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SYSK Selects: How Rabies Works

2020-09-26 | 🔗

Rabies may have gotten a lot of attention in the U.S. in the 70s and 80s, but it's still an issue in developing countries. Learn all about this nasty virus in this classic episode. And stay away from raccoons and bats. 

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We all remember our first time the nervous energy, the long build up before a lot of you. Your first time will be this year. Crazy, right and people will talk about your first time for well forever. So say what you want, what you really want say it for the first time in your life and vote. This November had to vote Gov to find out how to register to vote, because I asked- and I harden to make sure that a powerful voice of yours is heard. You know some of the people who will be most affected by this election are too young to vote in. It will be living in the future that we create right now. So if you can vote, you can make sure the next generations voices are heard. All of us can make the future better for generations to come by voting vote for the future. Just go to seventh generation com vote for the future. To hear real stories from real youth. Stu
across Amerika who need your voice to make their voice heard. Hey everybody chuck here for your Saturday select you ever wanted to know how rabies works. We talk about it in great deeds. EL, from February- ninth, two thousand sixteen give it a try when onto not re, said is, but this podcast episode how rabies works. Welcome to step you should now a production of Iheart radios have stuff. Where are your work under the Pakistan Josh Clogged with Charles W truck bright various studies? Now You ve got me at the mouth, Jerry by ear, he Bulgaria have to put both of you down like old, yellow, Stuart Devout time. I knew from They one when we started working ago that this house
me shooting both of you because of rabies, witness down old, yellow light weight. Speaking of all the other, I'm sorry I'll have you seen the kids in the hall take on all the other. Now an exact yeah par makes the kid shoot the dog and ease his face. Spread with blood from the guns, four hundred, yet worst children's book ever I guess we despoiled on every one knows old, yellow, gets rabies and is shot. Yes, I don't even bother emailing him, but there is a happy ending in a real dialogue. Has pups they get a pub? Oh so, instead of like coming back go start that, like helps things turn out well for the family. It left a legacy in the dark keynesian view right still, the worst children's book ever other teaches valuable life. Lessons
about death. We're gonna do that by killing Ojala. I don't know, but I mean if works are eight rabies, I don't know, I thought we done this one. It seems like an obvious one for us, yeah it safely in our we'll house for sure I did not know this either. It is a virus on every continent in the world, except Antarctica, lot of viruses that hold that that title that aren't on an article sure, yeah inhospitable place, and if a viruses on every continent chances are it's a very old two rabies definitely is extremely. All people have been writing about rabies for a very long time. The mesopotamians who know its old- if you say that word sure they to have a law where, if your dog was rabbit, you faced a stiff penalty, a fine of sorts. We have those laws today, sure in the United States
I mean a lot of our laws stem from Mesopotamia in the code of Hammurabi. Sure enough if you want somebody's house burned down and don't do anything that prison can kill, you still today to slay from the code of Hamas. So if your neighbor's house is on fire, you have to put it out, you have to help put it out. We Mesopotamia so the word rabies in many languages means array rage or go crazy and in Latin is from a sanskrit term, Rob House to do violence and then french Laroche lower eyes. It's the sexiest form of rabies, come from the French now Robert meaning to go mad. So if you're not picking up on it, it's not a friendly virus. It's not one that you get. A dog
she will talk about that unless able and for a long time and money. There is nothing we can do about rabies, yeah people went to Liege Belgium, a prey to Saint Hubert. That's around name, isn't it not yet Saint Hubert was the patron saint of huntsmen and quality footwear, known, apparently parent, No, that was Saint Cloud apparently of Saint happens. Actually, I've never heard of that. It's a spinal, tap joke! You never get my spine up to now, I need to see it more than once, apparently there for the people out there. That's fine, there's like a hundred deeds as self say here and be the straight man an honour. What I'm talkin about yet Derek seen happens was the patron saint of his ancestors patron saint of quality footwear, great joke. That is a good job. Man, I'm sorry I
step doll over an answer, so in leaves you would go and prayed a saint Hubert from protection, probably not the most effective way to treat rabies. Now I don't blame people for making a poet pilgrim. The least from what I understand about rabies based I'm researching this. It's terrible yeah! It's horrific and fatal and it wasn't until the late nineteenth century, eighteen, eighty five, when the late great Louis PEST, you're man, this dude, he would didn't back. I do to save the world year. We he's up and our line, and now we have a camera ongoing line of white great scientists. So we will include him on the less and we need to start acknowledging the Ladys do so. Madam curry, sir, we ve got around you miss that's right! That's right! and dumb anyway, so Lou pasture came up with a vaccine for rabies in he was he was one,
Early germ theory guys was very prescient person area his his inoculation trials were based on the idea that if you introduced some like, I ll level of rabies. A living being there that being, would produce any bodies and you could introduce increase finally larger amounts over time, and eventually the purse Anna bodies would be robust enough so that, if they ever faced ray in the wild and they would be able to fight it off in It was absolutely right in what a crazy thing to think, though you know it it when no one knows anything about germ theory like like: why don't we put the disease in the person? Sure maybe that'll help curate, and I think I think there was around for a while, but I see I think it was like some arcane knowledge that not everyone knew about pasture really capitalized
but he actually had been working on something using rabbits is test cases and was basically he proved it can work in humans by by a boy who had been attacked by a dog. I thinking contracted rabies and Louie Pasture said He goes nothing and that I can, with the shot, adverts wet and here goes nothing. He goes no nothing and they said we. You said this is gonna work. I said no such thing skillery best or think you, it's technically that the text a or no the Chuck Jones version of Napoleon wrangling bugs Bunny saying I was an area that our
Learn to do a french accent, check the great Chuck Jones sure so. Rabies us talk a little bit about what would it does in your body? It's really pretty vicious it. It is a viral diseases like we set at the top and it attacks the central nervous system, the brain and the central nervous system. Part of the rap dough very day nice family. Under the genus you take the genus Eliza Virus, Who is it that was easy. Man is shaped like a bullet, and when it comes in the body, it basically goes as fast as you can like involved to the spinal cord air through something called effort- nerves within a they carry impulses toward the central nervous system, as opposed to effort with an E. They carry
pulses away, but he uses both. So this virus travels along the neural pathways through the central nervous system, and it goes immediately to the central nervous or the spinal cord and then up to the brain here and in the brain. That's where it Blockades vicious your memory, like HIV replicates inside T, help ourselves yeah well. Rabies is a virus that replicates inside your neurons near brain cells, which is not a good place for a virus start doing its replicator. Right right and right after it starts replicating in the brain. It makes a second stop a very important step to Sally very glance and the reason it does that because that is the number one mechanism of transmission for Raby yeah. That's when you see the foaming at the mouth and it's not just stay a symptom of rabies.
But that's the main way that you're gonna get. It is by being bitten by something with all kinds of nasty, rabid, saliva, right and apparently because the stuff ism wrecking your brain by hijacking your brain cells in destroying them. There's two different versions of rabies rank gear in several attic, which is also knows that furious form of rabies. That's the one you think of when you think of a crazy rabid dog rights, hallucinating and running around in circles and chasing its tail and waiting at the air or Geller. Basically, although they turned it down a bit, they did because they didn't want to scare the kids,
before they are due to be held under the kitten here, there's a paralytic or dumb form, and that one is more like lapsing into a coma basic right and I dont know Shirley, there's no way to predict which way the things the virus is gonna go on a human right because destroying brain cells I would think it would just be totally accidental rather it. Went toward the insightful attic or the the paralytic form is a good question. You know every just depend on where it lodge is first right, yeah, but but so the forms or in the acute stage and here's what so scary. Once it's in the acute stage once its hit your central nervous system, you're done to pay most exclusively done and we'll talk about it That's that is the fur a very for millennia.
The first is the idea behind rabies is like it was a fatal disease, honour percent fatal. Yet, except now they started to find a few cases here there. That's not the case in its their surrender. Wonder ok is this something we could treat raffer people are traditionally garners. Well, that's a great tease Let's take a break and we'll come back right after this with moron rabies hello friends. We want to talk about a blue moon beer. Yes, blue beer is one of those beers that box its name defies his name because, beer, this good only comes along once in a blue moon. You can enjoy it
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Apparently, both stages can happen in a single case is not necessarily one of the other eye. It makes sense like if this region of your brain is wrecked in your furious enraging will eventually it's gonna get to the party your brain. Were you like you can't move or breathe and use of the new common die of respiratory distress right, but also got the impression it wasn't necessarily like that's the path like a great start in the dumb stages. Well, yeah, that's it! say it like. You would just depend on where the via what part of your brain the virus goes to read out to you, yet it was something I didn't realize about rabies took was that its exclusive DE mammals? I knew that I didn't But I also have wondered over the years. Likewise, it like a rabbit squirrel would be worst nightmare. Imagine Mina Phil already come at you You know a rapid one would definitely, in my view, one of the one of the traits of the symptoms of a rabbit mammal. Is it
wild one? Has no fear of human gather aggressive right? In fact, there is a case I looked up as often do. In the news and low Boy New Jersey. Just this week was attacked by raccoon. I reckon leaped onto his back while he was walking down the street during the day and we will get to the hallmarks. But that's where important. If you see a nocturnal animal cruising around the day at great speeds, stay away. Oh yeah, you're, not pussy, reckons in the neighborhood during the day yet does go. Get your paws be begun opponent about that, but call animal control and they'll get there be begun, but yeah this little boy was was this broken jumped on his back and started biting his face and neck? Where did you learn to pronounce red words raccoon raccoon Nazi reckon,
what am I jokes? Ok people, though another I when I said, Alex Baldwin Guy now people literally wrote in right now, I'm with you Charlie, it's Alec how'd, you miss thirty Rock and how about wanted care yeah I do his Chuckie is so anyway Clint Eastwood near hit the little boy. I think he's gonna be ok, which is the Good NEWS is good, but it is well we'll get to the rarity of lights because he was attacked in New Jersey, which is in the U S, which means he's gonna be despite right, but a long way of saying that squirrels and listen and other smaller animals? Typically, dont get it and it makes good sense is because if they are attacked by rapid animal there, their small and probably won't survive, I could they could very well get rabies. Every sign says they can, but though, probably polo mouse approaches die right, because,
a raccoon get its hands on a mouse, that's all over and it bites it did it's alive, as can be transmitted to the wound. The you also need the host to be alive for the virus to replicate in that house correctly if their neck is broken and their dead than that, it's not gonna work, but yet absolutely, but which shows you said yes. Indeed, woodchuck rabies, woodchucks, raccoons, apparently, the United States raccoons are the most common vector further disease yeah. Now, yes, but for the most part, its larger, slight slightly larger small mammals, does it make sense yet woodchucks, raccoons, medium size, mammals, medium sized and small side? the media, a medium sized mammal them is like egg is correct and it takes a few months for the disease to run its course and animal, but
scary thing is you can my dormant in humans for years months or years as very scarce super scary. Now, because you guys don't realize the sick, you think it's like frothing at the mouth or something, though the rabies virus is one of the scariest viruses on the plan. It is so like I said, saliva is the mode of transmission for most rabies cases and you can catch it very easily. Frankly, if you had like an open wound in you like rubbed your finger where the open wound was because it should as specified that earlier sure, on the saliva of a rapid raccoon, you could easily catch rabies right, but that's an uncommon thing to do. You could also, if you took the brain of their raccoon and rubbed it on your open moody, your finger. You could also catch it even more in common, but if you came across a raccoons poop, that was rapid
took it and rubbed it all over your hands, the camouflaged, the scent of your hand, probably the most uncommon you would not catch rabies. That's the good is, yes, it doesn't transfer in the feces or this blood or the p yeah the urine. Bp man, it's been p fest at my house. You want a little quick side story. Should I change the litter box before I went to Birmingham and four days later, we realized that I didn't put litter in the litter box. I emptied it put the lid back on put it back in her rushed out of the door to drive to Birmingham right in. For later. We, like our cats, are sick because their peeing on everything in the house, Emily and over and she let hey what say what she said it was it hey, honey Guess what there's a lake of urine in the letter box? It's all your fault man.
We had to throw a lot of things away in our home that previously were working just fine and I got the dummy of your word, our house- that's could be- should Instagram that trophy humming a year at this, it's a tattoo now am I, on my lower back of every Newman, so anyway, we ve been in urine land, so growth it is so grows and care, He is not. You know it's tough! The mass we really are work, isolate late without it may now, but a dummy. So anyway, just the moral of the story is litter is a very important part of the letter box yeah. So and luckily, if your cats are rabid, you wouldn't cod anything from that now, but I'm sure I have what's it called. Was the cat disease from changing litter? O attacks implies mostly at on I'm sure, have had that for you.
Sure that's why you do most of the things you do that the traffic it so it is a very adaptive disease in the here's. Another scary thing, although it's it's not that's Garrick is a super super rare, but in laboratories it has been true, committed through the air aerosol transmission and they have found one case where action, happened in the wild, but it was a cave. The head, like. Tens of millions of infected bats like sneezing in coughing up their junk everywhere, and in that case someone got Raby, supposedly a link with the air. Three people be walked into the cave in Texas, but that that sir, again, not something you need to worry about yet by humans can spread to and in remembering you can spread it through saliva, which means that if you are kiss
specially kissing with tongue, french style, a rabid person and remember it can take months. If not years fur the symptoms to set on you could conceivably catch rabies from that UK also catch it as it std through sexual contact. They believe sure this is the CDC theorizing. At this point, there's no document cases right and then you could also conceivably catch it from like sharing a cigarette with somebody or drinking after buddy using the same glass again in theory, any transmission of sola shared saliva, but here's the scariest when the me it has happened before, where you get transplant of an organ, typically a corneal transplant and get rabies that way
yeah, it's like I, we accidentally gave you a cornea with rabies. Sorry been one of the problems you think. Well, how could that possibly happen? Apparently, rabies is very hard to detect and the main places to detective member, it doesn't show up in your blood or anything like that. I know your inner feces is in the saliva, and in the brain and the saliva. It's not even super accurate and it takes longer so for the past forty years in the United States, the way they test taskforce, these, if an animal has but your child is they capture it and they cut itself off NEA and inspect the brain right. That's horrifying. It is but unfortunately like unnecessary. I guess if I reckon bite you
head off with the head. Maybe animal lover out there, whose developing scientist will come up with a better tat, more accurate rabies tests that will save the lives of thousands, Millions of woodchucks around the world, but I wonder how many times have been like? Oh, thankfully, no rabies. Yet, no I'm sure but sorry your head, it's got organic! Imagine being the clinician you did that bomb you out. Yet absolutely guess. It's like this. Thing's, head was cut off because somebody thought it had rabies terrible I'd? So everybody knows through the popular culture in things like old, yellow that the foaming at the mouth of a crazed, looking dog is a pretty good site stay clear, but there are many other ways, especially they have the dumb form that you might not know yeah, and
are some of the symptoms partially or fully paralyzed animal loss of appetite in a lot of these can be confused for other things is my dearly decease dog Lucy, probably ticked off about ninety percent of these? Was she really like pc people, strange behaviors, like snapping at the air. Turning encircles Lucy did that nocturnal animals you wander during the day, like I said, if you see a raccoon walking around during the day, is not a good son. Now drool excessively Lucy, wild animals who showed no fear of humans signs of Pica like eating things, aren't food Lucy did that all, but sporadic changes in mood or behaviour, Lucy, restless or aggressive now, obviously disoriented. And then a change and voice, which I thought was strange. She was like
a word and generally it varies by region. So like maybe here in the south, raccoons or maybe in another place, it might be skunks largely right with the animals that have the most right off the bat the United States is raccoons for sure they are most, but the motive and mission in the United States comes through bad, more frequently, yeah, that's the big, the big daddy, these would you, like? A hundred bats are a hundred raccoons more raccoons are gonna have rabies, but your more likely they catch rabies from a bat than a raccoon here, and why is that? While there is a few reasons both can get into places there Coon's cancer and bats also have very tiny teeth and, if you're sleeping in a room and you wake up and there's a bad in it The Ets recommended that you killed at bath and take it in four rabies, testing beer or get your life so
Canada, and they can kill it for you. They can do your dirty work for you, but the the reason wise, because a bats teeth are so fine that you can have been bitten in the night in it, wouldn't have woken up. You won't, you won't know that you were bitten here, but you may have contracted rabies in that case. Yet see are excellent episode on bats. Which, without hesitating to say, because they better therefore remember wheezes came like women back crazy over that very that friendly podcast. Yes, it don't kill advances, Murphy, just look the other way. If you see a bet, you are the man. What happened to that that if your dog we'll take a break after this, but if your dog is potentially bitten by enamel, you think might be rapid they'll be isolated for ten days.
And if they make it through that ten days than your home free if they dont? Sadly, that means you have to go. The old, yellow rout accept these days. It's much more humane lot about more humane, but they don't take upon the barn shoot it did. I may I would call that more humane sure, but in you know rural taxes they might be. I know that's quick and easy and painless nip just like the shot. What the lethal injection yeah, I'm sure, that's why they call in Texas let's take a break, then dear stuff, together get my stuff together and will come back with more rabies, you know my friend, let's talk about,
Putting because why you vote is just as important as voting itself its true, no matter your party, nor wants to encourage all people vote because access to food and access to nutritious food are not always the same thing right now, many Americans have no access to nutritious food because they all have garages in the areas and many more Americans have some access to food, but dont have healthy, nutritious food around them, which is a big deal that right and that's why nor is getting involved, because they want to encourage people to become active citizens by encouraging them to raise their voices along with elected officials and promote policies that will ensure that all Americans have dinner on the table. So make a plan to vote and then don't keep it to yourself. People share the reasons you vote with others like nor did right here, because, with these small steps we can decide who EAST Timor
we all remember our first time, or at least I do the nervous energy for the long build up the moment. You can help us think about it over and over again before a lot of you, your Time will be this year, crazy right, especially knowing that your first time will be historic. People would talk about your first time for well forever and it'll, be so good, so memorable, you wanna talk about it with other people too yeah. I remember my first time. Everyone loves the first time a story. So go ahead, say it say what you will.
What you really want, what you a yearning say it for the first time in your life and vote. This November had to vote dagger to find out how to register to vote, because acts Iheart want to make sure that powerful voice of yours is heard Turkey ever been to Bali Nope yet neither by- Bali, like Hawaii and some other places around the world is actually a right. It was a rabies free zone, a place where, like no cases of rabies, have been report either usually isolated, which makes it hard to get rabies into they are usually also have some really top notch governmental restrictions. I give you try to take a dog in or out of Hawaii. It takes a very long
time, a lot of paperwork and one of the reasons why? Because they don't want rabies coming into their to their state you taken Mama, who I know, that's why she would be, but now we should basically, she would get out a quarantine about this time. We really gotcha so by my was moved and they they took. Their dogs with them and military why? He was a big deal, yeah, I'm sure, but in Bali space equally. They were rabies free until two thousand eight and some dogs contracted rabies somehow and bit some people in some. Died, and it was a big deal. I'm sure they're, like a great there, goes our rabies, free, the resignation of the church, so they can get it back there right. Well, yeah. The government has been eradicating aggressively. The rabies that was found on island and I'm not
If they're doing this, I know they're doing a lotta, euthanize anger. They did in the affected areas, but in the United States, some wildlife services through leaving basically what amounts to like a high dose of oral rabies vaccine. Yet as tasty eight out just out in the woods to like control rabies in the american population fairly didn't harm humans are dogs to write. The bait reason there doing. This is because they saw what a great work work. A job in eradicating rabies among dogs in the United States. Yes, because I used to be that rabies in the- U S was very frequently transmitted by dogs and in a lot of the rest of the world. The dogs are still, major mode of transmission measure, but in the U S of rabies, vaccination push among
Pets has really lower that yeah that, in the end, the dog population especially push meaning laws. Sir, I don't think it's in every state now, but I think most states now required by law as you pretty People who have a pet you should have a non rabid. Petya like you would say. No, no! I I don't want my dog. Rabies binary enjoyed, say that probably so This is the most recent stat. We haven't two thousand six point zero one. One per cent of all rabies cases in the United States word, I'm said: feline were canine eleven thousandth of a percent. Yet so that's virtually nil and I believe in two thousand and six that same year, not one case of rabies. Death came
when american dog now one case of human rabies, deathray, correct, yeah and then twenty four percent of all. U S, wildlife rabies cases are bats via which led to into doesn't six two of the three rabies. Related deaths were from bat transmissions. Bat bites yes night could actually let me spoke wrong that it was in two thousand and six? There was only since one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. There has not been one case of death from an american dogman. So that's great. They really kind of eradicated that year, that's right, but elsewhere in the world in catching rabies from being bitten by a dog is still a real problem. May affect the World Health Organization called rabies among neglected diseases yeah, my most most neglected, one of the most among neglected diseases. There still thirty thousand seventy three
and people who die every year. Around one. Every ten minutes near from rabies in the developing world think about the United States. Three people died in two thousand six. There was a bad year. Seventy thousand people as much as such Thousand people around the world are dying. Rabies, and these are the countries that have these rights, Hi rabies mortality rates in humans are also the ones that usually have the least amount of money to pay for an accusation dear and also even further, have even less money to inoculate their dogs rights as a huge push right now, my scientists is be like rest of the world you guys to paid, or rather Kate, Rabies, at least in the dog popular.
And round the world, yet do something in it, and also when you have that rural areas there are not able to get through the clinics to receive those regular inoculations. Yet because so pasture came up with the rabies vaccine and basically his technique has been only slightly altered over the years. There's still a series of shots in the United States, though the west, the ones that we have our five shots, and over the course of a period of time yet again boosting your immunity slowly and it's a very similar things, in the end. What is the guy in the in the email say for the last, the less listener mail instead of developing lower income countries in lower income countries, the day they have a schedule is well, it's not all getting them at once. They have to boost your immunity and you may not be something like driving down the street to the minute clinic to get the stuff
You may have to travel quite a ways and again miss some work. So it's a big part, yeah I'm, you mention pastors brilliant idea. He used unity, it's called and attenuated for a rabies, it's it's weakened, but still alive. That he gathered from spinal cord of animals, but these days they cannot do the same thing, but it is not a life form of the virus. It is a dead form of the virus. But, like you said, the same idea is it will give you this slowly and before it reaches your spinal cord. Ideally it's a big one ideal. If you live in a Europe built up the immunity hooray, There are some. If you have some extra, though in your pocket and want to help out some groups through them a couple of groups that are working to eradicate Rabies in low income countries like Rita he's in the Americas in rabies. Free rabies free world are both working to eradicate rabies elsewhere.
In and if you have been bitten by a animal that you're worried about. I would just immediately you know if I get bitten by sea. Or something here. How would you know the doktor and discredit checked out? Obviously, immediately you not walk out one off, but here her surplus little sting will see what happens the main, who Castro himself and sat down to dinner In the nineteenth century, Mary, we talked about how you read his Bible and then a dinner and then then went to the doktor right here. Some the symptoms in humans, humans, human beings, not human beings, are very it. The rabbit I'm at pains to change and personality anxiety, I'm also biting at the air Panes anxiety, restlessness fever, the Evelina nope increase digression sore throat, excessive salon,
hallucinations delirium, that's happening you in a really like, should go the doktor yeah coma, sporadic pulse Therefore, you should have someone to take you to the doktor and then something called her phobia, which we should cover that used to be a word for rabies, like you could say that person has rabies or you could say that precise hydrophobia and they used to mean the same thing and what an why what's the deal Hydra forbids it? Isn't it hence unreasonable. Fear of water that develops farm rabies, symptoms, apparently yeah, because I think drinking you have a very violent, painful spasms and responses to trying to swallow water, and so you become fearful of water,
which is really really sad, because your drooling and your producing tonnes saliva, but you also urges dying of thirst. He asked me, but if you do drink anything, the pain from that you're throw muscles contracting is so bad that you will just not drink. You re just rather not drink anything in an apparently you become fearful of even the concept of drinking. So you get scared of water. That's also because your brain is too berating in a recipe for a man but yeah. This is not fun, it's not nice stuff and in again, for years and years and years and years up until, like the last few years, I think the common conventional wisdom was, if you it's rabies, got to your central nervous system, be up bye, bye we might as well old, yellow you because you're not going
survivor you're going to die. What are the worst debts we could think of the idea, and it wasn't until two thousand and four: when is the lucky lady Yegg Gina, Geek Aegina, Geiss arrogance, a gene agrees now like? Oh that's what happened to her Gina guys. She was a girl, a teenager Wisconsin who is bitten by bad. I think, and some doktor said you're a goner. Yet I'm not gonna give up on Eu China no way knowhow. Sleep now baby. I'm gonna put you in a coma, any put it politically induce coma and it was enough so that her body was able to fight off the the rabies infection amazing. So she survived the rabies infection without being inoculated previously ia and
apparently without the inoculation being given to her in a rapid enough time. Thrice a she literally survived rabies infection, and now they call that procedure. The Milwaukee Protocol and its saved five more people's lives, the mill they call it that yet and there is a study in Peru in the Andes. A lot of proving groups live near basher. The deal with that, apparently some Peruvians have developed immunity. Two rabies allow embodying around. They documented, I think, about a dozen Peruvians who survived rabies without any inoculation, laugh so they're saying. Ok, this is not one hundred percent fatal disease. We can work with that I like it really big gangbusters news, as is almost like a natural inoculation. That's happening, though the same idea right, they're getting supposed to it. Gradually I don't know I don't know if thou inexact Rifle had been been before, or some sort of inoculation was passed down to them through her
you know. I am not sure, like Grand Pappy was strong against rabies right. So I am right, that's how you What our aid for nineteen. Fifty two, the roughly MID Nineteen eightys the horror story. Were true. You did get like upwards of twelve Twenty three shots in the belly in the abdomen to treat rabies needles right, yeah? That was not an old wives tail. It was a very painful procedure. I try. To find out. Why it was done in the belly, and the only thing I could find is completely and substantiated, but makes sense. Apparently after you start having these shots somewhere between ten and twenty years for having really bad reactions and inflammation, and but you need to give them in the same area said. The belly was the largest part time makes of the body that you could still find a place to give the injection right so out of this you're. Not that makes sense is definitely does
there. We have to mention dimensionality Osborne. What biting the head? A alphabet, yeah. It was alive. Bad well, there's different stories where's up and down it. Wasn't he swears, it was alive ass. He felt the head moving in his mouth o other people. Said that it was a lie, fan that through the bad onstage said it was dead as he's crazy it is. I was alive if they get assay. Thank you but It is not an old why he also, but that off a pigeon at a party, but he thought the bat was a toy apparently did by the bat TED and did get those injections as a preventive measure, but he did not ever contract rabies smart in this you know who knows it's also colored a legend in some circles. So, but at that
really happened. The documented, while as researching this house like wow, I M not inaccurately- did against rabies. Maybe I should just go ahead and do that they began a need to be like going by me raccoon. You crazy raccoon, I'm fine, and then you could continue your ongoing battle with your squirrels, your we're porch deck squirrels, no, the squirrels one I had to take down the bird feeder just gave up know the condo complex is like you're not allowed to have those they attract squirrels in my cat. No doubt that I know. As I said our side, you anything else nope Rabies. If you want to know more about it type that word in the search bar has two weeks. That camp are a Bee Y S and it will bring up this off article. I know I know Gallagher anywhere, not spill that way.
Maybe I yes, I did he said. Oh, oh, it's a misspelled, something's temporary listener mail, I call this cringe worthy experience why did we ass a guy's, been listen for a couple years? Writing for the first time to tell you a compelling story about the time my dad's, I've fell out of his head because perhaps I should say, was forced out of his head and takes place before I was born but the way he tells it it will make you hesitate to go water scheme, see my dad was a mob enforcer, lingerie In particular, you would want to let your your body or your face become parallel to the water surface when you're going around abandoned. So when that happens, you get experience what happened my dad his face: skimmed, the water in the forces that cost is eyeball to pop right out of his is stuff that urban legends are made of so they're. My day, is in excruciating vain trading,
with his eyeball in the palm of his hand. And were so lucky to have your eyeballs outside of your head or better still attached, like my dad's, I've, always clear as you get. River water in his eyes. He forced it back into his eye socket and those nothing else. You do that crucial moment, as I understand that you never went to see. A doctor in his eye has been turned a forty five degree angle. Every his name is John Rambo has raised he said he was relieved. Six months later, while the White Static, he was seeing slowly started to return. And he had normal vision. Once again, that's outcome bias. If I've ever seen it cringe review experience any squeamish feelings. I consider it a story well told yet well told story, but that is for my Lena or liner in that California, the California, I don't know your dad is made us and to have started. He did not go to a doctor.
He's like hero, not our similar, higher vs, crazy, so Somebody else rotating got me about having to get shot like up their nose. Anyone got me too. So, whoever road in with that one heads off Is this guy got a great nickname out of the old River water socket Jimmy near the mouth about you have a printer. These story keep it to yourself said something else in the tweet to ask why, as K, podcast or Jonathan Facebook, I come slashed Uppish enough citizen email to stop fuck The house, the forts, die, come and as always, join us at home on the web. Starfish no doubt stuff he should know is, I heard radios how stuff works for more outcasts, my heart radio. Is it that I heard radio apple podcast
and we're every listen to your favorite, shall we all remember. First, the nervous energy long build up before a lot of you. Your first time will be this crazy right and people would talk about your first time for will forever so save which which really want safe for the first time in your life vote. This November had to vote dove to find out how to register to vote because acts. I heard what to make sure that powerful voice of yours is heard. You no friends voting is important and why we vote is just as important nor believes that consistent access to nutritious food should be available and affordable to all, but
know what that's not a reality for everyone in today's Amerika to make it a reality. We need deep systemic change to our food system, nor wants to encourage people to become active citizens by encouraging them to raise our voices with Elect officials and promote policies that will ensure all Americans have dinner on the table. Make a planned a vote then don't keep it to yourself share. Reasons you vote with others like, nor did here with these small steps we can decide who eats tomorrow.
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