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SYSK The Podcast: Special Halloween Bonus Episode 2016, The Sequel – From Hell

2016-10-31 | 🔗

Lock your doors and grab something heavy to defend yourself, like a candlestick or something, because Josh and Chuck are going to scare the wits out of you, courtesy of a story from The Grabster and listeners who submitted two-sentence horror. Scary!

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Stuff, you should know, is presented by Subaru and Subaru, love, promise, a commitment made by Subaru and its retailers to do right by the communities in which we all live in work. Subaru partnership- leukemia lymphoma, society to deliver messages of hope has spread to more than one hundred hospitals nationwide to learn more about how Subaru gives back visit Subaru. Come slash- love dash promise that as you be a r. U dont, come slash, love dash promise Welcome to study should know from house to House works that hey. You welcomed the podcast, I'm Joe,
Clark in those Charles of each a bright and cherries over there. So that makes the step we should know the pod cast special Holloway Bonus episode, the two thousand and sixteen the sequel. I think we ve called this something different every year, Spook toper to spooked, were scared. Angular. I was a kid. I think you're gonna, probably title, listen scientist. I can't wait to see myself. I'm gonna have to give it some real thought about from hell from her speak for yourself. Feel good about this one, feel good guy. My the traditional Halloween hot toddy overnight you candy courage, sprinkle enter candy, corn and corn. Whisky goes well the heated up
heated up with some with the margarine. You're, making me cry here: some pine nuts delicious. Straight out of a George Amanda Kitchen. I wish You get arrested if you tried to give that out to check your traders rightfully check out. We have, as we usually do. This is it. This is a special bonus episode than actual episode near so it can come out on Halloween's beautiful, it's a gift from us. I guess you could as we do every year, and what we like to do is read a couple of short stories skin stories classical fiction, usually by this year. We're doing something different. We're doing some contemporary like you'd, like your story last year and the other little land gap to that is that this year's first story. Come
from the grabs per year. The great had grabbing ascii who has Written many, many of the house of Works articles over the years that we based our so dine and we met at he's. He's in Buffalo, right, yeah he's in buffalo he wrote a great story and I just want to warn We need a worn this year, yeah pair This one is pretty legit, scary, yeah and creepy, so You know. Maybe my one listen before he round your kids around near the fire. To enjoy a hollow in her tardy yeah, it's pretty good one again. The department of faintly children services. She can do ass if you're, giving a clear slovene hot time. Yes, and just as the previous two after this, we did something else a little different resourced. Some too, sentence, horror stories from listeners the other day and it was a thing that I found is a thing like the two story. How creative? Can you be right,
We can you be into sentences and weep. Twenty the best ones, and so big eggs already to everyone who contributed and sorry to the one did not get picked because a lot of more jokes We appreciated those, but we try to keep it real in creepy yeah like we want to see, the pants off of people the following year, so that that Sir, that's the plan for the next there. What forty minutes sunlight that, probably not even yet around we make their time promises so without further ado, we're gonna start with the first story by given our key is called extraneous, invoked None of these little incidents made anything to be at first. I do know connections
started in the middle of a fall afternoon, sunny crisp? We were packing The apartment to move two years in the same tiny space, we were making a little more money and moving to a slightly nicer neighbourhood. The living room was a maze of cardboard boxes, stacked and taped and labelled or hanging open, have filled with a bit. Pieces of life we collected over a few years together. I walked in One of the two bedrooms within arm load of winter scarves and hats shoot these out or do you think will manage to find them before it gets to called out Laura who has been over a box with her back to me something through the wide front windows unto her long dark hair. She shut, then not a physical I do not like a seizure, we're like that. Which you see when the film is about to break a movie theater. She flickered, I blink, taking something was in my eye, but she was silent and, oddly still crouching low over the box, Then I noticed her hair
I can go. It had been swept sleepily across her neck and shoulders, soft and curled, but now it hung in thick wet strings, hiding her face. For my view entirely. It was also strange. It happened so quickly. I dont really remember what I was thinking: Finally, I was mildly irritated that she hadn't answered my question, but a nun script up my spine as I realized something was not right, Laura well this time She moved slightly, I wasn't sure, but she remained silent and my big feelings of strangeness escalated quickly. The note of panic crept into my voice is something wrong. She let out a sound that I hesitate even think about the closest I can come to describing it as a sort of clicking sigh at tat moment. She shuddered twitched again seemed ass, though the room brightened without realizing? There had been a change? I saw that I hear looked as it had before, and busily wrapping classes in tissue paper aligning them up in a cardboard carton.
My rising wave of dread crested, then call their name again. She mistook the note of urgency for anger. She turned. Frowning had snapped what I think it is their blinking stupidly her for a moment and already my mind had rejected the entire experience. I am I just found out there for a minute. Sorry, I said she repack these. A few days later, I called her work one of the other women in the office answered. No, Laura was an end. Yes, she was a little late coming back from lunch, no didn't know where she's gone, She didn't usually led the office for lunch and she was hardly ever lie For anything but twice about it at the time later this week, happened, a thumb through a local newspaper in a small article in the city new section caught my eye? it is claimed stranger walks, downtown streets,
A homeless man was attacked on the cities website yesterday afternoon, although police are having trouble getting a description of the attacker hailed was Donovan, fifty two of them permanent address reported, at one thirty p m after TAT, by found him huddled on Dearborn Street gray, island railroad bridge, He was yelling and coherently and was quote: Viz terrified, in quote. According to them. Report He was treated for trauma and release from sisters of Mercy medical Center. Although Witnesses believe the man was not physically injured and his statement to police Donovan only said that he quote: met stranger end quote under the bridge police. Can that they receive two other reports that day of a quote strain, person, in quote on the cities. West, nice
The farmer was mostly packed up. At that point we were living on frozen pizza eat enough of paper plates for the next few days. Every night we went to bed exhausted from packing and lugging boxes around that I read in bed for a short while, as Laura fell, asleep beside me, land or side or back to me when I down my book in turn out the light I leaned for He kissed her good night. She made her soft Happy sounded snuggled back into me briefly. I was soon a sound, asleep ass. She was well work. I had no idea what time it was our alarm I had long since the impact and Laura was using her watch alarmed awake up for work. In the morning it was said strongly dark. The only light a feeble blue glow from the street lay outside filtered through shading curtains, guessing about three a m. I stretched sleep stiff muscles and turned over to face. Laura she still higher. To me, Sanderson on our side in the dim,
I could see the slow shallow, rising and falling of her breath how gently struck her hair. In till I fell back asleep. It was ice. Cold soaking wet boy, frozen place. My body instantly rigid, as the memory of the afternoon packing incident flooded me with terror. My throat tighten dry adrenaline searching through me, as I tried to keep my hands still plodding how to withdraw without letting her? No, I was awake. I pulled my hand. Clammy massive slowly as I could fighting the urge to recoil in a panic, my fingers link from fear and another stronger numbness that spread down. My arm is tried to pull back beneath the cover, silently then she made that shuddering sound again. This time I realised what was she was lacking press myself hard against the wall on my side of the bed, heart slamming in steering arms press taped to my size
My eyes were wide open glaring into the darkness, watching the shape in the bed beside me for any kind of movement, I didn't know what was lying less than two feet from me. I remain that way, rigid with terror. For quite some time. I didn't sleep. I don't think I blinked, I never noticed a change, but at some point I heard a soft snoring familiar Laura Sound somewhat, but a few minutes later, when she stirred and rolled over, my every muscle pulled taught with apprehension, but it was Laura peaceful in sleep, fear of delay and, in the absence of adrenalin, my eyes refused to stay open. Although I soundly. I work with stiff sawr muscles, my shoulders ached and I remembered vaguely that I dreamt of being chased through my childhood neighbourhood. Desperately hopping fences having three yards to escape some unseen pursuer, Laura back into the bedroom just before she left her work. She looked down at me with a look Concern. Did you see
Ok, he asked you look pale He reached out a hand to touch my cheek and I flinched looking confused hurt Laura stepped back. What She smiled the sleeve Richard Dry smell bad. What's wrong, there this sort fear brought the previous night encounter back to the forefront of my mind, but already the defensive mechanisms of the human psyche were at work using the memory. Is I commit myself? It was part of my dream, no not you. I think I was having a nightmare when I woke up and I'm still little foggy. She gave a half smile and leaned down to kiss me goodbye. I reach them, give her a quick hug feeling the war everybody in her soft skin. Against my face and- gone. Everybody we to talked about audible, which just so happens to be the sponsor of the audible audio pioneer award at this year's Iheart radio podcast towards an audible.
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Things are happening in this relationship, starting to pick up in that year its there, then I am worst nightmares. Life becomes a shape. Shifting go right. With wet hair. Did you can't get your hand out of they don't care? add the grab, stir, Comma master of terror, for nothing are right here that night, Laura for a two day conference in Memphis I dropped off. Here and got back to the apartment around nine at night, there was a much to do since most of the packing was finished, and we were just for the occupants of our new apartment to move out. The tv and the couch Everything else was sealed in boxes. I wonder to pay and settled into watch a baseball game. At about one. I am. I woke up with a stiff found. Sleep at an odd angle on the couch, the game was long over. Informational, bathed the room and flickering bluish light
turn the vine very low, so I couldn't hear what they were selling some kind of exercise equipment it wasn't the infomercial or sore neck that awakened me. However, it was early autumn, chill pervaded the apartment. Puzzled and still groggy ice Have been realised at the door of the apartment was open, not good. Moment, I also noticed the foul odor like rotted, meet very bad yeah, who wants that to the door seeing that the outer door was also hanging ajar. It was The out in the night air was going straight down the hall I close. Of course, certain that I hadn't forgotten to latch them shut earlier, but I could but no other explanation. But I find any source for the smell which was fading quickly there was literally no other food in the house in the garbage was outside in the dumpster two, a m sleuthing skills. Exhausted I gave up. Went to bed the night sky,
was uneventful. Maybe he folded I think that the sub text through the whole story- I think so there, its fighting on each other on Saturday morning. I picked lure up at the airport. That night was to be our last at the apartment, but we were still in limbo everything pact, nothing to do, but wait even the cable had been shut off with. The afternoon and evening, seeing a movie and having dinner at a nearby restaurant, the televisions over the bar, tend to a ball game where buzzing with news about a recent murder, an old woman been found mutilated in our home. They kept footage of a man in a suit. The detective, I guess walking out of the house with his hand over his mouth his eyes wide with shock her spirits for do it for me: got back home and before long we went to bed that night there terrible unthinkable. Night started out much like before something what
in the deepest hours, I had no sense of time, but it was very dark I immediately knew something was wrong. I've been here tenth and disturbing dreams. If, in the news stories about the murder, faces in suits knocking at my door walking around the house peering into the windows, but something other than a nightmare was contributing to my malaise. The sound that laughter that hideous mind. Wrenching sound no human could make body with number terror and I gasped out loud, again, I shrunk to the firewall pressed against my eyes. Freed They scanning the blackness for movement. I couldn't in passing another night, like that, straining to hear praying that nothing happened, but I felt the edge a gown of cold air reaching of rock bathed my face the shaken the bed beside me rolled over knows this casket
If I live for a thousand years, I will never forget that face. It was my wife face, but corrupted as though my wife was being warned by something that was not the same shape is her mouth was stretched in a wide reckless, literally from ear to ear in inner set of black oily lips. Curled back in a manic smile, a covering a row of impossible large tee. I could see things caught in those teeth. The eyes were huge, glistening black, no iris, her pupil, the nose with distorted in a thin ridge phone with narrow slits, the scalping hair seemed to hang loosely as if partially detached from the school beneath and yet the model gray skin. If a thin neck disappeared into my wife's pale blue night shared, it was an obscenity call across the path towards unnaturally edge. Those eyes widened the green. So how stretching the jaw working at a bazaars still that from its throat I tried to screen, but my throat was constant, fair hand on my shoulder terrifyingly shrine rolled his eyes, its faces inches from my now. The mouth opening wide its shrill screeching, roar, deafening volume so loud and made my eyes her as it screamed, shook, violently failed and fell in the groups across the face, but the coal black eyes stay focused on mine, literally paint a picture skin
take allowed a corn, whiskey and keenly corn de white this one for me, mind, but we could try came we met at was why, for girlfriend I wife, lovely woman yes, you did you go get lucky is like my hair is totally dry and of a normal temperature and my husband's crazy crazy talented are a year ago, when I awoke the room, was flooded with son. I have no idea what happened I can only assume that I passed out from sheer terror. Laura was already up showering. To the other bathroom to wash strange chemical taste out of my mouth in the mirror. I notice that then trails, a blood had seen from the corners of my eyes, then dried how I got through that day. It busy with loading the moving van unloading at the new apartment, unpacking I avoided Laura. I didn't what to think or what to do. I find
convince myself that whatever happen was we'll be related to the apartment itself, since we were moving. I was gaping whatever it was, but I up in the middle of the night. Again we were sleeping on the mattress on the floor, surrounded by boxes. My heart was slamming in my chest. Ass I looked at Laura. She seemed to be sleeping peacefully, lying on her side facing away from me that made it even more of a shock when I heard the sound the laughter again- it seems so loud, though I try to get out get out of bed away, but I could not move my limbs. The clicking laugh sound came again this time I felt I felt it come from my own throat,
My limbs began moving then, but I was not in control. I was a passenger, I put my hand on lower shoulder squeezing hard. It was my hand but not my hand, grey skinned and Claude. It woke her up and she rolled over and I began to pull over shoulder, opened her eyes and screamed. Just as your aunt were free, I could see clearly for Isaac down. Glassy with terror and pain under screen will soon cut short. I can only hope she went into shock before most of what came next. I was not in control, but I watched it all happen. It is extraneous invoke caught by the great at grab. Ascii,
Jill bumps literally on my arms? There was, I would whether things gonna do with the rest of his day and what comes after that? By the way stir protagonist? It's not. The apartment. Right here, there was wishful thinking as is moving with you to the new apartment. It's like it's a sign, stay that way: here the dark evil will just stay behind a disappointment for the next to deal with, ensures just this crap. Studio. This too veteran we're moving it'll be great fright, and what is this? Fear that stab Jesus Christ in the ribs doing under the bed. So by the way we're gonna get into our to send its horror stories, but something jumped out at me if you're in is to send its thing an inner set of black oily lips back in a man, s smile and covering
with impossibly large teeth. I could see things caught in those teeth that yet how you do it yeah, I thought it might even be unfair to the groups we gotta to sentence your story. They pick out any two sentences. Have I ever written latest a guy for there is a good one. A good one man, I'm pretty pretty site to use their own disable oddities. Yeah, he's a he's. The one who thinks he does is right for, while he might just become our guy next year, I'm gonna, I'm not sure if it's gonna work, but I found out that Stephen King has then called his dollar babies. Have you heard of this? No, he has a of stories, short stories like twenty of them on his website, is dollar babies that have not ever been option for anything, and if you submit it, apparently it takes like a month to get responded to. Didn't have time, but if he said
it and say like hey, I'm a student filmmaker like to make this is a project They find Gimme a dollar and have at it. That's all I'm. So I might see if we can do it a legit. Even king one next year for a buck. That is a comment, and I will see that's just need that he does that now: yeah dollar babies, yeah, that's pretty cool looks like we're thou yank of treating the phone number, if only standing by its along the same vein. When did he do that? The eighties not too long ago. He treated it and then, ever called. First, he just sat and talked to a twenty minutes while waiting for a flight, its critical, their physical guy. If there's one thing that everybody knows about Weird Alec, that he is deeply cool, Hey everybody. I want to talk to you about your website that doesn't look good and this hard to program because square space does it better yeah they do square space
Is this amazing magical tool that you can just basically up people group and all of a sudden, you have a website to do whatever you want with you can use it to sell stuff. You can use it to tell your world about all the great thoughts you have and now said there is also offers email campaign, so you can take your business in below it up here. We airspace ourself are very popular Ass white ass K, live website, abstract of Oliver comings and goings and Oliver alive shows, and it's always a joy to go in there and update the squares, Cycles are so easy and it always looks so great and it makes me feel smarter than I am yet they offered customizable lay out powerful, editing, mobile editing, not just for your website, but also for email campaigns to so go check. It out, go to square space, dot com, Slash Duff today, so just go to square space, dot com flashed up today for a free trial when you're ready launch everyone use. The four code stuff to save ten percent on
were first purchase of a website or domain Skurse base discotheque in it all right so, like we said we're gonna finish up today with twenty sentence stories that people sent in and we appreciate the creator me, sir. We're probably gonna could take them as we go is we're us, but Everyone left the name for the most part and where there are from but some summer, abbreviated, yeah sure some have the pronunciation. Even yet we tried to read a bunch of these on sovereign rights, and I tried to weed out the ones that were plagiarized so These turn out to be plagiarize. Shame on you and I'm sorry to the original others We appreciate that, and I believe you have been found out yet, if his shame on you,
so I believe, are also going to have a little creepy bed of ambient zounds here as well. If there's one thing, Jerry does its its horror, gas. In a corner. Now she's cracking up the ambient horse There's a monkey with the symbol, but it's a real monkey but dared it's weird You can go and take the first one. There ok. This one comes from Jamie Clark. Now relate As far as I know, from only Texas, it not related to that town either. He walked into her home to see flowers on the dinner table, with the note to watch you sleep sick, the thank her husband, but was in did by the masked men reflection in the face for the good I just thought I was creeping up at her. Husband would sail of what she sleeps. Apparently there in that kind of thing there they get their them in their life. Or fetish. Pretending you're, sleeping you're, dead,
like that you're revived by the person who you having conjugation with it's a thing, conjugation Ferris, is what it's called and his from China through acts or trial. Try to your: U Ex Saint Clair Minnesota, through our ethical, clean him through all this. It is wonderful to this nice and concise. Only part of my wife came back I wish. I hadn't stopped payment on the check, lot of violence against women in horror. Have you ever noticed that yeah, it's don't say: what's the skill, husbands about it, you're ready There is some concern: Murph a buddy Tyler Murphy from Rapid City, South Dakota Merv.
A guy by the way who we also met at the Denver show yeah. He came here at home from the membership man, drove me all. The way to Atlanta took a left in one of the South Dakota if a mercy. As I said they are facing upon my freshly made ham sandwich it struck me is that I had no other name for it. I mean it. Like him by what other name, what I referred to the flesh of my mother woman, It's against woman tried school teacher like what gulf worker for now This one is from Sophie Court in Waterford, Ireland and he would go Sophie she's been sitting in the same spot for three years. I dress up and we mourn her anniversary together. Nice also suffer I once my favorite that's pretty good.
All of them have been great. You did a good job. Creating these phelan. Don't get will appreciate that I didn't write it soapy procedure This would cause from down of stone for Sidney Australia, but he increase. We carry out that he wrote this well on holiday in Kyoto and then we share the caviar that quality meat vacation right and on how a means hopped up on socket, took in terms like Yoda Kyoto sucking interpret your Eddie mom. What's that noise, your mother, coming home, the voice, replied, Don't do that on vacation, Dantes demented, I guess it s from Scott W of unknown origin who may or may not exist. Frankly, the creepy eagerly fulfilled my request to make me a balloon animal
then suddenly his face brightened with a sinister, grin and swift motion. His razor, like teeth, burst my latex skin Nice vulgarian learn animal right here He managed to insert a joke in there, but it remains scary still. I was a job that guy he wanted to be made in May the balloon animal and it made him into a boon funny. That's joke his shirt. Ok. Just one comes from raymie fights from Indiana Great named nowhere Particular in Indiana, just Indiana reproducing faster than anticipated, with teeth, fully formed unusual. Indeed, creating a lab note book. Very this for Mary able and used in Texas. I work, the start in my eyes, gained the room for the source of the crash of mankind
in the corner, and although his mouth was stitched clothes, I clearly heard him. It's rang indeed has good good of voice acting. He checked rejected this one is from Christa Corey, though we get the financiers included for Months Rio, Tibet, Canada, currently occupied. Kneeling on the platform before my family and friends. I heard the sound of a deity descending and I closed my eyes bracing for impact a pain in a movie. There was a malfunction, however, as I breathe a sigh of relief, I slowly up my eyes and see the bloody stump of a neck. Where my head used to be relevant broadcast on that ship very topic, but was it a pc, conscious, equity capital apparently Christa, think so.
Cameras in their own plans to extend the Corbett where'd. You go Mister rivers from Andrew Butler of unknown origin I'm. So sorry, he said ass. He released pressure from her neck wound, thanks to the blood loss. She was gone before the state entered her heart like hell. You made him almost term sarcastic. Did I So sorry, ok, from Thomas Burdino from Hutchinson Canned Kansas after singing happy birthday, I told my five year old daughter to blow out the candles and make a wish she. Frozen unblinking eyes she stared motionlessly at the kind of finally she whispered. I wish for gas like a kid, you do sure our star.
Alright Lauren helmet for a Montgomery Bill, Pennsylvania, her its fluttered and the smell of earth pulled her further into consciousness. Scream world in her throat ass. She realised that are arms were pin beside her in the blackness, and the air would not. Last let them I could get buried alive story nope and it was a her like that, when do ever see them they re made Alfred Hitchcock presence. The eighties. Did you watch it now? oh man. There is. It was great It was fantastic, great one of the ones that I remember more than any other was was one where this is prisoners had this he'll, where one of whom were pretend like he was dead. Now
going to climb into the casket of a dead prisoner? That's a good idea! Catch get transfer it out of the prison buried and then the other prisoner who is in charge of like, I guess, yard keeping a red ever were come, dig him up like a half hour later, and then he would be set free right. Well, they, the planned goes according to their everything's, going. According to plan, the guy cross into the casket, and encloses it and then you get buried and like one mass or something you any lights, she sees, that is in the casket, with the man who is supposed to dig him up their limit that old trick. Art thou Europe. I think I just use the term with their anecdote virgin enough guy had a cat. This one's firmness, Dan Louis Cell, from grandma, Michigan, Jones Heart was still racing, but as she jilted back to consciousness, she became aware that her feeling of sickening dread of trying to get away from it.
Unseen force was nothing but it Will dream was relieved for a full second before she realized the sound that jarred her awake was the sound occur makes is it breaks through a rickety guardrail before she drove off the site of the cliff? Let's drive in quite a twist Hadn t they're coming at a new common Louise action. Oh there, you are movies a good. It's terrific particular talk about ahead of its time. Sure it's a feminist fantasy. Maybe this is from this- is from Hilary loser. Nobody arose in Montana. Earlier of the flight had like cheese losers. The cheese and though in the MIKE losers,. All our client, fine people, also a teacher for the dark side. Syria, the horrible feeling of dread in a wretched light, hearted tinkling sound, I fumble, or what seemed to be an eternity finally dropping them.
But if he had worked so hard for weeks to fabricate outside Mysel Door to be snatched and dragged down the drain by the horns. Rats waiting below my execution Oh at dawn,. They have a run on laws, but well crafted also appreciated. Her word tinkling sprang, going, showed us that egg, one of those words that does it did you know that literally has a effect on your brain by my opinion, Falcon. This is from prying co of Lake Stevens, Washington. The monster hunter stared in shock is the swarm of ghouls race passed him each bearing a of they instead of the murky night, she slowly turned a face. What had terrified them? I got one delicate scary, things are scared of something else. Yet it does not get not good
It's not one of those situations where the enemy of your enemy is your friend. I think it's yours This is the ultimate outcome. You know my brother used to do to me. Your great stories about Scott this ah he tormented me as it is still does this. Occasionally when he remembers I would be like our bedrooms were upstairs. We had a jack and Jill seen up there. And when I Jack and job bathroom veteran situation right for the scene of the area. And I was when I would be going up the stairs he would like me the top of the stairs in here Look horror at something behind me, and I could bolt so fast up the stairs scared out of my mind, and I would even look back and he did that to me alive, you never caught on early this weren't willing to take the risk, no one time as get scared me some areas, man and scattered
the bomb, makes you like it even more. Where are we here met sailor? failure. The mine, yes, Hooker, yes match. Failure from South West Kansas. Does it matter where you are most Kansas? It's all the same. One giant town they get it wrong. You know the greatest trick The devil ever really pulled. Was convincing the world that God exists. Undulating, amoeba of despair and madness made what to a cackle before it reached forward, and I could to the door. Nice. Ok, I'm up. This is Taylor from Iowa as junior Has it comes It wasn't the fact that he ate the meat that surprised Harold, who knew that any other man would upon finding himself in such a sorry. State of affairs also find himself Leslie tempted. Now it was the fact that he enjoyed
that surprised him that moonless winter night behind the medical lab That's where you get me a few years ago, Jes G in Pittsburgh and, I think, Burke had a deleted it, but it had a exclamation point even to leave the city spurred thought it my ruin the by, but we ve already done that now yet longer. Aren't you again it didn't matter how fast or how far he ran. He always woke up in the same place in the same skin. The same nightmare, appropriately vague nice, This is from Jacob Riley Graves visitor. Author or a serial killer, well filled in New York. Their day my pockmarked teenage face behind faint blue, monitor revelling in the joys of the internet, safe and unaffected
my periphery, the wall warps and, let's out of paint scream myself, The reality is torn asunder and I am broken. Declared clever use of Collins there instead of periods. I thank them for the period does put another doubt ahead of it and it's not. A period has good. I like it here. Way to go J to r we're gonna rapid appear with Michael Maguire. In Northampton Massachusetts every year on the day, The whole town would gather to hear the song in the well and every year on the day, the song would grow shorter. The girls voice, fainter sad is an amazing to second story. I think Michael Maguire. Did you previously end with There is arguably the best of all that was Randolph. That was really good. Nice choice, the very sad to- and I agree with the judge too many women and girls getting punished here work on that and start
off arms of men oh yeah, it's true. The thing is those, and I mean like it. It is a recurring theme in horror, violence against women. Usually, though, you can make the case that it is only a woman that survives any given horror movie too true. You now Kevin Bacon steward. True What was that funded? Thirty, four three animals? even talk about what they do, and minorities in horror movies at almost is not almost sets up a troop beyond trope This point right exactly so the are we here we should say the white woman survives yeah crazy, Why? If you? If you have an explanation of this, we want to hear you kid. Three to us it s. Why escape? I guess you can hang out with me at Joshua Clark and you can check on Facebook at Charleston, each brown bright You can hang out with stuff. You should know on Facebook, Facebook, that consular services to send an email to stuff pike, ass, Thou hast offers that camp,
and I guess, before we sign off Chuck, we should say Happy Holloway night, yet have a safe hallowing be careful out there, and I can't wait to do this again next year, yet we'll see you out there on Halloween at our luxurious home on the web stuff. Should know doc for more or less and thousands of other topics as it has therefore accept com. How are you feeling today right now How are you feeling about the world living whenever world, better do you know how I'm not sure I do but you know who did Mr Rogers?
I'm Colonel Wallis hosted finding Fred Pack has about Fred Rogers Norton million. Here all ten episodes defining Fred Iheart Radio broadcasts more wherever you listen
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