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2020-10-17 | 🔗

Sushi grew out of a way to ferment fish a couple thousand years ago and in the late 20th century began to take the world by storm. What began as traditional, rigid food has come to evolve with new delicious innovations being added to the original canon. Learn all about it in this classic episode.

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so she works making me hungry. Just thinking about it and I remember eating sushi for probably like three or four days straight after we recorded this one It's a good one. Congestion are both big sushi vans and was we call on the history and sort of the ins and outs of how sushi So here we go everyone with how sushi works. welcome to step. You should now production of Iheart Radios, housetop work. They walked into the fog care scores with me is always is dowered. Charles of each of the bright and Jerry snoring over there, which is kind of like a like a laughing through your nose? Yeah? What I thought- or I thought it meant like a blooming or something similar we mean it. I know you think the smiling face
a picture of say we picture that Fidel on a teacher and then I could wear that t shirt you can get a picture of me wearing that teacher and put them on a teacher and where that teacher and so on, and so forth and we'd be like Ryan Gosling, and I already did MC caully cock right, yep their staying illegally, Mcculloch Aachen. This time now, this time, yeah, alright, alright, you're, always making me be Ryan Gosling. I know who wants that? Nobody? How are you I'm good man? I got to tell you so we're about to do sushi by the way this thing made me really hurt my God, I won't say she so bad now and have four days now, just remember the yawning episode and people are like I listen to this and now in the entire time near will prepare want sushi everybody,
and if you dont like sushi or never heads who sheep, I guarantee you, you will want sushi by the Ngos or we will give you your money back for this episode. That's right! So you ve had sushi yeah. I mean it's one, it's one of my favorite foods. I could live in Japan and each issue every day. Yes, I'm going to Japan Next year and I plan on eating sushi every day I would have. I would not get sick of it. No, no! It be really tough to especially with the variety of art. You know everybody thinks sushi is basically like a little bite of rice with a bunch of ingredients tucked in it, or on top of that we or maybe it's like a little. The little lump of rice with some Ghana. Fish on under some does a whole galaxy of sushi out there. Yet specially. When you go to Japan, I mean just prepare to have your mind blonde em, you ve had it before, but my buddy Jason lives over there and it's like it's not like sushi Avenue here indicator. Georgia does ever mail. You sushi now, and I wouldn't stay very well
but if you figured out a way to stick it into one of those live organ courier thinks it be great think so Well, you know if you eat raw sushi here it. With the exception of tuna, and by here I mean the United States, its not fresh, it's been frozen by law
set for tuna, and I couldn't find out why tuna was the only exception, but all fish that intended to be served ah has to be frozen, Flash Rosen's, fine and then, of course, thought back out, but it can't just be from the ocean to your plate, yeah and before the pedantic ones. Among you start, emailing Josh did sushi when he was talking about raw fish. In fact see she is rice and let us achieving true. Thank you advising the colloquial exactly urge when people say hey, let's go out for sushi. It's like a genera of food like hey, let's go out for italian right and you dont go than they actually that's a sicilian item of mood reading out at an idea. If this is ringing, true to you and it's reminding you of yourself take up, take you need to do some person. it changes. If it is your friend, then you should, sir on yourself with higher quality people. Men women go opportunity. That means
can have miso soup and that means going out for sushi and you can have a Mommy and sea weed salad and that's all part of the experience. Yet that's gone out for sushi. Yet in this country it basically assure him for Japanese you're gonna for Japanese, yes sorted but ye, not her body. Now it how about you, Japanese is strictly a rocky American. Was it yes, I mean they do have about you, girls of, like that Bulgaria experienced the Benihana version. Yeah totally American
mention I've never been one of those places. Oh yeah means I guess, there's a guy like chopping cook evening. I like talking to his hat and everything just never been. I said shock yeah. Thank you for pointing out the Susa think. Is I'm gonna? Do that a lot and we should say win if you are specifically talking about sushi in Japan. You're talking about vinegar, rice, yes, is roughly what the word means yet medium or short, green, vinegar right these stuff, that's on top the Netter, yet is a fish seafood. Topping that you put on sushi is actually that raw fishes calls the she me, like. You said you can either by itself as well. If it's fried stuff, it's called TIM, poorer, different types of sushi
different kinds of names, but I must get into the showy Ellis the somewhat the history, because this whole thing didn't even start in Japan. Yes, pretty interesting, I mean, if you look at sushi, there's a lot of folklore surrounding it. What a mysterious origins, one! the old, wise sales from Japan that fine just out of nowhere one day, mysteriously! No, it just means I can't vince, I no I'm just teasing your joshing. I am Josh the chocolate, that's right! There's no japanese wives tale about an elderly lady who had hide her rice from thieves and aspirin us and she would forget where they were and they would format the rice would in this. The seafood that the austrian but eat would fall down in there and while I that was the first to she, yes, it's a great story, but it's a lie and that this is now. If I live, folklore Twitter,
live. I guess it's told by old lady, very harsh way to say it so there's the earliest sushi supposedly was around in Southeast Asia. In I don't know like two five hundred years ago, they were taking cooked rice, which does ferment and packing in the end in the formulation of the rice B, I kept it so long before a regulation, but it also can a pickle, the fish, but then, once the fish was pickle over the course of like weeks, they replace a laundry like a heavy stone or something like that, yeah to basically compressive and once the once the fishes pickled big, throw the rice out to see the fish. Yes and in fact, Assisi Kitchen can be called a Suki bar or pickling place; yeah, that's Bam the original version of sea. She was basically fermented fish that was fermented with rice, pickled fish fermented with rice, yes,
They threw the rice out. Surveys avoid analysis, rice tastes, like oh, my god, This is delicious, and what would it taste like if I put this men, a fish the rice, and they were all my god. This is even better, so they asked they said. Well, let's try this a different way. If we're not, I can throw the fish or through the rice out, let's actually get the fish, and this is the tenth century by the way, yeah and by now- and this is in japan- let's fish the fish in Saki, which is japanese, rice wine and then pack that thing full of rice and let that from it and then after a few weeks, we'll just slice it and then eat that yet and each of these steps basically is speeding the process up like the very first process took about a year and a half? Oh, did it and it was only for like the uber wealthy once they added sake, though, that speeded that up that speeded, that and that's stuff still around is called NARA Sushi or rice sushi
I'm sorry ripe, sushi and apparently can still get that needs a little like for your american taste buds, it might say so funny, but I'll bet once you get used to it. You like this is. I have to have it. probably so so then in the sixteen hundreds early, sixteen hundreds of japanese military leader, name Tokugawa Ieyasu, and we're going to do our best with these japanese pronunciations. Yes, give us a break He moved the capital from Kyoto to ETA, which would later become Tokyo, and by the nineteenth century it was a hoppin city and in the MID seventeen hundreds. They sped up that process a little bit more by skipping Saki and using rice, vinegar yeah, which made it like days after that or a couple of hours right, which is what I was following up with yeah, which is I mean, that's super quick and then would slice it into pieces and again
cutting that preparation time yet and then in Kyoto, which was the former seat of power in Japan before was moved to ETA or Tokyo. They would take that vinegar and summoned. Please make a little cucumber, a little dried seaweed which is known as nori, and they put it in a box and press it together yet, and you have Oshi sushi, which is Osaka style sushi. It's it's like a square of sushi, yet, and there is a guy who lived in NATO in Tokyo in the eighteen twenties name was your hey her NEA, he had a little cart where he was making. Oh, she sushi everybody liked it now that, but apparently, as the story goes some of his cousin I swear like I'm very busy and important, and I don't have time for you to press us into a boxes. Hurry up, make it snappy. So he took some of that rice that vinegar, flavored, rice and roll it up in his hand a little bit and then he would take some fish that was taking it out of Tokyo Bay
or to me yeah, I mean he was set up right there on the water exactly and he cut off a little bit of slice and put it in there. Maybe, with the strike wasabi and handed it to the he said her jerk. Is that fast enough? That took me like three minutes exactly and they said well by God. This is japanese street food. That is fast food that we can use our hands for and eaten two bites and nigiri sushi. What a lot of people think of as sushi was born the modern sushi. was born right there in that food stall, that's right and then the great Canto earthquake hit Tokyo and land prices went down and all of a sudden there was a lot of retail space, and so the sushi cart said hey. Maybe we should move these things inside and started legit restaurant and happened all over the place and by the nineteen fifties it was the dutch sushi restaurant was whereas at yes, basically in the nineteen thirty's, yes to refrigeration, you could chip fish by the Seventys and the postwar economy. People were love in the stuff,
yeah. I know it started a boom in other, like Oliver, Japan and then started spread to other parts of the world it did in the United States. It was first adopted in the Sixtys, in LOS Angeles. Of course it was less into us. There is a place called the Caliph who coup, and that was the first big. American, embraced sushi restaurant in the United States here and then the yuppies came, and you think, like eighties, in sushi right, do I do, I always have yeah, but apparently it wasn't it like the nineties. That's who she really New York and it was before the word. unknown man named Robert Deniro, who talked the chef of Nobu, whose name is Nobu Yuki Matsu
he's sir. I'm anybody so much trouble. When I get so Deniro talked the chef, noble, noble, Yuki Matsuri. She, sir, I think that's it. It's the close, if not to open Nabu, which was already in allay icon in New York, in ninety four, so apparently sushi didn't hit New York. time until the nineties, even though I think of it like, total american psycho fodder, yummy it was around, I think it private explosion. Didn't I mean it? It was very much a California thing that for restaurant was a little Tokyo and away, and then in this these they open one in Hollywood called OSHA and nineteen seventy, and that was in the fact that was when the celebrity started go in and there's like. Oh, my god, this is so exotic and Darius, and and
has every day now and really something really really big happen in nineteen seventy three there was a place in LOS Angeles, and there is a sushi chef there. Their name was modest Sheeta money, Sheeta created in inside out role. A monkey with his Maki sushi is a hand role or no it's a role. They use a bamboo metaphor we'll get into it too. Was it inside out a regular inside out maki role, ok with avocado cram and cucumber the track? Yes, ok, and he made the California role, and that became the entree, like that's the gateway drug to sushi for a lot of Americans yeah, because it doesn't have the raw fish in there. If you're creeped out by that, it's yeah, you can start on the California on and be like. Oh, this is just sort. Like a silent. I then, when you go and Eco Fournier roles enough times you're like one. Maybe I will try a bite of that once you do. You
ever going back here. It's like I can silly to Canada, California role like a bite of it or something like that. But more like a waste sushi like I want. I want near kidney Guerriere. Yes, I've got that I'll. Put that six dollars towards something else, exact fresher yet, but I'll make a California or home cause it, sir. Oh you make it my home and well we'll get to all that so check. That's the street of sushi up to right now now yeah. But let's, let's talk about fish in a second. Let's take a message, be sir You know my friend
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if you're not into that. There are plenty of other offerings. You can talk about Tempora. We talked about the California, California roll you can that can be. You can use veggies. This article says virtually any type of vegetable back completely disagree with that, like you're, not going to roll up broccoli or cauliflower and sushi are you know, but man? I am crazy for ground up cauliflower as like a rice substitute or something like that or like a mashed potato substitute, like my colleague, taters like pure aid, Kaliko, so good, Happy MC caully data sphere dude. I spent my entire life up until, like a couple months ago, hating cauliflower told you about Colli taters. No, I've heard before I just never really try to the human eye like started, making it an online. Why how this is good here and it's you know, I hate it when people to tease just like something
doesn't taste generics. I gotta do anything, but it it's got its consistency in its good right, mimics that consistency, not the taste, your habits that places too far off I mean we're doesn't tastes like rotted horse meet compared to link, managed potatoes or southern about. I think it's like its own distinct thing is so that's my treatise on cauliflower here. You won't put cauliflower in your sushi though, but you can find asparagus ensue she fairly for well idea, cucumber sure I guess that's it now, there's some more stuff mushrooms, oh yeah, mushrooms, big staple of allotted sushi. That was the third one year since I should talkies boom you been to um sushi? Yet no, it is amazing. Yeah the one I've been on lately is shoot. I can't think of the name of it now me so, I think, is the name of it in the old fourth word:
And it's good a little pricey, but you know oh yeah Mi Sui Akaya yeah yeah yeah, it's supposed to be real good, it's good stuff, it's more! It's like Nuvo sushi, which I guess UMI Sushi is kind of, but they have like a like an old traditional sushi chef running the place there yeah yeah yeah I mean in America. You're gonna find some variations. In fact, the inside out role apparently is totally american thing, even though it has now since found its way over to Japan, but it did not originate Japan. Raw, no deep, the reverse roller inside out is like an echo. came back by storm and you you don't know what we're talking about. That's when the rice is on the outside of the role and the nori is on the inside instead of the other way around. Yes, all right so check if you are going to use fish or you're ordering at a sushi place. Most of the fish you're gonna see is salt, water, sea sea fish,
yeah, you don't wanna trout, roll, no and the reason. Why is because a bass, roll freshwater fish are much more prone to parasites: salt, water, fish, parasites, don't like Sal as much right yeah, but occasionally you will see a fresh water seafood. There's like a type of eel. That's really good! That's fresh water yeah! I love the EL. Is that unagi? I always get the two eels confused and I always get after all these years, I still can't committed to memory and about every third time or the wrong one. Oh really I think I've ever had the salt water you I mean it's about it, of course, but I like the two freshwater Maria I do and you can buy, make that's when the ones that make it home again there's a great japanese market over by the the cap farmers market- you can buy it in the refrigerator in a big it in the oven,
yeah, because that's the thing, if you order the fresh water eel like it, doesn't come raw like it's seared or something like that, like a seared like a teriyaki sauce right so delicious, it is man. You know elevating. Okay, so you're going to have fresh water, fish, yeah or fresh water sea food. Most of the time then have salt, water, salt, water. Thank you. Man, one of the most highly prized seafood that you're going to find in sushi of any type It is to know so good and their several types of tuna. They, even though user yellowfin bigeye bluefin yeah and bluefin is the most expensive one. Yet apparently wasn't until the fifties that the Japanese came deprives bluefin before these of her cat food, like they wouldn't even eat that stuff yeah. That's what I heard like the belly is. That was the original, and now it's like the prize in the belly now are used to be like they would need it. Yeah the action,
the record for the highest price fish ever sold. A believe anywhere now was sold at the Tokyo fish market last year is a four ninety pound bluefin tuna. How much one point: eight million dollars holy crap for just that tuna. While and guarantee they made their money and then some man yeah, that's a big tuna if you're gonna bad for the guy. Even all of the item so much, the tuna know well, there's definitely a moral thread that runs through tuna or not to sushi yeah. Like apparently yellowfin you, know, farmers tuner raise a lot like veal and until their muscles deteriorate alive here in and then of course, there is the young. Have you seen them the raw or live frog video? Now there is a type of sushi that is its called Ickes zoo. Curry
which is live sushi and there's a Iki Kuri video, and if you have a light stomach at all or anything like that, bothered by animals being killed like you should not watch this, but the point is you eat the thing while its base good part of it, is still alive on the plate? Looking at you like this frog, seeing their billing nothing! It's a frog! There's a frog and a camera with the other one is, but there's they showed two things being prepared: its not ever, have you seen, oh boy, the original yeah every each that squid life? Oh yeah, that's it that's life sushi while, like those real, not for me near you get pretty adventure. So would you do that, probably just to try it yeah I mean just like. I know everything is killed yet we eat right, but it says
like, I don't know being confronted with it. Who knows I can imagine some of the people were are into that. Slow food movement are like oh yeah. That's the way you should do it. You should have to confront the death while you eat now mean a lot of people would say it's hypocritical to not do that right, but a lot of a hypocrite. A lot of people are comfortable with that I won't eat anything that reminds her of an animal like she doesn't even like bones in her chicken yeah and if someone served her a fish with the head on it like fully cooked, she would just be like no, no, no, no yeah, that fish is looking at me. It's like the duck in a Christmas story. Yeah he's smiling ok. So we are talking about tuna tunas. Delicious salmon is delicious yellowtail and How much I e in sir
Clam and there's all sorts of delicious seafood that you can get on your sushi or in your roles. And then you just spread out from there. It there's a fried chicken and there it might be a little too americanized, although, if that's what you're into the great big considered temporary chicken in that case the button. come on, there's fried chicken and manages rolled up and rights than some kinda good well nobody's. Is it sushi or Kenny Roders roasters. I feel like there's been kind of there's Finally, a traditional threat of sushi right out of my mixing up a little bit and there's like traditional preparations and traditional ingredients. But then it's like you said you known in the seventies when the California role was made here in Amerika. It was sent back and now you can get it a four year old, pretty much anywhere in Japan and its expanded from there, so I think there I think sushi. This
solving thing. As seen, cereals added, have you seen that cornflakes or rice krispies on top gun into that either for crunch or divorce or supporting a bunch of sauce on top and not a big fan of that either. yeah. Well, that's another thing that will talk about when we talk about how to eat sushi, but really there's a lot Assisi that prepared that you're not supposed to do anything to accept eat, drew I guess we should finish. Work can be in sushi thing by mentioning row and Timor. row is the the fish eggs like little delicious orange. It's orange like caviar yeah and there can be little tiny ones in larger ones. I'm sure there's a difference in the name. Do you know I didn't like that up, no cherries nodding is there a difference in the name, I'm sure it's not a surly by size but probably buy fish yeah yeah. I think the smelt rose the smaller, I think. So, if a little,
tiny beads yeah, that's usually added with a roller on top of some in other larger winced. At lunchtime such wrapped in the north, and that's all you're eating yeah or there's just like one, on top of the thing out like a little bit, for presentation. Yeah. I once eight a m coil egg. On top of the veil letter yesterday Gelatin, as raw. Ok, I didn't realize it's gonna be raw. I ate it anyway is, like you said, I'm inventress, but man out like on their order and that again was in a good. No. I am not too big on raw eggs yeah except strangely and like to talk here her party or something like that. Yeah yeah. I that's weird. I guess I guess I'll just have to keep ordering them, whether like it or not, to Margo is egg
in sushi, but it is cut and it's like it's an it's an omelet. It's it's made by adding little layers of egg seen some people like bake it in a pan is probably the short cut method, there's probably more traditional method, but it's almost like it because it's sweet s omelette. It's almost like a dessert, sushi yeah. and it's like an inch thick and a slice, and you put it on some sushi rice with little band of nori tied around it next Delicious as well. Well, tomago avocado, you see, say it avocado that is very popular, and that means tuna of the land in Japan yeah. The word for avocado means tuna. The land it's pretty cool, yeah avocado is like a great addition to anything I agree and very good for you to it really is the good fat, yes give her heart and your brain,
What else goes along with sushi the soy sauce? The show you here is the type of soy sauce and like you can you can keep your sushi inside us if you prefer by yours, pussies a very sparingly yen, supposedly you're, not supposed to dip the rice. Either? No I'll drown it. Unless you want to talk about how to each issue the proper sure, ok, I dont do it. That's fine! Yet a lot of people either with chopsticks. Supposedly it's an insult to the seashore chef to drown near sushi in rice, had drowned and thus also mean yeah. And where would I be without you saint wrong stuff here and there are no big deal. So basically they say you have a piece of Nigeria. Yet is just a little lump of sushi with them like some, some topping on ya, say: tuna, ok,
you can, as lightly grab the Nigeria on one side with her finger on both sides with your fingers. Yes, you don't need to use chopsticks, since she was originally a finger food and um, you can feel free to eat it. The traditional way using your hand, so you grab besides Colonel lightly, but firmly you tilted over You tell us, you till then agree over and then you just basically have it. So your grabbing you're holding under the tuna, holding a almost like a basket. So the rice is on top and the tunas on the bottom you just flickered sushi over. Yet If you want a little bit assure you you can just kinder, just barely like pass it through the show you, the soy, sauce, just a dip. We s ear of just the seafood yet you're not supposed to touch the rice to it. I thought I hear you take
it depending on the size. You can put the whole thing in your mouth and eat it, but you want to put it the topping side down. Okay and if it's a big piece of nigiri, then you can bite it and then eat it in two pieces. Alright, here's Chuck's method, I take it and I dump the entire thing and a big bowl of soy sauce and then I pull it out and I stick it in my mouth and chew it up and eat it all, and then I wash it down with the Sapporo. Well, that's customary, I'm happy guy. You would probably like she Russia's sushi, which is basically a ball rice with sushi toppings yak. If I could with that is there the nori in there, though, because I love the nori, I think everything you want in there: okay, whatever kind of sushi you want it's just like in a bowl, it's just like a KFC bowl But with sushi or a man, one of those awful le before places at Wester, the Yoshi, Nike or somethin before, like in the shopping malls
I know you to be my terror, the name of Martha, not good. Well, I mean he kit, me you get like a three pound beef and rice bowl for like three dollars. Oh wow, that sounds good. I don't think it's they're known for their high quality meats. So by beef, human cat Yoshi, nor what is it called? It's a chain they're all over LA yeah. I know you talk no I'm talking about. I don't think the have them here in Georgia. Well, say I don't do the wasabi just because I don't like the taste. I know most people like to put it in their soy sauce and mix it up. Apparently that is an insult as well. It's abnormal that's what you me does the near she prisoners for us puts a lot of it in their. Yes, it is Emily. She loves that stuff, but the thing is is most who she is gone already have a little streak of with savvy. On top of the rice beneath the topping. So you don't necessarily need any if you ve ever wonder why iron nostrils are suddenly clear in your breathing very
easily, even though you didn't use any was sobbing because it was already on their yeah and hear them states do not. Eating was sobbing anyway nope, although you can get it only sushi. Really fever is going to cost you. Yes, that's the fact of the pod guess for me, what you're eating is horseradish and mustard pace? That's died, green! and they call it was lobby was soggy when people say it's japanese horseradish and actually isn't even horseradish. It's it's in that fates like a cousin of horse threatening and it is expensive. It grows by the river, your issue. It lives in a van down by the river, but yeah. Apparently it so pricey like near your you ve, probably never had real was sobbing unless you're like highfalutin like you and go to her fancy sushi places. Yes, sure no boo has real with Sabi. I just like a little gentleman. I wear a velvet jacket and velvet shorts with knee socks breaches a little the they sing. While they serve me, it's wonderful,
Well, that's funny. They mention that, because being a sushi chef in Japan, you're also supposed to be kind of part performer, three social thing to sit sushi bar yeah, yeah, you're surly performing like Rabotchi place is now that you're perform not a clown year year, EU just your friendly, your helpful. You want the person to feel like they are welcome and they. They are being led in on your expertise. Yet like ask if you ve never been and you want to try it out, sit at the sushi barodia and ask I get anyway desgas like the watch it but ass, the chef I came in with what
Did it yes, an authority in the mood, for I say, hey man, because there is still a lot of discrimination in Japan even with women becoming sushi shifts area, it still a thing. Yes, it is Chuck gear which has no good air and apparently, regardless of your gender, if you're Sushi Schiff, you are required to work at least two years. If you work in a decent she placed near. It sounds like a lot, but it used to be ten year, but two years just to learn to make the rice well, another year, training with a knife. Yes, okay and that's in Japan. Here in Amerika, there turnin amount as theirs to such a need right, but once you're bud train soon,
chef like you can become a journey man and I go anywhere in the world these days and in open your own place. I have you seen: Jura Dreams, Assisi, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's highly recommended. I think that streaming on Netflix do and you recommended that a thing to me for the first time the everyone's I'm feeders, whose good, yet it was really good. I mean this it's about wanting sushi, yeah needed have the like sushi. If you just appreciate art in craftsmanship in being the best at something you should written, that movie am family to its care. Is it the man and his two sons? Think dear husband, making see she felt like seventy years or something like that? Yes and his two sons are following in his stepson. It's really M intimate yeah documentary about that family totally. Yet so,
a little bit of IRAN mentioned drinking an ice cold, Sapporo people I dont like Saki myself. I just dont dig the rice wine, but that is a big thing for a lot of people when they go out to eat so she's dead, drink Saki, but apparently because it is rice based in the ears who she is rice based. It doesn't complement one another. So you technically shouldn't be drinking Saki as you eat the sushi. I think it's a lot like putting was sobbing in the sauce. What like to do what you want of well all the stuff is, of course, as measure not insulting the sushi chef overtly in calling in things like sensations of like they're, really buttering a monk, I think you're doing. Ok do people. Do that sure they do. I haven't yet, but it is probably a good idea. They recommend like
green tea, light beer, even water, but again drink whatever you want, but if you're drinking sake supposedly you're not supposed to pour your own you're supposed to pour your buddies and then they pour yours yeah, and this is if you're going. If you want to be traditional sure, but it makes sake for sharing by definition by that one more ah yeah like if you can't pour your own sake, you're up the creek, if you're just drinking it by yourself. What are you going to ask like a stranger sure, Make a buddy make a new friend on Japan. Now are we're gonna talk a little bit about how to make sushi right after this message Sir Hey friends as we slowly
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Alright, you ve never made sushi. I'm surprised you some dried! It. I've never musician! I have done done awhile, but you can get your Norway sheets and grocery stores. I argued that stuff, like a snack, yeah. Of course, good. You can find your little crab, sticks and cucumber and where it gets a little tricky is. Is the fish itself like if you live in a big city, there's probably a place where you can get sushi great fish? If you look out mistakes, he may have a hard time, but you deafening wanna get sushi or so she me great fish and ask if it is so she may grade like we said. No, you you'd want to trout role, know and you wanted to be nice and vibrant color mere you dont want there to be
any weird like dark or soft spots rot. That's the tuna. The tuna should be like really bright, red or pink yeah. Like dark pink mean you can. If you know how to You know the difference like if the difference like regular practice yet and if you're not like Emily and you're buying the whole fish yeah. You want the eyes to be like sunk in in you want them to be like still just kind of popping out like oh my gosh. I can't believe this is happening kind of yes, you know yeah, it shouldn't smell too fishy, either if it smells super fishy. That means it's probably not super fresh right, but once you have your fish and you bought your nori, you want to buy your rice. That's the first key ingredient you need a master and, like we said in Japan, they spend two years learning how to make the rice properly. So don't beat yourself up if it doesn't go well at first, no, but they
the rice you're making. You want to start with sushi rice, which is a short or medium grain rice, and if you go to the store to buy rice like you go to asian food market or something like that, they're going to have rice that says sushi rice and it's going to come out like like you want it, it's going to be clumpy, it's not going to be like, most she it's gonna, be nice and sticky white rice. Well, if you make it right right, you can mess it up. Pretty bad and I've learned to sure I use cow rows. That's something here! In the United States. You can look for that's good stuff, yeah, it's a real popular! I think that started in California. It's another one, the one we eat all the time is, I think it's like niche. I believe, is that, like the brand brand yeah cow roses, a variety, so it may be a Caro still! Oh, it's not a brand. I thought it was a brand. It's a rice. Variety medium range, medium grain to so the key here.
You're making the rice there's a lot of keys, but the first big key is you? Don't just throw it in a pot and cook it? You have to rinse it and what I do, what my friend John you know, chef John. He he taught me to just put the rice, the dry, uncooked rice in a pot and start just a cold water like a slow, cold water run and just let it go like walk away. and the rice we're gonna stay at the bottom and the water or just gonna overflow, but it'll that continuous water movement. It's a little bit wastefully enough. You know, like the leader, sink right or your water running. But what you want to do is just rinse the rice, till the water is almost clear and you'll see it. It's rogue Roclin, be in of grainy and as you keep washing it it'll clear up in
You want to do it with your hands and be gentle with it. You don't want to mash it up, don't use a strainer because that can beat up the right, pretty bad, just treat it. So I respectfully and sort of wash it with your hands until the water is clear right, so that's step one. Then you got to soak it for an additional half an hour in cold water, okay just walk away and leave it there. Okay, then you going to add a half hours elapsed. You should just sit here for half an hour after the half hour his elapse you, if you want, you can add animal saki to it. If you want, you can add something called dashi combo, it's a dried kelp. I've never done that, but you can. It makes a pop Ok, then you're gonna cook, you know I mean old, probably sound the package, but You're gonna cook it a lot like traditional rights. You boil it.
cook it on a medium heat with the pot on for about fifteen minutes than simmer for about twenty minutes over low heat, and then they recommend here. I've never heard of this to turn the heat up too high for a few seconds at the end, not sure what that does, I think it may be to say burns off any excess moisture What I would guess it does I and then leave the lid on and let it set for about fifteen minutes completely off the heat. After that you are now the vinegar right. You want to start with rice, vinegar, that's the kind you have to use his rice, vinegar, yeah, appropriate enough. You had no other, don't think like. I can use apple, cider, vinegar, white, vinegar. You could use sushi vinegar, which is prepared, yeah, rice, vinegar right, but it's got to be rice, vinegar right, but if you want to make it yourself to use a little rice, vinegar about a quarter cup to attain spoon of sugar and one and a half teaspoons of salt yeah, that's for five cups of rice right.
You mix all that stuff up until the mixtures clear and you ve got yourself some homemade sushi, vinegar yep once you're you're rice is clear, is ready. you gonna turn it out into a ball. Yeah is what it's called. We dump it out in the open yeah, I know what you should get is any probably by if you're trying to make sense, you probably got a couple of things like your little bamboo, rolling, Matt and a little wooden paddle. They call it an Siena basically big flat spoon, and that is what you use to turn it traditionally into a wooden ball. You can use anything but metal, donkeys metal now, because it will react with vinegar, yeah. That's no good! You turn it out with this. she pedal or it's rice pedal which, by the way, you me- and I have seen the world's largest rice pedal. How big was it? It was big bigger than me like as big as this table the size of like along canoe. Oh, I said the world's biggest rice paddle.
Had hidden like I was trying to what the flat part was. It is because this table easily which for everybody here in the room, that's right now the tables Polly about three feet across three in diameter yeah. What did they use the thing? I don't see how you could was just one of the silly things like the world's biggest bachelor that it was the way it was from silly, but it was big, it was on me a GMO with, low island of Hiroshima and they have the world's largest rice pedal there on display So you're gonna use arise, battled a private rice out of the pot into your wooden ball and I think you know come outcome like you like a cake almost before you bein start messing with it and then here's the thing you don't just dump this. The vinegar that you ve made all over the rice. You want to pour it over the paddle and then
spread the paddle around over the rice, so it sort of gently falls and distributes evenly right, and then you want hold it in and mix it together, gently again make sure everything's coated pretty well and then cool it down to you shall be fanning it. Why you're doing this and then call it down the room temperature, then you're all set to get a job, and then you wanna take your hands endurance them in vinegar to prevent the rice from sticking discount lightly. Yet you should have the paddle as well when you're spreading it you may need to suck that is well had really brought. It works well right and then you're ready to start making the Gary Sushi reaches the easiest solution to make. Yet it's just basically finger sushi. You take a little lump of rice near and just roll it into an oblong shape in oblong shape in your hand, pressed down one side on one side with the finger and that's the be is bottom. So, basically you're, adding stability yeah, any stability, don't you it want. It super firm. Don't
when it falling apart either right and then you take a little bit of savvy smear it on the top and then top it with whatever ingredient you wanna see tune. Young and they have little moulds by the way, if you don't feel like you should try make it in the palm of your hand, but they do have little prefab moulds that you spoon the rice into. Unlike you, press a little thing on top and then pop amount which would make it basically, oh she sushi that Osaka style member. They have the press mould. I was at whether it is yeah there's a strictly like a box gotcha. Yet this is like a little individual compartments, the other shapely flowers and hearts and stuff like that too. I haven't seen it.
mine's just rectangular, but I don't use it, I did it first and then I was like no I'm going to try it in the palm of the hand. Have you ever made nigiri sushi with like that? You were just like this is perfect. No, I guess it's just practice. Ten years at least it tastes fine and they even point out this article it'll take some practice before it looks as good as it tastes sure the taste will be there, but it's not what you're seeing the restaurant properly right. Those guys are pros that was nigiri sushi, as just mentioned the little hand rolled finger sized pieces sushi. Yes, you could also make make yeah and that's when you take that's a sushi roll. That's when you had the full sheet you want to spread about a third of it with a thin coating
rice and you want the nori shiny side down right onto the map. The bamboo mat yeah, and so you spread your ice. You don't want it super thick on top of the north yeah on top of the nori, and this is a little bit of if it's your first time, there'll be some trial and error involved. You know, like I put way too much rice at first and then it was hard to roll and it looked like this big burrito essentially for tonight, so you're going to want the rice a little thinner than you think. Even and then you put it on it's on the mat and you put your toppings across kind like you're, making a burrito, and then he followed the bamboo met over you, roll the nursery into the toppings, and that this description feels a little convoluted. You basically just won a role it in the mat. I give it a good squeeze at the end to make sure it's all together in the lead. It knows loved exactly and you on
I imagine this is another thing that comes out of practice. Like you said at first it looks like a burrito yeah, but if you roll it- and I would guess, your hands need to be kind of away from the center so that you're putting an equal amount of pressure on the roll, yeah and you're lightly row living it being careful not to let the mat get rolled up into the sushi. I've done that just rolling it over the top, but you're rolling the roll together. You got a real role squeezed at the end, as per chuck, and then you take a really sharp knife and cut in half. Then you cut that in half and so on, and so you have a pieces and my friend you have a monkey sushi mucky yet and, like I said it's a little hard to describing it the best way to do it just to throw yourself in there and and try it, and if you ve ever seen sushi roles than your instinct will cannot tell you how to do it in this mess round its fun, like don't put pressure on yourself to act
when a big sushi dinner party on your first dry, yes, fairly good idea in its tried out yourself and then say what we describe as food or maki. If you want make an inside out role like a California role. You will be making was called aura make yet and basically follow the same steps but just reversed. You start with the rice and then used put the or is you started. The bamboo Matt then put the right on that yeah. Then nori, then your toppings and you roll that up yet did you say it was covered in plastic oh yeah you and put the the the bamboo has plastic on it again. The rice goes on the plastic like serene reference year. Basically, just takes ran, wrap in in just cover. Both sides of your bamboo met with that gotcha and then, of course, there is that one of my favorite things to eat a sushi places is the hand
Oh yeah, the TIM Aki. It's like an ice cream, Conan Sushi yeah and you can make those I've never had a lot of success with making. Those does seem like the easiest earthy not for me. I never got to come out right get, but you make it in your hands just call the hand roll you hold the nori and you spread. The rice on one end cover about a third of it, and then you put your toppings diagonally you're, going to fold your bottom corner up over the toppings and then roll it in the same direction and just picture a waffle cone and that's what you're trying to emulate and stick some soft shell crab in that mug and chow down. I want some sushi so bad. Do you like soft shell crab? You ever had that? I don't think so. I like crab, I mean that's when the whole crab is just fried Celina. Oh no! I've not had that yeah, it's good! In fact, when I was in DC, I went to a little that farmers market eight to nine they'll, tell you about, and they had this place, that sun like crab, cakes and softie crabs.
Which is so good. Is it crab season? Now I don't know, is crab season that day. For me, I got one more thing: okay from the book, the story of sushi by Trevor Corson, just some surprising, sushi facts, oh yeah. I think most of these we actually covered They said in Japan. They eat me. So at the end of the meal to a of an appetizer, the soup yeah, I never knew that. I, like the miso soup, though yeah it's good stuff.
And it says american chefs have probably never eaten a proper nigiri because sushi chefs packet too tightly on purpose, because Americans like it that way, apparently it's looser in not enough rice. Have you ever did you experience that? Was it looser in Japan? I've had a looser here, oh yeah, I like the nice places. I mean you can tell us it's not. You would never point to it and be like that's a dense lump of rice right. You can see like a few of the individual great. You can see the detail in the rice a little more. You can find it here and I find a little fact. He said that the knives used by sushi chefs are direct ascendance of samurai swords. Aka Katana did not know that. I didn't know that either there's one more fact in there I thought it was interesting. Eighty percent of all of the bluefin
tuna caught in the world is used for Susi, oh really, yeah and the other is grilled rare and on a salad I don't know what they do with the other train percent, a grill for a two million dollars per man. That's a lot per pound yeah. It had to have been the size of the fish and the quality of that fish too. I would guess yeah because the guys at the Tokyo fish market know what they're doing when it comes to fish. I would imagine they don't just look at some aged rickety tuna and say like how much do you want for that right? You know what I mean yeah. So, let's figure this out real, quick chuck. You dividing,
yeah. So one point: eight million dollars yeah divided by four hundred and ninety pounds. Is that what you said? I remember that's three thousand six hundred and seventy three dollars in rounding up: forty seven cents, a pound wow that must have been one special tuna yeah man at the very least he felt special. Isn't that crazy cut them up? I got nothing else. But we can probably say four five six hours and talk about this born I'm going to. Instead, if you want to learn more about sushi, you can type that into the search for a host of works that come in. I sensors barged means it's time for listener. Man, I'm going to call this amputation feedback, hey guys. I was interested in how amputation works, and I thought I'd share an offshoot topic in one of my classes. We studied a procedure called rotation. Plasty, which is an infrequent operation, occurs when only part of
when requires amputation like a bone tumor in the lower part of the femur upper Libya. Tibia excuse me traditionally it's done on lower extremities. Although a few upper extremely cases exist, the operation consist of having a portion of the leg ranging anywhere along the femur into the tibia fibula region? Ultimately, removing the knee. The ankle joint is still functional, so the surgeon removes all the muscle and bone keeping the nerves that connect the two regions intact, the foot and ankle are then turned around to face backwards and reattached along the femur. I feel like we talked about that. I do too yeah. It may not have been in that one or maybe a lot of, but the reason the foot place backwards is because it didn't have the stability for it to be, it adds more stability. Now. Is that what it is yeah she said, the ankle becomes the new knee joint and results in a high range of movement, which helps many patients continue active lifestyle yeah. We definitely talked about that. Well, this isn't news dust, then
The end result is, it looks, really strange, but gives a huge opportunity for the patient at least check out some crazy images, so Kelly cravats of the Colorado School of mines go forty. Nine are apparently we we discuss that, but at any rate is still interesting, thanks a lot Kelly. Yet Kelly thanks Kelly. If you want to describe in greater detail something we mention briefly, we are always happy for that kind of thing. Indeed, you can tweak tourism as why escape. I guess you can join us on Facebook that come such that we should now. You can send an email to stuff. Pakistan has the floor. Come and join us at our beautiful home on the web stuff. You should know that, stuff. You should know production of Iheart radios, how stuff works from what had cast my heart rate, I hit radio broadcasts,
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