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SYSK Selects: The Cheesiest SYSK Episode Ever

2017-10-21 | 🔗

In this week's SYSK Select episode, cheese is often overlooked as a one of humanity's great achievements. Making cheese is surprisingly easy: It's been accidentally created by more than one culture at different times. Tune in to learn more about cheese -- and enjoying it -- in this episode.

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Tax day will be here before you know it everybody but relax, because each in our black as your one stop tack shop, their tax pressure, experts, certified and train and eighteen are black- has up front transparent pricing, which means you know the price before you begin no surprises, and with offices open early and late, it's easy to walk in, make an appointment or just drop off your documents. Through your taxes out there. Or in your maximum refund, in your pocket visit each hour, block dot com, slash textile defined the closest office to you, it's better with black Firefox is a check here. Welcome to the Saturday selects edition of stuff. You should know This week I am picking out the cheeses asked why escape absurd ever from August, one twenty eleven Missis. A show about bad music, but this The show about cheese of cheese, Josh loves cheese, a lot
beloved cheese and has ended up being a very dense provocateur better to partner, but a really cool episode about The history of cheese and how its made in just the varieties of cheese like you can have an entire fourteen part series on trees, but as we do, we do the crime as much as we could into one episode so ports, mine, cut some cheese, metaphorically actually not metaphorically and enjoy. This absurd Come to study should know how stuff works doc. Welcome to the Pakistan Josh Clark with these always is Charles the view so funny right name so funny jug, my life would beg to differ
too much amounts of funny, sometimes forget so chuck yes, Savior. I'm great. I've got an interesting awesome how long's it been I don't know it's been awhile, really the ends we ve had a proper Indra. Yes, okay, if you ask me so Ami paint a picture for your back in May of two thousand ten will newspaper the telegraph, I believe a London there published an article about a recent survey of four thousand consumers. British consumers of what were the top one hundred most important inventions ever could by man, so some of them are not surprising that we all came in first place. Writer B is on there and it came and was it all there I don't know I can You painkillers were on their and thirteenth of ice, fifteenth place beneath,
I didn't see beer on here and surely it is maybe that was just they dont. Consider them sliced bread. Came in and seventieth place. The Iphone came in eighth place. What ahead of the combustion engine? That's ridiculous in eighty seventh place came calendars care, but then, right after that, in eighty eight place came the cheese, greater yeah, the greater the cheese greater that makes me think, suffers This is clearly one of the dumbest assemblages over four thousand people ever put together calendar and then she's greater and an Iphone Mary here. So I think that, possibly when it came the ban for that, and there they didn't assume the cheese was invented by humans. The cheese greater was clearly in by humans, you don't find them growing on trees near cheap.
Apparently, you find growing countries, it's a gift from God package, but I think his head, the pollsters said you know, I just want to remind you here that cheese is an invention, it would have scored a higher at least eighty eight would have at least replaced the cheese greater area out now. When and how they aren't cheese. But the EU is real big countries. It is as a whole, so Wisconsin so is via the Eu New York and it gets Germany, and now it's in the Events- Greece, Denmark, Belgium, there all like in the top five ten. Yes, Greece's way ahead of what Greece comes up in some states that are coming after this, but Chuck cheese is an invention and, as legend goes and accidental invention, right yeah, I mean they
seen it dated back to pre history. So they can't obviously trace it back to six thousand. See and say how it happened right. Well, they can see that it was. It was around at least as late as thirty two hundred BC. Because it was found in a tomb of one of the egyptian Pharaoh's cheese, five thousand year old cheese near which well and idea goes. The legend goes that there was some shepherd. Some go heard, her some cow harder, which I guess you collar rancher went to yes, go tend to his flock and he had his daily milk, any used a cowskin or a cow stomach. Calf stomach specifically
to store the milk and when he went to go drink it it came out our curdled and smacked his face, and he said what is going on here. He told the people about it and it took root the sea. I read that Roquefort was invented by acts by a shepherd. Yes, I rather too, and he was he stashed- is launching a cave because he saw a young maiden that he wanted to go get down with and he forgot about his pledge and came back like two weeks later, as mouldy yeah. Aided it anyway. Okay, this is pretty tasty eyes like like this alive, so that makes me think these tales might be just some while they are tales, there's nothing inner, specific, nothing documents, one but Roque Fort, also, supposedly from the date too about the time of Christ. So if cheeses known of the Egyptians in thirty two hundred bc- and they would have come before that for its part, while they were invented independently accidentally right as true the law shepherds run around in that time. A lot more than these days. That's true, unbroken
It is also a pity of which is a protected designation of origin. Cheese Truman, which means it's gotta be maiden. Roquefort sir souls are right: specifically. This mountain ranges is small. Yeah yeah of mountain top go get the sheep from their France got age in the cave, their job or you're, not even Roca, for an still to this day. Speaking of a rope first produced these the shepherds that kind of dress like they used to during medieval time like little bo peep kind- it is in the, but they have beards is really. Disturbing legal area, they their families.
The cheese from their own flocks, milk and then take it to the caves where their words purchase by often yours, which are expert finishers of Cheese and France, which means to surround look at the Comte de Jesus done. So that's that's just a brief sketch a cheese history right yeah and that's the most interesting stuff. I would thank car. I oh that's the park let's talk was talk. Cheeseman, you know these states are interesting, Yad in two thousand and nine, the average American consumed or the Americans consume. An average depend on which were you Look at him of thirty two point: nine pounds couple years ago, per person per year is safe to say that almost the two point: nine pounds was discovered: thirty, three pounds of cheese per person per year. I love cheese, but I don't think I am
I had no idea was eating damage, cheese and be the foot hit Colucci summoned to start paying attention do a yearly cheese count. Also this what was it like? Thirty three pounds per American per year of cheetah dramatic, if you answer stats part eighty two billion pounds of cheese that America alone produces reproduced, I should say in two thousand eight and get this eighty to build Eighty two billion guy likes eight different stats on their yeah. There's a lotta difference that other I got from nine billion down to ten point. One million I mean two billion up where other birthplace with I suddenly like, really well. Ok, this is from
he's board a cowardly was content. I would have been like the Delaware Cheese born, I'm not listening to this, but in nineteen seventy five, we eight fourteen pounds of cheese, a person, so we double or cheese and take since seventy five. That's really something what you re born. Seventy six might have something to do with her. I knew I was destined for something, but they were. The Greeks are up to close to sixty pounds. A year year, the Greeks in the French apparently score between fifty three to seventy three pounds. On average per person, the Greeks in the French are tied as the world's greatest consumers of cheese welfare. That is, in fact, is probably the oldest cheese by the way speaking a cheese history is also one of the simplest yeah. I love crumbly delicious feta right feta it. If you went to Greece and made in grab some feta that some greek Shepherd Farmer had just
aid and you brought it back to the: U S, they would slapped the cuts on you birthday one because it sir the aging laws. We have here a different yeah, it's a raw milk cheese near and which means is made from its afresh kind of cheese made from on pasture. As milk and in the EU if you make that kind of cheese. If you make she's using pasteurized milk, you have to agent sixty days at least and asteroids. Now, I'm pasteurized mountaineer. So this is justice we just stepped into this fascinating world. If you ask me, you're pastoral zation, just quickly is most people now is. When you take food, usually a liquid, though me heated up really hot for a specific amount of time and a specific temperature than you who are downright quickly and the goal there's a slow down microbial growth, but not stop it, because that would be sterilization. Ah they're, not bestialization, named after the great Lui past too near, and if you you don't sterilize it because at that runs
ever so that would a man doesn't airlines milk, sterilize cheese president's naked stuff, but not always passed rotation good for your health, most would say while cheese connoisseurs, the hard core kind, that ethnic mohawks with thy gamers glue, sure You will tell you that the only good cheese comes from cheese made from I'm pasteurized milk year royalties here, but other people tell you you're not really right. We can make really good cheese, pasteurized milk and pasteurized milk makes for an easier cheese making process its more reliable and more predictable yeah. And when you are making tonnes metric tons. She's. You want the something consistent like that, but her height wham, bang start why you talk about milk all the time what cheese Josh
well, because it is really just a portable form of milk yeah. It's basically, it's like I'm green represents a virtual water Surely you ship grain from one place to another. You really shipping, the water that was used to produce the green. In addition to it, the our members commercials. I think as craft like their two cups of milk and precise of grand american cheese, and I always thought that's impossible. You look at it that little slice of cheese and look at two cups and melt. There is nowhere near probably right there now they can't say that, like the second big, who company on the planet, I think near doing so, you're right, giant, sell. You have me milk cheese, Nothing. But milk milk is about percent water. If you remove this water, you got cheese, basically yeah so more complicated than that, but it's not fair it's more complicated. I was really surprised, like both of us apparently went around way and learn how to make cheese, and I have to say, like
I am strongly considering giving and you mean that she's making you can make mozzarella pretty easily yeah, but on a big, Ok, I'm not sure I like a good mozzarella here, but more I'm kinda, like the lids slightly stink year, cheesy you can pull off making Limburger. Why wouldn't make that? But I can make like a good idea, or a shiver. Shall I am I like that to speaking of Limburger quickly out on murmured, the name of the bacteria, but the bullet. The bacteria used to making Limburg is the same one on our body that creates body odor, which is why I think I read that is well. This white people's hastens like feet because right, oh, yes and scientifically speaking, you're absolutely right
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Audible, trial today, in your first audio book, is on us to get started. Just visit, audible, dot com, Slash S, why s k or text S why s gay too far two hundred five hundred types of cheese. When you break that down real quick, yes, we should cuz, there's a big. Can't contentious debate about how you classify cheese and this guy Stephen Jenkins, for this article seems to have a pretty handle on how she should be classified just. As a member of the confer each day, Chevalier test therefrom Marsh, very, not very nice which is like owner. If I'm gonna have to handle it, Sir she's gonna wars and he's an expert, and he says you
breaking down into fresh soft ripened, wash rind natural, rind, blue veined, uncooked, pressed cooked, pressed and processed in shock. Like like we were talking about already afresh cheeses. Does the easiest the most basic, the most ancient kind? You get your father, you have a case of Fresco my mask a pony right, not mark upon their Argos after the s. So it's my wonder why it is always mispronounced. I have no idea, because I thought it was marked Capone until I read it now, like that rules of the tongue, no more than the them hours role, at the time more than those Sir Masker pony
rising oil and achieve technically right? No, it isn't it's! U skim the cream off the top of the parmesan making process in a culture to it. You got mosque upon regard also known as ricotta, but if you're from New Jersey, you might say, regard ok and cream cheese. Obviously there and I think you mention case- of rescue right. Yes, those refresh Jesus, yet as the ones where you this basically go through step, one through three of cheese, making a new start eating it yeah some others. Contain the liquid part the way right and they keep very long. That is fresh Jesus you got it right away. That's why it's it's a portable way of preserving milk, but it's only preserving bill. For like an extra day or two years very mild, taste very lucky: ok, soft ripen, cheeses, Josh. There are semi after a lot of time to have a white blew me Rhine.
And we're Talkin Bree the little more flavour, foreign buttery, but still pretty mile. Yes,. The rind, I'm breeze, specifically or any kind of, and blew me Rhine. Cheese is made from bacteria right. That's a lot of bacteria gone on what she's right, although this they just Rebecca we on the outside of the cheese. Maybe some salt and the bacteria starts to rot the cheese effectively from the outside, and very effective, that's what the that's! What the rind is. Some people say you should either the Rhine cause. It is cheese, but its bacteria laden cheese. I eat the rind, do you I really don't know yet. I dive right into that. That brie and Bree is far smell goes is one of the milder there. Blew me rind cheeses, most bloom. Nine cheeses and most term soft ripen cheeses are the stinky ones like Stilton, which is the king
english cheeses, love me some still Limburger Roque, Fort Now we are wash rind. Those are distinct east of cheeses. Limburger If we mention some of these is because they overlap and a different categories right, Wash Rhine means these usually have a reddish or enshrined and the same comes from washing it most times in liquid. Like brine, more wine or beer, yeah mixes thinking, you may make a wheel cheese if it's a soft ripen. Cheese and just throw it in like a brain bath and leave it for maybe six days preside, gonna float on top, and then you flip it Lou for another six days and you ve got it washed and that's. It stinks because the mould and back that grows because of that wash young and the beer and wine bath also came from. The introduction of cheese to monks
hey we make beer, we make. Wine is kind of what we contribute to the world pleasure how these caves. So you know that you may have the courage to his heart. Without jeez exactly so, their eager comes from natural rind, moving on is heavier than most of other types of Jesus aged, usually does not all cheeses aid a lot of a mermaid from raw milk in again english stilton and chivalry our natural right Jesus. That's when the Rhine forms. Naturally, yes, correct, yes, ok, so rind! I guess I should correct myself the stinky ones almost always have some sort of bacterial induced Rhine rather yet hastened along by washing, or it just happens, naturally right if you're gonna Rhine easily,
going. If you ever more, the Rhine, you're gonna have a stinky or cheese. Yes, and then, where are we check? Levant, blue, vain, that's right, four Gorgonzola may take blue. It's anxiety, ordered by the idea like this. I love bleach, love, love, blue, vain cheese, yeah. It had all day on its exactly what it sounds like everybody. You know you get a hunk of this in its dislike crumbling deteriorated, but that that blue or the green, the veins in it mould. Pretty pretty healthy, active live mould. Two very tart, like that says when the cheeses it makes my judges do you eat it as a desert,
now, don't do a tunnel dessert cheeses and sometimes a from it in a restaurant, has a nice dessert cheese menu, but to stir you know like that. She's mine think we'll get to that. Now. Ok and then. Lastly, world's third till Astley, we ve got the press, cheeses, cooked and uncooked right so unclear cheese is churches, good old chatter. The orange block of cheese is uncooked, an chatters. Actually, the name of a process of making cheese chattering is taking the Kurds in the press come down on top of one another into squeeze all the way out in these are questions is really dry because you're just getting your pressing the way I like you, said unless the liquids right, it's gonna, be much drier. Like your heart. Parmesan regime, no gender yeah an out and out as a side, no cheese, orange cheese like going to chatter
brilliantly orange. Sometimes you like, they can't possibly be a real orange. What's going on there s not apparently back in the day in the spring and summer, this is the fact of the show, for me is an exact, I would say the thirty three pounds per person, the girl spending to the shut up. If you want to celebrate cheese at a cocktail party disabled charges about this, I think he should take this now. I think you should ok back in the day, if you had your flock out of sheep or go to cows and it was spring or so They were chewing grass when they ate grass. They were ingesting alot of beta carotene right and vitamin D. You ok, which lent a lot of that stuff to them which ultimately learnt a lot of it to the cheese which ultimately died at orange and In the winter months they were eating, hey, which may come for paler. Juan looking cheese I might have tasted is good, but people tend to prefer orange cheese. I just I just thought it was better so overtime. People say
We're just gonna start dying. All of our cheese orange and that's where it came from into this day, apparently is an open secret that among cheese makers, your cheese orange. If you're, making an orange cheese fact of the show, yes, baby, carotene grass Summer Spring History so, like we said that those that the press, Jesus Greer regime now they're, all pressed idol of greedy- can be cooked. Her uncooked cheddars uncut right, yes, but it's so if you take the Kurds in you'd, need is present and that's uncooked pressed obviously enough cook the Kurds and then press him. That's cook press Natalie, air Buddha, yeah, parmesan, yeah farmers, you're, not scroll, provolone, pasta, Falada, upright bust, a visible and then process cheese. We have dimension
social cohesion, the cheese Jane MIA Year, process, cheese technically again is not a cheese. A by product of the process it can have g scraps, have way and cream and water gums dies other ingredients. You can work your way further down too easy cheese, yeah she's with visa her. You know, energies doesn't need to be refrigerated had his like, and it comes out of a propellant Fifthly, cheese candidates of big giveaway, usually sodium citrate, sodium phosphate calcium phosphate. Big acid, sodium algae. Eight apple haven't even ahead pronounces apple, carotene or an auto visit. These are all things and easy Jeez cheeses and easy though so I think that should be or other giveaway yeah she's takes time. Yes, it's not easy, although I think it's easy from other there is such a product is easy cheese. I believe now listen planets the stuff in the can
ok, obscured onto a cracker. So that's easy, jeez, that's ten, and I mean that as the brand name. What's the one where the cheeses? It's like a plastic train, the cheeses I went to the crackers, whereas the other there's like that little red plastic spread better, he had us. I mean that some sort of process- cheese which technically not cheese, so the Let us make cheese from pretty much any kind of milk like traditionally you ve got cow goat, Sheep, Buffalo Buffalo, but you can also make camel cheese and Cheese and most cheese- and I haven't had any of those anything with nipples lactating You can go ahead method and make cheese him even just the little cat, yeah Camel Chisholm entrusted to travel So maybe someday- I don't know nothing China try to mail that to the camel cheese and
I don't think so. It's a speaking of lactating right. Let's talk about how cheeses made Chuck Josh's There's a lot of different ways to make cheese depending on what kind of cheese like it gets very specific. Obviously we can't say that you do this for two hours in Asia for this long virus, but there are four main stages: just curdling or coagulated of the milk shaping of the Kurds. Training of the Kurds, salting, washing and seating and then maturing, and then we can get more detailed right now, somewhere in there's the running of the bulls such I'm sorry, the milk comes in. It's gotta be heated to a specific temperature. Yes, because again, milk is nothing but Kurds and way you want to separate these sets. The first step on the way to separate them is to create lasting acid. Milk is Chuck
of lactose? Oh yes, but for it to lose. Credibility is a type of Serbia to milk sugar, but for that for milk to lose its stability and break into Kurds, which are the lobby semi solid masses and way, which is like basically like milky water, you need to convert the lactose to lack the gas, its apparently light as the milk sugar holes. Everything together, and converted to act together. You introduce bacteria, yeah, there's a few different ways. You can do it. It could be lemon juice or vinegar yeah or it can be an actual bacterial culture, and it doesn't take much of this as other dirty jobs. Micro I mean they had. I think it was a fine thousand pound batch of cheese that they were making this huge vat of milk and he added what looks like about the size of this mug of bacteria culture to it took us a long way there's a lot from the whole lot gonna hear. So if you do use bacteria
you probably going to use either Thermo Failing, which is a heat, loving bacteria or a measure Phil acquitted. Like a kind of a warm tepid temperature bacteria ready but The way we are going to go in there and are going to go to town and the lactose and convert is a byproduct lacked a gas at right. So then, all of a sudden, you have curdled milk that step one done: two is where the legend about that shepherd comes in here with rennet. Yes, renting, yes, reputation that sword. What is right, when it is in times, are enzymes from the stomach lining of the cow or sheep or goat. Why young one a kid yeah if you will or calf while you wouldn't want to some cows stomach lining anyway? It's not it's her and it's not necessarily there anyway. The whole reason that this enzyme is in there is so a young cow can break down mother's milk, the end digestive, exactly
only added to melt, Josh and makes the casing and the Kurds and casein is one of the pro in the milky way as the other gotcha gotcha, and it is casing solar, Philip. Well, there's other tat. To actually there's vegetable rennet, everything from like sunflowers, an ivy to papaya and mellow. But none of the taste is the same. I guess it is ensured same, and I have also seen that Papaya Pineapple doesnt work as well, and then, if you use when they stinging nettle, stinging nettle works really well, but you have to basically create make a brine that you introduced into the cheese. So it affects the flavor, so you can only use it for certain kinds of cheese, butt, Yes, if you are a vegetarian, there is such things, vegetarian cheese out there and if you're, not a vegetarian lot of them, there is calf stomach in your cheese,
yeah, but just a tiny bit, apparently a a thumbnail full, is like that. The rule of thumb excuse the point so the cap coagulation period. It depends on what kind of cheese you're making, but sometimes as little as thirty minutes, sometimes is as much as thirty six hours, but it sets chuckle a moose its looks set, but a sort of separate underneath, like the top, is solid and then The way, underneath by a few apparently well there's plenty away still left in the stuff it set too. But I guess, if you stick your finger in there is what I've read. If you stick your finger, learn it comes out clean air. Then it said took a pumpkin by right at exactly if you don't eat your fingerprints. So when you ve got this thing said you cut it with a thing called a heart
which is achieved with occurred, cutting knife, the Alex sort of, like, I guess, you're different ones, but its thou think that a lot of our remit of fishing line yeah, and so your this year, like a harper, guitar strings, you're, just gonna gently passing through breaking it up and you're cutting it usually into like little cubes half inch cubes. That kind of thing in there alone releases the way the right- so you drain the way off until you have just the Kurds and then you cut you either use large Kurds smaller. You may cut the Kurds of more. You may use them as they are right, then think for mozzarella. That's about it. You want to keep the Kurds separate, though, like Kurds want to join back together, and so the eats I mean maybe the machines but smaller dairies. You have like six or eight people in there. Just turning the stuff up her hands between their fingers, yeah constantly and that's the hardest part of thank you. So you got that you get the Kurds separate
from the way you're getting more more way out, and then you might cook the Kurds if it's a cooked type of cheese like cooked, pressed like Buddha you might distort mass unknown together if its chatter and then that stuff, the bacteria Forbes cheeses, lakes, dont, know Rockford or whatever the bacteria It is a start or starts to come into play here, because now it's done be incurred. I'm being heated are warmed in the bacteria is going to start to thrive, gizzard you're, giving it a temperature you're. Putting in a climate, I should say that love were bacteria loves, like cheese is like when you first make cheese is not very tasty, is kind of robbery.
You need to if it is a right and she's. U need to, let it ripen and ripening is basically the further conversion of lactose galactic ass it by this bacteria over a period of like weeks or months or years right, and that gives the cheeses flavour stink to fight. That's what that's what gives chickens flavors the activation of his back terrier, that's right. Another thing that helps with favor in all cheese will have a salt insult. Does a few things it at speeds up the drying process, it enhances the flavor, it helps rind form is if you need a ride in it, slow down the microbial growth, which is good but also cheese, assault in its at different times too, from what I've seen, depending on what kind of cheese you're making and sometimes a straight absolve. Sometimes it's a brain brainwash
yeah. So are it all depends on what you do and yet, when they make rope for it again, they they just take the wheel of cheese and rub salt on it. On the outside, of it until I knew how the poor are closed and that creates the beginning over, so you ve got your she's ripe and you ve got it sitting in a cave like Kay, like environment, I yet temperature and humidity are very important down to the degree and percentage very controlled. Yes, so Were you stick it in the cave chuck you might want to needle it, depending on what kind of you're making eyes of them all yet yeah, ok, The moulding pressed here, if you're needling at you, probably I dont know. If he's
how to create a reminder not yet maybe you'd, you probably would with needling in particular, blue veined cheese is your favorite. They really get their kick start from. This mold is bacteria that loves oxygen. So you have to poke holes in the Little tiny pauses needling near and the bring the oxygen to the to the bacteria they can create the mould needling and I think they do unless you're making cheese as true or sewing progress what were you doing is actually bringing the oxygen to the mould We can turn into that great blue vain cheese which Really you realises rotted dairy is what oblivion cheeses. I know exactly what it is you like, it I do not just want to make sure you knew your getting into oh. I know so that Sir
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The have you heard of a consumer zoo now, ok, prepare for this man, consumers. You is made and illegal in Sardinia, ITALY and its this type of cheese. It's a sheep's milk cheese which makes it a peccary now because ITALY, that's what they call sheets, not choose the right, and what, during that she's making process the cheese makers, the underground cheese makers allow this type of psychology skipper to lay eggs which become maggots in the cheese while the maggots crawl through the cheese
eating the milk fat and creating an enzyme that purifies the cheese not just. Stick in it are moving but purifying. Yet now, if you and apparently is absolutely delicious. You can't necessarily compare it to a tasty a couple things on everybody says it's a sensation: it can burn the tongue. What's so acidic, If you are really to eat, costume resume the right way. You eat it with the live maggots on it, and these maggots can jump six inches, often the cheese. So if you can't stomach the idea of eating, live, maggots or don't want like digestive problems for the rest of you right. You will put a little bit of the cheese that you guinea in a paper bag holiday time and wait for the popping sound of the maggots jumping off the cheese to stop, which means they're all dead or something you can eat the cheese. How it would you either totally
I would do. I would eat it with the dead magazine. I wouldn t. Let me that's gotta tasks It's not like there eating something disgusting. I mean it sounds disgusting, but didn't haste disgusting in. I would, I would definitely eat it without the maggots. If I had to have the only waited too It was with the live Maggie right. I would not be happy about it. I would strongly perimeter eating it without the maggots those causing mar zoom. In my opinion, briefly, tool is cheese ever created. Now that's dislike colchi stuff, how to make it what it is types, but if you're asking practicality Where's, my practicality and my daily cheese life, much easy life which, by the way, the etymology of that I looked it up. They think that its ironic reversal from nineteenth century british slang when cheesy met fine and showy, so they think that's an ironic reversal on about that.
Now. Having some sorority Quixote said in a cup wildfire, yet it seems like one of those kind of words they cheat the richest areas sitting there waiting for it to be picked up unusual way, although it did in eighteen. Eighty six apparent the late eighteen hundreds, it meant cheapen inferior as sang in the United States TAT. Something was cheesy today many died for a little while violent ivory. Who knows anyway, I'm serious by that. So cutting the cheese Josh their ways? You should cut the cheese and he would laugh at that. Depends on the shape and size, and this is often cheese dot com by the way your cheese resource on the web. You divide the cheese so that you get an equal share of the inside and outside you and your properly ok make sense around cheeses, recurrent wedges, like a cake.
He's bought, incisive, should be cut, lengthwise, ok, not across and tall truckles are easier if sliced horizontally, Truckles Amis, like like a tall barrel, cheese. Ok, that's like taller than it is wide gutter. Not like a big wheel suits cylindrical Yes, that's a truckle matching cheese and why there are no hard and fast rules, but generally wider, and pressure cheeses go with crisper, fruity or wines near you, not of wine. No. I am I enjoyed by MRS Berger, new proposes that right now, smooth fatty cheese- goes well with smooth why oily wind wine, with like gloves of floating oily y know It's an oily wind! Well, I can't think a one off the top of my head
but an oily wind. I've never heard of it. Sweet wine, Josh, Jays laughing contrasts with highly acidic cheese, white wines usually go better than red wine. Even though I love my red one with the cheese yeah, dry, fresh wines or ideally suited to soft cheese, goat cheese, driveway dry, fresh red, ideally suited to soft Jesus better. You can also match cheese with beer insider, obviously, and they say to try regional combinations like if the wine is from a regional cheeses from region chances. Are they pray go out to get their act together? it's good role of Allah, so I have a piece of advice based on my own experience. There is. Nothing better. You can do for them. An hour or a half hour, would have you can get away with. Unlike a Saturday afternoon, we have the time than to go to a place.
That has like a real live cheese, longer yeah. Who knows whether tough? oh yeah, and going up to them and saying hey. I really like this sum. This kind of black cheese eating for a while. But I'm ready to expand my horizons. So can you introduce me to some and watch their eyes light up. The availability they'll be very happy. They usually unit ok, some samples, though kind of walking through and on its, not ridiculously Do I mean when, when you look at the per pound price, like thirty five bucks, but not buying, apparently just by like a quarter of a pound, usually is about the list. The least you can get your, but it year you stole it lasts. Quite awhile, so I strongly recommend if you're sitting there eating a black hole she's right now go out in a like, introduce yourself to the world chief cause. There are some really awesome. Cheese is out there many good ones and when you buy these Jesus you might
no harm in the next day. You found that they're all hard are there not like they were when you bought it s because you didn't store it properly. And there are some tips here: Josh for storage from cheese dot com. I could use them on pasteurized. Cheese should be not sliced until its purchased. So if you see it in a place like sliced up, don't get it does it wrong? keep the cheese in the condition in which it matures so hard semi hard and semi. Soft cheeses should be stored in temperatures from about eight thirteen degrees celsius. What is unfair and conversion tables on the web, keep the cheese and wax paper and put it in a loose fitting food bag, because you don't want it to is humidity, but you still want to have air you'd want to dry out. Gets you gotta, keep that balance blue cheeses, wrap really all over, because it all jump on
Other foods in Europe for data, which you dont want them old, well, yeah and losses. In fact, the other foods with flavors that you might not want little amply Cheese Agnes and you don't want your eggs to smell like your blue cheese, which makes sense You should take the chill Jesus out of the fridge about an hour to two hours before serving it. And wrap soft cheeses loosely. You know, and a rapid, like plastic rap, really tight again. They recommend wax paper and like a loose zip like tat. Anything else mean I've got random facts. Monterrey, Jack comes from David Jack. Monterrey, California, pretty easy at its understanding.
One of only for american native American Jesus. I think it's Coolby Jack brick in the native american tooth, well native from Oklahoma, not from Europe Chatter or wherever Coolby Jack, told her jack brick. Shudder. Think of the former! Can Jesus and now the? U S guests, the number one cheese that we produce in the? U S: Merrick into charities. That's number two mozzarella public as well. The pizza yap, never deftly explain all cheese. Consumption to them was content. Besides their awesome dairy land, they had about of emigrants from Switzerland, in Germany and Belgium and France that settled there. Sir, that's kind of rights that the Swiss in particular. Here, God created the heart of the cheese trade in Wisconsin, they were doing themselves starting, unlike eighteen thirty's,
and the eighteen fortys and by the eighteen seventies they had they were selling outside of the states, will happen pretty quick industrious Swiss their industrious with their knives and cheese that go well together. And finally Josh? I would invest some if you have any list over into craft. If you got some spare changing around, because Asia is love in their cheese. All of a sudden, a continent typically not very cheesy, not much asian food, as cheese is probably due to the rise of the moneyed class in China. Well, its duty and pizza and cheeseburgers persists, specifically the eleven Peter. Apparently South Korea's, the biggest buyer and there like they litter. Doubled in triple their cheese imports in the past couple years. So cheese eaten going on over there now. So that's it for cheese,
guess if you want to know more about cheese theirs, good article on the site really honestly to good english primary get you really go to really learn how to make it yourself. You can just type plain old, cheese, as in the house, it was set up, which means now time, Phillotson amount, spamming listener. Male! That's why I'm calmness just heard your spam podcast. I worked at the hormone Institute for six months. You're. My phd, you made a brief aside about the smell. Let me tell you something: nothing on earth is it. I followed the pigs to work. I would anticipate smelling of very pungent version of newly dead flesh next day I'll, be overwhelmed by the smell of half, could meet most powerful smell in two years on. I can still smell it. You could not have anywhere in the building, even in the back room of the lab
Are you mention the recession, boosting sales I can attest? That was the case. Thankfully, I was living upstream from the factory, though, to my house didn't smell of spam, but large portions of the town do actually smell of spam, particularly on certain pretty days all joking aside, I was in love with Minnesota living in Austin and its people and about delivery again in the future, ever made it the museum they give away samples, but local restaurants had spammers, even though she didn't, even so, does think as bad as you think I can imagine. What did you see the other persons whose movie hawaiians been documenting spam displays one things macadamia nuts, but span flame, macadamia. Try that I want to do is well yet whoever that is
anyone in Hawaii, if you could send some spamming, macadamia nuts get access from Elizabeth and she is opposed actuarial research associate the Bio Department at New mass. Am hers you mass smartly, the third pixie sauntering- it is, if you want to send Turkey and I a sample of your cheese, especially camel cheese. We want email us and ask as well send it right party of Cheese story. We only This is so wide open. There's gotta be something good in their sentence: an email to stuff podcast. How stuff works doc for more on this and thousands of other topics as it. How stuff works out com
text, they will be here before you know it everybody but relax because H in our black as your one stop tack shop, their tax pressure, experts certified and train and eighteen are black as up front, transparent pricing, which means you know that before you begin no surprises and with office is open early and late. It's easy to walk in, make an appointment or just drop off your documents. Do your taxes out, and your maximum refund in your pocket visit each hour block dot com, slash textile defined, the closest office to you, it's better with black.
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