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SYSK Selects: How do dogs perceive time?

2020-05-02 | 🔗

A dog that knows exactly when its owners will arrive home every day seems to have a human perception of time, but in fact, they perceive time very differently than we do. Find out more about how dogs view time in this classic episode.

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one of our many many episodes on dogs, and this is a good one. How two dogs perceive time really really good stuff check it out come to step. You should now production of Iheart radios. How stuff works? Are you invoking part guests are Josh Clerk, there's Charles job right? Yes, nice to the second reading This also checks barking, because this step, you should know in this particular stuff, you should Know- is entitled how do dogs perceived time- and I said in dog language just then I dont perceive time dad is up for debate. My friend for vigorous debate, I search
Let me let me do low in show here a little leading say way whatever and spoiled your buried there. What do we call me says? What are we what say: ways: legions Intro, intro shackles metals, chuck back a year ago then. Well year ago, this month, Paris or France, Paris, France made history. Legal history, Hussar they actually used a dog as a witness in a criminal case. Did they get the dog to like bark at someone, the up wow? I kid you not well an intruder at the very least, and I hope I nodded Bangladeshi newspaper here, because I found it in the daily mail which has not known for some time
but it's all, can be known for poor reporting from time to time, so you may have egg on your face soon will find out, but there is a dog named Scooby that was brought into a senseless area does than I should have already this article. There is a dog named Scooby. Brought into a murder case were hearing to see. If there is enough evidence to try a man for murder for something that was ruled. Suicide and the dog barked furiously at the alleged perpetrator and Scooby snack yeah so that was the last I heard it was from a year ago, but There was some concern over whether the dogs memory would serve it or not, because I have been two and a half years since the incident. Ok, that makes sense and that's kind of key to how dogs may or may not perceive time invest. I could come up with those great thanks, so
then what that betrays a sense by at least the reporter and the courts in Paris that dogs have a memory that they they If they have a memory, then they should be able to perceive time right right, Chuck. Let's talk about us. What is time me? Will you know my whole deal with time? I've said it before my time is just abstract numbers on a calendar in and hands on a watch art time. Oh yes, no, well, you're talking most human, constructive time. Yes, based on twenty four hours, would I Aachen, arbitrary seven days a week. There will not us solely or money. Here's why it was. Actually kind of ingenious that we should come up with a twenty four hour day, because we these things called Circadian oscillated, yes, which are what they're the fluctuating
Circadian rhythm, one on makes us fall asleep at night right up in the morning body temperature get hungry at certain times, neural activity right. The neural activity in the hormones are reactions. Things like changes in temperature, yet that are on a daily basis, and things like that. Changes in natural light right right. So are our reaction, these are circadian oscillating. If you put him altogether like sleeping at night and an dumb waking up in the morning, that's our circadian rhythm right. These circadian clocks actually exist on about a twenty four hour period extensive so by, like you, said days on the calendar and all that, that's that is human, con stroppy area, so retraining the bottom of is whether dogs can perceive this not necessarily the human construct of time right, we have time in and of itself, which is essentially a past present and future exactly
I know that one thing that we will talk about, maybe we'll talk about right now is you have three dogs? Do you have any dogs? I have two dogs, what shut up of two dogs and actually fostering to fair, open rescues, which you now so right. Now, if you want to get rid of those two doctors, we could get rid of him like that. If we progress on this on this pollyanna, we're gonna pick you up. Who, given to ok, we'll, have a this if you're not a creep in you, love dogs and you live in the EAST Lake area, yeah that lances send an email if you want one of Chucks puppy, Syracuse yeah so anyway, if your dogs are Like my dogs, they in my cats. Do they know when the food Bell is going to ring sure, Surely they start Emily calls it food abuse. They start the food of typically about an hour and a half before they typically get fed every. Afternoon and in the morning we feed employment straight away in the morning, so they know they know then. But my dog Lucy Dude, comes in the room.
And looks at you with her head cocked stamps on the floor with her feet and goes I'm waiting her for her literally to one day say feed me, when they had told him. If she did that one day I be surprised for about a second So I here is where we reached the bone of contention right. The sorry for that pine, I'm not Jonathan strict. Are you dog do the same thing. I said right above my my dogs are fed constantly. They always have food, they for some reason, I'd lucked out and the latest whenever they want. I can imagine that it's free. Cool like dogs, either food like it's the first time they ve ever been fed. I've seen it before my dogs, they're, pretty, lay back when it comes to stuff like that Arafat. No merely you know, through their healthier than I am well,
they are healthier than a lot of people. I know, though there very they regulate their food and take on their own. It's weird, and so we are tight the, but I know what you're talking about so. The question is this: do your dogs know, based on past experience that food coming at a certain time of day, not necessarily like five thirty five p m but say as far as doors can and when the sun is low and sky over their right and made an american right, you know they're, like Italians, playing native Americans right. Do you think I'm done well so or is it a circadian oscillate her? Well, that's the in our could be yeah. It could be what what that is they're, using the memories of past experiences, to predict the future, which is episodic memory, wretches, our construction of time or
Is this semantic memory which is totally different but related Do you want me to go into this causes outside research? I had no choice, then some take, memories are chuck. Let's say that you have brain damage to your phone alone. I do in fact would is where your episodic memory is located in the region that controls episodic memory, which is learning from experience right. You could conceivably learn how to play chess right right, but you won't Member, where you learn how to play chess right. Much like they say a baby learns how to walk and talk. You don't remember that day. You taught me how to walk right. They dont have to re, learn crawling or walking or taught a day to day basis liar because they learned it and that's semantic memory. That's like facts in rules and in impossibly motor movements right whatever or
If I run into this wall, it's going to hurt my face chasm crawling right right, but they dont, remember you know, I'm into an glassy wishing them like, come crawl. The make that kind of thing right so yeah, that's semantic memory, episodic memory would be like what did you have for breakfast this morning and efforts movie, you're, afraid smoothly? I remember what the light look like our member. What does with smell like that is precisely episodic memory andor. I should probably give a shouted, tears and tall who, unlike is plainly ripping off right now, the the edge example was one of centres of examples of semantic memory and what you just said is almost word for word. An example of episodic memory. You said you know you member, these other details sure, whereas head you said I had I had to say,
This morning, I must have because I always had a similarly right. That would be one that the burping part but If you always had it yeah, maybe more like semantic memory it up. We reached the question: do dogs perceive time or Are these reactions that appear like they're they're keeping track time? Some way, maybe through circadian, also later based on semantic memories and there's been all the studies are not necessarily on dogs. But on other animals right yeah what's with this crackpots name Roberts. Now, what's his cousin doktor Roberts yeah. Oh, I have to say, I'm gonna take issue with doktor hours, yet William Robert teasing Animal Cognition researcher right right off the bat you're taking issue with that, not that title broken.
Yeah. He did some studies on pigeons in primates, to name a couple and long term and short term memory as far as remembering a sequence that they would I get to pigeon to that would pick it out in the primates. Out and to get a reward, and they found that they'd per of pretty good short term memory. For this kind of thing right, which is what we are working memory yes by long term is, Maria, but as far as reference goes, they couldn't remember it that well, if those, if there was a big break in between Right Roberts, actually rota a very famous paper as far as animal cognition goes where he basically said that he concluded animals are stuck in time and I just made airports for those of you out there listening and podcast land and by stuck in time it means that they are. They live exclusively in the present, but they don't have the capacity
city for forming long term episodic memory. Episodic is the key word. It is very much the good cause. I know home you're saying now. I taught my dog a sit when she was one, that's not this. Thing! That's! Where met with the baby learning, how to walk right. That's. That's not there's a lot of work samples out their nature. That would kind of belie Doktor Roberts idea that animals are dogs are stuck in time well and good. Is squirrels forging food. Stocking as the one we were for the winner in aiming at year after year after year. I believe robbers actually address then says but continue hoarding, even when their stores inexplicably disappear, which I assume some researchers white, install squirrels knots and they were studied them to see what they would do.
I don't understand that at all. I don't either seems like they would. That would make them on a horde yeah. So I kind of have an issue with that one a little bit, but it's possible I'm not entirely. Seeing that point all the way, I don't see the point, I'm not quite sure what There is, though there is also one about the bananas right check. There is that there are some primates every given choices between more or less bananas, yeah and predictably at first. If you offered an ape one banana or to bananas again take the two bananas to, but found that when they started increasing them, for bananas like ten compared to twenty? They just go for the ten bananas they wouldn't he's in. He thought this meant they can't they have no concept of the future, like maybe I should take these, Is it because it might be hungry tomorrow right now that some there? I think robbers fails to take into account social structure you're right. We we know that we
could use ten bananas for tomorrow, but we also have things like preservation, techniques or Four duration available. That's what I thought too, and if you go back in time to a few thousand years ago, two hundred years societies or even Hunter gatherer societies. At around now they dont store food at all. They forged for what they need right then, and that's what they eat. I would imagine it that would actually explain a lot of the primate decisions. There's no real reason to. Societies and set up on this idea that, I need more more to protect myself in the to exert? I dont know that that necessarily means that they dont have any concept of the future. I think that there's all these other explanations, they're right and they may like one house when I read that the first thing I thought was maybe they're night they ve never taken more than
and bananas in their life, because I ve never needed to so it doesn't even right down on them that that should be something they would do exactly or I guess we're we're saying both of sir on the same page here there are other explanations. I agree, and I think one of the things I took This article was that Roberts found it conclusive that animals are still in time by cherry picking some sums he's here? We can disagree with them, yet there's a lot of other factors. My dog Lucy is stuck in time at five. Thirty p m everyday here, because she's always asking for the food You know friends, That hiring is very challenging, but we also know there is one place. You can go, we're hiring a simple, fast and smart. It's a place where businesses connected
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so I guess another problem: it's entirely possible check that words are brain start big enough to were there not as big as Roberts brain? Maybe big. Did you ever hear that, like gold fish have eight second memory span? I've never heard that. So I have either goldfish like you, have a goal: this year, vacuity yeah Molly, she's, very cute. Europe is now Molly at another, interesting but having an episodic memory makes it almost impossible to think about not having one so like
If a goldfish does have a memory of eight seconds is a mean that every eight seconds all of its memories, are purged like getting rid of the browser history and in your computer or as new experiences come into the present, are older ones pushed out after they had this eight second maturity level right and how that how do they tests at only goldfish anyway, perfect, Chuck, Perfect Safeway here is the biggest problem. Roberts position is almost here species IST you familiar with this term yeah. This is a legitimate termini, not making this are animals have no souls. Don't have souls it's impossible for an end like a dog to be happy rise. It that's a secondary emotion, yea. All self aware enough. There's a competing explanation for all this species is ten to rely
very strictly or remain very strictly within the structure provided by the scientific method and all his studies. Here, he probably came out from that frame of mind. You're right. There is another way of looking at it, and that is that human simply haven't come up with tests that are clever enough track, yet definitive proof that in animal can experience happiness or can is aware of time the future. The pass that kind of thing you can take that way too far like after you know test after test after test. That proves the opposite. You could still considerably say well, there's a chance out there that that we have come up with your right right proves that they can buy. I think that the testing that has been done is very much below that threshold. So far you, I don't think we have a clue what what animals are capable of as far as consciousness goes because we have such a loser,
have fun around consciousness. The sure- and we can't certainly can't delve into an animal's brain and see what they think and they can't tell us anything. I guarantee you one thing I bet you doctor Roberts is not a dog owner agreed agreed because you have dogs, dude, and I guarantee gonna get tons of mail from people saying. Are you kidding me displays emotion, every day and I guess Caesar the dog whisper might say. You know that you're putting a human construct on the dogs from a mind, yeah Andrew Anthropomorphized yeah. I don't know man. My dog is, though there both pretty ocean or war, yet answered for more funding is the go to ambitious for species is near and I dont want. I don't mean to say than anybody who saying like no animals can be happy because a secondary emotion and they lack that sense of self awareness. Re required to experiences secondary emotion is a species
but the too often go hand in hand, and this is really interesting- that there's a line drawn right now between people who think animals don't have a soul right people who think animals can be happy and all the implications that that come with that Jerry. I bet you think your dog is this all right Everything just gave the swedish space not again,
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Josh. This is we're just gonna call this month. It now and We are going to go on a little longer than usual with our male, because the Muppet Podcast, I think we will all agree what sort of a sea change episode imposed? You want to see how long this background music actually goes. I now anyway, we literally got better. Bonds from them up and show episode than anything we ve ever done. I would say when you yeah the handsome company twittered about yeah Heather, Hence- and we should say our colleague Friend, Jonathan Stricklin of Textile, the his sister sister. His friends who was Heather Hansen and it went viral thanks to their let us, and so we had a great risk. It's its clear that everyone loves the markets, and so I wanna go just through a few. These cause it in one interesting one quickly, but we start up and we never do this, but a guy send me an email, and I can ever touched a chord with me.
I want to quickly give a shout out for Joe to Beth in a wood, Indiana Jones and Joe just want to say that she thinks that you are a pretty cool check that chunky you playing matchmaker. Is that why you're wearing nothing but a diaper, those modernizing the death in our work? Jojo thinks you're cool chicken, so it away. Is he actually sent us a alien hand syndrome video, which baroque cool? It's good, I'll, show it to you a couple of things that we didn't mention and corrections. First of all, Secondly, referred to the children's television workshop as these Prince Television Network, so I give their own you're thinking of home shopping, that kids. We did not mention every month it movie. We did not mention every month, adventure, because no one- and I want to elucidate on this- we did that on purpose. First of all, we mention the three that were in theatrical early release directed by Jim Handsome, yes, and
First of all I mean that's it for so long also do. How could you not mention Muppets Christmas Carol and we want dimension everything, but will we, It had been sitting here reading things all day, long about the dark crystal other up adventure. So we chose to only do the incidents which I have to say dirt Crystal keeps me out, and that was hints into is no people can reigns in that sense and but get over it. We had a gun in Peter wrote in, and he told us about the muppet. What not workshop Norman sacks of short. Yes and you can go to New York City and you could do it on line, but I looked in its down right now, but I'm biggest sister on Christmas time, the holidays. Now they got bought out by toys or ass a thing. So this down right now, but you can still get to New York in go to them. Workshop in you can build your own. What not Goldman Sachs Ethnic us about a hundred bucks and he sent me a picture of he and his little cute daughter with her mother. What not, as you think Peter for that, and I actually
I'm on and on, but Peter had one of the big through major moustaches. Like me, yeah, that's about this. I said Peter thanks for sending it looks like you picked up a mustache while you're there should in hero, and said now I got that at these SAM Elliot him Elliot supplies and are demonstrating to pierce either pected picnics up so that is all for the corrections. Now we have few Josh and chuck it just listen to him. It's worked excited here. You talk, because you mention the costume design for Miss Biggie, who happens to be my aunt colors oh well, she, if you look at the up at movie, you can see here and the costume and Wardrobe Department on Imdb. She work so with Hansen and of actually seen a picture of her Hence in setting up some muppets an image. Otters juggling Christmas. She left them up.
I think when Jim Hansen died, but we still see or ones here, that's from SAM and Josh's in fact eating a racist cup onto the next one guys lovey recent podcast, I was listening, I would mention the gym, hints and studied Metalogy Inertia Maryland. I know this because the school there and there as a chimpanzee studies programme. It is our claim to feign, I didn't know he went to my school, and so I went there and there actually a little bitch statue. It's a bit with ensign sitting on it in Kermit sitting on the I could mention there can a holding those beyond Keith. Very cute so and- and she also says that this is from lisa- that they have it's too late is being green and rainbow connection. So their marching. Man actually place them Firstly, Maryland Tyrker jobs,
Moving on man. Listen to this background, music check is, I am now I know I know we compared must show to thirty rock and fill of Linden. Washington has this to say I was trying to imagine Sesame Street would look like in real life too little boys getting on apartment. Joint bird seed, behind garbage cans of you, gathered seemingly sensible adults who really have no jobs and nothing else to do. No, Mr Hooper Stork Banister fine hit me while working my job as a special had classroom assistant. It is one big and operated, drew palm facility for special needs to think about it. Bert despair. Classic Asperger syndrome. They share bedroom. And obviously have some adopting here, the rest of their house, Oscars, schizophrenia, with his mood. Swings in alarm is the best friend, as is big with his imaginary friend snuff, eleven,
and tell Grover's not dealing with severe ADHD cookie monster from manic, bipolar tendencies and the job adults, Gordon Susan and Bob, so that's refill, Are they jobless and alter the caregivers? He says our adults got two more Jerry's laughing among going, but I warned her. I was listening to your fantastic. I guess I'm head right in I'm getting married at the hints and sound stage next year sweet. So he and his wife to be toward the sound stage like being behind the scenes of them up a job. We are honored as the first wedding ever to be hosted there, and I asked him a running backs like dude. What's the hook up, you know he had none. He just asked they rent it out to people, apparently for things and no one's ever thought to have a wedding That is why he gave us some fact that that is Dan, and of a t f.
Illustration dot com. This is cool artist and want to plug that from then and finally, Josh from Jake in Newport Richie Florida says an accident of the eighties and I miss hey Day, but I was lucky enough to have three older sisters and parents who had the site to ensure that the tape several seasons- the Mapuche El Paso Jake, aunt the up now, and he told us this fact, which I did not know since hence death Ralph. The dog- has not spoken and seldom used understanding that they do the set of reverence to Mister Henderson, because offices, yeah sectors where the weighty Arteria sweet old of the. So that's my mail. We get hundreds of of pieces of meat one good blog response in you. Thanks for some of the was I will turn to keep you supplied with mortgage shows in the future. If you want to send an email and try to make Chuck cry not
you can send it to stuff podcast, how stuff work That study should know, is production? I heard in this house works from what had cast my heart radio. I heard your appetite Having listened to your favorite checks,
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