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SYSK Selects: How Pez Works

2019-10-05 | 🔗

PEZ began in Vienna as a mint meant to help people quit smoking. But once American kids got ahold of it, the candy took off and a symbol of childhood - and healthy secondary market among collectors - was born. Explore Pez history and culture with Josh and Chuck in this classic episode.

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learn, more hello friends, I hope you're enjoying your Saturday and you're going to enjoy it a little bit more. If you listen to this stuff, you should know Select episode from October, two thousand and fifteen how Pez works love these pop culture episodes. Everyone has welcome to stop. You should know production of Iheart Radios, housetop work. They walked into the fog just unjust clerk. There's chose to be true right. There's just no and this stuff, you shouldn T hesitate night, another no cast as well, yes exerting
part of the nose ousted. Do you like this? What can I do like this? I, like the taste of as yes strike me what happens but again it S. Getting your well appears in the polls. Back the kicker kicks it up, half the s linger and I take it from the past dispensaries. My tooth, oh you don't really like your mouth to mouth with. It should tell the truth to to, kicker, ok and then I am now You do use your hand. Why don't you pass? But back when I was eight, I would be delighted when I would pull the head back. The candle chewed out now, picking out with my hand, put a man on the moon,
interesting, I would feel like. I was I going to do to make out with a daffy dockers, something if I did the other tat. The boy anyway. I don't worry the candy, though I wasn't done describing paths. I take it on my tongue right and I'd start to savour the flavour of it. Typically, I prefer it be well deftly one fruit flavors I've never had a minute has or chocolate tears, which is new. I would try to chocolate one but see like orange. Will discover sugar I'm sitting there I like the sound of my tongue for olive like six NATO,
and I started bite into it. I urge you to it and is very much like come. This explains why, like pass specially orange, pass once eight almost an entire bottle of orange, flavoured baby aspirin further taste. That's why I like pass held reason wicked. Does it twice the yes? I was a kid other do what did it hurt? You know nothing happened to me. Didn't we talked about that before. I feel it has it because they aren't even it isn't even medicine if one message sniffles, but Did you use a pussy, but when a little kid I mean, I guess it work, but certainly there's an age where their dislike. I feel like half of parenting is probably possible why are you know now will not yet well. Let me know see what she my lies yet welcome later yeah I mean I'm sorry, surely kids are pretty dumb, so you can
get him to believe anything here, but there seems like there will. Age where they wouldn't they wouldn't make that connection and a placebo wouldn't work. I don't think a placebo work like say from birth, yeah, and I don't remember what age you can start giving his baby aspirin maybe as new children as clear anyway. I like this. I felt tat. I, like the experience of eating a piss, None of your purpose. I also like the shape brick by brick in the way they help with the taste I saw. We did the away Pike S last weekend and kept member but a very nice lady, brought us a mud differently. These things the Lego came or you jumped on that bag is like. You want these, like a brick Andy's, and you get a second time in love those things yeah. That's a sort of this
I put those on the same category, which is just like compressed sugar right then, in like a brick form. As a matter of fact, it turns out the path company to this day uses about fifty thousand pounds of sugar every four days making its past candies. That's right and here's a factor it for you are. It takes three thousand pounds of pressure to compressed the as ingredients should not just sugar into the delightful tiny disgusting brick that you love hell, think he's a disgusting like candy. I have another one for you. They make twelve million tablets a day at their Orange Connecticut facility. The headquarters of pets near and three billion has bricks are consumed in the Euro,
alone each year by people like me like pairs. Yes, roughly twelve at a time, that's how much the standard dispenser holds and if this kind of thing first, your boat right now go check out ass, the first brain stuff series on Youtube and specifically look up the one I'm pop rocks that I did a year or two ago. It was really interesting stuff here, candy manufacturing is fascinating, our care, what you say now, like manufacturing processes. I did not like to eat candy forget you mean you just go to the plant? Why did maiden aunt or another free samples like no thank you I find I discuss the other like now. Would you like to try some? I don't do that appeared to her cell temple that You mean I went to the makers. Mark distillery argued that your own bottle. Yes nurse. Yes,. We definitely have them, but I with I guess we did this to think producing a mini so maybe not maybe by many. That was like just a minute-
the they made you by like a faith or something industrial, violent, gotcha spied, because we We we would want to open it that, yes, we did, Somebody would never got exactly the conversation. We had Well, I thought it would always have pretty cool tour. To tell you the truth. I strongly recommend you have never done a distillery. I'd like to do that. This there's a new and here in Atlanta Avenue already yet whisky, Dustily nice. Why can t you go on any whisky tour and you'll find words. Miller. Coolness is talking about the angel share stuff. It's a real thing. The evaporating whisky fills the whatever the place where there in barrels and actually really dangerous like the place to blow up every time I get into our advisory. Very much sugar forget, but the smell.
One of the most amazing smells I've ever experienced in my entire life like smell Gerdas, we're? U good our great, like the the half a percent of scheme that is just glorious. It's in the air right. It's amazing how down thirsty all so what I pass and two thousand eleven. This is something I didn't know. There was a wedding, quite another sport in the United Kingdom, between a guy named William and a little late in Cape, Weighty Katy. Two people call that some some people there What like that she's overweight, don't know that she waited around ok man I mean: can people get here?
there will be the meaning, so they made specialty, has dispensers out of Prince women, Kate for that, and they were expensive. Thirteen thousand three hundred two dollars at a cherry auction. Clearly that's the most expensive pests dispenser ever saw not so my friend what Possibly that is the thirty two thousand dollars in two thousand six for an astronaut limited edition astronaut. It was from the nineteen eighty two worlds: fair. There were two of them too, in existence. Yeah that's right Spencer and what's need is that with this there was the auction took place on Ebay, which is very appropriate that has dispenses, are sold on Ebay because the guy who founded Ebay, Pierre, pure Omar right. He
on Ebay and party. He was inspired, found Ebay because his girlfriend at the time, I think his wife is his wife now collected pears, and he thought he this view. The great we may not have Ebay today, if it weren't has dispensers graceful, acting peasants Spencer's, which is a relatively new thing. It really took off in the eighties lady. Actually, it was an until the Ladys that people really started. Collecting pesticide answers now I felt now the treaty bird episode I do I can look it up, but once I did I I started to remember it. I think Alene and Jerry and George rid of Georgia's Girlfriends Pianos open and Jerry put the treaty bird past Spencer on his lap lanes, lap and Alain started laughing ruin the performance, and then she was later outed when she laughed again in front of that, lady back and then the treaty bird peasant funds are also factored into the plot, because Jerry and his friends had an intervention.
For another friend who had a drug problem any resisting resisting and then for some reason, Jerry brought out. The Spencer in the wave of nostalgia a washed over this guy, caused him to met that he had a drug problem, but then he became hooked up as well Budget figures The really does its from that. Well, kids of all ages grew up with tears, kids violated or my circus announcer, Stefan up what they cause of circus himself, Barker, ringmaster, circus, Parker, there's two different. Those are two different things I think really, unless you're in, like a low budget carnival, there may be the same thing as I would be, but the barkers to owners like step not war, guess your weight that people here I get people to come in the ring masters. The one who's like running the show once the show starts, I feel I could be. The barker would indeed be the ringmaster you'd have to wear a straw, bowed her head and lifestyle.
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Our rights were back in it We should start in the traditional way that when we handle are pop, culture casts and talk about history, because other fellows are pretty interesting history. Actually this article, Edward Hoss, the third As an austrian? He was. He made sweets, user, confectionery, while his family was in the nursery business any he was successful that by year heat his heart was in community like yours, his it was in candy. It was also in hygiene. I get the impression that he was a very strong germ of hope, wells good. When you run a candy factory, yes he's also he citing he went to a chemist pharmacist and said he, me some really found peppermint,
any use. There was some sugar and made myths, basically a protocol altoid and and marketed as little smoking and marketed as quitting smoking or smoking cessation aids? Basically trying to quit you needed someone put your mouth just to one of these peasants, and he got the name pass from the abbreviation the german word for peppermint witches starts with three continents, which is always point can I join. You know you're. Well I mean, I would just say the four minutes. I was a pupil of me. I, like that better and it's inside the remit, start with start with two peas in that integrates letters from the beginning out letters. Beginning middle and end, and you get p easy. So, like you said he said you can
their use. This trying quit smoking as a sort of early version of Nicaragua even had undercutting and that we know of or you can use it if you smoke make your breath fresh, because no one wants to smell. You stinky smokers, and was will rapidly first and that's how we first and that's how we sold him for like a year. We well yes Iraq is sold in ten right in here present eighty twenty seven this when they first of the market. But again I get the impression that you, the german folk and he didn't want everybody to put their grubby hands into the same pests ten year in touch the other ones, that people are putting their mouths and he probably as you know, the poop and bacteria, and who knows what you're and german acid hushing his beloved pair there. So we thought there has,
be a better way to dispense pairs. We need some sort of. I don't know That's right, and so those unemployed is company. Oscar boxer, You know what does these dispenser genius dispenser genius? He says: How about this? Why don't we make a dispenser that looks like a cigarette lighter because As for smoking, here, I'll have a little contraption on here, the kicker little spit out one at a time and he said Julius Right, Edward Hoss, kick the clinics boxes off his feet and stood up in yeah and by the way their selling them intends again now in peppermint area, with a little throwback retro looking retro looking the possibilities, the peasant girl site, which here, the peasant girls, which were supposedly like this very sexy thing, a passage. You see him here. They
bellhops, oh yeah, live there We join like pen of girls have not nearly as racy inevitable, bellboy, hats, sure they went from the forties? I they went from the early eighties. They all the way until the early eighties. They use Pez girls to market pairs They reminded me of when in the day when you would have liked to be it a club, and a woman would come around little trade, or rather it was little tray era was hung around her neck with cigars and cigarettes men's and who knows what else has I guess pass? I guarantee you, pessimism, you're, probably right so arm. So they were hit among adults in Europe big time here they did, they did the trick. There they were already pretty popular, but when once they package them into these cigarette lighter like really cemented themselves is like a candy people's look. You just pocket
within the current comes out, and you put your teeth on concerning its wonderful picture, Monica problem, so they were, they went nuts for the stuff. And then he said you know it. Let me expand. The United States is where its at nineteen fifty two He found out that kids in America the lot we're done it over this, because I guess kids in America adults in Europe at the time and they love the way. These things popped out. That's probably made them feel like they were smoking. You think probable I never got the tides of lighter. It was completely lost. So are you like Flickr lighter we, it now, but I never had made that association until I knew the ok, so imagine a pass dispenser without the head.
With the original imagine exile used to take their heads off. Ok, I put it so that the original pests dispensers, which call regulars now you're the first one before the third adding heads the very much resembled like a nice slim, wider, severe kid sure it like this kind of thing, leads is the manual thing where you're flicking a lighter than theirs. The oral fixation that satisfied by putting them in your mouth in its mimicking smoke? which is one of the reasons why I was one of the ways that was marketed. The idea was that it would It would alleviate that desire for those those freudians. Safe and you had when you're a smoker if you're trying to quit fuel kid? You wanted to smoke, but you just can't get your hands and cigarettes yet another word a good way to do that. I have arms in the fifties. Here, probably I saw kid cigarettes in the store. By the way, I thought those were completely make yeah thought completely gone. Ok,
if you want to know a candy that, I think is abhorrent and disgusting. Any cigarette, cigarettes are awesome demur? Those became He performed medicine, others a great the candy cigarettes, dislike sticks of teeny that are discussed I let the gun that would blow out fair smoke. I love that still make those, but the gum cigars. I think we're good there there s some weird chemical taster at at an ever saw. They were not one and the same, which is surprising and they Make those and they still make Bigley too? Yes, it's amazing that they can still like with good conscience, market tobacco products to children and that their lot Do I remember the probably the greatest tasting gum of all time Jessica, red known Who is Rambo gum that was sold to come?
right Rambo three days like sweat, he had no, it has again was marketed. Black raspberry, something I didn't tastes like that at all. I had it. I've never tasted anything like it. You know usually, like you run into it, Two years later they can ten taste or ten cents. You know this I've never experienced before after and it was the best tasting gum ever, but it was in, they gonna shoot pouch, while it was big league to shreds of clearly is made by the same company for the makers of Rambo but flavour? They used was perfect. Sweating gunpowder, he could get it for like one summer. What did it have a cartoon version of of stolen? No, it was a photo of him with like the very day inside the launcher. Ok, the rocket year for member three, and if it's a picture of it on the Big league to pouch well here in it I loved, I guess they had to market it that way, because first blood gum
we are well placed to take blood management and all kinds of things will hold on home or getting ahead of ourselves very or no we're getting super distracted. That's what it is in the fifties very surprisingly, liked pairs, but they rely he's pretty strong meant it I'm a little kid like fruity, flavoured stuff like the dispenser, but get your game going again, clean in company listen big time, so they they kept me past there, but they sort of releasing lines of of fruit flavoured once cola, then one called chlorophyll yeah. We favour a yogurt one then probably was just european. What is the chlorophyll? I couldn't get a red on, It was like, and I look I think it's like. Oh it's a myth is definitely flavour. Did they? Just
the wrong word. There's another there's a come out there that has a similar sounding name ass. It's like a very bright. I meant not peppermints night is sweet meteor for yet chlorophyll interesting back, but they had other stuff too, like origin. I think cherry, maybe something like that traditional favour here, but not peace. This one trivia effect for you. They have had teach flavors, but it was never released in the. U s I'm a weirdo and only peach, flavors or peaches. Since they realise that kids are goin bonkers for this candy with bonkers. I was another good keenly to know that if it came on, the AIDS is grateful they they decided to try to make pass a little more parent friendly, because even back in the fifties, I think parents were like. I don't want. You teach my kid smoke with his candy bright,
The bullets change from a cigarette lighter into something different, a toy and will add like of above in Khartoum Surround there haven't that residents. That's five make his genius year, because what he did was he combined candy with a toy and not only twice but a collectible, and it was. It was genius for kids. That was all they needed. They were pretty cheap and so kids get by on the kid like go round bright fire of money on the ground in a given day to go by a little pass dispensary or build like like a soap box razor and sell it to the rich kid in the neighborhood buncher pass the juicy funded. Yeah. That's a nice thing to you. I didn't like the they stick. They had the lake but that the sugar was described so that the sugar stick that you get into the sugar.
This interested in having a flavor. For me, it is a good and I was thinking about funded the other day when I was driving for some reason. It was just remarkable to me that they would make a sugar stick. The EU dip indifferent flavors of sugar. I knew it than eat the sugar off the stick and then eat the sugar What did it do? Even try back then like, like that's MAX used to be called sugar smacks. Let me turn to the honeys makes an eye. Glasses go smacks as it is called MAX. I believe, Sir, it's not your dislikes now has a mature smacks for years. Only material, like that they will get started the grocery I, whenever they tried to restock that if they still college sugar smacks just don't mess with captain crunch peanut butter. That's all I got to say captain, crunches went out now I saw in the cereal aisle the other day. It's sprinkled, doughnuts, captain Crunch in Alex Awesome the peanut butter so good, even though it is heirs of the river, your mouth, it's worth it, but that's a fatal flaw. Don't you think not to me
allie I'll, get a box of that like every three or four years I'll get about so that like when Emily's out of town in return for this. She would go home and see that she like what are you doing as are you a child, said to save those moments all right, so it's nineteen, seventy Ass is super rich because seven tons and tons dispensers cells, the company the they move. While the manufacturing of the display This is actually now in China and Hungary and the Slovenia, I think, to the central European and now a letter as well, but the actual candies are and have been for a very long time made a believe. You already said at a plant in Orange Connecticut yet and they think going past was always a privately owned company. I think it's ever been public, but they think they kept the hall.
The going even after has departed, and that was helped. Very much by this. This explosion in collecting that came from the late, the MID Mid eightys, I would say, and, as a result has itself added feet, to the dispenser so that they can be displayed from that point. Nine may realise, like a white people are collecting these there's like a secondary market its generated felicity, these ancient exactly, and so they added feet to it. So now has the Spencer can stand up, but that was introduced and nineteen eighty seven. So if you see feet on your past dispenser, you know that it's at least nineteen. Eighty seven on was take another quick break here and we will come back and talk a little bit more about the odd collecting of pests dispensers
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hi cooking and had a lot of disposable income. Stall Jake further childhoods yeah. I heard the theory and it's not like I'm sure everyone knows this, but I think has dispensers became collectible, because you can from a third away, like you need the candy. And what are you going Accordingly, we are girl. We throw away this Garfield toy now, will not only that you can't. You know you put it on your chef right, you you like that settles start making. That's too weird, so I can put this past year. Only has fully obeys can wait, but the The whole thing is the reload able, like that. You get a little the little packet of twelve pop it in there any want more like it, sir, it's one of them Name deals like collect all for right, but this is not all for this is constantly new licensing deals being cooked up everything from lunatic. Star wars that hello kitty.
It was the other stroke of genius, was partnering up with these. I conic brands bright and cultural icons too, to say hey, but you back ahead on this thing. I get their grown adults or by that right. The thing is this: Lucas Film definitely charges a pretty penny or did before they saw the Disney. Now it even more I'm sure the license anything from star wars, writer, so pass also very frequently came up with their own stuff is well there, the pest pals there. A very famous misstep, called make a face, Pez which, like tiny MR potato head where you can put on different eyes and mouth and stuff, but of course, if things were a major Joking has spoken and actually there's a war among petty collectors who are called pests, heads that if you look at some of the nineteen seventy two nineteen, seventy three indians- There were released their head dresses
Our marble day of marble colored out in their saying that those are grounded, make a face dispensers that they re used in their headdresses. That sounds like a peasant, easier, piracy theory, but it's pretty cool enough. It is political another when they they released was a series for the bicentennial that includes the funniest character of all time. In my opinion, the colonial soldier with a head wound, but you can see the power of here. If there is about our view. Neither is it is that that would be a pretty weird there's a power veered, Daniel Boon who looks like you. Like a well. From beehive on his head rather than agreements can cap is an uncle SAM here. There's a better ass then there's the wound. The head wound soldier like that Gaza and his head with a little blood dot coming through any looks. This kind of out of it, It's a really reared peasants, better thousands pie, my favorite other
They go out of the other hollowing themed ones in the seventies here, some of those glow in the dark which is pretty need. Like Mr Skull, did you see him here? Doktor Scott? I think I think he's prime I fear, or The pumpkin from the seventies on the ground. Stem is probably the best has dispenser of all time, while there have been four hundred more than four hundred and fifty dispenser since nineteen fifty five, including. Three different centres in the Santer is the best selling of all time, which makes sense. Of course, especially the first time because he was his. The dispenser wasn't just a little peasant Spencer. It was like the whole body sure, but then there like this is way too expensive. Effigy people spoke yeah and they did the Salvador Dolly Tribute and offers a tribute. I bet it was. Is my favorite in nineteen sixty eight hand it was a hand with a grin,
eyeball and it's just very cool. Looking like I was, I would want one as a course Odin they thousands of dollars for it now. I'd like to do is find one on the street. It is pretty. Neither is it to do all of them costs that much. But what that specific, collectible her, but I mean, I would say the arrangement than the hundreds and thousands if it's really rare, but What was interesting about the sum I think Patrick Hager pointed out like it's outcome, to a lot of other collecting Hobbes. This is past dispensers are relatively cheap, Vienna too bad. Didn't term pretty easily with a minimum amount of money. You're. One of my favorite has dispensers. Is the past gun serious oh really. First, it was a Reagan gun made it into a handgun sure, and then, when STAR wars came out in, like one thousand nine hundred and eighty, they released it another space gun that looks an awful lot like Han Solo's gun, but it wasn't
boiled or through them, but the kid would put the gun in his mouth and pull the trigger to dispense with the yeah. Really there They have had some a weird ones over the years like the air, pilot and stewardess, which that a big seller and honour All this is back in the day. I think when they were, they were revered figures in culture. Here the pilots went drugs and he has the fight it in its work, find it and if they were stewardesses, they were in a fancy close enough, but they have like hot. Chiseled features they look. They look. I grow people, they look like pilots invited and it's from the mother road during the depression or something you now near. They really chiseled featured and actually Currently the purse company says that they vary in free thirdly, do real life humans than those those bicentennial figures. There were the first
humans. They ever did it a real life humans, I should say, and they do fictitious ones very often like a stewardess or the pilot, because they just found. The human face wasn't nearly is interesting, is say like a bubble. Man thousand six issued. The first ever has dispensers of living humans when they decided to pay tribute to the fellows from Orange County. Chopper makes me so sad that go down in history as the worsening but I mean those were the first guys to ever have living luxury. Why why the licensing deal and an open the floodgates after that after that it was on there's like a kiss collector set, while of course is Jean Summons, an ill put his on anything. There was one else well he will get turned out what you said that other little fact she'd Kim Kardashian one of the best dispenser. Mr now, the other they turn
People all the time, because apparently everybody wants one I would suggest- is gonna run Babo had kids, you get that done. It's the same. Just put candy and your Bible has their newsletters. There's a has collectors news. There are conventions, and there is even a museum that a husband and wife started in California. Started out. Weirdly as a museum for computers and pass dispensers. I know I think, were a computer sales company. Oh, I thought they displayed like vintage computers. I think they steer those a computer dealer and they are, they were selling computers and just gonna make the place like a little more interesting. They also displayed Pass D spent Kane Gotcha and they found it. People were way more interested in coming to see the peasants, feathers and more buying computers, so transitioned over to a straight up. Past museum, the paths
are the museum of pests, memorabilia, Burlingame, California yeah, you can pay some way to go in there and look at all. They are rare and vintage has dispensers. They have won. He paid three grand for the pine up, a wing sunglasses because early seventy loathing yeah, it's nothing special look at, but again it's rarity. They I'd make many of them because it was ugly right. Probably there are thus can't you did. Did you California raisins. Yes, that explains it. Have you seen straight out accounting? No, not yet again, oh you and see that you have been to any movies. You should the California raisins appear via mention, while their mentioned in a surprisingly according television, Sugar C mere cinema with here, What else they tried vitamins for a little while,
yeah, I didn't think it was a bad idea, but little vitamin c in their appearance might be more going to throw up some money for the kid, but they no we're not in the vitamin business wishes. Stick to the sugary press candy none and the guy who said that was gaining Scott MC, Winnie Stomach when he was president he started out. I think General mills or something a general food and down. He moved his way over the past in the nineties the eighties. Now the eighties Cosette Clovis right, maybe for his prisoner, has follow up and he much to his chagrin, get into a away basically an economic war with the guy, who is known as the pears outlaw yeah, Douglas at this is really interesting. The article was a call.
Terrible title like Michigan Farmer, makes four million dollars impairs dispensers in three years or something terrible title shutting out the paths outlaw, but it was in play boy and it was pretty good long form reporting yeah. Basically, what happened was in the nineties a do name, Steve Glue G. You found out that hey over in Canada, there selling different dispensers that you can't get here in the United States, so Let me go over there when we buy some these and resell them to collectors, and it worked and all of a sudden, the light bulb went off and he said I think I can actually make money getting Pez dispensers from other countries and he found a hook up serious woman who approached him yeah from the Eastern Bloc, wherever she was from yeah and he ended up. He and his son Joshua started making trips to Central Europe,
oftentimes right along the border of like war torn Croatia and found these factories where peasants being made and found. Mary bribe, a ball factory workers who would take like molds and make new paths dispensers to his liking, and then he would sell. Em is like basically like Pez Freak, Sir One, also something and for Hundreds and hundreds of dollars, but he would spend a quarter- maybe a dollar on each crazy. Any the supposedly me quite a bit of money. He claims for million yeah, I believe, for if they made the number of trips that they were making. I think that he did his downfall was that he SK. We hired a factory to make a bunch of Miss Fit has despite yes and read was, hired a factory to make a bunch of misfit has dispelled. Yes, Reed was its downfall mark make when he took him on here and there releasing basically
his own version of these counterfeit weirdo dispensers at a lower price. And drove the dude out of business. This could be a little documentary, easy easy. Also that reminds me have you ever seen the Jolly Valley documentary out so sad, but it's so good. With the cold just like a Jelly Valley, documentary and weird thousand it well enough, Once you know you really solid man, it's a great documents. It is very sad and the showbiz pizza one document rate Syria. I used to love shoppers. You'll love this document like showbiz, more than Chuckie Cheesy Ban. A huge backstory to it that you are unaware of who. I can read you this one exert. This is from the story about the past.
However, as he tells it, a mysterious woman opened her jacket and showed him a silver globe has a holy grail, repairs collectors she whispered to him in broken English. There are many more where I come spread to him in broken English. There are many more where I come from It still grey usually that vision. The feeling is like two guys: overcoats, unless he came and hurried away there is it, but look. What's your name or to Cinema, It came out of it than I told her down to Hell, Evanna yeah, it's a pretty good article, look up stupid, title Michigan Farmer, Pairs Playboy and bring it up. I think long format it at one point. Speaking of evacuate, should I talk about the Trump when I found out. I found mention of like pass dispensers being stalled. Dick
I found mention of like Pez dispensers being stalled, Dick they definitely not for me, then I went to pass that calm and clicked on collect. The coroner giggled for the vessels have well, they have pictures of like everyone, every single one they released over the years year by year, and I definitely felt nostalgic and I don't even think of past factoring in largely into my childhood at all, seem here, but I I was little nostalgic near these. It's cute so good a past that common together collectors corner- and I thank you all waste allow, the time their agreed and I think that's it can check grab the listener? Male email, which is useless not for me to shut the does it mean me after the MIKE certain record low, released and if you want to know more about past type, that word in the search bar has the words tat com, and it's time for listening promise, you guys right screw college, I'm really a little
so box moment was, as from the animated by the skin hey eyes. Once you quick Imelda. Thank you for mentioning the idea that you don't need to go to college for some professions on the how publicists works episode really struck a chord with me. I'm an animator my desperately wish it would be treated as a trade which it is and not as a high art form. That requires a thing one hundred thousand our degree so what I learned actually learned on the job got almost nothing for my college classes. While it contacts. I'm in college were very valuable down the road and nothing is why does nice is moving? being on your own. In art, school became a hefty price It is now. Ten years later, I've been working steadily this whole time, I'm still paying off my. Stood alone, and I make a good out of money. You said- and I know some people were in the same position with but without steady work, and she says that she worked at adults went through. By the way
stigma about not going to college. I think, is part of the reason. So many people are being crushed by student loans that now it's a very american city out of these kinds of jobs. It don't Nikolay degrees out there like Gaster and it might be called a year think there is probably a lot of these kinds of jobs. It don't need college degrees out there like cancer and it might be the european cast on that's some time. I'm not sure what you call it, maybe how not to College, but landing a nice job and making a living anyway and sticking to your parents works. Maybe just do one student lunch or something thanks for keeping me company. While I animate keep it up. You guys are top notch in that is Margie, Mars? You, those agreed emails, degree to appreciate that and that's not is achieved. I college altogether sometimes varies yeah yeah. It's just not the end the oil for everyone on the planet is ever going to college. It's true, I mean it's true and I think that there,
hopefully, is a large awakening going on, because a lot of people say that the current although a few looking around for the next bubble strewn month, we should do something about it and Silly Margie gave us her the url for her blog. I may r J, I e r d and e r dot blogs bought tat come I imagine you can go check out her stuff there when you think yes nice? So if you want to get in touch with Chuck or me or both of us or even no, you can t to us it s why escape forecast. We can join us on Facebook that come in sentencing emails to Pakistan supports that camp and is always join us at home on the web stuff. You should know that stuff. You should know- Production of I radios how stuff works for more had radio that I heard really apple protest
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