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SYSK Selects: How Circumcision Works

2018-09-08 | 🔗

Circumcision is a common practice in which the foreskin of a male's penis is removed, typically as a baby. In this classic episode, Josh and Chuck take a look at the origins, practices, and arguments for and against circumcision in this episode.

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bring you back in time, we're all getting in the Wayback machine for the Saturday select everyone and we're going back to November 30th, two thousand and ten because we published how circumcision works that day, and this is a good one- it it kind of tied up medical, some medical science along while the controversies around circumcision is really no way around that it's not it's not an open, closed discussion, it's very much open for debate and we get into it. And this episode is it's pretty good one? So if you think you can handle it, listen to how circumcision works right now,
welcome to study should should know from for external aid. Work into the podcast on Joshua M Clark with various Charles W Brian makes the You should know, though, and that's that I take the judge s clerk Joshua Joshua work. Yes, you don't have a fancy set up there. I have an issue again, sir, but ok Wow shut. You really kind of way up against the wall. Aren't you today he waited on me a little bit o Are you ready, I'm ready, Chuck Judge View heard a Lloyd Schofield. I have not. Yes, you have you always do this, who is he
He is a guy in San who has proposed tat yet for next November's Guess: referendum elections wouldn't even be mid term You call the elections between MID term and you know the big one quarter, Terminator. Ok, we'll call it that for next November, is bad in San Francisco, there may be a referendum affords go feel has anything to do with it that out right bans, male circumcision in San Francisco, oh yeah. Obviously you gotta start somewhere here. Schofield needs. Seventy one hundred signatures and a basically re read the red. The provision chuck. The reading of the proposed referendum, it would make it a misdemeanor to circumcised excised, cut or mutilate the genitals of a person under eighteen right, and he says it's genital mutilation until he feels and other people feel that way,
yeah he's, definitely not his own and that one there's some people in the search, CBS Ap article there like a little too far. It should be the choice of the parents right, Schofield idea, and it's kind of a kind of appears. The sum in the wording of the ballot measure that its apparent choice, but it's not the choice of most people who are circumcised because their generally circumcised new born infants, yeah, we'll boys are- and he like indebted to doing because you know about it too, to a child. When did you start saying tattoo like that, when you mean to do as I we're yet lower? Now, it's like a human. Well, that's what he says. He said that the two felony to the two- a kid. Chair he, certainly Latin America to tattoo a child in so he says, is the same thing. He's actually saying it's way way worthwhile exactly, but he
say, someone say: minded a choice by the parents that is possibly against child will later on and that's that so let's talk about circumcision clear. This is a little that's an odd approached, I like the way I I've always understood it is a: u in other circumcision out there. That's not a weird. It's a but, as you can get older, you realize that there's you know two sides to this whole story gets highlight and it s kind of is actually a new kind of come to realize. Like there's people out there, who think that people who aren't Syracuse circumcised are weird and people out there who think that people who are circumcised, her weird right exactly let's do some states that man well, I think the first that we should open with perhaps is that if you are an american boy or man in the last thirty years,
then there's about a three and five chance that you are circumcised here in this country over the past three decades, although that is falling, victim yeah. What was a three by chance now in two thousand five between nine in eighty. I think two thousand. It was about three of my right yet by two some five it had dropped to about fifty three percent yeah and Schofield says that in two thousand, I wouldn't it fell to thirty three percent, that's a huge job! So in a decade it fell. Thirty percent I actually think one of the reasons. Why is because there has been an increasing presence of Hispanics, yet Wes and Hispanics are much more. Less likely than any other group to circumcised their mail France and its also lower out West and where there is a larger, has been appalling
yeah in the Midwest there's about seventy five percent chance. You are going to circumcised. Your boy in the south is half yes, including fifty rights like gum, russian roulette with the two barreled two chamber. Yeah sure and then out West, yet less than a quarter of the male infants are circumcised out there every year by, ultimately there's about one point: two million circumcision, while there in two thousand five. Yes, no we're down to less than that, but in terms of either about one point, two million male boys born in the United States who were circumcised right yeah, since you mention that that at about two hundred dollars a pop, even those included in your and your birth, bill it's about two hundred and forty million dollars that insurance companies would love to non had to be exactly so. There is actually
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so should we talk about the penis? Let's talk about the four skin, that's part of it. We can see that were penis a whole lot yet, as you can't avoided when you're talking about circumcision, that's right as let's just go ahead and set up for our foreign friends who may not know it, circumcision is like roller derby circumcision is when they forced skin, of the penis notes. Also called the produce profuse is removed simple as that. So you got the purpose which is the fourth skin. Yes, it covers the Tipp of the penis, which is also called the glance Gillian S right, and then there is a piece of connective tissue that works much like the connective tissue, the anchors, the bottom of your tongue, to the floor of your mouth. Yes color,
YO, and that gives the produce connected to the glance. Yet they also said the inner portion of the four scan is also much like the inside of your mouth. In that it has now, raw wished her to lubricate the glance tat most in there. That's what it says. Yes, it provides limitation which can it keeps unsafe, and she with a guess right yet from abrasion, and I got the middle old cold and went dragged the dry winter air rough on a glance yet, and they. This is a time she work on. My hat is off to him for this one. Yes, Tom did a great job with us. I liked your first response. Thank you check. It also contains the produce also contains some nerve cells dinner. The annals blood special blood cell had no idea, I distance it makes the the penis Emmett more sensitive and the fact that its
It produces movement, aids and stimulation, yeah lubrication. So there's a lot of people who are happy with their purpose or for skin, and our very that they are uncut, is the anti circumcision groups would call it right right or natural anyone outright. And since we talking about the force, can it's not the same on all deeds? It's like every human body part, it varies from person to person ensue. Man actually are sort of naturally circumcised, because her either born with very little for skin, or they have for skins it actually retract during puberty bingo except maybe said, trombone
and they do serve a protective purpose, but they can also, and for people that are on both sides were going to present both sides of the argument. So don't say you guys are just talking about this one side we're going to talk about both sides, of course, but one camp believes that can cause some problems. Will it can? I think everybody agrees on these like these are the very rare problems that can come about and having force. We should say that it's rare, though, because at one of the big problems that the anti circumcision folks have is that these are overstated like when you say, it can it's easier to get dirty and back to it can build up, and all these things can happen. That is true, but it's not like. You skip a shower. This is gonna have well. Let's talk about this because ok they're there are some some problems that can arise just from having an or normal for skin one of those problems, because it is like the inside. Your mouth in their warm moist gotta keep clean
you do have to keep a clean, and if you don't a white, build up a white soapy build up soapy Suki. This is using the artist cheesy. That's right. A white cheesy build up called smell, mom can develop and once used developing a white cheesy buildup called smack mom within your for skin. You want to take a really hard long. Look at your grooming habits. Yet did you say smack mom Snecma, ok, smug mums may plural. Now his smack Mandela. I wanna make sure your saner ice magma is lasting. One is listener mail on the pronunciation, smoking we get all these voice files. Other voice had sh magma, but I think it's magma yeah maybe do such magma for humor sake, Maybe there was around the time, wanes rule without movement profit. So that's just one book
that's Polly, pretty minor thing. I am sure that easily corrected near force came, though, can also be well. It can develop into two ways too tight or to strike. Can each other problems take it too tight. It can cause a condition known as by Moses, let's like trying to put on a sweater that way too small for you what's a good way to look at it, and that is a medical as the main medical determinant for whether or not you should get a circumcision like to Maine medical reason would be fine Moses. I think that's probably because it's the most frequent, probably the most frequent problem. You think I think, if it's too loose, then it's going to be called paraphimosis it's like wearing your dad's sweater? Yes, and it can cause swelling of the glance in the four skin and also something called Balin posts. Thesis just swelling of the mucous surfaces of the forest,
and right and that can lead to skin disease problems with the urethra pain. All sorts of things you don't ended on a general like why, God, why? What imagine? So are you your friend your mom attach too tightly that's the front, I'm ready where it's a slight. That's like trying to poke your head through that very, very tight sweater. A good way to look at it as well. Thank you check very evocative jar, and circumcision can help correct all of these problems, but it is rarely
a medically necessary to get circumcised right. Unlike we said, these problems do exist. They are serious. Problems is at the very least uncomfortable. If not, you know downright dangerous sure, and I think both sides agree that there are circumstances such as these that do warrant circumcision. Yet problem is most circumcision, I'm sure the vast majority of circumcision are customary cultural, preventative, right, yeah, sociological, in nature, shirts talk about the origins of circumcision. When did humans get the idea to cut the force get off of boys penises? Well. Did it start with the Bible? This is worth started, but no, it didn't start with the budget as far back as we can find the Egyptians written. Ok, that's what we understand. Ok, we want to talk about the well talk about the Bible. First, because in the book of Genesis Guide, it made a covenant with Abraham
and, as we all know about Abraham was a jewish patriarch and his descendants. Abraham was the patriarch of the houses of the Jews and Muslims dude era. Yes, Isaac. His son went on on the Jew. What went on D found Judaism, the Father, Judaism, Ishmael away. Other son, be what is a legitimate son right but he went on to found, is yes and Isaac they so basically gods gonna bless Jews with riches and success. Although you know the land will be fruitful if you get circumcised by your eighth day, yes of of life and not just to buy airs guns yeah any servants that you capture any sir, any sons that those captured servants has all boys have to be circumcised, and this has led to the fact that today, ninety eight percent of jewish men are in fact circumcised right and
according to biblical tradition, Ishmael was circumcised before he was basically run off from Asia. My family right and so that kind of form the basis of the muslim tradition of circumcision which continues today. Yet if you look at muslim texts, the Koran, Apparently it doesn't have any endorsement or mention of right revision, but most Muslims today still do circumcised, because Mohammed apparently was circumcised. So there I guess it's real it's for their profit. Yes, in today about two thirds of every circumcised men on the planet or muslim tonight, so ninety percent of jewish men, yeah two thirds of muslim circumcision, we now know tat. There is a very all men on the planet. Earth muslim citizens expect the term was actually an odd qualify
insects, don't really endorse one where the other they say like you know, decide amongst ourselves and a Buddhism and Hinduism. They don't really have a stance, one where the other right that's right and we talked about the Egyptians. Probably being the earliest group. As far as western culture is concerned, like with most things, the Egyptians came up with this idea, not necessarily independently If it did independently, they weren't the only ones, but they We were the ones who exposed the early Israelites early Jews to write this concept. Right near and they are not at about the same time possible even before other group the mines and the Aztecs were both circumcised in their boys, in Dennis Australian african
Jane and other american tribes right now and Georgians yeah. What is it that I've never heard of them? The coal colchians yeah hadn't heard of me, but ere it out, described so there ancient people that is now modern day georgian they were into it, what they practice and then so here in the west, I guess there was strictly religious till about the nineteenth century. Right then, all of a sudden medicine is like we can do that were yeah, but that's all around the same time that they were doing all sorts of things saying that this could solve this in this like we can treat vd can cure homosexuality with circumcision, Impotence is another one year so that there are a little bit off base outside there as in way of base. I would think, Sir,
it did. It did have a lasting impression. You circumcision did become associated with the medical establishment here in the west and that I think, that's translated elsewhere in the jewish faith. A molehill mobile more more yet more ok, they still perform breasts, Harrison precise Britain is the only thing I know about that is firmly Seinfeld. When Jerry was busted for foreign the snub they they, they may still perform these procedures.
In the arab world in the muslim world. That's its generally done in the medical realm bright and then that actually, that was taken away from barbers in ancient turkey. Everyone and yen turkey, in the Middle EAST of the middle ages and harbours, used to do amputations, bloodletting sure answer concessions by letting gotta, give you a nice deleting you'll, be feeling better get all the talking about your blood. Let's talk about it around the globe like how how it actually goes down like today, yeah like it do still still do it traditionally, before the eighth day, they can stick to that and Egypt. It SAM where, from birth to about eight years old and Malaysia, it, sir and other places, is like a right, a passage like addle early adolescence
yeah some in some muslim cultures want a boy can recite the Koran right once. Like all the way through tonight. I mean think about their then think about if you don't wanna get circumcised. Like? I remember her head that one hour once a boy can do that there that's associated with the time when he'll be circumcised. After that- and you didn't see, there's some really sad cute pictures in this article now there's a lot. Boy, whose clutching his genitalia under his hospital gown frying these policies, like second in line to be circumcised. There's a kid is being circumcised, homepage, zero, its said stuff, I'm glad interpret the pictures have now and I want to see in Africa Josh. It is also in a lot of tribes coming of age type of thing and here's the deal on Africa, though sometimes there's
not in these remote areas, a train professional with all the right equipment, and they do it anyway, and because of this there's, like a thirty, five percent increased risk of complications. Six percent like severe, complicate yeah that possibly result in partial or for Mps. Nation of the penis yeah, but sometimes a traveling circumcision Caesar what role through town and his ice cream truck and everybody comes out and with boys of all ages, because they know the safe, real doktor with the real clean equipment. Is there and so the ring boys of all ages to get circumcised when he role through. Yes, it is a good thing that happens. Asia It's extremely rare unless they have a thriving muslim populations.
But in Asia, among asian cultures, it's it's pretty uncommon except Chuck in South Korea. In the Philippines, circumcision is pretty common who knew the american servicemen new? Yes, at the reason why in Korea, yes and the Philippines, concerning station there in the latter half beginning in the latter, half of the twentieth century apparently got the word leaked out that they were missing their previous and dumb south trains and Filipino started following suit already let circumcision around the globe today. If we forgot your country than we have half a jackets, please write in. Should we talk about the procedure itself? Yes, Tom put it next up. The big show is that what he said Lindsey that fire some man did you, so you didn't see the pictures. I mean the illustrations like step by step, illustrating, I didn't need it
had lingered dotted lines like we're. U clip out a coupon, they have. These have a pretty good idea was going on down there. I didn't. I was just fine with the words so what happens? Josh is a baby if it's a baby and infant circumcision than they strap the baby down. Of course, arms and legs, which is just seems all like an awful thing. The bed start. When you read it, they give aid either a topical anesthetic. You know rubbed around the area or injected around the base of the penis to none the area. There are a few different devices that the person performing the procedure can choose from it. I know you know a little bit about these. Do let's hear it? There's like three things: well, there's the gum, co, clamp, mugging, clamp and passed a Bell vice right yeah. So I didn't. I didn't really look into the Morgan, clamp because it's too how by the gum, co clamp, has been around for a while.
And that sounds like something you could see on a late night tv I had to you can actually be on the internet for really heard thirty bucks, yes, search, gown coat, clamp, it comes up in, do not do not buy one into this at home. That is in no way an endorsement. No deny a glass of claim. Have you any just stops yoffe right now there, the gown co clamp, involves a bell with a an arm, an appendage that comes off the Tipp of the Bell, but then in pull Thee Before skin up around the bell, so what you're doing is your inserting this metal layer between the glands in the forest? Can you all these things, your separating the force can from the glass exactly right? It's pretty much the key to circumscribe sure you pull it up. Erroneous slighted through this whole has an arm attached to the top of the bell. Holding everything taught and then you cut around it and remove the force can apply
stable devices is similar, doesn't have the the arm in the clamp everything, but basically you just you putting a bell in better the glance in the forest skin and then you, you basically tie off suture around the the force. Can that's been pull up right and then you cut that and then eventually I feel like a few days, the Bell falls off. When you find supposedly well that's about the recovery period period. If you're an infant is about three four days plan on having a grumpy little baby boy for those next few days and plan on, keeping the area really really clean, and maybe you might even have the bandage it, and just you gotta make sure that you keep it separate from diaper poohpooh
because you don't want a fresh surgery being around fecal matter, not not a good thing. Now. It's your beard looking at a pretty happy little horrible infection, their tactics about thirty met it. If you Dull. You don't necessarily need to use any of these other bells. Roar, whistles literally bells on, but you can just pull the force came forward. Make a couple of incisions cut off the friend you I'm a stitch back based clear, stitching this hanging loose skin to the just to the corona, which is the strip just below the glass and but a member being no sex for a couple weeks, which no one should have to tell you that, but where telling you that yeah, four, and we will cover the argument against before you get upset but bright. Mr Schofield, the reason some of the region's Josh are obviously like. We said you raised in a religion or culture. Where that's the thing you do.
So why is it like all the rage? So this is the argument for and we will cover the argument against before you get upset, but here Mr Schofield, the reason some of the region's Josh are obviously like. We said raised in a religion or culture. Where that's the thing you do, then you would probably do that some fathers think that their sons, penis should, can it be like theirs and their little man, you're allowed ACT want their son, stood just speed like the rest of the little boys. If an if you live in the United States- and most boys are like that- and I want you to stand out in the locker Herman potentially be teased that kind of thing listing some parents want their son stood just speed like the rest of the little boys. If an if you live in the United States- and most boys are like that- and I want you to stand out in the locker room and potentially be teased,
committee and syphilis. They say- and this is from the Journal of American Medical Association, which it said we should seem same, goes with a study that found recently there. Today, through here and apparently, circumcision also helps prevent or protect against comedian syphilis. They say- and this is for Journal of American Medical Association, which it said we should the same same goes with it. That found recently that areas that don't circumcised were circumcision is uncommon, tend to have higher prevalence of HIV. I dont know if those two are causal, like a variety, is more easily contracted because there's this may be. The blood vessels are closer to the surface right when the fourth skin is attached there or if it's just correlated like. Maybe they have
these areas have lesser health care right meant or less adequate health care, while at any rate they put that number at sixty percent, less likely it, but it's only. Not for male to male sex is only female to male transmission. The right of HIV is what it says to get. Some people think it's a cleaner, but that's a completely unsupported from when I can tell medically right this. That's just a perception if I'm not mistaken, and then there are some who do you think it's prettier knew better looking sleeker, Sir Let me tell you about people who love talking and always want to deploy in a nutshell, PETE played since he was three and big
mom to. Let him stay on the ice. Why some nights he even slept in his happy skates PETE practiced in practice to one day when he was forty. Seven feet realized. He just wasn't that good, so he threw his gates in the trash but then he heard how Geico proud partner of any Joe could save him money on car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch. So it all worked out. Our Josh, that's a case. For generally. Let's talk about people who are against this, like Mr Schofield, whether there are what I get the impression that there is a lot of people who are the people who are against it are vehemently against. One of the biggest arguments is that its mutilation near general meeting, It is genital mutilation, female circumcision which will talk alone More about a minute is basically
considered now in the western world, the developed world. Now, female genital mutilation, rape, female circumcision, any longer right right and the one of the big points among anti circumcision people is that this is the same thing with men, it's just for some reason. More right accepted turn the west. Then female circumcision is yet, but if you're against that, you probably think it's old fashion and unnecessary unnecessary is a big one. The american Mere pediatrics considered this ninety ninety nine and said you know I can endorse this. We're not gonna come out against it, but we ve Then all of the information we see no medical reason to do this, and I can endorse it so that the big one that the year, the anti circumcision lobby sites when I was when I read that that they didn't endorse it or they said you that you shouldn't do it. This is such a tender subject that account. I got the impression they were a little bit. Go in there. Why don't you just decide not like
we'll have a lot of data either way, so we're not gonna, say, as I get the impression that itself, like the natural birth movement, a lot of police were sentiment? Maybe a lot across over actually began to judge their risk. Of scarring the risks of infection, yet this is a big one right here. It can go wrong here and in it does like you, can have your penis lopped off because of a bad circumcision yeah, that's a pretty good reason Do it. I don't have a suitable. Your arm ended now is very unclear, but when you're time at your your your, maybe your only Your son can only be a male son, but you're only sign. Do you think you're gonna risk? I don't know yet what it while measure Stop pressuring make now I'm not pressuring answers about asking you and asking theoretically, but I it's probably the sentiment among a lot of like first time. Parents now sure you know like what should we do. I haven't really thought about it for in my colleague cow now, we have to decide. Where do we
another. Another argument against is that you take away the child's right to choose. There are. There is a procedure called an epic pass on which there is actually a surgical procedure, which is kind of a skin graft. There is not always desirable. Sometimes you get a different color. The different texture is the someone else's force can or other skin from elsewhere on your body, this broadly familiar body, I would say, and then there's all like a non there's, not surgical things. You can do to my check to do that. To create a new force, kinda recreate yes Josh. There are non surgical ways and I have never heard of this at all. I heard neither I read this article overtime and when recommending that you try this at home by the way this is. This is something new We need to know a lot about,
time, though you can apparently stretch your force can using weights and straps, and it will eventually stretch to air could cover your glance there is another method that has involved in fighting little balloons. Scan your penile skin from brought new skin cell growth. They guessed to fill in them. Lloyd. I guess and then, when you displayed the balloons, you gotta let extra skin right and you gotta, so that's in at the peasant, so yeah, The point is one of the arguments against circumcision is that you take away a kid's right to choose and then yet kid turns like eighteen, two thousand one hundred and thirty five fifty and goes I really want to force skin basically he doesn't have a lot of options available to balloons and weights in straps and skin graph and skin grass yeah, so that That's another reason. What is more reasons checkers? Well,
we said in the force, can there's a lot of sensitive areas for sexual stimulation and that once you lose that it's gone, Theoretically, cutting down on the man's pleasure centres, sunlight sure- and he wants to do that to your kid Puritan. They say. You know like psychologist, might say that a child might remember the somehow. Resulting in lingering psychological repercussions for the incentives. Some people think it's better looking to have the force skin and prettier that yeah I will. I would like to connect appalling on how we could do this conceivably, but anyway, I would like to China and not enough and not in trouble right, but I am curious like where, like which one is considered more attractive. I have no idea so I'm I'm very curious here. You know layer. Is it like two people think people who
a fourth skin, think those people are weird or vice versa. I'm very curious dissolved for em curious. This dear you're, been even fascinated by this whole thing. I half from pay zira and there a couple more reason. Some men subconsciously might not be complete and then the big reason you're born with it. So that might mean that you should keep it on your body yeah like if we did Why would we have it wouldn't have whether you, whether you believe in creationism or evolution, there's those both of those kind of touch upon that yeah and we wouldn't have it? If we didn't need it didn't serve some purpose. Did you already cover the language part? I think you'd mention that right a little bit. If you are talking to somebody who is in the anti circumcision camp, you don't want to use. The term
circumcised, because it implies that there is something wrong that there's something missing right. They something hasn't been done, yeah, that's not the norm right and so that the people in the anti circumcision camp tend to prefer terms like natural uncut full length intact in tat. We'll be remiss Josh. You did mention female genital mutilation. This is a big problem around the world between two hundred and two hundred and forty million women have been victims of this a lot of times their sorry all the time. There's no medical reason for doing this right, like they will remove the clearest sometimes yet this actually, I was kind of the it came about in the
ass to have a huge problem in Africa. Apparently, ninety two million girls under the age of ten have undergone female genital mutilation, awful and that's just Africa alone, but in the west it was poor, pillar my. I had no idea, but here in the West, in the United States, really until nineteen seventy seven Lou Cross covered it, that's not email. They covered clear, directed me glitter, clear quit already clear objective me: that's awful, clearer deck to me, which is the partial, total removal of the clutter is right and what the this, this fad of circumcision came about. At the same time, in the nineteenth century, for the same reasons as male circumcision,
this is yet another argument against male circumcision, because we ve come to see female circumcision is barbaric right, even though they were both brought up for the same reasons, which was its cleaner. It's more hygienic, it's right, healthier nature and also with girls. They had the added bonus of it reduces reduces their section. Pleasure from masturbation bright. Therefore it will it's much more. Morally hygienic is well right. This is one of the reasons why I can't be become or come to be seen as barbaric, because it actually does reduce tremendously the sensitivity a woman can experience and I am sure right, there's a lot of other problems with the two there's. A little procedure called in fabulous mission there sickly. Is you caught the inner our Libya so that it grows back? to narrow or closed the vagina
what's the idea here or there is a moral yang where they're trying to prevent their daughters from being tempted to have sex or having sex? Yes, because to to get this reversed you to have children to have sex, to conceive to do all these things, you basically have to have the procedure reverse while and then in some cultures that promote this after chow, birth after the reproductive yours, it's closed up again, so not only of you undergoing at this first time having reverse and then you're having done again, so it is huge problem, and it is viewed as barbaric in the west. And the World Health Organization's come out starting and ninety ninety seven against this, and then I guess over the bed. Doing decades, really lobbied the rest of the? U, n n got much wider support in February two thousand eight pretty much the entire EU and issued the statement. Saying like this has to stop the rain. Really bad, but it still continues happens in the. U S, it happens. In great Britain in
lot of the minority african populations that emigrate here emigrate here. It's it's a problem. We'll think out for the W h out in groups like UNICEF and other human rights groups are trying to get the word element, the right but Chuck wages, arrived in. A really kind of a pinky place like everybody agrees, is barbaric, one other his wise because it serve absolutely no medical reason whatsoever. Note there's no medical purpose to it right, it's all, just basically chastity right right! So we all agree that barbaric, if there is really no medical reason for male circumcision is at the same thing. Is it barbaric, while people against her say this people like Schofield yeah, and I'm not here- to make a judgment either way, because I don't have a son at this point. But
maybe that day will come when I have to make that decision, and hopefully we put out at least some facts and figures on both sides outlines some stats near this tricky, if you want to know more about circumcision- and you want to see probably more illustrations of the male reproductive organ than any other article on the site, including cut Heerd dots, on the dotted line, dots you? Can you can type circumcision into the search bar? How stuff works that common that will bring all that stuff up an interesting article right? Yes, sir, since I said handy search bar, why said, Sir, far at least right, it's time for a listener. Male, yes, Josh about this be appropriate. You asked for stories about people who had their fingers cut off in what I guess is that when a hug, when one of the things
and so we got a bunch of stories of people who have lost fingers and I picked out three fairly short. When Sir, you are. The first comes from Melanie four minutes so tat she did not lose a finger, but her huh. Uncle did he's doing, some woodworking in his group saw his thumb index finger in part of his middle finger, clean off his wife, rushing to the hospital they able to re attach the thumb, but not as index finger. They were never able to find the rest of his ring finger and they suspect the dog in it now. He now has a prosthetic index finger which he likes to remove and talk to people just a freak them out. He was a musician before the accident is still able to play the piano his forefinger loudly sprinkle and he is a winter and summer version. One is tat in one is in no way way well this next ones from Abbe, firm, Hamden, Connecticut guys. I thought you might find interesting. I am in fact missing two fingers, but I still have five fingers on each hand. Ah, sir,
ah said this for me when the price, the same is true for my mother and grandmother. We all have a slight genetic disorders called Polly DEC, two lissom, which is when you were born with extra pinkies. The extra fingers were all cut off his bones in them we're not fully formed. So now we all have little bumps on the sides of our hands that were once pinkies circumcision fingers. If it's a kind of wish, I had kept the little extra fingers and that they were fully functional because I would use them to play impossible pieces of music. I told my bio teacher about folly decked Elysium in high school to get very exciting, Gimme extra credit to give extra credit for missing this fingers regal or she gave her
The credit for being born with two extra or being brave enough to admit in a classroom setting are in this last one is from James from Ohio. Guys. I have a missing finger story. You might find disturbing were fascinating in high school. My shot glass teacher always had these crazy stories about his work in the industry field in the industry and that I'd feel methods, and one day he had a story to tell us about a man who was unfortunate enough to loosen fingers story starts when my shot future worked at a metal sheet shaping factory, but it was a lot of figures alone in this place. Sure they make impossible curbs on metal that that could normally exists. Fellow workers, The law in all minor, an attempt to work machinery with coherency enforcing the fingers of the worker were caught in the metalworking machine. Pinched clean off, not cut it off. My teacher explained that it took about a half an hour to find on the missing fingers
keeping cool and a fridge until they are able to return to seek the machinist Christian Veil messed up, so we got a lot more stories and what were very detailed, the more gruesome so we went with these guys are short in the lighter. Endangers you from again: that's all You have an email that has absolutely nothing to do with that. We want to hear about it. You should wrap it up, send it to us spank it on the bottom and send it to stuff podcast. How stuff works dot com for more on some thousands of other topics visit Housetop works that com to learn more about the podcast book on the pod cast icon in the a quarter of our homepage window, James Morelli invited his family to a desert, retreat. He planned on picking the successor to his fortune, but the rest.
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