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2018-01-20 | 🔗

Since Winston Churchill predicted we'd grow meat in a lab by 1981, researchers have considered doing just that. And thanks to the current work of about 30 groups, we may be only years away from mass-produced artificial meat. But will anyone eat it?

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And IBM problems, inspire us to push the world forward. That's why someone people work with us on everything from city traffic to ocean plastic. Smart loves problems, IBM, let's put smart too, visit, IBM dot com, slash Smart, to learn more everybody. It's me, Josh for this week's ass white ass kids, like some choosing the episode and laugh grown meet. The first aired in December, two thousand twelve, and it's good chicken on these things. We ve made some progress in the field. True, but I have a very long way to go before theirs lab grown slab of meat in every part in every house in America. So it's but our people and also keep an ear out for Gabor for gaps. Such excellent name Chile rivals Gaucho Guenever as the possible future name for my horse enjoy
welcome to study should know how stuff works. Tat unwelcome broadcast, I'm Josh clerk with me is always Charles. The shock, and this here is that we should now we can welcome the envelope you're coming from the producers. Cabaret is from some think, maybe cabaret I've never seen it a distressing, welcome in different languages, you're feeling you're right now, I'm feeling better now that we have gotten a condom podcast. Otherwise, a little bit sweaty oh yeah. Through now and real help me. I worked up Now we can talk about lab grown meat, but a great one to punch.
Your skin? Aren't we talking lab Kermit man here we're talking about possibly Jeff Humanity or what the future of human he will eat and This is kind of being a big thing ever since two thousand one we will get to the second was flushed forward by flashing back to two thousand eight when Peter the people further ethical treatment of animals and posted a one million dollar award, so the first researcher that could come up. With lab grown, a k, envy make a cultured meat. that was commercially viable, meaning it was for sale in within in ten states, by June twenty June thirtieth, two thousand twelve, now it didn't happen, but Peter is excited because they said in October, twenty twelve, the first taste test of in vitro hamburger, took place.
and I think we know who that was the way the man. I believe it was a guy named Gabor for Dax, yet has a funny name, but he is one of the leaders. In the lab grown meet he's been. we do one of two. There is a bill gates and Steve jobs in the inn. Veto me an gabor forgets. I take it as they seem jobs yeah, from the University of Missouri and he's a tissue engineering specialists- and he is a company called modern meadows. Great name is one of the better company names of heard of in my life here really fits it's not too clever. You know. I hate the ones that are too, like not knowing keener right or wrong, ok I'll year, that another one now it is made of see. That's awful! That's great! I channel my inner John strictly. Let's hear it
this is a respected stricken like the sticking his head in the door and saying Roma Gout, so anyway. Modern meadows is his company and their aim is to get the stuff tasty enough in Chad, enough to make it a viable solution. In four either people who want to eat meat, but have reasons to not or to help solve. The impending a hunger crisis, not impending it's kind of art here bright and apparently It may not have been forgets it could have been. I don't know, but forgets definitely did it take himself. Earlier into in two thousand and eleven He went to a TED conference and about his synthetic me and then eight someone on stage
this kind of weird thing, it's kind of weird. It's like I may. I guess. If you are like hawking hot dogs, you something you would eat them in public shirt, so this out there I'd seems at first blush is a little sounds a little bit of a carnival barker feel to that They say that every great scientists is one part b dinner. One part pity Barnum Tire principle. Skinner said I really on the Simpsons. Yet, let's get this guy like the other, the bill gates or was that the bill gates, I think, forget, Steve jobs. Ok, so the bill Gates is Marcie Post from Michael from TVS, like court wrote on a mark sneer from my strength university, which is in the Netherlands right. It's like these. Two universities get the researchers swapped, Syria,
like posters in the Netherlands in Gower Fourg Accident when you receive Zurich, so weird is weird: maybe they did an exchange programme for the Hague. So posters, vascular, physiologist and he and they said that they're not competing knowing Look after their stuff they're coming over to very different means to the same end eventually, but who knows maybe the friends, measurements are pretty small community the synthetic meet community either probably on each other speed. I bet right there, supposedly only about thirty groups working on this right now by upwards its mind. Boggling is just how much of an impact, through a real breakthrough in by breakthrough. It was you're, saying forget, said, like you have to get it a cheap tasty and then you have to go the public to eat it. Yet
but how much of a real breakthrough that would be if someone were able to do that, it would be a tremendous and potentially solve a lot of problems that are impending. So this idea is not new. The idea of creating lab grown meet the Churchill thing here You don't think that's exactly what we're talking about. I guess so, puts its Winston Churchill's acquire the coolest people of all time. This true in nineteen thirty one before he was a prime minister, Churchill predict that by nineteen anyone quote, we shall escaped the absurdity growing a whole chicken in order to The rest are wing. By growing these heart separately, under a suitable, medium bright, and he was off roughly by twenty years. I've been, we know, and I may have meant like mass produced, like we be doing that by then fifty years ago, in two thousand one twenty years, after his prediction or the deadline to present his prediction
guy firm tomorrow college, I've never heard of them only Arturo College to Euro never heard of it here. His name is Morris Benjamin's in his desk Benjamin He came up with this idea to take goldfish, goldfish muscle, cut Fred. Out of alive goldfish, yeah, pretty bad for the goldfish and then thrown into a vat of nutrient rich, Vito Bovine serum It is well, I went away used fish. That's what I don't get, what it is like to Latvia or something someone might want to eat. I don't know. Maybe that was the only thing, those handy Susan schools prodded in his little plastic bag, yeah well instead of eating it live for his fraternity. And he grew some more He actually grew fourteen percent more yeah,
of what was what he put into this of feudal bovine serum. Yet they cells divided the up. Might they he? They were life, which is big, but the serum coax did in continuing to divide and again for Fourteen percent more mass than was originally introduced more mass. Or did you write this No, this is Patrick Tiger, as Patrick puts it fort. percent worth of additional flesh on the chunks like yours. Mass, better than flesh on the chunks fashion in Texas, that's. My name What is it guy has this been needs? Like holy cow, worked, let's eat it try to he started to fry it up with a bit of lemon olive oil and garlic, pepper right there. Next sense and no one would eat it out to try it out to actually out of origin. Goldfish vote have been something else: the goldfish system, big turn off.
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yeah, So his initial thought This would be great for astronauts if they could eat goldfish or, I guess fake, mete out space. That was the original thought was astronaut. You know what everybody thinks whenever you think of something made in the lab that normally nature produces like our lashing article five years for this apparently Benjamin sit at the same idea like he said, but as news of this got out, Peter and other animal rights organisations really whoa, whoa wait. What did teaches do of? We are full supporters of this idea, because again people for ethical treatment of animals,
Can society for the prevention of cruelty to animals when you eat a stake when you eat pork or bacon her hand All these things come from an animal often level boy, animal, but people say like to eat M p they'll get nutrients fell. So if you take the idea, then animal alive sanction animal suffered and died so that you can eat it and still eat it, man. It's like that's the bonanza right. There is for at least for people who objective eating meat for out of cruelty, they want to eat. Meat on the grounds of cruelty too ready to eating. yeah good in two thousand eight, though in Norway, they had a conference first time ever on testing meat. and may really societies, and you know what we can potentially manufacture the stuff for five thousand hours. A time
which would make it competitive on anything. Basis with real meat. by twenty twelve, which is right now they're about thirty different research teams. Workin on this, but like we said, I get the feeling that post in eager what's his name cowboy Gabor or gets forget hex are definitely the leading edge and we'll calculating here check, if, if you don't mind found how much it costs in Illinois in two thousand seven to raise a pound of beef and it was something like sixty five cents, a pound right which That's how much it costs to raise it right about now is about to eighty eight, a pound for ground beef, retail, obviously of mark of of like four point five times. Let me right for charter for early to Stockin. I'm just now get the gut and This is just rough, the envelope vanish stuff, if, if you'd-
five thousand dollars at tat time. In vitro meet figure and that's how much it costs to manufacture, and they also did that same four point. Five time market you coming about eleven dollars, a pound which is pretty competitive, yeah because let me think about a european that much for fillet right here, If this were marketed correctly, it would seem even cooler than filet church and its people. Ever tasted get the people pay a lot of money for Kobe Beef most times, are not even getting Kobe beefing over the whole thing, but it's it's a big. What time does the big scam? I could see that get I mean who knows if public handful of people in the world who could differentiate tastes of covert beef from other beef yeah, exactly even like really renown, restaurants are serving what they call Kobe be for a lot of money is not going to be as messed up. It is, MR, that's, like a lobster lobster the price of lobsters like in the bay
my right now, here in restaurants, are still charging as much as ever for in making tons of money. But the lobsterman, or just getting like the short into the stick, because there is a huge supply of him right now. I'm sure one, those where the usually don't say market price on Romania is an equally like just straight up it also market price. Some are even if it does in there still charging you a bunch like what market prices to be when the price of lobster actually was high. I wonder He could come in with some numbers, and so does the market price of parents, you can argue with just about anybody really again and often win in our body, Julie was in Maine, cheap vacations main some and she said there. given her lobsters on her last trip like Here's twenty lobsters like we don't want to go to waste Julia, the boy you might Juliet Psmith. Ok for producer tv,
it's because there is like a huge boom in the lobster population M in a level lobster? Oh boy, we got We have to act here, so the other synthetic lobster it's actually cod right, the that's imitation crab me yeah. Let's not. That it now what's imitation yet imitation big difference, so the dutch team, headed by Marcie posts they are using accounts themselves, were create this meat, so they culture. The stem cell little petri dish is put it in small container to produce muscle cells sounds gonna growth. They form little small pieces of muscle that two centimeters long centimeter wide and a millimeter thick. They say that it looks a little more calamari than any kind of a hamburger and initially is pretty bland right and the rest the cases players because of the missing a lot of this
until ingredients to meet like blood blood fat, but veins innocent muscle cells, but muscle fibres of reading, and do you know that only with lastly couple months that I realized meet steak. Is muscle mass yeah. They told me that we are shocked by criminals like what you think it was. I hadn't really thought that I thought it was its own thing like tat and muscle meat and then stake yeah like that's, really what I thought and then suddenly just so. I don't know why I was thinking about it as they going. I wanted a steak. I was thinking about a second I thought too hard and always and realize what a stake was right, yes, so it's, but it's not just as muscle its muscle fibres is bad blood. That's like all the stuff near together and their going if there really like that before they can make this commercially viable. Absolutely I'm one of the ideas and modern meadows using is to use
the three printer to spray. What they call a bio ink which is muscle, cells and stuff. Like that, to build up. You know like spray many layers of the step to build up in there like more viable meet option, which is pretty cool. Thirty printers, pretty asked: did you hear about Japan's photobooth there? opening the world's first three printing photobooth. So you go in and you come out with like a little statue of you, you in here minority and that's cool nicer. Now I did it. Of totally one of their costs, I don't know, but I would guess alot first so that it can be to me all right. So what are they other hurdles here? It's tricky you said it's: it's a myth. Of fuel and salt and minerals and hormones, and this is just to grow, the cells that are held enough to survive like that's, not even talking about getting it, to look like a stake or a hamburger body because, like you said
not just you know, it's very complex group of stuff in their right mind like a muscle and that's it- and it's extremely expensive right now. I think we were it has to palm mark posts, said that his his hamburger, first, one that he would ever make would cost about three hundred fifty grand yeah, but his liquor a celebrity shift. The cook. It became a drum up business and Gabor forgets right, as I say, forget forget, he was saying his modern meadow staff would be between Fifty seven hundred eighty bucks a pound right which, like you said, is competitive with coffee yeah. That's for seize. This is here, I think he sees it is like This can be the everyday solution. He sees it as a niece industry right He also said that his first It is more likely to be leather because its
It is regulated in its little easier to accept this, the public at large, also as saying that as far as creed food goes like. We are imaginations immediately jumped to building a stake, building a hamburger, yielding like a pork chops, or something like that. I am here saying probably first stuff that we're gonna see is gonna, be flowered ending pointed out in this one CNN article we read like you, don't eat flower right flowers and, like everything right are you eat. And he was saying like this will be stuff to create me boy, because we're right or pattee, it's likely instead of taking chicken and chopping it up and then using it in that per day. You would you know, is it although more as an ingredient, rather than like the stake on the plate. Exactly here, at least for now makes sense, this could potentially be a great thing for many reasons, one of which is not the least of which is that
have grown, meat would have about sex the eight to ninety six percent fewer greenhouse gases. ninety nine percent, less land, obviously eighty, two to ninety six percent, less water and eighteen percent of the world's greenhouse emissions come from the livestock sector writer, you know from what gas and oil and gas exactly two types of gets yeah like we're, big methane problem, cow poop in gas, and then ass. He stood obviously take your the industry, primarily in that is positive. So just allow more energy efficient. We use a hundred grams of grain to pretty Fifteen grams of me, that's a fifteen percent efficiency, because what are you doing chuck when you like feed something something right? Yeah you take take the energy found in a plant in
to an animal's energy transfer, but you lose eighty five percent. Apparently there are thinking with lab, go meet. The energy efficiency will be like fifty percent. The tiresome and some of the other costs to grow a pound of beef regular beef nests. Sedates, twenty five hundred gallons of water, twelve pounds, a grain, thirty five pounds of topsoil and the quiver energy wiser one gallon of gas to grow a pound of meat, just one pound of Granby right. So you ve got a lot of people absent for mainly because of the animal cruelty aspect A lot of people saying it's a socially irresponsible to eat meat meal, and then you people who why I guess that's it- The only reason people on me, yet our people, like my wife, you don't want to taste ok well. This is like an appeal to her at all the hookah hidden, but you were saying like that. These this
environmental and ecological consumption that it takes to create a pound of meat fairly. They think that meat production is going to. have to double dear the next forty years because increasing incomes around the world? Typically, when you're done pick us up, consumption Amigos through the roof and China and India are on the way up and their thinking there meat is going to didn't higher demand we're. Is there not satisfied anonymous land right like right? Now? I think it said seventy percent of dry land on the earth is used, for grazing or some, factor of livestock. Seventy percent right so like what you gonna do there's not that much more land left to just you. For cattle. What were they reduce? The price of me with just go up enough in the outcome were scarcely yet until this lose it, but as the price of meat rises the arm Accessibility of lab grow me because
more viable here too- because I mean right now. I think that so cost prohibitive. Aside from the fact that it looks like Hell, Marianna Taste plan yeah, they said it. If we could be healthier to Jason, myth any director of new harvest scenario. that research org and they said that it would health advantages like because it's easier to control pathogens in a lab and fat content. Be systematically control now making a healthier like rain of what this layer fat, three, the printer, because you need the fatness- were the flavor from definitely gonna have fed and then he's gotta convince people once again keep enough and tasty enough said the third hurdle is like the eet fake, meet people right you'll like it trusts me. A bit of big lesson is to not call it. Soiling green, modern meadows is perfect,
I wonder whether posts in the name of his group is seated you I don't. our taste this just you know if they and pay three and two thousand and four hamburger. No, but I would tasted justice outta tasted like, but a sense can addressed to me. I wonder I would try, but love people say that eating meat is growth so before he sent in those emails? Let me catch off. I understand it could go in China.
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