn. Gotcha thuvia imagined the smaller rudder as part of the main rudder, just
the extra boost. I guess we need to turn then there's a two elevators and they, if you we're sitting here. Look captain share. Imagine a car steering wheel placed vertically, like by your side in this just a wheel that, u turn up in turn down, is really very it sounds like the wizard of OZ. It told I know like all the machines messing with tears out and it looks very steam funky. When you look at it ceased upper down without wheel. And it s pretty much it. Oh, no, don't forget the engine. oh yeah, I mean, as far as like driving this puppy deify control. Yet this is what separated from hotter balloons don't forget, the engines and knows how to the well you're the engines, but also the flight control sources, but the engines are turbo, prop engines right, there's twin ones. Some answers
what are you cited, a gondola at the rear and they're pretty cool because they profile the thing forward, but very cleverly there's also something called air scoops that are basically these funnels that face the back of the Turbo Prob and they catch the vented air out of the products and they use those to inflate the balance. Yeah, that's called prop wash his all the lingo. I've learned the good stuff in the engines are just six Eleanor engines like. I said that you don't need a ton of power to power these things, and you can
no it about thirty two. Seventy this is miles per hour. Not not talk about that in. Seventy is cruising apparently like thirty to fifty is where you wanna be get this, as did the calculations, so one of the one of the great advantages glimpse have, which is the reason why even talking about the singers anybody's talking about still making blips as that they can stay aloft four days weeks, even yet, which gives them a huge advantage over aeroplanes which have to stop every fuel and savary fuel, but going seventy miles per hour. Chuck a blimp nonstop at that rate could travel the circumference earth around the equator in fourteen days. While then a few which I think is not very hard now, they I'm at thirty knots. The sky ship, which is one example, consumes about eight gallons of fuel per hour.
So, apparently, during an entire week of operations, it consumes less fuel than a seven. Sixty seven commercial jet uses to move away from the gate, while its super green, yes, gonna call. You can understand why cargo companies are looking at him to you and that's. It runs on F gas, of course, not just regular old guess. You couldn't pull up to a gas station like your car, because I think our gas is still leaded or a lot of it is and that's the diff. That's not thy green. Yet true, but you're not burn in much of it so see what else is third, the valves you gotta be able at air in and out. You also want to be able that error in and out of the anvil, ope itself in case things become too pressurized. You'll want pop, that's true, so you get your airbags for the for the bladders inside their underneath too, to a brought to in the back
Then you have your helium valve and you can either vent it at any time to do this much because you should have it pretty like the pressure set. If something does happen, you can either manually, do it or it set to automatically release. And if you look at the good, your blimp, it's sort of in the why of year, while it'll just looks of Little gas cap leisurely know your blimp man. Well, I mean I went to the good your site, its awesome, like there's all sorts of animated gifts and urgent gifts, and never could I say, Giff Graphic Interface yet, but there is a correct waged on the one hand, while the guy, who created If says, Gary pronounces Chief characters original works. I disagree with him more guidelines. Give the good Year Blimp Gondola, which has Where we are now is twenty two point: seven five feet long,
aluminum unwell, did steal, frame and that's, where everyone rides, depending on your blip? It's gonna hold up too well. That depends on how big the blinkers, but usually don't see, blimp of more than twelve passengers, so yeah, it's not even necessarily passengers. A gondola can also be the place where all of these surveillance equipment to cure, depending on what use for or it can also be the massive cargo hold. Yet you get your communications up there, your flight surface controls any nab equipment, propeller controls, that's where all the that there's not much else to it. Besides, what which, together in a gondola yeah what's funny is, I always thought-
and were basically like now. You ve got the blimp in the air and it takes often and that's it, but it is at least with good year. It's kind of like gum got helicopter parents almost because when the blimp, when you see the blimp look around, you will also find a ground crew with a bus. Eighteen we and a bunch of vans that follow it everywhere, because if I guess, there's things breakdown yet apparently the pilots to there s a certified in good. Your pilots also have another training programme, but the pilots, or even its all sort of everyone, is cross trained. It sounds like you to work on the ground or make repairs, and yet a glow of self contained unit. All travel around to get a look at have a NATO chasers right. Oh you and you talked about on the end. You know you if they,
Took off in flooded around if the Indians did stop, that's exactly what you're doing your basically a hot air balloon at that point you so you lose control of the fighter. Controls yeah. Well, I mean, if its, they call it a free balloon. So it's buoyant and its kept aloft. Obviously but if they lose all the power then are you can do is sending decent, because I think I guess the rudders in the elevators are also a powered mechanisms. I gotcha notched attached to it able attached to a battle attached to a wheel. Next, it sounds like it is there, and as far as there goes they compare it to roughly operating is about a similar as a helicopter, like we can fly in bad weather, but we try to avoid super bad weather. Yeah unemployment church is who I mean. Now you want to be above the rose ball and, like seventy degree, whether she so coming up. We're gonna talk about how glimpse
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situation of county and city health officials overseeing and directing funding to more than three thousand of our countries. Local health departments, serving more than twenty five thousand health officials now how are you gonna be able to ensure that such a small footprint does have the workforce capacity to be able to address? All of these it's. No. Six people are not going to solve the entire health construct for population fifty thousand. So that's where the benefit of collaboration and the team, sport and public health is gonna, be Orton, I'm just in back founder and ceo of contact world. Listen the contact world, the pocket on the Iheart Radio or wherever you get your PA guests.
so check that the wavelength fires pretty simple and beautiful elegant. If you ask me yeah yeah, so you have helium right, which is they use, use hydrogen helium slightly heavier than hydrogen, but not that much more. You don't notice a difference. I guess you I mean you get whether use hydrogen they weren't dummies right. It was lighter than answer the lightest of all the get is of all the elements from what I understand and when hydrogen blew up. This came not hydrogen. What else do we have an? They survive, helium works, and so they started using helium and Healy,
has a lift of lift capacity of point. Seventy pounds per square foot right, which is one point, one kilograms per square metre, which means it can, with a pretty decent amount of wait for just a little bit amount and since the filling these balloons with hundreds of thousands of cubic feet, cubic metres of these of helium taken with tons and tons of weight, and I do it by just simple physics and helium is lighter than air. As long as the helium has enough in power to lift whatever the envelope. in the gondola and all the mechanisms way, then will rise more than the air. It will rise, the year. It's called positive buoyancy and now
What you want, as a blunt pilot is neutral buoyancy. So that's where you gonna control, like we talked about your air bladders. To get that thing where its once you got your cruising altitude, you just want to be at the same level, you yeah you went up and down, and you want to fill it up by blowings. Ass India, air scoops, which Philip your balance the higher you get into the atmosphere. The less pressure there is, which means the higher up. You could float conceivably say you want to make sure you you get their Erin seed onto load away and you achieve. Is it negative buoyancy or neutral buoyancy? You said yes, which one and then, when you on the land, you do just the opposite. You fill it but even more air and then you make the blimp heavier than the helium inside can lift, and it is slowly comes down to the ground, and I mean that's it. That's how glimpse rise for it is pretty simple and when there on the ground they decide to that little spindle
got your little wheel under the rear. You got a little tractor to tow it around, maybe a hanger and that's the life of a blimp and it like. I said they don't inflate and deflate these, I'm sure it's a time and expense, and I think they're running who did we learn that? Yet you know much about that. While we we covered it and now the I probably the Mars turbine up as Mars, by India. That was it, but I read a really interesting article n, I think the New republic, I can't remember found it online last night and em. It's about helium shortage and why we have a helium shortage and apparently the U S, has had a reserve, a strategic helium reserves and nineteen twenty five in a cave in Texas and a
during the Clinton era the government said blood boats make some money off this or we make our money back off of it. So they pass a law that said, start selling the stuff off Bureau of Land Management, but only make enough money off of it to recoup wherever we ve put in over the years, which is like one billion dollars, so they started selling in by setting the price artificially. They created an artificial market because This is like eighty ninety percent of the world's helium reserves in this cave in Texas. so whatever the Bee Elam was selling it for that's how much the market value was there, but it was artifice. Also you had artificially cheap helium flooding the market, which had a two pronged effect. One did these scarcity that we're running into now, because they D started selling off in a fire, sail the private industry, but the other more positive effect. The head was that it it spurred all this technological innovation because MEG Nuclear magnetic
residents. The technology behind MRI superconductivity Molecular analysis uses helium to super cool magnets to turn him into superconductors right, so you need helium, that's all these industries were using this helium for the bureau land Management to like advanced technology by leaps and bounds, which is one of the big reasons why we are where we are now, technologically speaking, because a helium, Now are starting to run out. There's I think, Nine billion cubic feet of helium left in the reserve in Texas, which is about a third of what they had when they started selling it off in the nineties, which would be fine. If we just granted then said okay, this is a reserve again, but instead the for some reason. The government this double down and issued another decree to the Bureau of Land management like keep selling stuff. What do I get rid of all of it for no good reason? I don't understand why interesting like a maid sentiment,
these- may be in the other, had always great effects, but now it's like ok, we understand that helium is literally irreplaceable, as the article put it like, there's once there's no helium, there's no helium. I can't go, get it anywhere else for manufacturing and we have no technology to recycle it with. The reason is, I guess, Any private industry has a lot of interest in it and there is good interest to like using it for memorize or pharmaceutical research of that kind of state parties, while as to think so men, the med and farmer sectors use twenty. Nine percent of helium worldwide welding uses seventeen percent disease helium dwelled yeah party balloons equals eight per cent of world wide helium use. While I have a feeling that party bones are gonna, go the way of the dinosaur very soon if they have an already and half of that is the stronger kid who operates the helium right to talk and funny yeah. So that's the
William shortage, that these skinny on it while said that, I wonder if there is any other gas they could use for glimpse. I don't know it seems like a giant ways or I wonder if they could and like do you like a hybrid, so it's fuelled by hot air like a balloon president. I I don't know either well. I guess we are at the future, then in the future, and depending on how you ask the future of airships is either super exciting an awesome and when you look at these they are or its Can it be funded enough? The really there's not a lot of money being pumped into While the government was for a little while this with the Ghana stem war, the Department of offences that give us new blips. We want these things now: in all these companies ran in and we're like here to blips. Here's your blimp salute will give us the money. The problem is,
A programme got scrap because nobody could fulfil the enormous orders. The deity was placing for helium right on that makes sense, and the military's interested because they basically be, a satellite as a satellite yeah. I get ten thousand foot satellite very much. There are people, don't it thou Lockheed Martin has a piece of ninety one that is supercool looking and it is a tri hull. If you look at it from the front, it looks sort of like three blimps squash together and it has four big. It looks like feet. These disk shaped cushions they're, apparently for landing and these are also called their zalm- another winning. California, from worldwide Arrows Corp called the dragon dream in its different. Looking it sort of looks like a whale shark. Did you see it? It's a single. How? I guess what I saw a kind of flattened out. It looks like a well short: they they,
Chile submitted that designed the dvd and when the dvd scrap the programme, they bought their design back because they want to go commercial like cargo carrier with it yeah and we're in trouble there, because the dragon, died well at a roof collapse in Algeria, and they don't know if they have the money to even fix it and then continue while they have another model called the ML eight hundred and sixty six, that it sounds like they're putting their energy into. It's supposedly can carry two hundred and fifty tons, which is more than twice the cargo payload of a cargo. Seven hundred and seventy seven twice animated. Again, you mention how little fuel it takes to power these things so it'll take a little while for you to get your package, but the company shipping, it isn't gonna spend too much money
bring it. I still say if it's a military like the uses, a cargo plain. I know you can't shoot a hole in it, but what if you launched the surface to Aramis? Look at it, you know we'd still fully helium, that's than some like they're, so high up there. He can't the fact that we have satellites and drones. It seems to me, like the surveillance uses of blimp, Sir preposterous, especially considering that we could be using that helium for medical purposes instead. I agree that anything else, I'm doin nothin out nothing else. I got one other thing. If you are fascinated by the the way glimpse float, I think its call for some reason. I did a brain stuff, video about that. You can calculate how many balloons it would take like regular party balloons to lift yourself into the sky. They made a video about it, so we go to a brain
of show, dot, com and check it out nice. And if you want to read this article, you can go to house to first, I come type in how glimpse work and it will bring it up and I said, has two forks. I think so. That means it's time for listener meal this sterilizing attics, rumour that old one didn't show on without legal, the sterilize attics turns out. It is committed, thing- and this is from someone out a personal stake in it. It's long but edited in my head, as I go. Ok, hey guys just recently was new podcast installation sterilization attics Personal stories share until my mother fully recovered heroin panicked and I am grateful just to be alive till I was six. She was lean. Alcoholic however drug addiction said in fact, my mother brother myself. Along with whatever scumbag boyfriend, she had at the time
were constantly on the run from the police looking for shelter and searching for food, my father's in upper middle class, blue collar worker- you, is that a sound home environment and when my mother was sent to prison when I was ten, I was sent to live with. My father always had food to shower and clean clothes was never in fear for being homeless, I love my father for three years until I finally ran away once I regained contact with my mother my father. Even with this financial support. Instability he's never there even He was only a few feet away. My mother, even while on drugs always listened and always cared about. My thoughts and feelings- and that was what was important as a child- my mother eventually overcame her addictions, cold turkey, because well she could see it is damaging to me and my brother She's been clean for eleven years now and as an amazing mother. grandmother to my nephew like to believe that, harder side of life maybe appreciate such things be more humble and responsible in fearful of what can happen if I slipped, her did not take care of myself.
I want to be the poster child for children of attics, whereby doable that we are all in control of their own lives and that is anonymize as Cornelius Jacobs, the seventh corny Jake He said. You can read it and said O anonymous, anonymous size it. There is some sort of name anonymize or on the internet. Now he said, please do just make it something awesome like Cornelius Jacobs, the seventh that's great minutes ago, p s I been secretly wanting Jerry the Tyler Durden of your podcast, letting means like made up but like we think, she's real, but she's. Not ok. Are you real Jerry Terraces now nope Lit answers that Cornelius. it gives the seven and you read the roman numerals correctly chuck this time to go near my security. I yet if you,
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