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SYSK Selects: How Cult Deprogramming Works

2020-02-22 | 🔗

The fear of cults in the 1970s drove Americans to look the other way on kidnappings, abuse and torture of cult members by deprogrammers – but did it even work? Find out in this classic episode.

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citizen critic on the eye, radio, AB apple pie, guests or wherever you get your bike good, more stuff, you should know listeners. This is one of your faithful, CO leaders, Charles Tubby Chuck Bryant here, to tell you about cult deprogramming. This is my Saturday Select picked for the weakest from September. Twenty. Second, two thousand fifteen. You know the Josh and I love to talk about cults, really fascinating, but here's the flip side, cult deprogramming at they leave the car can't just walk out of their. It takes a lot. A lot of effort to normalize yourself back into society and called deprogramming is how you do it. So here you go check it out. Right now, welcome step. You should now
production of Iheart Radios Housetop were removed, mood broadcast on Josh Clerk return to reach our brain always work you Jerry. So this is that we should now once again sixty seconds preceding the record button being pressed as the gold wish. We could sell that stuff. You sell it on a street people, be hooked on the street. Argue that men, it is what about some bad chuck. Yes, you ever been in a cold no, not technically, not at all. Remember we done episodes on colts, I'm brainwashing. This is pretty much the natural
extension of that progression. Yet we talk a little bit about the programming and the Cults one entering washing, probably by this one turns out has a lot of interesting history. I did know about yes, man. It is crazy, Agar, a dark spy America's recent pat air yet again yet another one, because apparently the powers, He really got everybody so scared over things like the communists threat or nuclear weapons or what Have you that America is basically like a herd of spook cattle for many decades and if they they we channel darlings, I at ease out on anything other or different, and this is a great case of that yeah and the courts will get to this, but they said roundly that you can kidnapping torture and rape people as long as it's out of love as long as those people are weirdos year. As long as its apparent
having their child in the harshest extreme way. Man, as you can imagine crazy what people in through unbelievable. So the whole thing we should say like America did lose its mind collectively for many years. Yes, and it happens from time to time started inside Salem here before there was an even America. We it's a long tradition here in this country of herbs, adding a similar areas lean and you ve gone crazy and, like I said this is a case of a, but this case did coalesce around
and things it wasn't just out of the blue at will and out of nowhere and further to start off with the late sixties, early seventies that there is a real division between generations in the United States church. He you judge, there was the parents who still remember the fifties. Yeah were raised in the fifties born in the fifties, maybe but definitely were a little more binding buttoned up and with Ike than their kids were. Yes, ok, so imagine if you have kids in their going through this rebellious phase in their smoking pie, in their like wearing motorcycle boots and rock and out to the Beatles and like flipping you off every time you look at all of a sudden. This weird tranquillity comes over
and these are wearing robes and they shape their head, except for those along ponytail on the back? Are there still wearing boots and smoke and bite, listen to the Beatles right or or they stirring, boat ties ia and like quoting scripture to you, you wouldn't be like when a little weird. This is a little odd something's going on here. With with my kid, my kid whose twenty the under like a serious religious conversion that has never been seen before in our family. That's a little weird eyes, not one. I approve of yeah, so there's these groups that at the time recalled cults today. If you read sociology tat, sir studies or whatever,
they're called a new religious movements. Yes sex. The right was at eighteen ass yet, and these groups are basically at the time they were all termed colts church and usually, when you think called especially United States like come some sort of eastern religion or something like that.
By it turns out that the court movement of the early seventies, late, sixties and into the eighties were actually for the most part Bible based christian culture, but they they took christian beliefs and teachings and what really far out there with them yet or there was a huge influx of eastern thought in eastern religion into the United States to, and anybody who join this group joined a cold. But today, if you call em a call, it's not very nice, you call him a new religious movement or a sect right yeah or in the case of the source family, which I ve talked about as being my favorite cult. Yeah they dislike to have sex and do drugs a lot the source there are called the latter by those dead
patients right at the time. I'd call me com, you now: ok, probably that had abandoned a charismatic, hang gliding front man right. The charismatic thing is a huge thing. That's usually, though, one thing that is the EU that common lady in all new religious movements, they are centred around a central figure. But as the guy who wrote this article, which is a pretty good article, I have to say this: is the grabs or was it now. There is a new mad, a newbie. This newbie has taken the grabbed her stuff urea. It should have in the ground or the grab sectors, gotten a serious focus on all things: dungeons, dragons these don't worry, I oh nine were good for him. Yeah he's moved on and on
but anyway, the author of this article points out. The call is it's a very slippery word. It has liquor in in group out group kind of sentimentality attached to ensure the point is over that's over the years whole idea of your kid going undergoing a religious conversion and then just kind of becoming different. It was bothersome in worrisome data, the parents, but then Jonestown happened and all of a sudden any kind, a semblance of law or religious freedom or anything like that went right out the window ass. It was shown, and even before that, thanks to the main some
Emily but really with Jonestown. It was shown that these codes, that supposedly up to that point, people thought were harmless or even helpful, could be very destructive. Over nine hundred people died, so in oh, I get it I get. My people would be upset about perhaps their children joining something that in any way shape or form resembles Jonestown right. So what do you do when you can hire someone do kidnapping, torture and beat them and yell at them into submission. A decree deprogramming a k, a
brainwashing or I guess they would not reverse brainwashing right as candidate keys. This idea that you are combating this conversion to a new religious movements, are a cult group or whatever, based on the idea that your kid couldn't possibly have undergone. This converge and join this group based on his or her own free will. That's right. So, thanks to that mindset, and a guy named TED Patrick. Who will talk about right now? The cult awareness network was formed and TED was there. Were there were many de programmers wanna, but many, but there were a handful of DE programmers and this time period, but Mr Patrick sort of lead the way he was.
In the red Light District of Chattanooga Tennessee and apparently had a really bad speech. Impediment such there that he can't even communicate with people. He Dover into religion and what he said was quote. It wasn't long before I could think of was hellfire in damnation and dumb, so he had a bad experience with which and growing up and then had an opportunity in early seventies too, who go and save somebody's kid who fell into a what they called it. Old. Well, it was these offered a job. Yet so there there was a scriptural based on Christian group called the children of God. Now called the
national family and apparently they had tried to recruit TED's, Sun and nephew out on the beach in San, Diego and TED, was like what do you mean? Some group tried to recruit you. I guess I'll just go infiltrate this group. Yet while he was also approach by parents whose children were in this, what they call the cult so yeah. He infiltrated and said you know what they were brainwashed and I'm the guy that can fix it for a fee yet which is weird because so TED Patrick in there. Somebody named me, Donovan came out with a documentary recently called DE programmed advocacy that yeah, apparently very tough, define and get your hands on, but it's out there somewhere and it's all about TED, Patrick TED, black lightning, Patrick, is his name yeah, and he
He was an unlikely candidate to become the face and the leader of what was a anti called movement that had arisen in the United States thanks to Jones Town and thanks to the fact that kids were joining colts left and right. Yet he was a high school drop out he said he was a. He had had his own experiences with scripture in Bible beating all that kind of stuff. And I he I guess was. His heart was in the right place from what I understand, but he did some really really questionable stuff. Over the years after reformed the coal action, our awareness network eating his heart was in the right place. That's that's how Madonna and puts it really he's gonna make money, so that was- and I think to supposedly he was working not for profit, that his expenses were paid and he wasn't really
getting the money himself, but he went the other way pretty quickly caused one point: he was charging up to twenty five grand, which would be the equivalent of about a hundred and twenty thousand dollars for each case today to to D programme to kidnap and iii. Your job right, so he he basically at the very beginning, said you know what? How do we get away with this, and he said I think if we are working with the parents, then we won't be prosecuted for kidnapping because it's their own kid, so I won't by proxy, beat affiliated as an accomplice because it's their children, yeah kidnap your own child and nineteen. Seventy one, no you can't, and so that worked at the time. Twenty one was the federal age for minors right or for an adult
anything below twenty one euro, a minor unless estate had gone in rewritten law and said now, it's actually eighteen or nineteen or whatever, so that they covered like a pretty decent amount of the emerging called population. Yeah- and he also figured that I won't get in trouble because once we have freed these people and D programme them, they want press charges that you'll be delighted right exactly either their brainwash. Right now we have to do is on brain wash them. The other way that he figured out they can be protected by law was if, if the member the cold member was an adult, they could apply for what's called conservator ship. Yes, This is basically based on their old kind of law, where a husband could have his hysterical wife committed if he didn't like her attitude, that kind of
where there is a very, very loose burden of proof on demonstrating that the person was out of their mind so much oh that in this point in time in America, if you were hey, if you hired it caught de programmer. Yes, all you do is also shell out five hundred bucks or something for a psychologist who would come in and say the very fact that there are member. This cult demonstrates that their mentally ill and therefore power over them should be granted to their parent, even those persons and adult, and once they power was granted to the parent. The parent could extend that power to the cul de programmers, who would and go and kidnap the cop member and then begin the process of deprogramming yet, and they wouldn't even make any attempts to assess their mental state. It was just sort of about grandfathered end, but it was too short a lot then, under the umbrella of the conservative ship yeah. Thank you again and psychology to go so
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I too, Patrick the first, He did when he first started doing. This was you didn't really have a shop setup or or staff at this point here? He hired thugs street thugs to do the kidnapping. He would just pay two heads that what were duff ruffians as there recall You know how you know that these kids, you know like with them whenever you here, like over a private investigator making air quotes like is also involved in like a jewel heist or something that where there is a real, a grey area that occupied by some people who are be working on the side of the law, but really they're, doing really unlawful things to achieve those ends. Sure these are the kind of people that were hired by the call awareness network that
and he eventually was joined by someone named Saunders Sex. Who was a housewife whose son was the programmed from above Christmas and then he got a think of Ganem Goose, I'm not sure goose, his real name, but he was his became ultimately, his like big henchmen right, So they were sort of the three heading up the network early on at least so one of the things he did it wasn't always religious cults. Even he was hired. Basically anytime apparent didn't like what their kid was doing. They get higher him to kidnap them and scream at them in the handcuff them to a bed, were weak yeah until they said they didn't want to do what they were doing, whether it was being a lesbian or just being converted Catholic. Yet there is one case that he got in trouble for fur: false imprisonment, a believer
Denver where a woman had left the Greek Orthodox Church. Of her own life, and our parents didn't like that, so they hired TED and his company to de programmer yeah or re programmer back into the Greek Orthodox Church, just two girls, two daughters. And their quote. At the end of this ordeal was there was nothing to D programme which has left the churchwarden Yeah yeah there's another woman in English, Professor California, in San Francisco named Sarah Worth and she had become an anti nuke activist. Civil rights activist is well her. Mother, back in Pennsylvania, thought that that just was very unbecoming, so she hired they call awareness network to de programmer daughter, that's right. This is going on and it was like
well not about legal, but it was protected. Here's the thing! So, let's talk about why this was legal or clause. I legal at the time again America's really really scared that there's this cult movement going on that the use of America's losing its free. Well. This is what the whole thing's based on that that their groups insidious groups out there were. Creating an brainwashing, our kids. What is to become of America? If all of our kids are running round is hurried? Crystals are bible, thumper, sir? What have you if they are the future? So we have to fight this and if their being brainwashed, you need to de brain what So not only was it groups like the colt awareness network who you're thinking these things Also like drumming up a lot of publicity is well yeah. They thought was of a big conspiracy, yeah a communist conspiracies, but a lot of people say too that this is the ultimate lay the communists were behind it. So not only is it this obscure
fringe group. That knows how to work the media, who believes that its also the people reading the newspaper like parents cops judges, juries and if you take some Wendy, court for kidnapping, new and beating you up until you agree to stop being a hurry Krishna, and the judge is convinced that you our had been brainwashed by the high Christmas. The judge is not going to ruin your favor and therefore this whole technique. This whole method that was used for more than a decade was clause. I legal for as many times as he was dragged into court Tibet It was only imprison, twice, yeah one time for like ten days in another time for sixty years. There was, Famous case Stephanie Right Miller and Ohio
She, her parents hired her hard, Patrick and his crew, because, while because she was a lesbian, while they suspected Sousa Lesbian, yes was she in fact? Yes, ok, so they paid, thousand dollars would be twenty one grand today to kidnap her. She was nineteen years old, she's walking on the street with their friend on the sidewalk. They pull up in a van. They makes her friend and they throw her in the back of the van and you know, subdue her shoes, given to Alabama from Ohio and over there in seven days, was raped once a day. By I named James ROW, who was one of the the henchmen that worked with the Patrick right in order to get her back into the head or a sexual mindset right yeah, which we're gonna do a whole podcast on gay deprogramming at some point. Ok, because that's a whole different thing, but
there has its roots in something like this. Obviously, at the trial they cause, he did go to trial. The defence attacked her roommate, who was gay and said you know, look at her boots and a pickup truck and she has a Doberman sure like this, is very unbecoming yes, very over overbearing style that what they are trying to prove was it the roommate had brain washed, her into becoming a lesbian right and just look at her with her boots and pick up drunk right so essential, as the trial and the judge, Hamilton
any Judge Simon Lease O ye. I ass. He was not very sympathetic at all of her lifestyle. Of course he said homosexuality was immoral and even he told the jury that the lifestyle was an issue, but I'm not going to represent to you that I approve of the sexual preference and cheek he called it unnatural. So eventually he said what the parents, it was wrong, but I don't think there's any question that they did was totally done out of love for their daughter and he described the tactics, even the rape, as to detract, like you said, from her lesbianism in a tractor to heterosexual activity. Lord, so he got off without her. Yet I don't think he was actually in the room like it was those a lotta back and forth, unlike what he knew and what he didn't know about this case, but the guy who raped or got away with it and
whose I mean that was again, he was dragged the court over and over again, and it wasn't a lot of the colt groups did not fight back and in some cases because they didn't want open their books from what I understand right, which they may have had two had. They fought anything like this in court, but also because America as a whole, I was against them, they can be member airplane. The original one I'd just watched the other day where he just beat up a bunch of moonies in the airport. Her hind leg offer him a free flower yeah. What I'm Joe assumes you for God's sake, I know he's America's sweetheart, while he should have been beaten up for that. So there was this this it. It was a joke. Obviously, but it is definitely pointed out. This whole sentiment that America head toward called to the time which was like they. It was open season men, they were fair game,
inside and outside of court? There's an indictment in New York, where they indicted some hurry, Krishna leaders for using mind control in an indictment in a court of law. The words mind, control were used to indict somebody for crime. Would you it's never been even proven like. How do you mind control somebody? It's crazy love, but this is like the kindest sentiment that was going on at the time. I yes it so you could be If you are, a member of a war was considered a cult group and your parents, Well, he old enough to afford the colt awareness network. You could be so their hanging out in the commune one day playing your acoustic guitar. What have you thinking about consciousness and universality of it and all of a sudden the door gets kicked in in TED, Patrick and some of his henchman enter grab you your buddy
up to be like hey man, you can't do that and they made him and they take you you in Havana drive you several states over here, maybe to your parents house. I think they frequently used the parents house because they added like an extra sense of legality to it right and then they would keep you there for as long as they wanted to. They would beat you yeah, they would abuse you physically emotionally verbally, they would starve you. They would deprive you of sleep and you weren't leave your berated constantly. They would take ships, they would have your family come in embarrass you and all of this was clearly made up out of whole cloth by TED, Patrick, like e, he had no training
whatsoever in any kind of brainwash techniques that, although there is no training what right he, but he just kind of intuitively, got there like a few deprived, someone of sleep or food they'll start to do what you want them to and the whole goal of it as far as he was concerned was, would to create to snap somebody out of it right and when somebody snapped they, basically gave in to your well in that they were no longer existing. They were no longer saying my right to be a hurry. Christian is protected by the first amendment. You have kidnap me. I want to go please leave. Please leave me alone. They just said fine you're right, I don't want to be a hard Christian, any more that could be snapping. It could also be something that was a lot closer in complexion. Do something like that religious conversion, but it would be like a conversion back where they start crying and
weeping- and these are the ones that were frequently pointed to as proof positive- that deprogramming actually worked cuz there, a lot of people who are de Programa. You said this was a great thing for me, but it has been explained time and time again as basically a lot of kids who Cults did so because they felt like they were an accepted at home or by their families or whatever, and they would see once they were kidnapped and in take him back to their parents house that maybe their parents dig care about a more than they realise there are willing to spend money in higher black lightening. The come beat me up until I agree to come back home, so maybe that was the reason for this. The snapping yet, and sometimes they would fake it altogether to get out of that prison
the case which will talk about right after this break of Jason Scott family secrets. Out the just about everyone has them which accounts for the incredible outpouring community and sharing of these stories that happen, as a result of my podcast family secrets. Name is danish, appear out and I'm a writer author of the instant I'm a selling memoir inheritance, which I rode after discovering a massive secret that had been kept from me all my life, that covering changed my life and good ways and hard ways and lead to this protest. I hope you'll join us for some incredible conversations about family identity and what happens to both when the secrets that have been kept from us and the secret we keep
Finally, come to light, listen and subscribe. Only I hurt radio up apple part or ever you listen to your favorite pasts. all right so Jason's got. This was not a Patrick affair. This was a guy named. Grass another guy, two guys they mark workmen and trawl Simpson, yes, but they were referred by the call awareness that works and that rights and was involved while yet they were referred, but this wasn't Patrick heading up this operation and this is gonna, Jason Scott and he was kidnapped,
and brought to light in the buoys in Washington State and he was held there for days against his will physically abused all the stuff tat we ve been going over because they wanted him to leave this pentecostal church that he was in with his brothers and his mom was in it at one point, but she left the sun's decided to stay and she was like what's going on over there, so she hire them too to D programme him it. It failed in that Scott eventually faked that he was after four days of torture. He faked it and said. I don't believe that stuff anymore, he broke down in tears and said he completely rebuked everything that he had stood for. And so they said, while this is great, it worked. Let's go out for a celebration dinner with your family and he was allowed to use the bathroom at the restaurant by himself for the first time in a week,
and he ran to the police and the police arrested these guys. There were. Those a civil suit filed is work. It's really interesting, though, is a civil suit filed on Jason, Scots behalf by councillor for the church assign Elite council. Are the church Scientology so now Scientology is getting involved. They they end up, bankrupting through this court case. They awarded eight hundred seventy five thousand dollars and compensatory damages a million in damages of punitive nature against the cult, awareness network and two point: five million against Ross himself. It had a bank rubbing them and then the church of Scientology buys out the culture wireless network in bankruptcy, court, visor assets, Buzzer Logo, buzz your name renamed. At the new cult awareness network announced run by the churches, Scientology cry. So, if you're looking for a healthy get, your kid out of
including Scientology the powerful people, there will explain to you how great Scientology is. What's funny, though, is that, like this, this sum Jason Scott case was one of about fifty that were brought at the time through Scientology lawyers? Failure this happens to be the one that stock Yea went all the way to the Supreme Court. Were they deny the appeal and, in the end, Scott only got about five thousand dollars in two hundred hours of professional services from Ross, which I didn't understand. I'll explain it, so they became bodies. Apparently they did become body so apparently Jason Scott did he forgave his mother. He also forgave Rick ROS. He broke from the Scientology lawyer, yet he had a different laughed. I guess he felt a little fleeced, maybe by
Scientologists or use, dated safe and ended up being chummy with recross. So he sold Rick Ross his settlement, which should have been three million. Hours for five green in two hundred hours of his services of deprogramming, so yes is right to D programme. I think his daughter, something like that. None of the sort of confine the so recross is still add. He's he's an exit councillor in here if you listen to him, talk, it's really weird man was approaching this from the outside, like there was. War that was going on. That is still being fought here there, but we, the average person, would know about it in the media between the Anti COLT movement, which is headed up by people like TED Patrick Recross, in the culture where it is not worth the old version of it and the Agus COLT Movement, which has as disparate members as the church assigned
How d you think the Catholic League First Amendment people like the ACL you another side, so there's is weird like battle that went on in Scientology, ultimately one just because they bled the anti cult movement out in the courts but, like I said, Recross still at it it. What he's doing now is x, it counselling and if before deprogramming was coercive brainwashing, then exit counselling is the opposite of that. It's basically like a dream intervention, but as far as courts are concerned, the air, the ideas that you get, the whole family involved you get The person here trying to council, I guess, involved and they all agree to meet and they talk to them about what they were doing and they explained to them about the harmful practices of that cult or not cult.
Bidding on what it is and assent. They involve it's. It's a really intensive therapy group therapy with your family right but again, not coerce, suppose, the voluntary in the proper way to go about it still expensive the bright but like a normal intervention or like a drug. Related intervention like it'll, probably be a surprise to v the cold member yeah, but an innate exit, counselling seminars session or whatever that that person has to agree to stick around and listen you. They can leave at any point in time, there's no more kidnapping and duck taping right so that the state of affairs Now- and it's really weird- again, because this is the the remnants of this this info or that went on between the anti call movement and the
COLT Movement or the new religious movement movement, and its really kind of the whole thing is muddy. Morally speaking, because there are people walking around, including ones that were abducted and beaten up or mistreated, or abused or tortured by colt awareness, network or other de programmer. Yet who say if it weren't for those guys, I probably still being caught right now, churn. I'm really grateful that my parents for showing up the money tat. These guys kidnap me because I was really I was lost in law- and very vulnerable at the time, and this really help get me back on track. Will ya cults can be destructive and in destroy people's lives and kill people right? But what you can do is this. I think the problem came when everything was lumped together in one big under one big umbrella,
the cult exactly that's exactly right, because who is TED, Patrick or anybody else, the great decider. Yet what made acceptable religious beliefs and non acceptable religious belief? like, whereas the dividing line and who gave him the right to do it, make it you meant if this is going on today, with the way things are like going until nineteen. Ninety five was when the judgment came down at value called awareness, our ultimate twenty fifteen year. Let me with the way things are I could see. I could see wackos left and right hiring people to abduct their children earlier at them straight here
was supposedly they. They made out pretty well in the say, tat a panic of the eighties to Alan sure that that Documentary De Programmed is largely about the directors step brother who was D programme by ten Patrick, because their parents thought that he was a Satan. Mr whatever conceals a navy metal we should do and on the pier mercy and back masking the whole. Look just call it like eighties, say: tanning, panic or somethin. Let's do it would be a good one. There's a book, a tip attributes. Oh God let our children go. There's an exclamation point, maternal! That's right! Cause you better and nineteen. Seventy six, and here is one quota that something he bragged alot about some of these things. Yes, he said TAT is somewhat Wes. One of the people he D programmed he said Wes had taken up opposition facing the car with this. And on the roof and his legs spread eagle? There was no way to let him inside while he was brace like that. I had to make a quick decision I reached down between was his legs grabbed by the crash and squeezed.
Art. He let out a how and doubled up grabbing for his groin with both hands. Then I hit shoving him headfirst into the back seat of the car and piling units of em teeth and then the what Jason Scot, I think was you know, duct tape put face down in advance and like this three hundred pounds, I sat on him and that can kill you guess again, pretty kooky stuff me yeah, that's how to combat brainwashing by brainwashing. I love of any meat looking back in America's recent past to see how crazy it's been from time to time everyone's, how discos, nuts
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one day after we launched the balloons from just north of Napa. The wind picked up and one of the pilots couldn't find a safe place to land, and we call this Josh's worst nightmare fortune. The balloon kept going south and what was supposed to be an hour flight was getting close to two hours. The balloon got so far. South it was approaching. These ends is bay. I got over the bay, the balloon wouldn't have enough fuel to make it to land again, so the pilot made an emergency landing in a wheat field, and that was the last land before the bay try not to an somewhere without permission, but in this case it was an emergency pilot left with a customer, so we had to content. The owner of the land and had to be let on the property get our balloon understandable. Honor was angry, but we gave him a bottle of champagne, as he said they still do that
and offered to pay for the damage is to his crops. Almost flights had notions whatsoever and sticks out of my mind, because there was a particularly exciting day, nice that is Ryan from Washington DC. The ineffable we like the reproduction- I like the part where the pilot left with the custom really quickly after he landed. Who is that right thanks, Ryan. That was a good story again. I like champion parking lot. If you want to get in touch with us and tell us all of your champagne wishes and caviar dreams, you can tweet to us at Sysk podcast, you can join us on Facebook, dot, com, stuff, you should know you can send us an email to stuff podcast that Howstuffworks dot com and is always trying to set our home on the way. But
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