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The Max Headroom Incident

2018-06-05 | 🔗

In 1987, a very strange broadcast intrusion occurred in the city of Chicago. For just a couple of minutes, the odd TV character Max Headroom appeared onscreen in the middle of an episode of Dr. Who. He spoke in garbled tones, brandished a marital aid, and was spanked on the rear with a fly swatter by a person dressed in Annie Oakley garb. If this sounds weird, it is. It's the Max Headroom Incident.

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a New Zealand in this matter. You can go to the same site and hang out with us, and there you go see you guys are welcome to stop. You should now has the floor. Pay and working to the podcast. I'm did Josh Clark, there's shock Brian, Did you Jerry Rowan gave a pretty good and this establishing new Josh Headroom. Thank you. Have you been So you over there with your ear. But today you are working on this all day. Weren't you I want to see. One episode, one really inflow of MAX headroom likely less ten minutes is still pending burka, but it's crazy, like MAX headroom himself doesn't show up until, like forty its into the first hour long episode.
But when he does you it's dynamite. So what are we talking about return? My mexican? That's right, huge shout out at the beginning of this to buy start com, specifically motherboard, specifically Alex passed her neck yeah, who wrote the article on Mother Board and we actually beast Blog a little bit back in the day? Member that you, I don't think they like to talk about their or acknowledges economic think, Sir, oh, I think, is mutually beneficial album. You can't find those on motherboard anymore. I can remember sure they're like having a rough and hunt for about driving a stick, shift, verses, automatic or something weird. That's a big one, research out with an old fashioned recipe. I think yellows, you they're, like let's do better than this guy's me said now, and then they said we get her up
Will it somebody come in and go straight boy, yes, that motherboard articles the basis and from what I found, I mean we used a lot of different sources on this, but this article entitled the mystery of the creepy as television hack is sort of. The combination like the coup de Graf, could agree to of MAX Headroom incident articles yea it actually billiard job passed her neck like very exhaustively investigated it and turned up new information got new from a new understanding of, and basically contributed to, the myths of it yet elf, so way to go past her neck right and what we're talking about is. If you dont you max headroom that all is we're about to set that up. Yet, let's talk about six hundred, but If you were alive during the nineteen eighties, then he probably
no who max headroom is because weirdly for a brief few years it was kind of a big, culture thing about for years by my by my calculation year, starting in nineteen, eighty four. There was a movie called MAX Headroom Cohen, Vinos, important movie, twenty minutes in the future, and it was a kind of a cyber punk movie. This Toby in Future very Terry Gillian Brazil wish and It was, if I'm not. I haven't seen that one, but it was basically where the character of maximum is was born right and I think it actually form the basis for the tv show later when the later tv show that you and I are more familiar with and that movie MAX headroom was a pop culture sensation. He has a pitcher, for new cope, no man I want to watch
add he was in an ad with run dm see, pitching new coke, and I was like it doesn't get any more Haiti's than this, but is actually pretty cool. Add right was it did it say, the little story a need to tell about a new coke on the scene that you'd love so well That was exactly word for word. How they add yet so so was back up a little more right was described. What makes her dream is further kids cause. I guarantee it about. Eighty percent of our audience are like, what's the eighties, with New Coke Yahoo, whose Brundusium seat, while it's probably not, but what so, what was MAX humdrum. Here's builders like the first virtual, Talk, show straight correct, ok, yeah, so he was played by gaining met named Matt, who out of prosthetic make up had that look anyway very chiseled square jawed. He was not bald butt head,
was evolving, had very, were data receding airline, ok, but he kept a really really short, so kind of looked bald yeah here. This will explain it to all the kids at home. He was a colleague of Murphy Brown on the Murphy Brown. That guy, not the painter, the other one, the love interests.
What are we gonna? Do that anymore to Murphy Brown? Oh man. I hope it was him, I'm pretty sure it was him. Well he's been around. He still acting today sure. But yes, he played the character MAX Headroom and the tv show MAX Headroom was actually pretty far ahead of its time totally speaking yet so the whole, though premise of the tv, show the last his big, less great gas. We have those actually the most serious of all of it was where, in the future, TVS networks controlled the world here and there, with the station that network twenty three that met furs, character and later MAX Headroom, who became his alter ego worked for, were putting. This is called blip, surtout yeah. His is characterised things Edison Carter at First right and music and investigative journalist yeah. So he starts looking into these blip votes because
the problem with blip efforts. They are. Thirty second adds compressed into three seconds and it's meant to keep you from changing the channel. The problem is that everybody watch so much tv by this time. They they didn't move around, which meant that all of the electricity generated by their nerve, endings wasn't burned off is how the other show explained it. So when their brains were assaulted, with these blip votes they kind of short circuited and all their electricity. Those is hanging around their bodies because they were moving at all during the day made them explode. The network really like blip votes, and they didn't want to get rid of them, so they decided to instead get
Edison Carter yeah ended the tv advertising at the time, or advertising and general sort of now to tv rule the world, but the ads behind it was really the driving force itself very familiar. It does everyone's like a ticket blip effort should give you three second add on the bobcat again no blow you up, so what they do. What ended up happening was was the character of Edison Carter. Eventually was there was an incident, not the MAX elements in it where he was left in a coma in an episode? the first Epsom, oh yeah. The pilot, of course, in the lasting he sees before falling into a coma, is a sign that said MAX. Headroom colon two point three metres, and so that's how it got the name etc right. It was like a parking rods and it was basically saying this. The overhead clearance is the way it is put in the United States
yeah right. So that's the name MAX had remained, but he was in a high character right so that the evil tv network got a hold of him uploaded his brain and they originally does with the intent of bringing Edison Carter. Because again he was like their star reporter. Yet bringing him back in virtual forms, he has created an artificial intelligence, was: can a glitch, Blippi and it looked weird, and so they threw it out. Well, some pirate broadcasters got a hold of this. This database that he that MAX had removed on and they started broadcasting with him and MAX Headroom is born. That's right, and you said glitchy and Blippi, and that kids explains Intro when you at Digital Josh, oh yeah, yeah yeah. I was doing my message we want to pursue. Thank you for explaining here that bears Josh was he's not he's, ok, everybody so that
Maximum did it was jittery. It was bloody like he said. The background was this weird horizontal and Agnes lined moving around thing, and now it's all part of this at the time to refute touristic. Look He was also really sarcastic and really caddy and he was really young. He poked fun. Censorship in here is just kind of like a call hero just the character South fright yeah awesome thing about him is in the real world of nineteen. Eighty four of we didn't have any kind of computers that could generate I see gee I host, so they actually used like prosthetics at like there's a four hour process to put matters through into the maximum up, so it's the guy acting in there. You know they mess with the video a little bit, but it wasn't a c c gee. I version of
guy was a guy acting like he was a cd I version of himself right, which is why, if first instance, if MAX headroom the character were to appear on, say David Letterman, which he did yet it would be, let Letterman interviewing a tv sky. In right, which is what they did, but it was actually met, fairer and another studio. He was probably just backstage, take ass, pink broadcasts, and it's really like I as a kid I did not get all this. Not disorders I utterly know what it was designed to receive the show. I thought he was the coat guy rough right. I think I see the show of as a good way to grown up for me, but I think I can it took on faith it was computer generated or something like I didn't really think about it. Much, but now, as an adult looking back like that is brilliant,
and really difficult yet, and the fact that they did this and pull it off as well as they did. It's it's it's it's a pretty amazing thing right, yet you can kind understand how MAX headroom, with all that information now became this kind of colt icon, especially among cyber punks at the time, and why just keep Saint cyber punk. So so let me when I'm I'm, I'm not like her particularly well versed in like what constitutes cyber punk, but like a like pornography to a supreme court. Justice like I know it when I see it right sure. So, if you watch the MAX headroom show you like that siren punk Robocop is
possibly cyber punk right. If I get a bleak technological future, where people are controlled by almost down to their minds by the government or some corporation or some amalgamation of the other, you that's pretty cyber punk right. So at the time you had what are called geek And nerds, but they are not really what you would call the geek or a nerd today right somebody who is like glasses: they don't actually have proscription glass in them to people. Do that that see some people do. I did that in the fourth grade Well, then, you were a geek apparent, you know I was approved, and I were those little tortoise shell round, preppy glasses, because at that was a cool look stupid and it's it's one of my least proud moments. Fashion, wise yeah is actually bought, fake, glasses and, furthermore, empty of photos of those
I really have to dig through some boxes. I think I speak for everyone exit out again. You dig yeah is not my proudest moment here. I'd like to see that picture so did at the time people who were geeks in nerds that whole culture was very much. Derided pushed around. I mean look at revenge dinner dress like they came out on top and watch a little beset sitting right. This is probably the earliest celebration of nerd culture. It was not something that was like venerated or Serbs I too, by any one who was in a genuine nerd or geek These were very rarefied group of people who really knew what they were doing with computers at a time when almost no one else did yet early adopters across the board very much right. So it's a maximum is kind of a call.
To this guy and dumb that kind of sets up what happened on November, twenty second nineteen, eighty seven in a little town called Chicago Illinois. The sea of industry, the city of Asia Liddy that doesn't ever sleep. Never though the windy city, that's it very of all time the windy city, a wealth of here. Yes, it s at the stage we know who The character of MAX Headroom was then at nine fourteen way. Leeway. Yes, are you sure I set the stage I fix? Did we set the stage fully here? It looks nice aisles so at nine fourteen p m on that November night in Chicago four days before Thanksgiving yeah two rooms in that frame of mind right but yourself there. I think that that helps a lot. I held me at least sure, all seasons going on you as a matter of fact, just that very day the bears had beat
the lion's share, which you know it's a long time ago. The bears one a football game throughout shadow people in the windy city of all time are not going with the city of what I am oh and there's a sports gaster on local, channel Mine Dan Rhone Norway end and he was. He was going over the highlights that football game, then all of a sudden right in the middle, the the broadcast signal goes named, vernacular those noise noises and then over it, W G in the control room. There were like what's what's going on here, we have no idea what this is. I think the exact quote was a girl So what happened? Was that eventually, we would rather do
at the time was in. This is how we were not going to go into the weeds here on how broadcast signals work, but what they did back in the day was they broadcasts microwave transmissions to Antin, as at the top of the tallest buildings of whatever city that they were in for local tv for local tv, which is coming, there was cable at the time, but it should local TB still gonna ruled in the mail sort of the Ladys right so late, starting to segregate table. Yet for sure cables kind with thing, but you if you were a local tv station side, pretty big market share a drifter right, especially W G in Chicago. Like Chicago station. I absolutely so what you I think, you're thing is that in a studio, whatever their recording urge or shooting her playing on their their little videotaped, their stare b, meaning that we run the actual studio, two or transmitter say a top, a very tall buildings that just kind of balance
and other transmitters and that's how in Chicago, gets their w g and signal right right. So, all of a sudden during the sports guessed, it sketches out and then all of a sudden, you see a good guy in a suit. Wearing a max headroom mask, and it it was it. There was no audio. That was, I guess, the problem with this first intrusion that was called a broadcast intrusion yeah, but you couldn't hear anything, but I'm sure it was certainly distressing to have. Were to see this kind of weird thing happen, especially of your who want to know what the heck happen between the bears in the lions. That day, church and dumb it the whole thing lasted a thin click, eleven seconds or some very short amount of time. The other sources
when, before the Debbie GM engineers went fair and switch to the backup, transmitter and- and I guess, transmitted on a slightly different signal and brought the the broadcast, the sports cast her back on and Dan Rhone was like if you're wondering what just happened. So am I right? There's a chuckle and between I was gonna, do my impression other fish hit both good. You should watch like somebody just go. Look it up right so federal investigators, FCC, that is, was called in to investigate what technically is not technically it's a crime to do so, and they just a few minutes later. They thought what is probably coming from inside the building and so that the first place they started. Looking, they said the intrusions coming for me,
exactly they didn't find anybody that a minute no is as you'll see after we explained further. It would make sense that you would look in the building yet by the for something like this in such There are apparently was not an inside job, at least as far as the W G and engineers search was concerned, grant right so that was a nine fourteen about two hours, Do I think, at eleven fifteen on another channel in Chicago W P W, which was the PBS station near they were airing in episode of Doktor, who called the horror Fang Island dying rock Fang Raw, her a thing rock. You have to say it like that: the horror a Fang Rock, thank you, and this is the time. Baker doktor, ok, the ceiling when I recognise through his seven needs. I am no doctor who guy said no
look deliberately, it looked like the seventies. What they cut in on look pretty seventies. It didn't look eighty seven. So how do we think it would be? The eighty seven I'm guessing? It was a re run on PBS. That's what I think we'll find out, at an old man. We're going to find out. You aren't yet ever been super easy to check out, at any rate, that the in the middle of this doctor, who episode it suddenly cuts out again and now you ve got what appears to be the full run of this MAX headroom intrusion. Yes, instead of thirty seconds, the sun was a minute. In twenty two seconds and right now I would say if you are somewhere, where you can pause and go to,
a video online video carrier of your choosing and type in MAX headroom incident spend the next minute twenty two seconds watching it boy am await, we'll just insert a minute and faintly. Secondly, silence about this will stick a break and then we'll come back in the world. About exactly what happened during it meant twenty two seconds. new year's resolutions are very, very difficult to keep more exercise. Save more money will have on this. We have a resolution that you can really work with stop wasting time going to the post office that right, you stamps dot com instead because they bring all the services of the. U S: postal service, right to your computer, with your small business, sinning invoices.
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or go to the post office. Again, ok, we're back. Did you watch it? Are you talking to me? Ok, looking at you, I'm guessing that people people did. Why should a few people did smaller ones did cause? This is really tough, describing we're going to try but you'd something. You really have to see you in here. I genuinely disturbing sitting in an office years later watching it and I can imagine avows at home. I would probably have been a little freaked out. He found a disturbing yeah. I found a collection in like a really juvenile way. It's creeps me out. It was like what
in David Byrne, on acid at a talking hedge. That's what I think about what I thought I you know I was was described the scene here. Ok, so you got MAX. Headroom were actually dude wearing a rubber mass of rubber Halloween mask of MAX Headroom. Yes- and this this is just genius to me, so you mention earlier about how the MAX headroom had like these kind of grit. Lines behind him at all times and kind of moved and adjusted their different colors to do too to stimulate that these guys head like a piece of corrugated metal, shiny metal here- and I guess they headed- attach somehow to something that rocked it back and forth, and they somebody with clearly rocking it back and forth. Here there are radically, and it really does a good job of it gets the point across that it looks like the maximum tv show them the other back and character. Yes, but again, I would say that this person was very very clearly on
acid. Well, I think what disturbs me am. I need to make it clear. It is definitely funny ants in stupid, but what disturbs me is the sound of the voice. Which is all garbled is really like on on Youtube? Has subtitles? Thankfully, is this? to make out in a lot of times. It says can't you know, understand what he sat or whatever and the garbage call and just the random weirdness that's going on- it's not like it was creep here to me than if the four vendetta dude had come on guys, said, come on. Instead, you know we are coming into your thing to tell you this about this right. This, which is so weird and all over the place, knows creepy to me. Yeah we're yeah. I see what you mean like you're, watching some light on sensible somebody's brain.
Slightly damage, I added hatching somebody lose their mind right. Ok, yeah totally, get that an here's, here's what the guy did that would make you feel like he lost his mind. This is the weird thing to me: it's it's very targeted toward doubly aegean right, almost So much so that some people would say this is clearly somebody who had a grudge against W G yeah. You make fun of the bulls sports, castor, the guy who worked for double Gina the time he makes reference to how we just made a masterpiece for the greatest worlds. Newspaper nerds, which was a messed up version of Debbie genes. Call letters stand for world's greatest name
newspaper. He wields a rubber penis. You that's one, although it was a great in almost every article, it was referred to as a marital aid. Did you see that? No? But I actually guessed it on Strickland tech stuff like four years ago, and we cover this and I called it a merrily. Did you ok? So they wanted to keep a clean shirt. Was then only. I realise that single venuses, ok, well, it's clinical, a movie puberty episode. Surely we have the chance to say penis, but marital aid is hilarious, especially in this context. Like this crazy do don acid wearing a max headroom mask is has a marital aid. No, he doesn't. That is now. What then, is in that context? Yeah and would that's a new t shirt by the way, what we have the chance to sapient so at abandoning let's go unused. Some is he here was going to say so
direct quotes is so he comes on and he is he's of frickin nerd. I think I'm better than chucks. Worse key frickin liberal, that's a really good impression and checks work. He was the though the bolts guy, yet that sport, an answer, and this is a time to, unlike the bulls were out, this is the Jordan Pippin era still will still at the beginning of. It was a eighty seven I thought of lake in the middle of it was at the beginning, pretty early early ash. Let's say I wish these days that I would have been a more cognizant and at like a more into basketball and, like I am now see, that's when I was in the most into it was Bird Jordan Matter lighter, wanted some. Those games, that's good stuff, because that's what hawks or get back then yeah back then Dominic, hey, shut out too can base
or you know he listened to the show, the way names of em how'd. You find that out. Twitter yeah, that's great new man alive base. I know how do you know of peace is awesome and his bright red right? That's so cool are eight, so chucks, worse, keys, frickin, liberal he's wielding the rubber penis. In Amerika, lay the marital aid. He drops that then he picks up a new coke. While you cannot tell Pinocchio Hepsey, I was it ok, I can wait till it picks up a can and Buddy says catch the wave, which is the new Coke slogan. Then he starts humming, so random. Then he starts humming. The theme song to the sixties show Clutch cargo, which is weird in and of itself
sure that's their one words like animation, but for the mouths it was just like real human mouth. Moving with that disturb yeah, that was, if you ve seen pulp picture, her, it was seen were Bruce. Well, I was a kid and Christopher Walken comes in with the wrist watch. Seen that clutch cargo is playing on tv when he's watching right, but it is, we are looking right, so you would say why did you do the clutch cargo theme? Well again, this is a double Jean thing and apparently that's where you saw it as was it as a kid yeah on in Chicago. Ok, so he says. Also your love is fading. I still see the x, which apparently is something from the last episode of Clutch cargo yeah. That was the big exercise. And then he says what you're talking about earlier. I just made a joint masterpiece for all the greatest world newspaper nerds, but he should is the world's greatest newspaper nerds, W G in right, which
You might find confusing, as I did too, but apparently the Chicago Tribune Company owns W G in TV, so they call themselves world's greatest newspaper tv right. Dvd saw coming together, ipso facto, Then, finally, toward the end, the camera cuts to a different angle. This one has the dude bent over with his bare, but hang out. His face is now offscreen, but he's holding the mask still out like his head is in it, but it's not a person. I say what but I don't know, but a person in a like an any oakley dress. Is that what he was doing? Get that you look like a prairie bonnet ensemble, but the bonnet gonna hides the face. He don't know if it's a man or woman occur and they are spanking the bear, but with a fly slaughter right many,
worried about them coming to get em, they're gonna get me and then he says, come get me and uses a bad word be word the bee word and then it gets back to doktor who, as as just like it when and came and went out just as is gone, can you imagine seeing that live and that, while the people who saw alive the next thing they would have heard was the doktor saying something like. Oh, he died of an electric shock muster died instantly and their owners. Just sitting. There is over now saying the World's Dodger, who do so? It was probably bunches Chicago Nerd, yet much PBS yeah. So our aid, my imitation, was ok. It was just play at least like a couple, a lines from the real thing here.
Or is it so? You did a pretty good impression. I think everyone can agree now read so strange, so this An enormous thing right, like gum like people, were watching this and were aghast agog, some people feel they thought it was funny W G and reporting on all over the place. The next couple of days, yet newspapers, said, picked it up. Yeah, there's one there's a compilation of Debbie GM broadcasts or my main, be more than just a region of people in the street. It being interviewed. What do you think about this? Among guys like it's? It's kinda like again stone a brick through your window. You know to get your attention there's a little kid who is like. Very funny, you're the star of the news, though, was this one doktor who fan this lady? Who is not at all amused by this, and I gonna play her little segment. Ok,
get annoyed some viewers. I just thought it would be just despite mess up the valley middle tape. It's going to be able to take over the stick. That's the funniest thing on the whole, the whole thing with other guy said he wanted smashes tv. He was. Angry guidance II, that guy I saw that in the past. Nobody here yeah he was mad, so It was a lot of mixed reaction, but the deep, the voice from on high that came from the FCC, who you said, recalled in pretty quickly yeah. They were like this is no laughing matter. You might think it's funny. It's not very funny. Ok, it's kind of funny, but not really, and you can get hundred thousand dollar fine in a year in jail for this kind of thing. So stop doing. But at this point by this point it was actually a federal offense. There was a felony, a felony offence, labour
There isn't confuse, allocate answer back. Let us wait, wait a minute another from somewhere, so the EP cc gets involved in it. This really interesting in this article F B, I got involved. Do FBI involves you cargo PD like there is they were looking into it. Apparently the man. I is become obvious to me that I say the word apparently locked really a lot I was listening to us are queuing up a sword. Nose like stopped saying apparent, Lage ass. I started after ten years. I've started, Some things about my own self click tick. I try to just avoid I try to two: normally I can buy manages came wailing up into my awareness will inherently it's only a minute have to get over it. At any rate, the the there were a lot of different agencies working on this, but the trailing called pretty quick
you remember how you said that the Debbie GM engineer started looking around the station India. I think what they were looking for this somebody physically patching in to the transmission network, a cave wearing a max headroom facts can yet either playing a videotape which its it seems. Pretty obvious was pretty too it was pre, taped or doing something like in a studio but but that they they would have to physically patch into Debbie Genes Transmission network. Yet it's like when a car doesn't work, then I opened the hood thinking. I'm gonna see a squirrel model going on a cable, the right to pieces now right and freight at the ends right now. Imagine that scoring MAX headroom as being on ass it again with a merry delayed? Yes, so at first the F c c,
and the FBI in anybody who is in the no basically said this was such a very sophisticated attack. It would have required a very, very some very good. And equipment the quick, a lot of electricity there's. No, a lot of ways that they could have done this but later on in the past- and I got a call in this- is this- is one of the ways Pastern contributed to this whole thing. He talked. The F investigators and this guy based did away with that that whole viewpoint that had lasted for almost thirty years. After that had to have been somebody with a hundred thousand dollar piece of equipment- and you know ten thousand dollars with electricity over the minute and a half he was saying now. You could probably have gotten the equipment needed for this new for ten grand at the time yet or you could probably bought it for you, for just a fraction of that and dump.
Taken very little electricity and what it has taken. Some knowhow and good positioning. Really. You basically is a kiki. It could have been done with like the size of Directv dish today, right and all they would have had to do was get a high enough location in between, like literally kisser beaming waves are being microwaves through the air so he's like all they had to do is get in between the original studio and that initial tower. On top of that, nothing is John Hancock Building for Debbie, Gian, yeah yeah, and and have a stronger signal right So, even just like a slightly stronger signal yeah. So you remember how the Aegean has their studio transmission, shooting up to the John Hancock Building, and then that transmitter shoots out everybody else in Chicago get what way
Wait, wait. Think you're saying is like if somebody who's on the roof of another nearby building, yes and they just shoot a transmission their own max headroom transmission at stronger A stronger way or no a stronger amplitude, that's what it is of the same frequency you just overpower cancels out would double genes doing he sent instead, it transmits your max headroom thing and they would be closer to that broadcast our right as sensibly. Ass, so that would mean that required far less electricity than you would think or that they originally thought in a far less equipment to they also had pretty good idea of where these people would have had to have done it because they, after they got shut out of Debbie GM. They turn their attention to Debbie Tt W the PBS station and they hijack their signal, while W P W shot their studio linked to this,
sears tower. Yes, so this would have been somebody who is on a roof somewhere that had a clear view of the John Hancock Building and the Sears Tower and could transmit to either one month. But this basically, They think happened here in the guy you're talking about a doctor, Michael Marcus, who, at the time was the assistant bureau, Chiefs and FCC field operations. Bureau It was a lead investigator and he said that the guy in Chicago that was sort of in charge. Wasn't super like huge authorities to traditional FCC investigations. He wasn't one to go, knocking on doors and is too like investigate some kind of weird can maybe creepy criminal it may or may not have a common air delayed in his apartment smack among them, and then they also you know, nobody was being hurt. No one got hurt
In the end, it was a. It was almost a victimless crime, so they didn't throw a ton of resources at it. They're working like listen we're not going to. If you want to go investigate this, that's great. You should, but we're not going to assign a team of twelve people to try and crack this case of a bunch of birds who did a weird thing for a minute yeah seconds and I think the longer it went on in there was no more of these intrusions from these guide. The fewer and fewer rights sources, they had to work with and it is kind of fell by the wayside. What's interesting is tat at the end, the beginning they said it's can it would take somebody with all a very expensive piece of equipment, a lot of electricity and a lot of know. How, today. The only one of those that's remaining is allowed to know how their would been a lot of people running round Chicago who, have known how to do something like this year. So it's kind of surprising
with very few resources that No one has ever been really implicated in this one you, I don't think we said that they still don't know who did sits an unsolved mister. Like Dennis Farina and Robert Stack loved this one. The f b I for their take so the concentrating on the actual video they had the technology at the time, which is gonna funny now to think, but they are the only ones who had the technology the time to actually make enhance frames of this videotape and print out. You know pictures enhance them and they were kind of focused on this upper right hand. Quadrant as they say worthy. Any oakley was spanking with a fly slaughter at her sewing to that, but they said you know we're trying to get clues on the actual location of the people who made
not necessarily where they broadcast it from, but where they should the sing to begin with those very little to go on aside from that spinning corrugated metal and that could have been literally anywhere says it's a really shot. It really is yet there was very little evidence, given in the video game. You says it: they were looking at industrial, warehouses and things, but that could have been an in an apartment. The room I mean it wasn't like the door was attached anything. It was not freely spinning, yeah, back and forth. So didn't not the best laid right now so over time and again, this is weird to it's. It's not so, that the FCC or the F B, I didn't find- who did this if they weren't really looking very hard yet was really weird? Is that no one has been like it? Was these guys? I was there. I know these dudes. It was a nice guy statute. Limitations
unlike you, care she after ninety. Ninety three, these guys would have gotten all Scot Free, as did the statue limitations for this almost five years. I am shocked that no one later said: hey that was me right. Bob, no one that done that right, yeah there was some so very early forum, like message boards stuff, took the form of the bulletin board services. I think yet be bs- is really early. Geek culture like like, like Matthew, broader dealing solely with his phone and then putting it on that weird little modem at you know, Commodore sixty four thing: the modem yet too, like transmit the doubt over the tell racism right, so this would think the level of of technology that these people were with that they were communicating with each other over like this protocol internet, these bulletin board systems and two days after this
guy named the chameleon posted. Basically, what you and I said about how all it took was these guys to go on a tall building in over Whelm, the W G in the W Tt, W studio links and, if so, facto, a big fan of that by the way the this, this intrusion was successful. Right, yeah, two days not to you is not a year ago, two days after it, somebody was on their explaining how it went down. So somebody new, that's right, but only two theories of really ever come to light of as the who it was one you can basically just throw right out and the other one it turns out to have been a dead end. Yet when they you're talking about that doesn't really hold. Water was a.
This is a rumour online for a wildcat musician name, Eric Fournier or Fortier Vernier Fournier I had a friend and in pre school I think, is running area that has spoken. If oh you are- and I are actually are now is spelt- can spell back. Then So this goes in a band and he did this weird Super Creevy Youtube Series called Shea Saint John S. Hiv did you watch it? Oh yeah love it. Yet. Just knew that you would love, it happened without your family, but this is genuinely unsettling too I'm with young, so a kind of fit in He was doing these weird things. He had this band. Therein blooming in Indiana, not too far from Chicago the blood farmer. He had abandoned the blood farmers and they did is. We are music videos and they thought this is the kind of guy that would
done. That in the thinking was that he went to go broadcast one of their we're music videos as a broadcast intrusion, but chickened out at the last minute, because they would have been found sure and then ended up just improving the permissible sense is a definite seems, unprofited does, but it was also YO taped remember so that means he would have had to video tapes with him. What you mean so, if who's gonna use gonna play the music video, and I can do that. He would have had to have brought this other video tat. Lay that anger, water, the other thing apparently his seat. I just said apparently again Alex passed her neck from motherboard contacted some of furniture friends, you can your died in two thousand ten, but his friends like absolutely not even some of the blood farmers are like it him there, like, I know you're saying, and yet he did the whole Shea Saint John Thing yet, but there was this is not him. It was not quite
He didn't know what he was doing well, yet he wouldn't any broadcast stuff for video editing or anything like that. Yes, it is other than to me seems pretty promising, so we flash forward to win this actually happen this like it's by the time ready to come around when it and read it ya, think it was about twenty five years after sir would have been in two thousand and seven. Yes, there's this guy, I now two thousand and twelve thirteen. Ok, sorry, there's this guy name from Chicago in Bali, poke sure Biagi. I didn't have any friends with that last night, Firstly to an. He was one of the kids hanging around those baby asses in the eighties in Chicago from the sounds of it. He was on. The younger society was thirteen, and even as a thirteen year old Geek was very much intimidated by the older geeks in that crowd. In
wasn't boisterous. He was sort of I just wanna, ingratiated myself out here and not give much and don't notice me. I just at a ingratiate myself, nineteen as can give me drunk for laughs everyone and at a party a party in nineteen seven he remembers this. He described in MRS Small, peculiar man that he thought was about his third Yes, and he had an older brother. They lived in Gaza. Poke is describing these two as you are in the same scene with him direct right yeah, and he had they live with his girlfriend downtown, but ten miles from downtown Chicago, and they heads the know how they were super computers early on you. He said he wanted Parliament and it was just like it- look like a computer horrider mess of wires and computers and equipment like NEO Department
why not, or was the other one he was in before the matrix, Johnny Mnemonic? Yes, they wanted yeah Johnny Pneumatic Cyber punk. Yes right, yes, it it's all right. You leave you probably the me the case that as well is as so. He described MRS stocky guy with tinted Linz glasses. It is early thirties, an odd dude, his brother. He said he described as a kind of normal, but he said that he make the connection the time, but at a party on November about the same day, midday on November 22nd, he was at a gathering of these dudes at the brother's apartment, and he heard them say something about doing something. Big later that night they went to pizza hut and he's like. What are you guys talking about? What's the big thing and they said, hey, don't ask questions but
watched General eleven tonight right on that same day, and I don't know how you didn't put it together that then One thing I really strikes me as busy, but he said it years later now when he looks at it he's like. Even with that mass gone, I see the body I see what's going on here that in its it's that guy right to me, but twenty five years later, he was there that day they found the watch. That night. I need didn't together for twenty five years. That to me is the one fifty thing well and he has been called out as fishy sure. I'm sure he knows that is beneficial. Yes, so that the guy that motherboard but passed her neck reached out- and he said you can you still get touch with these guys all these years later, he said he sent the messages, the facebook- I don't even know- if a song they didn't get back, then in a last ditch effort. He sent them certified mail to ethernet, where they lived, never heard anything back.
Like hey, it's clear that these guys, don't wanna, be talked it right. So you want to take a break. Yes do! Ok,
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